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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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fear is building. a massive voice to get everyone out of the florida keys. irma begins to take aim at the florida coast. we will be talking to the mayor of key west in just a moment. first, adam houghley on the late toast get out. adam? >> yeah, neil, normally the keys hot, humid, and packed with tourists. it's a ghost town. key largo, the first key. when you talk to the locals, whether it be hurricane harvey or remembering hurricane andrew the 2 5 years ago, many who rode out that storm decided to get out now. we have video of earlier today. the highway basically empty now in both directions. those who wanted to get out got out.
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still a few waiting until the next advisory in about an hour and make their final decision then. for the most part people who wanted to leave got their boats and took off. gas lines are pretty long if you can find a gas station open. basically everything is shut. the stores are closed down, houses are boarded up, people got out. one of the local businesses, they rode out the last big hurricane here, they say they're kind of torn. when you talk to locals here for hurricane andrew they tell you the same thing. half want to stay, half look at that video coming in and that satellite image of this massive storm and trying to decide what to do. take a listen. >> probably one of the largest ones we've seen in a long time. those are the ones you have to worry about. it's good everybody took out, had time to get out and get away. not everybody is stuck and has problems. >> you know this area still with islands, take a look, this is barrier key out here, locals say this will help key largo, it stops a massive storm surge, at
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least knock it down some. they say the last major hurricane ta came through, andrew, three or four feet of water where i'm standing. partly because the key stopped it. they're worried about this thing is as big and long and comes here and slows down a bit that could cause more water. you might imagine, people that hadn't ever evacuated are doing so. a big surprise for crews that cover a lot of hurricanes, been down in south florida, you see a few more people around. really, this time, everybody is heeding the advice and going to fort myers, or further north. one couple going to kentucky. people are getting out. and they're kind of waiting and seeing those still here. >> neil: looks beautiful now. adam, be safe in the florida keys. well, again, key west could be right in the path of this monster. the city's mayor joins us now on the phone. mayor, how are you holding up and the community, how many are still left? >> well, we get a little stressed here, neil, but everybody is holding up well. i just heard a report that was
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given, that is absolutely right, a lot of people that have never evacuated before are evacuating this time. because of the size of that storm. i think a lot of it is because of what happened in texas, those pictures that have people what they're going through there. and coming up through the care bee an, the damage done. i think -- care bee an, they're taking it seriously. >> neil: it started with tourists, then residents. is it your sense what you're hearing, since you're so close to sea level two or three feet above it, with storm surges expected to be north of 7 to 10 feet, your entire area could be under water. >> well, a good part of that, key west is higher than most islands down there, the center of key west is 18 feet above sea level. but definitely down by the water, it's only a couple of feet.
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that's where we would get the damage from the tide surge. i was born and raised here, i've seen a lot of storms come through. any time there was a storm this size coming, definitely have a lot of concern. the storm of '35 was the worst one, my grandfather was in that storm. i know, heard the stories of that, how bad that could be. so definitely respect mother nature for sure. >> neil: you don't butch around. do you ever get resistance from those who say i don't want to leave my home, it's not worth the hassle? what do you do? >> well, we recommend, tell them it's very important that you leave. one of the main issues is our hospital is going to close tomorrow. and we won't send out our first responders at all in the middle of the storm, especially when the hurricane, the emergency room is closed at our hospital. we can't send people out into the storm. they could be on their own in
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the middle of the storm. that's why we recommend it could be lifesaving to leave here. and not stay in this storm. >> neil: you know, you always are concerned, i'm sure are you as well when everyone leaves at the same time. we've seen these traffic jams across major arteries, southern florida. has a lot of that died down or gotten worse? >> well, there's a lot of people that have seen that and are thinking about not leaving. we're still recommending they leave. but, you know, with this storm we're in a bad situation here, that our shelter is in miami, where our buses will be running, residents start at 12:00 today, don't have vehicles and runs through tomorrow. but we're going right there where the storm could possibly hit again. but obviously, it's a higher elevation. won't be impacted by the water. but people concerned about that. so we're having a real difficult time with this hurricane making all of the right decisions. i think we're doing the right thing and still recommending everyone leave.
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>> neil: i think you are as well, mayor. be well, sir, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. >> neil: so everyone wants to know, they know how big irma is. they just don't know for sure who's going to get hit the most, who is in its path. looking at this monster, it seems like everybody for the time being, at least in southern florida. that could change, the latest read on all of this from our meteorologist rick. what are you learning? >> i tell you, all of florida, at least the peninsula of florida, will have some sort of impacts. some will be much worse than others. and it's going to be kind of probably a saturday time frame. but we can really pinpoint who that's going to be. everybody has to prepare for it. this is a storm to the north of the d.r. right now. if you look at the visible satellite, spectacular storm still, and here in the turks and caicos, they're about to get direct landfall on the worst side of the storm. probably getting a complete washover on the islands of the
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storm surge, 30 to 40 foot waves on top of that. that's also, we'll have the rain. some areas 15, 20 inches of rain. as the storm pulls toward the west, moves in toward the southern bahamas, throughout the day tomorrow into tomorrow night. then we expect this right hand turn. we have hurricane watches in effect anywhere in south florida. about 16 million people here under this hurricane watch a lot of people. think about the cat 4 hurricane we had of harvey moving onshore a couple of weeks ago, went into an area where there wasn't a lot of people. the rain in houston is what caused the problems. this one we will likely have a landfall in south florida, cat 4, maybe cat 5 hurricane and the implications are going to be huge. it will continue as well to move over very warm water, some of the warmest water it will have traversed over. temperatures pushing 90 degrees. the fuel is absolutely there for this. the track of the storm continues to push up west, then right-hand turn on the day on saturday. we always say don't look at center of the storm, i will just
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point out the latest center of the storm from the national hurricane center, puts this right somewhere in the miami beach area. anywhere on the right side of this would be devastating consequences here. there's a lot of population here. fort lauderdale, west palm, jupiter inlet f this goes 20 miles to the left of that, to the west of that, that puts miami in a worse scenario. 20 miles to the east, probably good news for the storm surge. but still bring incredible winds. hurricane, category 4 winds right here along the coast. i don't see anyway out of really dramatic impacts across parts of florida. then eventually towards georgia and south carolina monday. one more thing i want to bring up, yesterday we've seen the pictures out of barbuda from the cat 5 storm, we're watching the next storm, jose, and the track of this unfortunately right here, brings to it a major hurricane, category 3, right around the exact same area on saturday.
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a cat 5, going over your island right here, and four days later another major hurricane going over. that will be one of the worst insults to injury we've probably ever seen. >> neil: incredible. rick, thank you very, very much. i want to show you something, imagine being caught in the middle of this. this newlywed couple, just married, on their honeymoon in st. martin. they posted a video on social media, holed up in a hotel bathroom. this is an image from that video. the mother of the groom says they lost touch with them 30 minutes after that video was posted. kind enough to join us now on the phone. nancy, very good to have you. have you heard anything since that? >> we have not been able to speak with scott and sara. we were contacted by the general manager of the resort that said
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scott and sara are safe and they have food and water for two days and that somehow they hope to airlift them to curacoa before the next hurricane hits. >> neil: the manager there said that your son and his new wife were fine that, they were okay? >> yes. >> neil: and how long ago was that, nancy? >> 30 minutes ago. >> neil: that's very good news. they got married last week? >> they got married, yes, on the 26th. >> neil: obviously, this will escalate pretty quickly, this particular storm, before the fixation was on harvey. did they know they were potentially going into harm's way, or did this develop after
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the fact? >> i think this all developed after the fact. i think they were aware that there was going to be a tropical storm in the area. i think they also felt that it was not going to become a hurricane. >> neil: yeah, i bet. did anyone else in the family hear anything from them, and whether they had concern about the tropical storm going down, usually the resort gives you a heads up, you should know that nasty weather could be coming? >> i am not aware of that happening. i don't know if they were contacted by the hotel and given that information. i know we've been in constant contact with sara's family. we have all been beside ourselves.
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we've been completely without contact with them for over 36 hours. the last time we saw sought and sara, when we facetimed with them two days ago. >> neil: what was that like at the time, two days ago we knew something was moving in fast. did they talk about it, say they were worried about it? >> they were scared. they were scared. they, i don't think they really quite understood how bad it was going to be. neither of them ever lived thu anything like. this you hear about it, but it is completely different. they were scared but i don't think they -- knew they'd be cut off like this. to be in a place where there's nowhere to go, no electricity,
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they can't even have generators because they're so afraid of explosions. and the only thing they're assured of, they have food and water for two days. hopefully they'll get off the island before the next hurricane arrives. >> neil: my goodness. >> that's what we're afraid of. >> neil: well, i'm glad you did have contact in the last 30ments to confirm they're doing okay. they will have stories to tell their kids and grandkids some day. but, nancy, i wish you well and wish them well and that they get out safe and sound. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. >> neil: wow, one for the ages, right? dpes where we were when this came by? meanwhile, florida is already moving to close at least two nuclear power plants that are right in the path of this thing. probably a wise measure. a lot of that kind of stuff going on. after this. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he?
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>> neil: closing places of business, and two nuclear power plants. trace gallagher has more on that. where were these? >> we should note that both of these south florida nuclear power plants sit along the coast, both exposed to the strongest winds and highest storm surge. the reactors inside st. lucie is encased in six feet of steel reinforced concrete and they're also well above sea level. if you go back to 1992, the turkey point power plant, about 25 miles south of miami, took a major hit from hurricane andrew, cat 5 storm. suffered more than 90 million in damage. the reactors themselves were not affected. but other systems that were supposed to be hurricane proof did have significant damage including a smokestack that cracked in half. even though it was rated to withstand 235-mile-an-hour winds.
1:18 pm
the st. lucie nuke plant, on the eastern side of the florida peninsula, has survived hurricanes francis, jean, and wilma but none of those came close to hurricane irma. but the plants all have backup generators, and even backups to the backups. florida department of power and light has not shut down either of the plants. it is a gradual process. listen. >> don't want to put out a ton or how long it may take, not practical. just know that we will be shutting down the nuclear plants well in advance of any hurricane force winds approaching. >> a lot of the decisions based on the track of the storm and speed of the storm. you know they will be in the shuttingdown process. >> thank you very much, trace gallagher.
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chuck schumer and nancy pelosi they say cleared the way for tax cuts. why is white house budget director mick mulvaney saying it's a brilliant move. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom!
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>> neil: a lot of republicans were talking about today, the president shockingly reaching across the aisle, dealing with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to score a deal that would call for postponing the whole budget ceiling debate until the middle of december. and stapling it to a relief pack am for harvey victims. but the fact of the matter is the budget director said it
1:23 pm
saved ground for a lot of good things the president wants to do. nick mulvaney from earlier today. >> the debt ceiling right now needs 60 votes in the senate. the continuing resolution to keep the government open, needs 60 votes in the senate. the funding for the hurricanes, for harvey and irma, needs 60 votes in the senate. it's absurd to think we won't be talking to the majority leader in the senate, the democrat leader in the senate to get it done. no, i think we continue to work with both folks, certainly the media has focused the fact he's met with mr. schumer and mr. pelosi -- excuse me mrs. pelosi. we're talking to everybody on both sides of the aisle. >> neil: i definitely relate, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. you have to work with the other side. so he works with the other side, then the media says look what you're doing to your own side. you're one of the biggest fiscal hawks, and you don't like waste. it seems odd that in agreeing to increase the debt ceiling that attached to it was a spending
1:24 pm
measure. albeit important one for emergency relief. but nevertheless that could have been a clean bill, a clean vote and would have gotten bipartisan support anyway. are you troubled that this sets the stage for similar attachments, in this case for spending, not cutting? >> look, actually, i think one of your basic premises there, neil, is not entirely accurate. we sent a letter last week to the hill asking for the additional spending, what we call the supplemental spending for fy17. in the same letter said, and by the way we think you need to address the debt ceiling. we were cutting it so close anyway on the debt ceiling. secretary mnuchin has said how close we were cutting it, getting to the end of september. when the reality is, september 14, 15 right before the tax payments come in was it cutting it close as well. the spop thing to do is look at the supplemental spending and the debt ceiling at the same time. >> neil: director, it's thought
1:25 pm
that the president might secure more democratic support than would normally be thought of for this tax plan, whatever it is. and it has tongues wagging that maybe, maybe that's because it leaves out provisions that, lets the liberals or democrats find objectionable, tax cut for the wealthy might not be in there. that lower tacks for kopgss might not -- corporations might not be as low as originally talked about. can you outline any of that? >> i can say what we have said 100 times before, our policies of the order managers have not changed. we want the biggest, most aggressive tax cuts, tax reforms that we can pass into law. >> neil: for everybody, director? >> well there's no benefit to being right and not getting anything passed. we want stuff that can pass into law that will help get to us the 3% sustained xlik growth that is the target for this administration. >> neil: what deposit do shall -- the reason i mention, sorry to jump on you, is that
1:26 pm
your definition of what would be an adequate tax cut for corporations might not be in agreement with speaker ryan. >> the numbers are hard to make it work. he obviously wants to push this as low as possible. i completely support doing that. but at the end of the day we have to make the numbers work. i think, our goal is to be at or below the world average, 22.5. >> neil: i should put it in context, the report was that the president wants to, maybe you want to lower that corporate rate to 15%, from roughly 35% now. it would be much lower under paul ryan's thinking but not that low. what do you think i think what you are seeing is the way the law is supposed to get made. the president has staked out his position, the leader of the house has, as well. what they go through is the order process. regular order, the ordinary process. they mark up the bill in hearings. we will advocate for the biggest reforms and biggest reductions
1:27 pm
that we can get. at the end of the day the president doesn't get to make law. the house and the senate do. we will work with them as we have to try and get the best possible package that can pass. i think what's being lost is how many things we agree on at this point in the tax policy. that 2 or 3 pager that the big six put out a couple of weeks ago was quite noteworthy in the number of places we agreed on. and things that, for example, the border adjustment tax was out of the picture. we agree to try and get corporate rates down as much as we can. it's better to start focusing on what we agree on and not the things that might divide us. the way we get the best piece of legislatedtion we can. >> neil: director, is it fair to say as secretary mnuchin hinted, i'll say hinted, that the wealthy are not going to share in the tax cut, might see the rates cut a little bit but offsets, limiting deductions, et cetera, they might not be part of this? they might be fine with that if everyone else is getting that.
1:28 pm
is it your sense in the end that that is what we are looking at? >> i don't know what we are looking at in the end. this is going to go through the process -- >> neil: you know what is being proposed in that building behind you. >> i'll answer that question. but there's going to be time -- every time you reduce taxes on the middle class you by definition reduce taxes on the upper class. folks who pay taxes at the higher rate pay taxes at the middle class rate as they move up through the progressive system. balance that against the systems, that we have talked about previously, getting rid of the dugttion for state and local income taxes f you live in a high tax state, new york, new york city, california, you could see the tax bill go up fairly dramatically. everyone won't be treated this way, everyone is going to pay higher taxes, lower taxes. middle class, the taxes are going down. >> if you're the middle class in the high tax states you would be affected by that. >> you could. and that's part of this discussion. i think what you are seeing is the right way to handle it.
1:29 pm
not a precooked bill. not coming down from the mountain and saying, look, here's the tax plan. we'll work with all of the folks in congress. all of the people we talked about have representation on the hill. they're going to represent the folks back home to the best of their ability. together, we come up with the best tax plan we can pass. >> neil: do you think it will pass by the end of the year and retroactive to the quinning of the year? >> i do. i think -- secondly, if it passes by the end of the year it will be retroactive. i do. and i think in mid-december, when the tax bill passes, people will look back at what the president did and say maybe he was right, cutting that deal in september is a big part of getting the taxes before the end of the year. >> neil: do you know whether the president is genuinely annoyed at republicans in the aggregate, the leadership, that's why he's reaching across the aisle, he's fed up with them? i read into what he did with chuck schumer, on the debt ceiling, the sign.
1:30 pm
>> neil: i'll answer is he an y annoyed with the republican leadership, yes, probably he is. as a republican so am i. as a citizen i am, too. i was promised they would have repealed and replaced obamacare by now. i'm a voter. i have a member of congress, i have a senator. i've made promises to people for seven years when i was running for office, people made them to me. i was disappointed and somewhat annoyed we haven't followed through on the promise. that's not an unnatural reaction. to the extent the president was annoyed by that, he's reflecting the opinion of many in the country. >> neil: are you worried that he might be losing friends if he's embracing the democrats who aren't keen on him and republicans who feel he always picks on them, that he's going to be last man standing? >> face it, any steph-respecting republican worth his or her salt is probably annoyed at the party as well. not being able to follow through on the major promise, is a major problem for us, they need to fix it. >> neil: the budget director, mick mulvaney.
1:31 pm
you know about the hurricane, harvey last week. these twin incidents have strength themed the president's hand. and actually provided a bit of camaraderie on capitol hill. the likes of which we've not seen since 9/11. that could pave the way for a lot of things you're probably not expecting. the good news from the scary news next.
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>> neil: think mark cuban only ripped president trump? today he had a lot of nice
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but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". >> neil: getting ready for what could be a doozy of a storm, in florida, potentially. strongest since andrew, a quarter century ago. fox news correspondent bill keating in fort lauderdale, hollywood international airport, the latest from there. hey, phil. >> getting out of town on an airplane one of the bigger challenges going on not only here in fort lauderdale-hollywood but miami as well. float that many seats left. those you can find are double and triple the price. a lot of flights tansled, 2,000 by american airlines, sunday, multiple airports, 25 food. to allow the employees to get home, take care of the families and homes. in order for the flights,
1:36 pm
certainly didn't have enough crews to fly them. we ran into several families departing today, not for vacation but to evacuate a monster of a threat hurricane irma, threatening to slam south florida as a cat 4 or 5 some time saturday. for those still to fly tonight or tomorrow, all are being urged not to drive themselves but get dropped off. >> dropped off at the airport. we won't want people to come here, panic, not find a parking spot, miss their flight that, may be their only opportunity. a lot of the irrelevant craft are flying out at full capacity. >> northbound traffic on the florida turnpike from south florida to orlando was bumper-to-bumper at times, some drivers saying the normally four-hour drive was taking them eight. i-90 as of this afternoon was actually flowing quite smoothly. perhaps this indicates a lot of the people that were going to evacuate did so prior to this afternoon. or they're waiting for the last
1:37 pm
minute tomorrow. we shall see. but gasoline has been in short supply at many gas stations. miami beach, two locations for free sandbags, drawing hundreds of people that is until the city ran out of sandbags. no more time for that. it is too late. internet providers like comcast and at&t have set up more than 150,000 free wi-fi hot spots so that if in fact power goes out and internet towers go down after the hurricane, as is expected, if it is going to be as bad as it is, you can at least find a way to get some wi-fi service. you may not be able to call somebody for days or weeks but you might be able to send a text message. >> neil: that could be valuable. thank you, phil keating, be safe. you've heard about it, phil touchted on it, fears people getting gouged with plane fares and all of a sudden there are
1:38 pm
things that automatically hike prices sky high. you have the likes of delta, jet blue try to adred dress that, jet blue offering $99 flights out of south florida. seth kaplan knows about it. explain that, you hear about these $2,000, $3,000 flights, the change overnight within hours. now the airlines like to say, that that was not preplanned, it was not gouging. what happened? . and it's trickier with airlines to say where is the line between supply and demand economics and gouging. everybody knows, you go to a gas station, they're charging $10 a gallon for gas, that's gouging. for airlines they vary their fares in relation to demand n the super bowl they raise fares. there us such a sudden surge in demand that, yeah, the people couldn't have manipulated it if they wanted to. a lot of people grabbed up relatively what turned out to be relatively cheap seats. then you have the few empty
1:39 pm
seats that are the ones that got the headlines, $3,000 tickets. the real story, neil, there just aren't nearly enough seats for everybody that wants to get out of florida. >> neil: what happens to the few seats that go out there, people are rushing for them, is there go rhythm or something like that that rachets up the price? some people saying within seconds they were seeing it, don't know if it's true. . you have all of those people chasing that one seat. the computers don't know it's a hurricane. could be because their team just advanced to the world series and you're trying to get to the away game. whatever it is. in retrospect if the airlines could have planned for this, which obviously the point is they couldn't, they probably would have done it in a more orderly way. all of the fares might have been higher. you have people flying who didn't pay much at all before it was obvious how bad things would get. then the last minute seats selling for thousands of dollars. not even ideal from their perspective. their point to lose hundreds of millions of dollars whether
1:40 pm
miami gets a direct hit like united in houston. it isn't something they celebrate. but in the end what it is, yeah, the headline is that $3,000 seat but the story is there just aren't nearly enough seats. the worst part, that they had fewer seats scheduled this week, late this week than they did last week, last week was going into the holiday weekend. this is normally a low demand period, everybody back in school. now they're trying, you know, to fly in bigger airplanes and that sort of thing. not a lot you can do at this point. >> neil: tough, thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: you remember mark cuban, the other millionaire who didn't think much of this billionaire in the oval office, trashing him, thinking of running for president himself. something changed today. i caught up with him. now he's praising the. . for what he did. something specifically that he did. congressman a little surprised but here to respond after this. my dell small business advisor
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>> neil: when billionaire likes billionaire. mark cuban telling me earlier on fox business network the deal the president made on that debt ceiling measure with democrats was brilliant. >> it's pure classic donald trump. really smart. the thing about being a sales person like president trump is, you want to keep deals alive. the biggest fear a sales person has is that a deal would die. working with somebody, even if it's only for a short term, even if it's with the democrats, keeps the deal alive. and i thought that was very smart. >> neil: a lot of republicans get ticked off, i know you had some great business success, so you obviously stay close to those with whom you do business and those you want to do business. even those maybe who might be leery or trying to stop your business. but the lines are blurred here. and i just wonder if by embracing the same folks who have been quite critical of him,
1:45 pm
and maybe to win them over, he makes allowances that republicans are too much on tax cuts. people elected him to be, he's being a nonpolitician. he's not a traditional republican. he hasn't been a republican all his life. he's a deal maker. that's why he got elected. he's trying to get deals done without playing partisan politics. a lot of things i disagree with him on but this is one thing he hit the nail on the head. stop being a politician. start working for the people which he's trying to do and let's get something done. there's still a lot more to do. but do something for the people. he's taken a great first step. >> neil: all right. what does ohio republican congressman jordan make of this. others might say mark cuban saying be on guard. having said that, he does admire the outreach of democrats even though many of your colleagues are annoyed. where do you stand?
1:46 pm
>> we'll see what happens in december. lack of preparation tends to lead to few choices the that was the major problem. putting together the debt ceiling plan. that wasn't done. we had pressing issues. that was the bigger concern. did not address the underlying problem, the 20 trillion debt. some the omgs we put forward raise the debt ceiling. but we'll do it if we address the underlying problem, cap spending, do other things. things that need to happen to deal with this huge debt burden that we currently have.
1:47 pm
>> there was talk the president was cobbling together another deal with chuck schumer that would end this, this kubuki theater we go through every 14 or 15 months. he was concerned, we could move on, understand where the president might have been coming from, to clear the deck so to speak for tax reform. what do you think? >> we do need to get tax reform done, the american people want to have more money to spend on their goals, dreams, and their family. the debt ceiling gives us an opportunity when it comes around to address the problem which is namely congress spends too much money. we've done things in the past that helped address that problem, helped at least begin to move in the right direction. that understands the magnitude of this problem. i hate to give up the
1:48 pm
opportunity that a debt ceiling presents to actually go after the underlying -- >> neil: it's a done deal for the time being. >> it is. >> neil: are you frustrated with speaker paul ryan who was apparently startled by this move himself, i know congressman maybe yourself included, sorry, apologize for not knowing in advance, with speaker ryan, expressed concern about how conservative issues were getting buried, then a lot of priorities were getting sidelined here. are you more concerned about that? >> i'll tell you this, i spent 5 1/2 weeks going across our district and it was just like i expected. the people in the fourth district of ohio and people across the country are frustrated, we're not getting done what we told them to do. what they elected to us do the part of that is preparing and putting out a plan early so you can have the debate and actually accomplish something that's consistent with what the voters elected you to accomplish. that hasn't, wasn't done in this process. that's why we wind up in the position we do. let's hope that improves, i
1:49 pm
talked with all of my colleagues, i talked with the speaker, talked with the colleagues about we all need on do that and focus on that. if we do that the country will be better off. >> neil: the president will outline the details we're told fairly soon, the tax cut, you have been working on that, and the leaders, in the house and the senate. but if it doesn't include a tax cut for the wealthy or it's not as cloe as 15% for -- low as 15%, might end up in the vicinity, 22.5%, would you get that? . i'm for lowering taxes on families, letting them keep the money and producing a tax code that's conducive to growing our economy. >> neil: i said 22.5% as opposed to 195% of the. we don't know any number yet. what is the corporate rate, how many brackets on the personal side, what are we going to do -- we don't have that. let's have a bill then have that debate. we want to put forward a piece
1:50 pm
of legislation so we can begin the debate. >> neil: do we know where it is? who's coming up with all of this stuff? >> the i proep pratt committee is ways and means and the finance commit any the senate. they've been working on it. it's time for show us the bill. time to see it. >> neil: i'm sorry,en with this delay, and getting this whole debt ceiling thing stopped for the time being, kicking the can down the road, you're not quite convinced that time is there to get everything done? >> i do think we can get it done. let's get going and get a bill out there so we can have the appropriate debate and get something accomplished for the american people. the biggest problem, trying, some people want to function in the revenue neutral world. we have had this discussion before, revenue neutral says the burden stays the same, we shift around who pays what. middle class families always get the shaft. i'm totally against the revenue neutral.
1:51 pm
design a tax code that designs growth, lets families keep their money. lower rates, longer budget window, those are the keys that have to come forward. >> neil: congressman, always good talking to you. so let's say you are trying to flee florida, trying to get out of harm's way. you can't find any gas. then what do you do? after this. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. you myour joints...thing for your heart...
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>> neil: all right, you've been told to hit the road to get out of dodge fast. but they're long gas lines, are you low on gas, worried. jeff locke, what do you do, what are they doing? >> well, beeping the horn, things are getting a little frayed out here. look at the line.
1:55 pm
this is the shell station on route 1, the way out of the keys, all the way to maine. but they can't go anywhere without gas. the lines run down here. look at these guys, trying to get across, people trying to cut in the line, tempers, you know, what can i say. they're not gouging on price, that's pretty normal price. that's good news. look at the people at the bumps. and we just saw one delivery truck come through, but i tell you, if you don't get deliveries here, this is one of the reasons they haven't done contra flow, to take all of the lanes on 1 and expressways and turn them north. the reason they haven't done that, they need to get delivery trucks with gasoline through so people can get the gas they need to get out. that's what is happening as we speak. i'll leave you with the shot, perhaps, route 1, those are the people going out, these are the people still going south. i don't know what they're thinking. they have gas. >> neil: are they rationing it there? how are they doing it? >> some stations don't allow you
1:56 pm
to fill up your container. over here, no, they simply -- some stations have a police officer here to kind of manage things. they don't here. we almost had a fist fight a while ago, people aren't getting through and cooperating. but, no rationing yet. these guys have it, a lot of people don't. if you don't have gas, boy, you're in a world of hurt. you can't go anywhere. >> neil: thank you, jeff locke in the middle of it all, what could be very eventful hours and days to come. we're all over that. something else we're all over, after this. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ >> neil: to update you, plans, monroe county, broward county, miami-dade county all practicing evacuation of, mandatory or voluntary or both. affecting millions. people are not taking any chances. in the meantime, we are going to
2:00 pm
follow this. and a lot of things will be hitting the pan saturday mornin morning. we will be on fox news beginning at 10:00 a.m. following that monster and where it's going. >> shepard smith. "the specialists" will begin in a moment. it's 5:00 in south florida, time for a new update from the national hurricane center. three hours ago it was a category five trance storm, maximum sustained winds 175 miles an hour headed to the lower bahamas and then generally toward florida. now to michael brennan, chief hurricane specialist. >> good afternoon. this is mike brennan at the national hurricane center. a update on hurricane irma. it's an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane centered about 650 miles to the


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