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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  September 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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facebook and follow me on twitter and on instagram. that's if our special two hour a distant of justice tonight. it was great being with you. thanks so much for watching. the greg gutfeld show is next. see you next week. >> he will insult anybody. >> he's doing it to allies. greg: that is what is going on in your head right now. you are the worst couple to be stuck without a wedding reception. [laughter] you stink. it has been a tough week.
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rb from around too long and heard way too many people in texas. we've seen the images of houses produced two piles of lumber. both were waiting through intersections, people waiting at waist high in water carrying what few possessions they can keeping the kids in the pats. we have watched on her tv is safe and dry in our homes, counted our blessings and donated a few bucks. we watched rescue after rescue and saw the heroes at work, the coast guard, the national guard and my favorite just mark the cajun navy. they are all the opposite of me. resourceful, helpful and as we watch the stories of heroism and bravery we started to unite a little bit as a nation. all of the divisiveness we have seen all year else will. just as the heroes took over the spotlight, the zeros try to sneak in and steal their thunder. like the professor who tweeted harvey was a quote karma for
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texas voting republican. then he was fired. karma works both ways, pal. [cheering] the head of the woman's merge directing any funds raised to go only to nonwhites. a textbook lesson in turning a unifying moment into divisive conflict. what a loser. of course, those who complain that the first ladies shoes, those are the zeros. it sucks of the media gave them any attention at all when there are plenty of heroes that deserve a salute. like the mayor of rockport who told his town before the term hit anyone who doesn't evacuate better write their social security number on your arm so we can identify your body. guess what? people got the hell out. they are alive but their homes are gone. that was tough love from the
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mayor it was necessary which brings me to president trump, one cnn reporter report his assessment of him and here it is earlier this week. >> his words simply do not match the devastation of the pictures. he did not offer any hugs or offer much hope. he talks about businesses more than individual people. that empathy did not been there for five oh my god. i don't care about his empathy. he wasn't elected to be warm and fuzzy. you want that? by a bunny slipper, you [bleep] your mac trump knows how to sign a name on the disaster relief bill and that is all that matters. besides, he pledged $1 million of his own cash. the people of texas need that more than any words. again, i'm sure the left to say that is not enough and more zeros trying to break up the unity. okay. more heroes. this guy in his vote rescuing people? this guy in his vote rescuing people fresh market this guy with a worse rescuing other
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horses which work take a look at this line of trucks both hitched to the back just waiting to help. you're a hero. you are a hero. churches turned into shelters, mosques turned into shelters, furniture stores turned into shelters. that's jim who opened up his furniture store to displaced residents. he's better known to locals as mattress mac. in the for the usual reasons -- he does his own commercials. >> we will save you money. you can see a gallery furniture we got a great selection of recliners. suitable rocker recliners, we have a fabulous selection of other recliners. greg: now you can recline her back. you are all right. a floating army of fire and? you are not all right. you are scary. get the hell out of here.
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more heroes. governor greg abbott, you kept your state in the present well-informed. barack, you been ahead of fema for only a few weeks but they said you're the only man for a crisis like this. me? i just like saying brock long. brock long. jj watt raised $15 million so far for the victims and, of course, the truck. but not just any truck. although all trucks rule but the monster truck. ♪. greg: sure from mark this often maligned mode of transport but when a flood you better hope the rough looking guy next to you, the guy you made fun of because
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his trick had 4 feet of clearance axles taken from school buses in carrot tires lifted from fertilizer spreaders, he is still willing to track you in your collection of superhero figurines to safety. i get to see a previous poll anyone ashore. by the way, the truck you just saw pulled another truck to help that truck so, that's another truck free to pull out another truck. this could go on forever. a daisy chain of trucks. there's nothing trucks can do or americans or texans which are americans with trucks. and got. then there are the folks who are in their homes tonight as dopes in los angeles quarrel over renaming columbus day these folks are worried about the next day and the day after that. they don't know when they will be back home, thinking for christmas, who knows for sure will we still be shining the light on them then? will the zeros have once again divided us?
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let's welcome tonight's guest. superman now wants to play him in a movie actor dean king. she is so bright she need sunglasses when looking in the mirror former white house national security jillian turner. she is like my favorite kind of blood test always negative. cohosh and cohost of the fox news special kat sims. and he stays with a chainsaw, former bodyguard in my massive psychic, tyrus. [cheering] all right, team. dean, trucks in my opinion our cars with big hearts. what struck you this week and what were you thinking? >> i know a lot of people in texas and i'm not surprise they got together in the way they put
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together and no one cared about what color you were or who you for. texans are a rare breed and they are americans with trucks and dots. they really are. they are fantastic. it surprised me in no way shape or form that they came together. i was very happy to see it happen and not here so much of the advice in this connection focus on what brings us together. greg: it wiped out the entire media narrative about how the greatest country because you cannot deny the visuals, jillian, when you watch it but you look up there and you say you can come up with a negative story and is not a single example of man versus man or woman versus woman. everyone was in it together. >> yeah, it was nice to see that at the end of such a horribly dramatic, i felt that today as we get further into the rescue in release part of all of this, you know, the storm has stopped crashing on people's shores and
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the story of american resilience is emerging in the last 24 hours. it's a beautiful thing except for the one. [cheering] greg: cat, you have been an extremely cold heart. i'm assuming that it warmed this week in you even felt emotion. >> yeah, i felt emotion this week. not to brag. ass i agree with you, greg, on the criticism of president trump not showing empathy. the only time empathy has ever been useful to me is if i am still a kid in your my dad and i can ask sad capitalize on that so you'll feel bad for me which is how i also asked with everyone i dated with my therapist has been out of time for a long time and i'm finding this out. ask these people do you want me to feel bad for you or do you want house or do you want me to talk about how we will rebuild
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your city and make sure that were there for you eventually provide results i think they'd say house five exactly. i don't think empathy helped in katrina where we saw governor and megan cry in rage and were informed and. tyrus, you've done some stuff to help out people and i saw pictures. >> you did smart. >> yes. [laughter] greg: my question to you is we've seen so many authentic victims who aren't taking a victim stands -- in last four or five years we've seen people act as victims who are victims. people who are victims of micro- aggression and so on. in this case these are people who are actual victims and are not acting like victims. they are getting it done. >> because it's not in front of the camera. it's not fake. it's not i will drop on the ground kick and scream. there are real people going for real stuff and if i'm stuck on a roof i don't give a [bleep] but
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get me off it. and when you get me off that i will probably hug you. the fact that you put my big ass up on the helicopter, i will be thankful. the point is donald trump did something and gave $1 million of his own money, out of his pocket. he said i don't care what the bill is or how much it will cost but the money is there. [bleep] everything else going on, we will take care of you. he took care of his job. i don't need to cry about president trump and let's get this done. he just said we will get it done. i'm good with that. as far as -- yeah, sensible portions donated ten grand and we put 5000 of the cajun navy and red cross and we went and bought kmart out. we loaded it up and we sent it out. people that were shopping, instead of maybe getting those goldfish, get something to send
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to houston. when i was saying it, they would say yeah, i will. greg: your like a reverse mugger. [laughter] >> do you want to donate? greg: they can't call the cops on you because you're not actually taking it for yourself. >> the cool thing about this is america. if you tell us there is a flood coming in six years will be like, cool, whatever. when it hits and when america gets punched in the mouth, we react to work together. when we have things that happen in this country no one says listen, all the white folks get on, you to stay there. this is a white helicopter. we don't have issues like that when the things really count. [applause] greg: one last point. i've noticed that harvey is quite a contrast from social networks like twitter which encourage -- twitter encourages antagonism because is not face-to-face or you can say
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awful things to complete strangers. harvey is the face-to-face interaction that shows it humane cooperation is necessary for compassion and it such a striking difference when you see it and compared to something like twitter or facebook where people are brutal to each other. it shows you why it is necessary to talk to people and not just blame them, i suppose. okay. coming up the president shares arpaio should he stop there or give out more pardons for short i have an uncle in jail who is really not a bad guy. [laughter] trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybnot. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. greg: i have a theory, either you have a lot of pardons we don't have any at all. clinton pardoned marc rich, obama pardons a terrorist. do what they have in common perspective. a crap load of people. that's all a part it really does. here are the pardons i would get out: wesley snipes, he didn't pay taxes but he was awesome and played two. the best blade. ninetys democrat, compared to today's liberals are more tolerable. i'm sorry, 90s democrat for being so mean to you. of course, kathy griffin. just kidding. [cheering] by the way, you blurred the
7:18 pm
wrong face. >> oh, [bleep]. greg: she lost all protection after what she did. >> he broke me. greg: jillian, a two-part question. is pardoning away for a president to stick it to the other political party because they know it will take them off? do you have any part is that you would like to give? >> aside from your uncle, no. he special to me. i pardon your uncle. i think the whole pardoning thing that make it wasn't designed to be a political get out of jail free card for presidents friends but that's what it has become over the last few administrations. i think it ends up being -- in harms presidents politically a lot more than it helps anyone
7:19 pm
and i feel like we should just do away with it. greg: when you look at it that way, dean, it's almost brave because you know we will get a lot of grief for its in that you do it. people made fun of donald trump are doing it early in those most people do it at the end like obama did it at the end of his term he could get out but this guy, truck, does it in the beginning with a gutsy -- spirit yeah, he has some corn is there. >> before a pyre is even sentenced. >> he was going to do six months, 85 years old -- >> you know what they do to an 85 -year-old in prison? they sent him to a doctor. >> he knew he get political flak
7:20 pm
and i don't think he cares. this new cycle is going with him people will forget about it in about three days and it will be gone. instead of it being lasted legacy, he did it upfront and is finished. they will scream and holler for a minute but milani will wear a different type of shoe and they'll yell at something else. here is my pardon. i'm going to pardon myself from anything i may do in the future. so i am immune can you do that? greg: i will pardon you when i am president which will be in 2024 when i am running. tires, you'll be my running ma mate. >> he's a lot smarter than he looks, this one. greg: that's a nice insult back i'm glad you're finally picking it up. it took you just a number of seconds to realize that she is a bully. greg: tires, how do you feel about the sheriff arpaio pardon and would you pardon? >> when i was in arizona no one came up to me and try to take me away so i am cool with it. [laughter] he was convicted and it seemed
7:21 pm
like a political thing and i'm not really invested and i kind of agree with -- i get profiled all the time at airport and were ever i'm at and i'm good with that. greg: jillian profile you. >> yeah, she did. >> why is everyone gaining up on me. i am just sitting here trying to enjoy myself. >> water. she throws these jokes and smiles. i'm glad you gave your part in a way because i wouldn't pardon you. you'll read about her in [bleep], it'll be her. >> shall get a part in the. >> if trump wanted to pardon him, if he was a big supporter of trump and i can honestly say i was in that situation and i was like, that was my boy, let's say my best friend did some stuff. don't even try. ladies and gentlemen, i pardon my friend. he's my friend. trump is more down to earth and more like us than he is like
7:22 pm
them. he will pardon someone for political hi5 from his group. hope pardon his home he. >> president bush did that. he pardon scooter libby right at the end of the administration. greg: he did it because the name. scooter is a great name. >> he commuted his sentence, i don't think he pardon him. greg: it's all the same if you don't read the article. cat, would you pardon anyone? >> as a libertarian i would like to say that i would pardon all of the nonviolent criminals locked up for drug offenses and as a lonely attention seeking woman, i would not pardon any of them but make everyone think that i might pardon them because think of all the prisoners i could have trying to woo me and once they are out -- there is no guarantee that they will text me back. >> you should pardon the hot
7:23 pm
felons. [inaudible conversations] greg: i think i have the calendar called hot felons. >> i don't think the letters will be as willing as you think. greg: cat, you've got to pardon the guys on death row because it won't last. interesting theory on pardons. it shows the difference in pri prison in a way that trump looks at things and obama looks at things. trump will always look through the prison of law and order so that's why you build a wall, national security, sanctuary city but sometimes will make mistakes now because of the vision is law and order. if you look at president obama he sees through the prism of a press server suppressed. he pardons a terrorist because he sees him as the oppressed and he makes a mistake like that because of his ideology. i think the pendulum swung this way for a reason but now people are bored with my commentary. you can tell be the awkward
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so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at i'm robert gray. president trump is back in the white house tonight after a firsthand look at the devastation in texas and louisiana. the president and first lady headed out food in a lunch line,
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visited with children at a shelter, and met with residents affected by hardy. this was his second trip to the state. the president also stop by lake charles, louisiana where he took members of the state's national guard. the death toll from the storm has now reached 44. beaumont, texas is still without drinking water and authorities are still struggling to restore service to presidents. finally, the houston astros were back home painted baseball for the first time since hardy hit. the team played a doubleheader against new york mets and also provided about 5000 free tickets to storm victims. i'm robert gray, now back to threethegreg gutfeld show. greg: excerpts from hillary's new book have been released. her upcoming book titled what
7:29 pm
happened comes out this fall accompanied by a speaking tour where one can get a ticket at the very reasonable rate of $125. i'd rather wrestle a live porcupine nude. in a recently released book expert sheet ascribes her debate appearance with donald trump and how she said wanted to say, back up you creep when we stood too close. thought about. that is certainly a fact checkable. you think she would be used to creeps lurking behind her. [cheering] the audio clip that have been released are as compelling as you can imagine. here's a baby's loft listening to hillary. >> i want to pull back the experience that was exhilarating, humbling and infuriating and just plain baffling. greg: she was boring him. i played some for my cat. >> you stay calm, keep smiling, carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space
7:30 pm
or do you turn, look them in the eye and say loudly and clearly, back up, you creep. get away from me. i know you love to intimidate women you can't intimidate me, so back up. greg: but she never said that. that's the thing. she never said that. i hate that. for comparison here is that very same cat listening to my book how to be right. >> how do i on access the speakable thoughts you will feel a sense of great wonder and satisfaction when you hear them. i do something that, in my opinion, never fails. [laughter] greg: he bought a lot of books, it put me on the charts. cat, are you going to buy this book or see her speak? do you know it is up to three grand a seat in canada, you get
7:31 pm
a front row seat, book signed and a picture. >> some of these, i feel like i'm living in the jungle book. [laughter] you can get a ticket that does not include a book which means she is having people pay her to advertise to them which what a woman of the people. i don't know who would want to read it and it's like i thought about calling him a creep and i decided not to. that's a fascinating story, hillary. you have to get out and make money subway's five every chapter will be about the things she was going to do. it's like the anti- memoir. she never did any of the things, tyrus. anyone can write that book. >> i live that book. [laughter] every time i have an argument, i told my girl she was acting dumb and what did you really think, i didn't say nothing. but i was gonna do.
7:32 pm
hillary clinton -- [laughter] it changed the game. look, man, it's too [bleep] soup for the book, anyway. we know what happened. wait about 50 years and then dropped the book. it will be gone by then and you can yell and bury him at the same time and the cool part is if she is set back off from a creep, she might have one. they might said she cares and she's invested but not that book and that was talking the whole time. [laughter] greg: the movie came out a long time after the actual event. she had an iceberg name trump and it went -- >> i find it shocking that she's charging -- is a strange thing that she's charging that much
7:33 pm
money for people to come in and hear her speak. >> to hear her promote her book. if commercials come on tv and they say you have to pay $40 to see me, why would you do that? greg: she's charging for a commercial. >> donations are down. the clinton foundation is -- i guess it's rude to start a go fund me. [laughter] >> that's a better idea. >> who knows what hillary clinton will do. greg: tyrus has trained the audience to hit every time hillary's name is mentioned instead of doing. jillian, can you imagine the process that you have a poor diet hotel that has to listen to her stories, h she whines for eight hours and then he has to transcribe it popping pills and then he has to --
7:34 pm
>> you charge these people $5 to listen to you -- i was not supposed to say that, was i? greg: that's okay. i'll take it. tina was happy about the book tour? bill clinton. he's going well, shall be gone for three months. [laughter] he will get through half of that black book. to get to the p maybe, who knows. the mayor of berkeley has a solution for the conflicts over free speech. olay regenerist
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wherwhere we always welcome you, that's texas.exas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪ greg: is a free speech player, a first amendment betrayer and he's berkeley's awful, awful mayor. i speak of those who are urging those to cancel conservative plans first free-speech week later this month. the request comes after anti- five members of those brave chaps behind the masks attacking
7:39 pm
demonstrators in berkeley last sunday. he was supposed to speak in berkeley earlier this year but that got canceled after the storm university, smashed windows and set bonfires. still, the mayor says he feels the same no matter who the speaker is. >> if there was a far less speaker that would come to berkeley campus who we knew would draw extremist groups to class i would expect the same concerns. it has nothing to do with the content of the speech. [laughter] greg: you can almost see his nose growing as he spoke. meanwhile, the university said no to canceling the event. it will protect the first amendment. [cheering] >> he can't based on a generally concerned shut down speech before it occurs. the law in the supreme court has been absolutely clear on that front. greg: finally, some guts.
7:40 pm
how did antifa respond? they really are upstanding people. to add insult to injury tyrus, this antifa movement, now people are against it because somehow now it is okay but we knew what they were from the start. >> i think the video is starting to come out. the violence is on the same level or higher -- one of the things about the resurgence of the clan and that not the hate groups or whatever -- i will give them this, they are very honest and upfront. i know that we are not going to have dinner together. [laughter] i'm not going to go to their club. i'm not going to play golf with them. it won't happen.
7:41 pm
but the other side preaches acceptance, understanding, we are for the people and do the same [bleep] of violence that the clan does. there is no difference. as a black man, i am telling you that taking a person who supports donald trump in his walking down the street with his capon in his head on and to rip his stuff off him, corner him, and spit on him while you call him a white trash, pick is no different, as far as i'm concerned, as the same thing happening but that was a brother and he was having white hate spit on him. [cheering] call it what you call it. they are a group. why not put clan on the end of their stuff because it's the same [bleep] thing. the only difference is the punk [bleep] practice hate but call it tolerance. greg: the interesting thing is
7:42 pm
there are three groups that wear masks. isis, kkk and antifa. [inaudible] what are your thoughts on this? >> i'm angry that they took his cape off. the guy who wears a cape. [laughter] inc. you. greg: you are pro- cape. >> i agree with everything tyrus said a 100%. not only because he could kill me but he's a 100% right. it's driven me nuts forever. the videos are out there and you see these guys and someone talk to him and they try to exploit what they are doing and it's the same guys that were guys or gals in both hanging out in the the square, the occupy folks. it's the same group that moved into this.
7:43 pm
they get violent and they think they're not that tough. >> there they are tough when it's one person. same thing when it's on the other side. greg: the mayor -- i think it was a facebook member of bam and which is by any means necessary which is in turn eight affinity group so i don't take his word for anything. jillian, what do you think of antifa? you are wearing black. >> i'm a little horrified that these groups -- i don't -- i feel naïve that i didn't realize till recently held that the kkk existed in the 21st century. greg: oh, that they are still your? >> there's like 47 guys. greg: how do you know that? >> dean is right. overall, antifa and the kkk have become in recent months these
7:44 pm
mythical groups that are somehow spurring on american politics and upsetting race relations. i think there's like ten of each of them. we don't want to give them -- like i said, we don't want to overload. greg: our cameras love the visuals. i was screaming about this watching tv going why are we showing this, why are we showing this contract we make it romantic to see the violence and it bugs me. >> every time you see a guy get beat and their 74 guys in the camera. greg: and they are like this. >> put the [bleep] camera down and help someone. [cheering] greg: berkeley was the campus of free speech and are we seeing the end of the free speech movement?
7:45 pm
>> with this mayor, what a joke. i don't understand the thought process of i don't like this group and the way they use violence to try to stop speech, therefore i will give them exactly what they wanted and stop the speech and say it's because of their violence. great plan. that will only encourage it. you know, they are violent and bad and they are also losers. does anyone have any friends in antifa? no, because they don't have friends. imagine having such a hard time making friends that you have to join antifa all everyone else is having brunch. greg: every time i see antifa on tv, i can't locate lou. >> come on man. greg: are not saying anything but. >> you would see that smile. that's a perfect smile, jo. the brother has good smiles price of next, he one must calls for a ban on killer robots. i call a for a ban on elon musk. around here,
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greg: they are sounding the bell on machines from hell. more than 100 artificial intelligence experts including tesla ceo in might tandem bike partner, elon musk are calling on the un to be in the development of killer robots in an open letter, specialist 26 countries warned lethal autonomous weapons become the third revolution in warfare and these can be weapons of terror, weapons of despots and
7:50 pm
terrorists use against innocent populations and weapons have to behave in undesirable ways. i concur. robots can go rogue at any moment like-minded this morning. [laughter] you know, cat, when i tried to illustrate there is that military applications always extend to home in a civil life robots and if rescuing people, robots by people under rubble, and in your case, could be a boyfriend. [laughter] >> it really, really could. i could predict a little better and the study and comment made no sense to me because all machines already are potentially killer robots. every machine in existence could kill you. refrigerator could fall on you, washing machine could actually get inside of it and turn it on
7:51 pm
and drown, a rumba could fall into bonnet -- 1500 people die each year in rumba related accident. greg: i don't believe that. >> media just doesn't cover it. greg: do you know what, cat push your point is autonomous cars which is what elon musk is making could be a terrorist device so you are actually hitting unintentionally on a good point. [laughter] >> i know exactly what i am doing. greg: dean, why don't we get there first on these robots and then we will talk. the point is his argument is saying we shouldn't do this because terrorists will get them. no, let's get them first and then we'll worry about it. >> we already have them. someday, you have drones and it's terminator and it's happening. it literally is terminator. you talk about robots a lot in automation and it's a big deal
7:52 pm
but my cyber friends would much rather be sitting here on the control panel than having to go up on the roof and clear a house and take over that house and get shot out. it's a horrible thing. it will get used and it it won't good bands, let's get there first. greg: i agree with you but i'm more interested in a sense of my cyber friend. [laughter] somehow i don't see that happening on msnbc. >> know, here is my cyber friend. [laughter] greg: tyrus, the most efficient wars the same lies are the shortest wars. it's always better to have efficient specific weapons that take out the top guy. doesn't that make sense? >> yeah, like a grenade. that's cool. look, man, he probably wrote that because he probably got a dm from friends and oh man, doves and dragons game went awry
7:53 pm
and you know what i'm saying? >> amber hear dumped him. >> she dumped him. greg: he was dating amber heard? >> my girlfriend on me, so no killer robots. that is not how man things. you are emotional and you do that. [inaudible conversations] >> you think if he'd got broken up with, you should go with that smart. >> you say no more killer robots because microphone left. greg: but that would be funny if it was true. >> it's almost like he's intimidated by me to make intimidated, irritated, although with whatever you. greg: this only happens on my show.
7:54 pm
i think that you can't ban a weapon before it's ever used because you have to -- jillian you know this but you have to see what happens when it works and then work backward, right? my cyber friends were telling me. [laughter] but dean is right. this exists already. we already have predator drones in the sky that are responsible for thousands of tasks. and rumors art robot killers in the sky. greg: i just got a rumba and i just don't like it. i'm sitting around and i'm on a beanbag chair drinking wine and watching -- and it moves around and i just -- i'm like what are you doing? i know it is making plans. >> it's drawing up a blueprint of your apartment. greg: i'm going to plan what i'm going to trip the sky. it will happen right by the stairs and then this is mine. of course, i don't have any arms or legs and so i wouldn't know what to do. >> you have a beanbag?
7:55 pm
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greg: i will see you monday for a labor day addition. were running out of time, so, things you wanted to say all's show but here is your chance to say. tyrus. >> hats off to the people of houston and let's keep everyone pitching in and let's fix that problem down there. [applause] greg: last advice, cat. >> i am from detroit, big detroit and a big tigers fan and justin berliner, one of my good friends just got traded. he leaving detroit after 12 years, going to the astros. here's a picture of our good times together. having some good times together. greg: i have a feeling that tiger security is now calling and trying to figure out where
8:00 pm
you are. >> it already probably happened. greg: thanks to dean, jillian, catherine, tyrus. [cheering] judge jeanine: president trump and the first lady en route back to washington, d.c. after a history-making trip to texas and louisiana. welcome to a special two-shower edition of "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. so much to do we decide to start a day early. the president of the united states feeding hungry people whose homes and in some cases lives were literally washed away. the commander-in-chief and the first lady loading up people's


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