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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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minds. they were brought to this country by their parents, in some instances as infants. ultimately it's about decentsy. the flip side from the white house and congress getting the law right. i'm harris faulkner. here's jon in for shep. >> the attorney general jeff sessions making it official. announcing an end to the program that protects immigrants that came here as be children. >> the program known as daca is being rescinded. >> the administration kicking the ball into congress' court. can lawmakers get anything done? plus, as the north korea threat heats up, president trump says he will let japan and south korea buy some high-tech u.s. military equipment. while russian president vladimir putin warns ramping up the rhetoric could lead to a global catastrophe. and as texas tries to recover from hurricane harvey, another hurricane is setting its sights on the american coast. a category 5 monster.
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the strongest we've seen in years. ahead, what we know about when and where irma might hit. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. the white house says president trump wrestled with his decision to end the program that protects the so-called dreamers from deportation. that from press secretary sarah sander as short time ago. she said it was the best decision. congress now has six months to save the program or come up with a new plan. dreamers is a catch-all term for some 800,000 immigrants that came to the u.s. illegally as children. jeff sessions announced the decision to end the program protecting them, calling it unconstitutional. >> we are passion of compassion and people of law. there's nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws. >> protests popping up across the country, including demonstrations in front of the
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white house and outside trump tower in new york. john roberts live now. >> the protesters have moved from away from the white house and marching through downtown washington d.c. sarah huckabee sanders portrayed the move as the responsible thing to do. she said rather than let a judge shut down daca wholesale and do it overnight, the president was pursuing a dismantling of the program, dismantling of the program. opponents of daca are not happy either because they thought he should have shut it down and not extended it for six months and kicked it to congress. here's what will really happen in the next six months to people that are so-called part of the daca program. no new applications for daca status will be taken by the department of customs and
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immigration. furthermore, people that have applications in the process also will be processed. renewal requests for continues daca status that have been received will be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. for people whose benefits expire after march 5, only renewal requests that are already in the pipeline will be considered. meaning if you're a dreamer and your benefits expire in may of 2018 and you don't already have a renewal request in, you will not be able to file a renewal request. this moves on to congress now where the white house is expecting that democrats and republicans alike will take this up. within six months come up with a fix. the president is asking for some sort of responsible immigration reform that the white house is indicating needs to contain more than just daca. possibly funding for a border
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whale, other enforcement provisions. already we see a split in the republican party over the more centrist side of the party that wants to do something to fix it and more conservative side that says hey, we shouldn't be involved in this at all. i asked sarah huckabee sanders who said she was confident that congress could come up with something. why she's confident? listen here. >> getting something on the republican side is not going to be easy with the divisions that we see between the center and the right and the republican party will become deeper what gives you confidence -- >> with all due respect, i don't think the american people elected congress to do things that were easy. that's their job. if they can't do it, they need to get out of the way and let somebody else that can take on a heavy lift. >> we just heard from president obama. he weighed in a statement. he said in july of 2012 he moved to protect the dreamers because he wanted to lift the shadow of deportation off of them.
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here's what the former president said. he said today the shadow has been cast over the best and brightest young people again to target these people is wrong because they have done nothing wrong. it is self-defeating because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military and otherwise contribute to the country we love and it is cruel. jon? >> stay there, john. president trump says the u.s. will send two allies, more firepower after north korea's latest nuclear test. the president tweeted today, i'm allowing japan and south korea to buy a substantially amount of sophisticated equipment from the united states. military officials in pyongyang said they test add hydrogen bomb over the weekend. their most powerful ever. scientists in the u.s. say they estimated the blast to be several times stronger than the atomic bombs the u.s. dropped on japan. now the white house is trying to pressure china and other members
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to cut off all oil and fuels going into north korea. that's according to "the new york times." a senior administration official tells the paper this is the last best chance to resolve the nuclear standoff without getting the military involved. back the john roberts now live at the white house. john? >> the past 48 hours, the president has been rattling sabers against north korea. had several calls with the presidents of japan and merkel of germany. they were all specific about the fact that the president mentioned the u.s. has nuclear weapons and is ready to counter any sort of common threat that comes from north korea on that point. that follows james mattis in sunday afternoon statement out here on the driveway, one that was to me -- i never heard anything like that before, it was extraordinary -- where he
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side we're not looking to the annihilation of a country but we have many military options for doing so. he said they do seem to be here at the white house putting an extra emphasis on diplomatic and economic measures to bring north to heel. here's what sarah huckabee sanders said a short time ago. >> now is not the time for us to spend a lot of time focused on talking with north korea but putting all measures of pressure that we can and we're going to continue through that process. we've also said everybody including russia and china need to do more to address the threat, this is a global threat. >> she said china and russia need to do more. secretary of state tillerson talked with his counterpart to ask why russia is opposing tougher sanctions. lavrov said they wanted to start a dialogue with north korea but kim jong-un is not serious about wanting a dialogue. lavrov said the moves with this
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nuclear test over the weekend had them moving away from dialogue as opposed to moving toward it. >> thank you, john. breaking news. republican senator lindsey graham and democratic senator dick durbin holding a news conference about their bipartisan bill, the dream act. let's listen to senator durbin. >> the announcement by the white house was a disappointment to me. the first and only conversation i had with president trump, i thanked him for the kind words he said about the dreamers and daca. he said don't worry about the dreamers. we're going to take care of them. i trusted the president would do that. i hoped to work with him. we had many meetings in the white house with people on his staff talking about how to achieve the goal and making certain the dreamers will have their day and their opportunity. today this announcement that was handed down first by attorney
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general sessions and by the president tells us that the clock is ticking. we're now in a countdown towards deportation for 780,000 protected by daca today. for those young men and women across america, i can tell you, this is a moment of great concern, great fear and great anxiety about what is going to happen to their lives. they include teachers and engineers, medical students at loyola school of medicine. senator graham and i want to deliver the message is that we need to do our job here in the united states senate. we need to pass in this month of september a dream act, a permanent law in this country that says that these young people will have their chance to become part of america's future. the dream act is not a new idea introduced years ago, gone through the judiciary committee, part of our comprehensive immigration reform and the day
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we included it, i can remember we met add hand one of the shortest meetings of our bipartisan group. we said fine. everybody is for the dream act. let's go to immigration. so we have included this as our main item in the agenda for the month of september. we want to make certain that the senate and the house vote on the permanent enactment of the dream act as allow of the land. my last message before i turn it over to my colleague is this. it's to the dreamers. we've stood together through thick and thin for almost 16 years now. we've had moments when we passed this major in the senate, moments in the house but never both chambers at the same time. this is our chance to do it do not give up hope. if you are one of those dreamers, one of those protected by daca, you need to be part of america in its future. we made a promise to you that if you gave this information to our government about you and your family, it wouldn't be used
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against you. i don't want that to ever happen. so let's stand together. let's take heart and stand together and make sure that we do the right thing for the dreamers this month of september. senator graham. >> thank you. to the dream act population, there's a lot of people in the republican side of the aisle that understand your dilemma and we want to find a fair solution. because you have done nothing wrong. you came here as children, contributed to society, you have passed criminal background checks, you have demonstrated your ability to be beneficial to the count trip, now and in the future. the only thing that stands between you and certainty is the congress. that cannot be that re-assuring. here's the deal. the congress is going to have to up this game. as to the president, i think he was right to determinate daca. i believe from day one it was an unconstitutional overreach by president obama. he had a dilemma on his hand.
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i understand why dick wrote the letter. i tried to do my part to find conference in immigration reform not only for the dream act kids and their parents. i tried to make sure that 20 years from now we don't have 11 million more illegal immigrants. fix it once and for all. the president did the country a service by going back to constitutional order by allowing six months for the congress to take care of these kids. the president was right on the law but he was also right to give us six months to figure out a solution to this. my challenge to the president, you've taught very glowingly about these kids. help us. help us in the house. help us in the senate. i think you're a good man. get involved personally. work the phones. try to find a consensus here. here's what i think will happen. there's going to be elements of the republican party that believe that if you pass this dream act, you're rewarding
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future illegal immigration, incentivizing future illegal immigration in the future. i would be right if you say you stop with the dream act. we're going to do more. 70% of americans want to control who comes to the country and create order out of chaos. 70% of americans want to give these kids a second chance and a good life in our country. when you tell them to go home, they'll go back to the house they were raised in. they have no other country other than america. there's mo more connected to their home country where i am to scotland where my grandfather came from. so the reality of the situation is these children basically have no place to go other than america. here's to good news for america. you should want them to stay. they're working, productive. this is a win-win. if there was ever a win-win in modern terms, it would be the dream act.
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you may like the executive order for dream act kids but where does it end? what is the limitation of power of a president to give 900,000 a million people status by stroke of a pen? if you're a constitutional conservative passing the dream act should please you. congress is doing their job with the president signing a bill passed by the congress. if you worry about these kids, you should vote for the dream act because it gives them what they deserve. a new life in their home country. to those in the republican party who vote no, i respect it. i respect your decision. let's have a healthy debate. make the case that these kids don't belong here. i'm going to make the case they do. we're all going to vote. so from a republican party point of view, this is a defining moment. we need to create a step, a process forward to fix a broken immigration system. starting with the dream act is a good down payment on what will
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eventually be a comprehensive solution to a broken immigration system to the president. you have a chance to show the nation as the president said all of us where our heart is at. you a chance to lead the republican and do two things. saying we're the party of a constitutional process, that we believe in doing it right, but right means taking care of these kids. >> for both of you, there are a lot of reasons that feel that if you give people legal status, you're going to insentivize to bring kids here illegally. what do you say to that? >> this is a real-time problem. this doesn't help fix a broken immigration system, to take these kids and ruin their lives. that's what you'd be doing. most republicans believe that you have to have a secure border
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or you'll get 11 million more in the future. most democrats want border security too. we practically militarized the border in the gang of eight bill. what about the parents of these kids? here's the dilemma. we're going to deal with the dream act kids first. but to get to the parents, you have to have a comprehensive solution in place. i don't think republicans are going to legalize the 11 million and hope one day to secure the border, increase legal immigration will come from the democrats. i bet you democrats won't give us the legal increases we want without knowing what happened to 11 million. john mccain said he was against this idea because he wants to go back to comprehensive immigration reform. i have walked the walk when it comes to voting at comprehensive immigration reform.
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we don't have that luxury right now. as dick said, we have six months. i'm with dick durbin. by the end of september, we need to take care of the dreamers and work on the other parts of the problem. i promised my republican colleagues, i won't stop with the dream act because that incentivizes future illegal immigration. i'm committed to fixing this problem once and for all. >> let me say a word about the six months. that's to march 5. so we have plenty of time, right? not by senate standards we don't. who know what's next month's topic du jour will be. is it kim jong-un, is it going to be irma, harvey? what will it be? let's move and do it now. that's why we think it's important to make the dream act the law of the land now. >> congress has tried and failed more than ten times to pass protections for dreamers. why should dreamers today have any confidence this time around you'll get this done? >> some people look at the
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doughnut and see the hole. in this circumstance, if you look at the history, this measure has passed the house, passed the senate. never did it as required by the constitution at the same time. now we have a compelling reason, a timely reason. daca is about to expire. we need to act on this or we know the consequences are a countdown clock to deportation to 700,000 of best and brightest people in our country. we have a timetable. a timetable is what most americans needs when it comes to filing taxes and going to the denti dentist. we have to act and get it done now. >> you have the speaker of the house that is republican, the majority leader of the republican that is a republican and both express ago desire to take care of the dream act kids. what the final bill looks like, i don't know. i like our bill. got 68 votes in the senate in bipartisan fashion. you also have the president of the united states who did two things today.
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he rejected the idea of president obama's executive order as being a presidential overreach. i think he was right to do that. but expressly gave us six months. the reason i think it will get done now is because the leadership of the republican party, including president, realizes it's good for the country economically and otherwise to give these kids the certainty they need in their lives. >> senator, are you concerned that the administration wouldn't see a clean daca fix and they wanted what they called responsible immigration reform? >> well, all i can say is that the process of taking care of the kids he be a negotiated process. the comprehensive gang of eight bill was negotiation. a lot of people believe a good marriage is border security and dream act.
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now, i know this, there's not much of an appetite for a 2,200 mile wall. if that's what you mean by border security, you won't get a lot of votes. dick durbin has voted in the past for dramatic increases of border patrol agents, fencing where it makes sense, walls where it makes sense, drones and technology where it makes sense. so i don't know how this movie ends. here's what i'll predict. we're not going to allow these kids to be a victim of a broken political process. as a matter of fact, this may be what we need in congress to get our act together. real people. something we can put our hands around and the public can understand. a real issue with real live people that need us to act decisi decisively. we're going to take care of the hurricane victims in texas and then these kids. >> would you entertain the idea of tapping a dream act bill that would be tied to funding a border wall? >> i'm not going to get into specific negotiations on what i
12:21 pm
will accept or not. the wall is a nonstarter in terms of the political controversy. i don't disagree with what lindsey just said. in order to get 68 votes in the senate, i swallowed hard. of course, 11 million people ended up with an opportunity for citizenship when it was all over. that was part of our agreement. so the wall is a wall too far. >> senator graham, this congress so far has shown no ability to seeing the path of a republican agenda and there's no evidence that there is a potential for bipartisanship. you haven't done anything that is hard that is also bipartisan. what makes you think that you can get this done now? >> number 1, we're going to do something on the hurricane quickly. there's a need. what makes me believe we'll get this right is the president has expressed a great concern for these kids. the speaker of the house and the majority leader of the senate
12:22 pm
understand that there's needs to be a solution to this problem. i'll tell you from being a republican, member of the united states senate, well over half of our conference wants to fix this. those that disagree have no animosity in their heart. the question is, can we come together. the answer is we have no other choice. a lot of these issues are complex and there's no time limit. i think what the president did is put us on the clock. who wants to be the member of congress? if you want to be, you're going to get a chance to say good, good-bye to these kids. who wants that on your political resume? president trump did a good thing putting a time limit on it but it's going to require him to get involved. i make a prediction if he gets involved, people in the house will fall in line. the senate won't be your problem. the problem is in the house. >> so president trump announced
12:23 pm
his rescinding the daca program. the program allows children the stay in this country illegally and be protected for now. let's bring in alex, a reporter for politco. you just heard a democrat and republican said they're confident they can get a bill together that will pass the house and the senate. what would you say are the chances of bipartisan action on this? >> well, look, it's going to be complicated in large part because the fact that the republican party is really not in agreement on this issue. on one hand, you have the business establishment chamber of commerce wing of the party which wants protections for dreamers. then you have the conservative talk radio wing that doesn't agree with that. so you're going to see members, republican members, get pulled
12:24 pm
in both directions. this comes ahead of the 2018 mid-term primary season when you'll see republican members have to worry about primaries back at home. so this is going to be a complicated thing that will come up this fall. it's something that you're already going to add to what is really a very full plate of congressional action. a lot of things that members of congress will have to work on getting done. >> we have live protests from austin, texas. protested in new york outside trump tower and washington d.c., phoenix, denver. the list goes on and on today. it seems that the pro dreamers, the side advocating against the president here have the microphone and they're going to make sure that everybody in congress hears them. >> absolutely. you just saw president obama put out -- former president obama put out a statement. you can tell the white house, president trump, somewhat nervous about this. you did not see president trump
12:25 pm
come out and make a statement. instead, it was his attorney general, jeff sessions. you know, you get the sense that the white house was a little bit cognizant of the fact that there was a backlash over this that's been brewing over the last 36 hours or so. >> yeah. the attorney general made it pretty plain in his statement today that, you know, he feels sympathy for the kids but he feels that this nation needs to continue the rule of law. when a president, as president obama did, simply up-ends congressional law and says here's what we're going to do, the attorney general didn't want that to fly. the question is, how many in congress that agree with him. >> it's a good question. there's a party that is going to be very much split on that point. you're starting to see that play out. you know, this is not something that will be resolved very quickly or very easily.
12:26 pm
because there isn't really clear agreement on this issue. immigration is something that congress has been wrangling with now for some time. it's going to be very hard to pass any kind of immigration bill. it's not going to happen quickly or easily. it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. >> as lindsey graham, a republican said, this is a defining moment for the gop. we'll see what happens. thanks, alex. >> thank you. >> ahead, we'll take you on a flight inside hurricane irma. a monstrous category five storm headed for the united states. that's next.
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their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. >> i'll lea gabrielle. the largest wild fire in californ
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california broke out friday scorching homes. a commercial jet headed to new york made an emergency landing after a bird blew out an engine. video shows flames coming from the airliner's engine in tokyo. japan airlines reports 250 people on board but everybody is okay. that international airport apparently has the worst record of bird strikes in japan. police rescued a little kitten from a busy tunnel in boston. massachusetts state police say they received calls about the kitty, so they shut down traffic. police say the kitten looks like he's been through a lot but should be okay. the news continues with jon scott after this. grew into a free-wheeling kid... loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes
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>> a fox news extreme weather alert now. hurricane irma strengthening to a dangerous category five storm today. nasa releasing this video showing eye of the storm.
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it's one of the strongest hurricanes we've seen in a decade. check this out. the international space station cameras captured this view as irma moved across the atlantic today. a government plane took this video as it flew into hurricane irma's path to monitor progress and strength. states of merge already in effect in florida, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. these folks in florida wasting no time getting ready. some supermarkets there already reported running out of water. adam klotz live in the fox news extreme weather center. >> a massive storm. we were at 180 and now to 185 miles an hour winds in the core. you can see a defined eye there as we continue to track this moving up. with the additional 5 miles an hour, it becomes the second strongest hurricane in the history of the atlantic basin. 190 miles an hour is the strongest we've seen. we're knocking on the door of that. no surprise here, we're under
12:33 pm
watches and warnings as we see the areas in red. that's the hurricane warning in place. runs to the lesser intilleys. tonight, it will be moving it was puerto rico. it's the winds that will pack a big punch. a category five, as it runs over the aisle lease in the next couples days, eventually making it to portions of southern florida, saturday morning just off the coast, we talk about it losing strength. it runs over land. needs the water to build up the energy. so it will weaken a bit. winds falling to 140 miles an hour. so take a look at the path. we have several paths here. they're all in agreement of the initial motion. we get to a point where it will make a sharp turn to the north. some make it to the east side of
12:34 pm
florida and others on the west side. that will make a huge difference. >> jon: it's a storm to watch. this season has been active. is that expected to continue? >> yeah, it is expected to continue. we peak around september 12. we're getting close to the peak of the season. if you take a look at what we've seen, two major hurricanes. you know what? all of this activity we've seen and this is the path of every storm, there's another one brewing now. this right now tropical storm jose it's behind irma. this is forecast to run up into a category two storm here in the next couple days. >> jon: thanks, adam. north korea may be moving an intercontinental ballistic missile towards its west coast where there's launch facilities. that's according to reuters. it reports north korea began the
12:35 pm
move last night to try to avoid detection. south korean officials said sunday they saw signs pyongyang was planning another missile launch. this all comes after north korea's latest nuclear test. scientists say it was the most powerful one so far. greg palkot live in seoul, south korea. what do we know about the possibility of a missile launch? >> jon, the folks here in seoul are watching it closely, that there could be another launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile coming from northee. in fact, this place was rocked over the weekend by that very strong possible hydrogen bomb, hydrogen device that was set off by north korea, the seismic effect was felt in some areas near the dmz. now they're looking for a possible missile blast coming from north korea, possibly saturday, jon. it is an anniversary of the founding of this country and a
12:36 pm
lot of times young kim jong-un, the leader of the regime there, uses holidays like that to launch missiles to set off some action, again, this country has watched several icbms being blasted over the summer, july, earlier in the spring and may. watched another one go over its neighbor in japan. >> jon: i know you've been to seoul several times before. what is the mood like there now? >> it's edgier now for sure. we've talked to people here. people, for example, are preparing plans that they hadn't prepared for before for the possible evacuation of south korea, of foreigners, foreign nationals in case of trouble. it's also a lot centered and president trump, the trump administration. there were a lot of hurt feelings that president moon did not get a call from president trump on sunday right after the
12:37 pm
nuclear device was tested. he did call on monday and he's been making up for it. president trump has been talking about various measures to beef up the defenses here. people are saying there's a couple of areas right now that weren't there in the past. first of all, kim jong-un himself who is more active with 80 missile tests under his belt. four of the six nuclear device tests under his belt. the other wild card, jon is the trump administration. it's uncertain here how far washington will go both to defend the interests of south korea and japan and in fact now that we see icbms successfully being tested by north korea to defend the united states itself. there's some concern here the folks here will get caught in the middle. it's an unsettling time right now, jon. >> jon: greg palkot live in seoul. thank you. several americans are right now trapped inside north korea. prisoners of a dictator who is in a show down with the united
12:38 pm
states. trace gallagher with the news. trace what do we know about the americans? >> jon, there's three americans in north korea in prisons including two that got arrested weeks apart last spring. we're talking about tony kim in his late 50s and taken into custody in april while he was trying to board a plane out of the country. it's unclear exactly what crime he's accused of committing, but mr. kim taught accounting at pyongyang university of science and technology, also known as pust, a christian backed university that opened in 2010. the university says it does not believe his arrest was connected to his time at the school, but two weeks after tony kim was detained, kim hock song was arrested for committing hostile acts. kim hock song also taught at pyongyang university of science and technology. finally, 62-year-old business
12:39 pm
man kim dong chu is serving ten years of hard labor in north korea. he was arrested in 2015 for allegedly trying to use a u.s.b stick and camera nor -- for spying. >> jon: and the prison conditions in north korea are absolutely horrific according to u.s. officials. >> the u.s. state department released documents detailing life inside a north korean prison camp. we're told the information is still accurate, including things like a prison camp population of about 200,000 where 2,000 prisoners die every year of starvation. the state department says that starvation is so common that prisoners are forced to catch and eat rodents and frogs and snakes. the documents say that north korean citizens can be in prison
12:40 pm
for simple saying something negative about the regime and it's routine for prison guards to beat inmates to death. american prisoners that have been released by laura ling say they were held in 5 x 6 foot cells with bars no, slats. when they close, they're totally dark. >> jon: thanks. new war games at sea as their prepare for whatever north korea tries next. ahead, what washington might need to do. ♪
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>> jon: the north korean nuclear threat sending stocks into a nose dive. here's a live look at the dow. down about 240 points right now. as we reported on sunday, north korea conducted their sixth
12:44 pm
test. the north has moved what could be a long range missile closer to launch sites. we'll keep an eye on the dow as we head to the closing bell. let's bring in sue mi terry. she recently traveled to south korea. these are ominous times when that country may possess a hydrogen bomb now and has the capability to launch it. >> absolutely. a very powerful bomb. whether it's hydrogen or not, it's clearly five times more powerful than the bomb we dropped on hiroshima. we are stuck with limited options. preventative strike, which is obviously has risks with military option or having to live with a nuclear north korea.
12:45 pm
whether it's a hydrogen bomb or not, it's the same. >> the word is that china really is the one that is pulling the strings and could reign in the north koreans if they wanted to. why do that the not want to seem to want to? >> we've been working on that theory for a long time. china's priority and interest to north korea is different from ours. it's not that china wants to see a nuclear north korea but china wants stability and prevent region collapse. china wants to prevent unification, south korean unification, pro united states, pro u.s. north korea. for all of these reasons, they don't want to press them enough. they don't want to see the region collapse. >> so they're happy to have kim jong-un with a population that is starving because it prevents what? competition from a unified north korea? >> it doesn't want a pro united states north korea with u.s. informations in the peninsula. they want to keep north korea as
12:46 pm
a buffer state. they don't want unification. if there's a collapse, you might be seeing tens of thousands of refugees thrown into china. china wants status quo. they have their own internal problems to worry about. china is not playing ball. >> the defense secretary used some pretty strong language in talking about north korea saying that it would be possible for the united states to annihilate the regime. he said that's not what we want to do but we can do it. the language is getting strong. >> very strong. but what secretary mattis says, if north korea was to attack us, we're going to do that. that is different from preventative strike. so before when north korea doesn't attack us, are we going to preventatively strike north korea when there's over 10,000 artillery pieces that are zeroed in on seoul? that is going to risk massive casualties and catastrophic war? this is why we have limited
12:47 pm
options. same options. >> jon: so when he talks about the potential annihilation of the north and its regime, how do the north koreans hear that? >> well, of course, they're paranoid. they think having nuclear weapons is the only way for the region to survive. they have drawn a wrong lesson from qaddafi. they gave up nuclear we pops and they're dead. look what happened to saddam hussein. so he thinks the only way to continue and survive is completing the nuclear program, completing the nuclear arsenal and have the ability to attack the mainland united states with a nuclear weapon. >> so you don't see him backing down. >> he's not going to back down. we're going to have another icbm test and a seventh nuclear test soon. >> jon: and the response if you're advising the white house, the response should be what? >> we're on the right track in terms of showing press shush and trying to do with sanctions and
12:48 pm
secondary sanctions against banks that do elicit business with north korea. i'm afraid it's not enough. we don't have a lot of time left before they have the capability. >> jon: scary stuff. sue mi terry. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: so what do you do when you lost everything? a lot of families in texas confronting that question in the devastating wake of hurricane harvey. we'll take you there next. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business today's senior living communities have never been better,
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>> jon: officials in texas are now blaming hurricane harvey for killing at least 60 people. 30 deaths in harris county, which includes houston. flooding still affecting parts of city as people head home to clean up the damage. here's a view from our drone. the governor of texas warning people that flooding will
12:52 pm
continue for a few more days as the state continues to release water from reservoirs there. steve harrigan is live in spring, texas about 20 miles north of houston. what is it like there, steve? >> jon, it's not just the 300,000 homes that have been damaged but thousands of small businesses as well. this strip mall is a typical scene of what you can see in the area around houston. four feet of flood water came into the shops. shop owners said they tried to save what they could. out of the seven businesses, six right now are completely out of operation, jon. >> wow. so what about the financial damage? what does that look like? >> in the short term, it's at least a $30 billion hit. the nation's fifth largest commit was shut down entirely for four days. gas prices are up four cents a week because the refiners have been hurt. the small business association is here and trying to give out
12:53 pm
emergency disaster loans to small businesses up to $2 million for them to try to buy new equipment, get back on their feet. jon, back to you. >> what a mess. steve harrigan in spring, texas. beyonce and blake shelton and oprah are headlining a concert. the proceeds will go to organizations including the united way of greater houston. you can see the telethon at 8:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. on the west coast. a man's leader made them pay a price for beards and it happened on this day in history. ♪
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>> jon: breaking news. lawmakers back in action today on capitol hill after their summer break. a live look at the senate floor. congress is looking at a long to-do list. it includes billions in disaster relief for victims of hurricane harvey, keeping the government running, raising the debt ceiling and coming up with a new plan to protect the dreamers after trump administration announced they would end the program that protects immigrants whose parents brought them to this country illegally as children. they have already started to address the ongoing tensions with north korea. there's another hurricane to watch out for. hurricane irma out there in the atlantic churning right now toward the caribbean. this is the -- one of the top five strongest hurricanes ever on record. it is forecast to head generally
12:58 pm
for the south florida area. maybe between the keys and miami. again, these things can change. the precise path is not known at this point. obviously people are buying supplies, many supermarkets in south florida reporting they're low on water as irma approaches. it's expected to skirt the island of hispaniola and perhaps over cuba in the days ahead. nasa marking 40 years since they began the voyager space exploration mission. it was only supposed to last five years. in 1977, nasa launched voyagers one and two within weeks. now they have traveled longer and further than any space probes in human history. nearly 13 billion miles from earth. or 19 hours travel time if you happen to be traveling at the speed of light. scientists say they may lose
12:59 pm
touch with the voyagers by 2030. on this day in 1698, the czar of russia put a tax on beards. peter the great said he wanted his nation more modern after a trip to western europe after he saw clean shaven men. they gave men beard tokens that they paid the tax. some russians said he was abandoning the country's traditions and eventually they got rid of the tax after the ruler made men paid a fee for facial hair 319 years ago today. well, the worries over north korea have the dow in negative territory today. down about 224 points right now. stocks are tumbling over the worries regarding north korea and fears that perhaps congress
1:00 pm
will be so occupied with any response that they won't get tax reform done. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. neil will have a lot more on the dow. >> neil: all right. thank you very much. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." your looking live at the white house where the president is meeting with the so-called big six to discuss tax reform or big tax cuts, no matter how you want to look at it. mitch mcconnell is there. the first two have met since the nasty phone calls and the tweets. gary cohn, paul ryan and orrin hatch and kevin brady, the man that runs the house ways and means committee to try to start the tax cuts talks that will materialize and many markets want to see before the end of the year. that might be a generous schedule. let's go to fox news


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