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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 5, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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fantastic. they've been working overtime. >> senator tom cotton and danica patrick cooking with friends with governor huckabee. i can't wait. run to radio if you have to run from tv. >> bill: it is now official. hurricane irma has strengthened to a category 5. path still uncertain. florida has already declared a state of emergency. much more on what is already a monster storm coming up in "america's newsroom." meanwhile, congress goes back to work in washington and president trump had a big fat message for them late last night. do your job. harvey aid, and other things. julie, nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. i'm julie in for shannon bream.
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attorney general jeff sessions announce president trump's expected decision to end dreamers at 11:00 a.m. >> bill: president trump, big week coming up. >> what else is new? john roberts is live on the north lawn. another big week we should say, john. >> that was the master of understatement. the president, we have big days at the white house, let alone big weeks. the president a short time ago leaving no question where he is going with the deferred action for childhood arrivals program tweeting out congress, get ready to do your job, daca. this is perhaps the most controversial announcement to come out of the white house from a number of stand points and one that could have a profound impact on the republican party. the president dispatching jeff sessions at 11:00 this morning to lay out the administration's policy on daca. he is expected to say the president intends to end daca as we know it but delay
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rescinding it for a period of six months to give congress time to come up with a fix. in a statement senator lindsey graham who has spoken several times with jared kushner about immigration reform says he is okay with the plan. if president trump chooses to give congress six months to find a legislative solution i will be supportive of such a position. i always believed daca was a presidential overreach. kevin mccarthy agrees it's the responsibility of congress to address the issue of dreamers. listen here. >> everybody understands our immigration system is broken. congress needs to act. this is a role for congress. that's one thing we can talk about. we need to secure our borders but we also have to have an immigration system that works. and if i'm correct about what the president's action will take, he will give congress six months to act and congress needs to do their job and solve the problem. >> some talk of the white house
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of using daca as a lever to get what the president wants on immigration reform. that would be, for example, trading some legislation on daca for funding for a border wall. so we'll see where all of this goes. >> you touched a bit, john on how it might play out in the republican party. expand a bit there. >> there are some dire predictions that are floating around out there today. there are some people who told me they believe this is going to ignite a civil war in the republican party pointing to what happened with eric cantor and dave brant taking his seat in 2013. that might happen again and deepen the split that exists between the various factions in the republican party, might even lead to the republicans losing control of congress and then the law of unintended consequences goes from there. one person told me the president is doing exactly the opposite of what he was elected to do. so there would be a lot of republicans very unhappy, i'm sure, this morning with what
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they hear jeff sessions say. you mentioned the meeting today on tax reform. that was one of the things the president was elected to do and he will get down to work on that today meeting with the so-called big six. the senate majority leader machine mcconnell, orrin hatch from utah. paul ryan and kevin brady and steve mnuchin and gary cohn here at the white house. the push for tax reform still going on and we'll see what happens with daca. >> a lot on the table today. >> bill: analysis and chris stirewalt. good morning to you. throw a lot at you. september agenda, here we go. the house is in session for 12 days. the senate is in session for 17. on the agenda you have the debt ceiling, you have budget reconciliation, you have hurricane harvey aid, tax reform maybe, maybe not and you have daca. wow. >> other than that nothing to
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do. >> bill: take the last one because it's the headline of the day. can congress if deferred, get this done in six months? >> i think they could get the most simple version. there is no constituents -- i shouldn't say that. there is a fringe constituency in favor of deporting people brought to the united states as young children who stayed in the united states with their parents who graduated from american schools, who are part of the american economy and life. there would be no real constituency other than radical people for yanking those people out of the country. a simple solution that could be attained swiftly. i'll voice, because we're just back from holiday, i'll voice some optimism for republicans. i think this could be the lever, yeah, perhaps to get enforcement stuff for the president, but maybe to some larger immigration reform. remember, the reason that the last immigration reform proposal failed was the
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republicans said they couldn't trust barack obama and his administration to enforce it. i doubt there is concern about enforcement on the part of the trump administration. they have a clear track record. i think it could be the start of something larger for the gop. >> bill: balance this now. lindsey graham said this about the decision. if president trump makes this decision we work to find a legislative solution. i look forward to working with president trump and my colleagues in congress. this and steve king republican from iowa. he says ending daca now gives chance to restore rule of law. delaying so republican leadership can push amnesty is republican suicide. there is -- how do you balance that? >> some voices are more powerful than others. what republicans have found out donald trump chief among them, steve king knows this well. the power in republican primaries of raising alarms
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about amnesty and about as steve king called raising other people's babies and the potential menace of large immigrant population in the united states, that can play well in republican primaries. you can get votes if you frighten people. ask jeb bush and marco rubio what happens to republicans seen as soft on immigration. the president now of president trump and steve king and others in congress, you have the football now. you won. you've got it. are you going to be able to score? are you going to be able to put something on the board or are you just going to be satisfied it wasn't the other guys? eventually the other guys will get back in power and you'll lose bigly. >> bill: it works that way. nice to see you and welcome back to you. chris stirewalt in washington thanks. >> meanwhile in florida the governor, rick scott, declaring a state of emergency ahead of hurricane irma who hasn't come onto its shores. it has strengthened to a category 5 this morning.
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eventual path uncertain but folks in florida aren't taking any chances. >> we do need the public to stay alert and informed and ready, prepared for the end of this week. we expect everybody else to mainly take care of themselves for three days. it could take up to three days for us to reach you. >> with harvey, everyone is taken back to see how bad that was. we're from florida and used to this type of situation but it's always good to be prepared. >> he took the words out of my mouth. florida knows how to prepare for these things. janice dean is in the weather center with a look at where it's headed. >> this is a powerful storm. as the sun comes out look at this perfect category 5 storm. 175 mile-per-hour sustained winds. at its peak katrina was 175. we haven't seen a storm of this strength in 10 years since
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felix. it will be a category 5 for a day or two. we're dealing with the very dangerous storm. we watch puerto rico, the bahamas, cuba and there is the center of the storm. but i don't want people to pay attention to the center because there is the potential five days out that this moves south of that center or north of that center. but certainly right now florida keys, south florida making preparations now. very warm water and that's why the potential is there for it to maintain its category five status for the next 24 to 48 hours. there is the computer models, very good agreement until friday and then we start to see the trough that will potentially influence the storm coming from the north and then we think making a right-hand turn but again, we have to watch this because anything can happen five days out. florida, you are in the cross
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hairs. gulf of mexico, you need to be prepared. east coast also needs to be prepared. one thing is for certain, julie, this is a very dangerous storm that could potentially be deadly. so we need to make our preparations now. >> thank you so much, janice dean. >> bill: warm waters will gain more strength and fury. thank you on that. as irma gains steam, houston's mayor said the city is open for business but the long road to recovery is just beginning for so many. some neighborhoods still surrounded by contaminated floodwater. we'll be live there in minutes. >> that recovery will take money, of course. governor abbott saying the price tag could be as high as $180 billion. so how long until congress gets the aid flowing? >> bill: overseas, new reports that north korea is getting ready for yet again another missile test that they threat en to send, quote, gift
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packages to the u.s. former u.n. ambassador john bolton says more sanctions will not work. he is next live to explain this. >> nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong-un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. at red lobster and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors like new nashville hot shrimp drizzled with sweet amber honey, and new grilled mediterranean shrimp finished with a savory blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. feeling hungry yet? good, cuz there's plenty more where these came from. like garlic shrimp scampi, and other classics you love. as much as you want, however you want 'em. but hurry, endless shrimp won't be here long.
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>> when the rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and icbm pointed at you, you don't take steps to lower your guard. only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. >> bill: there is nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. urging the strongest possible sanctions against north korea after the regime tested its six and most powerful bomb to date. john bolton is not a believer in sanctions. sir, good morning to you. we found you have -- vladimir putin said this. sanctions of any kind would be useless and ineffective. do you believe that? what do you do? >> for two reasons. number one, sanctioning the north korean economy is a waste of time. it is not really an economy. it's a prison camp. the leadership doesn't really care what the standard of living of the people is.
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we've tried that before even when it was one of the poorest countries in the world it developed nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. they say let's sanction the countries that do business with north korea. china has said it doesn't want north korea to have nuclear weapons but hasn't applied economic powers. why not? it fears that doing so would collapse the regime in north korea, bring millions of refugees in china and lead to u.n. and south korea forces intervening. >> bill: diplomatically speaking take it higher. how do you think this administration is handling this so far? >> well, i think making it clear that they don't see any point in negotiating with north korea is an important step and, in fact, there is only one country worth negotiating with all due respect to vladimir putin, it's not russia, it's china. and this is the pitch to make to china. you don't want to refugee flow, you don't want an uncontrolled
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american advance inside north korea, let's do this constructively, merge the two koreas and get rid of this nuclear threat. it's a hard argument to make and we don't have much time which is why the president's rhetoric about the potential use of military force is serious. and i think that does make a difference. we are running out of time, let's face it. >> bill: steve mnuchin said this on fox news sunday with trade but not just china but everybody. >> we'll work with our allies and work with china. people need to cut off north korea economically. this is unacceptable behavior. >> bill: the suggestion there is you end trade with china. >> with china. china is far more important than everybody else who trades with north korea. so you want to cut off chinese relations with north korea, you want to cut off chinese banking in the united states. this is where i think we're at
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risk of over selling the effectiveness of sanctions when the head of j.p. morgan and goldman sachs and citibank and wells fargo call steve mnuchin and say you're hurting us. sanctions work if you're prepared to bear pain yourself. i don't know if the united states is ready for that. i don't think it would work. that's the real irony of it. we could impose massive sanctions on china and i don't think it would move them. you have to appeal to china's self-interest here. therefore threatening things i don't myself have support -- like nuclear weapons for japan may help get their interest. the only way to solve the north korean problem is remove the regime or remove the weapons capability. anything else, if we end up a year from now with this regime still in place with a nuclear weapons capability and north korea still in place we have
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lost. >> bill: last question. would you expect another test from north korea? >> there is a lot of speculation of a missile launch this thursday. it is their founder's day, always a time for happy celebrations in the north. look, it's clear consensus the sixth nuclear test was thermonuclear. they're very, very close to the point that we have long feared where they can hit any target in the united states with a nuclear weapon. >> bill: sir, thank you. john bolton in washington, d.c. thanks for coming back. >> julie: much more coming up on north korea and the latest threat coming from their. president trump weighing in moments ago on twitter. a plan to help brief and beef up defenses in japan and south korea. if sanctions don't work, what will be the u.s.'s next option? we'll look at that with a former green beret. >> bill: a man calling 911 thinks he killed his wife in his sleep.
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>> bill: now this bizarre 911 call out of north carolina. this is matthew phelps who took cold medicine to sleep and when he woke up he found his wife stabbed to death and he says he thinks he did it. that's his story. here is that disturbing call to 911 where he appears to confess. >> i had a dream and then i turn on the lights and she is dead on the floor. i have blood all over me and there is a bloody knife on the bed and i think i did it. >> bill: wow.
6:24 am
officers arriving at that home in northeastern raleigh discovered 29-year-old robin phelps with stab wounds. she later died. he is charged with murder and being held without bail. >> the first order of business is to make sure that we do everything we can do to make sure the federal government is providing the support that is needed for texas and texans to heal. >> on wednesday morning we'll vote on the first relief package through the house sending it to the senate. >> julie: texas senator john cornyn and kevin mccarthy promising to deliver aid to texans. the house will vote on this on wednesday on harvey emergency bill, one of the largest, in fact, in history. a package that would funnel $8 billion into the state. let's bring in byron york for "the washington examiner".
6:25 am
thank you very much. there is debate you could clear up for us whether or not the harvey aid should be tied to the debt ceiling. which should be the case? >> i think it would be -- if you want to aid the victims of harvey and you want to raise the debt limit, then clearly the best way to do it would be two separate bills. vote for aid for harvey and vote to raise the debt limit. but historically efforts to raise the debt ceiling have always been tied to something controversial or something that the proponents view as must pass so people, even if they didn't really want to raise the debt ceiling, couldn't vote against it. are you going to vote against aid for hurricane harvey? the only thing we know it will be deeply tied up in politics
6:26 am
and we probably won't see what's called a clean bill to simply raise the debt ceiling. >> julie: it is sad to see this being politicized after this kind of natural disaster. congressman walker said in a statement, i want you to react. the alarm trajectory of our debt -- in the immediate future look at florida. we've been reporting on how this hurricane has now been upgraded to a category 5. the governor there scott has already declared a state of emergency before the hurricane has even made landfall. does walker have a point that marrying the two could affect future disaster relief in the case of florida? >> it's no more of point than you can make about any other type of federal spending. that with a debt and what is it now, $18 trillion. with a debt that high that anything that adds to it makes it worse. the fact is given the nature of
6:27 am
these natural disasters, given the extent of the suffering, given the extent of the news coverage of such things, remember, after superstorm sandy there was a $50 billion aid bill that was passed. this is in houston is much worse an extent in damage. there is going to be a really big aid bill passed not just this first one, this $8 billion you're talking about, but much more to come. >> julie: do you think it's ironic at all that it happens that it's pretty much well-known that texas politicians are anti-government and other governors have said -- there is a little bit of hypocrisy here. i don't believe that would actually play a role into whether or not this bill gets through. >> not a huge amount of hypocrisy when you look at the
6:28 am
houston area. hillary clinton beat donald trump in houston by many points. houston is also an extremely diverse area, 44% hispanic, 25% white, 24% black, 6% asian. that's not a recipe for hating big government and also among philosophical conservatives, small government conservatives, a lot of them have said along with things like national defense, dealing with natural emergencies is a legitimate function of government so the people who were small government conservatives could probably accept this aid without great hypocrisy. >> julie: they won't have any argument there. thank you very much. >> bill: 19 past the hour. back to one of our top stories of the day. president trump making his focus of the week clear taking on illegal immigration this week. >> we'll show great heart, daca is a very, very difficult subject for me, i will tell you.
6:29 am
to me it's one of the most difficult subjects i have. you have these incredible kids. >> bill: what challenges will the president face trying to end an obama action. >> julie: a long road ahead for people recovering in texas as many return to their homes. figuring out how to rebuild is not the only problem many face. we're live from houston next. >> we thought we were under control. we had tarped and did everything we could. buckets collecting. when we came back there was a lot of mold. they're opening up walls to a lot of mold in the house.
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where the heart beats warm and true, that's texas. where we always welcome you, that's texas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪ >> bill: we're keeping a very close eye on another monster of a storm. irma has been upgraded to a category 5. speeding toward the caribbean about 15 miles per hour. it is not clear where and when she will make landfall but meanwhile back in texas, houston's mayor said the city is open for business with water
6:33 am
starting to recede and folks, so many beginning to return to their homes and see what they have left there. they are faced with serious challenges beyond just rebuilding and matt finn has that part of the story and is live in houston. matt, good morning there. >> we're on the southwestern side of houston, which was hit very hard along the buffalo bayou which is still raging at this hour. there are homes around the block from us that are still under water. 11 days after hurricane harvey first hit. in this particular cul de sac people are starting to go through the heart wrenching process of deciding what they can and cannot keep going through their heirlooms. seeing what is waterlogged and what can survive. we've been reporting on looters. the police chief tells us they're dealing with pickers. they dry out things and people are stealing them. this woman here mary said smile, we have cameras watching
6:34 am
you and we just got your picture via text. they have a camera watching their property. here is mary summers. she has been bravely going through belongings. this is difficult for us to report on. how do you feel this morning? >> a new day, still standing. i don't know what day of the week it is, maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday. it's just hard. i think we have retired and all of our belongings are sort of strewn out. the things we were able to save. we had this amazing team of volunteers, friends, neighbors, come and help us pack it up and it's all in storage but we still have no power. we still have floodwaters in our home and -- >> it is salt in the wounds that people are coming around and picking up your property? >> absolutely. i also know i have yardmen and other people who have helped me maintain this house who have
6:35 am
lost everything. and they are looking for just anything and so i also know that people are desperate right now and there is a great desperation in the city but also there are so many more people that are good and so i think that we all are looking out for each other. >> bill: you were without a car. your car was flooded by the water. tell us about the s.u.v. we're looking at now. >> a dear life long family friend loaned me this car last night. so now i have wheels and that's a huge lift. it is -- to have that kind of resource available. >> we wish you all. thank you for your time. another concern here is standing water. if we had more time we could show you there is a lot of standing water in this area. there is a great concern for mosquitoes. harrison county says their mosquito controlling equipment survived the flood so they will be able to start kicking that into gear this morning. back to you in north --
6:36 am
>> julie: another story. new developments in the crisis with north korea. south korea showing force today. there are new reports pyongyang could be preparing for yet another ballistic missile launch after north korea rogue regime claims it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. those claims sparking an emergency meeting. u.n. security council yesterday. michael waltz is a former advisor to dick cheney and an author. thank you for coming on this morning. president trump tweeted. i want to put it on the screen. japan meantime is talking about getting its 16,000 citizens out
6:37 am
of south korea for fear of the north going ahead and launching a missile aimed at them. what does south korea do? do they remain on the defense and remain if or when north korea decides to strike? >> there is calculus that needs to change in the region. kim jong-un believes getting a nuclear program is critical to the survival of his regime. if he gets that program it will guarantee the destruction of his regime but more important the chinese calculus needs to change here. they don't want to put too much pressure on the north koreans. they're afraid of the collapse and refugee problem and a unified korean peninsula friendly to the united states. they first agreed to have a more robust missile defense system that was very controversial there for the united states to put in place in south korea.
6:38 am
the thaad missile defense system. the second thing they're doing and where i think we could start to move the chinese, the south korea's are talking to the united states of reintroducing tactical nuclear weapons back onto the peninsula that was removed by president bush senior in the 1990s. that will certainly wake the chinese up. and the other thing that will wake them up is japan relooking its constitution to have a more aggressive and more robust air force, naval presence and army which has been forbidden since world war ii. i think those two things may change the chinese calculus enough to where they say you know what? this guy kim jong-un is causing me more problems in the region than it's worth and start to take meaningful action we hope. >> julie: president trump says we'll see when it comes to military involvement with north korea and nikki haley said the rogue regime is begging for war. strong words coming from washington
6:39 am
with word of north korea setting up a missile on its east coast. how does the u.s. get involved with south korea ramping up as it is test firing the missiles itself? >> those words from ambassador haley and the president. some folks say it's exacerbating the situation. it's helping diplomacy and helping the economic sanction side of this because the chinese and north koreans aren't going to move unless they believe that military action truly is an option. that the united states, japan and south korea will not accept, as some of the united states, including susan rice have called for, that we will not accept nuclear blackmail from an unstable rogue regime and that if all of those other options fail, we will take his program down and we'll take his regime down. it is only if they believe that red line that i think you will see movement on the diplomatic
6:40 am
and economic side. it is not war mongering on the part of the president or ambassador haley. it is a credible military option is what makes diplomacy so effective and what makes economic sanctions effective as well. >> julie: what we're doing is meeting fire with fire here. north korea has conducted five nuclear tests since 2006 including two last year. kim jong-un has proven he is more rogue than his father. sanctions clearly don't work and it is clear pyongyang will never give up its nuclear weapons program. that will never happen regardless of diplomacy and sanctions. what other options are left on the table for south korea? >> let me take a moment on sanctions. this notion that we've tried everything and what we haven't done and we just started is directly sanctioning chinese entities doing business with north korea. that's only the united states. what i would like to see. >> julie: president trump came out and warned any country that does business with north korea you're on notice. >> i would like to see an international coalition that
6:41 am
also sanctions all of those chinese entities and completely isolates them. it is about dialing up the pain on those elements of the chinese economy and changing the calculus of the chinese government. we can do that by advance systems with the japanese, reintroducing nuclear weapons with the south korea's. the chinese don't want to see that and may finally put military pressure. >> julie: china holds the key here. >> bill: watch this week. dozens of wildfires ravaging western states. how are fire crews battling this otherwise historic blaze today? >> julie: it could be the next big showdown in congress one hour from now. the trump administration expected to announce it will get rid of an obama-era policy on illegal immigration. our panel takes that up and new
6:42 am
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>> we have to deal with daca with hard. i have to do it with a lot of politicians, don't forget and i have to convince them that what i'm saying is right. it's a very difficult thing for me because i love these kids. i love kids. >> bill: that was president trump back in february. in about an hour's time the a.g., jeff sessions, will announce president trump's decision ending the obama-er yeah program allowing undocumented immigrants as children to stay. but the move will likely come with a six-month delay to give congress time to act on a replacement. codify it. rich lowry and fox news
6:46 am
contributor and great to see you both this tuesday morning. rich, what happens? what do you think? >> if reporting is correct they'll make this announcement with the six-month delay. a good compromise and reflects the fact that president was genuinely torn over this. he realizes correctly that this was an unconstitutional an illegal act by president obama to legislate on his own. but he feels sympathy for this population of illegal immigrants, as he should. so he is not ending it immediately. he is giving congress the opportunity to act and congress is the nation's law making authority. it should make laws including on immigration and if there will be a dream act, congress should pass it. >> bill: do you think they can get it done? >> i'm skeptical. there should be a trade there, the dream acts for some security measures, but i think democrats will figure we'll
6:47 am
call the president's bluff. we'll see whether he will actually end this thing in six months. if he does we'll blame him and take the issue to the mid-terms. >> bill: what happens next? >> i think if donald trump were genuinely concern he would renew daca for two years plain and simple. he would renew it. it's renewed every two years. i have agree congress has got to act on this. we've been sitting band-aids and short term fixes on the immigration problem in our country for years. when you look at the facts, most daca recipients came here as young children 70% of them under the age of 10 years old. no choice of their own with their parents. many of them have been living in the united states for decades and are part of the fabric of our communities, they're teachers, doctors, they're people that you work with and see every day. so to send them back to a country where they have no ties, no connections, no real understanding of that country's culture is a really inhumane thing. >> bill: my sense the a.g. will
6:48 am
talk about the rule of law. we can expect that phrase to come out of his mouth and we can agree on that, right? five years ago here was the temporary fix in the rose garden. >> let's be clear, this is not amnesty, this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship. it is not a permanent fix. this is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven patriotic young people. >> bill: what came of that? adrian is correct. congress hasn't done anything and you could argue there hasn't been a president to push them that way until maybe today. >> look, you can be sympathetic to this population and say we have amnesty but that doesn't mean the president of the united states has authority to impose it on his own. president obama repeatedly said i don't have the authority to make laws on my own and twice
6:49 am
on immigration he did because he was frustrated with congress. that's not the way the system is supposed to work. this is the president of the united states seeing it's congress's role to deal with this. this should be a deal to be had. we have a dream act in exchange for an e-verify system to make it harder for employers to hire illegal immigrants going forward. >> bill: do you see a deal out there between both sides? >> i hope so. one of the things that gives me hope and optimism you see a lot of ceos come forward and say if we don't renew daca we'll lose a lot of our workforce. >> bill: what about republicans and democrats? >> public pressure is very important. the public pressure is very intense. you are seeing it from the business community and the grassroots community. you are seeing it from democrats and republicans and what also gives me hope is that you're seeing some very conservative republicans come forward and saying you know what? i understand we need to deal with this immigration problem but i have a major issue
6:50 am
sending 800,000 dreamers who have been in the country for a long time back. >> bill: way out of time. i have to run. rich, do you see her point at all? do you see it happening? >> i think it is the most sympathetic part. there has to be some amnesty in exchange for security measures that will limit the negative consequences of that amnesty including providing a magnet to draw for illegal immigrants. >> bill: come on back, guys. >> julie: some good news for america's economy. the u.s. is now the world's largest exporter of refined fuels. details on how dominating this global market will help bring more jobs and money into our economy. >> bill: also congress is back at work today. packed agenda, debt ceiling debate, obamacare repeal. tax reform, harvey aid. can the republicans get their agenda on track? we're about to find out. come on back.
6:51 am
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>> julie: for years the u.s. has been a huge importer of crude oil. but now thanks largely to fracking, the u.s. is the world's largest exporter of refined fossil fuels. the move is actually turning world markets upside down and putting the u.s. in a position to control the energy sector. we're live in dickenson, north dakota this morning. a state that has played a major role in america's energy renaissance. >> julie, years ago north dakota wasn't even on the map when it came to oil production. now it's number two behind texas. this refinery takes shale oil and turns it to deisel fuel and another one to gasoline. this is the great untold story of the last decade. the turn around in u.s. energy
6:55 am
markets. we used to get 70% of our oil from opec. now 30%. 10 years ago we produced only 5 million barrels of oil a day. we've doubled that to 9.6 and sometimes next year we could overtake saudi arabia as the number two producer. we're exporting 7 million barrels. the revolution more stunning. we used to import 80% of our natural gas and we're now the world's largest producer and exporting it by pipe to mexico and canada and tanker to europe. >> we've gone from being a big natural gas and oil importer to being the world's largest producer of petroleum and natural gas for five years running. >> opec thought they could put us -- u.s. oil producers and
6:56 am
shale producers out of business by oversupplying the market and driving down the price. now we're actually making money at $55 a barrel and they didn't think it was possible which is one reason we're paying for gasoline what, $2.50 a gallon instead of $5. president trump will be here tomorrow to talk energy and tax reform. back to you. >> julie: not bad having good news to end the hour. thank you. >> bill: we're awaiting now a big announcement on the future of president obama's dreamer's order. jeff sessions will speak next hour. where will the immigration fight go from there? the judge andrew napolitano will break it down for us and he is live in a moment. countering north korea. the u.s. trying to rally the world to contain the threat as pyongyang says it now has a hydrogen bomb and appears to be set on testing more missiles possibly as soon as this week. more on all that coming back top of the hour.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
it is 10:00 here in new york. president trump telling congress it's time to get to work. big policy proposals on the line. the attorney general jeff sessions in an hour will overturn an obama-era policy on illegal immigration and we await for that to happen live here. new hour of "america's newsroom." hope you had a great labor day weekend. all that good stuff. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, julie. >> julie: we're getting warmed up. i'm in for shannon bream today. president trump calling on congress to take action on obama's dreamers policy. it is expected he will wind down the program protecting illegal immigrants brought to this country when they were children. leaving it up to congress to come up with a legislative solution. phil keating is live in miami. phil, what's the potential for massive deportations? >> that is certainly possible. however, most immigration analysts and political observers doubt it will happen
7:01 am
unless the illegal immigrant and daca recipient commits a crime. it will immediately impact 800,000 illegal immigrants who have up for the past five years been allowed to stay in the country, stay in school and work a job known as the dreamers, immigrants who as young children were brought in illegally by their parents. as a presidential candidate president trump vowed to very tears the order known as daca. and daca opponents like the 10 republican attorneys general who threatened to sue to kill daca by today if the president did not act applaud the move. >> daca itself has to end. it is illegal and a dangerous precedent for the future because it signals that the president can ignore the limits and regulations on immigration passed by congress. >> new york's attorney general doesn't agree and tweeted this
7:02 am
yesterday. president trump's decision to end daca would be cruel and devastating to tens of thousands of new yorkers. i'll sue to protect them. people like 24-year-old lewis. >> i mean, just right off the bat right now my heart is sunk. i don't feel any emotions. i've been dealing with this for weeks now and the uncertainty is just killing me at this point. >> congress will now reportedly have six months to figure out a legislative solution to this. it's possible the 800,000 dreamer kids and young adults could be allowed to stay in the country maybe under a guest worker type of status or even possible amnesty. we'll see what congress does. >> julie: it will be interesting. south florida in particular has a big impact on this. >> absolutely. one recent study done just at the end of last month on daca indicated 50,000 of these 800,000 daca recipients do live in south florida and one of the
7:03 am
people down here who has been really vocal about urging trump not to do this is miami-dade public school superintendent who says some of his 350,000 public school kids are dreamers. >> i don't see them as alien. they're young people with promising futures. they walk into school, they pledge allegiance to the flag like any native-born kid and they sing the national anthem. they eat american food. they speak the english language at some point they learn it. who are american in every sense of the way other than through birth. >> that is why this is such a sensitive issue. a lot of these kids and young adults have basically been there this country almost all their lives and really don't have a memory of the country of origin from where they were born. attorney general at the top of the hour as bill hemmer indicated will make his announcement what to do with daca and we'll bring that to you. >> julie: phil keating. thank you so much. >> bill: joining me now is
7:04 am
andrew napolitano. newt gingrich said this today on "fox & friends." >> he campaigned last year on the fact that president obama's executive order was unconstitutional. his vice president authorized his attorney general to file a lawsuit. the major legal advisors says it's unconstitutional. >> i think the former speaker is correct. however, the other side of this page is that every president since ronald reagan, including donald trump, has followed daca for humanitarian reasons. barack obama either out of an act of courage or foolishness reduced it to writing and that writing was challenged in the courts. and the courts said congress writes the law, you don't. you can't change the law that congress has written. even though all your predecessors going back to
7:05 am
reagan have done so. in 1986 reagan signed a federal statute which granted amnesty to everyone here. that started the clock at zero. >> bill: there are legal arguments and economic arguments. >> right. >> bill: you could even argue moral arguments >> yes. they are these people have no place to go, they would be total aliens in the country to which they would be sent because they came here as infants. their parents would still be here. their siblings who were born here would still be here. most of them are students or are in the workforce. these are not the type of people that donald trump quite properly railed against during the campaign who are causing crimes. these are for the most part 800,000 fully americanized productive human beings and the economic consequences to them, to their families and their employers would be catastrophic if they were kicked out. >> bill: if it's true they'll
7:06 am
kick it to congress for six months. can congress get this done? >> i don't know if they can get it done politically. legally that would be the best possible solution. if congress decides that these 800,000 can stay here if they do a, b, c and d, things like get a work visa, apply for citizenship, etc. then the president would be enforcing a law that congress has written. he wins politically, congress wins politically and the 800,000 win. >> bill: if someone were affected by this, right? they could bring a case considered hardship, they could tie it up in the courts forever. >> every one of these 800,000 who is told to leave and says it's a hardship gets a hearing. do you know how long those hearings would take? a very, very long time. it would totally overwhelm the system if the department of homeland security has to provide hearings for 800,000 people. it would take years and years and years. >> bill: what is your
7:07 am
suggestion then six months from now? where are we? is it settled or not? >> the best of all suggestions. congress and the president use this daca problem as an impetus for total and complete immigration reform and daca as part of it. if they can't do that, that requires a lot of compromise and a lot of consensus, there is already a consensus on daca. you have nancy pelosi and paul ryan on the same page saying we'll rewrite the statute to let them stay. >> bill: would he concede to that or be selling out his base who put him in office? >> a tough decision for him to make. does he sign the law or veto it and risk being overridden? >> bill: thank you, judge. >> julie: a fox news alert on the top story today. south korea conducting a second round of live fire drills amid new threats from the north. sunday's test which north korea claimed was a hydrogen bomb was the rogue regime's sixth and
7:08 am
largest nuclear test to date. united nations considering tougher sanctions. john bolton expressed some doubt on their ability to rein in kim jong-un. >> sanctioning the north korea economy is a waste of time. it's a prison camp. the leadership doesn't care what the standard of living of the people is. we've tried it before even when it was one of the poorest countries in the world. it developed nuclear weapons. >> julie: greg palkot is live in south korea. what is happening there? >> welcome to an edgy seoul, south korea. folks are wondering what the north will do next and it might be another missile launch. according to reports today the north is moving another icbm to
7:09 am
a launch site. south korea continues the live fire military exercises, it announced it will be adding to the payloads on its missiles and speeding up its anti-missile defenses. all of this, of course, in response to the nuclear test over the weekend from the north korean regime. married to a ballistic missile. one expert told me that could be an american city buster, dangerous stuff, julie. >> julie: you have been to seoul several times. how does the mood there now compared to times in the past? >> in fact, the mood here is, i have to say, a bit more nervous. not just because of north korea's actions but the possible reactions. we heard today that japan is looking at ways it might have to evacuate its 60,000 citizens in south korea. remember, along with 28,000 u.s. troops, there are something like 200,000 americans here in south korea. here is how one locally-based
7:10 am
analyst put it to us tonight. >> here in seoul we regularly hear of threats to seoul. what happens when those threats start emerging on new york and washington not much tolerance for that and understandably so. >> one of the major wild cards in all of this could be the trump administration and what president trump decides to do about the regime in north korea. back to you. >> bill: as we've been telling you our top story this hour the a.g. jeff sessions will announce the end of the obama-era policy on immigration. we'll take you there live when the attorney general begins in d.c. plus there is this. >> we'll make it happen. we need to stay more days we'll get it done. we'll get the supplemental done wednesday morning and going on to appropriations and then get the budget done. after we get the budget done we'll start on tax reform. we have to keep this country growing. >> julie: congress returns to a
7:11 am
heavy workload and back-to-back deadlines. tax reform, battle over the debt ceiling. harvey aid and immigration reform to name a few. will the republicans get a win on their agenda? >> bill: hurricane irma is a category 5 rolling toward florida. the sunshine state responds to warning that it might make landfall there by this weekend. that's next. >> it's important that you are prepared. it could mean the difference between life and death in some cases unfortunately.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> julie: fox news alert on capitol hill. lawmakers are gearing up for a packed september agenda. congress returning with new issues to tackle like an aid package for gulf coast communities devastated by harvey. a six-month deadline to handle the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from deportation and also hoping for a legislative victory on tax reform. >> i want to see major reform. this is something we've been working on for quite some time. i'm here with chairman brady. something we know economically we need to do. america is at a disadvantage with the rest of the world. we need to make sure we can bring the money back to america, invest in america, create more jobs. we'll get that done this year. the first step is getting a budget through. once the budget is done we'll move to tax reform. >> julie: a former obama
7:16 am
campaign consultant and principle at clifton consulting. and a washington examiner and author of the book the selfie vote. thank you very much ladies for talking to us this morning. marjorie, let's start with you and congress tackling taxes. a packed september agenda for president trump and congress with harvey aid and the dreamers battle being added into the calendar. there is already pessimism on tax reform. so will congress get it done? >> well, there has been a lot of strain happening now between the president and the republican party over things like daca where they very much have been diverging on their opinion and difficult to tackle the issue. in the 80s when president reagan, he presented a 450 page document outlining how it would work and roll out and right now in addition to not having a budget already ready, the trump administration has only presented a one-page document. there hasn't been a path paved
7:17 am
and lot a lot of harmony. look at all the things happening in the news right now. the harvey relief package. immigration, things that have deadlines that have to happen. it will be really hard. tax reform was a big part of the republican platform coming into this election. it's important to a lot of them. it will be very tough. >> julie: it does go hand in hand with healthcare and lawmakers blew it. now you have all these people paying higher premiums set to pay higher premiums. in january the mid-term elections in 2018. republicans have everything to lose here. i want to play quick sound from chris stirewalt about how republicans could bomb here and i'll have you react. >> you have the football nou. you won. you've got it. are you going to be able to score? are you going to be able to put something on the board? or will you just be satisfied it wasn't the other guys. eventually the other guys will
7:18 am
get back in power and you'll lose bigly. >> julie: bigly, kristin. >> he is right that people expect congress to do something. putting healthcare up front, healthcare was always going to be a khaej. reforming the tax code is a lot of republicans on the hill and white house have wanted to do. doing something about immigration. the hill and white house want to do something. i don't think on those issues there is as much daylight between the white house and congress as marjorie may think. to the extent president trump wants to see something done with the dreamers, wants to see congress takes action. would sign a bill that would extend the program through legislative action. there may be less daylight. the real question is do democrats hold any of this up for political reasons? it's a republican congress were to put together something that would address the dreamer situation, and include other reforms along the lines of border security, etc. do democrats stop it because it's politically better for them to have it as an issue in
7:19 am
the mid-terms? it will be disappointing but not out of the realm of possibility. >> julie: democrats have made it clear they won't go along with anything funding a wall. that's one of the promises president trump made on the campaign trail and up to the republicans in congress and senate to fulfill the president's agenda. do they need to bankrupt and basically let the government shut down before that october 1st deadline in order to do so? >> i don't think that's -- i don't think the wall and democrats blocking things is really a question. i see that there is a lot more unity on where people are on policy issues like daca that are bringing republicans and democrats together. i think right now it's about priorities. i think a lot of people are saying right now a border wall is probably less important than saving the many, many families in the gulf coast areas. we're looking at a multi-billion package needed for harvey relief. will it be more important than a border wall? it's about priorities and
7:20 am
values and morality in our country. i think that is across the aisle. that is not partisan. challenges that we're having especially around tax reform is right now there is a bill that doesn't include middle class relief. that was a big part of the platform. when you are talking about corporate relief, timing not great. we have to think about what's happening right now. the climate as changed. >> julie: that's all the time we have. thank you, ladies. >> bill: 20 minutes past the hour now. a frightening seen across parts of the eastern u.s. dozens of wildfires forcing thousands from their homes. >> just really scary to know what's around you will go up in flames like that. >> bill: how fire crews are battling this historic blaze. >> julie: harvey cleanup efforts are underway. while the water continues to recede and texans return to their homes, the challenges they face are still far from over. we're live from the flood zone next. >> the mold inside all has to
7:21 am
go. we're keeping our fingers crossed with our insurance company that everybody will help us so we can rebuild our home.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> we'll be if constant communication as i get information i'll relay it to the people of miami beach whether by email, social media, television, whatever it may be. we want them to be as informed as myself and everybody in the city is in realtime. >> julie: miami beach mayor on another powerful storm that could reach the u.s. irma is a category 5 hurricane. florida is leaving nothing to chance. the governor already declaring a state of emergency and people there are already stocking up on food, water and other supplies. >> with harvey, everyone is
7:25 am
kind of taken back at how bad that was. obviously we're from florida and we're used to this type of situation but it is always good to be prepared. >> julie: hurricane irma is heading toward the caribbean packing winds up of up 175 miles per hour. >> bill: a series of massive fires burning across much of the west. including flames in oregon, montana and california. let's start in california. a tough week for firefighters there, jonathan. >> really tough. the fire north of downtown l.a. is one of the biggest in los angeles city history destroying four homes and sending hundreds of firefighters into a battle to save homes. ultimately four were lost. officials say after an exhausting holiday weekend they finally have some sort of a grip on this fire. >> we're standing on our acres
7:26 am
burned currently at 7,000 acres. we anticipate that number to increase slightly in the coming days. containment, we'll also stand on 30% contained, which means we have 70% of the line not contained. >> further north on the edge of the sierra national forest firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand on the mission fire northeast of fresno. 200 homes and buildings are threatened. residents are being evacuated. >> we keep the grab bags ready. that's something they tell you to do up here. we always have grab bags. >> around 650 acres have burned there so far and firefighters have zero containment on that fire. >> bill: outside of california what's the biggest concern, jonathan? >> fires burning throughout the west. one of the worst, bill, up in oregon, the eagle creek fire
7:27 am
has grown to 3,000 acres with zero containment. it is burning in the columbia river gorge, a popular tourist spot. 150 hikers were stranded by the fire and residents of at least 130 homes have been told to evacuate. >> it's like nothing i've ever -- really ever seen. >> i knew there were fires going on but not as bad as it is right now. i didn't realize the whole town would be shut down. >> fire season is ramping up in montana where the sprig fire is proving to be a tough one. winds causing particular problems for fire crews. they've blown huge plumes of smoke across the area preventing firefighting aircraft from taking off. the good news with all these fires is that temperatures are coming down after this week after a heat wave. this is likely to be the start of a long and difficult fire season out here in the west. >> bill: let's hope you're
7:28 am
wrong. jonathan hunt live in los angeles. thanks. >> julie: crews busy in texas where flood recovery is underway. >> i had four feet all the way around. the wood was starting to get mold and rust. >> julie: as a floodwaters recede major issues continue to arrive in houston. we're live on the ground. texas attorney general kevin paxton joins us later in hour as well. >> bill: the trump team weighing its best options to resolve the stand-off with north korea. reports claim that rogue regime is getting ready to launch more missiles perhaps as soon as this thursday. are tougher sanctions the answer? a former president george w. bush policy advisor on that joins us next. >> his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war.
7:29 am
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>> bill: 10:32. washington, d.c., a live look in the room where jeff sessions will be there in minutes to announce the decision on daca that was signed by way of executive order five years ago by president obama. there are protests gathering in washington, d.c. we'll see what comes of them and see what their message is and we'll find out what the announcement is. based on all the reporting we expect this to be referred to congress. to be considered as new legislation over a period of six months. we're waiting for the attorney general and get your reaction on all that. it will be the story of the day. 10:32 in new york. >> julie: fox news alert following hurricane irma. she is continuing to strengthen as cleanup efforts are underway in texas cities hit by harvey. and officials are now blaming
7:33 am
that storm for at least 60 deaths. we're live in the western part of houston with some of the ongoing issues there. griff, officials are asking residents to shower less? >> that's right, julie. there is still some flooded areas in houston, the west cars are still submerged and crews working five to six feet maybe more of water. two water plants in this area have flooded as of 7:00 last night had upwards of eight feet and asked people to shower less, to do less laundry and to flush their toilets less to avoid backing up sewers and people in this area where mandatory evacuated yesterday and haven't been able to get in and get their things. we talked to one of those residents, amy. here is what she had to say. >> all i wanted to do is put things in plastic bins to last for a month to let the swampy water sit for a month in my house and it will contaminate everything upstairs, too.
7:34 am
i'm incensed they aren't letting us in to take care of our homes when we had no warning. >> the mayor says roughly 95% are dry and people are digging out. >> julie: what does the future hold for houston in the coming weeks and months? >> in the coming weeks and months they will be assessing the damage, the governor saying it's upwards of $180 million. many will have to be demolished. we'll spend time with harris county flood officials and what the threat is when they have the first threat today of thunderstorms about 40%, julie. >> julie: griff jenkins, thank you very much. >> bill: there are new reports that north korea may be getting ready to test launch another long range missile. u.n. ambassador nikki haley calling for tougher sanctions.
7:35 am
just last hour here on our program former ambassador john bolton said more sanctions, he argued, would not work. >> making it clear that they don't see any point in negotiating with north korea is an important step and in fact there is only one country worth negotiating here with all due respect to vladimir putin, it is not russia, it's china. >> bill: the director of programs for actton institute. president george w. bush policy advisor and state department official. welcome back to "america's newsroom." what do you think of that comment on china? >> i think he is exactly right. the united nations is not an effective world body. it can only criticize israel and that's about it. i respect nikki haley very much. i think it's important for her to be there and saying what she is saying to show the united states is interested in encouraging and shaming other countries for not standing for the right thing. at the end of the day this is
7:36 am
the difference in the interests of china versus the united states and the trump administration's job to make sure china knows it will not be in its interest if it opposes us on this. this is a last-ditch effort. >> bill: nikki haley said this yesterday. >> members of this council will no doubt urge negotiations and a return to talks. but as i've just outlined, we have engaged in numerous direct and multi-lateral talks with the north korean regime and time after time they have not worked. the time for half measures in the security council is over. >> bill: on that point, sir, can she move opinion there or not? >> i think that she can show the chinese how serious we are because she is calling for more sanctions from the united nations and no more talk. i don't think it will be very effective but taking all the right steps leading up to the
7:37 am
next steps that are non-military, to threat en china's banks and threaten any other nation that trades with north korea if they want to trade with us. because we really are at a crux here. either we're going to have china operate in our interest and help us here or we're going to have a military solution and it will be things like japan and south korea going nuclear and us being on a war footing permanently with that nation. >> bill: i ask you a broader question. general james mattis two days ago talks tough all the time. watch. >> any threat to the states or its territories, including guam or our allies, will be met with a massive military response. we are not looking to the total an aisleation, north korea. >> whether it's general mattis,
7:38 am
rex tillerson or trump. how do you think the administration is handling this so far? >> i think so far well in this sense. the most important message is the one of a war footing. general mattis, nikki haley, some of the president's tweets and comments. privately what i assume is happening and i believe is happening is secretary tillerson and others are talking not only with the chinese and others and letting them know this administration is different. there is no option to go back to what obama, bush and clinton did. it is either the nation that can help us most, china, helps us change the direction of north korea's behavior or the worst thing china can imagine is going to happen, that is there will be a nuclear japan and a nuclear south korea and the united states will help them in that and we will be as general mattis said, prepared to obliterate any hostile threat to us. >> bill: last question. do you expect another test this week or not? >> yeah, i think so.
7:39 am
i don't think that kim jong-un has gotten the message from china. china hasn't fully absorbed the message from the trump administration and the window is closing. it is important this message be delivered and the president probably needs to take some steps that scare the chinese like withdrawing non-military personnel from south korea, arming them better. making it clear he means to follow through. >> bill: all steps that we shall watch. sir, thank you for coming back. paul bonicelli live with us today. >> julie: moments from now a major announcement on illegal immigration set to get underway at the justice department. the podium is set up waiting for attorney general jeff sessions expected to overturn an obama-era dreamers policy and making that announcement shortly. jen paxton is one of the people calling for this move and he joins us next with his reaction. >> bill: in a moment frightening scene for hundreds on board this plane when the
7:40 am
jetliner's engine catches fire in flight. show you how this wound up in a moment. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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>> bill: a racetrack in texas turning offer the engines and using its massive plot to store cars damaged by harvey. >> we're fortunate enough to have this real estate available literally in the heart of the devastations where insurance companies can come out and get people back on their feet. >> bill: the royal purple raceway will end up housing 100,000 vehicles before it's all said and done. look at that. and the raceway has canceled all the races so it can continue helping with the relief efforts after harvey. >> julie: a major announcement on immigration set to get underway minutes from now as we watch the cameras there where we'll be seeing attorney general jeff sessions coming out to lay out president trump's plan for dealing with illegal immigrants who came to this country as children. he is expected to reverse the
7:44 am
obama-era policy while giving congress six months to deal with the issue. our next guest has been threatening to sue if the program wasn't ended by today. texas attorney general ken paxton. thank you for talking to us. this is a pivotal moment now. jeff sessions is expected to announce the end of the daca program one you said you would sue about if it didn't happen. your reaction. >> we're optimistic that something is going to happen that we can be happy with. we will -- we have threatened with other states to sue if this was not rescinded and we've always believed that president obama was operating outside of his constitutional authority when he made up the new laws and we're asking if this is going to be done, it be done the right way by congress. >> julie: what rescinding daca means is the 800,000 dreamers who are undocumented youth brought to this country as children will now be considered
7:45 am
illegal and for many of these dreamers america is the only country they've known. we're not talking about mass deportation. there is talk that congress could grant amnesty or make them part of a guest worker program. what do you think should happen to these 800,000? >> we're not asking that anything be done with the current ones that are under the daca going forward. it's a go-forward basis. it's really up to congress to decide what the best policy is for these kids that are already here. it is not something that should be done unilaterally. the whole point the founding of this country we didn't want one person making the laws. it's on congress to make the decision. >> julie: paul ryan says president obama did not have the legislative authority to do what he did. you can't as an executive write law out of thin air. orrin hatch wanted congress to take the lead.
7:46 am
i've urged the president not to rescind daca. i long advocated for tougher enforcement of our existing immigration laws but we also need a workable permanent solution for individuals who entered our country unlawfully as children through no fault of their own and who built their lives here and that solution must come from congress. what is your suggestion for congress six months from now? >> look, it's not my job to make policy for congress. my job is to defend the constitution and enforce the law. it's what foreign generals do. we're not a legislative body. we enforce the constitution. we can't let this stay in place. once we start making exceptions the separation of powers and to the constitution, then the slippery slope has begun and we end up with an unconstitutional action by the president. we start having a slippery slope that pushes us down that line in a way i don't think we want to go.
7:47 am
>> julie: immigration reform was one of the toughest promises president trump made on his agenda and immigration control obviously goes hand in hand with preventing people from smuggling not only themselves but their children into this country. you say this doesn't affect the 800,000 currently here. they aren't necessarily going to be deported but what does this send? what message does this send for future generations to come? >> i think what it says is look, we're serious about border security and addressing the immigration issue and we're going to take this seriously. this is the first president i know in recent history that has started to take it seriously. it has an impact on texas. we have high crime rates. we have documented from murders to all kinds of trafficking issues. those are issues this state cares about and this president finally is addressing those issues and we're grateful for it. >> julie: i want to switch gears to hurricane harvey relief. the governor there says that
7:48 am
harvey recovery could cost $180 billion. this as congress is set to vote on a 7.85 billion dollar emergency bill. the largest in american his -- history. is this enough to help texans recover? >> it's a good start. i don't think anybody knows what the final number is. we appreciate the federal government stepping in. they've been here early and still with us and helping us. i think governor abbott has done an amazing job. the coordination between federal, state and local is remarkable given the size and length of this storm. we're appreciative and probably in the end there will be more relief needed but at least we're off to a good start. >> julie: texas attorney general ken paxton. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: jon scott is up next. how are you doing? good morning. >> good morning, major changes to immigration policy coming
7:49 am
any minute now. we're awaiting a briefing from the attorney general. jeff sessions, on the so-called dreamers. former president obama allowed children of illegal immigrants in the u.s. to stay. president trump has promised to end that program. there may be a catch. we'll have sessions live plus a very busy to do list for congress and president trump amping up the pressure on the group. the category 5 hurricane with florida in its path possibly. >> bill: a deadline approaching now for health insurers and uncertainty over the future of obamacare could cost americans plenty. a live report on what you need to know about that just ahead. dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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>> julie: a live look at the podium there moments from now. in fact, about eight minutes away from attorney general jeff sessions. he will be holding a briefing to address the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program, which was instilled by president obama. rescinding that program. we'll have more on that. stay tuned. >> bill: big announcement a few minutes away. the deadline for health insurance companies to file next year's rate proposals is today. some insurers say prices could be 20% higher next year. we're live in d.c. with more. >> september promises to be a crucial month for the fate of obamacare and it all begins today. the deadline for insurance companies to set their rates on the exchanges for next year. some insurers say prices could jump and middle class obamacare users are likely to be the hardest hit. in an effort to limit the damage. the senate committee begins a series of hearings tomorrow
7:54 am
with state insurance commissioners how to stabilize premiums in the individual markets to protect 18 million americans from huge rate hikes. there is another looming deadline. chairman of the senate health committee said unless conscious acts by september 27th when insurance companies must sign contracts with the federal government to sell insurance on the federal exchanges. 9 million americans who receive no government help purchasing health insurance and premature use skyrocketed may see premiums go up more. president trump is encourageing congress to take up a repeal bill. with both houses -- the senate can no longer act to kill the bill with only 50 votes through budget reconciliation and priorities have changed after hurricane harvey. emergency relief bill, the budget, debt ceiling, tax
7:55 am
reform and north korea close behind with congress in session only 12 days this month. it all means that the individuals on the obamacare exchanges will get no government help. could take a bigger financial hit next year. we'll be waiting. >> bill: wow, we will. thank you, doug, in washington on that. >> julie: as we have been telling you we're waiting a big announcement. president trump expected to overturn a policy of daca. the big announcement from attorney jeff sessions moments away. we'll carry it for you live.
7:56 am
7:57 am
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super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business >> julie: hurricane irma is now a category five. that was upgraded this morning and those most worn path are still uncertain at this time. this is a monster storm, florida leaving nothing to chance. the governor already declaring a state of emergency. hurricane irma currently heading toward the caribbean packing winds of 175 miles per hour.
7:59 am
>> bill: it's moving at about 15 miles per hour. this is something we're going to watch as it rips its way across the caribbean. maybe it's ported to the north, there is a chance that if you look at some of these profiles where it could scoot between lord and cuba and work its way into the gulf of mexico and really warm waters this time of year that it will draw energy from. irma is going to be with us every day this week and possibly beyond. also, this story right now. attorney general jeff sessions about to announce the address on the deferred action for child arrive meant all right known as daca. that was signed in june of 2012. it is our understanding that congress could give them six months to come up with a law to codify how we will come up with 800,000 illegals who are brought
8:00 am
here as children. >> julie: this is basically setting the stage for future illegals who are considering bringing their children into our country. a lot to talk about. spewing that announcement just a second swipe at have a great tuesday everybody and look into september. >> jon: a fox news alert and new action on the immigration front as we wait for the president's plan the so-called dreamers protected by that obama era program. good morning to you on this tuesday, i'm jon scott. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. we are live at the justice department. this is where attorney general jeff sessions is excited to end of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca which text immigrants who are brought here illegally as children. while makers have the opportunity to act appeared the president waiting congress, get ready to do your job, daca. chief white house


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