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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 5, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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here as children. >> julie: this is basically setting the stage for future illegals who are considering bringing their children into our country. a lot to talk about. spewing that announcement just a second swipe at have a great tuesday everybody and look into september. >> jon: a fox news alert and new action on the immigration front as we wait for the president's plan the so-called dreamers protected by that obama era program. good morning to you on this tuesday, i'm jon scott. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. we are live at the justice department. this is where attorney general jeff sessions is excited to end of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca which text immigrants who are brought here illegally as children. while makers have the opportunity to act appeared the president waiting congress, get ready to do your job, daca. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live at the justice department.
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he's in that very room and he drives. this peacoat we just at the two minute morning so about a minute and 452nd from now, the attorney general will come out and he will announce and end to the act as we know it. there will be a six-month period between now and the fifth of march during which congress have an opportunity to try to come up with a permanent fix. we were walked through a conference call just short time ago with the department of homeland security with all the various details which we will reveal to you later. we are on an embargo basis until the attorney general finishes what he has to say. daca as we know will come to an end and all the drummers will be in limbo. unless congress comes up with a fix. the attorney general is announcing this, it was the president who made this decision. there are a number of memos who have gone back and forth as well between the department of justice and the department of homeland security.
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what we're going to take a look at, clearly there will be a lot of people who are wondering what their status here in the united states will be, but also come out with the political fallout of all of this will be. clearly there are a lot of people who support the daca program will be upset about this, but then there are people who are supporting the rescinding of the speethirteen program. in congress who were trying as hard as they can to not grant legal status to people who were here or grant some sort of status that may not comport with what other people want. there is a big risk here, particularly on the conservative side who think this will ignite a civil war in the republican party which could potentially end with them losing control of congress. the attorney general. >> good morning. i'm here today to announce that the program known as a daca that was brought under the obama imitation is being rescinded.
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it provided a legal status for recipients for a renewable two-year term, worker authorization, and other benefits including participation in the social security program to 800,000, mostly adult illegal aliens. the policy was implemented unilaterally to great controversy and legal concern. after congress rejected a legislative proposal to similar benefits on numerous occasions to this same group of illegal aliens. another words, the executive branch through daca sought to achieve what the legislative branch refused to authorize on multiple occasions. the circumvention of laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch. the effects of this unilateral
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executive amnesty, among other things, contributed to a surge of minors at the southern border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences. it also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs. we inherited from our founders and have advanced and unsurpassed legal heritage, which is a foundation of our freedom, our safety, and our prosperity. as attorney general, it is my duty to ensure that the laws of the united states are enforced in that the constitutional order is upheld. no greater good for the overall health and well-being of our republic then preserving the rule of law. our societies that tend to flourish and succeed, societies where the rule of law is subject
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to political whims and personal biases tend to become societies afflicted by corruption, poverty, and human suffering. to have a lawful system of immigration then serves the national interest, we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's just that simple. that would be an open borders policy and the american people have rightly rejected that. therefore, the nation must set and enforce, a limit on how many immigrants we admit each year and that means all cannot be accepted. this does not mean they're bad people, or that our nation disrespects or demeans them in any way. it means we are probably enforcing our laws as congers has passed them. it is with these principles and duties in mind and in light of imminent litigation that we
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reviewed the obama administration's daca policy. our collective wisdom is that the policy is vulnerable in the same legal and constitutional challenges that the courts recognize with respect to the daca program which was enjoined on a nationwide basis in a decision that was affirmed for the fifth circuit court of appeals. the fifth circuit can specifically concluded that had not been implemented in a fashion that allowed sufficient discretion and that it was closed by congress is careful plan. in other words, the immigration law that congress passed foreclosed this possibility of daca. in other words, it was inconsistent with the constitution's separation of powers. that decision was affirmed by the supreme court on an equally divided basis. if we were to keep the obama administration's executive
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amnesty policy, the likeliest outcome is that it would too be enjoined just as was dopp the department of homeland security should begin an orderly, lawful wind down including the cancellation of the memo that authorized this program. acting secretary duke has chosen appropriately to initiate a wind down process. this will enable the department of homeland security to conduct an orderly change and fulfill the desire of this administration to create a time period for congress to act, should it so choose. we firmly believe this is the responsible path. simply put, if we are to further our goal of strengthening the constitutional order in the rule of law and america, the department of justice cannot
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defend this overreach. george washington university law professor jonathan turley in testimony before the house to dish erie committee was clear about the end norma's infirmities raised by this action. he said "in his testimony -- in ordering this blanket exception, president obama was nullifying part of a law that he simply disagreed with. if a president can claim sweeping discretion to suspend key federal laws, the entire legislative process becomes little more than a pretense. the circumvention of the legislative process, not only undermines the authority of this branch, but destabilizes the tripartite system as a whole." this is not a little matter.
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in the previous and ministrations disrespect for the legislator process, is an important first step. all immigration policies should serve the interest of the people of the united states, lawful immigrant and native born alike. congress should carefully and thoughtfully pursue the types of reforms that are right for the american people. our nation is comprised of good and decent people who want their governments leaders to fulfill their promises and advance an immigration policy that serves the national interests. we are people of compassion and we are people of law. there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws, enforcing the law saves lives and prevents human suffering. failure to enforce the laws in the past has put our nation at risk of crime of violence, and
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terrorism. the compassionate thing to do is end the lawlessness, and enforce our laws and if congress chooses to make changes to those laws, to do so through the process enforced by our founders in a way that advances the interests of the american people. that is what the president promised to do and delivered to the maker people. this administration has made great progress in the last few months toward establishing a lawful and constitutional immigration system. this makes us safer and more secure. it will further economically the lives of millions who are struggling and ed will enable our country to more effectively teach new immigrants about our system of government and to
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assimilate them to the cultural understandings that support. the substantial progress in reducing illegal immigration that our border has seen in recent months is almost entirely viewed to the leadership of president trump and his inspired immigration officers. the problem is not yet solved. without more action, we could see illegality rise again rather than be eliminated. as a candidate and now an office, president trump has offered specific ideas and legislative solutions that would protect american workers, increase wages and salaries, defend the national security, enter the public's safety, and increase the general well-being of the mirkin people. he has worked closely with many members of congress, including in the introduction of the raise act which would produce a
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norma's benefits for our countr country. this is how a democratic process works. there are many powerful interest groups in the country and everyone of them has a constitutional right to advocate their views and represent whomever they choose. the department of justice does not represent any narrow interest and any subset of the mega-people. we represent all of the american people and protect the integrity of our constitution, that is our charge. we have a department of justice are proud and honored to work to advance this vision for america and to do our best each and every day, to ensure the safety and security of the american people. thank you very much. >> jon: to the discipline of the reporters assembled there, no questions to be answered by the attorney general jeff
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sessions, but you heard the proposal, the daca program is ended, but thrown into the lap of the congress for a six-month moratorium to give congress time to change the rules. our chief white house correspondent john roberts is there in the room back with us live from the justice department. speak out you heard with wayne to happen, a six-month pause while congress tries to mull this over and see if they can come up with a fixed paired we got the details from the do part of insecurity and a conference call about 45 minutes before the attorney general came out here to tell you what this means for people who are currently covered by the daca program. as of today, though department of home land security customs and immigration service will no longer accept any applications were people under the program. people who are already in the program will be allowed to stay through march 5th and people who have renewals and already will be allowed to stay, at least those renewals will be adjudicated on a case-by-case
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basis. anyone whose daca status expires by march 5th of next year, that's six months from today, will have until october 5th to get their renewal in. anybody who expires after that, they're basically out of the ball game unless they've already got their renewal in. a lot more to hear about this, but the headline is that the president has decided he's going to resend the daca program pending a six-month pause until that happens. >> jon: john roberts who broke the story that this was coming, thanks very much. we are going to be back with much more discussion on this proposal from the administration, what it means and whether or not congress will actually take the ball and run with it, as president trump and the attorney general clearly want them to do. more on the ending, or maybe would call it the pause of the daca act. just a moment on "happening now
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>> jon: a fox news alert. >> immigration has always had a broad bipartisan position. >> jon: the fireworks are already starting. thus tom perez, the head of the democratic national committee, protesting what you probably just heard from the attorney general, attorney general jeff sessions and the trump administration hitting the pause button on the daca program, the deferred action for children of illegal immigrants who arrive in this country. let's talk abut it now with the national reporter for politico who just wrote a piece on the dreamer's decision. this is a political hot potato. you've got to give the president and the administration credit, they promised to do this during the campaign, or at least said they would crackdown on illegal immigration and this appears to be part of that portfolio. >> hi jon.
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you're right, this is an issue that no branch of the government really wanted to touch. the president had handed over the issue to congress where many of that right-leaning folks thought it belonged in the first place. it's an issue that congress doesn't want to take up either. how speaker paul ryan asked the president not to do this and looking into september, he's got a debt ceiling, a budget, and tax reform on his plate. this is not an issue congress wanted to take up, but the president is really forcing his hand. they've given him a six-month window to take this up, so the two things to watch here are what congress does and the next six months and the second is a lawsuit led by the texas attorney general, ken paxton, that threatened to drop today if the president did not take action on this. i think what everybody should be watching for is whether he goes through with this lawsuit. that is whether he was satisfied by what he heard from attorney general jeff sessions
8:20 am
today. i know that folks are going to be awaiting the official memo that comes out from the department of justice to see what the specific details of this are and they may still go through without lawsuit, but if that lawsuit is pulled, that's a check for the administration. otherwise this will be officiated in court. >> jon: the attorney general thought made some powerful arguments. a lot of people have sympathy for kids who through no fault of their own came to this country with their parents, maybe they didn't have papers and now they're here. he said we can't admit everyone who would like to come here. by changing the law, president obama said time and time again, he didn't have the power to do it and all of a sudden, he decided to do it. >> i'm sure many of your viewers are the president saying i'm not a king when he really wanted to do this, he felt his hands were tied and then eventually he reversed himself and went
8:21 am
through with passing daca anywa anyway. i'm sure with sympathy or empathy, that's why the president gave congress a six-month window to act. then again, they've had several years to act and they haven't done so, so the concern for people who want to see them take action is that they won't do so and a six-month window and they're really concerned about going to happen to these young people if they don't. the pressure is certainly on congress now and we're going to have to see what happens when they're back in session today. >> jon: the hot potato has been kicked into the halls of congress. as you heard, it doesn't sound like the democrats are eager to play with that hot potato at this point. lena johnson from politico, thank you very much. >> heather: will talk more about that and about this, the u.s. trying to rally opposition for north korea's latest nuclear test as president trump promises more military support for our allies in asia. we're live at the pentagon with
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8:26 am
north korea's latest nuclear test and what appears to be raspberry and for even more muscle tests. u.n. ambassador nikki haley says the time to end this crisis is now. >> only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we've kicked the can down the road long enough. there is normal world left. >> heather: jennifer griffin as lifers of the panic on with more on this. >> ambassador haley is speaking in washington today. meantime, the pentagon tells us more discussion has begun and it may take weeks before any additional weapons arrive in south korea or japan. the president and a phone call with a south korean leader agreed to "many billions in new weapon sales" and said he would agree to lift restrictions on the size of warheads allowed under current treaty obligations.
8:27 am
this change won't be immediate, however and could take time to implement. today's three south korean warships conducted live war fire exercises off the karina peninsula. officials said today an agreement with the united states would scrap a weight limit on its warhead would be very helpful in deterring north korea's missile threat. in response to north korea's nuclear tests this weekend, south korea conducted a live fire exercise monday involving f-15 fighter jets which have standoff missiles i could fire a target up to 300 miles away, putting north korea and launch paths within range. they also fired land-based ballistic missiles into the sea of japan monday and performed a live fire exercise including a missile launch. its target, the distance and north korea's test fight. u.s. officials tell me that japan-based aircraft carrier, uss ronald reagan will go to see
8:28 am
in the next few days for previously scheduled training. the pentagon tells us there has been no decision to redeploy tactical nuclear weapons to south korea. those were pulled out in 1991 by president george h.w. bush. >> heather: jennifer griffin why for us, thank you. >> jon: it could be the end of an era, president trump setting on the program protecting so-called "dreamers" who came here illegally as children, but there is a caveat. our panel discusses what's next. plus, another powerful hurricane turning in the atlantic, heading towards the caribbean and south florida. will have their projected track for irma. >> as of right now, it's a little too early to tell, but it's a good time to be prepared.
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>> heather: hurricane irma is now a category five, a monster storm that continues to gain strength in the atlantic. >> jon: is heading for puerto rico and the dominican republic. land file expected tomorrow. meteorologist at janice dean is tracking it and the fox extreme weather center. this is a big storm. speak out one of the biggest the strongest hurricanes on record. 180 miles per hour sustained winds. katrina at peak was 175, but rita and wilma were both 180 per mile hour winds. look at it on the visible
8:33 am
satellite imagery. this is a textbook perfect category five hurricane. it's beautiful when you look at on satellite imagery, potentially deadly as it moves through the northerly islands. tonight and then puerto rico is going to be concerned as well as their british and u.s. virgin islands. hurricane irma, strongest in the atlantic since 2007. matthew laster peaked at 165 and the highest wind and the atlantic was alan at 190 per hour winds. this is the strongest hurricane we have on record. it's breathtaking. when's again, 180 and it's going to remain a category five, we think 24-48 hours as it moves across the northern and the virgin and british islands, san juan, puerto rico, watching that area. as well as part of cuba. i want to focus your attention
8:34 am
not on the center of the storm, but that tone of uncertainty as we go out saturday and sunday. obviously we are concerned for florida and the keys and south florida, but there is the potential for this storm to move into the gulf of mexico. there is also the potential for this to move up toward the east coast. five days out, we've got uncertainty, but the bottom line is we have hurricane warnings posted in the red, watches in the yellow as well as the orange and we're already seeing on radar some of those outer bands moving across puerto rico. really concerning. this is a very dangerous storm and as we watch the computer models, they are in agreement tomorrow coming close to san juan, puerto rico, brushing, if it comes over cuba like the euro is saying, it's going to be torn up a little bit. if it just rushes cuba, it's going to maine train and its strength and that's what we are concerned about especially for the keys in south florida.
8:35 am
we think a trough is going to pick this up and move it northward. the whole state of florida needs to be watching this. the gulf coast needs to be watching this as it develops and the east coast as well. still a lot of uncertainty as we go out five days and this is one of the reasons why we are little uncertain. the bermuda high is very strong right now as it continues to move to the west, but then that trough, how strong will the trough be? will it pick it up or will it be weak and kind of remain and perhaps move toward the gulf of mexico? i need folks across the atlantic basin, the atlantic coast, as well as florida, the keys, the gold coast to keep an eye on this storm and prayers are needed for the northern lesson to lease, virgin islands as well as puerto rico. the bahamas as well. this could be a powerful storm just raking across the bahamas. the bottom line is, potentially one of the strongest storms we have ever covered and we have to monitor it very closely.
8:36 am
i'm very concerned. >> jon: janice dean, thank you thank you. >> heather: president trump winding down the program protecting so-called "dreamers" from deportation. the program allows illegal immigrants to live here as children to apply just in the u.s. protesters took to the streets in chicago. jeff sessions explaining a short time ago the president's decision. >> we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's just that simple. that would be an open borders policy and the american people have rightly rejected that. therefore the nation must set and enforce a limit on how many immigrants week admit each year and that means all cannot be accepted.
8:37 am
>> heather: josh holmes jones may now coming is a former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell and jim kessler a former legislative director for chuck schumer. he's also the senior vice president and cofounder of third way. thank you both for joining us. we have come as you can imagine, comments coming in following the attorney general's statement. dnc chair tom perez says he is a champion for cruelty. we also have sunday from speaker ryan his office, and he says that their status, daca members, their status is one of many immigration issues such as border security and interior enforcement which congress has failed to adequately address over the years. it's my hope the house and senate, with the presence leadership will be out to find a consensus on a permanent legislator solution. josh, also with you. do you think they can do that? for 20 years, they've struggled unsuccessfully to do it, can i do it now? >> speaker ryan is 100% correct.
8:38 am
it's important to remember how we got daca in the first place. as a byproduct of president obama's famous phone. they didn't have the power to do what they absolutely ended up doing in the end. the most important part of all of this as it returns the legislative branch and you can set a permanent law here where in fairness to the folks affected by this, they have uncertainty about their future. the ultimate cruelty here is to have everything up in the air and subject to the whim of an administration on a day-to-day, month by month, year by year basis. setting permanent law and congress is the right way to do this and i think speaker ryan is 100% correct. it is a part of a much louder immigration issue that needs to be addressed. >> heather: gym, the attorney general made it clear up your he said the justice department would not be able to defend its constitutionality in court. do you think congress can get some things done in six months? speak out attorney general made
8:39 am
the choice that the justice department would not defend the court. i have my severe doubts about whether or not they'll be able to get this done. the bottom line is this. whether or not you think president obama overreached or not with daca, he made the promise to 800,000 people, those people follow that promise and we just lied to them. we just told them to do something in particular and the government just took it away. we have just broken a promise to aid her thousand people and i think it's one of the most discouraging things. >> heather: even president obama and we can pull up that sound, he said this is a stopgap measure. here's what he had to say on daca. >> this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permanent fix. this is a temporary stopgap measure. it is the right thing to do.
8:40 am
speak out right, so he did that. ed is not a path to citizenship and was never meant to be a path to citizenship, but we told is in hundred thousand people, give us your phone number, your cell phone, your address and we'll protect you. now we told them we are going to go after you and put you on a six-month timeline. if this congress can't get something done, i'm sorry, you'll have to go and that is wrong. >> heather: limit what to josh quickly. if they are able to come to some consensus in six months, it will be a consensus that will hold up under the constitution. let's talk about the work that has to be done by congress. the house, they are in session for 12 days, senate, 17 days. a long list, avoid government shutdown, pass something for hurricane harvey. re-up insurance funding for children, fund obamacare exchanges. finished work on the defense bill, authorization to repeal and replace obamacare, the reconciliation expires at the end of the month.
8:41 am
how did they tackle all this, add on to that, daca? >> it's a real mouthful. at some point, you start to understand you don't set the agenda as much as events set the agenda and at least on that with the hurricane relief fund that needs to be addressed and now you look at the weather report, irma looks pretty serious too. that may be something that needs to be addressed also. the other thing, it is not optional. as not optional to get the lights on in the government. it is not optional to let faa lapse. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us jim and josh, we appreciate your insight today. >> thank you. >> jon: one airport announcing plans to go retro or nonplayers cannot get past security,
8:42 am
something this nation has not seen since the 9/11 attack aftermath. plus the mayor says houston is open for business, but a long while to recovery is just beginning. dan patrick joins us next. >> we've got the family outcome out my mom, my parents out. we're starting all over again, but things happen, it could always have been worse.
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yeah. must've been hot out there today, huh? yeah ok. yeah. beat even the toughest stains and odors with new super... ...concentrated tide sport. the new tide sport collection. it's got to be tide >> heather: welcome back, a blast from the pass at pittsburgh's airport. people can pass through security and into the main terminal even if they don't have a ticket. remember when we used to failed to do that? airports stop that practice after 9/11 to allow people to say goodbye to their loved ones at the gate, pittsburgh airport is doing this again. they stopped to go through the same screening as passengers.
8:46 am
>> jon: progress continues in houston, nearly all of the cities at stop lights are operational now and residents in most areas are assessing the damage and beginning the cleanup. houston's mayor said his city is open for business, but it will be sometime before life returns to normal there. >> how much of the city's operational questionnaire county businesses can open question work how we people can go back to work? >> the goal is to open up. we want to return to a full functional day on tuesday. the school systems will not open, not all of them. september 11th is the new schedule day. the airport is now open, the port is now open. >> jon: dan patrick is joining us now. lieutenant governor patrick, half a million flooded cars in the houston area. of course, dozens of people dea dead.
8:47 am
the city is bouncing back. >> it is. normally takes me about 40 monistic it to the studio, it took about an hour and a half today. everyone is back on the roads. part of that is because some of the roads are choked off and traffic is focused. houston is open as of most of the state. at this point, we are looking at a recovery that will take weeks for some, months for others, eight years to totally get back to a new normal, but we are back up at work. part of it is the volunteers out there. first of all, all responders have done an incredible job. we have 16,000 military still working, now there is your bidding food and helping people as opposed to rescue although we have a still pure rescues in the beaumont area. our volunteers. i go to second baptist in houston, it's a big church. we have 10,000 volunteers having
8:48 am
people tear out sheet rock and carpet and churches all across the community are doing that. we're working hard to get back to a new normal, but it's going to be a while and people will have to be patient as they go through this process. 200000-300,000 homes need to be repaired. our biggest problems right now, beaumont where water will be out for weeks and power is out. yesterday we had 400 roads closed and the whole state affective of the storm. we're down to about a hundred today, so were making an improvement quickly. >> jon: i know you have thousands of people from other states and other parts of texas who have come in with their utility vehicles, their boats. they are doing tremendous work and helping out the people of houston. what do you need right now? what do you say to america, what are your needs? >> we need money. i don't want people to not continue to give to red or other charities because a lot of our people didn't have flood
8:49 am
insurance. some people in flood areas didn't have it, but many people who were impacted this time have never flooded before, so they didn't have flood insurance. there are people who have lost everything in their lives. right now, our total expenditures on the storm so far is about $550 million, that's state and local dollars. as governor abbott said the other day and i agree, by the time this is over, this will be at $150 billion or more to rebuild our infrastructure, or homes, get people back to work, to school. our schools are just beginning to open. our third-largest district, 35 or 40% of their schools had damage. there's one school in northwest houston that will be closed all year. our school system has been hit hard, our infrastructure hit hard, our homes have been hard and the people have been hit hard. jon, i've never seen such a spirit of can-do, not only on
8:50 am
the face of the volunteers who are moving from rescue and boats to rescue with hammers and nails and ripping out sheet rock, but a can-do attitude by the people who have been impacted. obviously, i so this on fox last week from a tale of two cities, it's the worst of times in the best of times. make no mistake, people are suffering, but i've never seen a spirit -- texas has a great spirit. a can-do spirit, a come and take it spirit and relook at the storm of harvey as it's gone and said you didn't take anything from us, he may have set us back for a while, but will be bigger and better and stronger. we appreciate people over the country who have come to volunteer, greatly appreciated. 43 states sent personnel here to help us. >> jon: the nation is rapping its arms around your city and state. lieutenant governor dan patrick, thank you. >> we pray for florida and puerto rico and almost areas and we hope that storm moves off and
8:51 am
doesn't do damage like it did to us. >> heather: and has been inspiring. major turnaround for the u.s. on the energy front as the country is now the world's largest exporter of refined oil. more next. to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. that complain about dry mouth they feel that they have to drink a lot of water
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>> heather: now to a germanic turnaround on the energy front with the u.s. now the largest exporter of refined fuel. that's a far cry from just a decade ago when america was a huge importer of oil and the u.s. could soon be in hebrew stronger position to control the market. william la jeunesse his life for us in dickinson, north dakota, with more. >> this is one of the greatest untold stories in the last decade. we use to import about 70% of
8:55 am
our crude oil and 80% of our national gas. that is no longer the case. refineries like this one play a part. north dakota wasn't even a player in the oil markets. it is now the number two producer behind texas. we used to import about 70% of our crude oil, now that is about 34%. and the last ten years, we doubled. we could pass saudi arabia next year, number two in the world. we're now exporting oil as well. number one, refined fuels like gasoline, about 600,000 barrels a day of crude oil after lifting the export ban last year for total petroleum exports now 7 million barrels a day. natural gas, we used to import 80% most of them canada. today, where the largest producer overtaking russia and we are exiting to canada and europe by tanker.
8:56 am
>> it's tremendous to think that we've gone from potentially being a big natural gas importer imino more of an oil importer to being the world's largest producer, petroleum and natural gas for 5 years running. >> most of this is due to fracking and opec trying to put businesses out of business. that's why we're paying $2.50 for gasoline and the big money maker is going to be lng as they make liquefied gas here and that's bringing in about a billion dollars a month to the u.s. treasury. back to you. >> heather: william la jeunesse lie for us to north dakota where the president is heading tomorrow. thank you. >> jon: a fox news alert. earlier this hour, you heard the attorney general announcing changes to the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. right now, arrests are underway
8:57 am
outside trump tower in new york city where dozens of people have gathered to protest those changes. we'll have more for you ahead on fox.
8:58 am
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>> jon: we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert on this fine tuesday and we begin today with what's happening right now with the situation that daca, that program that shielded so many young children from deportation being talked about today and all the reaction that's coming in since the attorney general first announced that a little bit less than an hour ago. you're watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, trish regan from the intelligence report on fbn, lisa boothe, fox news contributor and we are seeing more and more of her and we love that, jessica tarlov, and david avella


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