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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 4, 2017 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> a fox news alert. an emergency meeting at the united nations as the world remains on edge after north korea claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. and south korea is saying that they're getting ready for a long range ballistic missile test. i'm heather childers. >> great to be with you at home on this neighborhood. i'm leland vittert in for john scott. the latest test marks the sixth and most powerful one. and now nikki haley says north korea is "begging for war." those comments after president trump and defense secretary james mattis weighed their
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options at the white house yesterday. when asked about how he will deal with pyongyang, the president was brief. but he did leave all options open. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> there was reaction at the u.n. and washington from the united states and around the world. benjamin hall live in london with more on the international response to this. hi, benjamin. >> hi, leland. we've been following reports that kim jong-un and north korea would be doubling down on the nuclear test. south korean officials have said they've seen potential missile launches out of the north and it's an icbm missile. the north tested their sixth nuclear test, which they claim was a miniaturized hydrogen bomb and they could be testing a
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delivery system for the bomb. today, nikki haley said enough was enough. >> only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we've kicked the can down the road long enough. there's no more road left. >> south korea also responded today with live fire exercises of their own with air and ground launched rockets. the drills by the south simulated a strike on the nuclear side where north korea carried out the h-bomb test. the u.s. reminding people that they had options. >> we're not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. as i said, we have many options to do so. >> the continued provocations have led to a dangerous face-off between north korea and the world amid global condemnation. south korean defense officials have told their parliament the
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u.s. ney seek to deploy a nuclear powered aircraft carrier to the region. this comes days after a north korea fired a medium range ballistic missile over japan and north korea mentioned using a electromagnetic pulse over the u.s. so north korea really on the path of provocation two weeks after secretary tillerson said they appeared to be showing restraint. the world is trying to figure out what they can do after this meeting. sanctions are not working, so what next. leland? >> and the big north korea holiday coming up, which brings more provocations and harsh words. benjamin hall in london. thank you. heather, with a little more on the u.s. response. >> president trump is threatening tough economic sanctions after north korea's most powerful nuclear test to date. tweeting that the u.s. is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business
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with the north. china is by far kim jong-un's top export partner. you can see that followed by india and pakistan also on the list. all of this comes as president trump also singled out south korea for its "talk of appea appeasemeappeas appeasement." joining us from the weekly standard, thanks for joining us today. >> good to be here. >> let's talk about what is happening specifically going back to 2006. this as we said is north korea's sixth ever test of a nuclear weapon. the first since president trump took office. it also comes one year to the date of the last nuclear test, pyongyang's fifth test, which was in september 2016. how does this latest move raise the stakes? >> well, you know, you think when you talk about a nuclear stand off, the stakes couldn't get higher. they are. this is reportedly a hydrogen
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bomb. they're thermo nuclear weapons. far more powerful than the weapons north korea has tested. the stakes are higher and they have continued to develop their missile systems that can deliver the weapons to the united states. it's getting riskier as every day and week goes by. >> with the possibility of another missile test today or in the coming days. let's move to the response so far. president trump was asked if he would attack north korea. he simply said "we'll see." he tweeted about stopping trade with any country doing business with north korea. we saw that the top trade partner there is china. how will that impact us here at home if we were in fact to do that? >> in terms of a trade war with china, that could have a really big economic impact. we have $700 billion of trade with china every year. one more -- maybe one more nuance to go about that would be
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to shut down any trade with a company that traded with north korea. there's many chinese companies that don't trade with north korea. so you can target the companies that do their trading with north korea without having a massive trade war that could have a lot of global economic instability and u.s. economic instability if we start add trade war with china. >> so what happened president trump's relationship or lack thereof with the south korean president? how will that impact the moves that can be made to stop north korea? president trump referenced appeasement and that won't work? >> the troubling thing, a report in "the washington post" that president trump has said we should prepare to withdraw from our bilateral free trade agreement with south korea. we have a trade deficit with south korea. many say that doesn't matter.
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if you believe that trade deficits are bad, this is peanuts. $27 billion where we have a gross domestic product of $18 trillion. this is 1%. so right at the moment where we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the south koreans increasing our capabilities to strike back with a massive response, short range intermediate nuclear missiles, president trump is sort of making our relationship with our key ally more tenuous. so i don't think it makes sense from a economic or foreign policy or national security standpoint. the last three administrations have failed negotiations. sanctions don't seem to work. nobody wants military intervention. you think nuclear acceptance for north korea is inevitable? >> you know that remains to be seen. you make an important point. north korea didn't get the weapons because of donald trump. this was a failure of president clinton and president bush. it's a problem that was not dealt with by president obama.
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so this is a very difficult problem. i don't know the way out. once two countries have nuclear weapons, any sort of exchange is unthinkable and you want to do what you can to stop it. but as they increase their capabilities, there could be increase pressure to act. >> john mccormick, thank you. >> thank you. >> the u.n. security council met this morning. the second emergency session in the past week. both china and russia hold unilateral vetoes. recently the trump administration was able to get them on board for stronger sanctions against north korea. yet to be seen if they will get on board for what the u.s. wants to do this time around. bryan llenas outside the u.n. as that meeting wrapped up. high, bryan. >> hi, leland. tough talk from the u.s. ambassador, nikki haley that told the u.n. security council that north korea has slapped them in the face. she urged the 15-nation council that after 24 years of failed
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action, the time for half measures is over. they now plan on negotiating a resolution, one that nikki haley hopes is the toughest yet this week for a vote on monday. when we look at this, what do the toughest sanctions ever look like? the security council voted less than a month ago on the toughest sanctions yet. those sanctions they went after north korea's exports like coal, iron, lead, seafood at a cost of $1 billion to north korea's economy. the u.n. can still go after banning oil, maybe their textiles industries and north korean foreign workers. nikki haley also reiterating today that military options are all on the table. >> his abusive use of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. war is never something the united states wants. we don't want it now. our country's patience is not unlimited. we will defend our allies and
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our territory. >> the question now is will china or russia allow for hasher sanctions. either country can veto this resolution. they condemned north korea's nuclear tests but they're urging all sides to cool down and negotiate saying sanctions are not the answer. >> whatever measures we are planning now, i'm not sure that they will influence the other side to abandon what they have been doing. this is not the way to get parties at the table, to seek for political solution. >> the u.s. has made it clear they're prepared to act to go after north korea. as we've been talking about, the president going after countries that continue to trade with north korea, stopping trade with them.
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as we have been talking about, china does 90% of north korea's trade. so we shall see how this works on monday with the resolution on the table. both china and russia not showing their cards yet. leland? >> a long week of negotiation ahead. nikki haley talking about the first proposal as insulting. that's where things start. we'll see how they go at the u.n. from there. bryan, thanks. heather? >> i like what she said about kicking the can down the road. no more road left. and houston's mayor is eager to get his city back in business. we're live on the ground with how residents are working to make it happen and the latest on recovery efforts. plus, firefighters gaining the upper hand on a historic wild fire in southern california. the latest there just ahead. >> what i learned from this fire is that you never know when it's out. it will look like it's out and could flair up at any second.
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it's not over until it's really over.
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experience amazing. >> we have some new action good information on what is being called the biggest wild fire in the history of los angeles. with the city's mayor saying crews have "turned a corner" in their battle against the massive wild fire that began friday. nearly all 1,400 people forced out of their homes have been able to return. the danger is not over yet. high winds are posing a continued threat because they could cause the flames to kickback up and spread. the last check, the fire was 30% contained. >> now to houston where the city's mayor says the fourth largest city is open for business. this comes as many areas remain under water and we're learning the flood waters contained a
10:16 am
toxic brew of chemicals and sewage and poses an unprecedented challenge. will car is live from west houston with the latest. hi, will. >> hi, heather. some residents are taking exception with the idea that houston is open for business. especially as their streets are still flooded. there's cars still almost all the way under water and so many homes have sustained a lot. this area is still under mandatory evacuation. that's not stopping some homeowners from coming back and getting critical positions. >> we necessities. we need our children's textbooks, medicine. we have things that we need from the house. we understand the government's point. it's dirty. many of the water is from sewage. >> the water is a real concern here. 13 toxic waste plants have flooded throughout the area.
10:17 am
that's not stopping some homeowners like michael carroll who did not have insurance. we've heard it time and time again. >> the best thing you can do is just keep a positive attitude and start thinking about what is next. what is the next thing to do. you can't just sit around and be upset. you can't cry. you have to think, okay, what is my next step and move on to that. >> how do the vast majority of texans have that attitude. we spoke to one mom trapped in her house for five days. they ran out of food. she went back to work today. this area had bad flooding in 2015, bad flooding on tax day. those two floods were called 100-year flooding and this has been called a 500-year flooding throughout the three years. she says her next step is to
10:18 am
move home, which is in massachusetts. heather? >> so tough. so many people have lost literally everything. will carr live for us. thank you. >> as will points out, so many without insurance who have lost everything. you talked about ambassador nikki haley. in addition to the down the road quote, there's no more room. she said that north korea is begging for war. so just how close to that scary reality are we? why our next guest says the president needs to act. why many lawmakers and military personnel are increasingly vocal in their concerns. >> the danger is more than just what kim would do with it himself. it's who would he give them to. i think you talk about a regime like iran. that would make the north korea problem look much more manageable in comparison. there you have a regime that truly is crazy. (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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>> leland: with the growing concerns over north korea's weapons capabilities and continued provocations, many are demanding intervention sooner rather than later, a new piece on saying that i would argue that north korea could already hit the u.s. with accrued nuclear capability now. so it's an urgent matter of national security for president trump and his administration to act to contain the nuclear and missile capabilities that kim already has. author of that piece is harry cazzianias. he joins us now. thanks for being with us, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> leland: when you say president trump needs to act, are you saying militarily or are you saying with sanctions and with embargoes? >> i'd want to be very clear.
10:23 am
i'm not saying militarily. unfortunately the options for a military strike are quite horrific. if we were to go in and say, for example, try to take out all of kim's nuclear weapons, you'd need to get 100% of them or he's going to attack the united states, south korea or japan. our best option right now is really to look at history and look at during the cold war we were able to contain the soviet union that had over 40,000 nuclear weapons. we have to contain the north koreas economically, diplomatically, financially. it's going to be hard but we can the it. >> are the north koreans rationale actors when it comes to this? >> you know, that's a good question. a lot of people say kim jong-un is crazy or, you know, he doesn't know what he's doing. the north koreans are very smart in developing nuclear weapons. they know it's the out middle asymmetric tool to stop the united states from innovating. kim jong-un is a student of history. he's look at iraq, afghanistan.
10:24 am
he knows we won't go after him. he's rationale in the sense that he wants nuclear weapons but he's irrational because he has over 100,000 people in prison camps. >> leland: getting to your point of what kim wants and why he is doing it. a lot of the south korean experts i talked to and north korean experts, in the west we look at the eyes through regime survival which is the long way to look at it and we should look to what kim says himself and what his grandfather and father said before. that what the that regime wants is the u.s. out of south korea, they want to us give up our military base there's so they can invade the south and reunify the korean peninsula. should we look at it this way? >> i wouldn't. to be honest for you, if north korea thought that we would withdraw from south korea, that
10:25 am
is never going to happen, is ludicrous. the south korean economy is 50 or 100 times bigger than the north koreans. they have an advanced military with one of the most powerful navies on the planet, the most advanced arm forces in the world. so if the north tries to attack the south, they have a bad thing coming to them. i wouldn't look at it that way. >> leland: how do we do with this -- this as your op-ed continues. it's time to pull out the stops to restrict the amount of financial resource going into north korea and making it as hard as possible for kim to build their nuclear program and h-bomb designs. the north's main trading partner that is responsible for a vast majority of its foreign exports is china. china seems to not be too pleased right now with the united states in the sense that they're not willing to tell kim jong-un sorry, we're cutting off
10:26 am
your supply of currency, your supply of oil, we're not buying your coal anymore. what does the u.s. have to do to china to get them to do that to fulfill what you said you thought should happen? >> well, i think the thing we need to do here, the chinese are essentially helping the north koreans launder money into their country. banks like bank of china have been called out in different u.n. reports in 2016 and other places as doing this. we know this is happening. so i think the easy way to do this is for president trump to get on twitter and say look, if you're going to continue to do this, we're going to sanction you. if that doesn't stop them, we have the means to basically cut them out of the u.s. financial system. that would cost them untold billions of dollars. i guarantee you that would get the chinese attentional and get them to stop. >> leland: we did see the president on twitter talking about essentially a decision to do business with north korea is a decision not to do business with the president. the delisting of banks is what
10:27 am
brought the iranians to the table. so both options, i appreciate it. if folks are interested more, they can read it on i'm sure more to come. >> happy labor day. thanks for having me. >> leland: heather? >> heather: even with the sanctions, trade with china and north korea up 40%. we'll see if they follow-through. president trump's plans for the dreamers and what he intends to do about the obama era program that protects undocumented immigrants that were brought here illegally as children and what role congress will play in all of this. plus, defense secretary mattis with a very strong warning for north korea. how he says the pentagon will respond to any continued threats.
10:28 am
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>> heather: fox news alert on the north korea nuclear crisis. with reaction now from the pentagon to kim jong-un's most powerful nuclear test to date. >> leland: defense secretary mattis out with a strong warning for the rogue regime. this was yesterday outside the white house saying the u.s. will answer any threat from the north with a "massive military response." jennifer griffin live in washington with more on what that means. hi, jen. >> hi, leland. it's notable after the national security meeting monday, the
10:32 am
president chose defense secretary mattis to give his message. he was flanked by general joe dunford and would be responsible for resourcing any military action against north korea. u.s. officials that i have spoken to say they have enough military assets in the pacific already if ordered to carry out a military response. fox has learned that u.s. f-16s are always on alert status at bases in south korea. outside the white house, mattis tried to be diplomatic. >> we have many military options and the president wanted to be briefed on each one of them. we made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies. we're not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. as i said, we have many options to do so. >> south korea began a live fire
10:33 am
exercise involving f-15 fighter jets, firing land-based ballistic missile into the sea of japan. it's mock target, the distance to north korea's nuclear test site. practice should precision strikes be ordered by the chief of staffs. likely another warning to go uncheated by north korea's brash young leader. south korea said they strengthened the thaad system and promised more live fire tests. the u.s. launched sniffer planes to take air samples to test for radioactive particles to turn the size and yield of the test. the pentagon has not released the results. what is clear the u.s. has not launched any military response yet or none that we can see. leland? >> leland: we're coming up on
10:34 am
september 9th, which is north korea national day. a lot of provocations, some kind of launch from kim jong-un. has the u.s. talk about moving more military assets forward, any talk about bringing u.s. nuclear weapons back into the korean peninsula as a way to send a warning to the north koreans ahead of this? >> there's been some interesting statements from the south korean defense minister suggesting that the u.s. would move strategic assets on to the peninsula. the pentagon has not made that announcement yet. a lot of this is still being negotiated. the u.s. is not planning any massive military build-up in the pacific. they already have 80,000 troops in japan and south korea. leland? >> leland: that is a show of force in itself. jennifer griffin in washington. thanks, jen. >> heather: meantime, president trump will likely end an obama era policy known as deferred action for childhood arrive value or daca.
10:35 am
a program that grants work permits to immigrants that are brought to the u.s. illegally as children. as the president is expected to delay the move six months, could potentially impact an estimated 1.43 million people eligible for the program. many of whom could try to stay in the u.s. despite being undocumented. for more, chris wilson as ceo of wpa intelligence. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> heather: we mentioned the 1.3 million people eligible. participating right now is 800,000 that actually have it. that seems to be the biggest issue. what to do with these people that came forward, believing that they would be able to stay. richard, what do you think should be done? >> we have to keep this program. here's why.
10:36 am
91% of those individuals that are daca students, they either are -- have jobs or they're in school or they're serving actively in our military. they're contributing to america. let's be clear about them. many came here ages 0-15. they went to our schools, they were on our soccer teams, on our hockey teams. they speak english. some don't even know spanish. they came to this country, want to be americans and contributing to our economy. the fact this this president wants to turn his back on them after saying that he loved them on friday is disheartening and sad. he wants to speak to a small percentage of americans when 78% believe they should stay in the country. >> heather: sarah sanders said the president loves children and wants to make sure the decision is done correctly. he's trying to do the right thing. chris, what do you think? >> i think the challenge that exists with the president and how he deals with this, you have to look at the history of the
10:37 am
daca program. this was a cynical attempt by barack obama after he said it was illegal to do to try to increase registration going into the 2012 registration. it's been documented. so it's not worth arguing about. so now leaves a situation that several attorney generals have recognized the decision and trying to decide how to deal with it. richard is right about the side of public children. he's right in the fact that they have been productive members of society. so now you have a situation that congress has to act. the question is how. the best solution here is some sort of path to amnesty, citizenship but has to be in a trade of e-verify. a few different deals that could be made to allow a situation that could be reached in a bipartisan nature. it's crazy to say that that can be done in congress. that's the only way this stays. trump has been forced into a
10:38 am
situation that if he doesn't, the courts will throw it out. >> heather: you mentioned ten states and they set a deadline of september 5. so the president was forced to take some sort of action. september was going to be a busy month already for congress, richard. that was before we had hurricane harvey. so do you think that this is something that they can get done? in the long run, will this benefit dreamers by allowing them to stay here legally and by the process being done the right way? >> don't get me wrong. there has to be a pathway to citizenship. there was a time when we could get it done. barack obama tried to get it done. will donald trump get some sort of dream act or some sort of dream act done? i find it hard to believe. let's be clear here. this act by the president of what he's going to do tomorrow is mean-spirited. oh, there's a six-month delay. that makes it okay because
10:39 am
congress will act. >> heather: as it stands right now, daca is unconstitutional. >> that's not true. a lower court ruled that. attorney gens of tennessee have said i'm removing myself from this case because i think these students should remain in this country. there's a lot of shades of gray on this particular case. what it leads to is this. these 800,000 individuals, they paid the $500 application fee. they have contributed to society, they want to be americans, they want to contribute to the american dream and the fact thats with as a nation of immigrants are turning our backs on them is problematic. >> heather: chris, you get the final word. >> to look at the constitution is mean spirited represents the problem on the left right now. let's ignore the law and the constitution to do what makes people feel happy. this will be thrown out.
10:40 am
ronald reagan -- chris, richard, we have to wrap it up. you're talking over each other at this point anyway. we appreciate it and we'll see what the president does do tomorrow allegedly. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> leland: about ten days after the storm, optimism coming from the mayor of houston and hurricane harvey relief. he says his city is open for business, but many areas remain under water. will carr talked about that and thousands of the storm survivors are still in shelters. peter doocy live in houston. peter, help us with this. open for business, but at the same time, still a huge hurdle to overcome. >> leland, we found out the house will vote wednesday on the president's proposal for almost $8 billion in harvey-related emergency funding. i had a vote today, the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy will be here at the nrg center,
10:41 am
which is a megashelter, leading a congressional deligation to meet with displace displaced h. harris county thinks there could be 136,000 homes with flood damage. statewide, could be as many as 500,000 cars according to solara holdings. you add that up, you still only got part of what is predicted to be a historically high damage estimate. >> when you look at the number of homes and businesses affected by this, this will cost well over $120 billion. probably 150 to $180 billion. >> something houston needs help with right now is more money for trash pickup. streets that had water on them a few days ago now have water-logged furniture and clothes and toys and it's piling
10:42 am
up so fast, the mayor asked president trump for federal help to clean it up. >> most of the cities now dry and people are already putting out ordinary heavy debris. the city of houston started thursday picking up this heavy debris. we have to get it done now. it can't be sitting around two months from now. so advanced funds for debris removal, he understood it. it was a very productive meeting. >> we've been driving around houston all morning long. still very high water in a lot of places. many businesses are closed and there's a strong odor of sewage in a lot of houston right now, which is a reminder that it's not just rain water that is spread out throughout the state right now. leland? >> leland: and the health concerns of the sewage water and the water-logged furniture is serious. peter, thank you. heather? >> heather: still to come, body cam footage from an arrest in
10:43 am
utah drawing national outrage. a nurse violently arrested after refuse ago police officer's demand to draw blood from an unconscious subject. this raises the question. what rights does a patient have? fitting into my skinny jeans again? that's cool. feeling good in slim fit? that's cool. looking fabulous in my little black dress? that's cool. getting the body you want without surgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. when it comes to planning trthe best routes,. nobody does it better. he's also a championship-winning football coach. look at that formation. but when it comes to mortgages,
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10:47 am
for the incident and placed two officers now on paid administrative leave. let's bring in our legal analysts. appreciate you for being here. i will admit i am partial to nurses. my father always told me to marry one. it's note worthy that neither of you could find an argument to defend the police in this. so jonah, to you, we're hearing there's a possibility this nurse will file a lawsuit shockingly against the city. is there a defense for the city on that? >> probably not. you know, i don't think she will have to file a lawsuit because this is such an overtly egregious event, that if the police department is smart, they'll write her a check without the publicity of filing a lawsuit. there's no defense for this police officer. look at the video and see that
10:48 am
the nurse is right and the police officer is wrong. dive deeper and the acts that precipitated this hospital event, the acts that got them there. when you look at that, it seems the police officer was not trying to uphold the law. he was trying to end-run it by using this nurse to do his dirty work that is inexcusable. >> leland: this is what the major said in a statement. what i saw is completely unacceptable to the values of my administration and the values of the salt lake city police department. i sent a personal apology for the nurse for what she's been through for simply doing her job. this brings up an interesting question. as far as we can tell, this nurse was not injured during this. she was put in a patrol car for 20 minutes and cooling heads prevailed and they figured out for arresting nurses for not doing things against the law is a bad idea. should she get money for this or the issue of should the police
10:49 am
officer be fired for this? >> both. i think that this nurse should be compensated for any pain, physical pain that she may have endured. we don't know whether she did endure physical pain or not. she could have. we all saw the video and how the officer man handled here and used aggression towards her, shoved her and put her against the wall. we don't know she didn't suffer physical injuries but she should be compensated and given damages for embarrassment, pain and suffering. this was a traumatic situation for this nurse that everybody could witness and see and feel for her. so absolutely. the officers, especially the one asking for the blood sample, and the other officers that allow him to do so and violently show aggression towards this nurse should also pay consequences for actions or lack thereof. >> leland: thanks, ladies. clearly seems that both of you
10:50 am
would like to have the nurse as a client here coming up. >> yes. a friend. >> leland: thank you. >> heather: coming up, flood victims in texas not mincing words in their message to leaders. how texans are taking matters in their own hands when it comes to those taking advantage of them in the wake of harvey. a live report when we return. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure.
10:51 am
with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> leland: gas pricing are holding well above $2 a gallon. the average price is $2.63. gas prices spiking following the devastation of hurricane harvey rising 29 cents from this time last month. but that number may be on the way down.
10:54 am
the nation's oil heartland is slowly getting back up and running. had a congressman talking about this, how refineries, pipelines and shipping channels are restarting operations after being shut down by the monster storm. seems though it could take another couple weeks for the price decreases to come back in. we have new information on looters. some storm victims are responding to reports of people burglarizing homes and stores in disaster areas. they're taking up arms in a bid to stop them. you can see the signs out there. "hands off" is one of the nicer signs, this is a new rallying effort happening across areas. looters are impersonating rescue workers. we had a guy on earlier who he and a bunch of his neighbors said they would take up military patrols throughout their neighborhood. they would arm themselves, have
10:55 am
night vision. a sheriff said don't bother coming here in fort bend county in texas. he said if you're going to loose, we like the second amendment and you may end up leaving in a bag. it's a cold warning. >> heather: don't mess with texas. the gentleman we had on said they had three houses alone in his neighborhood broken into. definitely not what they need on top of everything else. right now on a different note, some reaction coming in to the news that prince william and the dutch cambridge are expecting their third child. the queen is delighted by the news. kensington palace said kate is less than 12 weeks along and just like in her previous pregnancies, she is suffering from severe mourning sick necessary. the royal couple has two children, prince george and princess charlotte. so prince or princess this time around? >> i got nothing.
10:56 am
i was ready for the collective aww, isn't that cute. >> heather: i say a princess. >> leland: has anybody asked them? >> heather: they'll take either. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nickki haley no mincing words saying that war is not america's goal but warns u.s. patience with north korea is wearing thin. this after north korea claims to successfully test a hydrogen bomb. new reaction from our allies and adversaries.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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10:59 am
>> l >> leland: fox news alert. president trump is reaching out to south korea. we have 20000 troops there and preparing for the possibility of
11:00 am
action after the latest north korea nuclear test. this is the third hour of "happening now". the first two were so great. i am leland vitert. >> heather: and i am heather childers. the president is speaking with south korea's president following the north korea claim that they detonated their first hydrogen bomb yesterday. both leaders agreed to remove the limits on the pay load on south korean missiles. north korea runs the risk of total a nilation. >> any threat to the united states including guam or allies will be met with a massive military response. >> heather: kevin cork has more at the white house. hi, kevin. >> reporter: you are right on the money there, heather.
11:01 am
the administration is speaking with one voice. the time for talk is over. whether it is james mattis, nikki haley or president by way of twitter. let me take you to twitter. telling the folks in the south. you have to get on board. south korea is finding as a told them that the talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. this morning the president and south korean counterpart discussed the latest options that the u.s. and partners in the region will consider all. the blast registered 5.7 on the scale. nikki haley said this morning, the time for talk ends now. >> to the members of the security council, i must say
11:02 am
enough is enough. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and icbm pointed at you, you don't take steps to lower your guard. no one would to that and we certainly want. the time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means to end this crisis and that means enacting the strongest measures here in the u.n. security council. only the strongest sanctions will resolve this problem through diplomalcy. we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. >> reporter: you can imagine china is pushing back on the idea that the u.s. is run out of patience. they are thread bare in dealing with the north. you will note that the u.n. issued half dozen sanctions on the north for the nuclear missile development and the
11:03 am
program and once again, you have seen, heather, that the north is flaunting its power on the program. from chinese foreign minister. what is unacceptable to us. on one hand we work hard to peacefully resolve the issue and on the other hand our interest are subjected to jeopardized. this is unfair. if you didn't note this, this would be interesting. the u.s. and china have a massive trade partnership. and you can well imagine that might impact the economies in/beijing and washington if the administration were to follow-through on eliminating trade if china doesn't get north korea to knock it off. for now, back to you. >> heather: it was telling when
11:04 am
he listened to nikki haley. beginning with 1993 and here we are in 2017, dealing with this. kevin, thank you. >> leland: meanwhile, there are new concerns as if we don't have enough that north korea could are preparing for another ballistic missile launch. the last one went over japan this after the hydrogen bomb test sparked a meeting on the u.n. security council. nikki haley urged the members to take the strongest possible measures. >> war is not what the united states wants, we don't want it now. but our patience is not unlimited. we will defend our ally and territory. >> leland: more from mike, president of dill jeops. mike, always good to see you,
11:05 am
sir, >> thank you. >> leland: why are the military options in north korea so bad? everyone agrees on that? >> it is a list of less than desirable and every option from a military perspective, potentially large scale death and destruction. that may be oversimplifying it but that where we stand. nikki haley is right. we have kicked the can down the road for two and half or three decades and that is correct. never under estimate the united nation's ability to find more road with futil discussions. not that we don't want to keep talking. we need to continue the
11:06 am
diplomacy and negotiations. and our options militarily are so unpleasant to think about, we may have gotten to the point, where we could have productive negotiations. because the chinese now seem to be adjusting their mind set and the russians backed off earlier comments before the sixth test. that sanctions were unhelpful. and they are starting to chastise north korea. we may have gotten to the point where we could get something done. >> leland: we see the north korea raising the pitch and more provocative and then all of the sudden, and say i am ready to talk. and everybody goes thank you. they have gone down that road before. we'll talk about the chinese. chinese trade with the united
11:07 am
states, $650 billion. chinese trade with north korea 2.5. and important to the north korea but not chinese. why is it this an issue with the chinese? >> one much their recent comments is a perfect example of how the chinese dealt with the problem for years and years. first and foremost, the chinese government acts in its own best. >>. that's how they think. what it is, is what is best for china. it is not a global issue for them. it is unhelpful to work hard and at the same time sanctions and possibly talk about trade and defense. that is unhelpful. china hasn't been trying to solve the problem. they haven't worked for years to solve the problem. they are only realizing they have to come to the table and
11:08 am
they have enabled whether it is staut or partial state actor, they have enabled north korea. the reason the chinese are talking different. they believe the administration will do things directly to impact china and that includes looking at the possibility of enforcing the sanctions and calling out the chinese when they back slide, or going to chinese players whether it is chinese financial institutions doing business with north korea or individuals. what ever it is. the chinese are looking like it might pressure north korea only because it is in their best interest. >> leland: for a long time, the chinese thought it was in their best interest to have north korea as a thorn in the united states and a buffer.
11:09 am
and so i appreciate your insight on this as always. thank you, sir. >> sure, thank you. >> heather: thousands of people are homeless thank tropical storm harvey. many have yet to take the first step to the long road of recovery. 40000 people still in shelters across texas and louisiana. more than 2600 red cross workers on the ground. 16,800 people and 1500 pets are rescued. the numbers are staggering. what is the latest. >> reporter: heather, we are on the southwest side of the city by the buffalo bayou. we wanted to show you what it is like for the people who are able
11:10 am
to get back in their homes right now. you can see the flood damage and garbage on the street. they have precious belonging and they are drying out photo and heir authority looms. there are pickers, coming by and taking belongings off of their yards. behinda is a flood victim and invited us inside. from the exterior it is not that bad. but in the inside. it is damage and melinda piled up her pictures on the walls and melissa, this is it difficult for us to report on and what is it like to live through? >> it is tflt, heart breaking and overwhelming and i use that world sureal. this was my childhood home and lots of memories and picture and files and i knew i would be
11:11 am
doing this before long but not that it would all be wet. it is a big, big task. >> we see filing cabinet remnant and pictures. what is going on in this room? >> wonderful memories. and i am stopping and looking at times when i should be hurrying along. but that is good for my soul to connect and look and have memories. and yeah, you know, it is full of wonderful memories. my parents are living and i have been taking pictures of all of this. and they are being stlong. they have not come in the home yet. they have a difficult time walking around anyway and i am trying to do the big part and with wonderful friends from our church came from near and far. they moved here from florida recently and they have been through hurricane and jumping in. and dear wonderful friends and our church family, i couldn't be happier and blessed.
11:12 am
>> we wish you very well. and thank you for allowing. >> my mother loved accessories and had a business at one time. lord, i need a push and we'll hold on to that. >> reporter: thank you, melinda. and the buffalo bayou is raging and flooding many homes. there is standing water and electricity is flowing through there and bacteria and toxic and police are warping people to stay out of it. >> she's so close to that. does she have flood insurance? 80 percent of the people can not have flood insurance. does she? dew know, matt? >> reporter: i don't know heather. we'll have to find out. >> heather: and hearing about the pickers on top of looters. >> leland: back to the lord, i need a push.
11:13 am
there is a prayer that god wouldn't give me any more than i can handle. our thought and prayers are with melinda and her family. speaking of harvey. servicemen and women serving on the home front, heros in the wake of tropical storm harvey and how their efforts are making a difference not only in the rescues, but a week plus after the storm.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> heather: well, the u.s. military playing an active role in rescuing people stranlded in tropical storm harvey's flood waters. the u.s. air force assigned 2000 air men in southeastern texas patrolling the area for anyone needing help. terry o'brian joins us now. thank you for joining us.
11:17 am
and i don't know if you heard the homeowners struggling to go in and recover the memories. faith, friends and families helping out and front and center has been the military through rescues and now through the relief effort and recovery. >> that's to be expected. we learned a lot of lessons from hurricane katrina. in an earlier segment you had the commanding general of the texas national guard and immediately secretary mattis and secretary richards realized what is going on. he has dual status. his unit and all units that are coming in to texas. that is crucial to sort out everyone coming in and one voice and works with fema and other parts to do that. you wanted the reserve units coming in with helicopters to pick family units up and getting
11:18 am
people out of danger. >> heather: it was amazing to see all of that happening and the military was assisted by you know, regular people on the ground, neighbors helping each other to get the boats out and so the military rescued from the air. >> that's a part of the local citizens understanding that help is coming and enabeling that. what you are watching now is a recovery effort. in a lot of ways tis a longer term and while it is horrifying to watch the disaster part and the first part, this recovery could last several weeks or month or a year. and so what you are seeing now in gentleman hamilton talked about it. there was a push of assets to him and they had air force unit and navy and marine corps unit and he had assets immediately instead of waiting for the disaster. the immediate response there and
11:19 am
now, we are able to sort out what's needed for the next steps. and it is it glad to hear the mayor of houston saying that houston is open for business. their airport and port is open and you will watch the military units, they're out on the forefront every day and they will turn inward and help. >> heather: they can get to areas that are isolated. 40000 people still in shelters across texas and louisiana. we have hurricane irma possibly headed that way and the need for supplies and to get them to the people who need them most is something we use the military for as well? >> yes, that is a critical capability there. the local government and fema will take care of restoring, but there are still isolated pockets that people just can't get to and bringing in the military units, they are used to going in
11:20 am
isolated places and not only get in the place that needs help, but provide and know what they need when they show up. water and restoring power and you are talking about medical service corps folks for the water situation and monitor to get fresh water and sewage. the military will help with all of that. >> heather: we talked about what is in the water that we are not aware of and the dangers of people going into it. thank you for joining us and appreciate it and captain terry o'brian, thank you. >> leland: so- call would dreamers facing a critical deception. president trump expected to announce tomorrow the daca program. the political panel with the fallout from this and plus, international contemnination in north korea but is there anything that the u.n. can do to
11:21 am
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no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to >> leland: president trump's much anticipated decision on the dreamer's program is coming tomorrow. he is expected to ipd the daca program that protects young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. after the decision congress will have six months to put in-laws. congressman ryan knowledges that they should leave the country. >> they were brought here by their parent and don't know another home. i believe there needs to be a legislative solution that we are working on and we want to
11:25 am
give people peace of mind. >> leland: joining us beverly and david. former obama campaign policy advisory and former state department official. thank you for being here. >> beverly, giving congress something to do ordinary puts the power back to the people. but at the same time congress has had an abysmal track record and doing anything that the president wants done. what will happen in six months? >> i don't see how you can't not only deal with debt ceiling and tax care reform and i don't see how you deal with immigration reform. it is it a tricky issue for republicans. they disagree on immigration. but it brings us back to the issue, president obama tended to rule by executive order when he was president.
11:26 am
we need pefrminent solutions and so congress is the body. i am not sure how you do that in six months. >> leland: this is a important point to daca. you seem to have agreement that people want to keep daca and not deport dreamers. whether keeping daca or legislative changing the law. president trump said he loves the dreamers. why is it so difficult to get the agreement from democrats and republicans and why no action. >> it is it almost universal. it is not all, president trump wants to end it and it seems like he will end the program. remember that the reason president obama put the executive order in place. congress introducedap act to do it legislatively in 2012 and it
11:27 am
failed. that's why president trump took action. i don't think congress will be more successful this time and when president trump said he will push back to congress and enlding it. that means he will end it. and that's what he wants and campaigned on. it is within his legislate authority to do it and he campaigned on it. and those americans who want a president against immigration are getting what they voted for. >> leland: one thing about the daca program, it is it a terrible optices issue for any republicans who cams out against it and a made for television and made for newspaper issue as it is easy to find heart stirring stories of people who are benefitting from daca. a parmedic helping with hurricane harvey was recently profile would. and doing this.
11:28 am
does the president run a risk of a bad time bomb going off in six months. and as david points out congress will not do anything. >> he's changed his rhetoric on this. means that he is concerned. we have seen it with president trump, congress, you decide and i will vote on it. it happened with health care reform. people are looking for a president standing by what he campaigned on. strongest presidents are ones that have policy issues. he's not afraid to throw it back to the republicans. i see it as a potentially another mistake where he's not leading the charge on what he thinks it is to look like. and testifying the republicans to fix this in six months. >> it seems that the republicans
11:29 am
will not get help from the democrats on this on capital hill? do you agree with that approach by democrats or is it time for moderate democrats being willing to join the moderate republican freshmeneds? >> i think democrats would pass the dreamer's act and something that continued a program like daca. daca population is the least objectionable of the immigrant populations. they were under 16 when they came here. it was not their choice and they are registered under the program and most of them employed and served in the. and congress could come forward. the problem is not the democrats twill be the conservative and anti- immigration republicans who will block any option like this. >> david and beverly.
11:30 am
i am not sure we sochled anything but it points out how complicated the issue it. thank you, both. >> heather: south korea warning that north korea is gearing up for another long range missile test. ahead how the u.s. and international community is responding to the growing crisis. >> and harvey recovery astronominal. and many people have no flood insurance. and we have more from the policy attorney. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®.
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11:34 am
love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. >> heather: welcome back. the u.s. weighing options for a possible response for north korea's latest nuclear test. while our ambassador urges the unight offed nations to get rough with the rogue regime. >> leland: yes, president trump threatened tougher economic tafrngzs after north korea's toughest test for date and the information that the rogue napgz will be preparing for a new missile launch. hi, kilty. >> reporter: the south korea believes that the north is it preparing innercontinental test missile launches very soon. there is widespread condition
11:35 am
that pyongyang is it advapsing more rapidly than expected. earlier south korea carried out live four thrills. and now china said these tills and that was fame he rejenth would bee the, they say this can petty there has been up unamment strong think uh fvshs we have king would the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. >> reporter: the big question,
11:36 am
will this be enough? only a month ago, the u.n. imposed sanctions on north korea and that has not deterred pyongyang carrying out the missile and each one is it more sophisticated. it is now believed that the missiles have sufficient range to reach the u.s. that missile launch overflew japan if you remember. that has left the region and the rest of the world concerned about what north korea would do next. the u.n. resolution will be voted on next monday. >> leland: for more on the u.s. markets and economy later in the show, heather? >> heather: let's go back to the cost of the harvey's impact on texas and louisiana. it is adding up to $180 billion and makes it the costliest natural disaster in u.s.
11:37 am
history. and many people who lost their homes, they didn't have flood insurance. that shows they are hit hardest by flooding. and comparison of major storm and imanth that hafsh and for more chip is a policy hold are. >> it is dmrat dmra to bin. only 2 of 10 opener opener it is in inform nwell, fema am be coming in with adjustors and going through house by house and trying to assess the cash for the home that do have insurance. but most of the homes. they could have purchased insurance and so they were not an area that was not in the
11:38 am
flood zone. there is a misconception that you have to be in a special flood zone and buy insurance. 85 percent of the people will cover from this event. >> and spoke to a homeowner within this hour. and i made the comment, she's so close to the bayou that she would have to have flood insurance; is that not alwaysment case? >> no, it is not. for years and decades they have never flood and all of the sudden, we have a 500 year 92ed and a lot of people tell them we department have flood insurance. i never thought it would flood here. we are not in a special how fastop, what did you see? >> it is one of the reservoirs
11:39 am
almost downtown to memorial avenue. and out to katie, texas both studies police are blocked off. and only people getting in there are those to get to their homes and it is it still flooded there. it has receded, but i misdemeanoring what it was like in a week or so. it is an unbelievable site. and i never saw it gone in my life. geez. i am nopt in a dpi this is you don't have flood insurance. you will to have have for it. >> and.
11:40 am
in 20 swhr five we had a hurricane hit and then rita hit in pomont and louisiana and late october, we had a strong hurricane, first of the fourth damaging hurricane that we had. hurricane wilmathat went through southern florida and west palm beach. we could be in a similar scenario and that will push our resources and if that storm hits as a cat 3 or 4 in miami. >> is it there any positive news that people can grasp on to that deal with this in houston. >> you always learn the lessons. but everybody's pitching in to help everybody else out and the people throughout texas. there are people of grit and i couldn't believe. we have the second largest navy
11:41 am
in the world. it is great to see americans acting that way and standing up for brother and sisters the way we have. >> they say everything is bigger in texas and this is the case as well. thank you for your insight. >> have a great labor day. >> heather: you, too. >> leland: wall street is closed for labor day. i hope you enjoy your time with your family. international markets are reacting to the north korea nuclear test. that is not good. what it means for your 401k.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
security. we have a gene. jean, nice to see you. this is where public and financial jurnt intersect. and that is dow features are down normal. a flip or drop? >> i am not recommending for my clients to sell the assets. you clearly have to be aware. last year i was in australia 14 hours of us and nba final and a friend was texting me. who will win game five now that you are in at game five. they are only down one percent. it is not catastrophic. swiss franc is up. and gold is up as well. but again not significant. remember japan just had a missile flown over its
11:46 am
territory and south korea bordering a country that detonated a hydrogen bomb. their market reaction has been muted and in the u.s. same thing. >> after hurricane harvey and what is going on for north korea in the short term. >> leland: not only does wall street get back to work. but they have 12 days to deal with harvey and they have to deal with the debt ceiling before a government shut counsel and they want to deal with tax reform. the markets have been up 20 percent since the election and it is up a bit and down a bit. is this now, the time that things really matter in congress in terms of whether they will get something done and a possible negative reaction.
11:47 am
>> i can tell you this much, it is 600 or smaller or medium size clients. and you know, leland, if congress cannot pass tax reform this fall, it will mean the end of the republicans governing in the next midterm election. and we are seeing that reflected in the market. it is flat and right now, we are heading in the fall and a lot of the business leaders i am speaking to want to see congress take action over a pit 55 attol. >> leland: he calls on congress. our plan will reduce income taxes for american worker and family and double the standard deduction and make our corporate
11:48 am
tax code simple and fair and put money back in the pockets of people who earn it and bring back american jobs making our businesses competitive again. >> what the speech lacked was a real detail. does congress or it is white house have a tax plan to vote on? >> not only is there a tax plan. it will be released after labor day. and there's something call would the committee of six who is meeting in washington over the past few months and this is representativive in congress. and representative like steve mnumchin and gory kohn. and they have a detailed tax proposal. they do not want to make the same mistakes made with health
11:49 am
care reform. and the president's lack of disclosing the details, just wait, it is coming and a think a lot of corporation and individuals will be excited. >> leland: the president is it selling the need forever health care reform. we know the white house did a little bit of after action. and good to see you. >> belated happy happy. >> and you are very kind to remind me, thank you, heather? >> heather: a lot of work in the house. the house is in session 12 days. six fly in and out of days. >> leland: great schedule if you can get it. >> heather: amid a scorching heatwave. firefighters are battling the largest wildfires in california history. ♪ ditching the cover-up for good?
11:50 am
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>> leland: firefighters are starting to get a little bit of an upper hand in the largest wild fire. not before the flames burn thousands of acre. one report said the fire was half the size of the state of rhode island. >> reporter: yeah, you can't imagine. this is probably what you would have seen. the fire quickly spread and as of today, 7000 acres have burned. that is 11 square mile and pretty squary to think that a massive wildfires so close to
11:54 am
where people live. two densely populated areas north of l.a. and in the cities was burbank and glendale to the north prompting goch goff jerry brown to declare a state of the emergency. the fire shut down 210 freeway in both directions for the duration. weekend. a mandatory evacuation order put in place friday but lifted sunday night. one family cleared brush. but watched as the fire grew and engulfed their home. >> it changed and turned from a sleepy slow moving crawl are to a beast and we ran to the house go, go and grabbing and left things we packed up because we thought we had a minute. we had 90 seconds.
11:55 am
>> reporter: very frightening. four houses destroyed by the fire. rain sthours are serving as much needed help for fire crews battling it. >> there is no active fire left, but that can change with the wind. our goal is to continue to increase our containment percentage. >> reporter: more than 1000 firefighters battled the fire. there were a few minor injuries reported and the good news here, no loss of life. healther and leland. >> heather: that is good news, thank you mary ann. >> leland: tens of thousands of people were evacuated because of a bomb from world war ii. it hasn't gone off. at least not yet. the result and where it all came from, next. i accept i don't bike as far as i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke
11:56 am
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>> right now, mandatory evacuation order has been lifted for the arkema chemical plant. you might remember this from last week. flood damage from harvey caused the release of noxious fumes. yesterday authorities ignited the remaining chemicals rather than waiting for them to explode on their own. harvey's flooding knocked out the plant's cooling systems and that's what caused a number of explosions and then the fire. >> still don't know what is in the water. a sigh of relief after experts in frankfurt, germany diffused a massive bomb from world war ii. the 4,000 explosive was recovered last week under the bustling streets of the fifth largest city. for seven decades, it was apparently dropped by the british royal air force. the discovery prompting the evacuation of everybody within a mile radius. it's more than 60,000 people
12:00 pm
that had to be evacuated. >> if you spent time in europe and go to the battlefield, you'll find stuff, bullet casings. a big bomb would be shocking to discover. >> yeah. be careful with that. thanks for joining us. >> ed henry in for shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 p.m. at the u.n., noon on the west coast. american officials making it clear they're fed up in north korea. >> i have to say enough is enough. >> new today, signs north korea is not backing down. there's word they're prepping another missile test. president trump apparently set to decide the future of so-called dreamers. immigrants that entered the country as dreamers. and a monster hurricane expected to get stronger and could target our


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