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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 5, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a show of force as the nuclear threat from the rogue regime grows. kelly wright live in washington dc the latest. >> reporter: south korea displaying its military capabilities overnight conducting live fire exercises at sea. more plan through sunday. the show of force in response to north korea's claim of a successful test of a hydrogen bomb the country's 6 nuclear test since 2006 ended strongest yet. us ambassador to the un nikki haley bringing the strongest words yet to the security council telling them the time for half measures is over. nikki haley urging the council to negotiate the toughest sanctions yet against north korea in time for a vote on monday. >> abca2's action cannot be seen as offensive loses use of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is begging for
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war. >> south korea -- representative to the un echoing the call for tougher measures against certain neighbors. >> the security council must respond to the serious provocation containing much tougher measures responding to the magnitude of the test. >> now the question is whether china and russia will veto new sanctions. a put in condemning the latest nuclear test overnight but still joining china in warning donald trump against starting a fight with north korea. both countries pushing for negotiations to find a political resolution and as tensions grow on the korean peninsula japan may reportedly start evacuating its citizens out of south korea. 60,000 japanese citizens live in south korea right now.
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ibly20 thank you. >> jeff sessions expected to announce the end of president obama's dreamer policy that protects the legal immigrant minors from deportation. donald trump expected to congress next month to find an alternative solution, lawmakers including lindsey graham giving their seal of approval saying, quote, i will be supportive of such a position, i have always believed dac a was presidential overreach, attorneys from washington state and new york have threatened lawsuits if the dreamer policy is struck down and sent to congress. >> we will talk more about that later but in the meantime to another fox news alert, all eyes on hurricane irma, the powerful, life-threatening, category 4 storm now gaining strength as it sets its sights on the us. >> florida and puerto rico under state of emergency bracing for this monster storm packed with winds over 140 mph. >> millions in the past after witnessing the destruction in
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texas. >> we have seen the impact of harvey so -- >> janice dean joins us tracking hurricane irma's path, you said it could get stronger today. >> we got the latest advisory up to 150 mph, 156 make that a category 5, a lot of warm water ahead of it, no question we will see a category 5. this will probably become josé this week behind irma. i'm a very well defined hurricane moving towards lesser antilles, we get into thursday and friday the bahamas need to be on alert, hispaniola, cuba and south florida and the keys, state of emergency as we are expecting this to come close to south florida over the next 5 days. there is the wind scale, category 4, it goes up to 5 and we could see that.
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we haven't -- matthew was 5 last year and we will monitor irma for the next couple days. computer models coming into agreement and when the computer models agree, things get serious so over the next couple days northern lesser antilles puerto rico needs to watch for this, hispaniola, haiti, dominican republic towards cuba and the euro and gfs coming into good agreement this weekend, south florida cannot rule out the possibility of the gulf of mexico or perhaps an east coast impact, florida cautious, east coast, southeast, gulf coast needs to monitor this as well. >> this would be only the second or first time in 100 years the two category 4 hurricanes hit the same year? >> i will have to check statistics but certainly we have not had landfall of a major hurricane since harvey in
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12 years so people -- a lot of people live in florida that have never experienced a hurricane so i am concerned with that. >> been a while since they had a major one. it is a bad year. hurricane irma, harvey's death toll continues to rise, houston and southeast texas begin to dry out. >> some are facing new flooding threats and being urged to conserve water. live in houston people are being asked not to shower, is that right? >> reporter: that is right. good morning. the mayor says 95% of the city is dry and businesses will be open today in two west houston areas where i am. the water plant flooding eight feed, as of 7:00 last night basking residents to conserve water, shower lists, wash clothes less to minimize
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dishwashers and laundry because they don't want the sewer in those areas to have a lack of sanitary water. that is a problem. what you see behind me is the west houston area flooding near the reservoir. we have some drone video you get to see in this little area that still has several feet of water. officials behind me keeping residents in those 4600 homes out because there are still some power circuits running through, word about people being electrocuted, worried about water and bacteria sitting here for days, worried about terrance as water is released from the reservoir behind me, one of those residents we spoke to said she was very frustrated she couldn't get in in time to secure her things, here is what she had to say. >> i wanted to steal things in plastic bins so it could last for a month and let the swampy water sit for a month in my
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house and contaminate everything upstairs too. i'm incensed they are not letting us into take care of our homes when we had no warning. >> we have a curfew in effect until 5:00, after tonight he will decide whether to lift it going forward. >> thank you. nice to have you back. >> doing a great job down there. >> officers salute their fallen brother who gave his life trying to help others. sergeant perez drowned in his car driving to work during harvey's flooding which his wife urged him to stay home but he told her, quote, i have got work to do. the 60-year-old houston cop was with the department for more than three decades. he leaves behind two adult children. >> gas prices have jumped as texas refineries begin to recover from harvey though they did take a hit. according to aaa the national average for a gallon of gas $2.53 up $.20 since last
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thursday but relief could come soon. corpus christi refineries at pre-hurricane rates right now, houston will increase rates as transportation and logistics become more available, that means it should get cheaper. >> oil refineries headed to north dakota where he will visit oil refineries tomorrow and talk about taxes. >> he will talk about taxes and that is the next battle he has in congress, the budget and tax reform, the president tweeting simply big week coming up and it is a big week because they need a big victory, the debacle we have seen with healthcare, we are hoping for good news out of the white house on this. >> a lot of work to be done in a short time, showing you who is at the big 6 meeting, before
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hurricane harvey hit, before north korea and their latest antics there was already a lot to be done. the house in session only 12 days with 6 of those are travel days back and forth, tax reform, the budget feeling, a lot to be done. abca27 here is kevin mccarthy talking about tax reform and what he would like to see. >> i want to see major reform, something we have been working on for quite some time. i'm here with chairman brady, something we know we need to do. america is at a disadvantage to the rest of the world we want to make sure we bring the money back to america and create more jobs, we will get that done this year. once the budget is done we will move to tax reform. >> we are talking 35% tax rate or something like that and to
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drop that down, bring the corporate tax break lower to bring those jobs back, the president talked about 15%, 20%, people say the deficit or debt -- there is somewhere in the middle a lot of people say 20% could be a magic number 2 in safe company to stay in america and hire american workers. >> and his op-ed he talked about specific rates, progrowth, pro-jobs, pro-american is what he wants. do some work. in the meantime you no longer need a ticket at pittsburgh airport if you want to hang out, the first since 9/11 to allow non-flyers past security. first they have to check in at a special desk and have their name checked against the no-fly list. the airport wants to let non-flyers have access to their
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shops, restaurants and artwork all year round. >> today is the deadline for health insurance companies to set their premiums for next year, some insurers they prices could be 20% higher, congress will hold a series of meetings on healthcare and stabilizing the declining health insurance exchanges. all the issues with obamacare insurers have until september 27th to commit to participate. open enrollment starts november 1st. ibly20 sean spicer is heading back to the podium. the former white house press secretary has a new gig as a public speaker. >> he was hired by worldwide speakers group who says audiences around the world will benefit from the same candle, wit and insight he brought to the white house briefing, his first paid speaking appearance will be at an investment appearance in new york next week. >> i wonder how much he is
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being paid. >> clinton got 500 ks, spicer won't at that much. 5:11 on the east coast, the inspiring pastor accused of murder now blaming it on cough medicine. >> all over the. i did it. >> he is going to have a chance to plead his case in court. >> congress ready to vote on the first batch of harvey relief as thousands returned to their flood ravaged homes. we are live. >> he marched shoulder to shoulder with a terror leader, new york city mayor bill diblasio wants to know where is his parade. ♪ and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. ibly20 is a horrific reality for thousands and thousands of families as they face the cost of recovery from hurricane harvey begins to set in.
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abca27 many who lost everything did not have flood insurance. live in houston victims are weighing what options they have a. >> reporter: when residents come back in the sun comes up they don't want to come to this west used in neighborhood and see that it is swamped with water, many feeling the city sacrificed their neighborhoods for the betterment of the city of houston because swollen reservoirs have been letting water out to make sure the dams do not break sending water through the rest of the city. this video shows the extent of the damage, 85% of those impacted did not have flood insurance, yesterday we waited into these waters, we saw the extent of the damage, she doesn't know when she will be able to return home. i asked how she is coping with that, listen to what she said.
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>> friends and family were emailing me and texting me every hour to make sure i was okay. i did cry a lot. i had bad sleepless nights. with friends and family and the love of the houston community we got through this. >> reporter: so many homeowners expressing the same sentiments, they will be getting help tomorrow. the house is set to vote on an $8 billion aid package, you can consider that a down payment on rebuilding this community. abca27 all that water remains. months after marching in puerto rican day parade with a convicted terror group leader new york city's mayor thinks there should be a parade held in his honor. this is the cover of the new york post, pretty popular one. bill diblasio sounding a bit cocky in an interview with new
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york magazine saying, quote, when i think of how crime had gone down four years, graduation rates up, test scores up, more jobs than ever in our history, you would assume they would be having parades out in the streets. where is my parade? according to the quinnipiac university survey bill diblasio's approval rating has plummeted to 42%. ibly20 the violent group abca25 could soon be declared a street gang. california lawmakers debating how to classify the far left protesters after violence broke out on the streets of berkeley, the city's mayor saying abca25 is no different than a street gang and police should treat protesters accordingly. abca27 it is 5:18, north korea
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claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb 5 times more powerful than the one used on japan in world war 2 romantic. what damage could that do? ibly20 the internet going crazy after what we told you yesterday, kate middleton's big announcement, don't miss the hilarious royal baby reactions coming up. ♪ you can call me queen be ♪ where we always welcome you, that's texas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ibly20 north korea reportedly readying another missile test, 48 hours after claiming to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. doctor nicole safire is a radiologist with certification in physics and she breaks down
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the fiscal impact of such a powerful nuclear weapon. thank you for joining us. this is the sixth nuclear bomb test since 2006. why is it so significant? what is the difference? >> fundamental difference between a hydrogen bomb in the atomic bombs we have seen in the past is their detonation process. atomic bombs, how that works is take something like uranium and plutonium and break atoms in fission releasing a ton of energy and that is why you have a bomb. we saw hiroshima, nagasaki and the tests we have seen in the past. with a hydrogen bomb it starts with a very small fission reaction but that creates a secondary reaction inside fusion, radioactive hydrogen particles coming together for an even larger explosion they could be anywhere to 1000 times more powerful than that of an atomic bomb.
2:24 am
ibly201000 times more powerful than hiroshima. in terms of the aftereffect? >> there are immediate effect and long-term effects. the immediate effects if you have seen the pictures, the puff of smoke and flash of light, releases thermal energy traveling at the speed of light, you have heat and intense light going, 20 miles, anyone in that area who is not protected the light can blind them, it can be permanent or temporary but the heat itself at the center, the core of the blast can be 300 times the temperature when someone is cremated somebody's can be taken down to their mineral form. the acute radiation poisoning, the skin sloughing off, cells dying, it affects your dna. all of this we know because we study what has happened with hero sheila and nagasaki. that is the basis of our
2:25 am
medical radiation knowledge. you can see leukemia and even longer than that, more solid organ cancers, liver cancer, kidney cancer, long-term effects. ibly20 and impact of the entire environment, not just humans. >> anything can be affected. ibly20 thank you. >> time is 25 after the hour. a plane forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a bird. new video showing the moment of impact. back to business on capitol hill as congress returns to a list of looming deadlines, live in washington the clock is ticking to keep the government running. box in, the package placement failed, trapped one man in his home. stay tuned. ♪ i need somebody ♪ mes naturally.
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heather: congress hitting the ground running as they return to work with major deadlines looming. rob: donald trump with meeting with the big six on tax reform and kristin fisher joins us with a preview of that. >> reporter: first day back from summer break is always painful but this year may be more painful than most thanks to natural disasters, from fiscal year deadlines and presidential directives. this month alone congress raise the debt ceiling, stop the government shutdown, in the wake of hurricane harvey had to pass a relief package and there is a new category 4 hurricane, irma, with florida in its sights. congress has to deal with two huge issues donald trump put on his plate, d aca, tax reform. to that end donald trump will meet at the white house with
2:30 am
the big six, the house speaker, senate majority leader, treasury secretary and top economic advisor. over the weekend donald trump pitched his tax plan in an op-ed reading, quote, it will make our complex tax code more simple and fair, put money back in the pockets of people who earn it but the question is will lawmakers be able to come together and pass meaningful tax reform? >> america is at a disadvantage with the rest of the world, we want to bring money back to america, invest in america, create more jobs. >> reporter: this has been stumping congress for years and these lawmakers who are more divided than ever before are trying to tackle along with several other major issues many of which have deadlines that
2:31 am
can't be moved. heather: republicans controlling the house, the senate, the white house and more divided than ever like you said. another fox news alert, harvey's death toll continues to rise, houston begins drying out but some facing new flooding threats. rob: concerning water. people are being asked not to shower. >> reporter: shower less, flush less, never a good sign. two water treatment plants in west houston where the flooding remains are flooded as of last night, eight feet, officials putting out the water conservation requests and behind me the area, 4000 homes underwater, drone video, 95% of
2:32 am
the city is dry, the residents very frustrated, such little time to get in before this flooding sets in. take a listen. >> the police knocked on my door and said you have 10 minutes to get out. we had no warning. what can you grabbing ten minutes? >> reporter: this area is flooded because of the reservoirs, they are still releasing water, down to normal levels, but this process could take two weeks before these folks can get back in and the water here, not only the power dangers but bacteria, a dangerous situation. police behind me keeping residents out of this area. in a little bit at 5:00 local the mayor may lift a curfew. we will find that are on
2:33 am
twitter. rob: i'm splashing around in the water and it has me concerned. is houston continues to recover all eyes turning to hurricane irma. this very powerful life-threatening category 4 almost category 5 storm is gaining strength as it sets it sights on the us. heather: florida, puerto rico under state of emergency bracing for this monster storm packed with winds over 150 mph. janice dean joins us live tracking the latest hurricane's path. >> watching this over the next couple days as it could strength into a category not 5, could be destructive as we go into the vulnerable areas of the lesser antilles, puerto rico, hispaniola, haiti, the dominican republic and south florida, the bahamas. we are 5 days out, expecting
2:34 am
the possibility of landfall as early as this weekend but temperatures very warm ahead of the storm, not a lot of land interaction and the storm certainly has the capability of strengthening further. here's the steering pattern, the bermuda high helping move the storm westward. we have a trough and whether or not the storm interact with the trough pushes it more northward is yet to be determined but again not to pay attention to the center of this code that anywhere within the cohen of uncertainty we could see potential for irma to move westward and affect not only the florida keys, south florida, perhaps the gulf coast as well towards the southeast so everyone needs to be on alert, state of emergency south florida, however the east coast needs to monitor this, the gulf coast needs to monitor irma as well, tracking the storm for the next 5 to 10 days. heather: one of the lessons from harvey is to prepare.
2:35 am
millions of people in the path of hurricane irma preparing for the worst after witnessing what happened in texas. heather: florida governor rick scott urging everyone to remain vigilant. in miami, some have already been ordered to evacuate. >> reporter: that is right. the supermarket in miami isn't open just yet but we have seen customers trying to get ready, looking to mark those items off their hurricane preparedness list. we know water has been hard to come by, stores started getting busy here on monday but those other items, nonperishable food items, bread and other things people need have been flying off the shelves. as we learn hurricane irma strengthened to a category 4 storm, we saw that sense of
2:36 am
urgency increase, that is when we have seen people getting ready. as we look at folks in puerto rico getting ready, getting everything they need after an emergency declaration, the same thing we saw here. not just talking about south florida. here is what governor rick scott had to say on twitter. i have declared a state of emergency files for every florida county to help state, federal and local governments work together as we prepare for irma. he is also urging folks to remain vigilant and experts are saying now is the time to prepare. we are live in miami, back to you. heather: the aspiring pastor charged with murdering his wife after claiming he took too much cold medicine made his first court appearance that happens
2:37 am
today. >> turned on the lights and she is on the floor. i have blood all over me. there is a bloodied knife on the bed and i think i did it. >> matthew phelps called police after finding his wife lauren stabbed to death, she was laid to rest yesterday. heather: violence running rampant in chicago, 42 people shot, five were killed, 2500 people have been shot, only 350 less than in 2016. we are not even close to the end of the year. a historically busy year for shootings and homicides in chicago. flames shooting out of a packed passenger jet moments after takeoff, pilots on the japan
2:38 am
airlines flight say got sucked into the left engine, 250 people on board, was heading to new york. the aircraft turning around and safely making an emergency landing in tokyo. thankfully nobody was hurt. heather: help is on the way for stressed-out college students in texas. buddy the poodle will be on the campus of the university of north texas three times a week for students to hug as part of a workshop called dog breath. another workshop invites students to hang out with therapy dogs while offering the is watching the office, the tv show that helps with coping skills. apparently that is a real story. rob: i like dogs should be on time or pay a fine, a new policy for one use our high school. heather: first offense will get a warning if students are late to class, second time they will have to pay a $3 fine. after that it goes up to $5.
2:39 am
if you can't pay they can take detention instead. rob: it will go to a school fund that will go back to students. it could be opening pandora's box, fees and all the things -- heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour, former president obama vowing to speak out if donald trump does end daca but does anyone remember this? >> this is not a path to citizenship. it is not a permanent fixed. this is a temporary stopgap measure. heather: our next guest says obama's order is a perfect example of executive overreach. rob: the list is out for 2017 cma nominees. we are talking country music coming up.
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or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. rob: a number of politicians and people in hollywood upset over donald trump's plan to end daca giving a 6-month window to create their own immigration reform. heather: carly shimkus here with the reaction online. >> a major topic of conversation, donald trump expected to end the daca program which protect young people from being deported only after giving congress a 6-month period to come up with an alternative plan for the 800,000 dreamers this would affect, businesspeople and people in hollywood are all over this, tim cook, mark doctor berg and susan sarandon picking out about ending this
2:44 am
program and this one comes from journalists jorge ramos who said okay, dreamers, this is the weekend you try to change trump's mind, tell the president what will happen to you without daca. hillary responded to that saying no time to waste, we have got to fight with everything we have got to defend daca. new york city mayor bill diblasio responded we will go to the courts and congress to fight for thousands of new york dreamers. where you are born doesn't matter to you, you are not alone. the other side of that argument is the blue argue the daca program was unconstitutional when donald - when president obama put it in place. heather: president obama deported more illegal immigrants in that same time period. >> award nominations are in,
2:45 am
miranda lambert leads the spine nomination, massive number and responded to that with a very adorable tweet celebrating cma nominations. fans, friends and family, thank you for supporting me. >> we talked about that kate middleton announcing the third baby on the way. babies on the brain today. and kate middleton and prince william. take a look at this tweet from lucy. how did she happen in real life, the jury is still out on fat. and the cheeks on william and
2:46 am
kate's third baby. and another tweet from this person who says the royal baby is richer than you and that has only just been announced. the kid is very lucky and doesn't know it yet. i also saw another hashtag trending on likely royal baby names and a lot of people do not believe baby mcbabyface will be the name. thanks a lot. let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: judge andrew napolitano is going to be dropping by to weigh in on the president ending that kim jung un program and kicking it to congress where they will do something about it. the va secretary will be talking to us about the latest in the veterans administration joining their care. we will talk about the news of
2:47 am
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rob: former president barack obama planning to speak out if the trump administration ends the daca program for the dreamers. do you remember this? >> this is not a path to citizenship, it is not a permanent fixed. this is a temporary stopgap measure. it is the right thing to do. rob: indicating this was not to be a permanent thing. here to weigh in on this, what
2:51 am
to do about it, founder of i was in houston and i am cold. thanks for coming in this morning. let's talk about kids that came here with their parents who were illegal and what to do about it, donald trump showing sympathy to the situation and doesn't know what to do with that. is this a cancellation of this program or saying this was not the right move that obama made, throw this to congress and let them make the decision the way it is supposed to be done? >> the constitution clearly states immigration and naturalization issue is for congress to handle, that is the jurisdiction, strong indications 9 to 10 potential states bringing a lawsuit, the supreme court would rule in their favor based on the fact obama tried to expand, include
2:52 am
their parents in the program and the supreme court struck that down and said this is not constitutional, upheld a lower court ruling that said this is outside your jurisdiction and hesitant obama, executive overreach. rob: lindsey graham has been critical of the president before, is behind this new measure saying if donald trump chooses to cancel the daca program and give congress six months to find a legislative solution i will be supportive of such a position, i believe shinzo abe he was president overreach, not just saying dreamers get out that congress will figure this out the way it ought to be. >> speaker ryan said the same thing, that is -- if former president obama speaks out that is what i would like to see, some humility. that is why his legacy has been rejected by trump voters and
2:53 am
the united states of america who put donald trump in office to protect american workers because that is what this is about, rewarding people for behaving illegally, bringing in cheap labor to compete against american workers and those are the people who elected trump to say this is not okay, you cannot award illegal behavior by giving them additional protection. rob: what is congress going to do? let these kids stay. can't imagine they will throw them out. most republicans -- you know the democrats will vote to keep them in, i don't think these kids are going anywhere, the president us and we will let congress handle this. >> that is where congress is heading but what chuck did was right, diluting congress way in and if congress chooses not to act donald trump would be leveling the playing field. when it comes to immigration we need policy based on merit, not the fact your parents committed an illegal act. people say it happened through
2:54 am
no fault of their own and then it is the republicans fault, the fault was the parents, the parents did an illegal act and we are rewarding and subsidizing it. my favorite economy start laffer points out when you tax something you get less of it, they are attacking american taxpayers to give free education to illegal people who are here, breaking our laws and thinking their children, if i showed up at stanford university and said i won an mba, you didn't accept me but i deserve to get one that doesn't mean i deserve to get one. rob: a lot of immigration groups referred to president obama as the deep order in chief, he was strong on immigration, deported a lot of people before he came to the daca realization and i think the kids, a sensitive issue and i have a little more understanding but let's not act like president obama was the most sensitive on immigration,
2:55 am
that is an outrageous claim and for him to be making a statement if donald trump goes this way is the height of hypocrisy. >> trump is not a typical politician, a straight shooter unlike what obama was. >> deported miller illegal immigrants than any president in american history. the time is 5 minutes until the top of the hour. a glimmer of hope during a dark time. someone in houston may be waking up $1 million richer this morning. super mario has a new job and twitter is not happy about it. ♪ get the door. ♪ . .
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♪ heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. someone recovering from hurricane harvey may have won the power ball. ticket sold in houston over the weekend. a winner has not yet come forward. rob: i hope they have that ticket. twitter up in arms after nintendo announcing super mario no longer a plumber. >> woo hooh. rob: remember him? fans not taking the news very well. one tweeting what the heck. mario not a plumber now he is athlete. vanishing working class. heather: finally the ugly, the usp worker accused of trapping a man inside his apartment. the bizarre ordeal happened on sunday.
3:00 am
hey, u.p.s., the driver left package under door knob like this and trapped us in our apartment. eventually went viral and they apologized. niles to have you back, by the way. rob: good to be back. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> a fox news alert. begging for war in the u.s. declaring enough is enough from kim jong un. >> our allies in south korea giving a show of force overnight. >> his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threat show that he is begging for war. enough is enough. >> what we have got is a nuclear capable north korea. that's unacceptable. >> the next big battle he has got and congress has is the budget and tax reform. the president tweeting out big week coming up. >> the president is expected to announce his administration is ending daca. >> congress needs to do their job and solve the problem. >> florida preparing for what could be


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