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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 4, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thanks again for watching. we do appreciate it. it's an honor to be here having fun. have a great holiday. for seconds. "special report" is up next. >> this is a fox news alert. i am mike emanuel. this labor day has been anything but a holiday for america's national security infrastructure. north korea testing what it says was a hydrogen bomb and it has set off series of warnings, threats and recriminations. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin looks at the military ramifications of the latest north korean test. we begin with kevin corke at the white house with the furious political response. >> all hands on deck today for white house officials on a day where the team is continuing to try to figure out and solve the north korean nuclear provocations. this is the day when the president reached out to his
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south korean counterpart but it was also a day that saw an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. >> their time for half measures in the security council is over. >> in a scathing rebuke of pyongyang's latest nuclear test, nikki haley implored the international body to act decisively and increase sanctions pressure on the renegade north korean regime. >> to the members of the security council, i must say enough is enough. we have taken an incremental approach and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked. >> the call for a second meeting this week signaling the administrations threadbare patients with the leader kim jong un. defense secretary james mattis warning pyongyang that the u.s. was prepared for battle if necessary. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive
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military response, a response that will be overwhelming. >> since 2006, north korea has defied more than half a dozen security council condemnations over its nuclear and missile development which its leader has called a just response to military threats by the u.s. and south korea. the north's latest provocation and sixth nuclear test drew a sharp response from the president recalled it very hostile and dangerous. with sanctions ineffective, the thinking inside the white house is that hitting pyongyang's economy and economic allies might work, strategy aimed at the north's principal trading partner, china. the president tweeted that the u.s. is considering stopping all trade within a country doing business with north korea. >> we have pushed forward with this approach and tried to remove the money that goes into north korea that helps fund its
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legal ballistic and nuclear weapons program. >> china which supplies most of north korea's food and fuel criticize the threat. the foreign ministry spokesman saying "what's definitely on acceptable to us is that on the one hand we worked so hard to peacefully resolve this issue and on the other hand, our interests are subject to sanctions and jeopardized. this is unfair." as for the proposal from china and russia for so-called freeze for freeze, went into effect which would have with ralph reed is freezes nuclear ambitions in exchange for the u.s. and south korea freezing nuclear ang exercises, nikki haley called it insulting. she said "if you have a rogue regime that has a nuclear weapon and an icbm points that you, the last thing you want to do is take down your guard." that is something everybody would agree with. >> mike: kevin corke at a busy white house. thank you. south korea staged its own show of force today aimed at
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determining what it says is another eminent missile launched from the north. the u.s. meanwhile is threatening a massive military response. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is here. >> good evening. south korean officials say they see signs north korea is preparing for another intercontinental ballistic missile launch which could reach the united states and guam. they restated what u.s. intelligence said for the first time recently. they believe north korea has miniaturized a nuclear device that can be fitted to a ballistic missile. the president spoke to his defense secretary jim mattis and the cia director mike pompeo today as he waves his military options. hours after the u.s. warned it had many military options to deal with north korea, south korea began a live fire exercise involving f-15 f-15 fr
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jets. the mock target was the exact distance to north korea's sites. south korea announced it had strengthens the deployment of thaad. the u.s. launched planes from japan to take air samples to test for radioactive particles to determine the size and yield of the bomb. the u.s. geological survey with the explosion at a 6.3 magnitude. north korea's first nuclear test was in 2006. over the years, each blast has grown more powerful. sunday's test appears ten times more powerful than its last nuclear test in september. a strong indication this may have been a hydrogen bomb. a bomb that's more powerful than what the u.s. dropped in japan in 1945 to bring an end back to world war ii. some say one of north korea's goals is to drive a wedge between the white house and
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south korea to destroy that alliance. >> kim jong un, we've got to remember the core goal of his regime is to -- the destruction of the south korean state. i'm concerned that when he becomes confident in his arsenal, he's going to blackmail the united states to break our mutual defense treaty with south korea and get our 28,500 servicemen and women off the peninsula so he can then take over south korea. >> ahead of the tests, north korea released photos of kim jong un inspecting when he claimed to be a thermonuclear weapon small enough to fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile. north korea's continued belligerence is seen as a blow to china, embarrassing the chinese president who was hosting a high-profile summit for russia, india, south africa, and brazil. china said on monday it had made an "term representation" to north korea. china carried out emergency radiation testing along its border with north korea.
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saturday marks north korea's independence day. intelligence experts expect a possible intercontinental ballistic missile launch. kim likes to test on anniversaries. >> mike: jennifer griffin. many thanks. this is a fox news alert. the governor of florida has just declared a state of emergency in preparation for hurricane irma. this storm has been upgraded to a category 4. puerto rico's governor has also declared an emergency. officials in the caribbean are warning about could dump up to 10 inches of rain, unleashed landslides and dangerous flash floods. it's expected to hit the region tuesday. we are going to be keeping an eye on irma. stay with fox news for the latest details on the storm's track. meanwhile in texas, houston's mayor says the nation's fourth largest city is open for business even though much of it is still underwater after more than 4 feet of rain from
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hurricane harvey. many residents spent the holiday on the grim task of trying to recover what is left of their homes and property. we have just received word that the death toll has climbed to at least 60. let's begin the coverage with steve harrigan. >> mike, it might not look like it, but in many neighborhoods like this one, things are actually getting better. many in texas are already coping with their losses. 30 miles north of houston, each house looks the same. frame intact but everything inside destroyed by the water. the piles on the front lawns steadily grow higher. ruined sheet rock comes out easily. waterlogged couches and carpets are tougher. it is dirty, wet, moldy, stinking labor.
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there is no shortage of volunteers. >> complete strangers showing up saying, what can we do? showing up with supplies and manpower. that's what we need. >> in a presidential visit to houston over the holiday weekend, trump gave a hand to those recovering. >> it's a long term. we are talking about they say two years, three years, i think because this is texas, you'll probably do it in six months. i have a feeling. >> the positive outlook was not heard in every community across the storm's destructive path. >> let him talk. >> those evacuated from their homes on friday due to the voluntary order gathered to send a different kind of message. >> nobody knows anything. we are here today to get answers. >> some flood victims are still waiting for waters to reseed. >> we have a lot of these folks who can't get to their homes yet.
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start to take up the carpet and sheet rock. >> attempting to ease words, congress is expected to vote wednesday on trump's request for nearly $8 billion in aid, an amount texas governor reg abbett warned will not meet the needs. >> this will cost well over $120 billion. >> a similar tone heard from fema administrator brock long on funding from his agencies. >> it's not going to be enough to make anyone hold. >> other forms of help arriving in texas. >> sending packages, gift cards, kids close. i have never met these people. i don't know them. >> the number of houses estimated to be damaged, 300,000. >> mike: steve harrigan on the front lines of harvey's recovery. thanks very much. let's get more on what it's like at the very soggy ground 0 of 1 of the most expensive natural
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disasters in u.s. history. senior correspondent rick leventhal in texas. hello, rick. >> we are still flooded here, the work to clean up is ongoing. linda and eddie bought this house in 1985. they have lived here for 32 years. it never flooded before. but it obviously did this time around. they are in their 70s, so they had to hire a crew of guys to come in and rip the sheet rock out. pull out their wet carpet, and the damaged belongings. it is being piled up out front like so many of their neighbors. excuse us. you can see the furniture is trashed. so is the rest of the house. this couple doesn't know if they are going to be able to live here any longer. they ripped the carpet out of the room. this pool table and jukebox and the rest of their stuff is likely lost forever. they have been able to salvage some belongings. they put it in this truck.
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linda has family members helping go through stuff. she and her husband couldn't get out on tuesday when the house flooded. they spent the night in this pickup truck. linda joy -- linda joins us. how difficult has it been? big i don't like to complain. it's been bad, but i know there's millions of people that's in this shape. you've got to do what you've got to do. >> you told me you like to collect things. you like to save stuff and so much was ruined. >> my grand kids clothes, my kids toys from when they were babies. everybody has played with them. there's so many things, and they are just -- they kind of get mad at me for trying to keep it. >> have you been able to salvage some of the memories? >> a few, not a lot, but some. >> you told me the greatest
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thing that came out of this, i mean, you have your life. you have your husband. >> i do. i am very appreciative. and i am appreciative for everything everyone has done for us. the shelter was wonderful. alexander -- i don't know what was it. the people there were wonderful. they hope to do anything. they had doctors there that were helping me. >> linda, we appreciate your hospitality and we wish you all the best. i know you are getting a lot of help. >> we appreciate you all. >> thank you very much. linda is going to spend the night, who knows how many nights, with her family. still trying to salvage what they can from the house. >> rick leventhal with the personal heartbreak in orange texas. fox news has confirmed president trump will end the obama era program that will allow undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children stay and obtain work permits. tomorrow's announcement has a
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catch which gives the president, congress, and the dreamers more time. rich edson explains. >> president trump is likely ending a program that shields from deportation those brought to the united states illegally as children. he's given congress six months to figure out a solution. sources familiar with the decision tell fox news the president is expected to announce tomorrow, though no decision is finalized, his administration's intent to phase out a program called deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca. >> the priorities on immigration is to create a system that encourages legal immigration and benefits our economy. >> the obama administration created daca in 2012, protecting from deportation those brought to the u.s. are younger than 16 living in the country for at least five years and with clean criminal records. opponents say it is congress'
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domain to alter laws. steve king tweeted "ending daca now gives chance to restore rule of law. delaying through our leadership can push amnesty of republican suicide." he has opponents and his party. paul ryan says daca's beneficiaries are in the u.s. because of their parents actions. many know no other country as home. he and several other senior republicans say president obama violated the constitution in creating it, though they oppose ending the program and wants congress to deliver a solution. there's also timing. whether congress can address immigration policy while it handles hurricane harvey relief, government funding, debt ceiling, tax reform. >> we have these promises that are unfulfilled that i think moving onto something that's controversial that a lot of republicans didn't run on, i think that would be a mistake. >> has with tax reform, congress has unsuccessfully tried for decades to overhaul the immigration system, though there
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are already less ambitious efforts. >> mike: rich edson in washington. thanks. up next, the number two republican in the house on aid for hurricane harvey victims after seeing the flood zone himself today. first, here's what's some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 25 in boston, workers from mcdonald's, burger king, other fast food restaurants walk off the job to push for a $15 an hour minimum wage. it's part of a nationwide demonstration. protesters in boston are pushing for union rights and paid medical leave, part of a bill currently before state lawmakers. fox 11 in los angeles. most evacuees from the largest brushfire in the city's history have returned home. more than 1,000 firefighters continue to work on the 7,000-acre blaze. three homes were destroyed in one damage. the cause of the fire is under
3:17 pm
investigation. this is a live look at kansas city from fox 4. a final flight for a war hero. 91-year-old sam northway is a world war ii, korea, vietnam war veteran who flew for the navy and the air force. he was taken on one last ride saturday in a world war ii army biplane. that's tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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>> mike: kevin mccarthy toured the devastation today in southeast texas. mccarthy will play a huge role in getting federal relief funds flowing to the people. he joins us from houston.
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leader mccarthy, thanks for your time. describe what you've seen firsthand. the images on tv are powerful, my guess is seeing the magnitude and devastation up close must be overwhelming. >> i have been through all parts of the city. wind damage, small cities where their entire water system was knocked out. other cities where their only school has been destroyed and had to be canceled. every time i have seen the devastation from the wind or the downpour of rain, i've seen the outpouring of love and humankind from people coming from all parts of the country to help. the optimism, so many first responders i am working with. i was with a mayor whose restaurant and house has been destroyed but he hasn't even been home yet. he has been helping others. the thing i find, especially in this convention center, so many families working together. i see them keeping families together, their animals.
3:22 pm
they have a little bit of everything. houston is going to rebuild. texas will rebuild but it's going to need help. that's why we'll go back into session tomorrow. wednesday morning we will take up the first relief package and we will pass it in the house and send it to the senate to get enough money for fema to keep working as the cities and counties get the estimate and understand how much help they need to. >> mike: for the initial package estimated to be just shy of $8 billion or so. are you expecting any drama on capitol hill? >> i don't think there will be any drama. i sat today in a bipartisan, both sides of the aisle. we put people before politics. that will be roughly $8 billion but when we move the continuing resolution which we can do this month as well, that will let us move the money forward and add another 7 billion to that to get the initial amount to fema.
3:23 pm
this is different than katrina. more people are applying. it's causing more damage. in this one county, 500,000 cars got destroyed. >> mike: the other huge news story, north korea. it has frustrated republican and democrat administration. what do you see as the next steps? >> i think we need to speak with one voice. the president has been strong. warning not just america but the world about this. this is why we have to bring more allies together. i think pressuring china to do more is the responsible thing to do. we need to speak with one voice. you cannot allow this individual to continue to develop and harm the rest of the world building these type of missiles. this is something to be taken very serious. again, another item we should put politics aside and work together to solve. >> mike: we expect president trump to take action
3:24 pm
for deferred action for childhood arrivals, daca. likely to turn it over to congress. does this lead to immigration reform in congress? what about combining the border wall concept with daca? >> everybody understands our immigration system is broken. congress needs to act, and this is a role for congress. that's one thing we can talk about. we need to secure our borders but we also have to have an immigration system that works. if i'm correct about what the president will do, he will give congress six months to act and congress needs to do their job and solve the problem. >> mike: there has been talk of tying harvey funding to raising the debt ceiling. that's never a popular vote with your republican members. here is steven mnuchin from "fox news sunday." stick with the president and i believe it should be tied to the harvey funding. our first priority is to make sure that state gets money. it's critical.
3:25 pm
to do that, we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. >> mike: mark walker says "what happened in texas is a tragedy and needs an urgent congressional response. congress is united behind this effort but i worry about jeopardizing an agreement with such legislative games." what about the debt ceiling and harvey relief being tied together? >> we have to deal with the debt ceiling. we all know it. the treasury secretary is telling us that because of harvey, because we are putting this extra money out there to help those in need, you're hitting the debt ceiling faster. that's one of the rules of the treasury secretary. i'm going to listen to him because the last thing i'd want to have happen here is that we pass a supplemental relief for fema but because of the debt ceiling, we can't help those in need. we know we are going to have to deal with the debt ceiling. we need to work through it and get it done. if you are looking at september, there are only 12 legislative
3:26 pm
days where the house and senate are expected to be in session. it was expected to be a busy month before harvey. how will you get everything done? >> we will make it happen. we need more days, we'll make sure we get it done. we'll get that supplemental done wednesday. appropriations, then the budget done. after the budget, we will start on tax reform. we have to keep this country growing, especially when you get disasters such as harvey. you're going to have an economic challenge with so many refineries down. texas is an economic driver for america. we don't want to have a misstep. we want people to get back in their homes and build again and make america even stronger. we need to do our job and step up. >> mike: leader mccarthy, what about tax reform? what's the timeline and you expect there to be major reform or tax cuts? the i want to see major reform. this is something we've been working on for quite some time. i am here with chairman brady.
3:27 pm
something we know economically we need to do. america is at a disadvantage with the rest of the world. we need to make sure we can bring the money back to america, invest in america and create more jobs. we will get it done this year. the first step in getting a budget through. once the budget is done, will move to tax reform. ways and means has been working, numerous hearings. we are prepared to start. >> mike: kevin mccarthy in houston. thanks for your time. safe travels. see you back on the hill. why more american cities are saying goodbye to columbus day. that's max. -- that's next.
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>> mike: welcome back to "special report." our next stories about another holiday, los angeles is that latest big city to say goodbye
3:31 pm
to columbus day. it comes as many areas are trying to purge symbols of an american past some people find offensive and others find historic. national correspondent william la jeunesse reports from our l.a. bureau. >> i don't want our children and grandchildren to be taught anymore that christopher columbus was someone who discovered america when he didn't even step foot on this land. >> two competing visions of history, one celebrated as an explorer, navigator, colonist. christopher kumble columbus. >> we will no longer -- someone setting in motion the greatest genocide. >> comparing dropping columbus day as cleansing the south of confederate statues. >> we need racial healing.
3:32 pm
>> born in italy from sailing m spain. columbus brought western culture, sailing, and religion. >> we want to celebrate with you. we just don't wanted to be at the expense of columbus day. >> a move to erase columbus from history. in baltimore and houston, monuments defaced. in new york, a statue beheaded. mayor bill de blasio considers removing the explorers statue from columbus circle. despite his plans to march in this year's parade. >> how can we on one hand support the dignity and human rights of people while on the other hand replace one group's social inclusiveness for the sake of another. >> the second monday in october became columbus day 80 years ago now in l.a., and a dozen other cities, its history. here it will remain a paid holiday. >> mike: william la jeunesse reporting. president trump calling nasa
3:33 pm
astronaut peggy whitson an inspiration to all americans. especially young women. whitson returned saturday after 288 days on the international space station. that figure and her total 665 days in space exceed any other american and any other woman worldwide. the president talked with her and fellow astronaut jack fisher by phone sunday. the fda warning almost half a million people with pacemakers that the device could be hacked. the notice affects patients with implanted radio frequency enabled st. jude medical pacemakers. the fda says cybersecurity vulnerabilities could allow an unauthorized user to do things like alter the pacing or deplete the battery. patients are being told to go to the doctor for a free update. as the nation focuses on rebuilding the disaster zone for american heart rate, there are plenty of other areas where the country's infrastructure is
3:34 pm
crumbling or in externally bad shape. interstate 95 in north carolina. douglas kennedy shows us. >> potholes, some of them are two and 3 feet deep. you have to hold the steering wheel with both hands. >> as a trucker, fred spends a lot of time on i-95. one of the interstate highways oldest roots. stretching from maine to florida. he says going through north carolina is the worst. the north carolina department of transportation says half the concrete on i-95 in north carolina is rated fair to very poor. >> my experience is very poor. potholes are so deep and so bad you have to slow down. >> it's not just the crumbling concrete that's got truckers clutching their steering wheel. the real problem is i-95 in
3:35 pm
north carolina was designed and built in the 1950s. which means a narrow roadway and only two lanes of traffic. dangerous driving that is i-95 in north carolina doubling the fatality rate of u.s. highways. 50,000 cars and trucks drive on the stretch of i-95 every day. this road was not built for that much traffic. >> one of the things we have seen is our infrastructure has started to crumble. we have seen there's been an increased demand for that infrastructure. >> he is a member of the transportation committee and the statehouse. he says residents are thrilled the three billion-dollar job,
3:36 pm
possibly one of president trump's info structure projects. expanding each side of the highway from two lanes to four. >> it could create thousands of jobs and we believe it's important that the federal government come in. >> the proposal adding tollbooths, and extra expense that doesn't sit well. >> tolls are high and expensive. >> he says i-95 helped build this country. he says the country needs to help rebuild i-95. at the truck stop, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> mike: low wages for mexican workers becoming a major sticking point in the net after renegotiations. business and labor leaders in mexico are resisting attempts by the u.s. and canada tight labor standards. mexican and canadian auto union say autoworkers in mexico earn a little less than $4 an hour, about one ninth of the average wage north of the border.
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north korea says it has a hydrogen bomb and the world shudders. we will talk about it with the panel when we come back. their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans.
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the suv that dares to go beyond utility. experience amazing. >> kim jong un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show he's begging for war. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. >> we continue to push with this plan for diplomacy. that's always the preferred approach to try to get them to come to the table. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> mike: let's bring in the panel. tom rogan, mara liasson, mollie
3:41 pm
hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." thank you for laboring on this labor day. a very serious labor day at the u.n. security council today. ambassador nikki haley using some tough language to describe the north korea threat. let's take a listen. >> the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions. what we do on north korea will have a real impact on how other outlaw nations who seek nuclear weapons choose to conduct themselves in the future. >> mike: your thoughts, mollie mollie. >> we were hearing that our reaction to north korea has a lot to do with our message to iran. north korea hasn't responded to
3:42 pm
threats or bribes or negotiations. the first step is to a knowledge they are on the threshold of being a nuclear power. once we acknowledge that, we can work with china on deterrence and containment. the big threat with north korea is not that they are going to bomb the u.s. mainland so much as they are going to share their technology. >> mike: the north korea threat, we've seen over a few administrations, it's a problem that makes american presidents go gray. national security experts will tell you it's a problem that keeps them up at night. mara, your reaction. >> there have been a lot of mixed messages. the president has been on a lot of different sides of this. at some point, he has talked about talking to north korea. at other times he has tweeted the time for talking is over. he talked about fire and fury. he talked about -- even went after south korea and --
3:43 pm
inexplicably. there was another threat the president made say he is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. that was talking about china who is north korea's biggest trading partner and ours too. $650 billion of trade with china in the year. that seems to be pretty unrealistic. there is room for more sanctions but stopping all trade with china? >> china has been a huge proble problem. >> absolutely. >> 90% of north korea's trade is with china. they do these piecemeal things. if we care about keeping, constraining them, we have to do secondary sections and it's going to hurt everybody. >> ultimately the administration would be willing to accept north korea's nuclear weapons power. what they would not be willing to accept nor should they is the
3:44 pm
idea that north korea could put those weapons onto intercontinental ballistic missiles. that's something that alters the game. i think what you will see coming up now potentially, tougher action on china. we have had the president announcing the intellectual property theft investigations. we could see more action at the wto. i expect you're going to start seeing carrier battle groups out there. the chinese, as much as they present this image they hold the cards, the degree to which they do not want american military strikes is significant. trump's random tweets help him in that regard. >> why cut off the south korea trade deal? >> the president's on south korea is misplaced because it helps to have that good cop-bad cop mentality. the tweet, i think it's easier for allies to accept the tweet
3:45 pm
because then they have mattis and tillerson calling them up. the chinese don't have that. american military power is something the chinese still see her. >> mike: it sounds like china and russia are not sold. >> whatever measures we are planning, i'm not sure they will influence the other side to abandon what they've been doing. this is not the way to get parties at the table and seek a political solution. >> translator: what is unacceptable to us is that on the one hand we work so hard to peacefully resolve the issue. on the other hand, our interests are subject to sanctions and jeopardize. the one makes you wonder what it will take to ever get them on board. >> russia and china simply want to keep the status quo. called for negotiations enables
3:46 pm
them to continue on the way they are. that's why the secondary sanctions are important. both countries benefit financially from their trade with north korea, china in particular. it's understandable they don't want these sanctions but that's precisely why it might be the best avenue. >> mike: treasury secretary steven mnuchin, they did talk about more sanctions. let's take a listen. >> i'm going to draft a sanctions package sent to the president. anybody wants to do trade or business would be prevented from doing trade or business with us. people need to cut off north korea economically. this is unacceptable behavior. >> mike: if kim is willing to starve his own people, will sanctions make a difference? >> they haven't so far. >> the russians, the chinese find this hilarious. they think it's funny. i think trump is well-placed to ignore them.
3:47 pm
there are things you can pressure the chinese on. if you put pressure for example on chinese entities doing business behind the scenes with the north koreans, that puts pressure on european companies as well. you could -- if the u.s. starts putting antiship cruise missiles, that's upsetting. whether in economic terms were military terms, practice power to show them that if they are saying this is the consensus, america is going to respond with our own consensus. there are still tools. >> sections haven't worked because they haven't been put forth enough. they are easy to get around and unless we use the u.s. treasury. >> mike: next up, congress returns with an immediate order to fund the harvey recovery. i count on my dell small business advisor
3:48 pm
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>> the president and i believe it should be tied to the harvey funding, that our first priority is to make sure the state gets money. it's critical. to do that, we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. >> we need to put politics aside, and we're going to be urging congress to get both of those things done as quickly as they can. >> i'm going to listen to him. the last thing i would want to have happen is that we passed the supplemental relief for fema but because of the debt ceiling, we can't help those in need. we know we are going to have to deal with the debt ceiling. we need to work through it and get it done. >> mike: back with the panel. the house is expected to vote wednesday on the first installment of harvey relief.
3:52 pm
senator roy blunt talked about doing it differently than they did with sandy relief. take a listen. >> i don't think we want to make the same mistake they made with sandy which is to ask for more money than you knew the need. we can do this on multiple occasions. >> mike: there was drama with sandy relief. will there be drama this time? >> there will be some drama but i think if republicans stayed to the message and articulate specifically we are going to appropriate. we are going to help. i think what also helps here is the president's conduct over the weekend. there were less silly tweets and there was the visible sense of concern. if the administration can push that through into terms of their leadership in congress. if republicans can get something done that avoids some of the negative politics that surrounded sandy, there's a natural incentive for them. >> mike: expecting
3:53 pm
president trump to take action tomorrow on daca. deferred action of childhood arrivals. giving congress a chance to get it right. >> that is a little bit harder. i think harvey helps politics because it gets people to vote for things like the debt ceiling. daca is another matter. i don't think congress is looking forward to six months of solving the daca problem or else you'll have this terrible political problem on their hands if trump pulls the plug. that's a real difficult problem. harvey made it worse because not only were daca recipients people who were hurt by the flood. you have had daca recipients who are first responders, and one of them even died. i think it's going to be very difficult. >> mike: this whole issue of raising the debt ceiling. do they do it clean, attach it harvey funding? when is it okay for conservatives to save this government should be cutting spending. >> i can hardly think of
3:54 pm
something more small blank then tying the raising of the debt ceiling to something like harvey relief. fiscal restraint, president trump three years ago was condemning obama for the way he was trying to raise the debt ceiling even though the legislative machinations he was using. we are one major financial crisis away from being unable to service our debt and that's something that could -- should concern both parties. >> tying the debt ceiling and some of this funding, does it create problems? >> i think's secretary mnuchin is overestimating how much congress wants to do in one bite. >> entitlement reform. if we don't have that, the
3:55 pm
country, it's a catastrophe. >> mike: mollie, should folks be concerned with these deadlines about a lot of stuff getting jammed in? >> what would make you think congress couldn't handle these legislative attempts? there is a lot that needs to be done. hopefully they will come back tomorrow ready to hit the ground running. i think everyone is focused on tax form which is something we will see happening, some progress made. >> mike: are you worried about a government shutdown? >> becoming less worried. i agree with mollie, you think about republicans wanting a win, the key is going to be how much is it balanced towards reshaping the code and how much towards putting money in people's pockets in the short term? >> tax cuts, not tax reform. >> mike: when we come back, a rough day on the court for one young man.
3:56 pm
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and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> finally tonight, the u.s. open is in its second week in new york, at 36 years old, roger is the 2nd seed, and in his twilight years, he is showing some personality on social media. here is one of his recent tweets. in a sense enough to start with, they serve, and come of the ball looks like it is going wide, a miscarriage later, and the young man is thankful for a wall to lean up against, not good, but we can let it go one more time. we will let you decode his twitter, the repost has been retweeted more than 130,000 times. poor guy. get him a racket or an ice pack.
4:00 pm
thank you for watching "special reports." good night from washington. "the story with martha maccallum" is up next. >> martha: good evening everyone, i am a martha maccallum, and that this is the story. we have kicked the can down the road long enough, there is no road left. the urgency is now. 24 years of failed talks is enough. kim jong-un action cannot be seen as defensive. the nuclear threat shows that he is begging for war. >> martha: it very tough talk from it nikki haley today on this labor day, an emergency session at the u.n. here in new york at, there is no time to waste, she said, north korea is now six nuclear test, a clear


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