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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 6, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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wow. >> heather: bipartisan. peace breaking out all over. thank you very much for joining us. >> harris: i tell ya, this thing is moving fast. fox news alert on hurricane irma, most powerful storm ever in the atlantic now approaching puerto rico. south carolina just joined florida in declaring a state of emergency ahead of the category 5 storm. as irma roars through the caribbean right now, people in the bahamas are being flown to nassau for what is being called the largest hurricane evacuation in history. key west already evacuated. officials from miami up to the north carolina area and south carolina keeping a weary eye on the storm. >> the hurricane coming our way, hurricane irma, is one of the most powerful storms in the history of the atlantic basin. more powerful than harvey, than
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andrew. >> harris: we have fox news team coverage tracking this powerful storm. phil keating at the southern tip of florida. plus a live report from puerto rico. first let's go to our chief meteorologist. i say deja vu all over again because of harvey, but this is different. >> all storms are different. we knew exactly where that storm was going. we knew it was going to stall out. it became this big rain event across parts of texas and louisiana. this is a different kind of storm. very strong. winds are still at 185 miles an hour. that's a cat 5 storm. we don't see that often across the atlantic. the cutting across the british virgin islands. the eye is right over that. if you're at that tip, you're looking up and probably seeing blue sky. then you have this other side that's gonna come through. one thin about this storm is it's really small where it sustained strong winds. sometimes you have storms really
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large. the hurricane force winds only span out 50 miles from the center. it's that eye wall. if it misses puerto rico, we will be spared the worst of the winds. certainly we'll have 70 mile an hour winds, see some rain that's going to cause problems. this is going to cut right through the bahamas and cause devastating impacts there with a cat 4, cat 5 storm. but after that, that's where we have a lot of questions. sometimes we have an idea where this is going. we know it is going to make a hard right turn. at 30 mile difference one way or the other before that right turn could be the difference between not huge impacts across parts of florida or a direct hit in florida. if it goes further east of that, we're talking georgia, south carolina. not hearing a lot of people talk about those states. everybody saying florida. georgia and south carolina are watching as well. >> harris: the carolinas, their leadership are putting forth
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declarations, states of emergency. that conversation is starting to turn. >> yes, yes. >> harris: i would want to just ask about how much time this will be spinning out over the water. saint barts got hit pretty hard. the pictures from there are heart breaking. fairly flat. they took a cat 5, correct? >> a number of though islands taking a cat 5 hurricane. that's going to cause incredible damage for them. had it gone further south, lot more interaction with land, with puerto rico. >> harris: looks like it's picking up water. >> these islands here, those aren't islands that break apart storms. it would keep it over water longer. maybe allowing it to maintain a stronger core to it as well. >> harris: the reason i say it, as you get closer to miami, you still have a 4 there. depending on which way it turns. >> everything they are telling
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you in florida, may attention. i'm just saying also georgia and south carolina, watch it. >> harris: thank you. let's go to phil keating. you're in the miami dade area. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency. held a news conference planked by senators nelson and rubio. the tone was dire. >> reporter: yes. well, the governor made it seem very very serious. and it is very very serious. he ended his briefing by basically comparing this monster hurricane irma with the notorious 25 years ago devastating hurricane andrew which racked homestead and levelled it, saying this one's bigger, it's fiercer, the winds are stronger and it's probably going to go down as the most expensive natural disaster in u.s. history. two key things that all of these people that live down here need. lot of people are driving home, trying to stop by stores to get supplies. number one, looking for gasoline. but everywhere we go, finding a
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gas station with fuel in the pumps has been very difficult to do. no regular, no plus. gas station's been closed for a few hours. no action here. that's sent people driving 20, 25 miles just to get some gasoline today. it's a hot, humid day. the couple stations that did have fuel with lines of 50 cars that waited up to an hour, tempers were flaring. people are aggravated, anxious. starting to get close to panicky. they're deathly nervous. we talked with somebody, a florida resident, right in front of the gas station where the florida keys were evacuating behind him. he said he's starting to worry. take a listen. >> it's very frustrating. it's chaos out there. yesterday trying to get water, trying to get supplies. everywhere you went, everybody was in a state of madness. it is frustrating out there. >> reporter: are you panicked? >> i wasn't originally, but now
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a little bit. i was flying to texas yesterday to help in houston. at the last minute i got a call back saying we need you here. i was here for andrew. we've kind of seen this before. we don't want this thing coming this way, that's for sure, you know? >> reporter: scared? >> yeah. i am. >> reporter: all florida keys residents must evacuate all of the island chains from key west by 7:00 p.m. tonight. broward county needs to do a mandatory evacuation. 4 p.m. today miami dade county, city and county leaders will have a briefing and they may institute mandatory evacuations for the beach communities. >> harris: everybody just has to stay alert and get ready to move if they have to. phil keating, thank you very much. the hallmark of the cat 5 are those 185 mile per hour winds. video tells the story, too.
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this is puerto rico. it hasn't gotten there yet. people are being told irma could knock out electricity in some places for months. joining us is anika kentrish. i know you're on the island of antigua. you already got hit. what's it like? >> i think a lot of us are still stunned. as bad as the hurricane was, we fared fairly well over here in antigua. lot of us looking at what's happened, about 1500 people. there's one shelter there. the problem is that the hurricane has cut off all communication. radio, cell phone, land line, so we do not know since last night what the damage is right now in barbuda. there's a plane on stand by, soon as the weather clears up, to go over there to find out what's going on and take over
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some needed supplies. >> harris: with barbuda as well, i was reading reports as far as 48 hours in that region, they were able to key this on seismometers. just the sheer magnitude, the power of this storm. anika, where you are, i know cleanup will start, but what was the initial reaction? do you have water, flooding on the island? what does it look like? >> it's a funny story. we are accustomed to hurricanes and tropical storms, but the funny thing about this storm, first of all, the good thing is we had a heads up. we were able to watch this thing for almost a week. so people knew it was coming. people from grocery stores, department stores saw a steady increase in traffic in the last five days. now that said, when the storm arrived, the surprising thing is there was a lot of wind, but not
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really a lot of rain. that's something we expected. we always expect a lot of rain. when the storm cleared up this morning, at least the winds cleared up, that's when the rain came. so we thought everything was over and done with and people were waiting for all clear to come out before it started raining cats and dogs. before you knew it we were on a flash flood warning. >> harris: that's similar to what happened in houston texas. i would imagine everybody in the caribbean, it also heightens that spirit within you to, okay, we're going to heed the warnings. >> i believe that's the case. thank you so much. >> harris: absolutely. all right. from the island of antigua. fox alert. president trump and democratic leaders saying they have just reached a deal, a three month deal on the deb ceiling and spending along with aid, a second chunk of it, for harvey. >> we had a very good meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck
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shumer. we agreed to a three month extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred, very important, always we'll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it. also in the cr's and also in harvey, which now we're going to be adding something because of what's going on in florida. >> harris: early reports say many republicans, particularly the more conservative among them, are not on board with this plan. meanwhile, new reaction from house speaker paul ryan on the president's action on daca. >> we will not be advancing legislation does not have the support of president trump because we're going to work with the president on how to do this legislation. if we have legislation come through here that is worked with and supported by the president, i'm very confident that our members will support that. >> harris: illinois congressman adam sinsinger, always good to see you. i'm looking at a somewhat of a
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victory lap from representative pelosi and schumer the work democrats. they issued a joint statement on the meeting with president trump and they are glowing. they got what they wanted. how do republicans that you've talked with feel about this? >> we don't know the details yet. we've spent the last hour in a briefing on north korea and afghanistan. so in terms of this meeting, this is some of the first information i'm hearing. i know right now we're backed up against the wall when it comes to harvey funding. fema accounts run dry essentially on friday which means people wouldn't be able to get their money. you run up against a government shutdown and debt limit. a three month extension -- i don't want know the details. but if a three month extension give us the harvey money we need and breathing room to finish up our appropriations process. we're going to send bills over to senate. hopefully they get a number of them done and be able to reconvene. it's not uncommon, honestly. it's frustrating for me, but
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it's not uncommon to come up with a deadline of government shutdown. they usually take it until december when you get the final package done. >> heather: i don't know how common it is for the president to make a deal without any of you in the room. how do you feel about that? >> general again, depends on what that is. if it's just an extension of what i expected to probably happen anyway. the reality is though you have a senate that still have a rule that you need 60 votes to advance anything. we only have 52. so you have to get democratic buy ins. i wish on some of these like appropriations bills the senate would relook at how they do an filibuster. make people actually go to floor instead of phoning it in. that would give us better leverage. i'm not gonna tell the senate how to do their job because they're the senators and we're in the house. >> harris: president trump reached across the aisle and got you some of those votes. 52 doesn't always get it done on your side. let's move ahead talk about some
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other news. with regard to tax reform, lot of people are hanging on to see if that's actually going to happen. maybe this movement on the harvey legislation, maybe this actually can get you guys out of a log jam? >> i think that's really possible. we were coming out here, looked like september was going to be filled with deadlines. if we can get these done early, the speaker has made it clear, i think the president has made it clear, that we move forward on tax reform now. doesn't mean we get it done, but we start the long and arduous process. this is one of the important things we can do. i'm pretty optimistic about it. but i know, look, nothing here is easy. government was not intended to be easy otherwise it wouldn't be a democracy. i'm optimistic. i think we can get that done. let's hope so. our base is demanding it, the economy that's been pent up for nine years is demanding it. this will be important.
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>> harris: all right. representative kinzinger, thank you. >> take care. >> harris: new fallout over the trump administration's decision to end an obama era imgraying -- immigration policy. more on that when we come back. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business
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>> harris: all right. some breaking news right now, as the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talks about that deal that was just made about the president on the debt ceiling with democrats. watch. >> -- we'll be ready to deal with that next. >> i want to commend the house of representatives for swiftly passing the emergency supplemental for relief for the victims of hurricane harvey this morning. this is very clear just a down payment on what is one of the most catastrophic storms in
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american history, with some 40,000 people out of their homes, 1 million cars destroyed, the size and scope of this disaster is still being calculated. this will be just the beginning of our efforts to make sure that the people i represent in the state of texas are taken care of, as the president has committed and as all of us are working to accomplish. there will also be, as part of the continuing resolution, additional funds that the budget director has talked about to make sure fema is adequately funded. especially with hurricane irma bearing down on the east coast. secondly, on the president's decision on the deferred action matter. this -- >> harris: we are listening for any details about the discussions that may have happened with republicans after the president met with democratic leaders today and reached deals on the debt
11:19 am
ceiling and resolution to fund the government, additionally with that second chunk of money for harvey aid. interesting to hear the leadership from republicans come out and talk about that. as that continues to drip some headlines, we'll bring them your way. we're watching john cordyn who is the assistant majority leader. we caught it coming out of a commercial, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. as more news is made on this, we'll bring it to you. this is a huge happening. the president doing what he said he would do as the deal maker has reached across the aisle today to democrats and made some deals in the white house. we'll continue to cover it at this hour. there's this that's also happening. legal fallout from the president's decision to rescind the obama era program that shielded hundreds of thousands of so called dreamer, little children, from deportation. at the time they were children. many are grown up. immigration rights lawyers are calling the move abrupt,
11:20 am
unconstitutional. some of the biggest technology companies in the united states are weighing in. microsoft is promising legal support for any employee facing deportation. facebook and apple with statements criticizing the decision to end the program. joining me now is attorney jonathan silborn. you have been looking at this very closely. when you see company likes that coming out, what pops? >> what pops is it's a little bit of puffery. these companies don't have standing to fight about somebody else's immigration status. they don't have rights per se to go in court and battle it out with the government. what they can do is offer some side support. can they pay for their employees legal fees if something were to happen? of course they can. can they file amicus briefs as friends of the court to offer influence? of course they can. but they would never be party to any individual immigration case.
11:21 am
>> harris: how big is this going to get? >> either this will be one gigantic class action or people will be filing lawsuits everywhere. >> harris: who will pay for it? if someone is coming up against the government to be deported, is there any portion that wre as taxpayers are on the hook for? >> sure, if they're appointed legal representation, we're all paying for that. we're kind of putting the cart before the horse, harris. maybe congress will do the right thing. maybe none of the status will change if they enact law within the next six months. it's a little premature to be worried about it. >> harris: brad smith, president of microsoft, said if you kill daca, you'll have to go through us, technically. we'll pop the staple statement up on the screen. you just said what are their legal rights? >> they really don't have legal rights. they can just offer support. >> harris: good to have you here to break that part of it down.
11:22 am
>> thanks. >> harris: tempers flailing early on as the corruption case of bob menendez gets under way. we're live at the courthouse. we'll tell you who told whom to shut up inside the court room. kwraer yeah, it got like that.
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>> harris: politician in the court room. there was drama today. even before the fraud and bribery trial of bob menendez started. the judge told one of the lawyers for the new jersey lawmaker to, quote, shut up. david lee miller is live outside the u.s. federal court in newark. david lee? >> reporter: harris, definitely not a good way for the proceedings to begin for defense, with the judge telling one of senator menendez's attorneys, quote, shut up for a moment, if you don't mind.
11:26 am
now, for the context of this exchange, the judge had refused to alter the trial schedule of senator menendez so he could attend key votes at the u.s. senate on such crucial issues as health care. menendez lawyer accused the judge of dispair rapblging the defense in his written opinion. as for menendez, speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, he said he planned on exercising what he termed his constitutional right to attend the trial every day, but he acknowledged the conflict he faces to fulfill his obligations as a u.s. senator when a single vote could make the difference. >> when the conflict exists, if it becomes a conflict, a clash between those constitutional rights, i will make a decision based upon the gravity of the situation and the difference that my vote could make. >> reporter: menendez, a democrat from new jersey, faces
11:27 am
a dozen criminal charges related to bribery. he's accused of ab septembering $700,000 in campaign related cash and thousands in free hotel rooms and air travel from a long time friend dr. solomon melgen. prosecution said menendez in return helped the doctor with multimillion dollar business deals and even tried to help the doctor obtain visas for girlfriends coming from overseas such countries as brazil, ukraine and dominican republic. menendez repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and outside the courthouse today he said not once have i dishonored my public office. at time, harris, he appeared to be on the verge of tears as he thanked his supporters. the prosecution maintains that the two men were taking part in bribery. >> harris: talk ab how big this case is, we haven't seen a sitting member of the congress go through something like this in more than 40 years. david lee miller, thank you very much. president trump is flying to
11:28 am
north dakota right now. he's expected to pitch tax reform. can he sell it? ari fleisher will be here on set with me to talk about it. hurricane irma taking aim at florida after making landfall in the caribbean. our next guest, a high school student in the u.s. virgin islands where the storm is hitting right now. and people were prepping for days. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. >> harris: we have been telling you this hour democrats made a deal with the president. here is senator chuck shumer talking about it. somewhat of a victory lap for democrats today, you might say. let's watch together. >> -- and getting things done, no one standing in their corner. we democrats, you know, some people don't help at all particularly on debt ceilings. but we thought for the good of the country, we should make the right offer and we did. we're very glad the president accepted it. it's for the good of the country. now we have a lot more to get done. we hope we can work in the same bipartisan way on the issues that remain before us that we did at the meeting this morning. we democrats are absolutely
11:33 am
committed to protecting dreamers and, again, we reit raeulted our desire that republican leaders put the dream act on the floor immediately. if the house and senate republican leaders put the dream act on the floor, it would pass and it would pass by a significant margin is our belief. so let's do it. dick durbin will talk about it in a minute. we also must provide further stability to our healthcare system, which will help keep costs down for millions and millions of americans. patty murray is working closely with lamar alexander on that issue, and you'll hear from her on that. and we need to come up with long term government funding deals that keep us safe and fund programs that will help to build
11:34 am
the middle class. today was a good day and generally very partisan town. let's hope we can continue to work together for the good of americans, for the good of the working families who so much need our help. that will be our goal as a caucus. senator durbin. >> harris: all right. so we listened to senator chuck shumer. he was one of the four people in the room with the president today as deals were being made. moments ago mitch mcconnell, another of those four, addressed the debt limit. watch. >> the president and the senate and house democratic leadership agreed to a three month continuing resolution and a debt ceiling into december. i will be adding that as an amendment to the flood relief bill that's come over from the house on the floor, and i will be supporting it.
11:35 am
>> harris: early reports say some of the rank and file republicans not happy with how with flowed today. ari fleisher, former white house press secretary for george w. bush and a fox contributor. you were saying as we were watching this unfold, it always comes down to four people in a room because you got to get it done. >> the elected leadership of the house and senate, democrats and republicans. those four have the clout on these deals. i'm glad to see congress do something. i would have preferred a longer debt limit extension. debt limit is the biggest misnomer. it doesn't limit any debt. it never has. >> harris: let's talk about what gop rank and file didn't get. they weren't in that room. they were pushing for 18 months and six month debt limit hike for that to actually happen. can you effectively say the democrats, i mean, they can do a victory lap. they got what they wanted here. >> as far as i'm concerned, congress may do a victory lap. they finally agreed to
11:36 am
something. for how many years we've seen congresses can't agree to anything. this is not a significant issue whether the debt limit is postponed for 15 months or 6 months. extending the debt limb has never cut spending. it is an excuse to not cut spending. they'd rather argue about an artificial limit. >> harris: isn't this more about the timing? the president wants to do a deal on tax reform. >> it gives him breathing room. it extends it through december. >> harris: to the more conservative members of the party, what do you say to them? >> they would have wanted to kick it down the road even longer. they're going to be split, too. some of them are going to say this is true. they can actually reduce debt raer than pass an artificial meaningless ceiling. >> harris: does this put a guy like house speaker paul ryan in between the president and most conservative members? >> paul ryan will always be between the president and the most conservative members of the house. this is the reality of governing
11:37 am
in the house of representatives today. there will always be this element. i call them the purists. i admire a lot of what they do. they have to be married to the pragmatist though because attend you to get 218 votes. >> harris: you hear chuck shumer about how we did it for the great of the country, blah, blah, blah. does that have any life for other issues? >> maybe. if chuck shumer decides he wants to play ball, they can play ball. the republicans still run the house and senate. they still have a fundamental big things to do. chuck shumer might be part of that. >> harris: bob menendez, if he trips over this trial or gets pulled back by democrats, you lose a vote in the house. >> that won't happen. never. >> harris: it could influence things like if obamacare comes back and you do it ahead of that 60 threshold, if you can get it done quickly. >> if he's convicted today, the senate will never throw him out
11:38 am
because chuck shumer will never give the votes to throw him out. they'll look at it like a supreme court seat. you held that open for a year and a half. we're going to keep this seat and we'll let the governor do it in january. they will never yield that seat ever. >> harris: never give it up, never ever. my cold hand, as they say. before i let you go, where does this put the president? he' getting things done art of the deal style. am i being too polyanna by saying this is something we haven't seen done in quite a while. >> i was thinking between what happened in texas, what might happen in florida and president getting some things done here. this might be a miniroll for the president, in terms of him finding accomplishments in his position. that might be good. one deal that's out there that we haven't talked about is daca. i would still love to see a compromise. i would love the left to support the wall and the right to support the dreamers. it's a compromise waiting and begging to happen.
11:39 am
>> harris: you do think the wall should be tied to it? >> absolutely. compromise. why is compromise a dirty word. democrats need to learn how to compromise. they can just say daca, daca, daca, no law. both parties need to compromise. >> harris: ari fleisher throwing down a master class on how to get along. thank you. as we track hurricane irma on the u.s. mainland, you can see some of devastation irma already causing in st. martin and other parts of the caribbean. it's headed straight to the united states. virgin islands next. my next guest tweeted right before its approach. hurricane irma isn't hitting the u.s. next week. it's hitting it tomorrow. i live in the u.s. virgin islands, one of the aneglected u.s. territories. joining me is julia bishop. first of all, i want to make sure everybody you know is safe. >> yes, definitely. >> harris: how did you guys
11:40 am
fare? [ audio difficulties ] >> harris: all right. we're losing the signal. it is difficult to do things sometimes with technology an you've got high winds and everything else around you, whether the storm is right at your door step or not. it is a beast. it's touching that part of the region. so if we can bring him back, we will. but for now, be safe and well. reports that we're getting are things are okay for now and we'll check back. the big message is don't forget ab our u.s. territories in the caribbean. we'll move on. president's delayed ending protection for illegal immigrants who came here as children. lawmakers have a chance to act. congressman steve king doesn't want there to be a fix. he's flying against the wind on this one. the message he has for the so called dreamers and for republicans.
11:41 am
he'll join me live in just a few minutes. a new boston sports scandal. what? the red sox accused of doing things patriots style? how apple watches played a role in this scandal.
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>> more ahead on hurricane irma as it rips through the caribbean and heads towards the u.s. generally. it's a category 5 storm, the strongest ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. ahead we'll attempt to talk to a hurricane hunter. we're also expecting an update from the governor of florida about how his state is preparing. that's in the next hour on shepard smith reporting. we'll see you then. >> harris: all right. let's talk more about the storm now. hurricane hunters are entering the eye of irma. dramatic video showing a plane from the national oceangraphic,
11:45 am
noaa. flying right into the most powerful hurricane ever recorded. the video captures rain while harsh winds whirl outside. these flights collect vital radar readings and drop sensors to help radars track the weather. the next step for the dreamers, as many now look to lawmakers on capitol hill to find a legislative fix. my next guest does not think congress should do anything about the president's decision yesterday to delay taking any action for six months while congress fixes it. congressman steve king, a republican from iowa, joins me now. congressman king, what do you think should happen? >> all along, i have been very clear that when barack obama initiated this program it was unconstitutional. it was obama's decision 22 times in public on videotape he said it was unconstitutional. i expected president trump to
11:46 am
cancel it january 20th of this year which would have been consistent with his campaign promises. we've gone eight months in violation of the constitution under the trump administration. the announcement that this ends in six months, i would say i'm welcome for the decision. sooner would be better than later. if congress has already multiple times rejected the dream act. so we've said no. there's nothing that compels us to pass a law that barack obama implemented in place as an executive edict policy. they came here to live in the shadows. but we have to restore the respect for the rule of law. that's a central piece of this. if you allow law breakers, it damages the rest of the immigration policy we've been trying to do. it would be tragic for our republic to see the rule of law so disrespected. ronald reagan learned that in 1986. we should learn from that lesson. he reversed his decision and recanted it, i should say, so
11:47 am
did most of the cabinet. >> harris: so congressman, you've been saying some things that people have reacted to strongly. you just said it again, that they should do away with daca. just do it cold, stop it right now. you say daca recipients should, quote, live in the shadows. what does that mean? >> that's exactly what they came here to do was to live in the shadows. why does that sound cruel or harsh in any way? >> harris: they came as children. the push back might be that they didn't make the decision to come at all. >> some of these children are now 37 years old. their beards are turning gray. many of them came here on their own. there seems to be no accounting for that. some were brought here by their parents, maybe against their will, but maybe without their knowledge or sense of responsibility. then who is responsible? none of them are pointing their finger at the people that brought them here. they're saying i'm not responsible and i don't know anybody who is responsible. i just want a path to
11:48 am
citizenship because i have been here long enough. i team most samethetic group in the country right now. if we do amnesty for one segment of people, the next segment lines up again and again. it never ends, harris. >> harris: it's interesting that you put it that way. i am reading more about what people are calling this. senator lindsay graham on the "today" show said the attorney general had it all wrong. let's watch. >> i think the president made the right decision by giving us six months. jeff sessions is wrong. these kids are not taking jobs from american citizens. they're part of our country. they're fully employed, for the most part. they're in school. they will add great value. the president is right to want to have a heart for these kids. >> harris: it sounds like there's maybe disagreement on how to go forward. there always is, right? how do you get to that legislative fix? do you think that republicans and democrats can come out with something in the end? >> well, harris, i don't need a
11:49 am
legislative fix on this one. i need the end to daca. if we don't do that, we have passed another amnesty. lindsay graham will try to redefine amnesty. he's always been an open board individual. if that's a pardon for immigration law breakers coupled with the reward of the objective of their crime. if we do that, then more people will come in illegally an they will say, all right, i'm the next most sympathetic group. i have sympathy for the dreamers. there's one that i said i would atkop her if that kept her in america. i have a heart for them. but i love the rule of law, and we cannot have both. we can't grant amnesty and say we're going to restore the respect for the rule of law. president trump was elected to enforce immigration law, to build wall. now, all those things that we would start out instead with a piece of amnesty rather than
11:50 am
enforceme enforcement? the american people have been through that before. >> harris: we look forward to covering what happens next and you breaking it down. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: a major league baseball cheating scandal. what? the boston red sox caught red handed. what did they do and why did it involve an i phone? or an apple watch or something? ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it?
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>> harris: all right. some housekeeping notes now. if you are traveling to escape a hurricane irma from someplace on the mainland, this may frustrate you. some major airlines are not making it any easier with steep price increases now. customers in florida are seeing fares well above $1,000 for just one way tickets. for those trying to get out of the caribbean ahead of the storm
11:54 am
actually hitting where they are, some of the flights right now are $5,000 and more. one way. the boston red sox busted for cheating. the new york yankees accused their long time rivals of using an apple watch to break the rules. trace gallagher is live with more on that. what time is it? >> reporter: exactly. the way it works in baseball, the catcher tells the pitcher what to throw. for example one for a fastball, two for a slider. because the opposing team has been trying to steal signals since the game was invented, the catcher will always mix it up. flash one one two, one two one three. only the pitcher knows what signal is real. with all the video cameras at baseball games, it is very easy for the opposing team to watch the signals from the catcher, then watch the pitches and then figure out the code which is why teams are not allowed to have electronic devices in the dug out. but the yankees spotted the red sox trainers using an apple i
11:55 am
watch in the dug out and complained that they were stealing signals. major league baseball looked into it and lear the red sox admitted they would get the pitch on the i watch, relay a message to other players in the dugout who would then signal the teammates on the field. right? kind of the double play. that's kind of cheating. the red sox manager said he knows his guys were trying to steal signals but he had no idea they were using electronic devices. and the red sox have now filed a counter complaint against the yankee, accusing the team of using one of its cameras on their yes network to steal the red sox signals. the yankees deny that. here's major league baseball commissioner rob manford. >> the only thing that i can tell you about repercussions is that to the extend that there was a violation on either side, and i'm not saying there was. to the extent that there was a violation on ire side, we are 100% comfortable that it is not
11:56 am
an on going issue. >> reporter: when all is said and done, the red sox will likely face some type of punishment. it is unclear how severe it will be. for now they're in first place, looks like they're headed to the playoffs. kind of easy to hit the pitch when you know what's coming. >> harris: from deflated footballs to apple. they can play ball. i don't know. trace, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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>> so the breaking news this hour, the president making a deal on harvey aiding the debt ceiling and so forth. the house a short time ago overwhelmingly approved $8 billion in initial aid to hurricane harvey victims passing the bipartisan aid package.
12:00 pm
this would be just the first installment of hurricane relief funding. with tens of billions still more likely to be needed from congress. a lot going on today. a lot of news. i'm harris. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in south florida where millions are breaking for hurricane irma. >> i cannot stress this enough, do not ignore evacuation orders. we can rebuild your home but not your life. >> shepard: the category five storm tearing through the caribbean. maximum sustained winds, 185 miles an hour. the strongest ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. this hour we're attempting to speak with a government hurricane hunter as he flies directly into the storm. he will tell us what he is seeing. we'd go to florida and talk to people trying to get out of harm's way.


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