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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 7, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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now. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert as we await a new update on the track of hurricane irma, one of the strongest storms in recorded history. it could hit south florida this weekend, the state bracing for the worst. thousands evacuated. >> leland: we are covering it all including possible presidential news conference, it's all "happening now" ." >> it depends on where it's going to make landfall right now, the state of florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina need to be monitoring this closely. >> leland: america southeast bracing for what could be a catastrophic hit as hurricane irma tears across the caribbean leaving behind utter devastatio devastation. president trump making a deal with democrats to raise the debt ceiling and find relief for hurricane harvey. the effect it could have on mr. tom's relationship with republicans on capitol hill.
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north korea accusing washington of wanting more and pledging to take powerful measures as south korea expects another missile launch very soon. it's all "happening now" ." there is a new follow-up from president trump steel with democrats on hurricane relief, the debt ceiling and funding the government. a vote on that expected this hour, hello everyone, welcome to our two of "happening now" ." >> heather: i'm heather childers, we are live at the white house just minutes from now we will hear from the president, just a day after his oval office meeting with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle which happened right before the bipartisan deal was announced. right now as we await that senate vote on the bill on aid for harvey victims and funding the government for the next three months, we are hearing
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from house leadership. >> the president made a call yesterday that he thought was in our country's interest to have bipartisan support in a bipartisan package to deal with these ongoing hurricane disasters. >> we were lectured on the importance of missing the debt ceiling to the market and we know that. we know that. if wall street -- >> heather: mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill, which team is he on? >> it should be a busy hour on the senate floor, $15 billion or so of hurricane relief money combined with the government funding extension and also an authorization to allow the government to continue to borrow
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more money. mitchell, made this pitch for support today. >> three issues we need to address immediately, provide resources for hurricane harvey, hurricane irma, ensure the government remains funded and ensure that a default is prevented. that's what the legislation achieves, it achieves it all together in one package. >> the deal was struck in the oval office yesterday, president trump decided with the democrats on a three-month extension of the debt ceiling. republican leaders were hoping to address the debt issue through next year's midterm elections. nancy pelosi says the agreement came after long, intense negotiations. >> the currency of the realm is the vote. you don't have the votes.
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>> a second hurricane about to hit, ryan explained to reporters why he was hoping for a longer deal. >> i personally think the debt limit, the longer, the better for the stability of the credit market. he was interested in making sure that this is a bipartisan moment while we respond to that hurricane's. i think that was what his motivation was. >> the reality is a lot of paul ryan's rank and file republicans were unhappy with this agreement. once it is approved by the senate it will need a lot of democrat votes in the house. >> heather: wait and see what happens, thank you. >> leland: to hear a little bit more from house speaker paul ryan, he says while he understands why the president made the deal, he warns it could cause trouble down the road for the economy. >> you look at the cone of this
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hurricane, it could be anywhere from georgia to south carolina. that is a tough moment for our country and we need to make sure the government response to people so the president wanted to make sure that we are going together with democrats to respond to this. i was making an economic point, with respect to the credit markets, i think stability and longevity are key. >> leland: joining us now, chris wallace, anger of "fox news sunday" ." what do you make of paul ryan, who behind closed doors is reportedly so angry at president trump and feels in many ways like his knees have been cut out from under him here? on the other side, publicly it seems as though he may not agree with that but he's behind it, here we go. >> what choice does he have? what you saw in the clips you've been running so far was democrats like nancy pelosi gloating about the decision the president made yesterday in the
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oval office, the shocking decision. you see republicans furious, seething. use of both speaker ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell putting the best face on it, this is what the president has done, to a large degree he has cut their legs out from under them. they've got to go along with it, that's the deal they are going to get and they are putting the best face on it. i've talked to some top republicans and democrats and one of the words both sides used was flabbergasted. the democrats who have been arguing all through the obama years, you need to have the debt limit, suddenly it was the democrats who yesterday were setting a three month debt limit tied to harvey, using it in effect as a bargaining chip. that's why you saw paul ryan yesterday saying he thought it was disgraceful and outrageous that they would suddenly be using the debt limit as a
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bargaining chip. other than the president agreed to the bargaining chip and a lot of republicans felt the democrats were just bluffing. the president has basically caved, folded to their bluff and that's where we are. >> leland: this came from our john roberts, a source telling him it would appear president trump saw them heading toward a stalemate, asking essentially the same question heather asked, what was the goal line? republican, democratic, the president's own goal line that he wasn't going to be blamed for this? did you get a sense of what the president considered winning here? >> clearly one of the things everyone wanted was to have the harvey relief pass. the question was -- they wanted to try to use that as a vehicle to get the debt limit taken off
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the political table for 18 months until well past the november 2018 elections. the democrats were threatening to make an issue of that period of a lot of republicans feel it was a bluff, that they didn't have the leverage when it came down to it. an 18 month extension of the debt limit, democrats were going to vote against them. the president was unwilling to call their bluff. >> leland: you wonder whether the president simply blinks because he didn't want to be blamed for it or whether he knew something that the folks you've talked to didn't. this brings up the next point, the white house saying the decks are clear for tax reform. you listen to mark meadows talking to bloomberg, saying this gives the democrats the greatest leverage in the world to get exactly what they want
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later. is this short-term victory for a long term legislative and political capital on the part of the president? >> you were saying maybe the president had a different strategy that i didn't know about, that may well be true but he also had a strategy his vice president and treasury secretary did not know about. though treasury secretary was arguing on behalf of the 18 month extension when the president contradicted him. there was no agreement about the strategy inside the oval office and it's a very good example, this is something -- if you took an 18 month debt limit and did a continuing resolution you would've taken all those issues off the table in the country could've focused solely after it got through the hurricane, focused solely on tax reform. all those issues are out, it will not be nearly as clear pat
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path. another reason why republicans are really scratching their heads about this. >> leland: hopefully we will see those head scratchers on fox news sunday. good to see you, sir. >> heather: fox news alert, a hurricane watch in effect for south florida. communities across the stage a brace for irma. the category 5 storm is expected to make landfall early sunday, prompting mandatory evacuations from miami to the florida keys. at least ten people have been left dead, thousands more homeless. reporting live from miami with more. >> an extraordinary picture here on the south end of miami, take a look at the home depot parking lot. these are people that have been lined up since 5:00 this morning with their carts, hoping to get plywood to board at their places
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up. the sun is beating down incredibly, this is a lady sitting under box of some kind trying to stay in the shade. people with umbrellas as well. some people are resorting to buying two by fours, they are going to screw those together because they do not have plywood. there is a truck coming at 3:00 local time, about two hours, it is supposed to have about 400 pieces of plywood and some water on it. they are desperate for both of those things here. also desperate for gasoline, that is the other big one. big gas lines out there is everybody tries to get out. that's their escape route out as their car. if they don't have gas, they don't have an escape route. it's controlled chaos in south florida today. >> heather: georgia's governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation starting on saturday
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for that state's atlantic coast. thank you very much. >> leland: as jeff was talking, a lot of folks are trying to get on the road but they are also trying to get out by air, especially visitors. airports in florida are packed with people scrambling to get out of the way of hurricane irma. how one airline is making it a lot easier to reach safety. we are going to a florida congressman on how his status preparing for the storm, plus this. the u.s. is stepping up security in south korea on the heel of what may be the most powerful nuclear test ever by north kore north korea. there is a new warning about the north's missile testing plan. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> leland: jetblue is offering a deep discount to help folks in florida evacuate ahead of her hurricane irma. the airline will drop the price
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of all nonstop flights out of florida, they are $99 plus tax, the deal is also being offered in georgia and south carolina airports. the fair will remain in place through next week, but there are not many seats left so it is subject to availability. some airlines faced criticism for increasing fares out of florida to get more than $1,000 from people trying to get home. >> if you choose to remain in your homes, please rush your preparations to completion toda today. conditions on friday evening will deteriorate rapidly. residents should be taking all appropriate precautionary measures now, do not delay in this. >> heather: standing by to talk with us right now from south florida, hurricane irma
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expected to make landfall early sunday. the category 5 storm prompting mandatory evacuations, governor rick scott requesting supplies such as food and water. >> it is a beautiful partly sunny day but i'll eyes are on the storm that is approaching. >> heather: we are awaiting a press conference with president trump which is actually beginning now, we will go back, let's listen. it >> president trump: a tremendous honor to have the
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emir with us. i would like to thank you for being our guest at the white house, we have many things to discuss including trade. >> heather: we seem to have lost that for the moment. while we try to get that back, someone can tell me if we do have the congressman still on the phone? we may have to interrupt you again but i wanted to ask you, you have returned back to miami, your family is there, you decided not to evacuate them, why? >> i need to be here, this is my community. we are going to remain it here we want to make sure all the federal government's response is adequate, especially after the storm, that is when the federal government has a big role. we just think it's the right
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thing to do, we thought about it. i have two young girls and i do worry about there safely. this is poised to be one of the most dangerous and strongest storms in reported history of the world. we are not -- we are not free of worry. >> heather: do you think there are enough resources available coming right on the heels of hurricane harvey, are you concerned about that at all? >> it's very important that my colleagues in congress who fortunately i cannot be there, this week they approve a measure that includes funding for fema. i spoke to the director, the administrator of fema today, they have only $460 million remaining and they are spending at a clip of $200 million per day. >> heather: we heard speaker paul ryan talking earlier and he
10:20 am
said the same thing, that fema could run out of money by next week, by tuesday. >> that's right, there could be millions of people in south florida without power, with a depleting food resource, we cannot afford to have any interruptions in the federal, state, or local response to this disaster. >> heather: do you think lessons have been learned from previous storms, we have been told this is stronger, it's going to be worse than andrew. have we learned some lessons? >> we have made major investments in this community, we have some of the strongest building codes in this country, the structures are a lot more sound than they were in 1992 when andrew devastated large portions of my district. we are more prepared, there is a
10:21 am
constant awareness of hurricanes here in south florida. a lot of people who weren't here in the early 2000s when we had a spring of storms, not as strong as andrew or irma now. local leaders are very well-versed. they are ahead of the federal government. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us and taking the time, i hope you and your family remain safe, your district is covering the florida keys, we hope all those people get out as well. >> leland: we are trying to get that feedback from the time the president was spending with the emir of kuwait. meantime, north korea has been
10:22 am
holding a huge celebration after its latest nuclear test and now there are reports from south korea that the north could launch more missiles in the coming days. what would that mean when we come back? love. ensure, always be you.
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>> leland: right now, south korea is warning that the north could be close to launching yet another missile. this following claims by the rogue regime that it testfired a hydrogen bomb on sunday. the u.s. is responding by installing four more antimissile launchers in south korea. it is already very early, i guess this would now be friday morning. any chance they are going to use one of these systems to shoot
10:26 am
down one of these test launches and make a point or are of these purely defensive? >> these systems are purely defensive but they are very important. they are important for the future considering what is going on in the north. the latest we are hearing is that a new launch, also from officials monitoring what's happening there, could coincide with the holiday on saturday, yet another gift from kim jong un. speculation is it could be launched in a flatter trajectory deeper into the pacific rather than the high-altitude ones we've been seeing the last couple of months. that is a threat to the united states and regional neighbors. we saw some local protest, china sees him as a well.
10:27 am
also in pyongyang, an orchestrated celebration honoring the scientist behind that test. we are also getting reports about the new u.s. backed sanctions package from the u.n., it could target the assets of kim jong un. oil imports, textile imports. in regional meetings, russia and china not in favor of following these missile attacks. take a listen. >> is major in addition to the size of the bomb itself, , and makes it possible for north korea to load it on long distance missiles. it's a game changer.
10:28 am
>> he also was the one time u.s. ambassador for south korea. he said the he is overall satid with the way the trump administration handled this crisis so far, he says it is a threat to both south korea and the u.s. >> leland: early friday morning, that holiday and north korea starts on saturday. >> heather: a fox news alert, let's go live to the white house for you, we are now minutes away from a news conference with president trump after the deal mr. trump hammered out with democratic leaders on harvey ada. the debt ceiling and government funding, something that did not sit well with members of his own party. our political panel weighs in. >> president trump: we had a great meeting with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and the whole republican leadership group and i will tell you what, we walked out of there, mitch and paul, everybody, kevin, we
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10:33 am
yesterday. a deal with the democrats has left many in congress stoned, flabbergasted, a lot of republicans livid. joining us now, the former campaign manager for howard dean, also deputy chief of staff to george w. bush, fox news contributor's. this is sort of a basic question. in a time where george w. bush had both the republican house and a republican senate, would he have ever thought of making a deal with the democrats the way president trump did? would you have advised him to make that deal? >> you do make deals, the question is this deal the best he could have done. i think a lot of the angst among the republicans as they want to try to get tax reform done by the end of the year and about eighth of december through the balance of the year they will be having to revisit the issue of funding the government and the
10:34 am
budget ceiling and somewhere between now and then they are probably going to have to do more disaster relief. i think they would've been more comfortable with this deal if two things had happened. if they had a longer -- not a three month deal but a six month deal, nine-month deal, 13 month deal. the second and probably almost as important is members of congress do not like to be surprised by the president of their party. this was a surprise. sitting in a room with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, the president makes a decision that he had to know was not going to make the people on his side of the republicans comfortable but he surprised them by doing it. that's really difficult to heal quickly over. >> leland: give us the right adjective here. loading, gleeful, excited, what's the right adjective for democrats right now? >> i think along with everybody else, surprised and scratching their heads.
10:35 am
>> leland: do you agree with the analysis that this was a bluff by the democrats that the president fell for? >> i think elements of it, could democrats would not would not have stood in the way of funding harvey victims. i think there definitely was presumed at room to sort of push the deal along the lines, particularly given the republican agenda. somehow, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer walked out of there -- i don't know about everybody else being happy but they certainly were. they got everything they wanted. bluff or not, the president said everybody left the room happy, i'm not sure mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and even his own treasury secretary were all that thrilled by what happened.
10:36 am
>> leland: that was the exact same point that chris wallace made, saying how angry they were. the republican gang that can't even shoot at each other straight, the editorial continues "the american people may think they elected a republican government last november but it is increasingly hard to tell." are we seeing a major shift in what it means to be a republica republican? >> i'm not certain of that. i think the editorial was getting at the point that republicans are not getting things done and that's what the american people want done, they want tax reform, they want them to get the budget done, lots of other things on the republican agenda they expected the republicans to be working on and that is not happening. in part it's because we do have a disconnect if you will between the republican white house and
10:37 am
republican congress. but if the republican tax cut bill from the president, we know what the republican tax cut bill is from the house. we've seen this time and time again, house republicans passed the bill to repeal and replace obamacare, president trump's response is depicted as mean. there's a lack of continuity, a lack of unity between the republican white house and the republican congress. >> leland: play this out for us. carl points out the failure to repeal and replace obamacare and the president calling it mean. now we have a case where the president basically sided with the democrats and decided to take their deal over pushing forward what the republican leadership wanted. how does this play out over this next big fight over tax reform? you listen to somebody like mark meadows who says now the democrats have all the tools and all the weapons. our democrats feeling like they
10:38 am
are finally figuring this out and how to play republicans off each other? >> i think part of the problem is, president trump kind of took over the republican party. he wasn't necessarily wet ideologically to a lot of the ins and outs of any of these policies. i think that's part of the disruption here. did he really even grasp that doing this would throw potentially the tax reform agenda further back? where mcconnell and ryan who actually have to work these bills through the house and the senate and understand exactly what a three month deadline, all of this coming up on december 8th would create in terms of the roadblocks to getting the republican agenda through. so i think part of this is just -- part of the process for a lot of his supporters as he
10:39 am
does not play by washington's rules. this is one of those times were not playing by those rules may delay his own agenda and of the republican agenda, where they can't come to grips with all of that. >> leland: it certainly seems that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer understood the implications by no measure other than the smiles on their faces. if you guys would stand by, we are still waiting for the president to come out with the emir of kuwait for that rest conference, you guys will be invaluable leading up to it. >> heather: in the meantime, donald trump jr. arriving on capitol hill this morning for a closed-door meeting with the senate judiciary committee. the president's oldest son is set to answer some questions about his controversial meeting last june with a kremlin connected lawyer. catherine herridge live on capitol hill, catherine? >> i have just come back from
10:40 am
the senate conference meeting room, they are speaking with donald trump jr. they expect him to be inside for several more hours. if you take a look at some of the photos we have from outside that meeting room, you can see it is set up for maximum privacy, there's a partition in the front so you can't see who is coming or going, no one has any video or still photos yet and we've also been advised we cannot take video on that site. in the meeting this morning he gave prepared statements which explain his rationale for taking the meeting in june of 2016 which included the president's son in law, paul manafort, this russian lawyer, among others after there was an offer of compromising information about hillary clinton. donald trump jr. has said in his prepared statement that he thought he needed to follow up of a due this tip from a long time entertainment fixer who had
10:41 am
worked with the trump organization. that statement reads in part "i thought i should listen to what rob goldstone and his colleagues had to say. to the extent they had information concerning the fitness, character, and qualifications of a presidential candidate." what he is saying in the prepared testimony and statement as he did not know the russians would be there. a senior republican on the judiciary committee told fox news today that he wants to recall fbi director james comey about his decision on these transcripts. he started drafting his decision to months before the fbi interviewed clinton about the mishandling. >> had you predetermine to the result before the interviews, contrary to your testimony, i
10:42 am
want to inform the public as much as possible because this does not add up. i smell a rat here. >> there is no word whether comey will come back voluntarily or whether it would require a subpoena, we just do not know at this point what his response is going to be but we will let you know as soon as we've got some information on that. >> heather: thank you, catherine herridge live for us. >> leland: life pictures now coming in from the white house, the east room of the white house. you can see the flags assembled there, the media and, the emir of kuwait who is going to be with president trump as they head out. they are a little bit behind, we know there has been a working lunch they were at in addition to their time in the oval offic oval office. back to the white house as it happens, a lot of questions to calm about this deal.
10:43 am
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if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. >> leland: a fox news alert as we are awaiting a presidential news conference, the east room of the white house there. the flag you are seeing is the flag of kuwait. we understand they are in a working lunch right now, scheduled to come out about 1:30 eastern, about 15 minutes behin behind. back to the white house as it happens. >> heather: officials raising a red flag saying north korea could be ready to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile in the next two days. the rogue nation is nearing its goal of becoming a full-fledged nuclear stage. here at home, lawmakers say they want to apply pressure to north korea and possibly even china with some new sanctions.
10:47 am
>> the best strategy would be one of deploying sanctions, but not sanctions that are hit and miss. sustained financial pressure. >> it is necessary to make china believe its entire trading relationship with the united states is at risk if they are not willing to cut virtually all trade with north korea. >> heather: joining me now, a former speechwriter for secretary of defense ash carter. we of course continue to follow that life press conference. may be asked some questions about north korea, we will take that live on it happens. did you agree with the congressman there? >> i think it was really refreshing to hear of republicans and democrats coming together and showing a bipartisan effort to get tougher with north korea.
10:48 am
we don't need agreement across capitol hill, we need agreement across the world. we need an unrelenting sanctions package. we needed to be universal. we need to get china, russia, germany, all the great players who have a stake in the financial system. >> >> heather: that requires a robust financial effort. >> there were only six missile test last year. even though we have ratcheted up their rhetoric, it hasn't necessarily work to dial down north korea. i think we do need to try a more sustained, diplomatic approach. as you said, china and russia are absolutely critical. >> heather: what about our relationship with south korea? >> south korea is the indispensable partner here. their motto is "fight tonight."
10:49 am
the old saying is diplomacy without force is like a symphony without instruments, we do need this diplomacy but we also need to back it up. and japan plays an incredibly important role. now that the north koreans have shown the range of their missiles is increasing, they have a vested stake in this. north korea and japan have not always seen eye to eye. >> heather: at the same time, are we doing exactly what kim jong un wants us to do? we talk about north korea every single day now. >> i think by ramping up the rhetoric, we are sort of giving him center stage. and that is what he wants, exactly. i think if we play on more sophisticated game, a more
10:50 am
diplomatic game, i think we can deal with this threat as it stands. it is a real threat. >> heather: appreciate your insight. >> leland: we are continuing to watch the east room there, you will see the president and the mayor of kuwait walk out the door on the right there. a little more on what they might want to talk about and specifically some of the questis president trump will get. we are waiting as you pointed out for possible questions on north korea. back in just a minute and to the white house as it happens. 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else.
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>> it's going to happen any moment now, awaiting president trump's joint news conference in the east wing of the white house. the president making deals with
10:54 am
the democrats, tax reform, the debt ceiling, daca. we are also live in south florida tracking hurricane irma. we will be talking to the police chief in key west during the next hour, they are running out of time to get out. you are watching "america's news headquarters" next. >> heather: president trump any moment now holding a joint news conference with emir al-sabah of kuwait. expected to talk about a couple of things. first and foremost, between the two of them would be bilateral relations. >> the relationship between the u.s. and kuwait may be what you call a special relationship, considering the united states and george h.w. bush stepping in and keeping saddam hussein out of kuwait and saving the royal family. and saving their country.
10:55 am
kuwait has always been since then a very reliable ally. it is small and they are very quiet in their diplomacy. u.s. military bases inside kuwait often times a staging ground for u.s. military access, the u.s. navy is there, air force has assets there, possibly a staging ground as the united states needs more folks to go into iraq and syria. >> heather: we approved a $10.1 billion military sale for aircraft to kuwait. it's very important, as you said they are a staunch american ally and they've been trying to mediate the dispute going on between qatar and other nations.
10:56 am
>> a number of the countries were none too happy with how qatar were handling things and that did not so do not go over so well. we've seen secretary of state tillerson trying to handle things. there are enormous implications for the united states and how it can operate in the middle east to counter threats. >> heather: last time the emir had a working visit to washington was back in 2013. he is back and we will take you to that as soon as they start. thank you for watching in the meantime.
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10:59 am
>> we're awaiting that press conference with the kuwaiti emir. you have the issues and then tough questions for the
11:00 am
president about domestic issues including that deal with the democrat. >> heather: we will have it all for you right here. thanks for joining us. >> great being with you. harris faulkner has it all covered on "america news hq." >> harris: the president set to hold that joint news conference with the emir of kuwait. i'm harris faulkner. the president's fiscal deal with top democrats could be front and center, even there with the emir. the agreement postponed a budget battle until december and forces republicans to vote on raising the debt ceiling twice. this week and three months from now. all this as we're following hurricane irma. john roberts live with the news now. john, just a little while ago when we saw the two leaders together in the oval office, irma was definitely asked about. >> reporter: irma and that meeting the president had with the congressional leap


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