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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 8, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that. godspeed down there. fox news will continue to track hurricane irma. that is it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00. "the five" is next. ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld. and dana perino. jesse watters, juan williams and lisa boothe. hurricane irma remains an incredibly category 5 hurricane. trudging its way towards florida. expected landfall this weekend. the latest, let's go to adam housley who is in the storm's path. speak of the latest news came in, governor rick scott in florida has ordered all schools, university, elementary, all schools closing in the entire state tomorrow as they prepare for this massive storm
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basically the size of texas as it heads this way. the storm is so concerning the people in this area have already gotten out. the reason some people left a couple of days ago was the video and pictures that have been coming out of the crib in the last few days -- we've seen them. every time we see the new video, it's unbelievable, the destruction taking place. right now, taking place in turkey and caicos. everyone is worried about that island. basically because there are no mountains there as well. it's very flat. the storm surge, the winds, heading right over it as we speak. very strong concern for some new people. because of that, if you are on the road here today, before irma is expected to reach here in the lord to keys and key largo, the roads were empty. people were already gone and the roads are still open. there are still a few logos around. if you can find a gas station, the lines are pretty long.
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they will try to do what they can to keep the fuel in their car. the people that did stay on waiting for the last minute to evacuate. people we've met on and on work here for 25 years. so much destruction in this part of the country, they rode it out and they aren't going to write it out now. we talked about the path and it continues to change. it's coming in right of the middle of florida. right at the bottom. people over here went over to fort myers side. the original track was thought to be to the east of florida but then it began to change. now it seems like the west may get it just as hard as the east. you've people evacuating one place and having to evacuate again. a lot of concern of florida. rick scott, the governor, he ordered an emergency -- basically saying you've got to go. it's a massive storm. most people believe it's 4. key largo is where we are located.
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the last 24-hour coverage, we will have it. this time tomorrow night, you will be feeling the wind. >> greg: thanks, adam. i love that sign behind you. let's get the latest on irma's path and power. rick reichmuth is live from the fox weather center. >> just head north into georgia, may be west georgia to get out of the path. the storm battering turks and caicos. it's been doing that for about the last six hours. what we saw yesterday from the virgin islands, we are dealing with that exact same thing. probably the strongest one to go through that area in a category category 5, making direct impact. all of our models are doing the same thing. this hard right turn, we can't exactly say where it's going to go. something happened this afternoon. everything is kind of trending a little bit towards the east and then this really reliable model, one of these that we like him to
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to be fair, this is not a deal. this is not the art of the deal. he gave the democrats everything they wanted. heidi heitkamp, one of the most vulnerable democrats in the entire country onstage, he said he he said she was a good person. their campaign was sitting there saying you just threw us a lifeline. this is the golden ticket. they are going to you this in campaign ads. >> jesse: she's going to vote on the tax package and lose to a republican and then in the next election. >> lisa: i don't blame him for wanting to reach across the aisle. there's room for that with tax reform. it's the reason people elected him. they wanted something different. that being said, this was not a
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deal. this is a giveaway and even given the circumstances, he could have got more from them and he didn't. >> greg: want, i want to add this other piece. donald trump tweeted... did you see that? this should make you happy, right? him and nancy. nancy said you've got to tell everybody that nothing's going to happen. >> juan: she got him to go on the record. you know what strikes me in all this? i'm listening to you guys and i think boy, the republicans -- you've got a republican majority in the house and senate and president. they've been unable to govern. you see the factions splitting and trump is accentuating the differences and i think you know, he had dinner with paul ryan tonight but the fact is, she and paul ryan -- ryan has said this was an unacceptable deal. he said it explicitly.
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you have mitch mcconnell up there who's trying to push the situation so that you can get tax reform. that's what steven mnuchin was talking about. when knutson wants the tax reform deal. ideally more than just a tax cut. trump was more interested in avoiding the idea of a jam-packed potentially explosive september giving himself time. he's doing it in such a way that he actually would resolve the problem. it now becomes more of a explosive situation in december and democrats -- come >> lisa: trying to get funding for the wall. you see this leverage in that debate because democrats can tie the debt ceiling vote to immigration and not getting things like the wall done. >> greg: these are all important issues if there were no hurricanes. if there were no hurricanes, i would say yes, you are absolutely right. i think he set on good faith, you know what? we've got three months. it's going to be bad pretty much but right now, let's focus on what happened.
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>> dana: i think democrats would vote on it anyway. >> juan: i'm looking in this other world. trump supporters would back him no matter what he does. even if he sticks a finger in their eyes? >> jesse: i don't think trump supporters have a lot of sympathy for mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. >> lisa: it's not fair to be frustrated at paul ryan -- >> juan: wait a second, these are republican leaders -- elected officials. >> jesse: we would have had obamacare repealed. >> greg: how can they deal with this? go back to the big picture. it trump's set a few big things. he beat hillary, number one. he got neil gorsuch. paris accord. he reduced regulations, he responded swiftly to disaster. to get to this point, it's like -- i kind of think he gets me. i'm okay with it. >> juan: you look at the numbers. look at the numbers -- even
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among his core supporters, greg. i don't mind. i think they feel like he has disappointed them and of course, you have all the constant tweeting and controversy that i don't think helps to unify the republican brain. >> jesse: we will talk to you about the republican party and you stick with the democrats. >> juan: yeah, you are in crisis. you are getting wet right now. >> greg: i really enjoyed watching dana admit about what a great job trump dead. [laughter] about what a great job trump di did. i was watching cnn when he did that presser. >> jesse: can want talk about how great of a statesman chuck schumer is? isn't that what you want? >> juan: the chuck and nancy show. republicans are sitting here saying oh, he did a great job.
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wow. if i said that, you guys would be downright -- [laughter] >> greg: no, not. more to come on hurricane irma. what happened between tonight's dinner between trump and paul ryan? we are live at the white house. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ >> dana: at the white house a little while ago, trump dined with speaker of the house paul ryan. mr. ryan opposed -- for details, let's go to ed henry live at the white house. you are not a fly on the wall during the dinner but what have you heard? [>> dana, i don't know if crow was on the menu. may be a nothing burger. sorry, greg gutfeld, i know you hate that phrase. we got a statement from a top white house official saying it was a productive working dinner, in their words between the speaker of the house where they covered anything from taxes to the debt ceiling to the budget, the continuing resolution. look at, they needed to have a productive working dinner because tension has been growing because of what you mentioned a moment ago. what played out yesterday with speaker ryan had the rug pulled
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out from under him saying the democratic idea on a three-month praise for the debt ceiling was just unworkable. and then almost later, this meeting at the white house, the president does just the opposite because as you were noting, the president believes it's smart to clear some brush and roadblocks and try to get onto taxes and other issues he wants the agenda and in fact, speaker ryan was trying to downplay any tension in interview with our own martha maccallum. watch. >> the word was that you were furious. >> no i wasn't serious. i have a belief on debt issues. longevity on these things. i completely understand why he was doing what he was doing. do you expect the president to talk to the other party? isn't it natural that you should be speaking with members of leadership on the opposite party? >> lady with martha, it's interesting. he seemed to not like the idea of the president, about maybe ending these debt ceiling votes
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altogether so you don't rattle the credit market. ryan saying look, congress has the power first. this is a mechanism -- raising the debt ceiling, as dana mentioned a few moments ago -- clearly ryan wants that prerogative but he wants to show conservatives he wants to touch spending. give others looking at replacements for the speaker. >> dana: ed, thank you so much. lisa, you work on the house side for republican members. tomorrow there's a house republican -- they will try to be sold on the deal. how is that going to go? >> lisa: it will be interesting. there's a reason those things happen behind closed doors. i'm sure we will hear how it goes. i think for paul ryan and for the president, there are more things in common, common objectives, like if republicans don't get tax reform done, they
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are dead. >> dana: i don't know why they keep saying that. [laughs] >> lisa: why do you say that? >> dana: everyone saying it -- if you don't get it, you're dead, probably not true. we might not get it. right? >> greg: then you are dead. >> lisa: republicans have to deliver on something. >> dana: a three month debt ceiling and it's going to be awesome. >> lisa: something done on tax reform, i imagine that the bulk of the conversation. >> dana: that's not what steve bannon thinks. he has an upcoming interview on "60 minutes" and we've got a clip. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. the republican establishment. absolutely. >> who? >> mitch mcconnell. speaker paul ryan. they do not want donald trump
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nationalist agenda to be implemented. it's pretty obvious. >> dana: was that bear, jesse? >> jesse: it's a fair fact. he can say what he wants. he's not responsible anymore. he can take shots from the outside. i can't tell the republican establishment is just sloppy and discombobulated or if they are trying to undermine the president. it's hard to tell when the keep messing things up. trump is not a deficit talk. he wasn't elected to slash spending. he's always been a big spender. he's always been a soldier. he doesn't care, put it on the credit card. make america great again. $300 billion in hurricane harvey and irma spending. boost spending on the military. you have to fix obamacare. there's a lot of big-ticket spending items in the president is not going to be blackballed by the freedom caucus deficit talk in the house. that's one of the reasons i think he cuts his deal for half
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these guys. push it until three months out and do it again with different types of leverage. >> dana: that's interesting. the freedom caucus guys that jesse is talking about, they are not the establishment. they are a free group within the tent. if republicans in them the freedom caucus guys. the new guys that came on board with president trump. it is difficult to get everybody on the same page. >> greg: especially, the other party -- all of the parties. there's a china shop. trump was the bull. it's a long-term aftermath. it's hurricane trump. there's all this debris. and it's like people are trying to figure out how do i deal with this completely different animal? i don't know what he's going to do. we kind of predicted that this was going to happen. i'm not that surprised. >> dana: he wanted to be a disruptive force in washington and he certainly is, juan. >> juan: the thing i can get
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over is is that he's blameless. all the things that he's done, it causes difficulty for himself and subsequently, for his party. forget about it. instead they want to -- >> greg: what about obama? >> dana: or hillary. >> juan: they want to blame congress, mitch mcconnell, speaker ryan. i don't think they've all of a sudden become a bunch of libs. they have an agenda that says here's how we achieve small government and tax reduction. i don't see that president trump is on that bandwagon. he's never been a small government guy. wait, that's what he campaigned as. >> jesse: he campaigned as a businessman. not a small government guy. he's also not blameless. a terrible rollout of the travel ban and he could have solved obamacare a little harder but i
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still blame mitch mcconnell with the obamacare. i don't trust you guys anymore, we did it you are the way the first eight months now we are going to try it my way. >> juan: make a case. >> jesse: he's going to stop so much, you are going to get sick of him. >> juan: all the winning is knocking me -- because before your pocketbook. >> juan: i don't understand why you make a reason for trump no matter what it is. >> jesse: i just said he blew the travel ban and obamacare. >> lisa: you guys are doing the same thing a little bit. you have issues like abortion that are splitting your part. it's not like your party is just a kumbaya list link arms. >> dana: in the d block, we will talk about the democrats. and more
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>> jesse: president trump is gearing the federal government up for what is a historical storm in hurricane irma. just tonight, he tweeted... here's what he said earlier today. >> we are very concerned. we are working very hard, we are with everybody. we have tremendous talent. and really tremendously brave people to be there. hopefully it's going to work out all right. a >> jesse: joining us now to tell if it's going to be all right, ricks p28. >> probably not, to be honest with you. we have to worry about jose, across part of the british virgin islands. this is one we are worried about it here in the u.s., irma. it looks like it's going -- it
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will certainly have impacts across florida. it looks like a very real possibility to make landfall. go over some really warm water. we know that strength and storm. a lot of indications so it will continue to strengthen. where does it go? does it go straight up florida to the east or west? we still can't say for sure but i will tell you this, the two major models we look out is when you look at their latest, it's all trending a little bit towards the west and they are in good agreement. we start to have a little more confidence. confidence tomorrow after i see these a couple more times but at this point, i am more concerned for florida at the end i was yesterday at this time and that's not good news. we could have a major storm, category 4. category 5 somewhere around the keys sometime on sunday. >> jesse: will become right back, hillary clinton appears to be going for the all-time record in the blame game. it stay with
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♪ >> lisa: hillary clinton's new book, she blames everyone under the sun for her loss to donald trump, including james comey, joe biden and bernie sanders. the finger-pointing is giving democrats headaches and amazing funny material. >> while the titanic sank when you're sitting at the bottom of the ocean -- >> you are not president but that is not bernie's fault. he's the one guy you did beat. also, she didn't tell you not to go to wisconsin or do paid speeches for wall street. he helped make you a better candidate. the candidate that beat donald trump by 3 million votes. >> lisa: greg, do you think hillary clinton realizes she's not helping herself, she is just becoming the punch line? >> greg: i am starting to look forward to this book. you've heard of the word of the daily calendar. this is a turd a day calendar.
12:40 am
>> lisa: sounds disgusting. >> greg: pathetic nuggets of stinky failure. i feel so bad. the real victim is bill clinton. he had so many plans for the white house. he wanted to replace michelle obama's garden with a stripper pole. i should've done x? i should've said this with comey, sanders, trump, i should have called him a creep. a profoundly weak president. woman. four years later, i should have said this to putin or kim jong un? we are so lucky we avoided this whole disaster. >> lisa: congressman jared huffman said this is coming up at the worst possible time, some of the biggest high stake battles to make battles when they are trying to bring the party together. >> dana: senator john mccain
12:41 am
said he didn't even write a book after he lost because he lost. it was time for him to move on. it's a quick turnaround in democrats are being pulled under by their decision. i think the way that she accepts blame is by saying i should have done all of these things that are actually other people's fault. she sang i could have done all those things but it gets to a point where you -- even to say it wasn't donald trump running for office. i actually have began to think i don't think any of the republicans would have beat them because of their economic -- because of the ridiculous identity politics that has consumed the democratic party. >> lisa: i think trump would be the only person i could pull together that coalition but who knows. juan, big question for you. are you going to be at the union square barnes & noble on tuesday for her book signing? >> juan: i think i will miss that one. i think hillary clinton is a major historic figure.
12:42 am
first woman to run for -- >> lisa: you are going to be there. >> juan: i'm not buying the book. there are some things that interest me. her call to donald trump. this was like -- she goes to the inauguration. she says she was worried that people were going to shout and lock her up and she concerned that since trump was reluctant it, what he really put her in jail? i did note that she took it that seriously. >> lisa: what does this do outside of driving the democrats a part, blaming bernie sanders -- what are your thoughts on this? >> jesse: if they are going to still ask the questions. "what happened"? she says oh, you know, you attack bernie, russia. i didn't know they had instincts. all these people were telling
12:43 am
her what to do. obviously they were telling her the wrong thing to do. she never says this -- she never says i never should have bleached my server or called half the country deplorables. maybe i should have had bernie be my vp. these are the things that really cost her the election. not these things on the side. >> juan: do you think -- >> jesse: if she had attacked comey on letting her attack awm her felony charges? >> lisa: she will blame barnes & noble, her editor. that's what's next. president trump's new remarks on the north korean threat,
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>> juan: north korea tested its strongest nuclear weapon on sunday, dramatically raising the stakes with the long conflict with the u.s. take a look at what president trump said. >> military action would certainly be an option. is it inevitable? nothing is inevitable. it would be great if something else was worked out. new equipment is delivered. new and beautiful equipment. the best anywhere in the world
12:48 am
by fire. hopefully we are not going to have to use it on north korea. if we do use it on north korea, it will be a very sad day for north korea. >> juan: dana, this is a different line coming from president trump. he's now trying to tamp down expectations that he is going to deliver fire and fury. >> dana: the reason i wanted to talk about it tonight, you seem think about the different audiences we have to talk about. the speech in afghanistan, it was a very specific message especially to our military. the message president trump was delivering was spent for kim jong un's ears himself. america rest assured, the president has this on his mind. an excellent national security team. what he was saying today meant directly to kim jong un. he probably won't pick up the phone and call him. there's a way to do this that reassures the american public but also let's north korea know that we are prepared to do something if we have to.
12:49 am
>> juan: the president has proposed a global oil embargo. but the chinese don't seem to want to join in. >> greg: that's the problem with the chinese. they've got a get involved. i've been saying this all along. i said this back in the early '80s. the solution, it's a discussion. someone needs to invent a marriage counselor for countries. you bring the north korea guy and the american president guy, sit them down and say okay, let's get all this stuff out. they are terrible at it. get in the room and get all of this out. we are going to have a problem list. why should we point missiles at this place in here? why do you think you should be arming the south koreans question mike why do you feel threatened by him? i said that would make more progress. maybe have broad there. >> jesse: wife swap. a switch and see if that works for a while. >> greg: you are referring to the tv show, of course.
12:50 am
>> juan: you have to believe that kim jong un is a rational person. if we are going to negotiate with you, it feels like -- he's done 80 or more missiles or bomb tests since 2011. his father only did about ten the whole time he was there. >> jesse: he may be rational but he still a teenager and china is the parent. we are still getting played by china. 90% of trade with north korea is through the chinese. they are invading sanctions through china. i think we are getting played and they are manipulating us and saying we got this, we are going to use our leverage. meanwhile, two navy collisions in the sea the other day? it seems a little suspicious to me. trump got elected as a tough on china kind of guy. he was going to slap on the sanctions, tariffs. all of a sudden, very coincidentally, he gets into office and north korea starts acting up up and then all of a
12:51 am
sudden, we need china? meanwhile, we are so distracted on the korean peninsula. who knows what china is doing in africa and the peninsula. i say what we need to do is, someone said this the other day on fox -- you threaten to label the bank of china as a money laundering. what that does to a bank, it could totally decapitate the bank. it's china's largest bank. that's the only way you can get the message for the chinese, through a financial sanction. >> juan: i just want to turn to you and say steve bannon, before he left, delivered a message. there is no military solution because guess what? all of south korea would be gone. >> lisa: secretary mattis says this is fundamentally a war we do not want. if michael hayden saying korea is the most difficult intelligence target. we don't know where everything is. there's more we can do on the china front.
12:52 am
there's more you can do both -- legal things, banks and individuals both legally and illegally who conduct business with the north koreans but my only concern with that, and best of john bolton says north korea is not an economy. they are a prison camp. the concern here is out of everyone -- military advisors reading on this, we don't have any leverage. that's the biggest point. kim jong un, as long as he's a nuclear arsenal, he has leverage. he's keeping ups and fear. what's the military option? human life in south korea with a densely populated seoul, south korea. i don't know. >> juan: it's how we use it. we have to think about the consequences with the chinese. we are not acting against them and they act against us. guess what? we are the usa. number one military power. "one more thing" up next. is it
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>> greg: "one more thing." juan. >> juan: if you've been watching the show, you know i got pretty upset about president trump's decision ending daca, the program protecting young people brought here illegally but as children from deportation. guess what? i'm not the only one upset. according to a few polls, 82% of democrats and 60% of republicans
12:57 am
favor having people who came to the u.s. illegally as children stay here and gain legal status. another recent poll shows the majority of trump supporters want the young people to stay. bottom line, let me quote the catholic bishop. they called this decision a heartbreaking moment in history. it shows an absence of mercy and goodwill. >> dana: president trump agrees with you. >> juan: yeah, that's why he ended it. >> greg: i thought "one more thing" was politics free because we can't debate at this point. jesse. it's before i an animal video where there is political about this. a cat out of the kitchen. >> catch him, catch him, denny! [laughter] >> [bleep] mary, will you stop looking at the door? oh!
12:58 am
>> jesse: they caught the cat. >> greg: take a quakers oat canister, duct tape it to the edge of the broom and it goes right in. i used to have to do that. don't ask me why. speaking of animals, i can't remember. oh -- i'm not doing the animal thing. i'm doing this. spotlight on talent. reporting on the upcoming irma. watch this adorable child in the back. there he is. the next star until his parents rolled up. [laughter] >> greg: all right. dana. >> dana: giving people advantage and for his personal sports but now there's technology and robots, the red sox-yankees rivalry saying that the red sox were cheating. stealing signs. it signals, which is not
12:59 am
illegal. using extra devices like an iphone watch and something like that. now the red sox said that they have video of the yankees doing it too using on network camera. basically, we are going to have technology fighting each other. >> greg: yes. what a great thing that will be. robots fighting each other. >> jesse: a billion dollars a season. >> juan: why do i think the red sox are so bogus? >> greg: [laughs] >> lisa: a houston police officer with terminal cancer helped save 1,000 harvey victims. he was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer back in march 2016. he had eight years to live but despite himself being sick, he still risked his life to save nearly 1500 people. he is a veteran of the houston police department. he saved all these people despite battling stage iv cancer. god bless you, bert. we are praying for you and your
1:00 am
recovery. staying strong. god bless you. >> greg: excellent. that is it for us. it set your dvr dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington as hurricane irma moves closer to florida. we look at the preparations and the devastation this hurricane is left behind. hurricane jose is just behind irma and it's gaining strength. president trump on why he turned away from congressional republicans . why democrs


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