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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 7, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" coming up next. 5:00 e same. "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. good evening. i am bret baier in washington. we are keeping our eye on the eye of the storm, hurricane irma tearing up puerto rico right now as it rips through the caribbean. parts of florida, already being attacked rated. president trump strikes a deal with democrats on harvey funding, the debt limit, government funding. to deal democrats are touting. right now the president is returning to washington after rallying his base in north dakota over tax reform. first up, a storm already called the strongest atlantic ocean hurricane ever recorded. correspondent phil keating is in miami-dade county. people getting ready and getting out. good evening, phil.
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>> good evening, bret. long lines of cars snaking around every gas station in south and central florida as the ball tried to get fuel, anticipating gas stations won't be working with a week's loss of power after the hurricane. widespread reports are many gas stations have run out. that happened here about an hour and half ago. a fuel truck showing up, lines are forming again. as anxiety and worry and legitimate panic grow, if irma slams into miami, that's 6 million people facing catastrophic impact. irma won't be eddie's first hurricane. are you scared question marks to go i am. you hope for the best. >> hopeful yet still fueling up. this resident is heeding warnings. >> the storm is bigger, faster and stronger than hurricane andrew.
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>> officials order mandatory evacuations for the florida keys and fort lauderdale's broward county. >> it's been frustrating. it's chaos out there. >> chaos amid dwindling options for escape. gas stations closing in the florida keys. rental cars are sold out, and flights are in short supply. the last plane takes off tomorrow night and it may be expensive. according to complaint online, one-way tickets rising over $1,000. >> hurricane irma continues to bear down on south florida with the impact expected beginning on friday evening. >> broward county's mayor is calling for local state of emergency is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic ocean made landfall in the caribbean. this video was taken aboard a plane traveling through the eye of the storm as it intensified. on the ground, winds blowing and wondered 85 miles an hour in st. the island of st. martin in a
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total blackout and first looks at damaged show major flooding. in puerto rico, power lines and trees down and officials are predicting some areas will be out of electricity for up to six months. >> seems to be record-breaking hurricane headed toward florida and puerto rico and other places. >> those places currently under a state of emergency. >> i cannot stress enough, do not ignore evacuation orders. remember we can rebuild your home but we can't rebuild your life. >> governor scott's words come as the gulf coast rebuilt after hurricane harvey. the u.s. navy redirecting to warships on the way to help recovery their to staff the course to florida instead. planes and the national guard still on their way. >> on friday, all 6,000 remaining national guard members will be reporting for duty. >> suing the same will come for south carolina. governor henry mcmaster announcing a state of emergency and estate but first in its path, the florida keys. readying for the worst and
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hoping only to escape. >> preparing our house isn't the bad part. it's getting on the road and not knowing what we're going to run into. we're just hoping to get out of florida. >> is out of this afternoon, miami-dade county's mayor has joined monroe county, the florida keys to the south and broward county, fort lauderdale to the north by ordering a voluntary evacuation for coastal cities including key biscayne and downtown brickle. most people, including the mayor of miami beach expect a mandatory evacuation order is going to come. pop probably -- as early as tomorrow. >> bret: meteorologist rick rick moose in new york. >> good evening. last images, visible satellite. north of puerto rico, that's good news. the strongest of the winds are
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here, this is visible on the radar. that's offshore. it's good news, we've had hurricane force wind gusts across the shore here in puerto rico. were going to see a pull off towards the west. folks tomorrow. it's no way around it. they are going to have these low-lying islands probably washed over with storm surges. once he gets here, the water is incredibly warm. we expect to see the storm maintaining maybe category 5 or category 4 strength. then sunday, the cone, somewhere here we expect to see the storm move on. if it cuts here, could be a category 4, category 5 storm in south florida. it's an eerily similar tractable we saw last year with matthew and made landfall in south carolina. that's possible.
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it depends on when the right-hand turn happens. we probably won't know that until maybe later tomorrow or early friday. >> bret: those different models, it's hard to believe we've had harvey, we've got irma. what can you tell us about hurricane jose? >> there's two more hurricanes out there. this one is jose. i will tell you for the u.s., i'm not concerned right now but it's eight category 1 hurricane and it's moving in the same direction. by saturday, it's going to be very dangerously close to the lesser antilles, areas that got hit by irma last night. there's another one, katia, moving towards the coast of mexico. three hurricanes. september 10 is the peak of hurricane season in the atlantic. right on target. >> bret: it's amazing. thank you. now to what at the moment is that costliest natural disaster
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in u.s. history. so far. hurricane harvey. as congress works on an almost billion-dollar relief bill, the people who live in southeast texas are engaged in the difficult job of cleaning up and rebuilding. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in orange, texas. good evening. >> good evening. some areas can't even begin cleaning up because they are still waiting for the waters to reseed nearly two weeks after harvey came ashore. the city of orange is right on a river which is a big reason why many of the streets here are still flooded. county officials tell us 65% to 75% of the homes were damaged by the storm. earlier today we followed soldiers with the texas national guard's infantry division. vehicles loaded with cases of water and meals ready-to-eat. they were going door-to-door in one of these neighborhoods to pass out supplies and do welfare checks. the residents seem grateful.
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>> come is this change your life? >> a lot. it's the first help we've had in a couple. >> mras, water, food. it's a blessing. >> the water is nasty. >> sometimes the rescuers need rescuing. we met a former marine who came to orange with a medic friend to try to help people and he wound up in a deep ditch in floodwaters. it took a few attempts for the national guard was able to help the marine back and he took it in stride. >> i came out here from florida not knowing the area. apparently there is a 4-foot ditches out of nowhere. we got out. it was a good experience. they got to do something different and had fun. >> i think everybody had fun. >> i appreciate it. we are all out here for one
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cause. it's turned into another one. >> at least ten storm related deaths in orange county. 70 state wide. there have been 200,000 homes damaged or destroyed by the storm storm and up to a million vehicles ruined. fema has received 600,000 registrations for assistance. >> bret: a long recovery. gasoline prices have jumped since harvey made landfall. the current national average $2.66 a gallon. it was $2.35 a month ago. >> great meeting with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. and the whole republican leadership group, and i will tell you we walked out of there mitch and paul and everybody, kevin. and we walked out and everybody was happy. not too happy because you can never be too happy. but they were happy enough. >> bret: 's book was "the art of the deal."
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today he came up with a big one. to the chagrin of some republican leaders in congress. president trump went over the head of republican colleagues and struck a deal with the democrats that starts with funding for hurricane harvey victims. correspondent peter doocy on capitol hill. >> today was a good day, >> chuck schumer saying that because mcgrath got what they wanted. president trump agreed to attach a three month debt limit and government funding measures to a harvey relief bill. >> it will avoid default and from the government. >> the president defied speaker ryan who wanted a long term debt limit increase. >> we got this devastation in texas. another unprecedented hurricane about to hit florida and they want to play politics with the debt ceiling? >> a source tells fox news the
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short-term plan gets harvey funding faster and delays fights over the budget and debt. >> we essentially came to a deal and i think the deal will be very good. think of the deal is tough to swallow for the conservatives in the house freedom caucus. >> certainly not the best optio option. typical washington, d.c., kick the can down the road. >> not just republicans in the house who have issues, senator ben sasse says "the pelosi-schumer-trump deal is bad." when reports surfaced that the leadership would help deliver votes in exchange for a short debt limit height, senator orrin hatch lashed out. >> it's total b.s. shows that democrats are not serious legislators. >> emergency agency spending money responding to harvey. they seemed pleased with any deal to keep funds coming. >> it's important that as we
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move forward on fixing the problems that we work collaboratively between the executive and congressional blanch. >> mitch mcconnell says he understands why president trump gave democrats a win. stiglitz feeling was we needed to come together to not create >> nfeeling was we needed to a picture of divisiveness the time of genuine national crisis. >> even though it was chuck schumer's idea, mcconnell says he will offer and vote for a three-month extension to to the debt ceilin ceiling. the big question becomes to the president's decision to side with democrats this time damage is already frayed relationship with the republican majority leader? >> bret: peter doocy, thank you. what do you think question what do you think the deal is good? should harvey relief be tied to the debt ceiling or anything else? let me know on twitter @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport or on facebook at
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tax reform, a major issue for the trump presidential campaign, now front burner for a president who is ramping up the pressure on congress to deliver. he was in north dakota today traveling with the democratic senator. john roberts has details. >> good evening paired with arguments over the debt ceiling in government spending postponed for at least three months, the president hit the road today to sell his signature campaign issue. in mandan north dakota, president trump kept up the drum for tax reform. >> we need tax reform that is pro job, pro-worker, profamily, pro-american. anyone who's going to vote against tax cuts and tax reforms weather in north dakota or anyplace else, you've got to vote against them and get them out of office.
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>> the president banking on bipartisan support. bringing with him on air force one north dakota democratic senator heidi heitkamp. >> everyone is saying what is she doing? i will tell you want. good woman and i think we will have your support. i hope we will have your support. >> bipartisanship on the president's, meeting with the republican and democratic congressional leadership to discuss the following agenda. hurricane harvey relief, debt ceiling and keeping the government funding. stick away many, many things on the plate. >> also on the table, the president's decision to rescind the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. before their meeting, chuck schumer tore a strip off president trump. >> i want to cut to the chase. the president's decision to end daca was heartless and it was brainless. if this order stands, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart.
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>> aboard air force one, president trump had far more collegial assessment of where things stand. >> we discussed it today and chuck and nancy would like to see something happen, and so do i. i said if we can get something to happen, we are going to sign it and make it -- make a lot of happy people. >> the president sewed a little confusion last night. in response to the firestorm of criticism leveled at him, tweeting "congress has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration wasn't able to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue." the tweet suggested the president might give congress an out if they fail to enact a daca fix. >> we are going to see what happens. i want to see what happens in congress. i think they're going to make a deal. >> 15 states including new york filed suit against him to try to
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block the rescission of daca. they claim that what the president did was illegal, placating his base by denigrating and punishing people with mexican roots. >> bret: john roberts on the north pond. federal officials say they are 80 large fires burning over 2200 square miles and nine western states. people in oregon are covering their faces with scarves to keep the choking -- to keep choking from ash from the wild cards -- while fires hundreds of evacuations. health warnings issued, roads are closed. many outdoor activities for children are canceled. we'll keep an eye on it. corruption trial for u.s. senator that could have major ramifications for all americans. ramifications for all americans. we'll explain next whoooo.
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>> bret: new jersey democratic senator bob menendez has he will be vindicated in his corruption trial began today. menendez is of taking bribes from and doing favors for a florida doctor. the trial has serious ramifications for the u.s. senate. david lee miller is in newark, new jersey. >> never, not once, not once have i dishonored my public office. >> new jersey democratic senator bob menendez on trial for bribery was on the verge of tears as he proclaimed his innocence outside federal court in newark. >> i appreciate my family being
1:21 am
here, my son and daughter, being here today. i appreciate my supporters. >> he faces a dozen criminal charges, accused of accepting more than $700,000 in campaign related cash and thousands of dollars in free hotel rooms and air travel from a longtime friend. during opening statements, the prosecution told the jury that is part of the bribery scheme, menendez sent the doctor an email asking him to provide a $1500 a night paris hotel room with a limestone bath and a view of the courtyard. prosecutors say menendez in exchange helped the doctor and multimillion dollar business deals and allegedly tried to get visas for the doctor's foreign girlfriends. the doctor and menendez are on trial. there is more at stake. the trial could change the balance of power in the u.s. senate. the judge rejected a motion by menendez to change the trial schedule to allow him to attend crucial votes such as health care. in a testy exchange, menendez's
1:22 am
attorney accused the judge of disparaging the defense. at one point the judge told menendez's lawyer, "shut up for a moment if you don't mind." menendez says he will exercise his constitutional right to attend the trial but acknowledged the conflict he faces if democrats need his vote in the centage. >> i will make a decision based upon the gravity of the situation. and the difference i've vote could make. >> during opening statements, menendez's lawyer told jurors a single word can cut through a mountain of evidence. that word: friendship. the defense says it isn't a case of bribery, just one friend helping out another. >> bret: david lee miller in newark. thank you. while the republican-led congress has failed so far to repeal obamacare, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now trying to save it at least for a while. she congressional correspondent mike emanuel on the effort to
1:23 am
bring some stability to ever-increasing costs. >> 9 million americans who buy their insurance in the eventual market and don't get government subsidies are due to get hammered with premium increases unless congress acts by september 27. that's when insurance companies must sign contracts to sell on the federal exchange. >> proposed average rate increases for 2018r23%. in years past it's been under 10%. >> five insurance commissioners shared their expertise with a senate panel. they emphasized the need for action by congress. >> tennessee had around a dozen carriers offering individual coverage in 2010. three companies offering aca compliant plans in 2018 >> the current trajectory is not sustainable. >> premiums in alaska have increased by 203% since 2013. >> the past four years, rates in
1:24 am
the market place have increased by 130%. >> republican chairman lamar alexander wants to get to the root of the problem. >> we should be looking at the real waste to bring down the cost of health care, which is the best way to reduce the cost of health insurance. >> the next subsidy payment due september 20. the top democrat issued this morning. >> failing to make payments is going to spike premiums for the most popular plans by 20%. >> white house aides holding out hope for congress to pass on obamacare replacement such as one offered by republican senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy which would block grant federal funds to states. >> the president is ready. if graham-cassidy moves forward. >> the same committee will hear from five governors. the chairman is pressing his colleagues to reach consensus by the end of next week.
1:25 am
>> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. the house has approved the bill to speed up the introduction of self-driving cars by giving the federal government authority to exempt automakers from safety standards that do not apply to that technology. it would permit the deployment of up to 100,000 of these vehicles annually over the next several years. the senate working on its own version. no measure has been introduced. stocks up. dow gained 54. s&p 500 finished ahead 8. nasdaq climbed 18. washington's national cathedral will remove two stained glass windows depicting robert e. lee and thomas thomas jackson. leaders say recent racial violence in virginia brought urgency to the process that began two years ago after an attack on black church members and south carolina. they call the windows inconsistent with their current mission and "a barrier to work
1:26 am
on racial justice and reconciliation." up next, fight or talk. president trump consult with world leaders about north korea while his national security team briefs congress. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 10 in phoenix. an iraqi student pilot dies when his fighter jet crashed into the arizona desert. the u.s. trains those pilots at the request of the iraqi government. fox 5 in atlanta. police say a tiger that was running loose on a georgia highway was shot and killed. drivers reported seeing a tiger earlier today on the northbound lanes of interstate 75 in stockbridge. the tiger jumped over a fence and attacked a dog in the backyard of a home. it was put down. the dog is fine. this is a live look at boston from fox 25. the big story there, another
1:27 am
cheating scandal. boston sports team. this time it's the red sox. they have admitted to improperly using electronic devices to steal signs from the new york yankees. stealing signs is a baseball tradition, using technology to do it is forbidden. no word on a possible punishment. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right
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whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels.
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1:31 am
thaad antimissile battery insulation. president trump talked about prospects of military action against north korea. >> we are going to see what happens. we will see what happens. it's not the first race but we will see what happens. >> >> north green ally china isy in putting pressure on kim jong un. the chinese, like the russians, are resisting stiffer sanctions. in a summit meeting with president putin, south korean president moon played his country's case. >> translator: if north korea doesn't stop its provocations now, we will encounter an unpredictable situation. >> south koreans watch and wait near the action. this is about as close as most south koreans can get to north korea. just about a couple miles beyond that river, the dmc in the land of kim jong un. what do the people here feel? >> translator: i'm very concerned about the situation, very concerned about the future
1:32 am
of south korea. >> translator: i feel i am very worried. i think the general public is not worried because they're too busy with their own lives. >> officials expect a launch of yet another intercontinental ballistic missile by the north. experts pour over new images of last weekend's nuclear test. so strong it's triggered landslides and earthquakes. it's a threat so big, even nato's chief weighed in. >> calling north korea to refrain from war testing and abandon their missile program and abandon their nuclear program. >> i asked one of those south koreans about president trump. one man told me he only says stuff and that he wanted reassuring actions. reassurance hard to find in this >> bret: greg palkot in seoul. a united nations panel says there are reasonable grounds to believe bashar al-assad'
1:33 am
.. past four years. syria has denied responsibility. lawmakers back from vacation are once again digging into russia's interference in last year's u.s. election. catherine herridge tells us some very high-profile witnesses are expected. >> susan rice, the obama former national security advisor, was behind closed doors for three hours taking questions from members of the house intelligence committee who ignored reporters questions. lawmakers want more insight into russian's election meddling as well as reiss' request to identify trump campaign associates. whether susan rice's decisions were driven by politics. committee republicans issued subpoenas for christopher wray and attorney general jeff sessions after their department failed to provide records last
1:34 am
month. lawmakers investigating the fbi's relationship with former british spy christopher steele who compiled the unverified salacious trump dossier and to what extent the bureau relied on unverified information to open the russian case. the bureau has yet to say whether it paid christopher steele at the same time he was on the payroll of fusion gps. glenn simpson has not been forthcoming. despite questions, the ranking democrat suggested subpoenas were heavy-handed. >> we don't subpoena parties unless they turned down our request for information which the fbi and doj hadn't done. we opposed it. we thought it wasn't warranted. >> congressional sources confirm donald trump jr. will take questions from senate judiciary committee staffers thursday behind closed doors. a central line of questioning will be the june 2016 from tar meeting between the presidents on and paul manafort, jared
1:35 am
kushner, a russian lawyer and others. the president's son had been invited to testify in july but his legal team reached a deal to speak in private. a lawyer for donald trump jr. studies looking forward to a professional and productive meeting. >> bret: thank you. president trump strikes a deal with democrats on harvey relief, the debt, and government funding he will get reaction from the panel when we come
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>> prior to leaving the white house, i had a great bipartisan meeting with leaders in congress and i am committed to working with both parties to deliver for our wonderful, wonderful citizens. we had a great meeting with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. the whole republican leadership group, and i will tell you we walked out of there.
1:39 am
mitch and paul and everybody, kevin. we walked out and we -- everybody was happy. not too happy. they were happy enough. it was nice to see it happen. it hasn't happened for a long time in this country. >> bret: president trump in north dakota describing a meeting in the oval office with the leadership in congress. there you see through the window chuck schumer, the democratic leader in the senate, forcefully talking to the president. he got what he wanted which was, schumer, that is, a three-month extension extension of the debt ceiling, the fight over funding, and over harvey funding. december 15 is now d-day before the end of the congressional session before congress, the democratic leaders in congress
1:40 am
releasing a statement. "agreed to pass aid for harvey and continuing resolution to december 15. both sides have every intention of avoiding default in december and look forward to working together on many issues before us." sounds good there but there could be bumps in the road. senator ben sasse the pelosi-schumer-trump deal is bad and he's not alone with conservatives weighing in on the hill. let's bring in the panel. jason riley, senior fellow at the manhattan institute, mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." olivia knox. >> if paul ryan and mitch mcconnell couldn't deliver on any of the stuff they kept promising donald trump, it was only a matter of time before donald trump would decide he would work with other people such as chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. for president trump, a lot of house republicans have been useless had best.
1:41 am
there's little downside to pivoting away from them. having said that, donald trump was elected in part based on his ability supposedly to make great deals for the american people. i think he believes this will avoid, it will lessen the likelihood of government shutdown. wanted to get in return? i don't think we've dealt with the debt crisis at all. we have very few leaders who care about the situation other than the house freedom congress. >> bret: we are told the republicans started it 18 months and they were whittled down. they got down to six. the democrats held the line at three. in the president agreed. in 2013, another debt ceiling negotiation, businessman donald trump tweeted "the worst negotiated
1:42 am
negotiators in history have offered to suspend the debt ceiling for four months. pathetic." it's a different time when you are running the show. >> democrats are probably thinking if this is what we can expect to get and turn -- in return, they are going to be lined up outside the oval offic. there is a reason they are grinning from ear to ear. they got their clean debt ceiling increase and the spending increase to boot in the form of harvey relief. i don't think it's just a matter of bruised egos of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. the treasury secretary steven mnuchin also advised against cutting the deal. trumpeted not only go against congressional leaders are telling him. he's going against what his cabinet members were telling him. they fear this maintains the leverage democrats will have when this issue comes up again.
1:43 am
republicans, the caucus is divided on issues like spending and the debt ceiling. they need some time back in from democrats to get legislation passed. you've given them a whole bunch more leverage. you have forced conservatives to vote twice to have to increase the debt ceiling. have to go back home and explain match. >> bret: the white house privately says they are trying to clear the deck, tee up the tax reform negotiation. in hopes that i guess they can get some democrats on board. there are conservatives saying going back to the election where ted cruz said just wait. he's going to cut deals with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> the underlying dynamic is paul ryan wasn't going to be able to deliver an 18 month debt ceiling increase. you've got to go to democrats.
1:44 am
it does maintain leverage come december. suppose they tried to go with just republican votes and they fail. you have a government shutdown. possibly a default. it becomes a republican default, then what? democrats have more leverage. when ben sasse says it's a bad deal, i understand why conservatives would be upset but for the republican leadership, it's a pretty significant dodged a bullet. >> bret: here is the house speaker before the deal was struck. >> we have all this devastation in texas, an unprecedented hurricane about to hit florida and they want to play politics with the debt ceiling. >> the president listened to the arguments. i think we made a reasonable argument and to his credit, he went with the better argument. >> typical washington, d.c.,
1:45 am
kick the can down the road negotiating with democrats doesn't normally produce outstanding results. >> bret: mollie, mark meadows there. the democratic statement "look forward to working together on many issues come december." is there really a sense they are can be some kumbaya moment or democrats are really going to play the game up until pushing the limit of what when they wao go home for christmas. >> there is room to negotiate in the center and donald trump has figured it out. if he's not going to get anything from republicans anyway, why not try to get some of the agenda passed. he is not a deficit hawk. he is fed up and done. not good news for conservatives. it used to be that even democrats would say you had to
1:46 am
make some kind of structural change or make massive spending cuts and now even mnuchin was saying he wanted to clean debt hike. it's something democrats didn't trying to do when they controlled the presidency and the legislature. people are not taking seriously these problems. could pose a problem if we need to build up our military. this is not just fun and games. >> bret: jason, mollie makes a great point about not being an ideologue. some republicans want to portray trump as believing all of the items on the list. maybe he doesn't. >> no, but that's no surprise. we've known that for a long time. he's been hinting at doing this. i'll deal with democrats if the republicans won't push my agenda the way i see to be appropriate. in that sense, this isn't much of a surprise. republicans in congress have a different relationship with voters and the president does.
1:47 am
i think these members of congress need to chalk up some accomplishments and they believe they were sent to washington to cut spending, to address these fiscal problems we have. when they look at a president doing this, dealing with democrats and they look like they've been backed in a corner and having to increase spending, increase the debt ceiling without anything in return, they are thinking voters are going to say what good are we? we control both sides of congress, the presidency and if we can't get spending restraint on, what good are we? >> bret: ben sasse says my statement stands for itself. a republican congress wouldn't agree to this deal with the democratic presidency. what else is left on the congressional to-do list? how about daca, tax
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>> congress, i really believe, wants to take care of this situation. i really believe it. even conservative members of congress. i've seen it firsthand. if they don't, we are going to see what we are going to do but i will tell you i really believe congress wants to take care of it. we discussed that also today, and chuck and nancy would like to see something happen, and so do i. and i said if we can get something to happen, we are going to sign it and we are going to make it, make a lot of happy people. >> bret: chuck and nancy. but mitch and paul, they are left out of that air force one statement to reporters. the president taking air force one to north dakota and he traveled there to deliver a speech on tax reform.
1:52 am
there you see him arriving in north dakota. he traveled there with a democratic senator, senator heidi heitkamp who is up for reelection in 2018, consider vulnerable in a state donald trump won overwhelmingly. she was on this trip. we are back with the panel. olivier what about this tax reform push? >> we don't really have a plan yet, you can make the argument for the principle of tax reform and tax cuts. you can make it before the blueprint comes out. it's interesting to me that if you look back at the summer, he went after dean heller, jeff flake, john mccain, mitch mcconnell. he went after paul ryan. he lightly went after claire mccaskill when he traveled to missouri. this was a light touch against democrats and i'm hearing
1:53 am
republicans say they would prefer it if he was targeting democrats. >> concern at the white house about messaging on the tax plan. it's true we don't have specifics but they are working on having a unified message. they understand it needs to have some bipartisan appeal. there is a bipartisan interest. pretty soon we will get smart particulars but this is a little different than the way we've seen rollouts. there seems to be more care about the messaging. even if we talk about the debt crisis, one way out of the problem is a robust economy and we do need tax reform to get the economy going. there's more interest making sure this is done right. >> bret: . senator lindsey graham. >> you've got the speaker of the house, majority leader in the senate, bunch of republicans like me who will be fair to these kids. there's a deal to be made.
1:54 am
president trump is a dealmaker. i think we should have a strong, secure border security plan, marriott with the dream act and make a down payment on immigration reform and move forward. >> they are going to try to redefine amnesty. lindsey graham has always been an open borders individual. if granting amnesty as a pardon for immigration lawbreakers. >> bret: the president is signaling he wants to sign something. >> right, that's the point. he's not into the policy particulars. i think he will sign something. >> bret: he added "congress has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration was unable to do. if they can't, i we will revist the issue." >> he has indicated the so-called dreamers will not be a priority for deportation.
1:55 am
the point here, i think is that this is where in the negotiation should be taking place in congress. this is their job. this is what obama ran around which is why we are in this predicament. these guys should go added. i don't think -- i know what the democrats are going to push for, clean amnesty for the daca recipients and i think there's going to be resistance. our immigration system problems are bigger then the illegal population. we do have border issues to deal with. we do have fixing the legal immigration system in terms of high skilled immigrants. there is more to get at and i hope they can get something don done. >> bret: when we come back, an >> bret: when we come back, an unwelcome
1:56 am
where the heart beats warm and true, that's texas. where we always welcome you, that's texas. >> bret: when we come back, an unwelcome where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪
1:57 am
>> bret: finally tonight, most of us have experienced an unwanted guest in our homes one time or another. it can be difficult. when irish families attempt to catch a bat, yes a bat, in their kitchen has gone viral. the video was posted yesterday morning and has already been viewed more than 1 million times on facebook. >> catch him! catch him! will you stop looking in the door! catch him, catch him!
1:58 am
doing great, you are great! >> that's it. >> nearly, he still flying around the place. stand up there. did you get him you might know, he's making a mockery of you. you are no help behind the door! >> bret: [laughs] he's making a mockery of the. that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight, we will be back next week. "the >> it is thursday, september 7th, fox news alert, hurricane irma blasting puerto rico after crashing into the
1:59 am
caribbean. new evacuation orders in place as florida braces for impact. >> i am asking all americans, republican, democrat and independent to join with me, with each other. >> part of partisan breakthrough, donald trump pushing his tax reform agenda with supportive democrats after striking a deal with two unlikely lawmakers. >> all your soldiers out there fighting, doesn't seem right. >> flags under fire, students who stood up for the stars and stripes. "fox and friends" first starts right now. heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first on this thursday morning. rob: we are talking about hurricane irma, the most powerful atlantic hurricane in
2:00 am
history and it is full speed heading straight for the turks and caicos and the bahamas. heather: after hammering puerto rico and the caribbean with unprecedented damage. rob: the eyes staring directly at florida forcing new evacuation orders this morning. janice dean is tracking this very impressive storm. >> reporter: pictures out of saint maarten are devastating, this is a category 5, we have josé and another hurricane in the gulf of mexico, and not going to affect the us so it is irma's game moving close to hispaniola, the worst of the wind and rain for puerto rico but they got battered by at least tropical storm force winds, some storm surge and heavy rainfall. future radar, puerto rico, the dominican


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