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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 4, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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weekend? >> i'll have a full facial. i won't shave. i'll be mountain man. >> can we check in? should we call him? pick him up at 4:00 in the morning? we'll miss you so much. >> good man, brother. >> i love our audience guys, bye. >> the u.s. and world responding today to north korea's latest nuclear test. the u.n. is set to hold an emergency security council meeting as the trump administration warns that further threats will be met with overwhelming force. good morning. i'm ed henry live. >> i'm molly. north korea set off a hydrogen bomb. it comes amid reports the north is preparing more missile tests. >> the president condemning the tests. his administration is drafting new sanctions against north korea and defense secretary james mattis warns the u.s. stands ready to act. >> we have many military
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options and the president wanted to be briefed on each one of them. we made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies. we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country but we have many options to do so. >> how soon might the administration announce its planning for dealing with the north and can it do so without the full allies in the region? >> that's the full question. essentially the president may be forced to act to protect the homeland. doing so could bring cat os traffic consequences to our friends in the region and it's the reason why each president over the last several years have struggled with. the president has been dealing with this. the north once again as you pointed out on sunday had another nuclear test, it's
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sixth. this one triggering a 5.7 magnitude trem orr. shaking abilities in northeast china. the president took to twitter to sort of remind our allies in the region of what is at stake. he said this, south korea is finding, as i've told them, their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. unfortunately that could leave the u.s. with very few options. >> our issue is not with the people of north korea. our issue is with kim jong-un. it is not just the united states, frankly. it is virtually every country around the world. condemnation. we've seen it from european allies and elsewhere condemning the actions of north korea. >> our former colleague from the state department. molly, as we break down what has happened in the past and as we continue a very close and watchful eye on what the
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administration may be looking at doing with the north in the weeks and days ahead is a tenuous situation. >> the president has decided to end daca with a six-month delay. what's the thinking behind the pause? >> an administration official told me it gives the do nothing congress a little time to get it done the right way. get it done legislatively and not through executive action the way president obama did. now what's at issue here. we're talking about the fate of nearly 800,000 people brought to this country unlawfully by their parents. critics have called daca a form of amnesty. millions have been waiting to coming to this country legally and this would skip them ahead but some way it is a humane situation for these children. the president wants a legislative solution, not one
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through executive action and willing to give congress a half a year to figure it out. >> interesting to see if congress can get it done. >> joining me now for more on north korea here is governor sununu. i meet you when you were chief of staff under george h.w. bush. >> you're old, ed. >> you're getting younger and younger. as a former chief of staff what are the two or three most important things this president needs to be doing with his chief of staff general kelly, to make sure we're on top of this crisis? >> everyone is talking about the three components. diplomacy, sanctions and military. that's the right package. what the president has to do, though, most immediately is to get allies and not so close allies to accept the seriousness of this. the chinese today responded to his suggestion that trade restrictions would be placed on countries that continue to deal
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with south korea. they said it's unfair and unacceptable and south korea, the closest target, if you will, to north korea, is saying that they will deploy the missile defense system after they complete their environmental assessment. maybe south korea ought to do an environmental assessment on a missile landing in seoul. >> bill: first of all the economic sanction piece. the president talking about maybe a full embargo with china. anyone doing business with north korea. is that something that could backfire on the u.s. economically? >> well, look, this is a serious issue. and if you have to take a little economic pain in order to deal with a nuclear rogue, that's the right thing to do. i'm not arguing that it be done haphazardly but those are the tough issues that goes with the office of the presidency and
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that's what president trump and his folks are having to put on the scale now, the balance between them. but certainly you have folks like iran who are trying to watch what we're doing with north korea and you want to do something that at least slows down, if you will, iran's march to the same kind of irresponsibility that you are getting out of north korea. >> you know one of the other duties the president has to deal with, of course, is the potential for sending young men and women to war. listen to what the defense secretary, james mattis, said yesterday. it was direct and to the point. >> our commitment among the allies are iron clad. any threat to the united states or its territories, including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. kim jong-un should take edoka of the united nations unified voice. >> we're not saying we're going
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to annihilate north korea but basically we can. what is he saying there? >> look, jim jong un, don't expect it to be a land war where you think you can gain success by attrition. this is going to be -- if it comes to a military action, it will be quick, swift and decisive. that's the message he wanted. >> a strong message. 30 seconds. let's cut through the diplomacy. we have a u.n. security council emergency meeting today. emergency meeting, there will be action. there is a lot of skepticism. the u.n. talks and talks and very often does little. what can the u.n. do this time that will matter? >> it can approve the serious sanctions with president is talking about and it can send a message to china and to south korea that this is important and they've got to stand up against this now. >> the stakes could not be higher. we appreciate you coming in today to walk us through it. >> thank you, ed.
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>> rainfall in texas diminishing over the weekend clearing the way for the cleanup process to get into full swing. recovery still in the early stages for thousands of people and it will be a long road. a very long road ahead with many dangers as these floodwaters start to recede. peter doocy is live in houston. how many homes in harris county alone that flooded? >> molly, officials think as many as 136,000 homes in harris county where houston is may have flooded. a lot of homeowners are trying to clean up but they're throwing away damaged things faster than they can be hauled away. the houston mayor said he asked president trump for extra money to remove flood-damaged furniture and other belongings. >> knows of the city is now dry and people putting out their heavy debris. the city of houston started on thursday picking up heavy
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debris but we have to get it done now. it can't be sitting around 30, 45, two months from now and so advanced funding for debris removal. he understood and it was a very productive meeting. >> some neighborhood do have a strong odor of raw sewage today. it gives you an idea of what's in the water and why officials are concerned about people staying in houses that are partially flooded. the "wall street journal" is reporting the houston health department doesn't have enough inspectors to test air and water everywhere they need to. they hope state and federal inspectors can help them do that. >> and how dangerous things can be post disaster. do officials have a better idea how much it will all cost to clean up? >> they do. estimates continue to rise as more and more people are able to get into neighborhoods where the water levels are receding to take an inventory of what was damaged and destroyed. >> when you look at the number of homes and businesses
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affected by this, i think this will cost well over $120 billion. probably 150 to 180 billion. what is president has done now is make an initial request before the end of this funding cycle to get things up and running. that request is over $7 billion dollars. congress understands it is a down payment on something that will cost far more. >> today house majority leader kevin mccarthy is leading a congressional delegation inside the nrg center days before congress returns before debating the president's request for $8 billion in emergency funding for this area and everybody affected by harvey. >> mother nature broke a lot of records with this one and likely to see the price tag break records as well. >> president trump expected to announce a decision on daca tomorrow. >> we'll show great heart. daca is a difficult subject for
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me, i will tell you. to me it's one of the most difficult subjects i have. you have these incredible kids. >> that's what he said before. what he is now expected to say about the program that affects about 800,000 dreamers? >> a big announcement from the royal family. why kate middleton is canceling some planned appearances today. >> plus massive wildfires in the american west including one in l.a. that the mayor says is the largest in the city's history. how dangerous is it for the people who live there? details next. >> we ran to the house yelling go, go. we're grabbing -- we left things we had packed up because we thought we had minutes. we had 90 seconds. mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®.
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and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. >> molly: fox news is confirming president trump will likely announce tomorrow that he is going to end daca as we know it. so that illegal immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children could now face deportation. but he is reportedly going to allow a six-month delay for implementation so that congress can step in to protect the 800,000 people who would be affected. the obama-era program grants work permits for children who came illegally. byron york is a fox news contributor. thank you for being here this
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morning. as we're hearing daca will be ended by a six-month window. does it put it in congress's lap? >> it really does. everybody is trying to thread a needle here. remember, during the campaign president trump promised to get rid of daca. he hasn't done that so far. but there is a group of conservative attorneys generals in several states who are threatening to sue tomorrow if president doesn't end daca. that kind of put a deadline on this. so tomorrow he is expected to announce that he is either going to just end daca or severely limit it. but with that extension that you talked about. it wouldn't take effect for a while. the idea is then congress would step in and fix the problem. remember a lot of republicans had said that barack obama doing this on his own executive power was an unconstitutional overreach for the president. congress had to do this kind of law. well, congress is now going to
6:17 am
get its chance to solve the daca issue. >> molly: congressional republicans haven't made progress on things they promised to do for years. this is a subject really difficult one, immigration, moving forward, what to do to protect these what paul ryan has said are kids that have known no other home. will he be able to do something on this within the timeline that's been set forward? >> this has always been a tough issue. the senate passed a big immigration reform bill in 2013 and it went nowhere in the house. we haven't had anything since then. the bottom line here to remember is if senate republicans and house republicans agree to extend, to legalize the current daca recipients they'll want something in return. and tom cotton, the senator who is probably the leading immigration hawk in the senate said he would accept
6:18 am
legalization of current recipients if the senate would pass the rays act to limit chain migration and reorient our immigration policy. you'll see a lot of bargaining with people on the one side saying we'll agree to legalize current daca recipients but only if f, y, or z happens. >> molly: the president has said he wants to deal with daca with heart. will this appease his base but at the same time offer a little bit of heart or will he catch a lot of flak for taking this action? >> there will always be some supporters who are happy for him not deporting everybody involved and ending it together. most people in washington agreed that wasn't going to happen. on the other hand republicans do agree that daca was an unconstitutional exercise of executive power and they also believe that daca will not
6:19 am
withstand a court challenge. if these attorneys general really took it to court the administration if it defended daca would probably lose. they have to do something about this. so i think most people are thinking this is an opportunity to try to enact a more conservative immigration reform policy and see where that goes. >> molly: as we see where it goes now we have a new timeline. the six month down the road if congress can get something done. if congress doesn't make it happen we've seen a lot not happen through congress lately. does it fall back on the president and everyone looks back at president trump and he still catches the blame? >> that would be a mess. if republicans say it's unconstitutional for in the to do on his own executive authority they wouldn't want this president to do it again. you're right. the problem with all of this we look at the performance of the republican-controlled congress so far this year and they haven't gotten big things done. they failed spectacularly in
6:20 am
the obamacare effort and right now they're gearing up to try to do tax reform but they have other big issues like not shutting down the government coming up this month. so the question is, can a republican-controlled congress that hasn't been able to do much so far this year, actually get this done along with all the other stuff that they have to get done? >> >> molly: they have an enormous amount of stuff that's on their plate right now. thanks for joining us this morning. >> ed: the road to recovery underway in texas but officials issuing warns to people trying to return home. how the list of dangers is growing for houston. >> molly: tensions mounting between the u.s. and north korea after the rogue nation says they've successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. why some are saying diplomacy is the best way forward. >> we won't give up on the diplomatic option. people can pooh-pooh it all they want but it is something we have to keep pushing.
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>> ed: texas in the early staijts of recovery from hurricane harvey. one issue is the danger of contaminated floodwaters. officials warning people to stay dry. joining me now is an associate professor at nyu school of medicine. everyone thinks we have to send bottled water and all kinds of food and other supplies. but there was a person saying bug spray is one of the most important things. all that water and the mosquitoes. >> when there is standing water you can see more mosquitoes and bugs crop up and now an issue of other animals trying to seek shelter from the storm. alligators. people are finding these animals in their homes. that's an issue especially since the water is contaminated. >> ed: break that down for us.
6:25 am
contaminated in what ways. >> with bacteria. rural areas with septic tanks. the rainwater is mixing with sewage water and coming out into people's homes. being exposed to it is bad enough. but your skin is a barrier. your skin will protect you from a lot of these things in the short term. if you have punctures or wounds they can get infect wednesday the bacteria. >> what are you hearing from colleagues what kind of medical care people are getting on the ground? if your child goes out in some standing water and think they are exposed to bacteria how hard is it to see a doctor now? >> very difficult. first. a lot of people with existing medical issues, more serious emergencies are also trying to get in. there is an issue in terms of medical care. short staffing, limited supplies and medications and trying to operate in a triage situation like an emergency room where they try to see the sickest people first. every health concern is important but the sickest
6:26 am
people are probably the ones that already had medical conditions, for example and they don't have access to any medications. so a diabetic who has run out of insulin. a person on oxygen who lost their oxygen. >> ed: if you're diabetic, have blood pressure and need your medication and you haven't been out of your house in a few days or just got out and ran out to save your life, your family's lives and didn't grab your medication. what can you do? >> people tr trying to go to the convention center and supplies to get them. it may be limited. even if you get to a pharmacy no guarantee it will be open or that they got their deliveries. they're affected by the flood. so those are issues. now some of the bigger things are patients with cancer who aren't able to get their chemotherapy or patients with kidney failure that can't get dialysis. with dialysis you have to get it every two to three days to
6:27 am
get toxins out of your bodies. a lot of problems with people with existing medical conditions. over the coming year we may see newer medical problems as well. there are people who, for example, as the floodwaters clear you will see mold and other things cropping up and people exposed to these things. people have stress disorders now who will be post traumatic stress disorder over the coming year. >> ed: the early stages of the crisis one hospital was evacuating because it was taking on water. how much more have you heard about hospitals, medical centers who are already under stress and pressure from people trying to get care and how they're dealing with the floods. >> molly: it's a tribute to the staff and volunteers and everybody who is working above and beyond to try to take care of all these patients. i can say from hurricane sandy here there were problems with the hospitals. you don't want people to come to the hospital and get sick. you have problems in terms of ventilation, in terms of other factors. people could come to some of these places and get sick. i'm not saying it is happening
6:28 am
there but it will be a concern over the coming year. all these hospitals have to be evaluated again to see what else has brewed there. >> ed: good advice and why we are brought you in. appreciate it. molly. >> molly: thousands of families ordered to leave their homes in washington state as massive wildfires nearly double in size. >> right there out your back door. it's a little scary. >> molly: the latest there as firefighters battle a blaze that has grown to more than 180,000 acres in three days. >> ed: defying the world. we're awaiting an emergency u.n. security council meeting. that's coming at the top of the next hour regarding north korea. >> the president made it clear. this isn't the time for talk but action. this type of behavior is not acceptable and our objective has been and will continue to
6:29 am
be to denuclearize the peninsula.
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>> molly: this is a fox news alert. the united nations security council set to hold an emergency meeting in response to north korea's latest nuclear test at 10:00 a.m. moments ago we saw u.n. ambassador nikki haley arriving at work. it is labor day but this is a very serious issue and she has been prompt to call for this pulling in other allies like japan and south korea. we may hear from all of them later on this morning when the meeting gets underway at 10:00 a.m. >> ed: we'll go live if we hear from nikki haley in the next half hour or hour. we'll dip in live. if any of that gets going at the top of the hour nikki haley somebody who was seen as an unlikely ally with president trump dating back to the campaign but ever since she was nominated as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she has become a power player in this administration, somebody that a lot of people are watching even as a
6:33 am
potential secretary of state down the road. the fact anything she has to say about what has now become a global crisis will be watched very closely. >> molly: it certainly will. we know previously u.n. sanctions have been put in place. we'll see if it goes further today. diplomacy has yet to rein in north korea and see what happens. >> ed: there is talk inside the white house about a potential kind of show of force between the u.s. and its allies in the next few days. south korea, japan and others, some maybe military joint military training exercises, potentially other action to sort of send yet another message to north korea. all of us watching this very closely including the diplomatic piece at the u.n. we'll go there live when we know more. sunday's test could be north korea's biggest nuclear test to day. they released a picture of kim jong-un inspecting a warhead before they claim it
6:34 am
successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. president trump met with mattis and his security team to review military options in response to this latest escalation in the north korea threat yesterday. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> ed: >> ed: benjamin hall live from london. we'll see whether or not we'll attack north korea. how is that being received around the world? >> first of all global condemnation for the actions of north korea, but we're hearing reports today out of south korea that kim jong-un might be preparing to double down on his nuclear test yesterday. security defense officials there say they think they've seen preparations in place for another missile test. icbm. so yesterday you had this major nuclear test by the north korea's that they claim was a miniature hydrogen bomb 10 times more powerful than
6:35 am
anything they've tested in the past. if today's missile test goes ahead they'll test the possible deliver resist tem for that bomb. all eyes on them today and tonight. it comes days after the north korea's fired a medium-range missile over japan and they have specifically mentioned the possibility of using a electromagnetic pulse attack on the u.s. they claim they're willing to use these on the u.s. >> ed: we're also hearing from the president and other officials talk here in the u.s., talk around the world about economic pressure. as you mentioned those sanctions, it is something the u.n. will deal with at this emergency security council meeting. talk more about the international response. >> well, as i said condemnation, president trump tweeting yesterday saying they would target any country doing any deals with north korea. but south korea also taking this opportunity to launch live fire drills of their own across up near the border. they launched both ground and
6:36 am
air, launched rockets carried by the south simulated the targeting of the nuclear site where the north korea's carried out their bomb test. these continued provocations from north korea have led to a dangerous face-off. south korea officials have told their parliament the u.s. would seek to deploy a nuclear powered aircraft care year to the region. two weeks after -- they're not showing restraint. we'll see what the u.n. security council has to say. it will probably just be more condemnation. >> ed: we'll get back to you as news breaks, benjamin hall in london. >> president trump: we'll with daca with heart. i have to convince politicians that what i'm saying is right. and i appreciate your understanding on that. >> molly: president trump plans to make good on his campaign promise to end daca and phase
6:37 am
it out with a six-month delay. now, daca protects illegal immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children. steve king supporting the idea but he is opposed to the delay. tweeting quote, ending daca now gives a chance to restore rule of law, delaying so republican leadership can push amnesty is republican suicide. let's bring in our panel. we have a former spokeman to governor jeb bush and we have a democratic strategist. let's talk about how difficult this could potentially be for the president. he talked about dealing with dreamers with heart. but at the same time many republicans have urged him not to take this action. now it's been put in the hands of congress to get something done in this six-month window. what's the likelihood that will actually work, justin? >> well, i think that look, as was mentioned before, president trump campaigned on this. the american people put him in the oval office based on that
6:38 am
promise and the other promises he made during the campaign. and i think this six-month idea being talked about of delaying these revoke of daca is a great idea. it was unconstitutional what president obama did. even the people who support the executive order can't deny it was unconstitutional. it deserves to be discussed in congress. that's the way our republican democracy works and that's the way it should happen. let the republicans and democrats in congress figure out how to implement it. >> molly: michael, will they get that done? >> i'm not too confident about it. we've tried comprehensive immigration reform multiple times before and haven't gotten anything done. president trump assured that dreamers, children brought here before they were adults were able to achieve the american dream. they weren't sent back to a country they didn't know. i would like to point out dreamers aren't just this -- they're students all over the country, co-workers, and people like alonso, an individual in
6:39 am
houston, who died rescuing people during the hurricane. >> we ran on a certain set of priorities. if you look so far the cupboard has been bared. promise to repeal and replace obamacare. haven't said that done. tackle spending and debt. haven't seen that done. we have all these promises that are unfulfilled that moving on to something that's controversial that a lot of republicans didn't run on i think would be a mistake. >> molly: he lays it out there. why do we think they could get something on this issue and these 800,000 people whose lives are hanging in the balance? >> i'm sorry congressman desantis. he is criticizing himself and
6:40 am
members of congress. that's no reason in my view to punt this issue and not deal with this issue. the executive order by president obama was unconstitutional and now people like him are arguing that we shouldn't take this issue up in congress because we don't think we can get it done? then maybe members of congress who feel that way should step aside and let other people run for congress who will address the issues this country needs to have addressed. for anyone to say this issue is too complex for congress to address, the answer isn't to have an unconstitutional executive order by a president of the united states. they all take an oath to uphold the constitution and if they don't feel they can get the job done they should step aside and let other people run for congress and address these issues. >> molly: it's fairly unlikely congressmen will give up their seats. unlikely to see that. michael. you were talking about the real people involved here and their lives. when we have this six-month window to work with what should those folks be doing?
6:41 am
>> the dreamers should be reaching out to congressmen and women and taking to the streets and letting americans know these are people here to do good. when the president started his campaign he talked about mexicans being rapist, dreamers are not convicted of crimes. they have to either have a job or be in school. these are the best of us. this is -- this goes back to about america, who we are, what we stand for, what our morals are. we need to fight to make sure these people stay here and continue the american dream and we're all supporting inclusion. i know these are politically fraught times and a hard issue but i agree with the spokesman. we do need to solve these problems and having temporary six-month policies don't work. we need to sit down and agree it's something we have to deal with. >> that's right. >> molly: these are promises that the president ran on. on immigration. a lot of hard liners that voted for him because of these promises. is this about keeping promises
6:42 am
to his base? >> i think so. i think we would expect any politician who runs to keep their promises when they come into office. this is a difficult and emotional issue. president trump is doing the right thing. he will keep his promise and also work with congress to address this in a humane and appropriate way. i think that's the right balance between those two interests. >> molly: thank you both. this is one we'll be watching in the months to come. thank you. >> ed: president trump saying all options on the table for dealing with north korea as we take a live look at the united nations awaiting an emergency meeting of the security council later this morning. this as some lawmakers in the unite states say -- >> the idea that you'll just negotiate with the north korean regime and they'll somehow stand down on this is a fantasy. :
6:43 am
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>> ed: diplomacy buy itself seems not to have worked. the president putting everything on the table is not a bad thing right now. both for north korea but maybe more importantly for china to be thinking about how this behavior is. >> ed: we're waiting a start of an emergency meeting at the u.n. nikki haley is there. it comes at south korean intelligence says the north may be preparing more missile tests in the coming days or hours. what are president trump's options. joining me now is a key export. the director of programs for the action institute and a former policy advisor to president george hw bush. paul, so important and so glad to have you today. i wonder as someone from the bush 41 administration who may have been skeptical or may
6:47 am
still be skeptical of president trump and his foreign policy credentials, how has he done so far? >> well, ed, you made me too old. it was bush 43 administration. the president has done a great job so far because the point is nothing is going to change the north korean's regime trajectory except china telling him they will remove that regime or the united states have to deal with it militarily. i respect nikki haley very much. she will do a wonderful job there today as she does every day playing the role of bold defender of the united states and scourge of all lunacy. what will really change this situation is china behind the scenes understands if they don't get control of this situation everything they fear the most, which is the united states increasingly militarized in that area. japan and south korea
6:48 am
increasingly militarized including going nuclear will happen to china. if they aren't willing to deal with that at this point there will be nothing but how many people will die in an ultimate war. i believe that's where we are right now. >> ed: that's intense and i want to break it down and get right into it on china then. we've heard this for how many administrations. he stretched you out maybe longer, but it is going back at least the bush 41 years we've heard china is the key to north korea neither democratic or republican administrations have figured out how to unlock it. what is president trump thinking about now. total trade embargo for china. critics say it will hurt us more economically. we may have to do something drastic like that. what do you think of that? >> yeah, i think so. the reason that kim jong-un doesn't stand down and he keeps on doing what he is doing is because he knows china is not going to do or so far doing nothing to stop him and he always gains from this.
6:49 am
the chinese have to decide if it's worth having a nuclear japan and south korea. i do think that a full trade embargo on china would get their attention to make china deal with this problem before we have to do it and the japanese and south koreans do it. the chinese are sensitive about face saving. you don't do these things in public but privately they need to be told by this administration everything you fear the most will happen if you don't do what you can do here. >> ed: i have 30 seconds. tell me exactly how president trump does that? are you saying that we have to make sure that japan and south korea are nuclearized, that's the only thing that will get china's attention, this talk about you are going to have them nuclearized? it's not enough we finally have to build it up? >> i think that i would do some of the things that we do before we have any kind of conflict
6:50 am
with somebody, which is we bring home non-essential personnel from our country like south korea. we increase our armaments to these folks and we start talking publicly about what it looks like if japan and south korea have to defend themselves as we do from a nuclear north korea. that includes returning nuclear weapons to south korea maybe and not standing in the way of japan doing what it needs to do. all of this is severe pressure tactic against the chinese. it doesn't necessarily mean it has to happen but part of the pressure tactic. >> ed: stakes are enormous. we appreciate your insight this morning. >> molly: u.n. ambassador nikki haley says north korea's regime needs to rethink its course of action. >> they need to recognize the danger they are ore putting themselves in. >> molly: we're awaiting an emergency security council meeting set to begin just moments from now. >> ed: the threat of looting as people begin to assess the damage in texas. the good people of houston are
6:51 am
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>> molly: in the aftermath of harvey we're seeing warnings for would-be looters. the message could not be more clear. loot and you will be shot. kris jenkins is live from houston with more on this. chris. >> nothing ambiguous about the message here. this sign, you loot, we will shoot. punctuated with a smiling face. it is happening because all the residents, more than 100,000 around the houston area are gutting their homes. some totally destroyed and, you know, these signs are popping up outside because would be looters are driving around
6:55 am
rummaging through people's belongings. the owner of the home who put this sign out, mike, here is what he had to say about it. >> they are picking these things up and they aren't asking before they're doing it. i had a guy two days ago in my yard who was digging through my stuff and i went out and challenged him. he had an on official-looking orange like a construction worker's vest and i said what are you doing? he looked at me and he says i'm collecting for the poor. >> a big problem here. our signal may be breaking up a little bit. the message clear, no looters tolerated in these suburbs. >> molly: people there certainly know their rights. we appreciate it. thanks. >> ed: an emergency meeting at the u.n. over north korea's nuclear test about to get underway live here in new york city. we'll take you there as soon as u.s. ambassador nikki haley starts speaking.
6:56 am
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>> molly: nuclear north korea setting the world on edge. the u.n. security council meeting right now in response to the rogue state's latest nuclear test. >> ed: welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm ed henry. >> molly: i'm molly. bill and shannon are off today. north korea raising the stakes. dictator kim jong-un claiming to have a hydrogen bomb. they had their sixth nuclear test appeared to be 50 kilo tons. a significant increase from previous tests. the world is united against north korea's nuclear ambitions earlier on fox and friends. >> part of the issue is china and russia are working with the united states. we saw it with the u.n. security council resolution that passed a month ago. the u.n. is meeting today, the security council in emergency session in which the world is
7:00 am
in agreement. we want -- we want the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> ed: can we expect new sanctions? >> we will not see a decision or a vote on new sanctions just yet. today's emergency meeting will allow members of the security council to condemn north korea's latest actions on the record officially all 15 members of the security council will speak today and south korea, who is not a member of the security council, could also speak today condemning north korea's latest and strongest nuclear test to date. we're hearing from a reliable source that u.s. ambassador nikki haley will be the first to speak today. this is the second emergency meeting in a week. last week kim jong-un, the north korean leader, fired a short range ballistic missile over japan prompting the government there to warn their citizens to take cover. the u.n. security council
7:01 am
strongly condemned that action. but no new sanctions were brought up then. but before that, earlier in august, the u.n. security council did pass tough trade sanctions against north korea which prompted north korea estimating to lose about $1 billion in their trade exports or a third of their trade. the question now is today really what kind of new u.n. sanctions, if there are going to be discussed, what could we eventually see? some are suggesting going after north korea's oil and textile industry. u.n. ambassador has suggested going after north korean's foreign laborers forced to work outside the countries and send their salaries to the north korean regime. >> ed: there are complicated options ahead. the president tweeted yesterday about the possibility of just cutting off all trade with anyone who is doing business with north korea. that would include china, which is a key member of the security
7:02 am
council in deciding whether there will be new sanctions at all. >> that's right. look, china has said that they do not believe that the united states should act unilaterally against north korea. both china and russia, the neighbors of north korea have said they strongly condemn the latest nuclear test. the china president and the russian president are at an economic forum today actually in china. both say that they want a diplomatic solution. they both condemn this latest nuclear test and china's foreign ministry even lodged a complaint with the north korean embassy warning them to stop provocative actions. >> under the current circumstances, we would like to call on all sides again to keep calm. meet each other halfway and strive together to bring the issue back to the correct track of peaceful resolution through dialogue and consultation. >> that's the big question
7:03 am
about china and russia. will they be for further u.n. sanctions? how much farther are they willing to go when it comes to putting pressure on their neighbor? >> ed: good questions. dialogue and consultation many critics say that's gotten us where we are today. good to see you, brian. >> molly: as we await the start of the u.n. security council meeting we can sue a view inside. we expect a strong statement by u.s. ambassador nikki haley. she walked in a short time ago as we look inside the meeting room there. you can see him. we have a former chief counsel and advisor. the international community condemned this latest test on the part of the north korea. the u.n. security council meted slated to get underway. the isolation of north korea has yet to work as their program has advanced rapidly. we haven't seen sanctions stop
7:04 am
that advancement from happening. what could happen at the united nations to prove effective at reining in this regime? >> it is hard to know. a rambling up of sanctions is indicated. i think we'll see it in the near term. maybe secondary sanctions. the kind of worked against iran. north korea is isolated from the world economy already. what can make north korea tow the line? it will take real pressure from the chinese and we haven't seen that to date. >> molly: we may not see that. the chinese and russia seem to be calling for a freeze and a freeze that the u.s. and south korea stop their military actions as well and north korea freezes their program. is there any likelihood would happen if they make that suggestion? >> it's possible but we've been through this freeze for freeze conversation before. the north koreans have continued to develop a nuclear
7:05 am
weapons capability. make it more aggressive and develop a ballistic missile capability. we try to combine the two and hold the united states as risk. freeze for freeze not effective in getting our interests met. >> molly: there has been a response. south korea has fired a simulation on an attack on north korea's main nuclear sites and the u.s. is talking tough as well. mattis saying many military options are on the table. the president and vice president being briefed on that. is this a warning that pyongyang should heed? >> i think they ought to. president trump has indicated he is prepared and ready to use military action if necessary. the north korean regime should take it very seriously. the question is when and how and what it might look like. those are big questions and things we don't want to get to. this isn't a place for the united states or north korea's neighbors want to get to but we need to be prepared to get there if we combat a north korean regime. >> molly: the administration
7:06 am
has said all options remain on the table. among the options have been sanctions and drafting a package of sanctions. the president tweeting this, the united states is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. now that once again brings us back to china. now there is a lot of daylight between going after chinese banks or additional chinese banks and stopping all trade. what's the likelihood of that happening? >> i think the likelihood is high in the sense it should be a worldwide measure, not just chinese banks but any country willing to bank with north korea if we'll be effective. so at the end of the day what you have to do is get the world community allied behind the sanctions to penalize the north korean regime and not just the north korean people. that's the hard part. making it effective will be tough but it has to be backed by military strength and willing to go that road. no one wants to go that road
7:07 am
but we have to have that backing us if we be serious and get the north koreans to capitulate. >> molly: they are the hardest sanctions yet put forward by the united nations last month. how quickly could something be enacted? part of this is north korea's program has advanced so rapidly and the bombs are so much more powerful how quickly can the u.n. enact something that north korea would feel? >> it will take a while for it to get through the system and the north korean people and regime, which is isolated from its own people to feel the effects of sanctions. it will take a while and the program is moving very rapidly. at the same time, we've got to try all of our tools and our economic toolkit while preparing for potential military actions. you have to use both at the same time. over the last 20 years we had a failed policy through sanctions negotiated and the north korean program has gotten worse. we have to figure out how to
7:08 am
reset the policy and take it to the north koreans. >> molly: when could military action be taken? this has been decades of going back and forth, diplomacy, sanctions, nothing has worked. we see the program come to a point where american lives are at risk. what's next? >> we could take air strikes fairly rapidly against north korea. the problem is a limited air strike has the possibility of not getting all their weapons. they have a tremendous amount of conventional weapons across the dmz from south korea and not far from seoul. they've threatened to turn seoul into a burning sea of fire. that's not an idle threat. limited action has to be very effective. we have to be prepared for a larger scale military intervention and get the chinese involved in that effort. it has to be a key part of it. we need to figure out how to make that happen. >> molly: thanks for joining us with your insights today. we keep an eye on what's happening now at the united nations.
7:09 am
>> ed: that's right, molly. we don't want to forget about the people of houston obviously. texas at large as well as parts of louisiana still digging out, still dealing with tragedy. but hope and recovery in other aspects but also this u.n. security council meeting of course breaking here in the new york city. you can see we have a box there and we're watching it. as soon as nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador gets up to start speaking we'll go there live. for now as the flooding recedes the parts of houston and harvey victims return to their homes there are lingering threats from the floodwaters. matt has been bring us important stories from the beginning. what's happening this morning in houston, matt? >> it's day 10 here. the sun is shining. the storm is long gone. as you can see entire communities are still under water at this hour. this is the southwestern side of houston along the buffalo
7:10 am
bayou. community still chest if not waist high up in water. authorities also warning about the dangers of this standing water. bacteria, reptiles, fire ants, feces and electricity. we spoke with a couple who said they have power in their house now. some of that electricity could be running through this water. we spoke to a family who has their house and some of their cars under water. you can see some of it. here is what they had to say. >> bacteria, there could be raw sewage and that is just not only make you ill you have open wounds, it could lead to serious infection. material items are important but safety and health and well-being and the support of the community, all those things are starting to rise up to be more important. it seems like houston people have a sense of things will be fine. we'll be okay. >> getting around town is difficult. we're talking to neighbors who
7:11 am
say their gps is not recognizing closed streets. some streets are flooding and water receding. getting back to normal a long time away in houston. >> ed: no doubt. we had a medical doctor on a few moments ago talking about the threat from the bacteria in the water. we want you and the crew to stay safe as well. you had a run-in with fire ants. what happened? >> we did. several of our crews have. we were warned about them and in wharton south of houston. these floating piles of ants just floated right by us, i snapped some pictures and they made their way on land and we were fighting them off. some of the people around us were fighting them off. very aggressive. we got bit a few times. totally fine. they're all over and they do bite, ed. >> ed: bringing a little bit of levity to a serious situation, matt, we hope you stay well and don't want you to be overrun by fire ants. >> molly: and we continue to
7:12 am
monitor that emergency meeting of the united nations security council getting underway right now. how will they respond to north korea? we're waiting u.s. ambassador nikki haley and we'll take you there live for her comments coming up. . your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. i wanted to get new blinds, about what kind i should get, and she mentioned i should visit blinds dot com. great quality for an incredible price, that's where i got my blinds. (vo) with blinds dot com, you get a free online design consultation, free samples, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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7:14 am
>> ed: nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has just started talking about north
7:15 am
korea. >> north korea has defied our collective voice. it is worth taking a few moments to recount some of the history. in 1993, the council approved resolution 825 calling on north korea to remain in the non-proliferation treaty. that didn't work. north korea withdrew from the treaty and continued its nuclear pursuit. in 2006 the six-party talks faltered and north korea conducted several ballistic missile launches. that led to resolution 1695, condemning them. the same year, north korea conducted its first nuclear test. that led to resolution 1718 establishing a u.n. sanctions regime aiming to stop all nuclear ballistic missile and other weapons of mass destruction programs. after six-party talks fell apart again in 2009, north
7:16 am
korea conducted additional missile launches and its second nuclear test. that led to resolution 1874 which expanded sanctions, including an arms embargo and cargo inspection obligations. in 2012, the deal failed and north korea conducted two new space launches. the security council responded with the adoption of resolution 2087. following north korea's third nuclear test in 2013, the council adopted resolution 2094 expanding sanctions to restrict financial, maritime, aviation and diplomatic activities. by 2016, north korea had conducted its fourth nuclear test and another space launch: they followed that with more missile launches. in response, the council adopted multiple resolutions
7:17 am
expanding sanctions even targeting whole sectors of north korea's economy. finally this year the council got even more serious. first we adopted resolution 2356, designating high ranking north korean government officials and the mail tear's strategic rocket forces command for individual sanctions. after the regime's first two icbm launches which adopted resolution 2371, the strongest sanctions we have ever imposed on north korea. that resolution banned north korean exports of coal, iron and seafood and imposed several other measures that will significantly cut off the revenues needed to fund their nuclear program. why did i take the time to go through this history? to make this point. the united states security council has spoken with unusual unity and consistency on north korea. that's a good thing.
7:18 am
along the way, there have been problems with implementation and the council has at times been too slow and too weak. but this is not a situation in which we have allowed divisions among us to stop any action. still, here we are. despite our efforts over the past 24 years, the north korean nuclear program is more advanced and more dangerous than ever. they now fire missiles over japanese airspace. they now have icbm capabilities. they now claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb and just this morning, there are reports that the regime is preparing for yet another icbm launch. to the members of the security council, i must say enough is enough. we have taken an incremental approach and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked. members of this council will no doubt urge negotiation and a
7:19 am
return to talks. but as i've just outlined, we have engaged in numerous direct and multi-lateral talks with the north korean regime and time after time they have not worked. the time for half measures in the security council is over. the time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it's too late. we must now adopt the strongest possible measures. kim jong-un's actions cannot be seen as defensive. he wants to be acknowledged as a nuclear power. but being a nuclear power is not about using those terrible weapons to threat en others. nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong-un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. war is never something the united states wants.
7:20 am
we don't want it now. but our country's patience is not unlimited. we will defend our allies and our territory. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for freeze is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an icbm pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. no one would do that. we certainly won't. the time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means to end this crisis and that means quickly enacting the strongest possible measures here in the u.n. security council. only the strongest sanctions can help us resolve this problem through diplomacy. we've kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. this crisis goes well beyond the u.n. the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country and united states will
7:21 am
look at every country that does business with north korea as a country giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and what we do on north korea will have a real impact on how other ought law nations who seek nuclear weapons conduct themselves in the future. the stakes could not be higher. the urgency is now. 24 years of half measures and failed talks is enough. thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i give the floor to the representative of japan. >> thank you, mr. president. we appreciate the president's swift convening of this urgent meeting jointly requested by the united states, korea, france, u.k. and japan and appreciate the briefing. less than a week ago, the
7:22 am
security council gathered to condemn the launch of the ballistic missile by north korea which flew over japan. yesterday north korea announced it had succeeded in miniatureizing a nuclear warhead attached to an icbm. hours later -- >> ed: some have strong words from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. you heard her a moment ago saying enough is enough. that the u.n. has spoken with one voice for a long time in standing up to north korea but north korea has been defying the u.n. for a couple of decades. i want to bring in daniel halper, a contributing editor to the washington free beacon and weekly standard. daniel, i was very struck by the statement from nikki haley saying that basically we've kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no road left. >> this is obviously a call to action. she started off the first part of the speech laying out clearly about how north korea
7:23 am
has acted badly. the international community has responded and yet they've continued to act badly. and i think it really sets up what are they going to do right now to prevent action? the bad action from happening going forward. >> ed: what is your sense from your sources around washington, from covering this a long time? every administration, democrat or republican before a military conflict talks about diplomacy being a key tool in the tool box if you will and they go through this. sometimes it's just going through the motions, other times it's a serious diplomatic effort to try to end this diplomatically. you look at james mattis, the defense secretary in the driveway of the white house yesterday saying we can annihilate north korea. not saying we'll do it but we can. that's not our intention but we can wipe you out if we want. one day later basically our chief diplomat at the u.n. in addition to the secretary of
7:24 am
state but at the u.n. nikki haley saying we've run out of road, folks, and our patience is not unlimited. it sounds to me like this military option is a real option. >> if you asked anybody, the real solution, the only solution that you know would prevent north korea from using nuclear weapons is to strike first. the problem is that nobody wants to do that because it would result in mass civilian casualties in north korea and nobody wants to wipe out an entire nation because its leader is mad or is reckless or however you want to describe him. so obviously you want to try other means. but even president trump i think in his tweet yesterday said north koreans only understand one thing. he didn't exactly say what that one thing is but he means its military force. again nobody wants a military solution but it seems like we keep on having these successes at the united states, which nobody really expected
7:25 am
president trump to rally the international community around him at the united nations. the last vote was unanimous against north koreans including the russians and chinese and yet the north koreans continue to act out. what do you do to stop them and prevent loss of civilian life around the world? that's the question that's keeping a lot of people in the administration up right now. >> ed: you raise another point. you heard the president's critics from day one of this administration saying he is not up to the task to commander-in-chief. he will be a disaster on national security. a couple weeks ago when he made those fire and fury comments you heard the critics saying he is escalating this situation with north korea. he is in over his head and yet now over the last 48 hours you see this administration calm, cool, collected from the defense secretary in james mattis, as i mentioned in the driveway of the white house saying we can wipe you out if we want. that's not our intention but we're prepared to do so.
7:26 am
calmly laying out the stakes for north korea. you look at nikki haley. she laid out a pretty cogent case. >> yes, as i was saying she was able to rally the international community around her in previous votes. people didn't expect that. this administration, as other administrations, will be judged on the results. the issue is can you contain or not even contain, can you disarm north korea. that's the question that nobody really knows the answer to and is why so nerve racking. >> ed: you're right. i heard the former cia director mentioning yesterday how he thinks this administration has done a poor job of doing what you said, leaving out the fact perhaps it's been several administrations in both parties who have gotten us to this point. this administration has seven or eight months. stakes are enormous. >> it is too early to say it's
7:27 am
a failure. he inherited a bad problem going on for longer than 24 years. how do you handle it now is the question and that's where the stakes are. >> ed: thanks for being here today. >> molly: congress is returning to washington after a long august recess. >> i would love to see them proactively do a resolution before we have to get to that point to show unification on both sides of the aisle that we're behind the president and we're behind the troops and we're behind doing whatever it takes to make sure we protect ourselves and our allies. >> molly: will the gop be able to get their agenda on track? a preview of what lawmakers will face when they return to capitol hill next.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> ed: lawmakers facing a growing to do list when they return to capitol hill from the budget bill, obamacare repeal and replace, tax reform. the president has been talking
7:31 am
about. and relief to texas. for a preview of what to expect let's turn to gary live from capitol hill. what will be at the top of the list with the national security threat from north korea? where will that play in all of this? >> there are talks of more sanctions and we'll hear more about the plans later this week. on wednesday the entire house and senate are expected to receive classified briefings on north korea from secretary rex tillerson and james mattis and joseph dunford and dan coates. some lawmakers are calling for new sanctions against north korea but others are questioning how effective any new sanctions will be at this point. >> we'll have to start imposing sanctions on other countries doing business with north korea. >> sanctions are arresting that development, either. just about nothing we've done so far has helped slow it down. they seem intent on moving forward.
7:32 am
>> ed: it's worth noting just over a month ago congress passed a new round of sanctions against north korea and yesterday treasury secretary said he is drafting a new sanctions package to send to the president. all of this comes during what is expected to be one of the most challenging months for congress in the trump administration thus far trying to avoid a government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling to avoid a default and immigration and healthcare on top of that. ed. >> ed: that's a mouthful for sure. >> molly: nations around the world condemning yesterday's nuclear test by north korea and warning against possible plans to launch another ballistic missile. the u.n. security council meeting at this hour. rich edson is live in washington >> at the united nations
7:33 am
security council. nikki haley said enough is enough on north korea. she went through the last 20 years of history with the country and basically says the strongest possible measures are required. take a listen. we don't have that. basically from there she said the kim jong-un regime is begging for war. the united states doesn't want war and notes the u.s.' patience is not unlimited. will the united states security council approve stronger sanctions against north korea. the united states, south korea, european union are pushing for additional measures against north korea on top of those security council approved last month. china and russia have suggested they would oppose such an effort leaving the u.s. to coordinate with its allies. >> molly: nikki haley listed all the things that have failed. moving ahead the u.s.
7:34 am
highlighting its defense capabilities, right? >> james mattis following a national security council meeting at the white house yesterday, his response to north korea's latest weapons test the united states and the allies have the ability to defend against any threat. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, both effective and overwhelming. >> trump administration has said it prefers diplomacy and would use a military option in response to a north korea attack. molly. >> molly: rich edson in washington >> ed: for more on this dave sears is a former u.s. navy seal who served in iraq and afghanistan. good morning to you. important to have you on with the stakes so high today. first of all, what did you make of what nikki haley was just saying live on air a few moments ago on top of the as
7:35 am
rich was saying defense secretary mattis in the driveway of the white house laying out the stakes pretty directly? >> i thought it was a great statement by ambassador haley. she laid out the history lesson everybody needs to know. it should be an embarrassment to the united states security council as well. >> ed: for sure. there has been all of this talk and very little action for so long. something else that caught my eye is the fact that what north korea is at least claiming about this last test is talking about a powerful electromagnetic pulse that they say could knock out entire cities in the u.s. it seems to me the stakes have gotten higher when this is not just a hydrogen bomb, which is massive enough, scary enough, but when you walk through this what exactly is an emp? it's the burst of radiation when a nuclear weapon is detonated above the earth. no blast felt on earth but the
7:36 am
electromagnetic field meet the surface and the aim is to knock out power in much of the u.s. and the claim from experts is outages could last for months affecting hospitals, emergency services, food and water. talk to us a little bit about this, dave, the notion that this kind of electromagnetic attack could go beyond just taking out lives. it could be taking out our electric grid as well. >> absolutely. electromagnetic pulse is a real thing. it can cause that amongst other things, right? and it would be absolutely devastating if it was over a certain area. depending especially large city centers or areas like that dependent upon those things and it shuts down all sorts of things including the financial systems. the impacts would be global. massively global. >> ed: what is your sense, we've been talking to experts all morning about the potential for military conflict here and the fear being that if we
7:37 am
launch a unilateral attack. the door is open for that unilateral attack. you could not just with the u.s. initial attack kill many north koreans but in a response from north korea the idea is that a city like seoul on the south side could be wiped out as well. talk about the stakes there. >> they're huge. i think that we know this conventional option and as we played it out either us a pre-emotion tory attack or north korea attacks first into seoul is huge. the loss of life is huge on both sides. so that's why i think it also leads to really strong new looking at things like a second strike option that we have and saying look, we'll -- like secretary mattis said, annihilation. this thermonuclear weapon they tested, assuming it s is a complete change in our calculations. assuming that they can get now a device aboard an icbm that
7:38 am
they can launch, we have to start assuming that these missile tests, how do we know they aren't nuclear-tipped missiles? we have no way to know that. our response has to be adjusted towards that. the calculations have completely changed. >> ed: i have just a minute. something you said there i want to dig deeper on so our viewers and i understand it. you are talking about a second strike. that's easy second nature for you but i want to understand it better. the talk in the media has been a unilateral strike by the u.s. wipes out a bunch of people on the north side and some pillover on the south side and an immediate response from the north korea that could wipe out seoul. are you talking about the possibility of the u.s. launching a unilateral strike at first and what is this idea of a second strike right away to prevent a response from the north is what you're saying? >> no, i'm not talking about that a unilateral first strike. a second strike is in response
7:39 am
to north korea launches a weapon towards guam and his guam or japan with a weapon. the second strikes that we would initiate, our response to that, that's a second strike, is complete and utter annihilation of north korea and it would have to be nuclear in nature. you would have to take out pyongyang and the artillery pieces. everything else. the calculation is ramped way up. >> ed: there would be pillover onto the south side when you talk about annihilating pyongyang with a nuclear strike it won't stay on one side of the border. it is an enormous challenge ahead. >> huge. nobody wants it to go to this. china supposedly very interested in stability in the region is the major reason they want to weigh in with north korea and south korea. they're pushing toward massive instability now and dangerous escalation. >> ed: a lot of options on the table for president trump. thank you for coming in and going through each one carefully. >> molly: a massive break-out of wildfires in the west over
7:40 am
the weekend. crews battling the largest wildfire on record for los angeles in the san fernando valley. mandatory evacuations were lifted sunday but folks aren't taking any chances. >> what i've learned from this fire is that you never know when it's out. it will look like it's out and it can flair up at any second. you hate to leave because you feel so helpless that -- and the moment where you are needed there might be something you could do. if you leave, you know, that's not possible. >> molly: meanwhile in oregon fire crews working to one tain wildfires near the indian creek trail. only 10% of that fire has been contained and forcing evacuations for residents. many people camping and hiking in the area. in washington state wildfires burning out of control in the jolly mountain region. firefighters are battling fires for three weeks. at least 1,000 people have been forced from their homes. >> ed: congress back from their august recess have a long to-do list and little time to do it.
7:41 am
we'll break down their priorities. >> molly: harvey's toll being felt at the gas pumps as prices soar nationwide and when drivers may expect some relief. . where we always welcome you, that's texas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪ you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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>> molly: a very full week lies ahead in our nation's capital. congress returns to work tomorrow. they are trying to avoid the government shutdown at president trump plans to end the program that shelters hundreds of thousands of so-called dreamers. joining me now are a political commentator and a founder of democrats for trump. a tremendous amount of news now. we heard from nikki haley at the united nations talking about getting tougher, if possible, on north korea. and talking a history lesson about things that haven't worked. what can congress do in that
7:45 am
respect? can people be on the same page at least in regards to our nation's security coming up? >> i don't think congress particularly wants to touch north korea right now. it seems like a sort of danged if you do, danged if you don't to clean up that for television. i don't see them getting together and creating a policy that could go in and actually impact kim jong-un and his regime. >> with regard to north korea, for so long administrations both democrat and republican have relied on a containment or appeasement strategy. that's no longer a long-term solution. both parties need to come up with a long-term solution which is predicated on the fact that north korea can't have nuclear weapons period and they can't have the ability to deliver them to the united states. >> i think we can all agree with that. the idea of strategic patience, the u.s. policy through four administrations has not worked.
7:46 am
it has failed. at this point the chinese supply 90% of the trade for north korea. i think we could try to nip that off a little bit. but at the end of the day kim jong-un doesn't have a vested interest in feeding his people. he wants his military and nuclear capability. that's a goal. >> ed: >> molly: the victims in harvey, the billions of dollars that may be necessary, some of it headed that way. a lot more may be needed. will that get done when congress returns to washington >> now is the time for republicans both the house and senate, to put up or shut up. to start delivering on these promises or to get out of the way. to resign or be fired. the stakes are high. and democrats and republicans are unwilling to work together. the president has said i'm sitting in the oval office ready to sign legislation and ready to deliver immediate relief. they should be there today working on this. >> molly: is there any excuse
7:47 am
to not get this done? >> any *r my home state of wisconsin has given 170,000 pounds of cheese to texas. they'll be fully fed when it comes to that. one step. but you talk about the democratic party getting out of the way, being the obstructionist. if you look what is happening within the republican party. donald trump isn't doing himself any favors trying to pass these legislative measures with daca, the repeal of that. jeff flake and other republicans coming out saying it's a bad idea. the transgender ban in the military divisive. his own party is having a difficult time getting on board regardless of the fact this should be a simple, let's fund the victims of hurricane harvey. there are 20 politicians in texas like ted cruz that voted against funding for hurricane sandy. >> molly: the president is tossing it into congress's lap
7:48 am
on daca. nothing happened on repeal and replace. tax reform pushed off. what will they do in six months? make something happen >> i want to push back on something you said. president trump is the most pragmatic, moderate presidents we've had in recent history. the president has made it clear with respect to the so-called dreamers that we love the dreamers. we love everyone that comes to this country including undocumented children and we want to come to a long term solution for them. which president obama couldn't do. so he tried to write legislation -- yes, he did. absolutely. president barack obama -- if president barack obama had gone to congress with long term solutions put in place to provide stability for dreamers. president trump is giving them six months. it is humane. >> daca is a vetting process. you have to be enrolled in school or you have to have a degree. you want to be working.
7:49 am
the 800,000 people who are currently with daca applied, many of them do not get in to daca. it is the vetting system that's already set up. for him to turn his back on individuals who participated in a government program in good faith i think is absolutely appalling. >> molly: you guys are great together. feisty. we'll see what congress can accomplish as they head back to work. >> ed: labor day. other taking it easy today. not here. parts of the u.s. are still recovering from hurricane harvey. here is another strong storm brewing in the atlantic. we have an updated forecast on hurricane irma and where it could make landfall in the u.s. you can't miss this. an) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts.
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>> molly: the ripple effect of harvey being felt across the country as several oil refineries along the texas gulf coast remain closed with long lines in texas and higher prices at the pump. the national average for a gallon of regular is now up to about $2.64. here is good news as exxonmobile says it is making some progress in efforts to get those massive texas refineries back up and running. >> ed: as waters from hurricane harvey recede could threat en the united states. hurricane irma, what do we need to know about her? >> it continues to move this way but slowly at 14 miles an hour. winds up to 120 miles an hour. we're beginning to see a couple of watches and warnings being placed in the lesser antilles
7:54 am
arriving into the initial islands here tomorrow night. we still have a little time. this is going to be a big system. the category 3 will build to a category 4 storm. the cone of uncertainty. it could move a little to the south or north. current paths take it to the north of san juan, puerto rico before the bahamas. that's running all the way until saturday. there is still a good amount of time from today, monday and saturday. still at that point we'll be waiting to see where exactly it will go. if it will make landfall or not. models keep shifting a little bit. we have a big bermuda high pressure system. initial models think it runs to the north but we keep seeing it shift farther south. there is a small chance it sneaks into the gulf. most models are telling us that it will be climbing up the east coast. here is what some of our
7:55 am
tropical models say. a spaghetti plot that runs several different models in agreement running north of puerto rico but at this point that's when you start to question where will you go next? a couple different possibilities here, one as it moves that way we talk about strengthening from a 3 to 4 and going back to a 3 as you run over some of the islands. this will be a big one. it is still not totally known where it will turn right or left but guys, we're getting here right into the heart of hurricane season. actually it peaks on the 12 when this thing is getting closer to shore. >> ed: the gulf can hardly withstand another storm but the east coast also bracing for it. >> molly: a nuclear north korea sparking new alarms claiming to have a hydrogen warhead that can fit on a ballistic missile. how the international community is responding. ♪ endless shrimp is back at red lobster
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>> fox news alert across the pond, i know you've before waiting patiently. kensington palace announcing prince william and princess kate expecting their third child. and the queen is reportedly delighted by the news. kate suffering from a form of severe morning sickness. as with her first two pregnancies, cancelled planned appearances today as a result. the royals already parents to young prince george and princess charlotte. >> and what is as cute as a ballgamy royal? first panda born in france. that panda does not have a name yet, perhaps we shall see. he's celebrating a major milestone, he can drink without a would thele. born last month, weighs over two pounds, closely watched because they're so rare automatic there in wild china. he is cute. at least as cute as a royal baby. >> from china to france. >> that's a cute segue. fighting for the royal baby. we want to make sure the panda
8:00 am
video gets out too. >> can't get enough of those stories. great being with you, molly. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> and a fox news alert, there is new fallout in really around the world after north korea's most powerful nuclear test to date amid new concerns they may be preparing for another missile lawn. . nice to be with you, i'm leland vittert. >> heather childers nice to be with you. >> always good to be with you. security council meeting going on. >> we'll continue to follow that. action on the north korea crisis with south korea firing missiles into the sea, to simulate an attack on the north's main nuclear test site. this as the u.s. warns kim jong-un of the massive military response. the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting days after the north claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb.


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