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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 3, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the coming days. i'm trish regan. i'll see you every day at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business >> of the fox news alert, james madison threatening a quote massive and overwhelming military response against north korea as the rogue nation claims it has detonated what would be its most dangerous nuclear weapon yet, i had your bomb. it can mount on missiles that may be able to meet the u.s. welcome to news headquarters. i'm our cell. >> and i michael. the regime setting off a mac the blast in the northeast regain what south korea agency has called an artificial earthquake measured at 6.3 by the u.s. geological survey.
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the reportedly readily buildings in china and russia. pyongyang has been firing off record test at a record pace. the trump administration now threatening to strengthen the penalties. potentially cutting off all trade with any country that does business with the north. john roberts is live from the north lawn. >> good afternoon. about 45 minutes ago, and extra nursing from secretary of defense, james madison. the type of language i cannot remember hearing out of the u.s. officials mouth since the cuban missile crisis of october 1962. secretary madison the president gathered together a small group of national security advisors to hear the military options that might be available to deal with north korea. listen to what he said. >> we have many military options and president wanted to be briefed on each one of them.
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we make clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, south korea, and japan. from any attack. >> hears when that language got strident. they warned north korea not to threaten the united states, its territories or allies with a nuclear weapon, or it is lights out for kim jong-un, his regime, and his nation. listen here. >> we are not looking for the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. as i said, we have many options to do so. >> united nations ambassador, nikki haley called an emergency meeting for tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. to determine the next steps on the international front. north korea claimed at its test earlier today to have detonated a powerful hydrogen bomb. that claim is not being challenged by u.s. officials saying quote we are highly confident this was a test of an advanced nuclear device. but we've seen so far is not
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inconsistent with north korea's claims. at the same time, the president is rattling sabers at kim jong-un, he's looking at economic options to tighten the screws. one possibility is to stop u.s. trade with anyone who does business with north korea. the president tweeted earlier saying the united states is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. the secretary of the treasury said he has a package of the sanctions ready for the president to sign. >> i will draft a package for strong consideration that would go as far as cutting off all trade or other business. this behavior is unacceptable. if countries want to do business with the united states, they obviously will be working with our allies and others to cut off
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north korea, economically. >> one of the biggest patrons for north korea's china. for the u.s. to cut off trade with china slightly problematic. to come back with what secretary mehta said, we're not looking to the total annihilation of a country. as they said they have many options to do so. that is language i've never heard out of an american officials mouth before. at least not in a public setting. >> i'm with you. another huge day at the white house. john, thank you. >> arthel: meanwhile, u.s. diplomats are reacting to north korea's claim that it successfully tested a hydrogen bond. u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, and several u.s. allies calling for an emergency meeting at the un. secretary of state, rex tillerson is reaching out our allies in the pacific. riches live with the details. >> the diplomacy continues as does north korea's nor weapons
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developments. rex tillerson has been leading this to pressure north korea targeted to halt its weapons program. with that, the secretary of state dialed in remotely today to the national security council meeting to discuss the latest nuclear tests. the secretary has also spoken with the south korean foreign minister and was continuing to consult with allies in the region. u.s. ambassador to the united nations, along with japan, france, south korea, have requested an emergency meeting of the un security council. that is set for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. about a month ago the security council imposed sanctions against north korea. south korea is asking for more un sanctions. the e.u. council president said quote, we call on the un security council to adopt further un sanctions and show stronger resolve to achieve a peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the stakes are getting too high.
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the score. that would require china and russia signing off on sanctions. both countries have condemned the nuclear tests but have a post additional sanctions. that would leave the united nations and its allies or the united states and its allies to figure out how to further cut off north korea economically. it appears the united states is looking in that direction. steve mnuchin said that he is drafting a sanction proposal for the president to consider that were cut off trade, and all other business to north korea. treasury sanctioned two weeks ago several russian firms and chinese firms for conducting business with north korea. the question for the trump administration is, how much is it willing to punish china and attempt to get to north korea? the state department official said china has been better about cracking down on trade with north korea, could be doing much more. fact you. >> arthel: thank you.
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>> mike: meanwhile, recovery efforts from what was hurricane harvey continuing texas as they will for long time. and beaumont, east of houston along the gulf coast officials are working to restore the cities cripple drinking water system. as floodwater starts receipt and thousands return to homes to survey the damage. rick's life from a food and water distribution point and beaumont, texas. >> beaumont's mayor said the city is on its way back, crediting the resiliency of its residents and city employees. also the ingenuity of private industry. the city was inundated with record-breaking rainfall. the floods overwhelm the city's water filtration system and its main pumps. knocking at running water to 120,000 residents. some local contractors have read a series of temporary pipes and pumps and have been able to restore running water.
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it's not confirmed clean to drink. a boil order water is in effect so residents can flush and shower with it. the city hopes to have this water fully restored and saved in the next week or two. >> it feels like we won the world series. we are so excited. the river had encrusted yet so we sandbagged our electrical system and it didn't reach it. so we're on our way to water. >> in the meantime three distribution points have been set up like this one. residents are lining up to get ice, food, and water by the case. looked on this line of cars. there are hundreds of thousands of them every day loading up with the essentials until more services can be restored. a short time ago we spoke with ted cruz who said he is confident the state will get the financial help it needs.
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>> we are going to get the relief we need. the president committed earlier on and told me, what does texas me? whatever you need, you got. >> were hearing and seeing optimism not just from politicians but from the locals. resiliency and tech the stronger the words of the day. >> mike: drink and water something you take for granted so you don't have it, right? >> absolutely. they're getting it now by the case. hopefully they'll get it out of their faucet soon enough. >> mike: thank you. >> arthel: meanwhile, president trump declared today a national day of prayer for victims and their survivors of harvey. this come is joel holstein's mega church holds its first service since opening its doors to displaced residents. four days after the storm hit. matt is outside of the church in houston.
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>> a little while ago we got to talk with the pastor and today marked the first sunday services and also the first sunday after what was a blistering week for this church. pastor also need social media for not doing the christian thing by opening the doors to its churches sooner. however, he said that his church did not turn one person away. it says the top was nearly all glass in the bottom floors underground and was taking on water. it's not safe building in general for shelter. the church said many of its staffers had flooded homes. a total of three people showed up to the property and they took those three people in. here's more of what he had to say. >> i know a church is supposed to be open and let anybody in, especially in the dire situation. you let them in your house. it's a third-party security company takes care of the building turned them away, they
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should not have a. if anybody came and access security we have not turned away anybody. and we did take people in. >> pastoral said that he realizes his church look like a shelter in the hill so he will bring in experts who will assess it to see if it could serve as a shelter during the next storm. >> arthel: thank you matt. >> mike: teams rushing to contain a dangerous brushfire just outside of los angeles that is so big it has already made history, just two days after broke up. plus, james madison just a short time of go using the word massive, overwhelming, total annihilation regarding the possible u.s. response to north korea's latest nuclear tests. an expert on that will join us next.
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>> arthel: time now for a check of the headlines. 25l pennsylvania man faces a murder charge in the death of a 22-year-old temple university student.
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her body found on property belonging to the suspect's grandmother, more than 150 miles away from where the student disappeared in philadelphia. the cause of death is not release. evacuations are underway north of los angeles as they battled the biggest firefighter in los angeles county. and i scorch nearly 6000 acres in today's destroying three houses and shutting a major freeway. it is only about 10% contained. 20000 vacatio20000 vacationer sa by harvey are now back on dry land. cruise ships were turned away from a galveston port as harvey strengthened into a hurricane. the final ship docked yesterday. >> mike: north korea claiming a major advancement in the nuclear program and what it calls a successful underground test of a hydrogen bomb they can mount on an intercontinental ballistic missile. steve mnuchin is drafting new sanctions against the regime. missouri senator says sanctions may not have the teeth it really needs. >> sanctions without russia and
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china been interested in solving this problem don't work well. i think the president putting everything on the table is not a bad thing right now, both for north korea and more importantly for china to be thinking about how consequence of this behavior is. >> joining me now is gordon chang, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. you called the north korean test earlier this week a belligerent action, what's your analysis of this latest test. >> this is ten times more than the previous test on september 9 of last year. 120 kilotons could very well be the h-bomb they claim. they think the trump administration is in chaos. but they also believe that china
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is not in a position to respond. you have the chinese ruler heading into the 19th communist party congress. a very sensitive time. they probably believe they can get a way with a lot at this time which is the reason they detonated the new get this moment. >> i've heard experts over multiple administration say north korea's the problem that keeps them up at night. if u.s. troops in harm's way, sold nearby, what are the options at this point? >> i think we can do really severe sanctions. but we should be talking about is an embargo. if the chinese in russia don't want to participate in it that we can't force them. we can oppose things on moscow and beijing. if we know the largest banks have been involved in money laundering, the bank of china cited in the 2016 un report, we could impose a death sentence on the chinese financial system. and it could have ripple of facts through the political system. i think they know that president trump could actually just reach
1:19 pm
out to do something that would shock the chinese. >> mike: congressman of florida talked about the north korea thread in terms of playoff ration. the stick listed. >> the danger is more than just what kim would do with it. who would he give them to. i think you talk about regimes like iraq, that would make the north korea problem look much more manageable in comparison. there, you have a regime that is maniacal. >> mike: what about the spread of their nuclear technology? >> we know the north korean sell everything they produce. it's estimated the iranians paid somewhere between two and $3 billion a year for various forms of cooperation. that would include missiles. also nuclear weapons technology. the north koreans have posted the iranians on site for the first five nuclear tests. they were probably there today as well, we don't know that yet. clearly, the north korean sell the stuff.
1:20 pm
the north koreans have links to terrorist groups and have supplied stuff and of course they so chemical weapons to decide regime, probably paid for by toronto. >> mike: we know the un security council will meet tomorrow an emergency session. what can be done to get china fully engaged on this issue? >> it would be nice to think that we could convince the chinese it is in their interest to help us. we have tried that approach for two decades and it has not worked. what we need to do is and pours costs that are severe and basically china has no option but to help us. that will cause problems in our relationship with beijing, i think it is necessary now. we have seen china support north korea. it's not just with economic trade. it's also with confidence supporting the regime and technology for ballistic missile and weapons program. it's dangerous and irresponsible. >> mike: president trump convene a meeting of his national
1:21 pm
security team today. do expect their view realistic options? >> what we are now starting to hear is more of a drastic proposals, which we would have thought and extraordinary and impossible a month ago. we heard secretary minutia and talk about cutting off trade with north korea and cutting off trade with the companies that trade with north korea. basically that is china and russia. the chinese and russians may think we don't have a political will to do it. when we believe that we have our backs against the wall, when north koreans are making progress not only other next but there missiles, i believe the president might be able to do something that is historic in a step in the right direction. >> you are the language from the secretary mattis, your reaction to the wording? >> the use of the word annihilate is stark and can send a chill through the north korean regime. they're going to think about it. even i said we are not going to
1:22 pm
annihilate you. by saying that he said that is a possibility. especially when the president said everything is under consideration. great to have you here on an important day. >> as harvey floodwater start to reseed, the full scope of the challenge for survivors begins to set in, where the foul-smelling toxic water has gone down it his left mold and mud all over. that's only part of it, we'll talk with plus the new clear test by north korea, what is the administration say about that and the potential military options.
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>> mike: the u.s. senate allies condemning north korea after the rogue regime announced a successful test of what would be its most powerful nuclear weapon yet, a hydrogen bond. a senior u.s. intelligent
1:27 pm
official confirmed that ki clais in the u.s. is highly confident this was a test of an advanced nuclear device. the north claims that it can mount that bomb on a missile that could hit the u.s. lucas has the latest from the pentagon. >> standing alongside the top officer at the white house, jim mattis warned north korea about what could trigger a u.s. military response. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam, or our allies, will be met with a massive military response, response both effective and overwhelming. >> what he has previously said any military action by the united states would be met with retaliation with north korea console. , there's not very good options that don't involve catastrophic
1:28 pm
casualties in south korea's region. their semiannual military exercises between the u.s. and south korea involving 17000 american troops. it was long seen as a provocation by north korea. the pentagon calls these defensive exercises. the state run media publish photos of kim jong-un inspecting a thermonuclear h-bomb. a long-range missile that can hit the u.s. hours after the photo was released, the massive explosio n took place. u.s. intelligence agencies have seen increased activities at the test site beginning in late march and anticipated a new test was coming, it was just a matter of when. the explosion was five times more powerful than the last test one year ago. officials say, not long after the test sniffer planes were launched from japan to take air samples to detect nuclear particles.
1:29 pm
officials are waiting on the results of the test. it could take weeks. lastly, north korea launched a medium-range missile that flew over japan. days later stealth jets from japan joined long-range bombers from juan. the b1 is not capable of delivering nuclear weapons. in june, two u.s. navy air carriers throughout the peninsula. the u.s. as ronald reagan hasn't returned to its port in japan. and after the five fighter jets are in high alert south korea but have been told that the typical response this time of year for the u.s. military. >> we heard you talk about the sniffer planes, basically detecting what went on in getting a better analysis. have more military assets been moved to the region in response? >> officials tell me more assets have not been sent to the region. probably because of the robust military presence there.
1:30 pm
80000 troops between south korea and japan. you have a marine division located in japan. you have guam and b-1 bombers. they carry the largest conventional payload in the u.s. inventory. while there are no b-2 stealth bombers in guam, they have been launched in the past from missouri. in january, one of president obama's last action he launched them be 12 bombers to strike and isis training camp, and they refueled 15 times mid air. that shows you some their capability. >> mike: lucas, many thanks. >> arthel: meanwhile, president trump meeting with presiden natl security team to discuss north korea and tougher sanctions that would cut off trade. this, after president trump condemned to north korea's
1:31 pm
reported overnight test of a hydrogen bomb which would be its most powerful nuclear weapon today. one of president trump's most outspoken republican critics was a vote of confidence in the president's favor. >> i am confident the people around the president are giving him good advice. i believe he will follow it. i sure hope he does. obviously you like a leader that is measured and sober and consistent. our allies want to hear that and our adversaries need to hear that. >> arthel: judy is an adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. a pulitzer prize winning author and journalists and fox news contributor. good to see you. we'll get to senator flake in a moment. first your reaction to president trumps response to the hydrogen bomb test and the stunning warning from secretary mattis. >> i think what really struck me was the trump administration
1:32 pm
response was primarily delivered by non- president trump. it was delivered by james mattis, secretary of defense. earlier in the day, to fox news affect by secretary of the treasury, steve mnuchin. mnuchin was delivering an economic message and warning to china and anyone else who trades with north korea. the united states will pursue tougher sanctions. but, i was particularly struck by the very strong military warning issued by general mattis. i think that is the message that kim jong-un is going to get today from the trump administration. it's very interesting that the response has been measured for this administration, well it's heavily coordinated. >> let's get back to senator flake. what you think our allies want to hear from president trump?
1:33 pm
you want your adversaries need to hear from the president? >> i don't know if you would put china in the adversary for the ally category at this point. i think china needs to know that it must do more to control north korea. i think the north korea test, tactically was a mistake for north korea, because it impairs the chinese at a time when the world was looking to them when they had very important meetings when president she was going into elections himself later on. i think this was a miss calculation on kim jong-un's part. after all of the mixed signals our allies have gone from the administration, they needed to hear general mattis is commitment on an ironclad support for them. and their security.
1:34 pm
i think that was absolutely essential to making sure that japan and south korea don't decides to use the nuclear material they have to protect themselves. in addition to thwarting a nuclear threat from north korea, not proliferation should and must remain a very important goal of this administration. and of any american administration. >> arthel: but you cannot expect japan or south korea to stand down was such an ominous warning facing them. the cycle there. let's stay here. i want to talk to about a tweet from the president. north korea has conducted a major nuclear test. their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the united states, north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to china. china's trying to help but with little success. what are your thoughts? >> once again you see the
1:35 pm
emphasis on china. it is only china that can really cut off trade totally to north korea. they did a gesture in the beginning we asked them to help out with sanctions they limited coal exports. but they really have to do more. to rain in, what president trump appropriately calls a rogue state. at this point, the entire world, including everyone in the united nations voted for a non- nuclear, a deep nuclear rise to currenkorean peninsula. this must happen if the world is to be safe. >> arthel: how does that happen? >> it has to happen because china needs to say, enough. i understand at the moment there is some tension between president she of china and kim jong-un. and i ready kim jong-un seems to
1:36 pm
be testing his relationship with the chinese. i think that to is a great miscalculation. china must ultimately decide whether it wants to stand with the world and stand against north korea, or whether or not it wants to permit kim jong-un to continue to play china against the rest of the world. this is a moment of truth for china. a test of what kind of nation they want to be in the world stage. i hope this administration could nudge it china in the right direction. without them, you are right, there's no hope of containing this program or denuclearize in the peninsula. with them, there is a small possibility. >> arthel: a strong assessment there. president trump later tweeted today that the u.s. is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade within a country doing
1:37 pm
business with north korea. is this a plausible, adequate, diplomatic move? >> i think it is one that secretary mnuchin scale back himself in an interview with fox news. that was the first opening gambit. what he said after that was that we intend to strengthen sanctions. look, trade with china accounts for about 4% of gdp. if we suspended trade with china that would affect not only our own economy negatively but the global economy. i don't think that will happen. i think we needed to be tough and clear about what is expected of china and i think steve mnuchin sent that message today and you'll hear much more of that, both out of the national security council meeting tomorrow and also in the united nations. we are coming up to un general assembly. i think first and foremost on every nation's agenda is going
1:38 pm
to be what to do about preventing war and the cranium peninsula. >> are ready an emergency meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. a final question. circling back to your first observation and the strong ominous words coming from general mattis. the fact that it did come from the general's mouth, i wanted to ask you, with that in mind what you think kim jong-un's next move will be. >> i hope it is going to be to take general mattis seriously. the general is advising the president and we have general kelly in the white house and hr mcmaster. these are three men who understand all too well the use of military force and do not make idle threats easily. they make threats when they're absolutely determined that if and when force is necessary, they are prepared to use it. make no mistake are fell, i've never heard such language out of
1:39 pm
general mattis. i have rarely heard such words out of the secretary of defense. i think it indicates the true nature and the true crisis nature of the situation in which we'll now find ourselves. i was struck by his winning and i hope that kim jong-un also takes general mattis seriously and present trump seriously as well. >> arthel: we will leave it there. thank you judy. >> mike: are fell, the music world mourning the loss of another great. a cofounder of the band that brought us decades of distinctive hits from reeling in the years to deacon blues. plus, some people displaced by harvey are returning home for the first time. a congressman his district includes parts of houston and what survivors are finding when they return home and what they face moving forward. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
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seeley don walter becker has dit age 67. his official website announcing becker's death today but giving no details. he had missed a few performances earlier this year. the band produced albums and singles in the 70s and 80s, often with the jazzy, funky sound and said cynical lyrics. in 2001 was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. the songwriting partner said he plans to keep his music a live as long as he can. >> texas picking up the pieces nine days after harvey slammed the state. some people are returning from their homes the first time since the store to salvage whatever they can. residents are finding a moldy and mehdi mess as they face the challenge of rebuilding virtually from scratch. gregg abbott today urging congress to help people get their lives back on track.
1:45 pm
>> sheet rock, flooring, and now we get into the long process and this is where we come to the part where congress plays a role. the president has indicated he's asking for more than $7 billion as a down payment on this. when he congress to step up and pass that and help texas rebuild. >> mike: joining me now on the phone is a congressman who is a member of the house committee on transportation and infrastructure. congressman, were nine days in red what are the most pressing issues in your view right now? >> there's a lot of pressing issues. it's great to be with you. were still doing rescues and parts of my district. it's incredible. i'm down here in orange county and hardin county, we're still doing rescues. but, having folks getting back into their homes. some have started the long
1:46 pm
process of cleaning up. i know that you just said congress is now going to start helping. believe me, my staff and many of my colleagues, this thing doesn't just cover the nine counties of the 36 district of texas, this is 36 counties big. it's a massive area. we been working overtime and being in contact with emergency operation officials. we been getting stranded folks the resources of first resources are getting them out. we felt literally hundreds of people were going to help thousands of people with the fema disaster process which is not beginning. we are not returning to washington on tuesday, which is tomorrow and were going to pass nearly an 8 billion-dollar
1:47 pm
package. this is been requested by the president. i concur 100%. this is just the first of several supplements we will need. fema is burning through billions in cash reserves quickly. we need to replenish the and small business administration. were working hard. i've never seen anything like this. i was born and raised in this part of the country and i've seen many storms going back to the 50s. never have i seen one of this magnitude. >> mike: we been showing folks at home flooded out streets. how concerned are you about what's in that water in some places? >> i was just on the phone with the secretary of health and human services, tom price who happens to be a former colleague. were talking about the problem with bacteria, with standing water, mosquitoes, contamination
1:48 pm
and mental health issues as well. so all of these play a big part in our process of digging out of the saying and making sure people get back to the homes and stay healthy. world dependent on this federal government are state, but i will tell you, this was a huge thing for individuals, for companies, churches, and never seen anything like this. getting resources and getting folks out and volunteering. fire departments and first responders, unbelievable heroism that i have seen. but, were going to get the funds were going to get folks the things they require to stay healthy and get back into their
1:49 pm
homes. whether it be a temporary shelter while there other home is being refurbished. >> mike: what are you hearing from your constituents is a visit with them? >> there's certainly a lot of hardship going on. i talked to a gentleman yesterday was a rancher, he lost over 700 head of cattle. many businesses flooded out, people don't have power, they can't function and make a living. but what they're doing, this gentleman who lost all the cattle, he was cooking and serving people for free. this is what texans do. were helping one another. were self-reliant people in the state of texas. we like to stand in our two legs. neighbors from all over, texas neighbors, louisiana, arkansas,
1:50 pm
florida, pennsylvania, even oregon. i've seen folks come down to help us. and texas needs help. that's why were going back to washington to convey that message to my colleagues. i've had many colleagues call me to get this package through to help these people. >> mike: congressman, thoughts and prayers are with you and the great people of texas. our best to your entire family. i'll see you back on the hill. >> thank you mike. god bless. >> arthel: as a representative said congress gets back to work this week after a long august recess. can lawmakers meet deadlines on government spending and the debt ceiling? not to mention the tax reform that's high on the agenda. more on that, coming up next.
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>> arthel: lawmakers are returning to capitol hill on tuesday after five weeks recess. there to do list includes tax reform and possibly raising the debt ceiling. something that takes on new urgency after harvey's devastation. caroline shively has more. >> welcome back congress. both houses are in session on tuesday after a long recess. there massive items on their
1:55 pm
agenda. left undone some could shut down the government because the u.s. to default on its debt. something with unthinkable consequences. here's the top of the to do list. one, pass a budget. have to pass at least ten or spending bills or the government will shut down. two, raise the debt ceiling. it stands run 20 trillion right now. if it isn't raise the u.s. government will default on its loans and that will be catastrophic. nobody knows what will happen. then there is hurricane harvey relief and comprehensive tax reform. focusing on number three, the white house is asking for a billion in emergency funding and wants it tied to a debt ceiling increase. today, steve mnuchin said before harvey it look like the government would have enough money to pay the bills for the rest of the month. not anymore. >> with harvey, it's move the situation up earlier. without raising the debt limit, not comfortable will get the money we need this month to
1:56 pm
texas to rebuild. >> then there's the tax reform promise. congressional leaders have promised come up with something in september. republicans think this is their best chances they control both houses and the white house. it looks like about might not come till early next year. so that's probably years worth of accomplishments that have to be crammed into a month from a congress that is yet to pass major legislation. >> arthel: thank you caroline. we will be right back. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt.
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arthel: is a fox news alert. -- this is a fox news alert. the trump administration threatening to meet north korea's latest provocation with quote massive and overwhelming military response. after the rogue nation claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, it's most dangerous nuclear weapon to date. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm mike emmanuel in for eric shawn. the blast at a nuclear test site in northeastern north korea. the u.s. reporting magnitude 6.3 tremors centered in that area from that south korea calls an artificial earthquake. it reportedly rattled buildings in china and russia. our chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north lawn. >> mike, good afternoon to you. a l


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