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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 3, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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remain enormous for some time at the bottom of your screen are some ways you can help. people in the region by going to red or calling 1800 red cross. that is it for us. we'll be back back at 46:00 eastern. >> more news from washington with leland vittert and it was a bright grin. leland: north korea claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb and it's true, is to be more powerful than any other weapon they have ever tested. good sunday to you. i am leland vittert. we were talking earlier they would be a slow news weekend sometime, but not this weekend. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth plan. the morning tests are so powerful an artificial earthquake registered a six pointer and the richter scale of hours after pyongyang released these images claiming to show kim jong someone with a hydrogen bomb if they can go on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. the credibility of the operation
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of the nuclear warhead is fully guaranteed and the design and production technologies of nuclear weapons at the bp rk has been put on a high level to adjust it power in consideration it also marks a very significant occasion the final goal of completing the nuclear force. >> as you can imagine, there's imagine, there's a reaction on twitter from president trump this morning calling north korea a great threat. now from the white house is john roberts at the very latest. what can you tell us today? >> good afternoon. across lafayette park with the church observing the national day of prayer he's declared on friday on behalf of the terms of hurricane harvey and the memory of those who died during the tragic story. coming out of the church this morning, the president asked if he would take military action against north korea in response to the latest missile test in the overall nuclear program. here's what the president said.
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listening. the response from the president will seek a much clearer leaves a lot to interpret. we should point out the president answers a lot of questions by saying we'll see. sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. the president is looking at harsh penalties for patrons in the last hour the united states is considering that in addition to other options stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. ox news sunday this morning, the secretary of the treasury steve mnuchin is writing a new package of sanctions. >> it is clear that this behavior is clearly unacceptable. we party started with sanctions against north korea, but i'm going to drop the sanctions package to send to the president for his strong consideration that anybody would be prevented from doing trade with us. we are going to work with our allies, work with china.
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people need to cut off north korea economically. this is unacceptable behavior. >> the president was critical of south korea in his approach to north korea tweeting south korea is finding as i told them their talk of appeasement will not work. they only understand one thing. the idea of cutting off trade with any country that does business with north korea would include china because they do a lot of business with north korea and the united states to totally cut off trade with china, most would say it would be a problematic situation. i don't know how far down the road they can go. elizabeth: we will see. john roberts at the very latest. leland has more. leland: north korean state media said the latest lesson has unprecedented strength and hundreds of people turned out in public squares to watch a special announcement this morning about the test. unsurprisingly, they offer universal and glowing praise for
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dictator kim jong un. >> it makes me feel really strong. now how can our enemies dare to covet our fatherland. we have everything we need. our enemies at home or abroad. it makes me feel really strong. >> okay, joining us now from the state department with the u.s. side of the reaction. hi, rich. >> secretary of state rex tillerson has led this against north korea with the tribe administration causes pressure campaign. try do get it to change its behavior. senior state department official said the secretary will participate this afternoon in the national security council meeting. he will do so remotely. the state department said they spoke with the south korean counterparts and will continue consulting with allies in the region. secretary tillerson has been pushing allies with north korea. the effort at-large the focus on
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china as it accounts for 90% of north korea's trade. china supported u.n. security council sanctions against north korea and south korea says it will seek the most powerful u.n. tensions to completely isolate north korea build southwood require china and russia to attend sign off on sanctions. russian foreign minister sergey live rob told rex tillerson last week that russia regarded any further strengthening of the sanctions pressure on the dprk as they been dangerous. that may lead the u.s. and its allies to bolster sanctions outside the united nations. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said he is drafting sanctions for the president to come under that would cut off trade and all of their business to north korea. the united states trying to persuade china to do so. officials say china has been doing a better job of pressuring north korea, but it still can do
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much more. part of this fitting and may also be not too convinced china, but also through actions against chinese companies. we saw that when the treasury secretary department announced additional sanctions against chinese and russian firms cannot do business with north korea. the treasury secretary said earlier it seems as though there can be going going further down the road. >> quickly, we have these diplomatic and financial news. any type of military moves the state department is telegraphing moving diplomats around in the region? >> is that nothing of that sort after that campaign. right now it continues to be the consultation to try to get countries to move forward on isolating north korea. but the national security council meeting, we'll see if there's any ongoing change to the u.s. strategy. leland: use the same word of the president. thank you very much. elizabeth: the u.s. has deployed
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plans to test the collect particles from the test the japanese defense ministry sending the more planes as the work together to learn more. let's bring in jim walsh with m.i.t. program for more insight into the u.s. respond team. thank you for joining us. look at the work you've had two extensive research and commentary on north korea. does this fundamentally change the landscape in a situation where seen in the in the past six months? >> i don't. i don't think it fundamentally changes the landscape you know they have a nuclear capability with their sixth past and they've been getting better and better at them is that they've gone on. i'm not too surprised this field was the largest fields they have achieved. it may be a tipping point either politically or psychologically and that will depend on how they end in the united states respond over coming days and weeks. it is a serious situation, but
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you are right to say the fundamentals are the same as they were yesterday. >> you brought up at the point that tipping point. this kim jong un have more momentum and does this mean the threats come in the sanctions that some are supportive, some are critical that they didn't go far enough. simply not influencing the regime. >> you know, we have a long track record now and lots and lots of nuclear missile tests. we keep passing more and more sanctions. i'm not going to say the sanctions are and how old or do another, but it's pretty clear we have a disconnect that they can build missiles and nuclear weapons faster than we can impose sanctions that would matter. we are losing that particular race. we can impose costs on them and not as good. but that is not changing their behavior they seem to be doing things at a faster pace, not a slower pace. >> that's what i was going to
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ask you. that is nothing new. i'm just sort of wondering why they are trying to damage straight something with such fervor. this seems like it's really ratcheted up and i'm curious what is the endgame for the regime. >> elizabeth, that's the million-dollar question. if we had that which goes to north korean intentions, we've had a lot more confidence in policies or strategies. there's lots of possibilities here. they've been able to do this since the spring. not so much that they did it. except they did it today or last night. the question is why now. some people say is to send a message to americans on labor day. labor day. others say to send to the chinese when they host a major summit of leading countries. this is just what they do. they tested by september a nuclear weapon and they just go along. another theory is this is classic north korea behavior to raise the crisis level and pay the two negotiations at the heart of the crisis. which of these, i don't know.
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elizabeth: that's my last question we only have 30 seconds left, but i'm curious that what can diplomacy achieve that harsher sanctions cannot achieve. >> it takes two to tango. north koreans have to launch a negotiation and they are sending mixed messages. they do other things that make this more difficult. if there are negotiations, you will get a freeze on the testing, which would be good here you are talking to each other which is important. the real dangerous miscalculation of misperception and that's what no one wants. whether they get an agreement or not can be helpful. hold your friends close and enemies closer so that you don't make mistakes. transfer to the degree it wouldn't halt the program but could be progress. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, elizabeth. elizabeth: leland
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leland: senator ben sasse in the armed service committee. the united states allies and partners are those who are still enabling pyongyang must confront and change kim jong un's calculus of terror. diplomatically if we can, militarily if we must. let's bring in susan riccio, correspondent of the "washtington examiner." nice to see you. conceivably, any military action that would require congressional authorization unless it was a retaliation? >> not necessarily earlier this spring we took actions against syria. that did not require congressional authorization. it came under the envelope of the commander-in-chief authority where he was able to take narrowly targeted military action is considered to be in the national interest. if something were to happen, north korea launching further territories, and that's a situation we would be. however, the great decider on
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many lawmakers, republicans and democrats to reauthorize the president president to take military force. if we do something long-term, they will be a demand for an official plan and potentially a bow. >> what is the appetite among congressional leadership for military action against north korea coming unilateral multi-action. >> typically low. no one wants to get into a war. a very unpopular. i read talks about sanctions. that has not been working, so there is an understanding, but more baby necessary. so you have things sorted moving in the direction of what do we do about this. still a huge desire of lawmakers reluctant to really get into a big military action for obvious reasons. >> democrats certainly share that thought. who's the new congressman castro earlier today. >> the best course of action for
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donald trump now in the united states is to use significant sanction with united nations three weeks ago, which were the strip to sanctions north korea has ever existed under a news go sanctions to work with china, work with allies and marshal the world to choke the economy of north korea and bring them to the table. leland: fairly bland response they are. the typical real foreign policy hawk was way far from the line but hey, let's go bomb the guys. >> he was very unpopular war in afghanistan and iraq can develop into something that really hurt the republican party. it helped them lose the election in 2006. nobody wants to get into authorize and after war and that's a unpopular notion on capitol hill. no one wants to get behind the idea of a new war. we are still involved in afghanistan, iraq, great loss in treasure. no one wants to start all over again with north korea, just
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considering a nuclear weapon, there is some realistic notion on capitol hill that more may be needed. that's the sense i get from talking to lawmakers. leland: talking to lawmakers, does this give president trump a little more you could say flexibility. you could also say maneuverability when dealing with capitol hill, commander-in-chief in time of national security crisis, which at least this is sort of becoming one. can you use this to get part of the domestic agenda done? >> i think this will increase demand on the president to lay out a strategy. the sense i got from the serious action last year as they want to know what is this strategy in the middle east? they were clear on it. the white house, the shirt millionaire, but they wanted to know what his game plan is. there really wasn't one under president obama. same thing with north korea. they want to know the plan of action other than the tweets we see. leland: you make a very good
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point that while there was a lot of praise for the syrian strike him and there wasn't lot of appetite for anymore. one would think that kinetic activity may not be hard, would be harder to keep piers season, great insights. thank you as always. >> or other top story coming is the mayor said russell turner with more mandatory evacuations. nine days after hurricane harvey's first texas. the mayor said folks in west houston must leave this morning. chris jenkins has the very latest from that region if you send. where these folks going to go? >> i've asked them all and they said i don't know because they didn't originally fled here. we are in west houston the addicks reservoir and of course flooding and they are having to release water for the next 14 to 15 days and now the mayor is saying mandatory evacuation. this affects about 4600 homes. you see the houston police dive team putting into their zodiac
10:16 am
with going into this area. we had folks here that were residents, when it was a voluntary evacuation to get their valuables, but now mandatory folks going in to get anyone who may be in there how because this is played out as you mention the power was cut off at 7:00 a.m. for the purpose of safety. here is a mother and her daughter who were very upset about the mandatory evacuation not been able to get their valuables. here's what they had to say. >> we got no warnings to get her belongings out our whole lives. if you had given us warning to get out, we would've evacuated. when they called a mandatory evacuation, all the neighbors are gone except the ones that in their houses. they found him in his house a day or two ago it had. leland: so while much of the city is in recovery mode, the flooding the real problem here
10:17 am
as you look at the houston pd guys going out. i just want to give a shout out. it's important to remember more than a week now law enforcement was on a 24 hour around-the-clock work shift to a 12 under, 12 off. the reality is hundreds of those officers dealing with personal disasters themselves, going home to find out they lost everything. hats off to them for the last eight days. >> thank you so much demographic. a really hard story. thank you for bringing it to us. leland. leland: from our grace is an west houston, people are sorting through the soggy remains of their homes. updates from the red cross on the hope these folks are getting. >> furniture, belongings, clothes, you are right, people's
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elizabeth: military officials are working to learn more details about north korea successfully testing the hydrogen bomb. lucas tomlinson has more from the pentagon with the very latest. would it be found? >> right now i ago, jim mattis to go to the white house for this critical national security council meeting. officials -- senior officials styling in here at the pentagon all day, presumably to put forth military actions to present for the president. mattis and other senior officials say that a military option against north korea would be met with swift retaliations with her at korea after 25 million people in the vicinity of soul. north korea's latest nuclear test coincided with conclusion sending in the military
10:23 am
exercises between the u.s. and south rhea involving some 17,000 american troops as the provocation of north korea. the pentagon calls these exercises. last night north korea's state-run media publish photos or kim jong un inspect them what it called a thermonuclear bomb or long-range missile that can hit the u.s. hours after the photos were released, the massive x ocean to place, the largest to date. u.s. intelligence had been seen increased activity is north korea's nuclear test site beginning in late march anticipated a new chassis coming. it was just a matter of when. the explosion was five times more powerful than its last nuclear test a year ago. officials say not long after the test u.s. air force 135 sniffer planes were launched from japan to take air samples to detect any nuclear particles. officials still waiting on results of the tests. north korea launched a intermediate ballistic range missile that flew over japan. days later for the first time,
10:24 am
u.s. marine corps fighter jets from japan during long-range supersonic b-1 bombers from guam. it is not capable of delivering nuclear weapons. the uss ronald reagan aircraft carrier strike group in japan with an 80,000 american troops between south korea and japan and f-16 fighter jets always remain on alert in south korea. elizabeth: all hands on deck. we appreciate it. >> more of the panel in a minute. recovery just beginning after hurricane harvey and now this. out in the atlantic, hurricane that came gaining strength as it moves up on where that storm could head to the fox weather center. also, more and north korea as kim jong un shows up the latest in his nuclear arsenal. how the u.s. could respond militarily to the kingdom's aggression. our panel without coming out. >> anyone advocating for
10:25 am
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leland: a fox news learned that senior intelligence official is telling john roberts at the white house moments ago, quote, what we have seen so far is not inconsistent with north korea's claim. not exactly confirmation, but perhaps affirmation that the white house is taking the north korean claims very seriously. lucas thompson pointed out a sniffer plane en route from japan to go fly by north korean heiress dave and see if they could pick up any radioactive protocols and particles that might give them a better idea about this nuclear bomb. with that, we bring in mark levine, radio host and todd harvey, chairman of the committee to support our
10:30 am
president joining us from denver. appreciate you being here. ted, first to you. the president earlier said we will see about attacking north korea. in your mind, should we be going there yet? >> certainly we should be looking at every diplomatic arena we possibly can, putting as much pressure on china as they possibly can. north korea's biggest ally and trading partner and china needs to step up to bring down the tensions in that area. i don't in the united states can never allow one of our enemies to be in a position where they threaten not only allies in the region, but also in mainland. we are close to the situation where the trump administration is in a lose-lose situation no matter what he does. >> mark, so far do you disagree with anything? >> north korea's have a really tough issue and i think we need a president to do what theodore
10:31 am
roosevelt told us to do, which is speak softly and carry a big stick rather than speak loudly and carry a small one. the key to this is china. if i could get some agreement here today, the best way to put pressure on china to put pressure on north korea is economically. the president talked up before he ran for office on trade sanctions and other things against china. it requires careful negotiation. they sit down in a room with china. anthony scaramucci, for example, china cares very, very much about its economic united states and by using pressure against china, we can use pressure against north korea. >> to that point, we've heard different things for the president. back in july he treated he was disappointed. today he's treating that the chinese have worked hard on north korea but haven't gotten anywhere. is there a consistency that is missing here and at the same time a president who wants to possibly put trade sanctions in
10:32 am
tariffs on chinese goods. you can't have them help north korea and at the same time put tariffs on their stuff coming into the u.s. >> was sure you can. the last thing china wants to have is a war going on right on their border. what we've seen over the last 25 years is failed diplomacy. you've seen bill clinton give them nuclear technology. leland: whoa, whoa, whoa. >> you've seen obama said -- >> mark, -- hold on. we have left this administration in a lose-lose situation. bill clinton carefully negotiated and kept north korea for eight years. bill clinton negotiated cameras in north korea under george w. bush. >> mark him in the deal bill clinton made turned out to be an epic disaster. the north koreans ended up
10:33 am
getting nuclear weapons. >> they got under george w. bush. i remember i was in congress at the time. george w. bush was concentrating and he couldn't take the time to deal with north korea. under bill clinton, under negotiations, we were able to keep north korea from getting nuclear weapons. >> careful negotiation. the president said he is the great negotiator. where does the rubber meets the road? at what point does the president have to have the liberals here? >> well, i think putting pressure on china is going to have to be one of the number one deliverables. ps i deliverables. he's got the entire u.n. to support actions, including china, including russia who are allies of north korea. to get them to come together on the security council and support sanctions against north korea as a positive for this administration. we need to continue to put that
10:34 am
pressure on russia and china, to continue to put pressure on north korea because if we don't, it's going to be a serious situation. the last meeting obama had with incoming president trump was to say we have to go in a different direction than the way we've been handling north korea thus far and that is what trump is for us to do. elect noteworthy in that meeting, north korea was the single greatest national security threat the incoming president would face. appreciate you being here. we are going to finish this debate later on about whether president clinton allowed the north korean nuclear weapon. >> ted may be onto something there. thanks, guys. appreciate it. elizabeth: back now to the efforts in texas, where some towns are still struggling to restore basic necessities after thousands of residents. the rick leventhal were clean
10:35 am
drinking water seems to be very scarce. certainly a very long road to recovery. am i right? >> absolutely. the biggest issue facing the residents of beaumont is the lack of running water. the river overflows earlier this week. they are now still trying to fix that water treatment facility in the backup system. both of them failed because of the heavy, heavy flooding and not cut off water to some 118,000 residents in the city of beaumont. what we see here today is one of the distribution points across the city with these guys are handing out food. the mr reason those boxes that the military eat in cases of water handed out here as well. this location. earlier today, video from memorial stadium, another location in belmont where they are handing out water and food.
10:36 am
no life at that location. i talked to some of the residents about how difficult it is to live without running water. >> this is the first time and i hate that we are all going through this, but i know a lot of the guys out there trying to get this going. just enough to take a warm bath. [inaudible] / >> it's been a chore, but we will get through this. >> the texas search and rescue volunteers are joining the national guard that task up the food and water in serving this many as 10 cards a minute. thousands of cars an hour or a day are being handled.
10:37 am
it's an ongoing operation not just her beaumont, but across the southeast that taxpayers were so many residents are dealing with loss of power, lots of basics then they need food. they need water. they need dry clothes and other essentials and they are getting at with a lot of volunteers here to help out. >> test story. thank you so much. appreciate it. as you heard from her, frustration waiting to step in not just in beaumont a week after hurricane harvey and southeast tech biz, 200,000 people living in one houston neighborhood are asking questions about when they can return home. >> we have a lot of these but the carpet and sheet rock and it may be a matter of five days before they can get in. they have every right to be upset. >> as you heard, could be a week before they even get to their homes. joining us now, people working
10:38 am
off of those folks. thank you for joining us. i have to ask, you worked on relief efforts for stan and katrina, but this storm had such a big aftermath timeline. some folks are still getting evacuated and others are just trying to get back to their homes and they can't. so what does that mean for relief efforts? >> well, we at shelters set up where we still have families doing feeding and sheltering. we also have people working our residents for medical needs. we also have some folks who are transitioning back to their home to begin the cleanup and so we have a massive operation who are bringing hot meals to tens of thousands of people. it's really us digging deep from our experience with other disasters that may not be quite as big, but coming here to wrap our arms around the people of
10:39 am
texas, louisiana and tennessee to make sure we can help them because this is really something we are just beginning the journey in the days, months and years to come. >> i want to ask about that because you talk about the transition. a lot of folks get back into their homes, perhaps start to clean up, but it's not going to be habitable. how does the red cross are you part in helping folks for weeks or months, maybe even a year down the road before they can be independent again. >> well, we have to partner with other organizations, government, nonprofit because this is bigger than one organization can handle. we've seen that in dandy and katrina. we are working to begin sheltering location so people can begin to apply for assistance. they can come in and get the means available to them, whether it's diapers, formula, clothing, all of that. we are here and we are going to see neighborhood a neighborhood
10:40 am
what is needed. i was at a baptist church yesterday and we had a young man come in who was in a situation where he could not hear him he could not be. he needed medical assistance and he needed to figure out how he could apply for help if he lost his home. we got an interpreter, we were able to get one of her lpn, one of the red cross volunteers. his journey is just beginning, but we are working within them will make sure we bring him to the necessary places to apply for assistance. that coordination is going on down here and it's really incredible what is seen. leland: we don't have much time left, but i do have to ask you when you've covered other disasters, week after the storm hit neighborhoods are still getting evacuated. what is it like to be on the ground to speak with these it is? >> you know, you have a smile, a shoulder to lean on and i have to say i'm so impressed with
10:41 am
text because they have such fortitude and courage and strength, so we really can see the community here and i can't think the first responders, the general citizen to make the rest is, will all come in. it's america at its finest and i'm just proud to be part of this operation. >> we thank you for your help in all the volunteers making life just a little bit easier for folks to thank you for joining us. >> thank you. leland: still to come, or are sent the floods in dems in texas and louisiana. we'll tell you the message of hope from pope francis. an update on the u.s. response to the latest north korean nuclear test. what option does the president have today? he meets with his national security council in just a couple of hours. ins and mineral. for the strength and energy,
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leland: of fox news alert. if you have a question as to what america can do to pressure north korea short of a military strike. the president answered with at least one option this morning. the united states is considering in addition to other options, stopping all trades within a country doing business with north korea. here to weigh in, bruce at the heritage foundation. also a north korea expert at the cia and dia. bruce, big picture. does that tweaked its true and follow through on change the game? >> it would certainly have a huge impact in go beyond those violating u.s. law u.n. resolutions by training prohibitive programs to go again to any entity even engaging in neglect of the day. if the u.s. were to cut off all trade with china because some chinese entities are dealing with north korea, that would have a huge impact on the u.s. economy.
10:47 am
>> on the other hand, if you said to the qataris in the polls and saudi's who use north korean slave labor a decision to do business with north korea is a decision not to do business with america. they've a couple billion in trade with north korea. a couple hundred with the united states. perhaps they cut the north korean funding off. >> during the last year and a half, the u.s. and south korea had international efforts to influence banks, businesses and entire countries from stopping their engagement with north korea. but also pointing out the violations of u.s. law. it has been implemented, but there's a lot more we could be doing as they still have sanctioned more than one days administration did this year. weekend how banks like we did on european banks for money laundering for iran. leland: we see this big distance between what we've done so far and running out of options to the point where we need to use military force.
10:48 am
i like your thought on this because this is something you studied from "the wall street journal." this regime has been in power for almost 70 years and understand the value of a long game. mr. kim wants to play nuclear blackmail. siegel, dangerous, potentially catastrophic, but it is an unpredictable and bill unpredictable and build ripley as build ripley at cnn who spend a lot of time inside north korea said what north korea wants is something that only the united states can give legitimacy across the globe. do you agree with those things and if so, is there something the united states can do that doesn't endanger our national security, but at the same time takes the top of the pot off the boiling water? >> north korea is largely predictable. we can't predict in a daily basis, but we know what the long-term trend is it they want to be recognized as a nuclear power contrary to earlier assertions they did not want a nuclear weapon.
10:49 am
but the u.s. and others have offered legitimate need. we've offered to recognize them as the country. we've done any number of other things to offer securities in previous negotiations in that stop them from developing nuclear missiles. >> it appears as though they are not undeniably a major nuclear power in terms of the size of their weapons and ability to deliver them. appreciate your insights as always. we'll have you back for sure. elizabeth: we are all keeping an eye on hurricane irma. we will tell you where she may be headed just after this break. on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last.
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elizabeth: the remnants of harveys of the northeast today. keeping a close eye and hurricane irma could the weather center at the very latest. i'm not sure if people really want to hear your forecast, but i think it's necessary. reporter: i hate saying it. the big one out there and this is tracking for the next week or so. just yesterday, category two at 150 miles an hour, gusting at times up to 140 miles an hour. this is still way away from the u.s. you see the coast in the distant. 14 miles an hour to the west, southwest, moving that direction. it's going to take a little
10:54 am
while until it has a chance to impact the u.s. and the low-wage to have a really good idea of where it's headed. we are beginning to get an idea. the latter will allow to strengthen with category three before too much longer before it's all said and done. currently in here is our track, over portions of puerto rico on friday and not point a category fours are in. you still see a wide area to rent out the runs over san juan and the north stays north of that and maybe even able to turn out to see would be the best case scenario with this particular storm system. here's how that could perhaps play out. here's your category two as they begin to watch it but that direction. you take a look at it, we have a couple possibilities. one running to the south coming to florida. the other running to the north they may be missing everything. we are going to be talking about this in to this upcoming weekend. something will pay close attention to.
10:55 am
elizabeth: a lot of people seen a lot of tension up and down the coast. thank you very much. >> after hurricane harvey. pope francis offering his thoughts and prayers to the people impacted by the storm this morning. the pope after blessings for the hurricane and pray that they may find comfort. this just coming in right now from the white house. >> we have been following the latest report from a north korean nuclear test obviously the president to meet with national security officials today. senior intelligence officials telling around john roberts at the white house to what we've seen so far is not in a dissent with north korea's claims. the u.s. and japan have send planes over the area as you know to test particles in the air over that site. we will have updates all day long but the story still developing in wait to see if we learn anything from the president's meeting which we can
10:56 am
anticipate very shortly. >> is having lunch with h.r. mcmaster national security adviser. we know the defense secretary has left the pentagon to head over there to meet with the president. secretary tillerson joining us by video conference. coming up next at the top of the hour, we've got obviously "fox news sunday" with chris wallace on that is steve mnuchin attacked about the economic sanctions available, make them extremely poignant comments that we then find the president of the. elizabeth: if we have been a breaking news, we'll bring it to you live throughout the duration. booking a flight at the last minute doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight
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surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. i am chris wallace.north korea conducts its most powerful nuclear test so far. we will have the latest and speak with a member of the national security council. and president trump sees firsthand the devastation from hurricane harvey. >> we are talking about they say two years, three years i think. because this is texas it will be over in six months i have a feeling. >> we will get the latest and how texans are responding and rebuilding from the governor of that state greg abbott. then, when continues to keep thousands from their homes as victims of harvey wait


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