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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> president trump is taking on the role of consoler in chief. that says him and the first la lady. i'm molly in for julie, you are watching the fox report. the president touching down in houston to meet with survivors hours after sending lawmakers a request for an initial $7.9 billion for relief and recovery efforts. the president made several stops including at one of the city's biggest shelters where he met with families and small children left homeless by the flooding. from there, it was on to lake charles, louisiana. the present thinking first responders and thin singing the
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praises of survivors who have shown remarkable strength in the face of this disaster. >> as tough as this was, it's been a wonderful thing. even for the country to watch in the world to watch most apparently, the governor of the relationship with the governor mayor has been fantastic. were signing a lot of documents now. >> molly: we have team coverage on this. adam is in the fox weather center following the path of another hurricane. steve harrigan has the latest on the cleanup efforts. we'll begin with peter who is following the president's trip. what kind of help and hope was the president able to give concerned evacuees? >> at one point while the president was handing out hotdogs and a man came to him
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about a complaint about fema he cut through the red tape and basically became the chief customer service representative for the government. >> but now they're saying here, there been denied assistance. >> where are they? get them up. >> the president made a stop at first church which is been a distribution center to organize aid and helped load donated water and food in vehicles so they could get to texans in need. he met with volunteers and was so encouraged that he thinks harvey's recovery will be over much faster than anyone estimates. >> were talking about they say two years, three years, i think because this is texas the probably do it within six months here.
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>> in louisiana, the democratic governor so pleased with how things went that he told the white house press pull this, it's always great to have the president in your state for any reason, but to acknowledge the work by so many people, it was invaluable. he thinks the relief effort has been going so well seems to be going fast. >> molly: and a chance to speak with those survivors, what to the president with first responders today? >> he had questions about how they were able to save lives. they talked about how things were going the last few days. the president thanked first responders for answering thousands of calls for help and on imaginable conditions. >> you have done so much for the services, and the whole world is watching. and i want to thank all of these, thank you everybody. you have done so much.
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>> right now, the president is on his way back to the white house. late last night asked congress from a state billion dollars in emergency harvey relief money. the president told the senator cruise he might have to fight for the funding but he thinks congress will pass it soon. >> molly: okay thank you. some frustrated residents are waiting to return to their homes as part of houston remains underwater more than a week after harvey made landfall. some neighborhoods continue to fall because of releases from reservoirs. then the focus shifts to recovery. >> they say were praying for you and stuff, we appreciate the prayers, we do, but what we need his assistance.
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we need donations and give cards and things like that so people can get the necessities to live and keep going. >> it's an overwhelming situation for so many people. steve is live in houston. what is the scene like where you are? >> were watching people without boats wondering how bad their houses are. anyone with a boat is coming down the vehicle and rafts and taking their neighbors if they can, it's recovery effort, they're pulling property out. we've seen them come out with clothing, pictures, even paintings, they pulled out drywall, people trying to save what they can. a lot of the waters not from the storm, from two reservoirs and they have controlled releases going on to make sure the dams
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do not burst. >> molly: what are officials saying that they need the most? >> local officials need high water vehicles to get around. they need money for debris pick up. if you go around the city to see large piles of most people's furniture. now it's ruined. it's a black sewage infested water has touched it's in front of the houses 90-degree heat. they need pickups and trucks to pick that up quickly. >> molly: that's a difficult view there. some of the people so much. another storm could threaten the u.s. and the atlantic, hurricane irma is now churning. it is getting closer. adam is live with more. >> is going to be a big storm, will make it to the u.s. are not? it's a little ways off. this is the remnants of harvey.
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everything you see stretching from ohio and west virginia leaning on the right-hand side new england is next, it's putting a damper on the holiday weekend but should be clearing out for most folks but clear enough for you on monday. hurricane irma continues to spin. windsor 110 miles per hour. that will take a while to move across the atlantic ocean at 50 miles per hour. it's going over warm water and picking up energy is strengthening, it will jump from category two and three. there's still warmer water ahead so it could continue to grow and be a a category five. this is our cone of uncertainty. the track could be anywhere in the cold. perhaps running against san juan by tuesday or maybe further to
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the north. fingers crossed it will run to the north. that puts us in a better position to dodge it. big high pressure system follows this line. it could end up turning enough it gets way from the united states entirely. if it takes a southern path you'll begin to see a direct shot there on florida in the southeast and maybe running up the entire coast. it is possible. 'tis the season. areas of concern. another low pressure system off the coast of africa that has a chance of forming in the next five days. still a week or ten days away from the height of hurricane season. it's beginning to act like that right now.
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>> molly: we don't need another big storm right now. for more on the harvey disaster tune into fox news sunday. texas governor will be answering questions on the long recovery his status facing and an exclusive interview with treasury secretary steve mnuchin. we'll get his thoughts on the is that is needed for harvey and tax reform. that is the sunday right here at fox news channel. right now, new warnings from north korea statement claimed they have created a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on an intercontinental missile. the latest on those claims. plus, volunteers from far and wide are doing their best to help harvey victims. coming up, one of the good samaritans is here and she tells us how she and many others are pitching in. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> it's been a great experience.
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>> molly: fox news alert on north korea. the regime is now claiming it has developed a hydrogen ball. pyongyang state media said the weapon can be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile. they say the lizard kim jong-un personally inspected the bomb. this after the latest test this week when it sent a project are flying over japan. no immediate response from the pentagon. >> as the floodwaters recede, some truly incredibly stories are emerging. my next guest was springing into action after her committee was mostly spared, coordinating rescues and gathering supplies and hoping to make the best out of a tragic situation.
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine >> molly: jennifer says she's been pitching in and you're not alone. give us some insight into what you have seen. you wake up in your house is okay, what you do? >> that was a whole thing, when i did wake up and i realized i was high and dry, my power was on and i have food and water, flipped on the news and saw the devastation going on around south texas. and i got on social media, in particular one group hm part of called friendswood moms. people started reaching out immediately making post about people in need. as i tell everybody, and i tell my kids, life is about choices. i had a choice to make. i could sit there and spend the
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time indoors reorganizing my closets, or can't get out and do something. i chose to get out and do something. those largely in part to the community is watching spring into action. one of my good friends texted me telling me of some of the needs in our community as well. i decided to do something about it. >> molly: you brought a few folks over to your house and then he went forward and learned there is a nursing home where most of the residents had to be relocated and he managed to get there. logistically it's tough to get anywhere right now, over the challenges to get from place to place, and how did you help these people? >> one advantage we had, my family had a jacked up diesel truck. i know that sounds cliché kids were in texas, but he was able
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to help get me to the school. originally i thought i would be donating items in my car, i saw far greater need. not what i expected, but i had a background in pharmaceutical sales and i thought i'm not really a dr., i play one on tv so to speak through that experience but i thought what medical knowledge i have i could land. the staff was exhausted. they had evacuated with those patients, some had not seen their families in three days and trying to organize volunteers who have never faced anything like that before was a daunting task. >> and social media was so powerful. you utilize that to bring in other people with skills that might be needed there. >> one of the quotes that ring in my head, i heard a pastor say one time that when you can't save the whole world, there's
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just no way, but you can save one. that resonated in my head. in the last 13 years i've been involved in network marketing. i thought i'm going to retract those skills to network people and resources supplies try to help them make connections to get help and rescue. >> molly: you are just one of those people who neighbor helping neighbor. we seen so much. there's all those folks that brought their boats out rescue people, what have you seen? >> i definitely saw the cajun navy was huge, they definitely showed up in a big way. quite frankly was a lot of neighbors. i reach out to a good friend of mine, her husband barry had a boat and were more than willing to help. by the time i was able to reach
4:18 pm
them, shelley was stuck in dallas and was trying to connect me with him. he was exhausted and his home was filling with water. he had to go back to his home. that's when we started putting out calls for help to let anybody know who is on a boat near friends to get over there and get them and bring them to a drop off where we could get them and then bring them to our house. we did not have a boat to chip in in that way. the cajun navy was huge. friends with mom's group, where putting up the contact numbers for the coast guard and private individuals who may post a call this number if you need rescued by boat. we came together as moms to connect people with those resources. >> molly: these are the stories that have shown such heart. thank you for sharing your stories. our thoughts are with you in your neighborhood, the whole
4:19 pm
nation is thinking of you. thank you. >> thank you. >> molly: rising tension between the u.s. air force in russia to close three diplomatic offices across the country. in the latest accusations and threats that russia is now making. plus, harvey causing a gas shortage across texas. a major spike in prices, coming in. >> have been all over today. it's everywhere. i was in -- earlier in their out. nobody has gas. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender.
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>> molly: the justice department refuting president trumps bombshell claim that former
4:23 pm
president obama wiretap to the trump tower. the department of justice stated the court filing that has no record of any such surveillance. the department was responding to a government lawsuit. as a trump made those allegations in an early morning tweet storm in march, comparing the situation to watergate and calling his predecessor a bad or sick guy. a tense situation developing between the u.s. and russia as the state department confirmed russia has closed three diplomatic offices across the country, but not without accusing the u.s. from breaking international on threatening retaliation. molly is live in washington with details. russia sent the letter of you a protest today but what about?
4:24 pm
>> the russian foreign ministry summit one of the top diplomats to hand over the letter protesting u.s. officials entering the buildings were closing down. saying that we consider the illegitimate search of the russian premises without the presence of russian officials in the express threat to breakdown the entrance door as an unprecedented aggressive act. an official says the accusation that the u.s. threatened to break down doors is untrue. today was the deadline for russia to vacate three facilities in the u.s. the trade commission, a trade office in new york, the consulate in san francisco. russia said the search of the buildings encroached on the immunity of russian diplomatic missions. >> molly: so why did the trump administration tell them to vacate these buildings? >> it's in response to their unfortunate decision earlier to require the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in russia by 755 people and give up to consulates. so the trump administration told the russians to close up shop at
4:25 pm
three locations in the u.s. at the russian consulate in san francisco black smoke could be seen coming out of the building. as for what happened today, a state official tells fox, today russian embassy personnel together was state department officials walk through three properties in san francisco, new york, and san francisco d.c. that are required to be close. these were carried out to secure the facilities and confirmed they have vacated. the official clarifies that no russian diplomats are being expelled from the u.s. in connection with a three properties. >> molly: the back-and-forth continues. thank you a large residential building in houston surrounded by flooding is destroyed after a massive fire. the flames broke out on the west side. it sent a dark plume of smoke into the air that's visible for
4:26 pm
miles. the efforts to battle those flames are hampered because firefighters connected in the building. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. a dire situation in beaumont texas. thousands are struggling with a shortage of clean drinking water. will speak to county official is residents way to mile-long lines for saved water. plus, president trump went out to major decision that will affect hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children. the latest is ahead on the fox report. >> we love the dreamers, we love everybody. 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day.
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4:31 pm
his son a fantastic job. >> molly: the visit comes with many communities facing dire conditions and rescuers working around the clock. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in texas. what's a situation where you are now? >> the moll the water is recedit this neighborhood is still in deepwater and many home surrounded. i just met a woman who moved into a house about two weeks ago. they haven't even paid the first payment on it and she was able to stay optimistic. they're able to rescue their most prized possession and it's hopeless that damage to badly. all the way down here there's a woman swimming towards her home now. to check on things. another neighbor said they had a problem with looters. people on boats trying to steal, there is a curfew now in effect from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.
4:32 pm
there's a voluntary evacuation center of the road that was staffed before the feds got here, there's a national guard there now helping to courtney but many volunteers from across the region including medical personnel, there's the food tent where they serve thousands of meals each day. a distribution storefront giving out water and close, diapers and food and other goods. in the middle school, one of three countywide points a distribution by the texas state police and fema handing out water and ice and meals ready-to-eat. three or 5300 to 500 cars per hour. one of those carrying 330,000 pounds of water. >> eight took us a while to get in here because her so much rain. vehicles are tough to get in here.
4:33 pm
we got here as fast as we can. now, food water and ice were telling people to come and get it as much as they can, as fast as they can. >> it's astounding sites and sounds. >> molly: i hate to hear stories about the looters. a far greater number people are pouring their hearts out. you had a chance to speak to volunteers. >> we met thousands, many volunteers coming not just from texas and louisiana but illinois, georgia, we met a man from florida who came from coco beach, joe rubio who owns blacklist easel. he spent the past week collecting donations and he loaded up a flatbed with an atv and all the supplies he collected and drove all night to get here.
4:34 pm
[inaudible] >> 15000 pounds of fresh water bottles, about 1200 pounds of baby formula, diapers and new close, dog food, shower stuff, and even know it the color,. >> where did it all come from? >> people donated it. i made a facebook post earlier this week to say we're going to houston and we had a lot of customers, friends and family and a blowup. >> him and his friends were headed to texas to help out in any way we can. before you go, take another look this gentleman is also headed to check out his home and water that is up to his chest. >> incredible. thank you.
4:35 pm
i know you have seen so much. thank you for bringing us the stories of people who are pouring everything out to help people. >> hurricane harvey sending gas prices soaring after gulf coast refineries near houston were forced to stop production. adding to the demand, drivers trying to fuel up before prices go higher and volunteers trying to fill their tanks to get to south texas and help the victims. will has more on how much the prices have gone up. >> it really depends on where you live as to how much you see it go up. as drivers go to the pump this weekend and look up at the big boards at the neighborhood gas stations, they will continue to pick up. the average price for a regular gallon gas across the united states is $2.59.
4:36 pm
that's up 23 cents from this time last week. that resulted from refineries along the coast and shutdown. the colonial pipeline, a major oil artery for the south was forced to close sections and won't reopen until they're inspected and deemed safe. that led to panic and drivers racing to the pumps were stations ran out of gas. not because there is a shortage but because so many people came in a short amount of time. some drivers are not happy. >> it's really irritating. have be different if this were situation where there was a sordid shortage. i lifted the shortages in the 70s which were real. see in this which is by people that just panic. >> there are documented prices of price gouging. according to the attorney general people have been
4:37 pm
charging $100 for pack of water, 20 gallons for a gallon of gas. if anybody is caught they'll be fined up to $20000 per offense. >> molly: any relief in sight? >> the department of energy released have a million barrels of oil up to this. that won't help in the immediate. right now it looks like gas prices will go up at 3 - 5 cents every day for the next week and possibly beyond that. >> molly: people will wash that closely. thank you. meanwhile, dire situation in the city of beaumont. the water levels are high and thousands are struggling with a shortage of clean drinking water. some residents spent the day waiting in mile-long lines for water. >> it's not a good situation.
4:38 pm
we been over all different stores by and water. unfortunately were in to get free water. we'll be happy to pay for but it's hard, you have to ration it at the house. >> let's bring in jeff from texas, he handled badly damaged areas that we've seen dramatic video from in belmont port arthur. judge, thank you for being here. bring us up-to-date on the water situation. >> we've had record rainfall obviously that cut offer transportation in and out of the city. we weren't able to get water resources from the texas division of emergency management brought in until recently when roadways were passable for 18 wheeler traffic. the city of beaumont water system was knocked out by historical rainfall that knocked
4:39 pm
out there pump stations along the river. and also their groundwater station in hardin county which has been running continuously without interruption for 100 years. it is truly a historic landfall of epic proportions that just overwhelmed our system. >> molly: are you beginning to see the water go down there? >> we reached the crest in the river today around 1:00 p.m. it will crest further south at rainbow bridge on sunday, and so i think we'll see it a slow drop over the next week and i hope that will allow the city to get back in there and assess the issues and address the issues to
4:40 pm
make permanent fixes to the system. >> molly: some of the most dramatic video came out of port arthur beaumont. people barely getting out of their home with a trashbag maybe just was shoes and then the shelter in some areas flooded with water as well. to have insight into where those folks are now? >> we have evacuated out of the airport about 4000 residents to dallas and parts north. we have a hurricane protection levee that has 20 pump stations and it they are 20 stations to remove water. the rainfall that we saw exceeded all design capacity so you cannot keep up, came into port arthur with a vengeance, the water levels rose so quickly
4:41 pm
that citizens were not even prepared to evacuate in advance week before the storm were told we get 15 or 20 inches over seven days which we could've handled, we get that the first and a half a minute 27 it hours got 35 inches that no system could keep up with. >> our thoughts are with you, we been looking at video from jefferson county texas. one of the hardest hit areas, a lot of water still remains. folks barely getting out in time and unable to grab their possessions. i thoughts are with you. we know people will return to difficult situations once that water finally receipts.
4:42 pm
president trump announced seven months into his young presidency, he's lagging far behind the face of his predecessors when it comes to filling positions in the executive branch. why the president is now brushing off this latest criticism. >> i know they have a lot on their hands but we need people in place. if there's a plan to not staff and cause the ultimate shrinkage of government let's hear about that as well. when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. i love hanging out. with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪ >> a major announcement looming this week for president trump as he decides whether to dismantle an obama policy which allows illegal immigrants who are brought here as children, stay in the u.s. karen has more this from washington. >> on tuesday, the president will announce whether he will dismantle daca and deport
4:46 pm
illegal immigrants known as dreamers. that stands for the deferred action of childhood arrival program set up under president obama. on the presidential campaign trail trump called it on constitutional promised ended the first day of office. seven months later, things have gone complicated. daca has given work permits to nearly 800,000 immigrants who came here as children. some republicans are urging the president not to completely rescind the program including how it could damage the gop. >> i don't think you should do that. i believe in something congress has to fix. these are kids who know no other country, who are brought here by their parents and don't know another home. i do believe there needs to be a legislative solution. >> congress has failed to pass immigration reform under the past two presidents and current
4:47 pm
numbers remain divided. because it's an executive order it would only take a signature from president trump to kill it. >> the presence priorities are to encourage illegal immigration and benefits our economy and workers. the president has been clear, he loves people and he wants to make sure this decision is done correctly. >> molly: if president trump doesn't and docket by tuesday several states will challenge the program in court. >> molly: caroline, in washington, also new concerns over unfilled jobs in the executive branch. president trump is responding to those worries saying it's a deliberate move in that shrinking the federal government. james rosen is in washington with details. >> fox and friends in the morning is the best show in the absolute most on the show. >> a week later this shows most loyal viewer saw pointed
4:48 pm
questions raised about the trump administration about staffing the executive branch. >> i know you're looking at the situation and you know how much is on the line for the people in president. you brought up a great point, where's the staff? >> at homeland security, fema, the u.s. trade representative's office, they're doing huge renegotiation of nafta. bob doesn't have a permanent deputy in place. that's a massive undertaking they're doing it with a smaller staff and it's not ideal. >> 20 minutes later the president tweeted, were not looking to fill all of those positions, don't need many of them, reduce government. those tracking the staffing say president trump likes behind the face of hiring a confirmation set by his predecessors. of the more than 4000 appointments, 1100 require 700 confirmation. only 124 on the job. roughly 145 more awaiting
4:49 pm
confirmation and 800 are either filled by holdovers or unfilled and awaiting a trump nominee. >> in order to reduce trump appointees in that category you need to do it in a systematic and structured way. you need to change the operations of government. so far he hasn't been doing that. >> the trump administration announced the elimination of several positions in the state department. including, chain representatives and special coordinator for haiti. >> molly: some evacuees are firstly behind their pets. other animals have been left to fend for themselves. how rescue crews are working to save the animals.
4:50 pm
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>> molly: efforts are underwayt. here's a scene with nearly 120 homeless dogs and cats arriving from louisiana at dallas airport, a story too familiar with rescuers who are working hard saving those who are lost or displace. brian has a story, this is one that a lot of people find heart wrenching. >> these are family members, fema says as of today more than
4:54 pm
1500 pets have been rescued, and a dozen animal organizations are tirelessly working on the ground. one task has been to move dogs and cats in shelters before harvey hit to shelters and other states to make space for rescue animals that need shelter until they are reunited with their families. states like oregon, virginia, and washington are welcome the pets with open arms. >> it's a win-win. creating space in texas to deal with the issue and helping these animals find a forever home, a second chance here in oregon. >> the humane society rescue teams have been on the ground all week finding pets left at home. some people were taken by surprise and forced to leave their homes quickly. animal organizations are need of shelter, money, dog and cat food and volunteers.
4:55 pm
were starting to see reunions between owners and their loved ones like in richmond, texas. >> your pet is like everything else, they have a heart, they shouldn't suffer. >> a lot of the pets have endured life-saving rescues. bandit got swept away by current while chasing their owners. bennett gets duck in the trees. their friend grabbed a lifejacket and were able to pull both of them to safety. here is the nine-month old blue healer is safe in texas. the family lost their home and everything to the flood. they're happy to have one another. one animal rescue attempt ended horrifically. 25-year-old died tuesday after being electrocuted while trying to save his sister's cat. he touched water in his ankle
4:56 pm
tessa livewire. there is now gofundme page for that family. if you want to help with rescue efforts you can donate at the humane society data were good, or the aspca. >> molly: i had a feeling you'll be sharing heartbreaking story out there. people will do anything for their animals. some of the video has been amazing with a large horse rescues. >> matches dogs and cats. >> molly: thank you for joining us. an emotional homecoming for the houston astros. how the team is a paying tribute to the spirit of texas. >> it's heart-wrenching to see the loss. but the spirit is good. no matter who you interact with their been upbeat and very company it coe pro- astros.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> the astros playing their first game since harvey. they handed out free tickets to
5:00 pm
shelter victims and first responders. a special two-hour judge jeanine is next. judge jeanine: president trump and the first lady en route back to washington, d.c. after a history-making trip to texas and louisiana. welcome to a special two-shower edition of "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. so much to do we decide to start a day early. the president of the united states feeding hungry people whose homes and in some cases lives were literally washed away. the commander-in-chief and the first lady loading up people's


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