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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 2, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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"the five" is next. >> hell over. i'm jesse waters along with kennedy, lawn williams, greg gutfeld and lisa booth. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is the five. texas and louisiana are still reeling from the aftermath of hurricane harvey. you are looking at video of a fire that broke out at a chemical plant in crosby, texas, earlier tonight we are monitor ing the situation and we are going to be bringing updates throughout the hour. back in washington, president trump is continuing his aggressive response to hurricane harvey tonight asking congress for $7.9 billion for harvey
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recovery operations. tomorrow mr. trump visits to text texas and louisiana and the president declared sunday as a national day of prayer for harvey victims. mr. trump is praising the response of the area's hardest hit by the storm. >> the people of texas and louisiana were hit very hard by a historic flood and their response they have taught us all a lesson, a very, very powerful lesson. there was no outbreak in crime. there was an outbreak of com passion only, real, beautiful strong compassion. and they really inspired us as a nation. to be honest, they inspired a world because the world is watch ing. >> for the latest on harvey and the aftermath let's go to steve in orange, texas. steve. >> jesse, this is a pretty typical scene in orange, texas. the house closest to the highway might have three or four feet of water damage. further down you go to the neighbor, five or six feet.
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by the time you get to the end of the street, some of the house s are completely under water. all day long we have been watch ing people pull things out from these soaked houses trying to save what they can out on the sidewalk you will see soaking wet couches, carpets, even dry wall. brown stinking water seems to destroy almost everything it touches. this is tough work here to try to clean it up and emotional work as well. more than 37,000 houses have major structural damage from this hurricane. so the cleanup efforts is going to be huge and a lot of people still don't know how bad it is. we've seen people come to the edge of the water, point down the road and see that third telephone pole down there? that's my house. what you see there is nothing. nothing but water. a lot of people have it very bad but they still don't know how bad yet. they can't get to their houses. there is 10 feet of water in the way. jesse, back to you. >> thanks a lot, steve. now to rick in viner, texas.
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rick. >> jesse, this town got a year's worth of rain in four days and main street remains under water tonight the naches river crested today at 21 feet, eight feet above the receive record. this town could not have seen that coming and much like southeast texas, it is dealing with horrific conditions. there is a curfew, the power is out. residents were lined up at a nearby store trying to get basics, water, food, that kind of thing. there are people in neighborhood s behind me that are basically islands at this point. there are some dry stretches of main street leading that way, but in between there are these massive areas that have been flooded so earlier today we went out with some relief workers, some volunteers and some members of the harrison fire department from northeast texas and they had a high water vehicle, driving through the floods, tow
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ing a boat on a trailer, they go through the dry area through another flooded area to another dry area to another flooded area that's the only way the boats could get in there to send the boats in there, pick up people, get their pets, drive them back out again. they evacuated, the police chief told me 1200 to 1500 people. there are people who didn't want to leave their homes are now wishing they d. some of those people are now being rescued and the police chief tells me they're moving from recover operation to a law enforcement operation. they have had some looting issues here. and they're or dealing with those as they continue to hope that these waters recede a little bit quicker than they are so far. >> unbelievable. thank you very much. president trump hasn't left washington yet, but he is already getting criticism from the left for his trip to see harvey victims in texas and louisiana. >> it was not to mention the victims in his first trip. tomorrow should not be to remake
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or redo what he didn't do the first trip. tomorrow he ought to say we are making immediate funding available. we are going put fema people on the street to handle debris. he needs to come in with a proactive agenda rather than a make up for the debacle he did the other day. >> that's the new narrative, that he blew it on the first trip and now this is a makeup trip. is anybody believing that? >> you shouldn't believe anything from sharpton. there are five words for him. shut up and go away. this is a guy who has lived a life about himself. the most self serving hustlers of our time. he is the exact opposite of what you see in the streets of houston and everywhere. it's funny traditional leftist like him are in malfunction mode this is why you are seeing them now blame trump for this or that they're trying to find a narrative that matches their grim world view because harvey has destroyed their world view. there is no more division. there is no more bigotry, there
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is no more racism, conflict. all you are seeing 24 already 7 is unity americans working together all the time. they say what can we do now let's go after trump. another note what have harvey has done, one of the positive things offers a contrast to things like tweeter. twitter encourages an tag nymph because it's not face-to-face interaction so i can attack you and you because we don't know each other. you can't find one example in a harvey coverage of negative human interaction. you can't find one because it's face to face. it's human. there is nothing... there is no an tag nymph. and it shows you the contrast between why people have to talk to each other rather than tweet at each other. >> and it also, you know, very quickly, to tack to greg's point because i think you are absolutely right and it's the difference between how you few human nature. so if you view human beings as
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senseless and needy and incapable of thinking for themselves and ultimately as bad people who, when they lose everything, then they will attack each other, you are a statist. however, if you are someone who believes that human nature is ult natalie-- ultimately good and people will come together in the face of a crisis, then you are a decent person probably a libertarian and you see people relying on each other, relying on their neighbors, expecting and accepting the help and reach ing out and helping as many people as they possibly can for the sheer shake of helping people. >> i think joel ol' steen isn't on twitter. >> i don't think he is and i think he has done a really bad job... >> i can't think of one instance the whole country is talking about that as an instance. you talk about self absorbed person. i thought were you talking about trump but you were talking about sharpton. >> i think donald trump gave a million dollars. i think ol' steen might have
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been mischaracterized tyler perry gave a quarter of a million dollars to owe steen. >> he was directing people to the city. >> i agree with you that overwhelmingly it's been a positive story, and i think it's so important for the country to hear those kinds of healing messages but i don't think that it was fair to go after sharpton when sharpton says something very... >> he is self agran diedzing. >> this is not a makeup trip. this is about helping people. >> he helped brawly didn't he. >> you're back to sharpton. (all talking at once) >> the dough naigs from trump and they went to the huge oil... >> we are talking about sharpton >> he donated a million dollars of his own money. >> we don't know.
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the white house doesn't know... (all talking at once) did utd come from his personal bank account. the only purpose of that was to make him look cheap, sharpton still owes back taxes to the i.r.s. >> raise your hand if you are surprised that al sharpton is again exploiting tragedy to raise his personal profile which is diminishing. this is what this is about. he is trying to latch on to a tragedy to regain relevancy and my question to you for you and democrats, what can the president possibly be doing more that he has not been doing to help the victims of harvey. >> i think it's clear and that's what sharpton is saying. make it about helping people and in answer to your question, i think it's self--evident. i don't want to be overly critical... >> if he stayed in washington d.c., if he hadn't gone to the flood area, if he hadn't gone to
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texas, hadn't met with the governor of texas and relief workers. if he had stayed in d.c. which is what some liberals were beg ging him to do to criticize him for that. he does plenty of things where he hurts himself. this is not one of them and for the people looking for drama and trying to exploit political division for their own gain, shame on them. >> let's be honest anything that president trump does he is going to be criticized. that's the way this president is covered by the media. >> sometimes he deserves it. >> but publications were criticizing him before the storm hit. you have both governor abbott and governor edwards of texas and louisiana one a republican and one a democrat who have praised president trump and this administration's handling of the storm and both quickly approving the disaster declaration giving them the most needed government money they need to help rebuild the states and extend the search and rescue process. as we mentioned president trump is allegedly giving a million dollars of his own money.
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what is al sharpton doing to help them? that's what i want to know. what has he done. >> what is the national action network doing. >> trying to get his face on tv. >> i think you know, it's interesting to watch you guys. you are so back on your heels on this empathy issue because... (all talking at once) >> any president's measure by... >> that's a manufactured... >> i'm on my high heels. >> if you recall... >> did you want him to go into people's houses and cry. climb trees and rescue kittens. (all talking at once) >> heres the thing, kennedy. if you tweet epic devastation, i was out there. i went to the front lines. and people know he did not go to the front lines. >> as he is standing there holding up a texas flag in the state. >> trying to exploit something simply saying that was a failure in terms of leadership at a critical moment. it doesn't measure up to what other presidents did 9/11... >> can i just...
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>> go ahead, greg. >> this is yesterday but president trump's role in this is not that important because what you are seeing is a monumental shift in the narrative of this country. we have been immersed in identity plibilitiesz for so long and what we are seeing is a waking up. we are coming out of this horrible depression and i think it's monumental. i don't think trump plays a huge factor in this. he didn't have to because what you are seeing the it is so important in text ais-- texas. you are seeing victims not acting as victims after years of people embracing victimology who are not victims. you are seeing real victims getting it done without acting like victims. we are seeing a monumental turn around. >> that's a really good point and people reclaiming their good ness and not being told that because they might have political differences they have to hate each other and they have to shout at each other and use fascist tactic to shut each
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other down. there is none of that here and that's why the left is looking for something to manufacture to drive a wedge where there isn't one. >> the president hasn't failed here and that's why we are see ing the desperation of the left because they're grasping at straws to come up with reasons why president trump is not cover ing this well, case in point, the first lady's heels. he is doing a good job and we should be appreciative of that. >> the guys on the ropes in terms of his inability... >> you wish this were charlottesville. >> let me finish. he is on the ropes in terms of the lack of empathy. the fact that he didn't about not victims and instead he goes to a shelter headquarters with other people... >> you are creating a narrative. nobody believes... (all talking at once) >> you heard it on some other show and repeated it the second day. >> big government liberals!
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(all talking at once) >> this is rudeness and the point i wanted to make to you is it is not me. go to the fox poll. it's only like a quarter of americans who think this president has empathy. he goes to a fema headquarters. he is self absorbed talking about himself versus president bush's performance... >> can we just step... >> absolutely something that he shouldn't talk about. i would be delighted. >> okay, now let's get to the point where it matters. if you are having emergency surgery, do you want a surgeon who is a jerk who is the best surgeon or do you want an average surgeon who has a great bed side matter. you want an excellent surgeon who is a jerk, not a terrible surgeon who is all fuzzy. so the fact is expecting empathy from trump that's not why he was elected. he is supposed to be effective. that's all we care about. >> all i'm say it was self absorption.
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i'm going to do better than bush >> i think you are grasping at straws. >> juan feels about feelings, we care about results. we'll be right back.
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>> the devastation caused by hurricane harvey will cost over $100 billion according to some estimates. that's lead something democrats to use harvey to tout their big government philosophy. one congressman is even advising democratic colleagues to use harvey to appeal to the voters. >> i think what they say to his or her voters is i'm about representing the people in my district. i'm about taking care of people like the people in texas today who are suffering as a result of this hurricane and the people in kentucky, the people who have been sold a bill of goods, here is an opportunity to show that sometimes government is a good thing. it can help people. >> so you get a situation here, kennedy, where you get the national guard, you've got the coast guard, the u.s. military rescuing tens of thousands of people doing so much fema is in there, 2.3 million meals served already we have requests for sba
12:20 am
loans and now you see texas which of course prides itself on rugged individualism, self rel iance and the like. the frontier spirit, kennedy. is this a conflict and do you see it as a contradictions? >> i think the big government aspect is a real stretch for this law maker. this is a a contrast in what government can do. the path to hell is littered with government failures. when people look back and they think about the devastation, they think about the storm. they think about the images and the things that really moved them, you know, tragedy and the uplifting stories, they're not going to say wow, how about that fema. they're going say how about those neighbors who paddled a canoe through dangerous waters to their neighbor's house to rescue pets and children. they're going to talk about the people who risked their own life , the individuals who risked their own lives to save others. that's what they're going to be
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talking about. the fact that there was decent and appropriate interaction between government agencies and individuals i think is a testament to the people of texas and that's where we take the inspiration. >> not just that either. it's also the local community at large. you look at local businesses like mattress mack who owns two big furniture stores in and around the houston area having them be 24-hour shelters, bring ing people in, feeding them , giving them water. the roles of churches opening their doors serving food and water, taking people in. even big corporate giants like wal-mart donating $20 million. the chamber of commerce estimat ed that big corporations are donating $143 million. you look at the role the private sectors playing, the local communities are playing. church so it's not just about government. this actually underscores your point the individuals as well stepping up and local communities as well. >> i think the contrary position would be look at the amount of money the president is request ing, look at the request
12:22 am
for money coming from governor abbott and ironically coming from senators ted cruz and john cornin. cornin, cruz and 15 republicans voted against aid for hurricane sandy saying this is big government spending, loaded with pork we learned it was not loaded with pork. they didn't think it was an appropriate role but they do for their state. >> you are saying politicians are playing politics? >> shocked. >> giving what we saw from crowley who say democrats can argue for the importance and good work done by big government is that a contradictions what is i was saying. >> for liberals their government is the answer for everything. look what happened with katrina. do you remember? government failed yet everybody still asked for bigger government. they had state-run nursing homes they left the elderly people in. buses idling by they couldn't evacuate. super dome was a mess. the governor didn't mobilize the national guard and then after that failure the left said we
12:23 am
need bigger government. what happened here? the response was excellent and the left still says yeah, this is why we need bigger government but it's not about bigger government. it's about who is running the government. object on the, the governor i've i've abbott the governor is doing a fantastic job because he is controlling things an texas is lean and mean. it's not just about government. 90% of the people doing a lot of the rescues are local guys. texans have a lot of trucks. they have a lot of boats and they're out there themselves pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. i'm surprised texas didn't punch harvey in the face. >> oddly enough jesse, i don't think the cajun navy is union. >> i will say, i also think that you should take your hat off to the coast guard and the military ... >> doing an excellent job and they're very well funded. >> i just wanted to go to greg because greg there was a cartoon running political this week. >> tasteless. >> and it had an image of the coast guard wrestling and somebody said thank god, rescue
12:24 am
and the caption basically read no i'm from the government... the government sent me. >> it was just an ass. what else can you do. a cartoonist looking for a cheap shot during a time of crisis is what you call an ass. i hate to use such crude language but he is an ass. what about the money that's being requested for all of this? we are talking about billions? i think it's our money. it's not big government money. that's what the money is for. what government is good for are doing the things that we can't do. one of the things that we can't do is directing all the resource s that come from our tax es into one area. you can have some kind of de centralized help. everybody is accepting money to the red cross, people coming in with the their boats and rescu ing but you do need an organization to get the money and government, that's what government... government should
12:25 am
only have certain specific duties n. disasters, in national security, taking care of those who cannot help themselves, technology medical innovations things like that. those are the things government can do and it goes hand in hand with the people of texas who are brave. you have the individuals and you have the government and they don't have to be in conflict. they can work together. but the fact is that money was paid into the system by us. so it's not like the government is coming to save us. the government is using our money. the money we put in for a purpose that is necessary. >> you know, we have to go back ... i want to say, you would say to the government, therefore cut other programs and spending in order to pay for what is going on in text snas. >> yes! >> i think you can did ef it in ly cut parts of the government i think... >> i would be stun if we saw republicans... >> we are going to cut oar programs. (all talking at once) i think that's where the hypocrisy comes in.
12:26 am
more stunning news about how hillary clinton avoided criminal indictment over her email server we'll analyze the situation. so stay with us. that's coming right at you.
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hello, welcome back. there are explosive allegations that former fbi director james comey decided not to bring criminal charges against hillary clinton over her email server long before the investigation was complete. for the details let's go to ed henry with the latest. >> maybe james commie is becoming like greg gutfeld all hat and no cattle. two allegations by republican senators months before finishing the investigation, the fbi director decided in the spring of 2016 that hillary clinton should be exonerated before various witnesses were even interviewed including clinton and top aides. that sparks a key question, is
12:31 am
coming a credible witness for robert mueller as his probe in immediate linning in the presidential election and whether highs firing of comey was obstruction. there is a letter that justified the firing but the top white house lawyer blocked it. that may help mueller figure out the original intent of the fir ing. the white house issued a separate letter drafted by the deputy attorney general that talked about comey mishandling the clinton case that leads us to new information unearthed by republicans, fbi officials suggesting that comey was draft ing an exoneration for clinton in april of 2016 leading the senators that comey came to a conclusion before any fact gathering. the president tweeting it looks like he exonerated long before the investigation was over and so much more, a rigged system. now remember comey came out in july 2016 and said despite apparent wrong doing, clinton would not be charged. so look at this exchange under
12:32 am
oath in september of 2016. >> director, did you make the decision not to recommend criminal charges related to classified information before or after hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi on the second. >> after. if colleagues believe i'm lying, please urge them to contact me privately so we can have a conversation about this. all can i tell you again the decision was made after that because i didn't know what was going to happen in that interview. she maybe lied in the interview ... >> at a senate hearing this year , comey testified again under oath that he only decided to go public with the july 2016 exoneration after attorney general loretta lynch met on the tarmac with bill clinton because she was conflicted. the new information suggest the decision was made months before july or june. >> very good. i have a question quick. was there also a statement of
12:33 am
condemnation that the former fbi director wrote? >> no, there was no statement of condemnation. i think there are people in the trump white house wondering whether or not they're going to get an exoneration letter sometime soon. don't expect that to happen. >> could the former fbi director be in deep yogurt with robert mueller. >> he could be in deep unicorn. >> we all know that is far worse thank you very much. lisa to you, how credible is the information that we have that former fbi director james comey drafted this letter in the spring before he talked to, as ed pointed out not only hillary clinton but brian pagliuca lan owe and others? >> it looks like he contradicted himself as we heard earlier when he talked about the timeline of the decision making process as well as the impact that loretta lerch meeting on the plane had. i don't trust james comey as far as i can throw him which is not far but you can look at things he has said that are not backed
12:34 am
up by facts. he has repeatedly either given plate blatant lie or statements he said he leaked the memo rerns ing public tapes. you go back to the new york times article and it mirrors the memo he released allegedly four days later. he testified that he didn't think his memos contained classified information. the hill found more than half did. he said trump's conversation made him nervous but lynch urged him to use the word matter not investigation. he didn't write memos about her so why nopt. he said "the new york times" took the extraordinary step telling the intelligence committee that the trump team was under investigation meanwhile we know behind the scenes he was telling president trump he wasn't under investigation so there are so many things he has said that are contradictory and seepingly a blatant lie. >> how much of a miscarriage of justice is it if he made up his
12:35 am
mind before the fbi interviewed some of the key witnesses. >> i think the fbi should change its motto to "i'm with her." >> tweeted out fbi with her. >> this thing is more rigged than a carnival game. if you add the exoneration letter to the tarmac meet be, to the lynch interest feerns, plead ing fifth, wiping the server clean and smashing blackberries with hammers, it is the most corrupted situation you can ever imagine. now when members of congress want information about the investigation they file a foil request, the fbi says we are not going to hand over any information about the investigation because it's not in the public interest. who are they to determine that? i bet half the country wants to see this stuff. they have a lot of work to re gain any credibility. >> it makes you wonder for whom are they covering. but juan, hillary clinton lost the election so she has had punishment enough, right? you can go ahead and break laws in this country. it's fine if you dote get what you want. that's the same thing as going
12:36 am
to jail. >> is that right? i just do think that there is a hanging court in session here. the star chamber is here but i must say what strikes me is we don't know. we just don't know what the entirety of this story. what i can say is that... >> you don't say that in russia. >> i thought were you going to bring up benghazi. >> i was getting to that. >> we can say there was nine months of investigation before this point and we know that come y is, you know, an invet rat note taker and writer and often times... >> you can't take votes on interviews you haven't conducted and those would be really important notes in determining the conclusion. >> if she, hillary clinton or anyone else had lied and they could profit, there would be a case. i think what he is saying at least we can see and we can't see the whole picture, they look ed for evidence that she had
12:37 am
broken some law and up to that point they hadn't found any. >> i'm hearing blah blah blah. greg could you please translate? >> here's the funny part. the people that should be interested in this are the democrats. hillary clinton was the worst nominee in the history of politics even including that dead guy that ran, i think in tennessee, do you remember that story? the guy with the mullet. this was a terrible candidate and if this news had become evident earlier, they could have jettisoned her and had a better candidate and possibly won the election. sanders who was a changed candidate could have very well have beaten trump but instead, they rigged it so she got it. so there are two riggings going o. my thing is, it's like we are continually replaying this election. it's now seven months, the dems have to let go the russia and the republicans will let go of hilary's climb. like the end of the relationship
12:38 am
stop going to the facebook page. stop listening to his voice mails. move on. move on. because the public has already accepted the election. >> but it's about russia. >> she can cannot stop sniffing donald trump's t-shirt. >> thank god you said t-shirt. >> got to keep it clean. a family show. when we come back president trump reportedly seriously reversing one of the prawrp's initiatives. what is it and how important is it to the nation. stay with us and find out.
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the fox news alert. president trump is just hours away from a trip to meet with the victims of hurricane harvey personally assuring the region the federal government is fillly committed to the recovery. tonight mr. trump tweeted i will be going to texas and louisiana tomorrow with the first lady. great progress being made. spending weekend working at white house. in other news tuesday president trump will announce whether or not he will continue president
12:43 am
obama's controversial daca program, an initiative that protects illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children from deportation. here is what president trump said earlier today about daca. >> we love everybody. >> as i'm sure you can guess, there are a lot of questions from reporters about the program at the white house press brief ing. >> a guy in texas right now, a paramedic, working since the storm hit to help people in the community in and around texas. he also happens to be... >> so greg, you kind of have to hand it to president obama because he set the next president up with the daca program. we are talking about 800,000 illegal immigrants that i think are under the umbrella of this program, you know, temporary relief from being deported also eligible to work permits. what should president trump do? >> i think he didn't set him up. i think he elected him. president trump was elected on
12:44 am
this idea, this large vision of law and order. and built within that law and order thij was the wall, dealing with illegal immigration, isis and national security. this was something that people looked at and said what is happening to our i am agree ition system. we are allowing these people in. right or wrong that's part of the vision. i would like to ban the word dreamer because we are all dream ers. i dream every day. i dream about cheeseburgers andy press owes gentlemen lat owe and flying on the back of a unicorn. i'm tired of other people being dreamers. the solution, being a law and order president is to amend the program so that you can stay as long as you have a clean slate. a good citizen with no busts no arrests, that's, trump ties this to law and order because he is a law and order president. he will win. i think. >> we have seen a big drop in illegal immigration on the border since trump took over.:
12:45 am
he lab criticized, the message sending to illegal immigrants, border searches. would president trump send the wrong message if he keeps the program in tact? >> i think the base could forgive him if he kept it. i personally think he should keep daca. it's the honorable thing to do and i think it's smart political ly. i agree with greg. i would, instead of amending it myself as president through executive order, kick it back to congress and let congress deal with immigration. that's the role of congress. president obama's executive order was illegal and technical ly these kids are illegal but at the same time you don't punish the sop for the sin s of the father. it's like charging a kid for like an accessory to a bank robbery because the mom put the kid in the car, the get away car it's just not fair. so, you know, sometimes you make decisions based on your heart and sometimes you make decisions based on your mind. the president has been wrestling with this issue because it's
12:46 am
very thorny for him. i believe he is going to make the right decision. this whole leaking that he might kill it is probably a pump fake to make everybody go one direction and he will come back and hopefully hold it in place. >> speaking of congress, why didn't democrats get this done when they controlled both bodies of congress and the white house? >> they passed crappy obamacare. sorry juan. >> you do a good imitation of it >> that's exactly what that was. (all talking at once) >> seriously. juan, if this is an issue they cared about so much... why didn't they get it done. >> when president obama did this he said you know what, the republican congress at the time was obstructing and you know what, i don't buy it because i think you should go through congress. but and in response to what greg was saying about law and order, wow, what is this guy j.r. pile. what understand to law and order >> you just validated what i said. >> i think the president is play ing politics with this
12:47 am
obviously and he was hoping to use it as a bargaining chip in terms of what is coming in september in terms of arguments over the budget, the wall, et cetera. today apparently he has pulled back on the insistence the wall must be funded as the part of any budget. i think jesse who shocked me by being so compassionate... >> actual empathy? >> actual empathy from jesse. it seems to me you have an opportunity here now for the president to say you know what? these young people deserve an opportunity and it's overwhelm ing in the polls. it's close to 70%, higher than 70% in some polls. americans think the kids deserve to stay. >> i preface every immigration conversation by saying we should end the entitlement state in this country. no one, just end the entitlement state. start with that. these kids consider themselves to be americans and i think there is good criteria here. if you do well in school, if you don't break the law, you should stay here, work hard and flourish and really live the
12:48 am
american dream. we are all americans as the president pointed out this week. we are all dreamers and allowing them to fully participate in that and having the program move forward would be a wonderful thing for all involved. >> stay right there because facebook friday is coming up who are these people?
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>> there we go. facebook friday. don't have a lot of time. don't get in my way, america. what would your mother say is was the worst thing you did as a child? >> i lied to her in high school and went to a republican convention. she grounded me and didn't allow me to go on spring break after that. my parents were camelot democrat s. my mom still is god bless her. >> what about you jesse? >> i know what it is. >> i like your mom and i like jesse's mom for the same reason. >> i think voting republican was the worst thing could i have done for my mother. >> juan. >> she didn't like the people i hung around. she thought they were dangerous. >> really? >> were you in some kind of weird neighborhood gang? >> i don't think i was in the gang... >> like jessica... >> lisa? >> i actually i was pretty... i
12:53 am
was bad. >> really? >> i was just very independent. like so let's kick it old school i ran away when i was five. but my dad... my dad was so mad at me and frustrated he packed my suitcase and was like go for it. my parents walk meade walk down the street. my mom is freaking out because i'm a kid and my dad was watch ing me saying she will come home. i came home and my dad asked me why i came home and i said it just wasn't the right day. >> when worst thing when my mom stumbled upon a box of what i would call classic art magazines >> were you 25? >> i was... i had to explain i was holding them for a friend. >> you enjoyed the written articles. >> yes. this is from mat d. what band/singer do you regret never seeing in concert? all right, juan. >> well, obviously i would have loved to have seen jimi hendrix.
12:54 am
i think everybody says that with the guitar, just an amazing thing. >> i loved him in led zeplin. kidding. jesse. >> trying to think. i've seen everybody, snoop dogg, floyd, i've never seen u2. they have a great song called juan. >> that was a good joke about juan. >> lisa. >> well you are going to boo me. i missed the taylor swift concert in d.s. and i heard it was a great concert. i knew you were going to judge me for it. >> kennedy, i left you for last. you've seen everybody pretty much. who have you not seen you wish could you see. >> the only person would i have liked to have seen in concert although he had a troubled special history was michael jackson. i saw him perform at the video music awards but never a full concert and when you watch the movie "this is it" you realize how much he had left in the tank
12:55 am
and how good the concert series would have been in london. >> i will pick a band only you know, the screaming blue messiah s from the mid 80s. go on youtube and put it in live they're mind blowing. >> they have 14 clicks. >> amazing band. all right. we got one more question and we are going to save it for the next block coming up.
12:56 am
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12:59 am
>> one more question from ann marie g.. with labor day on monday, what is your favorite thing you look forward to in the fall? quickly. we have a minute. >> football. >> yours is football and sprite? >> pumpkin surpris spice lattes. >> juan? >> i would say the nationals, my nationals in the world series. >> oh, that ain't happening, bu- >> you giants fan. >> i also love college football more than professional football. go bruins. they're horrible. sorry, guys. boots. >> yeah. >> i look forward to wearing bulky jackets so i can shoplift. it's hard to shoplift in the summer -- >> they call him winona around her. >> you white people get away with murder. >> all right. that's it for us. be sure to tune in monday night.
1:00 am
coming up, our special 9:00 p.m. eastern labor day special. don't miss it. "hannity" is up next!popopopopo" is coming up next. have a great weekend. >> bret: an official decision on dreamers is on the -- the latest on harvey, plus why columbus day really is history and some american cities. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. hurricane harvey stormed ashore on texas one week ago tonight. seven days later, the numbers are staggering. at least 39 dead, tens of thousands of structures damaged or destroyed. tens and thousands of people displaced. and hundreds of thousands already seeking billions in dollars in


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