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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 6, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> heather: will be back here in an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the beat we are following, millions of people in florida on edge and threat the caribbean, as you can imagine. category 5 hurricane irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded the atlantic is already hitting the caribbean islands of bermuda and saint maarten and it can make a direct hit on for this weekend. we are watching the path of course. we expect a briefing from governor rick scott of florida just minutes from now, we'll take that one and happens live. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, here today, sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, former deputy state department spokesperson marie harf, and today's #oneluckyguy, the opinion editor for "the washington times" and fox news contributor, charlie hurt is in the house.
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good to see you. >> charlie: lucky guy. >> harris: a lot of hard news to get to. things were being here. let's start with bracing for irma's wrath as seen from space show the storm larger than france, so powerful its registry that's detected earthquakes, and southport are coming on the drill. mandatory evacuations for those in irma's path underway as people board up homes and businesses and scoop up supplies. long lines at gas stations, some running on low fuel already. president trump issuing an emergency declaration ahead of irma's arrival and tweeting "watching hurricane closely. my team is doing such a good job in texas and is already in fordham. no rest for the weary."
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despite ongoing efforts after harvey, fema says team is ready for the hundreds of personnel positioned in irma's path. watch. >> my confidence is high. despite everything that's going on, this is what we test and train for, we have catastrophic plans. right now, we are operating out of a caribbean office, we have a caribbean office that is specifically located in puerto rico. we have staff in the virgin islands as well. we have management teams, power teams, traditional safety, already in the state of florida ready for support. >> harris: harvey was rain, this one is mostly wind. >> there will certainly be wind, there will be rain. it won't be the rain like harvey, hopefully we won't see anything at that again. this is a cat 5, there are two other storms in the atlantic,
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one in the gulf as well. we don't have to watch those at this point, but this is the one causing all of the problems, getting very close to puerto rico. i will also tell you, this is a large storm in size, the winds are in a fairly small area right around the center of the storm. if this storm goes just to the north of puerto rico, hopefully we can get the worst of it along the shore. certainly there will be rain, and strong winds, but hopefully not the 185 miles per hour wind winds. towards a virgin islands, there is going be an incredible damage there. we'll see devastating consequences. after that point, then it gets much more instinct for us here across the u.s. i will tell you, we talked about a cone of uncertainty, this is uncertain. we know the storm is going to continue to pull off towards the west and make a right-hand turn.
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when it makes this pretty sharp right-hand turn, you see it's running along the coast of florida. last year we had hurricane matthew, that did the same thing. fortunately it stayed just off shore. we might not see this make any kind of a landfall in florida. georgia and south carolina, be watching as well because will continue to talk a lot about that. florida obviously the short term, you are going to have thi this. we still can't say if there will be a direct hit in florida or not, so everybody here needs to be prepared. sometimes we have a really good idea where storms are going and sometimes we don't. unfortunately, this is one of those that we don't. >> harris: the fema director and others have been singing today that we want to be careful to say that this hasn't hit united states territory already or that it won't because we have violence done in the caribbean and we've got all of puerto rico. >> that's under the gun right now. the u.s. virgin islands getting it right now, puerto rico later
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on today and tonight. certainly getting some very eight big impacts from it. their role definitely be impacts from it there. there will be impacts and likely a landfall in the u.s., with its florida, georgia, or south carolina, we can say just yet. >> harris: that cone of uncertainty is wider than a cone it would seem on this. glad you're watching it for us, rick. will check back as the news warrants. >> sandra: a battle brewing on capitol hill or the or the president trump's decisions to rescind an obama era immigration policy, protecting immigrants brought here illegally as children. democratic leadership saying let's get moving on he allegedly affixed, but the speaker of the house saying not without the presidents backing. >> we, today, are calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to immediately put the dream act on the floor for a vote in the house and senate, if a clean dream act does not come to the floor in september, we
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are prepared to attach it to other items this fall until it passes. >> will not be advancing legislation.does not have a supportive president trump because we're going to work with the president on how to do this legislation. if we have ledges they should come through here that is worked with and support a by the president, i'm very confident that our numbers will support it. >> sandra: president trump also weighing and defending his move. watch. >> i have a great heart for the folks were talking about. great love for them and people think in terms of children, but there really young adults. i have a love for these people and hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly. >> sandra: the president also taking to twitter to say that congress now has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration was unable to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue. charlie, i'll ask you the big
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question. what happens after all of this? >> charlie: the ball is in congress is court. the interesting thing of all of this is to see how this has been controversial for a long time. ever since president obama put it in place. suddenly, when it goes away, we find out that there's all this unity on capitol hill on both sides to have this. to sit there and listen to chuck schumer talking about how we need to do this, you want to ask, where have you been for the past ten years? you been in congress area. they didn't do anything about this. it's kind of bizarre. you start to wonder, are they playing politics? >> sandra: does not make the president's tweet fare based charlie just said? >> marie: i agree with charlie, it's amazing to see the amount applicable pressure that doesn't seem to be mounting to
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fix this. when the dream act came before congress a couple times in the past, democrats voted against it. those two years you're talking about when he had all of them but we decided for health care and immigration. republic can't figure how to fix it. i think what you'll see is even lindsey graham this money was asking for leadership and guidance from the white house. what do you want any bill, how do you want to do this? republicans now want to get this done. i remain worried that congress can't really get anything done and 800,000 people are counting on them to. it's more than worrying. as disturbing. >> sandra: i want to bring in former obama senior advisor, david axelrod and his thoughts that if congress fails to re-legalize daca, he'll revisit it.
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>> kennedy: he's tackling a couple of different things. one is the legality of it. former president obama said in 2011 that that's not how democracy works, that he cannot just circumvent congress and crack his own immigration policy which is what he did in 2012 and it was politically convenient for him when he was running for reelection and that's when he signed the executive order. it's really interesting because his own lawyer who helped crack the executive order, president obama's lawyer, said that if this were to be challenged in court, it would lose. they knew they were on shaky legal ground. the interesting thing, you talk about congress working together, both sides actually want immigration to work out. they have not been able to do it. they've taken so many whacks of the pinata, the only real chance they had was in 2009 and 2010
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when they had both congress and the presidency. that's when president obama should have tackled immigration reform, not on his own through this fiat executive order. >> sandra: harris, six months, do they come up with a fix? >> harris: it took them seven years to copy something on health care and we didn't see effects as marie pointed out. you ask where democrats are in this issue, we are trying to figure out how every buddy else can be dictated to on getting on the right side of history ahead of election time. they really didn't want to tackle this issue specifically because they do not want to put themselves in harm's way. it is interesting though as we stand at the press, you've got a democrat who says we have to move on, this is something we can get done this week. you do have a bipartisan effort here come out why not check this off as a win going and because you can get those numbers up on approval and prove you can do
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something and that you actually earned what you got in august. >> charlie: this is a conundrum about politics in washington. the issues that helps them get elected, if you saw the issue, you don't have the issue anymor anymore. >> harris: that is a sad. >> charlie: but it's true. you have a case where as long as there are these people in the balance and sadly, i think more democrats than republicans on this issue, as long as these people are in the balance, democrats running for election can bang the drum and get voters out. >> sandra: there's a lot to deal with as well return. we've got harvey relief being voted on. we have a live look at the house for right now. the vulture being tallied as we speak. $8 billion being voted on as obviously lawmakers will be ringling over the debt ceiling. this will go onto the senate. $8 billion for harvey relief.
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the house voting right now. we'll keep watching it for you. there is still a lot more to say about daca, how states are fighting to protect dreamers with lawsuits. whether it's dance a chance and the possible consequences of defiance. the big city mayor calling his town a trump freezone. plus excerpts from hilary kempton's campaign men more. whether this will help or hurt the democrat party. ♪
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get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> sandra: millions of people in florida watching this hurricane, hurricane irma currently a category 5 hurricane, you're looking at a live shot of the u.s. virgin islands, this is an earth cam. that does not look very pretty. we're watching this hurricane develop and millions of people in the way of this possible hurricane making landfall in florida. this is a powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic. ed is now taking aim at puerto rico and as you just looked, at the u.s. virgin islands. it is an unlabeled hurricane to watch. we'll continue to watch the path
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of this very, very powerful storm. coincidentally as the houses right now voting on hurricane harvey relief fund, $8 billion. here's another one developing in the atlantic, we're watching it for you. >> harris: knew excerpts out ahead of the release of hillary clinton's new book. she recently, she reportedly takes responsibility for her election loss, but continues to blame russia, sexism, former fbi director, james comey, and bernie sanders. she writes "his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the election and pave the way for trump's cricket hillary campaign." senator sanders is brushing it all off. he told hill, he has no interest in the blame game and it's time to look forward, not backward. meanwhile, hillary clinton's memoir also dives into the russian election meddling. she writes she followed every sumo development and even
9:18 am
appears to criticize her former boss "i do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if president obama had made a televised address to the nation following the 26 teen warning that our democracy was under attack. may be more americans would have woken up to the threat." needless to say, this does not help the democratic party heal anytime soon. marie, are you paying attention question marks before i'm paying attention. >> marie: i knew that was coming to me first. hillary clinton isn't wrong about bernie sanders. it hurt her in the primary election. a bunch of factors contributed to her loss, a lot were strateg strategy. i do think bernie hurt her in general. when i said repeatedly is hillary clinton is not the
9:19 am
future of the democratic party and neither is bernie sanders. this is all interesting and gives us something to talk about, but i know a lot of conservatives don't believe me when i say bernie is not where the party is going, -- >> harris: are they soul-searching? they cost a lot. >> kennedy: they go out there. then you know you ought to pay attention when you cover your ears. it's so laughable that some one who ran for president is claiming that they sustained a little but have damage during the primary, that's what supposed to happen. she should have written at the end of that paragraph, good job, bernie. you did just fine because that's what you're supposed to do. you're supposed to inflict as much damage as a positive can on your opponent so they lose. preferably to you.
9:20 am
i don't think you're supposed to get through the process with eight good day sir. i wonder what would have happen if president obama -- i say i wonder what would have happen if you are a viable candidate. >> marie: don't maybe follow that. >> harris: she should have come out stronger. who she should really be mad at is debbie wasserman schultz. thus the person who greeted the headwind. >> marie: a look at the people who voted for bernie and the primary and donald trump in michigan, wisconsin, ohio, i agree with kennedy that this is not why she lost and she was a flawed candidate and a lot of other ways, but it did have an impact and it's ludicrous to say it didn't. >> sandra: i want to break in because governor rick scott of florida is coming in right now
9:21 am
on the path of irma, he's watching it, he's activated another 900 members of the national guard. let's listen. >> i've directed the remaining 6,000 of aylmer's of the floor to national guard to report for duty no later than friday morning. i positioned 13 helicopters and high water vehicles are on standby. the florida national guard and escorted him with other states and the national guard bureau to ensure approximately 30,000 troops, 4,000 trucks, 100 helicopters, and air evacuation crews are ready to support our state. the wildlife commission has arranged teams for potential deployment. they are standing by for initial response based on initial storm impacts. trucks, river patrol boats and atv are prepared for evacuation support, search and rescue
9:22 am
missions, or any additional needs. the florida permit of law enforcement, the department of highway safety, and other partnering agencies identify resources for deployment and response. the florida highway patrol is monitoring road and traffic conditions to ensure roadways are clear. each region has established a minimum of two response teams and the just explaining team ready to deploy to infected areas. utility providers. i've been in constant contact with florida's utility providers and their already working on staging and asset allocations they can return power as quickly as possible following the storm. they're actively prepositioning resources throughout the state and in neighboring states. we know from previous storms how important it is for power to be restored as quickly as possible. i will be talking to the utilities often throughout the day and have urged county and city officials and coding sheriffs and police chiefs to reach out to the utility providers to work together in response to irma. lake okeechobee. water levels in lake okeechobee
9:23 am
are being -- initial inspections will begin once the lake approaches 17 feet. the lake level currently is 13.68 feet. based on current rainfall forecasts at this time, we have no major concerns with the dike, but we will remain in constant contact in the u.s. army corps of engineers to monitor the dik dike. shelters. if you are of equity from the keys, you can shelter at florida national interviewer c. we are making sure shelters are available for those me to evacuate. there should be no reason for anyone to evacuate if you are ordered to do so. shelters will be available and you should follow the directions of local officials to go to a shelter that fits your needs. film is can go to to learn where shelters are in your area.
9:24 am
comcast will open free hot spots for into vigils and need including comcast customers. for a map of these hot spots visit ifi. the state will be providing meals, resources and central florida for the plumbing is needed. we will be positioning these goods once we have a better understanding of the path of the storm. last night i spoke to the health and human services secretary tom price who told me that hhs has disaster medical assistance teams in route to florida. these rapid response teams aid in medical care for those who need it after the storm. there are also reports on the news of grocery stores running out of water. we're working as closely as possible to refill stories. we've been in touch with
9:25 am
retailers and more supplies are on the way. if you visited a story yesterday in front of storage, you should go back once supplies of been replenished. what we need now is volunteers, we need more volunteers. i encourage all floridians that volunteered to do so to help and prepared to respond to this storm. florida has 43 emergency response teams on standby to deploy to areas in need. american red cross teams arrived on orlando with 26 tractor-trailers and estates logistics resource center. 100 emergency response vehicles staged in north florida. the red cross is also sending 1,000 volunteers to florida. the salvation army is on standby with 32 cooking units in florida and supplies their stage and waiting to play mint in every phase. 35 cajuns on standby ready to feed 35,000 meals a day. floridians can go to
9:26 am to sign up for volunteer opportunities. volunteers make a huge difference and help with shelter, feud distribution. please volunteer. regarding school closures, to find out if your local school district is closing, please visit the florida to parent of education website and or call your superintendent. state offices and monroe county are close until further notice. closures and all other counties will follow county officials and will be announced as they are determined. i've directed state offices and all 67 counties be closed on friday. every family needs to have a plan. have a disaster kit and be ready today. do not sit and wait, prepare right now. for details on how to greet a personalized plan, visit a plan. if need to fill your purse written, do today.
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you can fill them early at your local pharmacy and so prepared. we are working closely with our local partners to make sure our communities have all the resources they need. we are 100% focused on mcinturff libyans and visitors have timely information on this storm and will continue to closely monitor hurricane irma and issue updates over the next few days. i cannot stress this enough, get prepared, know your evacuation zone, listen to your locals, this storm has the potential to devastate our great state and you have to take this seriously. member, we can rebuild your home, we cannot rebuild your life. this is a life-threatening storm and protecting life is an absolute top priority. and andrew, i had hospitals evacuated. we move patients south and in the end, andrew moved south and we had patients for our spirit this can be a devastating storm, more search of andrew come out more wind than andrew, so
9:28 am
everyone he please take this seriously. >> thank you, governor and now we have our two great senators from the state of florida, bill nelson and marco rubio. >> sandra: we are listening to governor rick scott afforded, you can sense the urgency from the governor's voice there. as this category five hurricane irma heads towards the floor to coast, millions of floridians and the path of this. marco rubio has taken to the microphone. are we listening? you can see senator marco rubio there. let me tell you what he just said and he hasn't said this before. governor scott just reiterated that this hurricane that is directly in the path of florida is bigger than andrew. he is warned that it's bigger, faster, and stronger than hurricane andrew which hit florida 25 years ago and
9:29 am
devastated the state. he's imploring people to get out now, get out quickly. he's evacuated other 900 numbers of the national guard. utility companies, saying they are prepared to restore power quickly when lost. he said there is absolutely no reason to not evacuate if you are ordered to do so. the red cross, he also said his sending 1,000 volunteers down to the state, but certainly another headline coming out of that news conference. governor rick scott of florida saying this hurricane is going to be bigger than andrew. we're watching it for you. it is not just coast-to-coast protests greeting president trump's decision to end on obama air immigration policy, a multistate lawsuit about be announced. this has two big city mayors openly defying the president. is this encouraging lawbreaking? we debate that. ♪
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>> harris: they're going to engage in some fighting words including a multistate lawsuit. president trump's decision to dismantle daca. we're seeing protests nationwide today. new york's attorney general is planning to announce that multistate lawsuit -- rahm emanuel taking a stand. he's assuring any incoming class of high school freshman and one city school with this message. >> to all the dreamers that are here in this room and in the city of chicago, you are welcome in the city of chicago, this is your home and you have nothing to worry about. chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city will be
9:35 am
a trump free zone. you have nothing to worry about. >> harris: democrats are trying to focus and organ the nation to focus in on what they want them to see and that is republicans are bad for wind to put something in place is more permanent. they are skipping over the issue that this was never permanent and deportation might have been in their future eventually anyway. >> charlie: it's also politics the democrats love to accuse republicans of. it's reckless, it's disgusting. the only thing that everyone seems to agree upon right now is what president trump did was legally, constitutionally completed correct. >> marie: i'm not sure i agree with that. >> charlie: how many years -- >> harris: the situation i guess people more permanence. >> marie: at the legality is currently being challenged.
9:36 am
the legality was still going to the process. i want to see congress to a long-term fix to this, but i think it's a step too far to say the legality has already been deemed unconstitutional because as not true. >> charlie: even "the washington post" and "the new york times" ," they dot say he was wrong about it. they say this was congress' responsibility. even if it's constitutionally incorrect, that's fine. what would be wrong with the military coming and am removing donald trump is because you don't like him? this is very disturbing. >> harris: attorney general jeff sessions said when he made the announcement about this, stay in the program while congress comes up with a allegedly to fix.
9:37 am
you are right. he had this department of justice look at this recently to determine whether on the constitutionality was there and whether or not daca flew in the face of current immigration law. when they found out there is problem with it, this was new because it's being looked at. at doesn't mean the facts are new, and means the reporting of them are new because they looked at it. kennedy? >> kennedy: you're absolutely right. i'm very sympathetic with the people who are affected by this and i think ultimately, the process is very cruel. to promise someone something that they would be shielded from deportation, that's very emotional, that's reassuring, but the fact it so momentary it makes an awful. this is something that can be undone so easily and it speaks to the cruelty which is what president obama accused president trump of doing. >> sandra: the president has departed the white house. he's an route to north dakota to make his second pitch for his
9:38 am
tax reform plan saying he's going to discuss tax reform. let's listen. >> how is the meeting, mr. president? >> we will not be putting up with this from north korea. >> mr. president, are you considering military action? >> that's not our first choice, but we will do what we have to.
9:39 am
>> sandra: thoughts president trump leaving the white house to offer his tax reform pitch, his second one will be making a north dakota, his first one in missouri last week. as he just turned, reporters asking the president about north korea as he was leaving. when asked about military action and north korea, he said we'll see what happens. prior to that, he said at first, we will not put up with what's happening with north korea. the president's words on the ground to putting the house just moments ago, boarding marine one. anybody want to comment before you go to break? >> kennedy: i'm glad he had the strong conversation with china and i understand what china is getting out of north korea. there being so incredibly responsible. this is their border, this is their region, these are their people and effective putting their lives in jeopardy by continuing to support this regime is unconscionable. >> harris: anybody? okay. we're going to move onto the
9:40 am
story that's taking shape right now, very dangerous storm, hurricane irma, category 5. making its way west toward puerto rico and florida, so we think. the cone of uncertainty is big on this one so they're trying to figure out the path, but they're moving assets and people out of the way as fast as they can. we've already heard from governor rick scott of fort of the sour joined by senators nelson and rubio as they are trying to tell their people to get out of the way on the mainland. plus, amid the nuclear tensions with north korea, as we just touched on because we heard a few words from the president, president trump may have congress decide the fate of the iran nuclear deal after all. whether that would be the right move, we'll talk about it. stay close. patrick woke up with back pain.
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9:45 am
$7.9 billion, room number the white house first requested this. this is the first bit of money, throw be much more to come and now the big fight on capitol hill, as we understand, will be whether or not they choose to attach other things like the debt ceiling to the next chunk of harvey aid money. comp getting matters in terms of passing it. right now, nearly $8 million moving closer to being on its way to people who needed down in texas. >> kennedy: meantime, with nuclear tensions with north korea higher than ever, the trump administration suggesting they could refuse to sign off on to ron's compliance with the toy 15 clear deal. britain and france agreed that iran had met ed's direct obligations of the agreement. they could leave it to congress to decide whether to withdraw from the deal altogether. here's you and ambassador nikki
9:46 am
haley. >> if the president does not certify iranian compliance, they also tell us what happens next. what happens next is significantly an congresses hands. under the law, congress has 60 days to consider whether to reimpose sanctions on a rand. during that time, congress could take the opportunity to debate iran support for terrorism, its past nuclear activity and its massive human rights violation. >> kennedy: marie, i will send this to you since you had a front row seat at the crafting of this deal. one of the issues that nikki haley had was that the deal had no teeth when it comes to funding terrorism or muscle testing. obviously, it is a flawed deal. what could iran do? >> marie: iran is in compliance with the nuclear dea deal. the 149 pages of this deal talk about the integrity of this
9:47 am
nuclear program, iran is in compliance with. we hate a lot of things they do include in a support for terrorism and the human rights violations. all of those things in baystate much worse if we walked away from the deal and they restart their nuclear program. >> sandra: how can we be confident and that? >> marie: we have hundreds of international inspectors crawling over every single part of iran's nuclear program. if we walk away from this deal, all those eyes in the ground get kicked out. we have incredible intelligence assets on top of the inspectors in the ground. if we find them to not be in compliance, all the options we had before the deal still remain in place. while we are facing a crisis within already already newly armed north korea, i do not understand why we would say iran is not compliant with the deal when they are and risk the calculations that we walk away all by ourselves without our allies and they returned their program. >> kennedy: because the rent worthy to
9:48 am
mike >> charlie: we gave away the store and we didn't fix these things. >> marie: if we tried to tackle support for terrorism, human rights, we never would have gotten a deal. we believed ma calculated that the nuclear issue, if they were to get a weapon, it would by far be the most dangerous. all those other things, we had tools to deal with them amid sanctions, military support for the israelis and the gulf state. if they were to get a new claire weapon, all those things will be made so much more dangerous. walking away now would be the height of irresponsibility. >> charlie: we should be upset that obama didn't make this deal. >> marie: if we got a similar deal with north korea today -- >> harris: president putin of russia wants to sit down and do some talks, some fresh chatting with north korea. >> kennedy: a stunning new poll highlighting just how
9:49 am
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>> sandra: a new poll shows america's growing division began long before president trump took office. 80% of the nation is totally divided with americans disagreeing from everything from gay marriage to climate change to the black lives matter movement. one measure of just how polarizing things have gotten as cross party support for the president. in 1953, 60% of democrats supported dwight eisenhower. by 1993, just when he% of republicans supported democrats bill clinton. in 2009, just 16% of republicans backed barack obama. and now, just 8% of democrats back president trump. charlie hurt, i will leave you with that. >> charlie: a lot has to do with the media. there is one aspect to all of this. the question is what came first, division or the hyperbolic politics? i would argue that the divisions
9:54 am
where they are but the problem is politicians hire these people to go across the country and they find divisions that they can make some sort of beef out of. they sell this to the politicians and the politicians nailed this issue. >> sandra: what does this say about their ability and willingness to get together? >> charlie: it's terrible. everybody apparently agrees on daca for 10 years and never said anything about it. it's very, very distressing and it's very bad for our country. >> marie: they work in
9:55 am
elections which is depressing. >> charlie: it's true. if you went through the phone book and picked 535 people out of washington, you probably solve about 90% of these problems. >> kennedy: i was thinking about this and i was wondering what with the country be like if hillery consumer president right now and the number of democrats were repulsed by her book and the fact she's fanning the flames and discontent with bernie sanders again and only looking backwards again and living more people again. it would have been just as bad if hillery were president right now. >> marie: i don't that's true. he thrives on the fight even within his own party. we never saw a president actively tweet to members of his own party.
9:56 am
he is a new kind of politician who likes that fight. (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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>> always good to see you. >> i'll you tomorrow. find us on, we are back on tv at noon eastern time tomorrow. >> heather: a fox news alert from our global headquarters in new york, the house overwhelmingly supports a multibillion-dollar aid package for victims of hurricane harvey. >> jon: another category five hurricane irma slams the caribbean, will soon make its way towards the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. the storm also has florida in its sights. we are covering all the news, "happening now." new developments on north korea as secretary of state tillerson and defense secretary mattis are set to brief lawmakers. the bipartisan effort underway. >> psint


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