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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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with the people of florida. if you are and an evacuation zone, please evacuate. we want you safe and back here. this show will always be fair and theoyo balanced, never the establishment media. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. back tomorrow in new york. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. hurricane irma carrying it through the the category 5 storm could be the most destructive ever measured. the governor of florida rick scott says the florida keys could feel the effects of the storm very soon with miami and the rest of south florida shortly after. the entire state is, as of this moment, and the path of that storm. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has been tracking it from the very beginning. >> one of the reasons why this could be the most destructive ever is because it's hitting an area with a lot of population. we had the category 4 harvey that hit texas. obviously, the flooding kind of
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absorbed all of the conversation in houston paid by the landfall of that cat 4 storm happened there. this won't be the case if this makes landfall in south florida. looking incr personally,
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and loading walmart, not protecting law-abiding citizens were preyed upon by mobs of people. so i wonder if there is a way to make sure this doesn't happen. i think a lot of people are concerned on some level but if there is civil disorder they won't build to protect themselves. i don't think that is a paranoid concern or a crazy concern. >> no, it is not a paranoid concern at all, because there are historical precedents for it. we've already gone to court over this. it has happened before in the united states. it has happened recently in the united states. you can't be paranoid over something that has actually already happened. >> tucker: a good point. >> the current fear is legitimate. >> tucker: yeah, you're absolutely right. dana loesch, thank you for this, and i hope if you all get to the bottom of that order was about and if there was gun confiscation, you'll come back and tell us about it. >> i know the nra is watching
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it, and if they go through with it, the statement is that the nra is watching it and will take action. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: code, i appreciate that. meanwhile, in california, sacramento county sheriff's deputy murdered last week during a battle with a convicted felon. some in law enforcement in the states for governor jerry brown is in part to blame. the l.a. deputy sheriffs association, and other police union, say that a 2011 law designed to relieve prison overcrowding allowed little cloud to keep receiving failed despite multiple violent criminal offenses. jessica sloan is the mayor, a pretty place, she also cofounded the cut 50 50 campaign to drastically lower in conservation, and she joins us tonight. it is good to see her tonight. i just want to say that i think this actually is a complicated issue and i don't think everyone who, you know, does something wrong belongs in jail, and i think jail overcrowding is a real thing, and i recognize all of that. but it's got to give you pause.
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>> thank you for having me on, tucker. >> tucker: thank you for coming. again, i think it is a complex issue, but if enforcement is saying that laws designed to lessen prison overcrowding are resulting in the murder of law enforcement officials, that has got to give you reason to stop and assess whether this is achieving what you wanted it to achieve? >> listen, i think -- first, i'm glad to hear that you and i have some common ground, and i think it's very important to state that, you know, my heart goes out to the officer officer's family. i can't imagine what they're going through and the entire police force mourning the death of one of their fellow public safety officers. this is truly a tragedy. i think this is also a real clear sign to us that we need to focus on making sure that our counties, as well as our presence, have all of the resources they need to actually
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rehabilitate people before they let them back out onto the street. >> tucker: how lame is your state that that's not a state function? the whole idea here, encase our viewers have been following this, they counties are now taking up the slack where the state is no longer involved. the idea is, the state prisons are overcrowded, the counties need to do their part. maintaining prisons is really, i think fair to say, a state function. if the state so dysfunctional and can't maintain prisons without having them be so overcrowded that judges get involved? >> maintaining prisons is absolutely a state function, and i'm sure you know the governor, jerry brown, did fight all the way up to the supreme court saying that he didn't want to let anybody out. but the supreme court did rule that our prisons were unconstitutionally overcrowded and that they were actually endangering, not just the men and women who were housed there, but the correctional guards who were working there as well. so a.b. one oh one 109 was ena.
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what is very clear from this case and others is that the counties do not have the resources that they need to actually rehabilitate people. we can get them funding to replicate some of the cognitive behavioral programming that is going on in the program that actually makes people think about the criminal behavior that they have done and start thinking about more of a pro-societal form. >> tucker: i'm for that, i'm for rehabilitation, it does work in some cases, but the primary role of the state is to protect the law-abiding from the lawbreaking. the first job of the prisons is not to make prisoners better. it's to protect the rest of us from the prisoners. but i actually have a solution to california prison overcrowding and i'm sure you would agree with it. a huge percentage of california immigrants make inmates are foreign nationals why not deport them? >> well, i wouldn't be so sure
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that i agree with that, tucker. what i will say is that our prisons are -- >> tucker: you can't afford -- hold on. if you can't afford to keep people in prison, and you can't, and so they are getting out early and murdering cops, why should taxpayers in california and pick up the slack to house people who shouldn't be here in the first place? i don't understand that. why is that the obligation of california to house for nationals? >> i think the problem is a lot more complicated than that. if you're looking at the resources, we can follow models that are working that can save places in texas, louisiana, where there actually reallocating the resources instead of just housing people. they are using their resources to rehabilitate them for services, for crime prevention, strengthening. >> those are all great, and i'm for free ice, and ponies for everybody, but if you can't afford to keep people locked up, dangerous people -- california,
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for example, won't tell us, the public, what percentage of its inmates are foreign nationals. why is that? i'll tell you why. there are massive political blog, the cup politicians in their pocket, being protected. but why should i, as a native, have the right to know what percentage is not american citizens? >> there are lots of people who are imprisoned. some of them are undocumented, some of them are not. some of them are u.s. citizens. i think we need to be using this moment not to focus on the percentage of foreign nationals who are incarcerated in california but to focus on how we can actually bring people home in a manner that makes our streets safer. >> tucker: i get it, but why shouldn't i -- i am too, but why should i know that? it's a really simple question. what percentage of the prison population is illegal? why are we paying for them? get out of our country. why should i know the answer to that question? why are you hiding the numbers
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from me? that's a fair question, isn't it? >> so i don't work for the california department of corrections and rehabilitation, but what i can speak to is the fact that our criminal justice system is failing to actually rehabilitate people, and we know that there are smart solutions out there that are being employed across the country and across the state of california. we have a model prison here, san quentin prison, where there is a rehabilitative program and going on, and i'll tell you something very interesting. you were talking about nonviolent versus violent offenders. i recently learned that, of the 700 people who have committed violent offenses at youth who have been released in the last three years, not a single one of them has gone back for a violent act. in fact, only one of them has gone back at all, and that was for a drug violation. so 700 people who have received rehabilitative programming and cognitive behavioral programming have actually come home and not
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ended up committing more crimes or creating more victims, but becoming members of their community. >> tucker: i don't believe that. i wrote a book on this one. those numbers are so -- that would be the most effective rehabilitation program in the history of the world. if that's really true, then it should be replicated everywhere. >> the numbers under sb 260 and 261, and happy to share with you the data that both conservatives and progressives have -- >> tucker: if that's true, you just solve the age-old question of human sin. i hope you did. [laughs] mayor sloan, thanks for joining us, i appreciate it. the fbi says it won't release its files on hillary clinton because it doesn't serve the public interest. up next, will speak with an attorney who says the fbi is acting like president obama still is running the place. plus, open to a deal on immigration, amnesty in return for a well. we'll talk to a democrat who
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>> tucker: hillary clinton came pretty close to getting elected president last year, and if her repeated intrusions back into the public eye are an indication of future intent, she may try again in three years. joe biden is running again, it looks like. that may make the fbi's spouse but hillary clinton pretty compelling material, but according to the bureau, that's not the case. the fbi recently rejected a foy
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foya, freedom of information request, saying her privacy rights outweighed any public interest in the release. ty clevenger is a lawyer. he filed that foya claim. he says the fbi is acting like president obama is in charge. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. give us the background on this. was this -- this was for a book you're writing, correct? >> exactly, i was writing about corruption and the legal profession and the courts, and most state bars will cover up for politically prominent lawyers. i thought this would be the perfect case study to file a grievance against mrs. clinton and her attorneys for destroying an email, but part of the "special report" is to get evidence and support the grievances, then i got this letter from the fbi telling me it was not a matter of public interest. >> tucker: meaning it's not in the public's interest, not meaning to public doesn't care, but that is not good for the country. >> no, saying the public doesn't
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care. >> tucker: huh. >> three reasons not to release it. they can say that the subject, mrs. clinton, is dead, which is not, or she has consented to release, which she hasn't, or this is a matter of public interest, and the fbi, despite the fact that i sent the news articles, it said it was not a matter of public interest. having said that, i think they are changing course. i got an email from the justice department. i appealed the denial to the doj, and now doj has already granted my request to expedite. and the reason that is significant is because my grounds for requesting the expedited response was, this was a matter of public interest. so doj has already conceded, this is a matter of public interest. >> tucker: well, yeah! you're talking about it on television right now. it just seems very odd that they could ever make that claim. i mean, of course, by definition it's of interest. she just ran for president preaches a public figure.
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and my understanding of the foya lot was that the government has to have a compelling reason is that they have to have a compelling reason to deny the request? >> if i were to request the personal fbi file on a private citizen, than these three exceptions that i just cited would apply, but obviously, this is not just some random citizen. and i'm not asking for the entire thing, i'm asking for things that congress asks for or for things that congress sent to the fbi. >> tucker: what do you think the motive was here? >> i have changed my view. originally i suspected there was some obama or holdover at the fbi that was trying to cover this up. as you know, last week, senator graham and senator grassley released a letter indicating that the former fbi director, james comey, had already decided to exonerate mrs. clinton before she had been interviewed. >> tucker: right. >> at this point, i think the fbi is trying to cover its own rear end.
11:24 pm
i think they know this thing is going to look terrible for them. they deep-sixed to this. they whitewashed it. and they don't the documents coming out showing how badly they covered it up. >> tucker: since your writing about this, and you are an attorney, watched you think the chances are, if you or i were af felonious behavior, that the fbi director would say, let's stop this investigation before even interviewing us? >> it would never happen. if an average lawyer destroyed 30,000 pieces of evidence, he would be disbarred and prosecuted criminally. anybody else would have been prosecuted criminally, and as an attorney, disbarred, under these exact same circumstances. >> tucker: you've got to think martha stewart is watching this, who did time in federal prison for lying to an fbi agent and thinking, man, i could have hired hillary clinton's lawyers. ty, thanks for coming on tonight. well, that some republicans in congress are now suggesting
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they'd be willing to swap daca legalization in return for a border wall. of next, we'll talk to democratic congressman who says that deal would be racist. stay
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>> tucker: is seven years ago, just seven years ago, the dream act, would have granted amnesty, it failed in the congress because too many democrats opposed it. seems like a long time ago.
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now many republicans are lining up to say they want to finish the job. others are suggesting a possible deal along these lines. amnesty for daca in return for a border wall on the mexican border. congressman eric swallow is in interested in that deal, he said it would "just give you a pass to be a slight racist on monday so you can be fully racist on tuesday." he joins us tonight. so daca, if you're opposed to it, that makes you a racist? >> good evening, and tucker. i want to update your viewers. i am working with republicans on the stranded americans in the caribbean right now. it's not just the people who are going to be hitting florida, we have thousands and the caribbean and other countries. just to update that. we're working with the state department. >> tucker: good for you. >> tucker, i want to say that i believe that donald trump swell and the premise for his well, yes, is racist. having border security is a
11:30 pm
responsibility we have, but these dreamers are part of our country, and whether you follow the bible and believe we don't punish the children for what their parents did or you just think it's our country's obligation to make sure that law-abiding kids who came there by no fault of their own have a pathway to be a part of our community, we should make this happen as soon as possible. >> tucker: so there are two obvious -- i mean, do you have any kind of problem with the law itself, with the idea that the president, if he doesn't like a long, can invalidate it? could trump do that with taxes and say, i'm not prosecuting anyone who is not paying certain taxes? is that tax reform? does that bother you at all? >> i agree with the president that the congress should put this into law, and we tried, and there was actually a majority of the senate and 59 senators and every democrat in almost a majority -- actually, a majority of the house. president obama sought to save these children. but we should actually pass it in congress paid with the president could do though,
11:31 pm
because he's creating ambiguity, is just say come up with the dream act on my desk and i'll sign it. but he's not saying that. >> tucker: congress should figure it out, you're adults, and you never will, but here's my question though. everyone recognizes, this is a tough spot for some of these kids, no adults, you know. they were brought here and there were really little. it's a complicated deal. the concern is that if you allow them to become citizens, it is an inducement to the rest of the world to come here with kids in tow because then it can't be deported. i guess, what's the limit? how many people should relate in with minor children? what's the number? >> the dream act doesn't allow them to become citizens. it allows them to work here. i have got constituents -- >> tucker: it's the same thing. they're never going to be deported, and i'm sure democrats will be pushing for them to have voting rights soon. >> they should be able to apply for citizenship, sure. >> tucker: so the same thing.
11:32 pm
but how many get to do that? there are a billion people who want to move your tomorrow. like, are they all allowed to move here now? what's the number? >> tucker, you're presenting a theoretical challenge. there's 800,000 people who actually are here and they have faces and they are contributed to our military and to our police forces, and they are doing a lot of good. let's look at that issue and then have conference of immigration reform to take on the ballot question you're asking. >> tucker: let's talk about it now, because you're setting up a president. what you're saying to the world is, as long as you get here illegally with a kid under 16, you can't be deported. and so that is a massive inducement for people to come here illegally, as you well know. you're from california, the state that has been totally changed by illegal immigration, as you know, since you grew up there, as i did too. >> largely for the better. >> tucker: really? the property rate has risen dramatically since i left there. 11% in 1983, now over 16%.
11:33 pm
it hasn't made that state richer. it's made it much poorer. why would be concerned about that and the rest of the country questioning >> we would love to have you back, tucker, but we have to take on immigration reform. they had a pathway to citizenship that did not have the undocumented cut the line of people who were already waiting. they would have a more, i believe, functioning system that had ordered an it and allowed people to be a part of this great american country. >> tucker: what are the rules. i show up here illegally under what circumstances cannot be deported. let's say i show up, i don't commit a felony. can i be deported under any circumstances? >> i think you should come forward, go to the process, if you're not committing crimes or contribute into our economy, we want you to be a part of this country in an orderly way. >> tucker: what you're saying is, nobody can be deported unless you commit a felony. you're saying reporters are
11:34 pm
meaningless. i can sneak in, and as long as i don't commit a felony, and can't be deported. why is that different from open borders? it's not. >> because we have a broken immigration system right now, tucker. people are coming and that with. i think if you fix the immigration system have certainty that you won't see what you're describing. >> tucker: that's my question, what is the rule you would like to see become a model. after this company and said immigration reform, no one who comes in illegally can stay? everybody is deported or comes in illegally after this law passes. is that what you're saying, i doubt that's what you're saying. >> what i'm saying is, the senate passed the a bill that increased border patrol agents so that would limit the number of people. i welcome enhance border security, i just don't think obama is the best way to do it. >> tucker: but once they get here, once you're in the country, under your scenario, can you be deported? because if you can be deportedn you have open borders, right? >> we should have a system that
11:35 pm
has order and removes people who don't follow that system. right now, we have disorder. it doesn't help families, it doesn't help our security. >> tucker: i totally agree. you're saying anyone who comes here illegally should be deported after this law is passed. is that what you're saying? >> we should create an orderly immigration system. right now, tucker, these kids who have said the same pledge of allegiance as kids born in the united states -- because that's not right. >> tucker: my concern is for americans first. >> mind too. mine too. >> tucker: thank you for coming. google's shadowy sensors decide was about to make money on youtube, and politics apparently plays a big role on those decisions. up next, will talk to dave rubin, who is fighting to keep google from blocking ad revenue on his popular talk show. plus, will talk with the meteorologist who has been directly into the path of that storm you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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>> tucker: a lot of people make a living off youtube.
11:40 pm
it's the world's most popular video side by far, a subsidiary by google. increasingly, google seems to be letting politics dictate who is allowed to make money from the platform. dave rubin horse it's a very popular show called "the rubin report," it's online, you to post it. recently, a whole bunch of rubin videos were democratized. that's the word that youtube uses when they tell you you can't make money from them anymore. why did that happen? dave joins us tonight. it's good to see it. explain why this happened. it has happened to other people. it sounds ominous. what does it mean command by that they decide to do it? >> well, i think most important, the reason i agreed to do this with you, tucker, i am on that platform, the youtube platform, and i want that platform to work. i wanted to be all of the things for all of the creator soup with the content out there across the board politically or whether you are doing community videos or sports videos are politic videos or anything else. i wanted to be treated fairly
11:41 pm
for everybody and be transparent in what it is. the word "demon" is an "democratized," and i can tell you in dealing with this that it appears there is some pretty shady stuff going on. look, i don't want to fight google and youtube. there's a biblical story of david versus goliath, i don't want to be dave versus google. it probably won't work out so well for me. we do a talk show based on big ideas, sort of a old school larry king-esque style, and a talk to people all over the political map, many are friends of yours, than progressives and lefties that i talk about religion and science and all of this stuff. and our videos, our back catalog, just lately -- i was off the grid, which is where the spirit came from, for a month. but just lately, almost our entire back catalog has been to monetize. i'm talking about videos were taken by god and morality, basic stuff about the election, even
11:42 pm
today, the video that i posted, one video today, with a youtubeer by the name of phil difranco, one of the original youtube-ers, really, really interesting guide that i'm sure many of your audience knows. they do monetize that. this is one of the top creators who has been on there forever. i don't know exactly what is going on. a lot of creators are upset. >> tucker: we got a statement from youtube, and it contradicts what you just said. it's that over 90% of the videos on the rubin report a fully monetized. the remaining 10% are not because they contain discussions of adult topics, pornography c. what is your response? >> that's simply not true. i'm telling you right now, i have an iphone here, it's a fancy thing, the video that i posted this morning with phil difranco, i can tell you about
11:43 pm
videos i did mainstream people that did what i did on fox, a man i think is the greatest human rights here we have on earth, bishop robert baron, from the archdiocese and lap people i agree with, people i disagree with. by the way, i don't think i'm necessarily at -- >> tucker: those videos have been do monetize >> yeah, tucker, i'm not you. i don't know why they issued that strange statement. i'm glad that there is some communication because unfortunately because the lack of transparency there, took me about two years to get on the phone with them. finally did about two weeks ago and didn't really get any answers. >> tucker: is scary. apparently jason whitlock got the monetized too, if frequent guest in front of the show. good luck, we're rooting for you, i hope you'll come back when you get to the bottom of what's going on. somebody needs to keep track of
11:44 pm
what google is doing and we hope you do that on the show. >> thanks, tucker, and appreciate it. spin up next, time for final exams. do you know more about the thek plus business than our two contestants, professional contestants, professional newspeople? stay with me, mr. parker. contestants, professional newspeople? when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time...
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♪ >> tucker: we warned you there would be a test, and there is. time for "final exam" where we picked two contestants against one another to see who was paying attention to the news this week. this week's contestants, the editing manager, and a white house correspondent for the "washington examiner." all right, contestants. i'm going to ask the question. the first one who buzzes and gets to answer the question.
11:49 pm
each correct answer is worth one point, an incorrect answer subtracts a point from your score. five questions, best of five wins. you ready? >> never ready year. >> tucker: question one. a wild story in baseball this week. the new york yankees are accused, or rather, accusing the red sox of cheating against them. they state the sox new mexico hand singles from opposing teams by using which device? oh! gabby! >> meant to go for it. a cell phone. >> tucker: a cell phone. let's go to the tape. is it a cell phone? >> the feud is entering the digital age with the yankees accusing the socks of using an apple watch to help steal and relate their catchers hand signals. >> tucker: it's the tiny first cousin of the cell phone. it doesn't quite qualify. i'm sorry, our churches are
11:50 pm
saying they are impressed by your ambition, but we're going to have to take a point away. so you are at negative one. you can dig yourself out. question two. bigness overseas as two members of the real family announced they are expecting their third child. who are they? katie. >> will and kate from britain. steering wheel and kate from britain. to the tape we go. >> britain's royal family is expanding. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting another child. 4-year-old george and 2-year-old charlotte will now have another sibling who will be fifth in line to the throne. >> tucker: the duke and duchess. is that the same as will indicate? >> yeah. >> good. [laughter] >> tucker: had a revolution not to care, and i don't. three. gamers get very upset when nintendo announced they would be making some changes their iconic character. the video game giant is dumping
11:51 pm
super mario's occupation. they are changing what he does for a living. he used to do this? >> he used to be a plumber and he is no longer a plumber. >> tucker: he is no longer a plumber. >> mario. >> tucker: let's check the tape and see if you are right paid >> twitter up in arms after nintendo announced super mario is no longer a plumber. fans not taking the news very well, one fan tweeting, "what the heck, nothing is sacred. apparently now he is an athlete. another tweet reading, "the vanishing working class." >> tucker: you are absolutely right. >> fun fact. when he was originally created, he was technically a carpenter. >> tucker: he is a video character of many trades. question four. don't lose heart. you can still come back. which member of the trump administration went on "view" this week, the daily show, and s about president obama's heritag?
11:52 pm
katie? >> sarah huckabee sanders? >> tucker: sarah huckabee sanders. >> where was president obama born in a see an american citizen? >> i think this has been pretty well addressed. student sarah huckabee sanders went on "the view." was it wise to do that because trumpets next week's question. a final question, worth the same as all of the other questions, but you can win a moral victory, gabby. which female singer and frequent trump basher slammed the presidents dock up plans this week and promised she would let dreamers -- president's daca plans this week impressed promised she would let dreamers live in her home. >> madonna. >> tucker: madonna is your guest. does the tape confirm your guests. >> share has the answer. cher has the ultimate solution. she says those who can must take a dreamer into their home and protect them. >> tucker: it is another
11:53 pm
1-name singer from an earlier age. close enough. i almost want to award you that, basically interchangeable, but our judges say no, cher is different. from beyonce. that's a modern 1-name singer. katie, you win this week's news quiz. you're brave. thank you both. that's it for this week's "final exam." we'll do it again next thursday. an update on irma's next parade will take it to the florida keys where they are battening down
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whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. a hurricane irma remains on a collision course with the state of florida. already being felt down in the florida keys, the effects. a meteorologist in accuweather. read, what is it like? >> we are standing in one of the
11:58 pm
few gas stations still opened. they had a gas truck that came in early. it's been a rush to get gas. a lot of people evacuating. this puts this area in a very bad spot. taking those warnings very seriously. they are evacuating. you see a lot of people coming from key west as well. you can see that these pumps are already out of gas. they are already starting to run out. this is the last opportunity these people have to fill up their tanks blast north on i-95. >> tucker: what's your plan? i am fascinated with guys who have jobs like yours? >> our plan right now is to monitor the forecast. our goal is to get inside the eye. we normally deploy this in the path of the tornadoes to measure the pressure fall and wind speed. we also brought it out to hurricane harvey.
11:59 pm
with straps, we use and sought winds as high as 120 miles an hour. in the inner eye wall. we will be deploying this in the eye wall, right now the forecast track takes it right up the center of florida. absolute worst-case scenario for the keys. >> tucker: so, where do you stay when this happens? are you going to be physically down there and remain in the keys? >> yeah, we will deploy where it would be safe for a person to be so we will mount this on the edge but then retreat to a concrete structure. our friend has an armored vehicle called the hur. we have enough water and food to survive for a week or two if we get trapped down here. all kinds of gas tanks strapped to our vehicle. if we have to go higher up in elevation. >> tucker: if you can get a camera, i hope you join us for
12:00 am
that. godspeed down there. fox news will continue to track hurricane irma. that is it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00. "the five" is next. ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld. and dana perino. jesse watters, juan williams and lisa boothe. hurricane irma remains an incredibly category 5 hurricane. trudging its way towards florida. expected landfall this weekend. the latest, let's go to adam housley who is in the storm's path. speak of the latest news came in, governor rick scott in florida has ordered all schools, university, elementary, all schools closing in the entire


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