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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 8, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and monday due to the storm. jackie: we have fox news team coverage with jillian mele. first griff jenkins is live in key larlg where people only have a matter of hours to evacuate. griff? >> that's right. here are in key largo there is a ghost town there is a sense something erie is coming and we know what that is it the is worst storm to think the area. can you see this gas station absolutely boarded up. everything looks like this down here. we saw very little traffic every now and then. a car or two will pass. but basically, you need to have gotten out. the video from yesterday, fox put a drone up in the air just a snarl of traffic mess with thousands upon thousands of people trying to get out. you saw people boarding their places up and also securing their boats and pattening down the hatches. in fact, the florida county, monroe county. that's this area. monroe county administrator
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roman getassy had a very clear message about getting out. here is what he had to say. >> this is a big, dangerous storm. something that's never been seen before. in the atlantic. we were hoping for that turn to the east. still headed our way. a gas shortages through the keys. you guys have been reporting that. it is a problem. snake creek bridge only draw bridge out of the keys closees tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. all the hospitals will be closed tomorrow 7:00 a.m. our air ambulance will also be gone tomorrow. commercial flights ended today. >> now he is going to be on is show in just minutes from now and it's going to be a very important interview that you guys have coming. can you see the road leaving key largo. here is a few cars going. but, you know, people remember in 1992 which hurricane andrew hit and the devastation that it brought literally smashing everything. i know janice dean also about to have a little bit more on the advisories, the local radio saying perhaps a downturn in category
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strength. not much when it comes to total devastation. we will stay here and see how things unfold. coming up, that interview with roman gestasi critical for anyone in the florida keys or anyone watching this show right now, guys. heather: let's hope they listen to the warnings. one highway to get out of keys. jackie: everything closes in a couple of hours like you were saying. thanks, griff. heather: you mentioned janice is standing by. we understanding that now hurricane irma is a category 4. janice: do not let your guard down by just a few miles, just a few miles shy of category 5. 155 mile-per-hours, that's what i'm concerned with. people are thinking oh, category 4, it's weakened. we are still dealing with possibly one of the worst storms florida has ever seen. so just because it's two miles shy of a category 5, i don't want people thinking that this storm is weakening. it is still intact it is still a monster. it still has the potential
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for catastrophic damage across the bahamas, the tuckers and caicos and south florida. it's going to remain a four because the water ahead of it is 8, 90 degrees with not a lot of land mass to tear it apart. it's going to remain a 4 for the next several days when it potentially makes impact on south florida. now the computer models are in good agreement that south florida, the whole state of florida is in to a state of emergency because this storm is going to rake across your state this weekend. then also paying close attention to georgia and the carolinas, you will be next in line. so, category 4 storm. a very strong category 4 storm. i almost wish they did not lower it because we're just two miles shy of a cat 5. but it is a little bit -- it's weakening a little bit. we are still dealing with the potential catastrophic damage. there is no way else to put it but catastrophic damage for the keys, south florida and the whole state of
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florida and georgia, the carolinas, and the tennessee river valley will need to monitor this. we will be all over this 24-hour coverage starting this weekend, guys, on this storm. we will bring you the very latest. back to you. heather: janice, you mention all the warm water it has to go over is there a possibility it could strengthen again? janice: absolutely. don't let your guard down because you see a little tiny weakening of the winds. 157 miles per hour makes it a category 5 storm. so that's what i'm concerned with people oh, it's weakening. oh my gosh. we are still dealing with potential of 10 to 15 storm surge low lying sea surface areas of florida. so, no, this is still a very, very dangerous, deadly storm. jackie: janice, important to note that now these models are. janice: come into agreement. jackie: that's something we were worried about. unfortunately, they are green. heather: straight up through the middle of florida.
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janice: potentially worst case scenario for south florida. jackie: thanks, janice. hurricane irma's deadly case of destruction worse case scenario like janice dean said for the states of florida. heather: direct hit from the most powerful recorded hurricann recorded history. jackie: what's going on there this morning? jillian: days in a row, guys, all we have seen is line after line in gas stations. people waiting to try to fuel up so they can get out. you come to a gas station like this they actually got a delivery about 1:00 this morning. some of the pumps work. some of them don't. people are waiting in line because they want to just be able to guess gas. take a look at video. fuel tankers coming down here, actually have police escorts on the highway. governor says they are trying to get as much gas to this area as possible. the problem is once you find stations that had gas, some of them are more expensive than others. we noticed it first hand yesterday. we are not the only ones to notice. take a listen to pam bondy.
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>> you cannot inflate prices during the time of a hurricane for essential commodities. we noticed we had about 45 complaints against chevron gas station. chevron, if you are watching me right now you need to call us and tell us why your prices are inflated in south florida. jillian: here's the deal. we are at a chevron. can you see for regular 2.89. i will tell you this is the most expensive gas we have seen. i'm not going to come on here and say it's price gouging for sure. it is the most expensive we have seen. we have traveled all across the area. we have hit up a ton of gas stations there is a line of people right now actually waiting to get in here. the average around here seems to be in the 2.75 range. we paid 2.68 yesterday. it is hard to come by. so people are just saying they have got to get the gas when it's available. send it back t guys. jackie: how is the templement of people waiting in line? they have waited some time to get gas. jillian: people get real
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excited when they actually get close to the pump. we sat in line an hour yesterday just to be able to fill up our car. people out of their cars and people going up to make sure the places have gas. you wait in line for an hour and people get frustrated they want to know if they are waiting in line they are going to end up driving away a full tank. they are frustrated. excited when they get the gas. mixed emotions. heather: thanks, jillian. i know jeff flock was out there yesterday he said there was a fist fight as a result of the aggravation. travel nightmare in florida. 4,000 flights have been cancelled that's through saturday. airports will begin closing tonight as the hurricane barrels towards the u.s. most flights are completely sold out. delta is adding 2,000 seats to try to get floridians out of the storm zone. jackie: president trump keeping a close eye on irma's path as is he briefed inside the oval office. commander-in-chief is confident the state is
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prepared. >> we're very concerned. we are working very hard. we have tremendous groups of talented people there. the governor has so far done a terrific job. they are prepared. jackie: despite the precautions the president warned the impending damage to florida could be just as bad as we have seen in the caribbean. heather: congress meantime meant tracking hurricane relief howfers ahead of irma's landfall. a package could be sent to the president's desk as early as this afternoon. jackie: gator tenney with the details. >> good morning, y'all. the emergency measure provides fema $15 billion for disaster aid and it couldn't have come soon enough. the damage from hurricane harvey was so severe and widespread that earlier this week the agency informed lawmakers it was on track to run out of money by the end of this week. last night, the senate passed the emergency measure which nearly doubled the funding included in a bill
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passed by the house on wednesday. not everyone was behind this bill though. 17 republicans voted against it because it also contained an attachment to raise the debt limit which is how much money the government can borrow until december and it didn't include any cuts to spending. it's a deal that the president struck with democratic leaders earlier this week. >> you are basically saying if you want your money for storm relief, you are going to have to vote on some of these things that you find from a principled perspective and conservative you find them objectionable. it's done. it's ha h. to happen. whatever it may be. really i find that to be cynical and certainly, you know, i guess nothing surprises us anymore. >> house speaker paul ryan is not a huge fan of the deal either. but he said yesterday he understands why the president did it. >> i think what happened this debt limit hit earlier than expected. do you know why? two hurricanes. one thing that happened that was unpredicted was hurricane harvey now hurricane irma. but also the technology that
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people use now to apply for their federal fema aid is so much faster. >> the house is scheduled to vote on the updated measure to raise the debt ceiling and provide the hurricane harvey relief funding around 12:30 today. as you mentioned, it could be on the president's desk as soon as this afternoon. back to y'all. jackie: all right. thank you. heather: thank you very much, gator. president trumpmuch -- garrett. paul ryan said this is an opportunity for the country to come together. the president felt this was a chance, you know, to show some bipartisan, lead by example from capitol hill. jackie: kellyanne conway saying, listen, is he not a politician. is he a businessman. she had a quote or she had a thought about that. listen. >> the president is a sceflt businessman who is not a politician. people should keep reminding themselves of that when something like yesterday happens. he believes in negotiating. he believes in getting a
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good deal for the american people. he is not the head of the republican party. is he not making a deal with the democrats. is he getting good deal for the american people. his first goal was to get that hurricane aid and assistance to those in need. he also wanted to make sure that he has leverage on military spending. >> he made it clear from his campaign that he doesn't care if you are republican or democrat it's all about the american people and what's best for them. heather: the art of the deal. jackie: yes, exactly. a fox news alert four. at least five people are dead. biggest earthquake in a century rocks mexico. >> the debris falling to the ground and build building swaying. the quake striking the southern coast setting off dozens of aftershocks and tsunami waves which could effect california or hawaii. heather: to another fox news alert. north korea could launch
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another ballistic missile tomorrow as the prime minister of south korea suggested hot tempered national may want to show off force for north korean holiday. warning kim jong un his actions will be met with consequences. >> north korea is behaving badly and it's got to stop. i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen. heather: the president said if the u.s. does launch military action, it will be a very sad day for north korea. jackie: the department of justice taking fight to preserve president wants travel ban to the supreme court once again it comes after a federal appeals court rejected the administration's revised travel restrictions from six muslim majority country tris. the court ruling refugees, grandparents and other close relatives should be allowed into the u.s. not just family members. the supreme court will re-examine the ban next month. heather: new england patriots slapped with major upset hot off super bowl
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win. >> out of the gun with the empty back field. collapsing around him and swallowed up. heather: opening night shocker the kansas city cheefts blasting the pats 42-27. chief's cornerback marcus peters sitting for the national anthem in protest. jackie: time is 13 after the hour. massive data breach, security numbers. drivers license and personal information for nearly half the country stolen. heather: florida's remote country under mandatory evacuation. if you are thinking of staying you are on your own. jackie: how the past five presidents are chipping in to help hurricane harvey survivors ♪ oh, but ain't that america ♪ you and me ♪
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irma barrels for the keys. next guest says if you stay you are on your own. heather: good morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. heather: bring us up to date. i know everyone is under mandatory evacuation for all of the florida keys. >> yes. it's great news i can tell that you people have been leaving the last couple days. this is a big, bold, strong, nasty hurricane. and folks have been leaving the keys. so, we we're probably down to maybe 5% or. so it's hard to tell who is here, who is not, of course, just by looking at the streets and activity. folks are taking this storm very seriously and it's very important to do that, obviously. pause, you know, we were hoping for that right hand east continue but it's just not happening. it's headed our way. we are prepared. and we will see what happens today. i think the last few folks will probably leave today. jackie: you said in a news conference, if you stay, you are on your own because
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people aren't going to be coming to save you because they will be putting their lives at risk, too. this is now a category 4. could be category 5 any minute again. you said get out of there. >> absolutely. even if it's category 2 or 3. it's very dangerous. this is, especially the storm surge. and we will not come save you. you are right. absolutely. you know, we are not going to risk the safety of our first responders for anybody whose irresponsibility for not leaving. we have been watching this thing for two, three, four days. and we got another day and a half or two days. so we -- it's plenty of time to leave. and it's just not worth risking it. heather: if you don't leave you are out of luck anyway the draw bridge amongst other things closes at 8:00 a.m. all the hospitals close at 7:00 a.m. what else? >> right. there is going to be no hospitals. you know, no first responders. we have 42 bridges that connect the keys. it's 120 miles long. any one of those bridges goes down, we lose
2:19 am
connection to the mainland. so, you know, it would take weeks, maybe months before the bridge gets repaired. why live under those conditions when you easily just go somewhere else. hopefully to a relatives or a friend's house and wait this thing out. we're a dinner breed down here. so hopefully folks are looking at that we feel confident. and we are just waiting to see where this thing turns. that right-hand turn we have been waiting for. jackie: real quickly, how far out are you telling people to get out of town? >> we started on thursday getting people out. so people have been, you know, going out. the tourists went out on wednesday. now, if there is a silver lining in all of this, this sour slowest week of the year because it's the week after labor day. so, we didn't have that many tourists here. they left after labor day. of course folks starting school. traditionally this is one of the slowest weeks of the year. that is a little silver lining. we didn't have to move that
2:20 am
many visitors out. heather: are you and your family leaving? >> my family has been gone. we went when we said that residents are gone. they were gone. at the last minute we might leave, too, for a storm like this. again, if you stay down here, if you are listening, you are on your own. don't even dial 911 because nobody is going to answer. jackie: that's chilling. roman, thank you for your time this morning. heather: be careful down. >> there thank you. heather: single beer can in the bleachers forcing nearly 80 kids to take an alcohol and drug test. the outrage that's now boiling over from the parents. heather: vanity fair releasing best dressed list with one name in particular that is missing. so why didn't melania trump make the cut? >> heather: that isn't right. ♪ ♪
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heather: we're back with a fox news alert. social security numbers and personal information of nearly half of all americans exposed in a massive data breach. 143 million people impacted will receive a letter in the mail. we're now learning that equifax executives sold nearly $2 million in shares in july just days after discovering the hack. they maintain that they did not know about the breach at the time of those sales though what was senator bernie sanders' vision for america during the election? >> public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> tuition-free. >> tuition-free. heather: and turns out it's not that easy. louisiana now struggling to pay the nearly $300 million bill for their free college
2:25 am
program. now, the state organizing a task force to decide if they can continue paying for an estimated 50,000 students to go to school. let. jackie: i wish i had a free education that would have been nice. group labeled white nationalist. socialists at university slamming conservative students tore voicing support for the administration's daca decision. criticism of their views is not new. that group tells us they are being threatened. >> we are definitely watching our backs on campus. there has been a target put on my back. there has been a target put on all of our members' backs. jackie: the college republicans have also been called a hate group for asking a muslim student association to condemn a terror attack. meanwhile, outrage as dozens of students are forced to take alcohol tests after a single can of beer is discovered at a high school football game. officials ter'ran dorsal high school in new jersey giving 75 teenagers two hours to get screened or face suspension.
2:26 am
fewer than five teenagers tested positive. the school has apologized to the rest of the students for the inconvenience. heather: time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. bracing for a direct hit. areas in both sides of the florida peninsula now under hurricane warning. jackie: time to prepare and evacuate shrinking and some of the state's shelters are already filling up. our live fox news team coverage continues next. ♪ ♪
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jackie: a fox news alert. hurricane irma on a deadly path of destruction. the category 4 monster now on a direct path for miami. heather: mandatory evacuation orders cover at least 1.2 million people in florida. jackie: we have fox news team coverage with jillian mele and janice dean. heather: we begin with griff jenkins. is he live for us in key largo. that's where people only have a matter of hours to
2:30 am
evacuate. griff, have you gone from harvey to now irma. >> that's right. you know, it's just going to be a matter of hours. this time tomorrow we'll start feeling the tropical winds before the really heavy stuff starts setting in and reaching the keys around 6:00 p.m. perhaps tomorrow afternoon. let me just show you the absolute ghost town that key largo is right now. peeping getting out. panda tore evacuations. this gas station all boarded up like everything else down here. as we have heard time and time again, this is not only a wind threat, but it is a storm threat. here in the keys, we are essentially at sea level and they're predicting a storm surge as much as 10 feet. meaning the gas station you are looking at could possibly be feet under water. the evacuation is for the entire keys. we have seen people trying to get out now every now and then a few cars go by. but the message is clear if you are down here, get out and get out now.
2:31 am
the monroe county administrator, roman guess romas tease laying it out as if you don't get out now it's going to be bad and wire not coming for you. >> it's going to be dangerous, especially the storm surge. we will not come save you. again, if you stay down here, if you are listening, you are on your own. don't even dial 911 because nobody going to answer. >> so the bridges our viewers may know when you come to the keys, it's just a sequence of bridges all the way down to key west and that first bridge you take for a few miles out of the florida city area homestead area that was absolutely devastated and ripped apart in 1992 by hurricane andrew. similar expectation for the storm surge and wind damage certainly could isolate the keys for days. what they are describe something not only catastrophic but possibly uninhabitable without any
2:32 am
electricity or any water. folks here are hopefully still trying to get out because it's coming here, guys. heather: griff, thank you so much. we appreciate it. heather: be careful, griff. janice dean is live in the weather center to tell us more about hurricane irma. >> we received the latest advisory from the national hurricane center. they have downgraded it to a category 4. but we are just 2 miles shy of a category 5. so i don't even want you to pay attention to the category. we are still dealing with the catastrophic deadly storm moving across the florida keys and south florida. turks, caicos. bahamas taking the brunt of this to 20-foot storm surge for these very low lying areas. that damage is going to be potentially catastrophic. the worst of the weather is going to start to go down hill this afternoon into tomorrow morning and sunday we expect the landfall somewhere across south florida. in this case perhaps miami taking the brunt of the worst of the storm surge and the winds and the rain on saturday morning as this
2:33 am
certainly the eye wall makes landfall sometime saturday into sunday across south florida. sea surface temperatures i want to make mention of this because we have seen a little bit of weakening. we still have very warm water ahead. close to 90 degrees with not a lot of land interaction, so there is the potential for this to be upgraded again to a cat 5. cat 4, cat 5 doesn't matter. it's going to make a huge impact on south florida and the keys. the models in good agreement right now. saturday night to sunday making impact on not just south florida but the whole state of florida. and this storm takes up the whole peninsula. so it's going to cover the whole peninsula as it makes landfall. and then eventually moves up towards the carolinas and georgia that will be our next story for now we are watching florida. listen to your officials. listen to your local forecast. get out if they tell you to do so, your time is running
2:34 am
out. jackie: some of them saying get out. we are not coming back for you. heather: don't call 911. jackie: hurricane irma path of destruction. heather: bracing for direct hit from the most powerful atlantic hurricane in recorded history. jackie: jillian mele picks up our coverage from miami where there is a major gas crisis here this morning. jillian: there has been a gas crisis for days. governor scott has been trying to get as much fuel down. just a couple cars in line. counting three at this point. not really long lines at this hour. all day yesterday. all day on wednesday the. we saw lines for blocks. and we expect to see a lit bit more of the same later today. i want to tell you something that a lot of people have been recommending as far as trying to recommend where to find gas in the area. actually an app. called gas buddy. we downloaded it yesterday. we used it to get gas ourselves. i don't know how much of this screen can you see. we are at the chevron at 57
2:35 am
and 7th. it says does this station have fuel or power. you can click on it and it will tell that you it has gas, if it has power. if it does or doesn't. if was iffy yesterday i will tell that you because the station we got gas it said for a second it didn't have gas and then it did. it is one of those things unfortunately people have to wait in line. this is at least a helpful guide if you are looking for gas in the area. ace mentioned governor scott doing everything he can to make sure people have enough fuel to get out of town. >> i'm going to do everything i can to provide the fuel so can you get out. i have been working with the oil companies, with the carriers, with the retailers. i'm providing law enforcement escorts to get more fuel into the state. we have three more tankers coming in to tampa. the white house, fema, e.p.a., department of transportation, department of energy, everybody is helping us. jillian: that was from hannity last night and that's still the case this morning. look, if you are in the miami area, this portion of
2:36 am
florida, you need gas. you can see now is a good time to come out and get it the lines aren't that long just yet. certainly won't be the case later on this morning. back to you. heather: not with 1.2 million people impacted by the evacuation order. jackie: you may have a lot of company there in an hour or two. you said gas buddy is the app.? jillian: gas buddy. heather: despite the warning from officials to get out, we told you, you heard it some people are choosing to stay at home and ride out the hurricane. jackie: like bill lay plans to ride out the storm himself. you are going to wait it out. you have a lot riding on this storm. two restaurants, one martini bar and catering company that employs 50 people. you are going to stay put, huh? >> i am. i generally don't leave. first of all, thanks for having me. i generally don't leave for hurricane. i know this one is the most intense one since wilma a way back. personally, i have an obligation, i feel, to the city of key west.
2:37 am
which has been very good to me and the employees to get them back to work and get back to normality as soon as possible. heather: bill, you say you have been there through other hurricanes. have you been there since 2001. have you had any close calls before. >> probably wilma was the closest one. the storm surge was pretty high on there. but it came in and it left pretty quickly. in the city of key west, there was a little bit of flooding that went on. some people -- there was damage and lost their homes. the one thing about this city. which is incredible. which is major part of why i'm staying is, that this city is full of diversity. differing political opinions and everybody bands together as one. it's a fantastic place to be. i can't picture being anywhere else in a time disaster. i know this city will come back quickly. jackie: that mentality is absolutely beautiful. it makes the keys so gorgeous are the people there people at home say you are crazy for staying. there is there any part of you that's nervous about this. >> my family is one of those
2:38 am
people saying i'm crazy. but i do have my wife and part of my family down here. again, if i thought i was in danger of my life, i would not be sitting here talking to you. i would be back today. i do have plans -- heather: your wife and your family are they staying, too? >> my wife has made the decision to stay with me as well. i did ask if she wanted to stay. she sunday the same philosophy that i am that we need to be here to when this passes. because the storm is going to come and go. the problem is the aftermath. this city is going to need as many hands as possible to get things back to normal. jackie: bill, all officials saying get out. why are you saying that you feel like there is no need to get out? just curious? >> i didn't say there is no need to get out. anybody with children and things of that sort, medical conditions i tell them to leave right away. it's my wife and i, the family clan. we have a place to stay which is very, very secure. it's very high up. we're pretty much we're secure in what we think we
2:39 am
know is right in staying. afterwards we will be in full force immediately along with the rest of this community. we are not the only ones who stayed there is a lot of people who stayed to get this place back together. heather: bill, as we have seen the places hurricane irma has already been. the communication systems are cut off. we certainly hope that you are going to be okay. as soon as you can, please contact us again to let us know that you are okay and what you experienced. jackie: praying for you and your family in florida. >> i sure will. thanks so much. heather: be careful. jackie: the time is 40 minutes after the hour. florida's governor issuing urgent call for volunteers as the state braces for hurricane irma. how you can help coming up. heather: plus, social media pleading for the deadly storm to hi head on is, that true? i thought i was reading something wrong. but apparently that's true. disgusting reason why. ♪ low, low, low, low, low ♪
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heather: social media now actually pleading for irma to head to south florida. thought that was a typo. it's not the. the disgusting reason why they want the deadly storm to slam president trump's winter white house marlg. jackie: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7. outrageous comments getting online. >> whether you voted for him or not i think we can all agree this is pretty terrible. as hurricane irma barrels towards the united states. some people are saying they want that storm to hit florida just so that it could destroy the president's mar-a-lago estate. some people even posting messages, guys, on twitter saying that they want the president to go to florida this weekend so he can also be physically injured by this storm. now, let's take a look at this tweet from somebody pretending to be god saying dear humans, please find shelter. i don't want any of you innocent, wonderful people to get hurt.
2:44 am
i only want to destroy mar-a-lago. but now some people are really fighting back from this. mandy says your jokes about irma hitting mar-a-lago aren't cute or funny. people have lost everything and more are about to. another tweet from victor says the number of people begging hurricane irma to wipe out mar-a-lago and only mar-a-lago is sickening. so, politics aside, you know, democrat or republican, the lack of human decency here is really pretty sad, right? jackie: vanity fair made a big mistake in my opinion. >> well, we do have sort of a fashion debate on our hands this morning. vanity fair came out with international best dressed list. this is something that they do every year and former president obama and michelle obama made the cut. but somebody who was noticeably absent from that list first lady melania trump. a lot of people like you, jackie, say hey, she fantastic dresser. could this be politically
2:45 am
motivated? so we have fallout from this today. look at this tweet from b. morrow saying it's unimportant. he prefers first ladies not to be used for marketing fashion or emphasizing appearance. i kind of agree with that gary also says i am also certain melania is above such petty vanity. yours truly though says michelle can't hold a candle next to melania in the style department. vanity fair is fake news. so i guess this magazine could do whatever the heck they want. i have a feeling melania trump isn't losing sleep. heather: ivanka wasn't either? >> jackie: if i could spend a day in their wardrobe. heather: she didn't make it either did, she. >> no. she didn't make it but she is hitting the road once again to promote upcoming book. politico is reporting a lot of democrats are actually dreading this book tour. let's take a look at this tweet from democratic congressman from california jared huffman.
2:46 am
he said she has every right to tell her story. who am i to say she shouldn't or how she should tell it but it is difficult for some of us even like myself who have supported her to play out all these media cuyahoga county kels will the blame game and excuses. a lot of the other people are chiming in on this. roberto said in a tweet i think everyone everywhere is dreading hillary clinton's book tour. this only exacerbates division among democratic voters. so, that's a pretty interesting perspective. i never really expected that but, you know, leading into the 2018 mid terms i can see where people would feel this way. jackie: the campaign that never ends with her. it? >> is the campaign that never ends. heather: speaking of voters it's time check in with todd piro. jackie: is he having breakfast with friends. what are you eating this morning, todd. you always have something good there. todd: ladies, i will get to that in a second. i wanting to make the point. hillary may not have come to wisconsin but "fox &
2:47 am
friends" did. obviously a lot to talk about. the focus today clearly from a news perspective is hurricane irma. we're going to talk to the voters about the issues of the day. the debt limit, daca, things of that nature. this is paul ryan's district. so obviously that's going to be a big topic of conversation. and we're also going to talk donuts. my advicedon't vice, hopefully s too. more "fox & friends" top of the hour. er than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ are you taking the tissue test? yep, and my teeth are yellow. time for whitestrips. crest whitestrips whiten... ...25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. nice smile! thanks! i crushed the tissue test. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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jackie: horror story from a hospital meant to treat our nation's heroes. according to the "u.s.a. today" doctors mistakenly embedded 10 inches of plastic packages inside a sick veteran's leg. that legislature needed to be amputated. the memphis v.a. is rated
2:51 am
one of the worst in the nation with more than 1,000 reports of patient safety threats last year. heather: unreal. first responders filing suit against the arkema chemical company in the wake of harvey. the plant failed to warn them about toxic fumes as they responded to several fires. several claimed that they suffered serious bodily injuries after breathing smoke from burning chemicals. the company maintains that they never mislead the first responders and they are who you having to fight the suit. jackie: as texas braces for the impact of hurricane irma. the help of volunteers is needed now more than ever before. heather: joining us now to discuss the effort is former navy seal and newly appointed chief of external affairs for america carl higbie. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. heather: before we get into ways people can help volunteer. what's the importance of volunteers? >> right now, when you have these major storms and there
2:52 am
is mass devastation in the communities, the only way to really get through this properly is to get volunteers from the community in there to help remove debris, help to clean out houses, tear down walls and things like that. we just simply don't have enough federal paid staff to make these things happen in a timely fashion. fema is doing phenomenal job in texas right now. the large passionate of what the recovery is volunteer work. right now president trump appointed two people debra and chester from florida. they were originally florida members of americorps and senior corps. they are going to make sure america is well taken care of this. we still need volunteers we diverted some of the volunteer resources to texas go. to national we need your help. jackie: we hear they need 17,000 volunteers this morning. there are about 7,000 that have registered. >> and that's before the storm hits estimate. it could climb as high as 25,000. like i said, we have programs for youth. if you are 18 to 25. can you join our nccc program do one year internship much
2:53 am
like apprenticeship and get a little bit of national service experience and maybe some college credits and some college grants, too. heather: what are the different ways that people can volunteer to help out down there in florida. >> right now senior corps is well pop plated in florida. 10,000 volunteers. because they are residents there they will be spending a lot of time and effort cleaning up their own houses and own communities. we need a lot of the people. the thing everybody needs to get out of dodge. the evacuation orders are not a suggestion. you need to leave for your own safety. when we come back, in that's when we will start resourcing the volunteer efforts we have. but right now listen to local authorities. in the next week or so we'll be back in there. keep your eye on national so we can get you involved. jackie: carl, what are some of the preparation being being taken right now. >> right now 18,000 gallons of water standing by. 1700 prepared meals. we have thousands of people. i mow americorps right now
2:54 am
in conjunction with volunteer florida is training 2,000 young volunteers to go in there and help clean this up along with 10,000 plus seniors that are happy to do this job. jackie: once again if we are sitting at home and want to get involved and don't live there in florida what should we do. >> right now the best thing to do is if you know people in florida, give them a place to stay to get out of state. the entire region is pretty much going to get laid down by this rain and this storm. so give them a place to stay if you know those people, also, if you can go to national, volunteer, get people you know to come down and volunteer or to register and it will be a huge help for the community so we can help america bounce back because that's what we do best. heather: 1.2 million people evacuated potentially impacted. both coasts of florida. the entire panhandle. don't forget all the folks down there in the u.s. virgin islands as well. that's 100,000 people americans down there dealing with that. >> with puerto rico, we have a number of people in puerto rico that are just the very tail of that storm said it was amazing.
2:55 am
the force of this thing was incredible. jackie: carl higg about buy thanks so much. heather: thanks, carl. the past five presidents now chipping in to help hurricane harvey survivors. president trump is getting on board, too. that's next. plus, meet the real harvey and irma next. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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heather: welcome back all five former u.s. presidents are banding together to raise funds for hurricane harvey and irma. jackie: one america appeal airing nationwide during the season opener. >> people hurting down here. as one texan put it we have more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas. jackie: we will confront any challenge no matter how strong the winds or high the water i'm proud to you stand for presidents one america appeal. heather: this couple married for 75 years share the same names as the two latest devastating hurricanes. heather: 1104-year-old harvey and irma a lot together over the years this is the first. hurricanes in the atlantic are given alternating names
3:00 am
men and women. those are retired if the storms cause major damage. heather: they look nice and friendly unlike harvey and irma. thank you very much for joining us. jackie: have an absolutely great friday. "fox & friends" will be watching out for you. heather: starts starts right now. >> florida now bracing for what could be a catastrophic strike from hurricane irma. >> category 4 storm a very strong category 4 storm possibly one of the worst storms florida has ever seen. >> every florida family must be prepared to evacuate. don't think you can ride out this storm. >> we are with the people of florida and as you know virgin islands. florida as well prepared as can you be for something like. this massive earthquake striking mexico overnight. >> it's mexico's strongest earthquake since 1985. there are reports at least five deaths, including two children. >>


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