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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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coming up, our special 9:00 p.m. eastern labor day special. don't miss it. "hannity" is up next! >> this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." i'm jeanine piro in tonight for sean. a houston area chemical plant explodes into flames yet again in texas as the rescue efforts and recovery efforts continue one week after hurricane harvey slammed into the lonestar state. the mayor is issuing a warning, they could see flooding for the next 10-15 days. plus, the president and first lady will travel to texas and louisiana tomorrow to visit hurricane victims. here's what president trump said earlier today in the oval
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office. >> the people of texas and louisiana were hit very hard by a historic flood. in their response, they have taught us all a lesson, a very, very powerful lesson. there was no outbreak in crime. there was an outbreak of compassion only. real beautiful, strong, compassion, and they've inspired us as a nation. to be honest, they've inspired the world, because the world is watching. >> also tonight, president trump has requested nearly $8 billion in initial federal aid for hurricane harvey recovery. on the ground tonight in orange, texas, is steve harrigan. steve? >> judge, 37,000 houses across texas are like this one behind me. three to four feet of flooding here, but some of those houses are actually completely underwater. we've seen wave after wave of volunteer rescues in this area. the first rescues were pulling
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out people, people who decided to stay inside their houses when the floodwaters got too high they came out. we saw a lot of pets rescued, dogs and cats mainly, and now we're seeing volunteers go back in for precious possessions. the one thing someone wanted for the house. for one woman it was a flag. >> he passed two years ago, my husband's flag. he was a world war ii vet. >> means a lot to you. >> means a lot. i was afraid we were going to lose it. we're losing everything else, but they got this. >> that woman said through her tears, she wanted one thing from her house, the world war ii flag that adorned her father's casket. volunteer rescuers went back in and got it. she said, we're losing everything, but haven't lost the flag. it might take two weeks before
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she's able to go back to her house and assess the damage. judge, back to you. >> rick rosenthal joins us. rick? >> very little activity on the streets, but two high water vehicles are rolling by me, some of the vehicles involved in the rescue efforts in this part of southeastern texas than it's seen in this town's history. the previous record was 13 feet. toyed it crested at 21 feet. the police chief said there was no way they could see it coming. tonight there are still rescue operations going on. earlier today it was a wild scene on main street as we drove into town and through town, through flooded areas, to dry
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areas, back through floodwaters again, and over dry areas, back to more flooded areas. people deeper into this town are isolated. they're surrounded by water. boats can't get to them. the boats have to be towed through high water vehicles through dry areas to get to the flooded areas to get them out. they're using monster trucks, airboats, pretty much everything and anything with wheels and high clearance is being brought in to bring people out. in fact, on our high water vehicle today driven by the harrison county fire department we had a family of six adults. they brought six dogs out with them, a couple of cats as well. the national guard is among the many agencies helping out here tonight, judge. we saw them earlier today on highway i-10, still closed to traffic, because there are still floodwaters blocking parts of the interstate, but high water trucks are able to get into parts of texas like this one
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where the floodwaters are dramatic. the sheriff told they've evacuated 12 to 15 people, and some people still need to get out. judge? >> rick, thank you very much. after the devastation caused by hurricane harvey, there's growing concerns tonight over hurricane irma headed for the east coast. rick, talk to us. >> there's a storm out there, but we still have harvey. this is the moisture from it, bringing flooding across the ohio valley today. numerous tornadoes tomorrow. we have moisture in place. the areas that saw the worst of the weather, obviously houston, say texas and louisiana, over the next few days no significant rainfall to exacerbate the flooding, but it's going to be hot, so heat and humidity is a
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problem. we are headed toward the peak of hurricane season. 10 more days we're at the statistical peak of the hurricane season. this is absolutely when we expect most activity. right on cue, a strong storm out in the atlantic, strong for being this far out in the atlantic, usually we don't see this category three hurricane. it wakes you up and makes you pay attention. usually a strong storm deflecting off to the north. let's hope that happens, but in the short term it's going to pass to west. lesser antilles needs to watch until wednesday, puerto rico, and eventually the bahamas. eventually identity moves across much warmer water. a category three storm here. not across that much warm water. it gets warmer as the storm gets into the bahamas. that's a concern. most our models bring us into that area. there's an incredible amount of
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spread about what the different computer models show the storm will do. the latest run gets it close to the east coast. we don't even pay attention to that at this point, because other models have been all over the place. from one model run to the next model run it's all over the place. the point is, jeanine is, if anybody tells you where the storm is going, they don't know. back to you. >> we're joined by dr. mark siegel. all right, doctor, initially, we think of the floods as outing mosquitoes. hurricane harvey could ignite, though, a surge in mosquitoes once the water is capable then of spreading more of these mosquitoes and the zika virus.
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talk to us about that, and talk to us about the mold. >> you're absolutely right. there are 37,000 houses underwater according to steve harrigan, but it will recede, left with stillwater, breeding water for mosquitoes, debris, which mosquitoes love. in this area of the country you see the kind of mosquito that carries zika virus. zika doesn't make you very sick. 80% of the time you don't know you have it, but that's the problem, because 1 out of 10 pregnant women that get zika have babies with birth defects. >> it primarily affects pregnant women, correct? >> in the way we worry about it, yes. >> let's talk about e-coli, the mold, animals that have passed. a sheriff talked about some cattle, some animals, who are dead in the floodwater. what is the impact on, you know, the human condition? >> judge, they get trapped in the water. it's very tragic.
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we've been showing it. then unfortunately you get more and more bacteria in the water, bacteria that's in her intestines, that can make you sick. if you touch your eyes, you can get conjunctivitis and more. when the waters recede, you get black mold in the buildings. you know what that does? that causes a tremendous amount of increased asthma and allergies. >> and the problem is getting clean, fresh water to people in texas. this is exacerbated by a chemical plant fire. what impact does that have on the surrounding area? >> i'm worried about that, because the sulfur dioxide can give you irritated eyes, nose, throat, and you can get fluid in your lungs. i'm worried about the chemicals. that's a huge problem. you talked about potable water. they're trying to fly in as much
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bottled water as possible, but a lot of people in the region use well water. you've got to boil the water before you drink it. >> doctor, thank you for being with us. joining us is counsel to the president, kel kellyanne conway. >> hi, jeanine. >> talk to us about the president and the first lady. >> they're meeting with the storm survivors, the evacuees, the rescuers, the volunteers, and to also coordinate even more with local/state officials, getting briefings from them. the federal government has 29,000 of its employees o on the ground in the affected areas, 1,000 from health and human
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services alone, and people from h.u.d., from small business administration, epa, you name it. it's been a full administration, cabinet-wise, presidential/will havest, and the president and first lady want people in texas and louisiana that a grateful nation applauds those that are helping, and convey on behalf of the country that we will stand with our brothers and sisters in texas and louisiana for as long as the recovery and rebuilding takes. feeding is afood is an issue, or emergencies people are having transportation-wise. people have lost their property, their personal effects. and worse their loved ones.
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we stand with them. the president will continue to coordinate. i mean, we're so impressed with the governor, with the local and state officials, with the volunteers, everything that's happened, really administration-wise. fema, dhs, they've been incredible. >> they have been. i was in a flood, my family. our house was condemned in hurricane agnes. you don't realize how important government assistance is for as things as simple as clothing, food. i was just talking to dr. siegel about bringing in supplies, food, water, and we're hearing that president and first lady in the first week of this hurricane harvey will have visited the storm area twice. up, when you look back at another administration, a republican administration, with president bush, it took them 14 days to show up. you know, for all those critics of the president -- i've had enough, and i'm sure you have
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too -- about melania's shoes, should the president have hugged someone or not hugged someone -- the good news is that the facts speak for themselves. >> the country should see what's in their heart, not what's on their feet. most people cut through that peevish pettiness. that all aside, the trumps have donated $1 million, encouraging everyone else who feels they can help in any way, whether you are on ground, helping those who are affected, you can donate money, donate blood, help get people the information they need. i think that's one of the greatest resources that the media can provide right now, connecting people with the information they need, how to access disaster relief, how to access transportation, fresh water as you were saying. this is something you can do no matter where you are, across the country. the white house continues to also be a great resource in connecting people with websites, links with 1-800-numbers, if you
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have access to a working telephone. the president today, even just today, declaring -- calling for sunday to be a national day of prayer really in honor of those, in memory of those, who have lost their lives, in honor of those rebuilding their lives now, and all those in part of the rescue and recovery efforts as well, and continue to be part of the rebuilding and relief efforts. he also today got a briefing from the american red cross, from the southern baptist disaster relief, salvation army, thanking them, but also hearing from them. that's the most important part too. a leader is a great listener. the president has been listening this week. >> we're seeing people come together, seeing the president on the ground, and we're seeing people in texas -- i know a lot of people in texas coming together, not saying help me, poor me, i can't help myself, but they're out there, getting
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it done, moving back into their homes, accessing and helping each other, black and white, young and old, and it's a positive story about this country, starting at the top, where we're going to come out as it relates to this administration. >> you're looking at the best of america in front of our eyes. we applaud everyone. nobody cares what their politics are. >> right. >> if they supported the president last election, or even registered to vote, we're there to support each other. on november 9th, after he was declared the victor, he said i will be the president of all americans, including those that didn't support me. this is the latest proof of that. he and governor pence went down there, and they hug people. we all saw the images of coffins floating away, people in need. mr. trump and governor pence went down there to baton rouge
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and did it this week. he knows he has the help people. he does it. >> kellyanne, thanking for being with us. the mainstream media continues to attempt to smear president trump. plus, the commander in chief is ripping james comey over a new report that suggests the former director actually drafted a statement clearing hillary clinton of charges before the bureau even finished its investigation into her server scandal. stay with us. you always pay your insurance on time. tap one little bumper and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> no challenge is too great for us to overcome. no challenge. we invite all americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members and friends, and for those who are suffering from this great crisis. we're going to be signing a day of prayer. that will be on sunday. it will be a very special day. i don't know when this was done last, but it's been a long time ago. is that correct statement?
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it's been a long time ago. >> jeanine: president trump announcing that sunday will be a national day of prayer for the victims of hurricane harvey. first lady melania trump also offered her support. >> i want to thank all the volunteers all across the country that have come to help to texas. fantastic job. we're going tomorrow to visit them. i just want to tell them to be strong and everything will be okay. >> jeanine: president trump and the first lady will travel back to texas and louisiana tomorrow, but the mainstream media continues to attack the president over his harvey response. yesterday politico ran this headline "pence shows trump how to sweat it out with texas victims." msnbc is also on the attack,
7:22 pm
shockingly, questioning if president trump made mistakes during his visit to the lonestar state. look at this one. >> i want to talk to you first about mike pence, the meeting with victims. this is a different tact than the president took when he visited the region on monday. he is just trying to make up for a mistake that the president made in his view? >> i think that it was pretty telling that the white house staff themselves, not even the vice president's staff, but the white house staff, that it's important for the vp to go down, talk specifically to victims, something that would have been better obviously for the president to do. >> jeanine: joining us now with reaction is fox news contributor and pastor at the first baptist church in dallas, dr. robert jeffers. he led a prayer in the oval office earlier today. also with us, former trump campaign manager cory
7:23 pm
lewandowski. good evening, gentlemen. pastor, you were in the oval office today. talk about the what president did and what his intentions are in announcing this national day of prayer on sunday. >> judge, i was honored to stand next to president when he issued this proclamation, calling for a day of prayer sunday. this was complete his idea. i'm grateful we have a president who believes in the power of prayer. even though he's the most powerful person in the world, he's not too proud to bow his head in the oval office and ask god for help. that should encourage every american. this is one reason people of faith absolutely love this president. >> jeanine: they love him. they elected him. he's following through on his promises. you know, corey, one of the things that i read was the, you know, pence -- headline "pence shows trump how to sweat it with texas victims." was pence sent there to overcome the mistake that the president
7:24 pm
made. the response by this administration has been excellent. twice, with the first lady, in the first week, promising, looking for $8 billion. what is wrong with the left? >> well, judge, you know what's wrong with the left. this will never fit their narrative. so distraught that the president is taking care of the people in texas and louisiana. they didn't want him to be successful. what he's done, what his team is done, they've given all the resources necessary to the state of texas and louisiana. any help they've asked for, they've received. unfortunately that doesn't fit the left's liberal agenda of saying this administration was going to fail. unfortunately they've succeeded. they're taking care of the people. not republicans, not democrats. everybody. americans. they need help from the federal government. this president has said any help that you need we're here to stand with you, next to you, and beside you. he'll be back there tomorrow doing that again. >> jeanine: it's interesting, with the last president, i said
7:25 pm
it earlier, he said that his fema director was doing a heck of a job. you know, there were coffins floating after katrina. but, you know, this president has already got the networks set up for individuals who are accessing checks from fema so that they can start to get their kids on the road to school, food, shelter, clothing, all that stuff. it is totally different now, corey, is it not? >> well, it absolutely is. if you look at response between this natural disaster and superstorm sandy in new jersey where obama wasn't prepared, the federal government wasn't prepared. the difference is now we've got the homeland security security who has helped out on this. the team is completely in place. the president is overseeing the work taking place. what he's said is, governors, any help you need, the federal government stands ready to give it to you. the national guard will come in. the army corps of engineers are ready to go in there and mix the problems to help the locals make
7:26 pm
sure they can be up and running in no time. that didn't happen in the previous administration. >> jeanine: pastor jeffers, when president talks about a national day of prayer, when the president fills the oval office with religious leaders showing compassion to -- and i don't call them victims in texas, because i know texans, they don't want to be called victims. they're up and at it, fixing their homes. the last time i remember a president, you know, at a prayer breakfast was him saying, you know, you christians, get off your high horse. this is the president bringing people together. and americans are showing how great and generous and charitable they are. correct? >> it's absolutely correct, judge. let me say as a texan, i can say this, texans are absolutely thrilled with this president and this administration's response to this catastrophe. i had the privilege today of spending quite a bit of time in the oval office with the president, vice president,
7:27 pm
general kelly, jared kushner, and i saw men who were overwhelmed with compassion for the storm victims, but also focused on bringing real help. i wish every american could see and hear what i heard today. every american would have great confidence in this president, the tremendous team he's put together. >> jeanine: all right. corey lewandowski and pastor jeffers, thank you so much for being with us tonight. coming up, president trump is slamming james comey over a new report that the former fbi director actually drafted a letter to exonerate hillary clinton before the investigation was even over. we react to that one next. and then later, we have more breaking news about the fbi's clinton email investigation. stay with us on this busy news night. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. strut past that aisle for the steroid free
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>> jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." yesterday we first learned this shocking new revelation from senators grassley and graham, who uncovered evidence that former fbi director james comey actually drafted a statement clearing hillary clinton well before the end of the investigation into her email server. earlier today president trump responded on twitter writing, quote, wow, looks like james comey exonerated hillary clinton long before the investigation was over." and so much more, a rigged system. joining us with now with reaction is fox news contributor tammy bruce and matt schlapp. guys, i'm furious. the idea of an fbi director making a conclusion before 17 witnesses, including the target herself, are spoken to, is the
7:33 pm
height of corruption, hypocrisy, and the unequal justice in america. tammy, am i wrong? >> i think you've seen it perfectly there. what this says -- there's a lot of layers in this when it comes to the nature of the law, and the trouble comey could be in, but the biggest issue is what it says to the american people, that the underlying theme of the trump campaign, that system is rigged, that things are not fair, that a certain political class and media class have a different set of rules for them than they have for you. of course, in the campaign this is highlighted by hillary clinton, benghazi, the server, but now it appears, it's alleged, that the fbi director was not only perhaps protecting hillary, but it gives more of an impact to president trump's allegations that in fact comey was even operating against him, not saying publicly that he was innocent, or -- >> jeanine: it allows you to
7:34 pm
look back at things. >> yes, exactly, that you're looking at a political maneuver that in fact gives credence to president trump's criticisms and concerns, and that of course now that he was perfectly correct in firing him as well. >> jeanine: all right. matt, let me ask you this, you know, mueller is a buddy of jim comey's, and mueller's investigation centers on a truth-telling contest between comey and the president of the united states. given the fact they're pals dating back to the john ashcroft hospital days, and what we're learning about comey that it's possible he perjured himself in front of congress by lying under oath saying he didn't make a decision until after the investigation, doesn't this shed a whole cloud now on mueller's investigation? >> yeah, i definitely think -- there's so many questions on other side. we've spent all this time with all of these crazy charges about
7:35 pm
donald trump, but it's important that we get to the center of who james comey is, what his public service has been like. i served with him in the bush administration. i was told by everybody, oh, this is a very strong republican who supported george w. bush. his politics are the politics of what's good for jim comey. we're learning about this man who views himself as the boy scout of ethics is that really when you look at his statements all around this hillary clinton controversy there's all types of deception. here's what bothers me the most, judge, you're the lawyer, i'm not, no grand jury, no subpoenas, hillary clinton is never put under oath. he clearly got either an indication from the white house or in his own mind that hillary clinton should basically get a pardon without really an investigation. and to me that is so disgusting, because there's no question she broke laws. >> jeanine: well, there's no question she broke laws.
7:36 pm
just so you know, i want to be clear on one thing, matt, you don't have to put her under oath. she lies to an fbi agent like martha stewart. she lied, but they didn't do anything anyway. all right, tammy, there's this guy that says this -- this is his response to comey's drafting this letter. this may come -- or as a shock to grassley, graham and trump, but judges sometimes do a mobile home draft about an opinion before oral argument. let me telling you something, i don't know who you are, but i've been a judge, and you're wrong. ai've been a prosecutor, and you're wrong again. you don't draft memos acquitting someone before you know the facts. >> he's' confidante of jim comey. there's a small cottage industry
7:37 pm
defending jim comey these days, that this is normal, you draft this mobile home, just in -- draft this memo just in case something happens. if you're going to do this exonerating her, why wasn't there a memo for the other side, that if you're going to have to recommend an indictment of a woman running for president, didn't seem to need to do. it speaks to the fact that this is the direction he was going, that in fact -- >> jeanine: he had no intention -- you know, matt, matt, the fact they didn't impanel a grand jury tells me they had no intent of conducting a real investigation. when he was asked, did you make a decision before or after you heard hillary's testimony, he said after. he was unequivocal. criminal investigation? should sessions get involved? >> i absolutely think so.
7:38 pm
it's not just what jim comey said under oath, but also there's a question about these leaks. he told congress he couldn't give it information, but he could give his friend information who leaked it to favorable people in the press. this is disgusting, croneeyism, and the american people have had enough. >> jeanine: got to go. out of time. that was a great discussion. coming up, more breaking news about the clinton email scandal. a federal judge is ordering the fbi to release more information about its investigation. tom vitten joins us now next. plus, new documents show that there's been awareness you, that's texas.
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>> jeanine: this is a fox news alert. recovery efforts are still ongoing in texas as floodwaters in some areas are just beginning to recede. steve harrigan joins us in a few minutes. but first major news about the clinton server scandal. a federal judge has ordered a fbi to disclose more information into how it handled the investigation into hillary clinton's server. joining us now to explain more is the president of judicial
7:43 pm
watch, tom fenton. tom, first of all, i think america owes you a thank you for all that you've done in your persistence, because had you not been persistent, along with people like jay, i don't know that any of this would have come out, but the latest is a federal judge has said the fbi has to disclose information about the investigation that they didn't want to disclose. why don't you tell us specifically what that information is. >> take a step back. we're trying to get the state department to work with the justice department under law, the federal records act, to get mrs. clinton's emails and take action. they're trying to persuade the judge there's nothing else to do. they filed a secret document with the fbi describing what they've done, and the judge says you can't keep this secret, i'm going to release it, and it shows what the fbi has done to
7:44 pm
date, trying to get the classified info, subpoena her internet providers, things like that. it's a good ruling in the sense that it forces the fbi to put more cards on the table, but the problem, judge, is that we're battling the state department and justice department, not during the obama administration, but right now over this ridiculous issue of trying to get information. >> jeanine: my question is, who went before the federal judge and said we don't want to hand out any information about the fbi's investigation into hillary's server? the justice department or the state department? >> well, the state department is the defendant, represented by justice department lawyers. so you have a two-fer here. >> jeanine: that's where i'm going. we're talking about the deep states here. we've got a federal judge saying you're both wrong, justice department and state department, but we've got jeff sessions, and we've got rex tillerson, in charge of those departments. i would suspect, tom, when i was a da myself, they don't go into court without talking to me
7:45 pm
about major cases. what am i missing here? is it the deep state or sessions and tillerson? >> the deep state is a big issue. if left on its own, it will obstruct, protect hillary clinton and the obama administration, and that's why the head of the agencies, like secretary tillerson and the attorney general, or his des designees need to get the bureaucrats under control and start releasing information. i'm sure president trump doesn't want to spend taxpayer resources defending hillary clinton. we're trying to get the emails she deleted, judge, and we're facing a fight from the trump administration's appointees and agencies. something that is so frustrating. it's one thing that faced us during the obama administration -- >> jeanine: all right. well, tom, thanks for all the work you're doing. thank goodness for this judge. >> yeah. >> jeanine: coming up, steve harrigan joins us live with an update on the recovery efforts
7:46 pm
in texas. plus, newly-obtained documents show that the fbi and dhs have been warning officials about antifa violence for years. i haven't heard about it. stay with us. you can do endless move 201online research.t, or, you can take advantage of our best offer ever on an xt5. don't wait. our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car...
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>> jeanine: this is a fox news alert. floodwaters still remain in many texas communities hit hard by hurricane harvey. joining me now on the ground in orange, texas, is steve harrigan. >> judge, the floodwater here is still rising. all day we've been seeing people try to pull what they can save out of their flooded houses. couches, carpets, even drywall. they put it out in the sun and hope to save it. it's a tough process physically and emotionally. we talked to one retired man who thinks he may not be up to the challenge. >> all of this year is from my house. any furniture that it touches it ruins, it destroys. so that's it. >> how's your attitude? how's your spirit after this? >> stunned, but i'll be all right. we'll be good. this is our second time in nine years. my wife and i are both retired. we're weaving, calling it quits.
7:51 pm
>> higher ground? >> higher ground, yes. >> it could be weeks before the water recedes so people can reach their houses. judge, back to you. >> steve, thank you. damning information about antifa. in documents viewed by fox news the fbi and department of homeland security wrote that anarchists, extremists, antifa groups were the primary instigators of violence at rallies. joining us with reaction is derory murdock and doug schone. we've been hearing about the alt-right, the most likely to be the instigators of violence, and now we hear that the fbi has been talking about antifa.
7:52 pm
i hadn't heard about this. have you? >> not until recently. these people have been very active. trump supporters were getting beaten over their heads. they lit up a limousine during inauguration. that was ablaze. happened to be owned by a muslim, interestingly enough. the report about the antifa guys on the way to charlottesville, given to the virginia government, this completely vindicates what donald trump said, that both sides were to blame in charlottesville. neonazis on one side, neocommunists on the other side. both sides were responsible for the violence down there. >> jeanine: these reports seem to actually bolster president trump's insistence that extremists on the left bear some blame for clashes that are occurring in our society now. >> look, these people are not
7:53 pm
democrats. they are extremists. i want to be clear that knowio nazism is very different from what you call neocommunism, but that being said these people are outside the mainstream, promoting and provoking violence. i distance myself from them as a democrat. >> i've been a member of the conservative and free market movement since 1979. i have nothing in common with the so-called alt-right and neonazis and so on. it's appropriate to denounce them. we have antifa people, people on the strong left, clocking people over the head with bicycle locks inside of socks, beating people. you saw in boston last week, berkeley and elsewhere, beating
7:54 pm
people up, shields that say, "no hate" as they pound people's faces in. these are like hitler's brown shirts in the 1920s who would attack their political opponents on the streets of berlin until they bled. we're seeing it on the part of antifa and the far left. >> jeanine: doug, doesn't it bother you as we see this activity, starting with, as i recall, berkeley, and i remember i called them black ninjas, because nobody told me about antifa. you know, they're trying to burn down the building, breaking windows, beating people up. 12 hours of rioting, one person arrested, only because he insisted on being arrested for street cred. why are the police standing down? >> look, i think you have to talk to police in individual jurisdictions. to my way of thinking, anyone who engages in this kind of violence on left or right deserve to be prosecuted if they
7:55 pm
break the law. i want to reiterate that they are not brown shirts, they're people who are outside the system. they're bad people. they're not democrats. they're not nazis, period. >> jeanine: they're americans. you know what, they're more left than they are right. we ought at least to be honest about the agenda. >> i'm absolutely clear on that, jeanine. they're more left than right. people i completely disassociate myself from. >> jeanine: oh, good. you don't want to be associated with the white supremacists. >coming up, more "hannity" after the break. sorry, guys. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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8:00 pm
galveston county sheriff on to discuss trump's visit. thanks for being with us. have a terrific night. >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we want to start with the fox news alert. a new fire has broken out in a chemical plant in crosby, texas. volatile chemicals have been exploding and combusting. all following damage from hurricane harvey. people within 1.5-mile from the plant have been ordered to evacuate. we have an update on that fire and other events in houston just up ahead. meanwhile, republicans won big last fall. not simply because they beat the party of hillary clinton but because they promise to undo key parts of the barack obama legacy. so far, they haven't. congress republicans could


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