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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 6, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> jon: tone still signs by the way. you can't wear and i watch in the dugout >> jon: we start with this, a category five hurricane armas smashing into the caribbean island overnight. the strongest atlantic storm in recorded history is now heading straight for puerto rico, haiti, and cuba and irma can make a direct hit on south florida this weekend. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. we keep using the word "catastrophic." it is still uncertain, as people all across florida are breathing for the worst. >> it's going to be crazy out of here, so i to be deadlocked. getting out of the keys, there's only one way in and one way out. it's why to be crazy. >> i'm scared, a category five,
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i've never been through one. >> heather: not a good idea. we are tracking this dangerous hurricane and we're joined by adam with more. >> this is a massive, massive storm as we are talking about wednesday at 185 miles per hour, the largest storm we have ever seen in the atlantic outside of the caribbean, outside of the gulf of mexico. at this point, there is your eye of the storm, still a very well-defined storm, good structure to it which means it is incredibly strong, but that i have the storm reaching up on the british virgin islands and the u.s. virgin islands. coming up next will be puerto rico, san juan, the general path of this storm is going to be running just to the north, so i'm not expecting a direct lamb fall on the puerto rico area, but it's going to be just to the north of some of those very strong winds and rains that will continue to batter this as it moves on past. the winds at 185 miles per hour,
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but we've seen gusting winds getting up to 20200 when he 5 miles per hour. this is a very strong storm. it's moving at 16 miles per hour, continuing tonight through the bahamas before eventually getting into your sunday morning. saturday night, sunday morning, that is when the storm is sitting just south of the florida area and that's when we'll get some upper-level winds and that's when things will change for us. i can jump forward for that. you're looking at all of these hurricane watches and warnings across the islands, obviously in the case when you're talking about running across the islands, but there is remote in. when it runs over the bahamas, it's going to fall from a category five to a category 4.
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here's a return. we go from saturday into sunday, saturday night into sunday morning, we get this turn and currently our models are suggesting the right side or the eastern side of florida, but look how wide this is. there is still some uncertainty. it's possible it runs right up the center of florida, it's possible it runs up the gulf of mexico. currently, the malls are suggesting the right-hand side or the eastern coast of florida. >> jon: adam klotz with some scary warnings for the folks in florida in the keys and the bahamas. thank you. >> heather: another fox news alert on a big meeting happening now at the white house. president trump sitting down with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle as lawmakers get ready to tackle a jam-packed full agenda. >> jon: that includes the budget, the debt ceiling, harvey relief, and tax reform on top of the recently added task of
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immigration reform. >> heather: chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us live now. >> the pool has gone into take some pictures of that meeting with the president and i congressional leadership, it could be an interesting meeting, it could be tense because just a few minutes ago, the house minority leader nancy closely and this in a minority leader chuck schumer had some harsh words for president trump over his decision yesterday to resent the daca program. listen here. >> the president's decision to end daca was heartless and it was brainless. if this order stands, hundreds, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart. >> at the same time they were speaking, the house speaker paul ryan was ripping pelosi and schumer forcing they would only vote for a debt ceiling limit if it were shorter than three months at the same time that the debt ceiling limit is being tied to harvey relief. he didn't think that was too smart. listen to what he said.
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>> to play politics with the debt ceiling like schumer and poulos air apparently are doing, i don't think it's a good idea. it's ridiculous and disgraceful. if they want to play politics at this moment. >> the president again encouraging congress to move on fixing the daca program, but also appearing to give them an out and this sweet saying "congress now has six months to legalize daca, something obama administration was unable to do was quote and then he adds this, if they can't, i will revisit this issue, but the white house is being vague on what revisit this issue means. here's kellyanne conway on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> the president is saying if congress fails to act, he will revisit it. now it's up to congress and if they will start acting, let's set a great trend with congress acting on major pieces of legislation. >> later today, the president is heading to bismarck, north dakota, to keep up momentum for tax reform. yesterday he met with the
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so-called gang of civics. he that the ball rolling on the republican side of congress. listen to what the president said. >> we are going to keep this momentum going and let the economy truly take off, as it should. it's viable we reduce the crushing tax burden over companies. we paid the highest tax of any country in the world for our businesses and we can't keep doing that. >> as if all that wasn't enough, the president is also keeping an eye on hurricane irma as it turns his path of destruction to the under coast breed the president we need to store time ago "watching hurricane closely, my team is doing such a good job in texas and already in florida. no rest for the weary." it's going to be a busy rest of the week. the president wasn't kidding astray when he tweeted that out. >> heather: just adding on. i thought it was funny when he said it's going to be tense. that's a good word for it. thank you, john.
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>> jon: reaction now on capitol hill for the plan to end the daca program and six months with senate minority leader chuck schumer focusing on how the announcement was made. >> it's telling that attorney general sessions, not president trump, made the announcement today that the administration would be ending daca. he did it without taking a single question. >> jon: joining us now, jake sherman, senior writer for politico and company arthur of "politico's playbook." it singed into me, the first letter in daca stands for deferred. this is always been a program, nobody wanted to deal with it. president obama said he couldn't deal with it until he decided he would, now it has landed and president trump's lap and he's getting a lot of heat for it. >> he is. let's focus on the reality here for a second. in the next six months, the president wants congress to complete tax reform, do a big
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and protector package, immigration reform, fund the government, lifted the debt ceiling, and i'm forgetting -- reauthorize that child health care program. if we've been watching congress over the last decade or so, you've wondered why anybody in their right mind says they could do even one of these things, let alone seven. i understand the president's feelings on daca, but now he's put this up to the hill where i can tell you, we were just standing outside the meeting, this is going to be very tricky, very tough, very difficult and very political. >> jon: why are they not welcoming the opportunity to see some power back in allegedly the branch? that's with the president has said, he said the courts have ruled that this is probably not legal for the chief executive, as president obama did, to take
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the power into his own hands, so why are they not on capitol hill? >> they are, theoretically. we are talking about two different conversations. the theoretical conversation, whether they want the power to rewrite immigration laws or they want that power. on the other hand, this is a very tricky thing politically. immigration reform, talks on immigration reform have come together and broken up dozens of times in the last ten years in the senate, and the house. paul ryan, i covered him several years ago, after his vice president or run, he went to chicago and talked about immigration reform. this has been summing that republicans and democrats have never been close on and maybe this is an action moment. then again, president trump saying if you don't do anything, i'll revisit it. it's complicated and i don't know, it's too early to say whether it will be successful or
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not. >> jon: go back to your point about the fact that there are seven big items on the congressional agenda over the next six month or something. obviously, president trump was hired to go to washington and change how things get done. you can call it drain the swamp if you want to, but he was hired to go get things done, that's what he has always done in his career as a private enterprise, builder developer. is it unrealistic to expect the u.s. congress could actually pass legislation over the next six month? >> that's a good question. i'm not passing judgment on whether it's a smart position, all i'm saying it's it's very difficult. to pile these issues up on top of each other, while it might be necessary, it doesn't change the reality that congress moves slowly if it moves at all. it actually illustrates the point that trump hasn't really changed how things get done or how they don't get done here.
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everything is still very politicized and difficult. members still act out of their own self-interest all the time, that's not a criticism, that's reality. i think they have to take a step back and using our very recent history, think of what's possible and not possible. >> jon: there is another story will get to, the corruption trial of bob mendez the senator from new jersey, which could affect how things get done at least on the senate side. jake sherman from politico, good to have you on, thank you. >> heather: still to come, north korea still can acting another long-range missile test while the u.s. tries to determine its next move. plus a leader of a satanic cult could be a free man later this month. why the murderer may be released from prison. and democratic senator robert menendez is in court today pleading not guilty to federal corruption charges. >> i'm looking for it to the opportunity to finally bring this to closure, to seek
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don't wait. call now. >> jon: right now, new information on some crime stories we've been following. the youngest member of the manson crime family trying to convince a panel she should be granted parole. leslie van house and was convicted of murdering back in 1969. last year, a similar panel recommended parole for van house and who's been in prison for more than 40 years. the decision was overruled. police say they found the body of a son of a mobster. "the new york post" reports officers found carmine carini jr. wrapped in a blue tarp and weighed down with a block of cement in the waters of brooklyn on saturday. police say his father belongs to the colombo crime family. a judge says the man who dialed 911 saying he thought he killed his wife in her sleep could face
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the death penalty. he's appearing in court in north carolina yesterday and he called police say he was covered in blood and his wife was dead next to him. she'd been stabbed. police say he told them he took too much cold medicine before going to bed. >> heather: north korea looks to be ready to launch another intercontinental blessed of muscle. this comes after the rogue regimes six nuclear tests over the weekend. that was released as a hydrogen bomb. australia supporting president trump and efforts to resolve this standoff without going to war. >> it is a clear focus of the president and of my government as well, everybody wants to get this a dangerous situation resolved, bring this reckless, dangerous, provocative regime to its senses without conflict. a conflict would be catastrophic.
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everyone understands that. >> heather: the former senior director of middle eastern affairs at the national security council, also the managing director of the washington institute joins me. i should tell you for top, we may have to interrupt you because we're getting some feedback from the presidents meeting with congressional leadership, so we'll break away for that when we get it. in the meantime, in terms of north korea, i was looking at some of the headlines that we are reading these days. this is from the daily express in the u.k. ready for world war iii, north korea's equally moves icbm to launch fights on the west coast. this is scary stuff. is north korea preparing for war? >> it doesn't seem likely that north korea is preparing for war. i think what north korea is trying to do here is to convince us and the rest of the world that they are now a nuclear power and therefore are immune from whatever measures, especially military measures we like to apply to them. maybe also convince us to pay
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them off to stop these tests. there are some traps will need to avoid. >> heather: i'm putting on pause for a moment and will check back with you, so don't go far. i believe we have the tape just in from the president. president trump meeting with congressional leadership on capitol hill, a lot to talk about. we heard john roberts say perhaps things were tense in that room and we'll see if that's the case. let's listen in. >> we had the congressional leaders with us today and we have a lot to discuss, including the fact that there is a new and seems to be record-breaking hurricane heading right toward florida and puerto rico and other places, we'll see what happens. we'll know in a very short period of time, but looks like it could be something that would be not good, believe me, not good. we have many, many things on the plate, hopefully we can solve them and a rational way and maybe we won't be able to, we'll know at the end of this meeting,
8:19 am
the meetings will be having over a short period of time, but our country has a lot of great assets and we have some liabilities that we have to work out, so we'll see if we can do that. i appreciate every buddy being here, thank you very much. thank you very much, nancy, jeff, appreciated very much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [reporters talking over each other] i hope they do. i certainly hope they do. >> heather: as usually happens, a lot of questions being out of the president there, not answering a lot of things, but he's talking about the situation with hurricane irma and the possibility of more
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destruction there and he says in terms of working with congressional leadership, they are trained to work things out. we'll have more on that a little bit later, in the meantime, michael is back with us. let's talk some more about north korea. some of the suggestion as to how we deal with them, number one, diplomacy. what's the chance of that working? >> there are no super bullets here at all, heather. we heard the prime ministers they were would be catastrophic, but diplomacy isn't an answer either. when people have suggested is a freeze for freeze deal. if we can get north korea to freeze its test scan may be as productions of nuclear missiles in exchange for something from the united states. the question is an action for what from the united states? the things they may want us to give up may be the policy was to want to put in place to deter north korea like military exercises or boosting our military capabilities in the region and frankly, we could expect north korea to cheat on any such arrangement anyway.
8:21 am
>> heather: let's talk what a primitive strike. no one wants that. this is what ralph peters had to say in an op-ed he wrote "better a million dead, north koreans, than a thousand dead americans. our government exist to protect people and our territory, but the dangers of a preemptive strike are white that he could immediately hit south korea. >> most americans find that logic immoral. it's not effective i think because at the end of the day, there is no surgical strike option. we could reliably take out the missile threat without mass casualties and tremendous economic devastation and third, the risk of that war would spread from north korea to other parts of asia, which would be perhaps the worst case outcome for the united states.
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>> heather: michael singh, thank you very much for joining us and sticking around. thank you. >> jon: a splitting danger in the west as crews struggled to contain nearly 100 raging wildfires. major cities now affected. from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> heather: happening right now, a new hope that a documentary on drew peterson can lead to new answers of the long unsolved disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy. he sees aunt telling fox news that she hopes the film will prompt someone to come forward. it has been ten years since the 23-year-old mom vanished from their illinois home. her husband told police that she left him for another man, but they want to take a look at another case, the disappearance of peterson's third wife. he was found guilty of murdering
8:26 am
her. >> jon: fox news alert, an out-of-control wildfire east of portland forcing dozens of evacuations. it's one of 100 fires burning in the west. residents are forced to cover their faces and drive at their headlights on, even during the day. speak out the is affected, now the fire has come down to the edge of the road. it's just not safe. >> jon: jonathan hunt's live from los angeles with more. >> that numbers are staggering, 105 in total, 80 are considered large-scale, burning on some 2200 square miles across nine western states. take a look at this nasa image. it gives you an idea of what the west is dealing with. those areas outlined in red are
8:27 am
all actively burning right now. one of the worst fires is in oregon, columbia river gorge. residents of some 700 homes evacuated from the path of the raging flames, zero containment, smoke -- darkening the skies. >> over the past when he four hours, it's gotten significant a were speared we got the ashes started to fall last night, probably around six and it's starting to get more and more chunky and as you can see, you can't stand outside without getting rained on. >> oregon state police say a 15 roll boy is believed to be responsible for starting the blaze after setting off fireworks. the result, thousands of acres burned, hundreds of homes lost and air quality is dangerous as far as portland. idaho is warning residents to shut their windows and stand doors with air quality so bad as a result of fires that it could pose a real health risk.
8:28 am
in utah, 800 children were evacuated from an elementary school as flames crept too close to for comfort. and montana, a dozen fires are burning, a large one destroying a historic chalet hotel and glacier national park. it is worth remembering as we watch these devastating fires in the pictures from them that we are only at the start of what is traditionally the fire season out here in the west. >> jon: it's already a tragic one. jonathan hunt from los angeles to my thank you. >> heather: it's so dangerous for all those firefighters. the city of houston trying to start recoverable from harvey. what america is trying to do as the fourth largest city try to come back for me devastating storm. we'll live with that story. plus, growing opposition in congress linking harvey relief to raising the debt ceiling. how the white house is responding.
8:29 am
our put a panel will weigh in. >> we have to help the people of texas. in louisiana and other parts of the country that suffered from this catastrophe. why do we have to link anything else, it's beyond me.
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♪ ♪ let your data live wherever it needs to, but see it all in one view. the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours. yeah. must've been hot out the there today, huh?ise. yeah ok. yeah. beat even the toughest stains and odors with new super... ...concentrated tide sport. the new tide sport collection. it's got to be tide ♪ >> jon: some new developments in the harvey recovery effort at houston tries to get back together after the storm dumped more than 4 feet of rain in the
8:33 am
city. >> heather: so much going on. the mayor of houston is now encouraging residents to get up and get going. matt finn's life or is in houston with more on that. matt? >> heather, just a traffic nightmare for anyone trying to get back to a normal life here in houston. people telling us it's taken them two-3 hours to get to work for what usually would be a three hour commute. many of the neighborhoods and roads still blocked off at this hour. harvey made landfall nearly two weeks ago and right now, there are still homes underwater. there people who can't get back to their homes. just around the block are some of those homes. you try to make it in there, we can't right now. police are blocking them off. officials also telling us, a very big concern with all the sitting water among mosquitoes. animal and health control, they say they're doing a surveillance area for the highest risks. they are spraying at night. they say there's so much standing water and even debris that there could be what they
8:34 am
call an epidemic, a breakout of mosquitoes here. experts are going into the field, they say they're looking for standing waters and encouraging people to wear repellent. the mosquito that carries west nile virus is in this region. things on the ground here still far, far away from getting back to normal. back to you guys in new york. >> heather: matt finn lifer us us. we're looking at a live shot on the corner of hurricane irma as apparels through. devastation expected from this one as well. >> jon: the most powerful storm in the atlantic. gusts above 200 miles per hour, maybe 220 miles per hour. it's hard to believe, this thing is going to do a lot of damage for everybody. let's talk about the last big storm just in on the harvey aid package and congress with democratic leaders nancy plosive and chuck schumer saying you're prepared to vote for it and a
8:35 am
debt limit increase of three months as the white house works to link the bills. with secretary steve mnuchin encouraging to attach funding to raise the debt ceiling. >> we have to deal with the debt ceiling the goddess of harvey arriving in america. now we're asking asking for more money two oh stomach to make they may not be able to put the money forward without having a debt ceiling raised. >> jon: joining is now, simon rosenberg and boyd matheson, former chief of staff to senator mike lee and president of the southerly institute. boyd, i'll start with you. congress is fond of saying that they can walk and chew it the
8:36 am
same gun -- chew gum at the same time. we need to allocate some money for harvey relief. we need to raise the debt ceiling. why tie the two together? >> they shouldn't, it's irresponsible to tie those two things together. unfortunately what we're seeing is more washington as usual which is why there almost there and they can almost walk and chew gum at the same time. unfortunately what you're seeing as we have to pass harvey to solve the problems of the people in texas. tying it to the debt ceiling only solves the problem of politicians in washington. that's with the mayor can people are tired of. there's no reason to link those two things. if we need $15 billion for harvey relief, let's get that end. we don't need to raise $2 trillion in order to pay the 15 that we need for harvey relief. congress needs to do things one step at a time, let's have that debate and conversation with the american people, let's not politicize things like harvey relief. it's not right and not
8:37 am
appropriate. >> jon: assignment, what do you think? why can they not pass to essential bills separately? >> the democrats agree with boyd. nancy plosive and chuck schumer agree with everything he just said, that we can keep these things separate and do them one at a time. it's republicans that are trying to tie them together because they're concerned about erosion of support for the debt ceiling bill, so they're trying to attach the debt ceiling to a must pass bill. i don't know it's going to happen. obviously it seems simple just to move these things sequentially. there are other things that need to get done. group begins are in danger of having a car crash here in the next few weeks if something this simple becomes hard given all the other things that have to get done in the next few weeks. >> jon: we just talked about that with one of our earlier guests, now you've got immigration reform dumped on top of five or six other big things
8:38 am
that congress has to tackle and there are experts who say that is way too heavy a left for this congress, or any congress to accomplish. >> yeah, again, daca clearly needs to be dealt with, it was done wrong by president obama and terms of doing it by executive order, it shows you how executive orders create uncertainty for all americans, business owners, emigrants, families, we have to get back to doing things one at a time, trying to lump all these things together, comprehending thousand page bills are part of the problem. what we've seen with emigration as both sides, this is equal opportunity. both sides have raised millions of dollars off of immigration as a wedge issue. to raise money, to run put ago campaigns, 20 elections, we have to get past that. the american people are ready to have a real conversation. let's debated on the floor of the senate and house. the american people are ready for that and i wish our leaders on both sides of the aisle would step up to the plate and do it.
8:39 am
>> jon: we had a sound bite from chuck schumer earlier saying this decision by president trump is great to tear apart families. do you honestly think there's anybody on capitol hill who thinks that the 800,000 people who were brought to this country as children are going to be somehow sent back? >> the guidance from dhs that they published in the last one he four hours told all dreamers to prepare the joe to leave thy in march. congress can always come together and immigration has been a contentious issue now for a long time. yes, in march, we could have no bill and legally according to the president, given the decisions he made because he did not have to do -- he was not under any gun yesterday to do it this week. he did what he did. it's possible that those dreamers could be eligible for
8:40 am
deportation and lose their jobs, lose their ability to go to school on the disruption to america, there are hundreds of thousands of employers whose workers in the next few months because of this action. this is a very disruptive thing. i hope congress can come together and solve it by march, certainly. >> jon: boyd? >> i agree. i think this will be done by march for sure, but it doesn't show us that the process is broken and it ties into how the funding for harvey and a debt ceiling and all these other things get wrapped into these big ominous bills that nobody reads and nobody's sure of and both political parties make a lot of money off of any reckon people have to expect more. not less. the president promised he would revisit if congress doesn't act, so that's a good backstop, but we shouldn't have businesses or immigrants or their families having that kind of uncertainty, that's not right. >> jon: both parties are responsible for the immigration mess we find ourselves in right now. >> can i debate that with you next time?
8:41 am
>> jon: will schedule that one. we'll have much more on the congressional agenda and the next hour of "happening now" when we talk about tax reform of congressman kevin brady. he's a very important chairman on the house, to mike ways and means committee. more than a dozen people stranded at the top of a tower. what happened here, will tell you about that. plus the florida keys are now under mandatory evacuation orders. we'll talk what the threat that these committees are facing. first, governor rick scott. >> if there is an evacuation order, follow it. we can rebuild your home, but we cannot rebuild your life. ate is. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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>> jon: some new information on a mid air rescue off the southern coast of england. crews hoisting 13 people from the jurassic skyline tower, it
8:45 am
supposed to be an amusement ride, but they got stuck there after the compartment securing visitors up and down had some kind of malfunction. video shows a helicopter airlifting writers to safety. the cause of the incident under investigation. >> heather: fox news alert, hurricane irma, the most powerful atlantic hurricane in recorded history. now on a collision course with a south florida the category five storm brought mandatory evacuations for the 40 keys. speak out the national hurricane center is requiring that hurricane irma is dangerous and a life-threatening category 5 storm with winds up to 185 miles per hour. think about that. the storm is massive and the storm surge is protected to go for miles and miles. in some instances, it could cover homes and go very far inland.
8:46 am
we need to also prepare for torrential rain, extreme and life-threatening wins. do not sit and wait to prepare, get prepared now. >> heather: joining me now, roman guest essay. are you there question right thank you for joining us. you just heard the governor speaking there, mandatory investigations are in place, what are you experiencing right now? >> folks are listening, which is great news. there's a steady flow of cars and trailers heading north out of the keys. there is one road in and one road out, so folks are taking this potentially catastrophic hurricane seriously. >> how do you do that? you have about 80,000 residents. on top of that, you have visitors. no doubt you had a lot of tourists there. you had one way to get out. >> we do what we call a phase
8:47 am
evacuation, so we have the visitors earlier this morning and they've been working their way out and then tonight into tomorrow, we'll have our residents evacuate. it's a phase approach and make ornate with our neighbors to make sure there's no traffic jams. >> heather: we just got a notice that broward county will be under mandatory evacuations tomorrow at noon. where is the first place that people leaving your area would head to a question mark they go? >> some of them are heading toward broward, a lot of folks go to the orlando area, jacksonville, tampa and they're watching the path of the storm because they might need to move further. >> heather: category 5 winds of up to 185 miles per hour. you heard the governor say that storm surge and wind, the main concern here. do you agree? >> absolutely. the storm surge, the left turning wind, the rainfall is a
8:48 am
very life-threatening down here, absolutely. >> heather: we are taking look at some video of st. martin, momma beach. this is just coming in. it does look like it is ripping things apart as it heads your way. hopefully, and will miss your area. can you relate this to any other storm that you specifically have had to deal with? >> hurricane angie which was much smaller, but it was strong. we had a lot of these problems there and it was very rough on the area. this is even bigger, and a lot stronger. it's very likely and people are taking this seriously and i'm happy to see that. >> heather: we just experienced harvey, hopefully people heeded the warning from that. thank you for joining us, our prayers are with you and everyone there. >> thank you. >> heather: for an in-depth look at the recovery effort, to
8:49 am
into a special edition of the story with martha mcallen live from houston. that is tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: >> jon: a satanic cr and prison from earning a woman could be released later this month. prosecutors are hoping to keep him locked up. we'll tell you more about that case, plus a closer look at the trial of new jersey senator robert menendez. facing federal corruption charges. >> i did nothing wrong, i did nothing illegal. i have conducted myself or make 23 years in the highest fashion. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪ a dell advisor can help you
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big battles brewing on capitol hill over the president's decision to end obama era protection for immigrants children. chicago's mayor calls his city a trump free zone. really? in congress a stick to it all question market >> sandra: plus hillary clinton blaming bernie sanders for her election loss and even pointing a finger at her former boss in new experts from her memoir. she helping or hurting the dems? >> harris: all that plus our #oneluckyguy. we are changing our close. >> jon: okay. this story out of california, a satanic cult leader convicted of murder, set to walk free at the end of the month. thomas coker alice is due to be released as of time or ninth, but the family is speaking out against that decision. he was convicted of kidnapping and killing lori and borowsky. he has served 35 years of a 70
8:54 am
year sentence. he's only served half of that time, obviously. prosecutors say he's sexually violent, capable of committing future crimes. >> heather: sounds like he should stay end. >> i'm looking forward to finally having the opportunity to get exoneration. >> heather: senator robert menendez and trial for corruption charges. he is accused of accepting lavish gifts for my forte a doctor in exchange for using his political power to help the eye doctor what the government. david lee miller is live for us federal court in newark, new jersey, with more. >> there is a great deal more at stake here than the fate of senator robert menendez. it could change the power equation in the senate. he's accused of accepting more than $700,000 in campaign cash as well as free travel,
8:55 am
including hotel rooms and air from a longtime friend, dr. solomon mel jen an end return home to the doctor get visas as well as helping him and multimillion dollar business deals. moments ago, the prosecutor during opening statements told the jury that at one point, the senator requested an email at the doctor that he provide him with a pricey hotel room in paris, a hotel room that had a limestone bath as well as a view of the courtyard. the senator was very emotional as he entered the courtroom today. he seemed on the verge of tears as he think his family and friends and he proclaimed his innocence. he also said that he plans to exercise what he described as his constitutional right by attending the trial every day, but he did acknowledge he might be needed for key votes in the site where republicans have a slim majority. >> when it becomes a conflict
8:56 am
between those constitutional rights, i will make a decision based upon the gravity of the situation and the difference my vote could make. >> if he is forced to step down, new jersey republican governor chris christie would appoint the next senator from new jersey, but worth noting here, heather, chris christie is not up for reelection. his term will end on january january 16th. at that point, if menendez is forced to step down, the next new jersey governor, very likely a democrat, would appoint a successor. as of now, this is all very premature. this is the first day of trial. >> heather: will wait for potential results. david lee miller, incorporated you. >> jon: next hour of speech when one, new operation on her came irma. this druggist atlanta
8:57 am
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>> heather: will be back here in an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the beat we are following, millions of people in florida on edge and threat the caribbean, as you can imagine. category 5 hurricane irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded the atlantic is already hitting the caribbean islands of bermuda and saint maarten and it can make a direct hit on for this weekend. we are watching the path of course. we expect a briefing from governor rick scott of florida just minutes from now, we'll take that one and happens live. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, here today, sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, former deputy state department spokesperson marie harf, and today's #oneluckyguy, the opinion editor for "the washington times" and fox news contributor, charlie hurt is in


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