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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 2, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you are. >> it already probably happened. greg: thanks to dean, jillian, catherine, tyrus. [cheering] judge jeanine: president trump and the first lady en route back to washington, d.c. after a history-making trip to texas and louisiana. welcome to a special two-shower edition of "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. so much to do we decide to start a day early. the president of the united states feeding hungry people whose homes and in some cases lives were literally washed away. the commander-in-chief and the first lady loading up people's cars with critical supplies.
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a proud sight for anybody who calls themselves americans. we'll show you the pictures and hear from the president and some of the people who were on the ground for his historic visit. and we'll get you updated on the rescue and recovery efforts by the places hardest hit by hurricane harvey. and we'll keep you updated on irma which is churning and threatening the east coast. steve harrigan is live in houston with more on what happened today. reporter: for the second time since this storm the president was in texas today. he picked up a little girl. he plays with children. he hands out meals of hot dogs and chips. he asked them what they need and instructed some of his captain
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members to make it happen. here on the west side of houston we can see there is still a long way to go. some of the houses have three to four feet of water in them. we can seat people being pulled through the water. they are going to their houses to try to pull out items. we'll see them use whatever they have, rafts, canoes, rowboats. they filled those boats with precious items from their house and bring them out there. there is a strong smell of sewage from this water. it can sting your eyes and many people have been wearing surgical masks. part of it is from the store and part of is is from a controlled release from the rels voirts. there was a concern dams could burst.
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a lot of these houses and this stink will remain here for at least 10 days. around houston driving in here we saw scene after scene of much the same thing. piles of what looked like junk in front of house. a week ago that junk was people's furniture, beds, couches, carpets, even drywall ruined by the brown water. pulled out into the streets to try to dry out. the mayor says he needs money to pick up that debris. it's rotting and molding in the hot son. we asked for $75 million to pick up debris, and the number has gone up to $100 million. judge jeanine: we showed you some of these images already. but i want you to see more. and feel it. what it was like for people who
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lost everything, their homes, their cars, their possessions, living in a shelter. not knowing where they will wind up. what it was like for them as the president of the united states showed up in houston to help give out food. take a look and a listen to some of it. >> thank you so
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much. >> thank you! >> who want a hot dog.
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>> you are a vet? judge jeanine: president trump with the flood victims in houston. much more on the president's trip ahead. but first i want to speak with the republican congressman from texas, brian babin. his home in can was flooded. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> it's great to be with you, judge. there are dire circumstances here but i know we'll get
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through this. judge jeanine: i know you will get through it. you people are hard working people in texas. you don't want to be someone who is taken care of. you take care of yourselves and your family and friends. but i want to tell you, congressman. our family lost our home in a flood. so i note havoc and devastation. how are you and your family dealing with this. what if anything is lost in your home or is your home lost totally. >> my home was not flooded. we had water around it. thousands and thousands of our constituents have lost their home. and you said it best. texans are very tough and resilient and self-sufficient. but we need help. we can't do it alone. we haven't brand-new doing it alone. neighbors helping neighbors.
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i can't tell you what a great feeling i had to see these churches, individuals, cooperation. people from out of state. everybody pitching in and helping one another. all around my district today except for the parts that are inaccessible. it's even incredible feeling to see everybody helping everybody. and the wonderful stories. a rancher lost just about everything in this flood including 780 head of cattle. and yet he was cooking and barbequing and serving food to others who were flooded out and evacuees, and was doing it for free. these are the kind of people we need to come in and help. i'm so happy donald trump has
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suggested this $8 billion initial package. we'll be work on this later this week. judge jeanine: let's talk about that. senator cruz wasn't too happy to help us new yorkers out and jjites out when sandy hit. how do you think that's going to play when he is seeking money, and the president as well for the people of texas. >> i think there is a will the of politics in play by some folk. i was not in the congress at that time. but let me just say this. this is not a time to play politic. this is the first weather disaster. the most of expensive one in the history of america. and this is not the time to play politic.
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judge jeanine: it never is, but unfortunately there were a lot of people who suffered in the northeast during some of our hurricanes. but let's hope everyone remembers the importance of coming together. you referenced someone who lost x number of head of cattle. do you worry about disease, mosquitoes, e. coli, people not having access to fresh water or food? grocery stores being flooded? >> we are dealing with it with helicopters. i personally delivered a huge load of food and supplies to several areas that were stricken in my district. even today. but we are dealing with it. let me tell you something. the private donations, the churches, the individuals coming over and helping others.
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some of our first responders lost their homes as well, and they are still out rescuing people. it's incredible to see people stepping up to the plate. folks don't have their hands out down here. but they know when they need help, and that's what happened. i'm happy and gratified to see everybody doing this. judge jeanine: i think your lieutenant governor talked about the flotilla like the flotilla of dunkirk. so many people have come from across the country to help texans. >> it's amazing, pennsylvania, oregon, unbelievable amounts of people are down here helping folk. we are going to get through this thing. i have some areas of my district that are unaccessible. we have major problems down in
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the eastern part of harris county. we have crosby, dear park, nassau bay, clear lake. those are some of our refining areas. they are shutting some of these refineries down. these people need to get back to work. we are going to get through this thing. we are driving through water as we speak. judge jeanine: congressman brian babin thanks for joining us in the midst of your efforts to help fellow texans. our thoughts and prayers are with you. the water is receding. but what are the long-term health concerns for the tens of thousands affected by harvey. dr. marc siegel joins me live tonight with more on that. it was one of the most of emotional days of donald trump's presidency. more of the sights and sounds as president trump visited texas
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of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36 month financing. ends monday! >> these people appreciate what's been done. and we are very happy with the way everything -- a lot of love. a lot of love. they were just happy. it's been really nice. it's been a wonderful thing. as tough as this was, it's been a wonderful thing. even for the country to watch and for the world to watch. have a good time, everybody, i'm going to be doing a little help over here. we are happy with what's going on. it's been something that's very well received. even by you guys it's been well received. judge jeanine: president trump playing nice with reporters as
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he updates the massive recovery effort in texas. in an emotional moment we want to play for you, the president left the lone star state on the way to louisiana. he had occasion to meet and speak with members of the army corps of engineers and the coast guard. they say a special thanks on behalf of a grateful nation. >> i want to thank everybody. we have army and everybody here. even you guys have to admit, i hear the coast guard saved 11,000. think of it, almost 11,000 people by going into winds that the media would not go into. they will know go into those winds. unless there is a really good story, in which case they will. but i want to congratulate everybody. i gave it commencement speech this year at the coast guard
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academy. they are going to come out and compete with you guys soon. i want to congratulate, and the army guys. this has been -- it's brutal. but you have done so much for the services, and the hold world is watching. so i want to thank you. thank you, fellas. thank you, everybody. thank you. you have done so much for the services and the coast guard in what you have done. thank you very much. thank you very much. we are going to louisiana now. they are in pretty good shape, too. we were just with the governor, and it's going very well. you have done something really special. judge jeanine: next, my personal story about why i can relate to a lot of what's going on in
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>> there is a lot of water. it's leaving pretty quickly. there is a lot of water. but it's moving out. but the relationship with the governor and the mayor has been fantastic, on with the federal government, too. we are signing a lot of documents now to get money. $7.9 billion. we signed it and now it's going through a hopefully quick
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process. judge jeanine: president trump on the ground in texas offering hope on the devastation. amazing efforts going on in texas and louisiana. but first i am back from my daughter kiki's wedding and a little rest as i watched the news from awarr far. -- from afar. my heart goes out to our friends and family in texas and louisiana. i know full well the trauma, loneliness and tragedy that national tragedies bring. our family was ordered to evacuate our moment middle of the night to go to a school on a higher grounds to escape a river that was overflowing. but that school flood and we were forced to evacuate, with no idea where to go. my dad knew someone with a house on a hill, and he and my mom and
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sister and i lived off the kindsness of people i didn't 10 know. days later when the flooding subside, only to find hurricane agnes filled our home with smelly, dirty water past the second floor. i will never forget my mom and dad look at our home saying nothing. when the army corps evening near condemned our home, posted a sign saint, and refused to let us in. we had nothing. no food, no water, no clothing, and we certainly didn't have flood insurance. but mom and dad were determined to start over and that they did. as i watch harvey wreak havoc it all comes back texans are like my mom and dad.
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their determination and sheer fearlessness are getting them through. first responders, friends, neighbors, americans helping. as i watched president trump and first lady melania go to texas twice and now louisiana in the first week of this catastrophe. i am reminded of donald trump the man, a doer, a builder, someone who gets it done. our president is sock straighting delivery of services and demanding accountability to everyone. compare that to president bush during katrina who took two weeks to show up prove claiming the head of people a was doing a heck of a job. and i am sick and tired of small people moaning that the president had to send in the vp.
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what they don't care to comprehend is that it was too dangerous or would interfere with the rescues at that moment. and to think 200 people actually protesting that president trump would actually visit texas. i'm tired of those criticizing first lady melania because she wore heels from the white house to air force one, fully intending to change to sneakers in the flood zone. unless you conspiracy theorists think the nikis were dropped into air force one mid-flight. maybe they can even help make america great again. all right.
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let's get back to the business at hand. thousands of lives turned upside down by hurricane harvey. and the rescue and recovery continue far from over. rick leventhal joins us with more. reporter: we are in a shopping center parking lot that served as a relief center for he evacuees and a place for folks to eat and coordinate before they head out on rescue missions across this area. there are neighborhoods that remain under water. we spoke to a young lady who just moved in with her home with her father three weeks ago, hadn't even made the first payment on her house and now it's under water. this whole area was set up by volunteers before the feds or officials were able to set something up. this is one of the many volunteers work out here.
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they have a medical center so have wheeze are checked out. if they need medical attention volunteer nurses have come in. this is a food tent. and reverend, you set this up. >> we got a call that they needed help. people were getting collected and relocated to louisiana. we set up the initial aid station and hot meals. a lot of them haven't had a hot meal for a couple of days. reporter: a lot of people were helping are local residents coming in here getting a hot meal and water. and some of them are heading to shelter and some of them are going back home? >> most of of them are going back home. >> we have individuals going to neighborhoods. when they come up with a boat,
8:30 pm
we load them up. we load up and go directly. reporter: you are feeding first responders? >> yeah. reporter: where is this food and water coming from? >> the first two weeks it's coming out of freezers out of restaurants and super markets before they go bad. so after the first couple weeks it will change. reporter: members of the cajun navy, a lot of people with boats. there is a curfew in effect in the city from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so a lot of those folks have gone home. but the need will be here for some time. >> we are trying, the abundance of people keep showing up. reporter: for the folks at home who want to help, what do you
8:31 pm
need? >> they are keeping the water, the generators are keeping stuff going. there will be recovery. when all this population comes back here and all this leaves, that's when we have the biggest need. katrina, charlie, all of them. >> all these volunteers, they showed up. >> reporter: it's remarkable. the feds have arrived as well, judge. they set up distribution across orange county and texas as well. we visited one at a middle school. this will be going on for a while. judge jeanine: a check on hurricane irma threatening the east coast still ahead.
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robert: a full propagation from korea claiming that as ready new nuclear weapons. they released pictures of kim jong-un inspecting a hydrogen bomb. he claims the bomb has great destructive power and most likely would be loaded on a new intercontinental ballistic missile that analysts say could hit the us. the claim cannot be independently verified. present top in japan's prime minister discussed this development during a telephone call saturday night both leaders agree that cooperation between the nations is essential as a
8:36 pm
threat to the rogue nation grows. days ago the north launched a missile over japan and that was condemned. today's want to follow to missile test in july. i'm robert gray, now back to justice with judge dinning. m mo. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> i want to tell you tomorrow we have national prayer day. that's an official proclamation. i don't think they have done that for a while in our country. but now we have done it. go to your church and pray and enjoy the day. judge jeanine: president trump calling for a national day of prayer. hurricane harvey responsible for so much devastation in and around the country and louisiana. but the long-term effects from all this flooding has me
8:37 pm
concerned. thanks for being with us. let's talk about flooding. most of people see flooding as getting rid of mosquitoes, but some of the still watters after the waters recede can be a breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the zika virus, correct? >> absolutely. this type of mosquito that spreads the zika virus is already in the area. the danger wit with zika isn't t it makes you sick. but it has women who are pregnant have birth defects. judge jeanine: we heard about cattle drowning. as the water recedes we'll have
8:38 pm
that to deal with. what impact does that have on the water supply, bacteria and contamination. >> you already have bacteria from the sewers overflowing and the wells mixing with the floodwaters. add to that the animals, you will see salmonella, e. coli, hepatitis-a and typhoid. it emphasized the need for people who are responders to wear boots and gloves and disinfect at all times. judge jeanine: what about mold. i talked about the fact that our home was condemned. but the mold. you think things will dry out and you can keep them. but you really can't. not just because of the smell. but the asthma and the other problems. talk to us about that. >> sort term people can spread
8:39 pm
bacteria. longer term when things recede and the buildings are affected with mold you will see worsening of allergies and asthma. anyone who already has asthma has a big problem if they encounter black mold. we have seen problems with that in the past. it will take many months for that to resolve as the buildings are built. judge jeanine: i remember in our neighborhood, it was like it was a post traumatic stress thing. some families just couldn't come back. which family had a divorce or suicide or suffered from depression or couldn't rebuild. you saw a panoply of emotions in every house. different reactions. what do you expect will happen to people impacted by this? and not necessarily by the loss of a loved one? >> that i think is the number one health problem. when you are afraid or panicking
8:40 pm
and anxious you take fewer precautions. so that doubles the problems i already talked about. post traumatic stress. someone who has been through the flood or watched it on tv. someone with a family member involved. increasing anxiety and depression. flashbacks. people in louisiana who already went through this. they will experience it now. this is a huge problem and will require professional help for a lot of people. but you know what really works. the president is saying national prayer day, people showing love and compassion, that helps a lot. judge jeanine: i must tell you the president the people saw today up close and personal is the man i have known for 30 years. he's someone who looks you in the eye and holds your hand and is as kind and caring as what we
8:41 pm
saw today and what many saw for the first time. anyway, dr. marc siegel. thanks for being with us. thanks for what you do. >> courage and caring, i agree. judge jeanine: a congressman working around the clock to help working around the clock to help in t it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36 month financing. ends monday! when it's time to toddlers see things a bit differently thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train
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>> when you look at the neighborhoods. just since two days ago or even yesterday, they had water and date's swept up and cleaned up. they are a least hard-working people, i'll tell you that. judge jeanine: a lot of hard-working people. that is texas. joining me now by phone to talk about more about what's going on on the ground is john culberson. thanks for being with us. what did you do today? >> judge, i was unable to join the president because i have been having my neighborhood on boat, on foot, helping my neighbors, getting people and pets out of their homes. getting their property out.
8:46 pm
getting a feel for the extent of the damage. and it's unbelievable. it's devastating. i knew this was a thousand year storm. the with the service classified it as a bigger storm than that, 52 inches. we are just now getting our arm around the scale of the destruction unleashed on the people of houston. judge jeanine: you have to wonder based on my own experience. who is bringing in the food? the supermarkets have been flood. the electricity is out. the food is destroyed. where is the food and the clean water coming from? >> judge, the good thing about this terrible story, this disaster brought out the best in the people of can and america. i was just in a neighborhood 30 minute ago that has been flood and devastated.
8:47 pm
towing a boat, i said where are you from? he said we drove in from florida four days ago with our boat. we have been hearsaying people, pulling our people out. we had crews from michigan. louisiana. spontaneously get their boats and their trucks and they call themselves the cajun navy. they came in four days ago. we have houstonians helping their neighbors to take care of one another. i have never been prouder to be a houstonian than i am right now. we stepped up to help each other survive the storm. now in the rebuilding we need to help in the federal government to make sure the federal dollars are there. i know all of us will be. no republicans or democrats.
8:48 pm
judge jeanine: ted cruz voted against federal aid to new jersey when sandy hit. >> we are all americans. judge jeanine: ted cruz was an american, too. >> all of us, members of congress will be working together arm in arm to help the people of texas and louisiana recover. there will be an emergency relocation bill to make sure the immediate needs of people displaced are taken care of. whether it's housing or reimbursement for who tells or just the basic. the following month it will be a longer-term bill where we'll fill in the details. flood control, mitigation. make sure we are rebuilding our damaged infrastructure.
8:49 pm
judge jeanine: going forward what would you ask americans to do to help the people in texas and louisiana? >> the best thing to do, we are grateful for the outpouring of support. if people want to donate to the united way, that's a great way to do it. donate to the red cross. ask your member of congress to pitch in and help. most of all, i would even courage americans to look out for their neighbors. i can tell you, they should be using social media using an app called next door. get out there and help your neighbor. judge jeanine: i'm going to ask franklin graham, samaritan's purse, another phenomenal organization. a check on hurricane irma plus a new hour of justice all straight ahead. first kid
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>> the coordination between the federal, the state and the locals is terrific. we'll keep it going that way. we are going to try to make it better. but i have to say this, the cameras are blazing. you have a great, great governor. he's done a fantastic job. congratulations on doing the real job. in one week i will give you. >> the congratulations. then it's long term. two years, three years. because this is texas you will probably do it in six months. i think for a lot of places maybe it never gets done.
8:54 pm
i think in your case it will get done very quickly. judge jeanine: president trump helping praise on the governor of texas, greg abbott. we have been talking about the aftermath of hurricane harvey for an hour now and we have another packed hour up next. but first there is another storm on the horizon we need to keep our eye on. we have more on hurricane irma. >> there is another one just around the corner. this one maybe even bigger. let's begin with what's happening harvey. if you are in the mid-atlantic stretching up to new england. all that rain you are experiencing is the remnants of harvey. it may be affecting a little bit of the week, eventually clearing off and continuing to track on out. here is the next big storm. winds at 110 miles an hour.
8:55 pm
this is way out in the ocean. already a category two. it's forecasted to pick up strength. from a category 3 to a category four. that's taking it north of san juan by tuesday. this takes a while to run across the ocean. but it's running over warm water and warming up as it goes. that cone surrounding it is our cone of uncertainly. that makes a huge difference. will it be running over san antonio juan or farther to the north? we have a high pressure system that helps steer this. it may avoid the u.s. entirely. if it takes a southerly route, maybe running into florida, the carolinas. anywhere in between. you may be talking about this running up on the east coast. tuesday puts it into the
8:56 pm
caribbean. it's going to be a good 10 days before we get this closer so we can have a better idea of where it's going. then we see the steering wind. that's one of the storms we are paying attention to. but this is the season. take a look. this is off the coast of africa. but we are getting in a setup where these will be rolling off the coast. 50% chance of this low pressure system turning into a hurricane on the tail of irma. this isn't a huge surprise this time of year. we are beginning to pick up we noticed in the last couple weeks. take a look at this. hurricane and tropical storm. we have about another weak. the peak is september 12. so i think we'll be busy the next couple weeks. judge jeanine: this our special two-hour edition of "justice"
8:57 pm
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meeting with victims in texas and louisiana. the president comforting many and bringing a message of hope to those who have lost so as much. take a listen. >> as the water is disappearing, we have a long way to go. but when you look at the


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