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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 8, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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are given alternating names men and women. those are retired if the storms cause major damage. heather: they look nice and friendly unlike harvey and irma. thank you very much for joining us. jackie: have an absolutely great friday. "fox & friends" will be watching out for you. heather: starts starts right now. >> florida now bracing for what could be a catastrophic strike from hurricane irma. >> category 4 storm a very strong category 4 storm possibly one of the worst storms florida has ever seen. >> every florida family must be prepared to evacuate. don't think you can ride out this storm. >> we are with the people of florida and as you know virgin islands. florida as well prepared as can you be for something like. this massive earthquake striking mexico overnight. >> it's mexico's strongest earthquake since 1985. there are reports at least five deaths, including two children. >>
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>> president trump's decision to side with democrat on the debt ceiling rippling across washington. >> we had a great meeting yesterday with nancy pelosi and senator schumer. it was very bipartisan meeting. >> what is he trying to do is clear the deck so we can get focused on big things like tax reform. >> the president is a successful businessman who is not a politician. he is getting good deal for the american people. >> different parties. we have different thoughts. different feelings, different ideas. but, i think you are going to see a much stronger coming together. ♪ brian: first let's come together and talk about this. we have a fox news alert because of that hurricane irma new deadly path of destruction. now a worst case scenario for the state of florida. ainsley: miami and florida keys now bracing for a direct hit from the strongest hurricane in recorded history that is already responsible for at least 10 deaths. steve: monster storm
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triggering life threatening storm surge warning. some areas could see up to 10 feet of water. 10 feet storm surge. brian: at least half a million people told to get out. many of which seemed to have listened to governor rick scott as he orders schools and hospitals closed today and colleges. warning millions not to gamble with irma. >> evacuations are not convenient. they are meant to keep you safe. >> they keep will betting against mother nature the day is coming they are going to lose. ainsley: right now hurricane irma is on the move. it's heading to bahamas and cuba after whipping the turks and caicos overnight. steve: irma is expected to arrive in the florida keys late saturday night. griff jenkins kicks off our team coverage. is he live in key largo with the very latest. griff, good morning. >> good morning, guys. it's just a ghost town here. you see the gas station behind me boarded up. we are in key largo.
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there is only one way out. officials are saying it is time to get out right now. they say there is about less than 10% residents in the keys that have remained. as you guys have mentioned about the storm surge moments ago, up to 10 feet that is highly significant here in the keys because we are essentially at sea level. low lying area with low buildings. and if these winds deliver, as they said, a category 4, but only a few miles per hour at 155, less than a category 5, it will be absolutely devastating. and it will likely trap anyone who stayed behind in the keys in a situation that could be uninhabitable for weeks if not months. the monroe county, florida administrator roman gastesi issuing an awarning an hour ago on "fox "fox & friends fir" saying if you get stuck don't call 911 because no one is coming for you. take a listen. >> it's very dangerous. especially the storm surge and we will not come save
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you. again, if you stay down here, if you are listening, you are on your own. just don't even dial 911 because nobody is going to answer. >> and so just on the road behind me, interestingly enough, a fair amount of traffic for this early in the morning, perhaps those last remaining holdouts that thought they were going to ride it out. maybe they weathered some other storms. even andrew in 1992. all the predictions for what's going to happen here is going to be catastrophic and you will not be safe if you have remained behind. guys? steve: all right. thank you very much, griff. now let's go to janice dean. janice, this is still a category 4. it's like something they have never seen in florida. janice: absolutely. the national hurricane center saying we're going to downgrade it a few winds shy of a cat 5. i don't want to you let your guard down. we are still dealing with a very strong, potentially catastrophic storm. i also want to point out we also have jose which is a major hurricane out in the atlanta and katia in the gulf of mexico fortunately will not effect the gulf
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coast. 1857 brings it up to a cat 5. still very warm water ahead of this. no reason why we can't actually see this wind change fluctuation and move it up to a 5 again in the next advisory. you can see right now i mean battering the turks and caicos and baums with 15 to 20-foot storm surge. that's going to inundate flat low lying islands. future radar, the core of the strongest winds are going to remain intact over the next 24 to 48 hours. now we are coming into agreement that this will impact the florida keys and south florida as possibly a worst case scenario with the worst of the storm surge, the worst of the winds, the worst of the rainfall just want to also point out we are at 86 degrees around that sea surface temperature. look at the water ahead of this storm. okay. close to 0 degrees with nothing in its way to disrupt it. that's why i don't want you to look at this and say oh, a weakening hurricane, no way. is it weakening.
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it's going to be potentially one of the worst hurricanes they have ever seen in florida history. if you are told to evacuate, you need to do so now. your time is running out. ainsley: janice, any chance it could turn and go back out to the ocean and not hit landfall. janice: this is the cone of uncertainty. we call it that for a reason. if there is a jog to the right or left it could spare some folks. i don't want you to take your eye off the major prize here and that is the fact that we could see a devastating storm. and by the way the whole storm is as wide as the state of florida. steve: absolutely. janice: everyone is going to get impacted from this. i also want to sake georgia and carolinas and as well as the tennessee valley going to see this next week. this is potentially devastating disaster in the making. steve: absolutely. brian: meanwhile, there is evacuations all the way up to georgia. they are saying get out. so you got to make sure the people that want to get out have gas to get out and the traffic to negotiate. i think a lot of them left in the middle of the night hoping to get out in a
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reasonable fashion. but they were still trapped. ainsley: i had a friend that was trying to get out. steve: thank you, janice. ainsley: waited on the highway went over afew miles over the course of five or six hours. if you are looking for gas, jillian was talking earlier about this app. on her phone. gas buddy app. and tells you where you can get off the interstate and get gas. who has fuel and who doesn't. steve: i was reading the south florida papers this morning. particularly the miami herald said if you are expecting to go to a shelter later today, there are certain things you need to take. did you know if you take a shelter you need to take a gallon of water per person for at least three days. if you have medication you need to take the medication obviously with you. bedding, towels, you got to take your own toilet paper. a cell phone with battery charger. if you have got a baby, take baby food and diapers. and there will knob beds or showers. usually it is a gymnasium. so just be forewarned because if that is your last resort, having to go to the
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shelter, you might show up and realize there is nothing there. ainsley: friend of mine staying in a hotel, higher ground five miles away from the water. sent out a note from anyone at the hotel don't expect electricity or food services to bring water, bring food, close your drapes. close the blinds and the drapes and the blackouts in the room just in case glass shatters and is blown into your hotel room. steve: you have the highways from the keys. that's a picture from key largo yesterday. and as you can see amazingly people just getting off the keys going north to what would eventually be a big traffic jam. brian: back to politics as it relates to the hurricane in washington. last night there was dinner. you may have had dinner with somebody important. to so did the president of the united states or should i say so did the speaker of the house. he had dinner with the president where they went over some very important issues. and maybe had a chance to talk out the president's deal that he cut with nancy pelosi and leader senator
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schumer. ainsley: entrees were taxes, budgets, hurricanes with a side of bipartisan agenda for the fall. steve: you know what's interesting though. according to the white house, those are the things they talked about. but they didn't talk about repealing and replacing obamacare. ainsley: right. steve: there is no word whether or not they talked about border security and the wall. yesterday we told you that after the president seemed to ad-lib and cut that deal with the democrats, that mitch mcconnell, while other people had said look, president has a brilliant strategy to work with the democrats. mitch mcconnell said i don't think the president has a strategy. and paul ryan, according to axios was furious at the president. brian: not yesterday with martha maccallum. yesterday here he explains the president's approach and now it's not a big deal for him. >where was it you were furious. >> i wasn't furious. i have a believe on debt issues that we should for the credit marks have longevity on these things. i completely understand why he was doing what he was doing and why his motivation is we have got hurricane relief.
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let's make it bipartisan. and let's clear the deck so we can focus on shared agenda like tax reform. you expect the president to talk to another party. isn't it natural that are president should be speaking with leadership with members of the other party? ainsley: what do you think? brian: speaker ryan probably is ticked off. the president has two hurricanes budget reand tax reform to pass. he proves he is able to do it. number two, he also made the democratic leaders do something they told their colleagues not to do. deal with him. so next to my knowledge there is a lawmaker that wants to deal with the president, is told by leadership don't you deal with the president, or you are going to be hell to pay, really? what did you do nancy pelosi? what did you do senator chuck schumer? steve: democrats have said all along we are willing to deal with this president as long as he has a deal that we're interested in. brian: but they haven't. they have been told to back off. steve: what is interesting about what paul ryan just said and what the official
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spin from the white house was was the reason the president agreed to this short-term deal of 90 day was to clear the deck so they could do something about tax reform. but then when the president was asked about it yesterday, he said the reason did i it on a short-term basis was for the military. you know, we got a lot going on. north korea and everything else. got to deal with the military. ainsley: i think it's great. he was saying listen you republicans aren't following my agenda. the people's agenda. if you are not going to do it, he continuously warned them. steve: is he a dealmaker. ainsley: absolutely. people going i hope when he goes out on the campaign trail does these rallies he doesn't put down republican leaders is he going to need these leaders. the republican party needs to come together. but, he is been asking them to. he has been asking them to. he has been warning them and they haven't done it so now is he going to the other side. brian: paul ryan said we passed a bunch of stuff in the house. look at the senate. brian: rush limbaugh a conservative's conservative. listen to his take. >> it's taken trump six
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months finally figure this all out. he has had nothing but trouble from his own party. has he had nothing but obstruction. nothing but disrespect. nothing but a bunch of lying on obamacare repeal and replace on tax reform on whatever it is. the republican leadership in the house and senate has told trump to go to blip and they haven't done blip for him. one theory holds this is going to bring the republican leadership in line. that trump has brilliantly maneuvered things here making a deal with these guys sent the signal to ryan and mcconnell that if you don't get on board with me, you guys may be the majority over there but you're not going to run diddlely squat because i'm going to be doing deals with them and this is going to bring mcconnell and ryan around. and start working with trump. steve: let's see about that. i was listening to rush at the end of his show yesterday. i was driving around answered said mark steyn was going to be filling in for him today because he, rush limbaugh is, evacuating his southern command post because of this big storm.
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brian: his southern command post. steve: that's what he calls it. ainsley: working with democrats to get things done, right? is this the future of washington? a former dnc staff and former trump team member debating that coming up next. ♪ ♪ got a hold on to what we've got ♪ advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer
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♪ ♪ steve: he is the art of the deal president, he wrote that book, remember, going against fellow republicans striking a legislative deal with democrats. the u.s. senate passing a more than $15 billion harvey aid package. and that also increases the debt ceiling and prevents a government shutdown. they will revisit this in 90 days. so is this a deal and a sign of things to come? here with debate we have steve cortez is he a former trump hispanic advisory and fox news contributor. and also joining us pablo rodriguez a former dnc staff and he joins us from our nation's capital. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: this is something new for me to say on this show you pablo the democrat think this president did a good thing. >> i do, i mean, he did a
3:18 am
brilliant thing. he called paul ryan's bluff. called someone tolls get the agenda item accomplished he needed accomplished. he took party politics out of the equation and focused on what the american people expect of the white house, which is, you know, checking boxes. getting things done that have been promised. steve: sure. absolutely. steve, you look at what has happened here as actually revealing the fact that there are now three parties in washington, d.c. >> yeah. and i do believe that or in some sense we could see if there are two parties, it's not republican and democrat. the two parties are trump and people versus the washington establishment. and far too many republicans have shown their true colors i'm afraid in 2017. they still have a 2015 mentality. they haven't woken up to what happened last year in 2016. the revolt of the people at the ballot box. they don't know how angry and upset and anxious the
3:19 am
people are about their security and their prosperity. they need to wake up. so what i think trump did here which is brilliant is send a message to congressional republicans that if you don't get on board, i will find a way to cobble together coalitions to get deals done. steve: i tell you, a topic that the democrats are not on board with is daca. and the president tweeted this out yesterday. apparently after a phone call with nancy pelosi. he tweeted for all those daca that are concerned about your status during the six month period you have nothing to worry about. no action the president says. all right. pablo, does that make you feel better? >> that is reassuring. but even more reassuring than that was the tweet he put out a couple days before which was calling for, you know, congress to do the rit thing and get a legal status or legalize these 800,000 immigrant youth. there are a lot of different ways to do this. a very simple straightforward way to do this would to allocate expedited green card. green cards are something that i think the american people are familiar with.
3:20 am
we get lost in the weeds like steve says the washington swamp language of this act and that bill. so, yeah. let's get them a green card and get them normal and move on to another agenda item. steve: all right. steve, you know, maybe if the democrats get daca the president could actually get his wall. >> well, and i think that's the trade that should be made. not just the wall. i safe the wall and the raise act the immigration reform. because our immigration system i think all of us agree is badly broken right now. and the reasonable this president by the way hot mainstream media constantly tries to malign as being anti-hispanic, which, of course, isn't true. but the reason that he has the credibility, i think, to finally get a comprehensive immigration deal done is because of what he has already done in terms of securing the border. what he has already done in terms of accelerating the deportation of dangerous illegal aliens gives him the credibility to then say. steve: okay, steve. >> if we protect the dreamers we need these restrictions on immigration in return. steve: let's see what
3:21 am
happens. pablo and steve thank you very much for a good discussion on this friday morning. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile reports say speaker of the house paul ryan son the hot seat with members of his own party. some want him out. how do voters in his own district feel? todd piro is at a diner in the heart of wisconsin. ♪
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ainsley: now to headlines and fox news alert. will biggest earthquake in 100 years. >> ains ains debris falling to the ground. massive 8.2 quake sending off dozens of after shocks. evacuation underway over fear of tsunami waves. the death toll is expected
3:25 am
to rise. social security numbers and personal information of nearly half of all americans exposed in a massive data breach, the 143 million people affected will receive a letter in the mail and we're now learning equifax executives sold nearly $2 million in shares in july just a few days after discovering the hack. they maintain they didn't know about the breach at the time of the sale. brian: so who has it and what are they going to do with it? steve: good question. the best thing can you do to protect yourself go to the website and get the letter and do what they say? ainsley: it effects half of our country. steve: here is the thing. i looked at it online last night. what is the first thing they ask you for in the last six digits of your social security number. ainsley: used to be four and now six. brian: i'm not budging they are only getting 4. steve: you won't find out go. to wisconsin right now. we are going to daddy maxwell's that's a diner in williams bay wisconsin.
3:26 am
todd piro is there. that is paul ryan's district. todd, is a lot of people are talking about the president verse source the republican leadership. how do the folks out in speaker ryan's neck of the woods feel about that dynamic? todd: steve, you couldn't have said it any better. that is literally the tub one topic of conversation. that and these donuts of which the counter is already up to 1.5. the this area voted evidencely for president trump. it's also speaker ryan's district. so what do the people think? i'm going to start with jim. jim is a financial plan his or her really does not like the fact that president trump tied harvey funding to the debt limit. why? >> we have to address our fiscal issues and by working with pelosi and schumer, it sounds like trouble is coming and too many strings are going to be attached to that bill. i would much rather see clean legislation. one thing at a time. one step at a time. instead of getting into bed with probably the two biggest snakes on the planet. todd: but this being paul
3:27 am
ryan's district you do the no let mr. ryan off the hook, why? >> no. he has been our representative for well over 10 years and we have been told for years and years i have got great tax plans coming. i'm going to change. this i'm going to change that and there is nothing on the table no. legislation introduced. be pretty easy to put a tax plan together on a napkin and run it through congress, taxes go to 15% january 1st and there is no legislation out there. so, pretty disappointing to be told this time after time and nothing happens. todd: jim, thank you for your time. you are, again, not 100 percent supporting mr. ryan. these folks over here are big paul ryan fans. we are going to start with pam pam why do you support paul ryan. >> i supported him and worked with him since 1998 as a volunteer. is he a true conservative. is he also a person that i really trust ethically. i like the things he has
3:28 am
done. he has been put in a very difficult position at this point. most of the people around here didn't really want him to take the speaker job because torn in some directions. todd: i want to ask you this, tying the harvey package to the debt limit. it really do on the seem like paul ryan was a big fan of that and, in fact, he wanted a much longer debt limit. but he says he is going ahead with what the president wants. do you think that's what really what paul ryan wants? >> well, i think that prior to the hurricane, coming hurricane he wanted a longer term solution. but, i think he really understands with compassion for the people, with the hurricane they really need to do it this way even though it's not his hirst choice. that's what politics is. if you insist on first choice like mccain and some people i would name, then you are not going to get anything or help anyone. todd: there is also one other big issue especially
3:29 am
this weekend there is a little football game. who are we rooting for everybody? >> go pac. todd: there did you go you have it from wisconsin. back to new york. steve: you don't see that every day. ainsley: what's happening this weekend? steve: a big football game. brian: a lot of them. football season kicks off. steve: big topic to ask the people in the speaker's district apparently on wednesday three influential members of the freedom caucus went and talked to the speaker including mark meadows and said essentially unless you get stuff done we will replace you. brian: begged him to take the job. steve: probably rouxes that day. brian: paul ryan says i get along with mark meadows and coming up later jim jordan. ainsley: everyone i have ever met that knows him says set nicest guy. smart leader. that's why they wanted him to be the leader. if he doesn't get anything done it doesn't take away who is he as a person or character.
3:30 am
not getting anything done it's frustrating to the american people. brian: he points out they passed a ton of legislation all dead in the senate. he. steve: she's how complicated the republican party right now is coming up on this very busy friday. just revealed how hillary clinton copied with that historic election loss. it involved liquor. i will tell you that. ainsley: lots of chardonnay. back to top story, hurricane irma closing in on the florida coast with millions of people in its path and jillian is life on the ground. we are going to talk to her. jillian? jillian: that's right. here's the situation in florida. you drive around, wasting gas, looking for a place that has gas to fill up so can you get out of town. we are at a spot right now right near the airport that does have gas. the lines aren't too long. we will tell you where we are and tell you about an app. that can help as well. that's on the way when "fox & friends" continues ♪ ♪
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>> if you stay, you are responsible. don't expect us to risk the lives of our first responders because of your irresponsibility. steve: so get out now he is saying. we're back with a fox news alert. it is 6:34 in florida. and a warning from florida leaders as florida, the state, braces for what is shaping up to be a summonster hurricane. ainsley: hurricane irma son the move. it's heading directly to miami and to the florida keys. brian: at least 700,000 miles statewide told to get out. steve: people. brian: 700,000 miles in that braidous told out to get out or prepare for the worse. janice dean joins us live and is tracking hurricane irma. but, first, i would rather go to jill i can't believe, no offense, janice because jillian is on the ground in florida. hey, jillian. ainsley: or just because you were told to do that. jillian: good morning, guys.
3:35 am
ainsley: what's going on there? jillian: so we want to tell people if you are watching us from the miami area right now, we're at a gas station right near the airport that has gas. people are saying that's who helpful when stations are telling them where you can find gas. we're at the corner of 57th and 7th right now. there is gas. taps chevron station. i also want to tell you governor scott sent out a tweet last night about this app. that people are using and said people should use. it's called gas buddy. we downloaded it yesterday. we actually used it yesterday, here is the deal if i can show you. this this is the station at we're are at right now chevron it asks does this station have fuel or power. can you click on it and it shows you it has fuel. it shows you have power. if you haven't downloaded this app. the governor is saying this is going to be helpful to a lot of people. that u.s. just one helpful tip for you there. let's come over and talk to sam who is filling up right. >> now the gas pumps are very slow. that's what you are trying to do. >> that's what i'm trying to do. jillian: you said this gas station has gas. came over here imimmediately. >> yes, i saw i was driving
3:36 am
and saw very small line and i just came over and trying to fill up for my generator more than anything. jillian: that you can about the last couple days the lines have you seen at gas stations. >> they have been enormous. sometimes people told me they have been waiting two hours. i was good about it tried fill up, you know, through the whole week, not letting it go down too far. the lines have been terrible. i had to wait in one for about 45 minutes. jillian: have you ever seen anything like this. >> no, i have not. i have been here for 11 years. i lived in louisiana for 10 years. i never went through you a hurricane amazingly enough. you would think i would have but i haven't. jillian: staying around for this one. >> yes. we have three large dogs. i don't know where to go. we have impact windows a new roof. jillian: have you gas and a generator. so you are set. how was the line at home depot when you went to get the generator. >> it wasn't so bad. the parking lot was full but the lines weren't that bad. we were up at the won of 79th and flagler, the cots
3:37 am
co-looked full cosco looked full, too. everyone has been all right. i haven't seen any problems as far as people, you know, crazy things going on. jillian: we saw a little crazy yesterday. that's to be expected. people are tense and nervous and trying to get out of town. a lot of people spend time as i mention a few minutes ago driving around looking for gas stations as i mentioned they have got it here. who knows for how long though. that's the thing. i went inside earlier and asked how long do you plan to stay open? how long do you think you have fuel he said i just don't know. we got a delivery at 1:00 this morning. aside from that, we just don't know. that's the situation here in miami, guys. steve: jillian, thank you very much for the live report. gas is essential but for the most part, government offices, schools, malls are closed down and big grocery store chain down there publix is going to close at 9:00 tonight. ainsley: hats off to governors already closing schools and businesses and doing mandatory evacuations because for my family in south carolina, they don't know if they should stay or if they should go because my sister lives in charleston, she is a school teacher.
3:38 am
she doesn't want to leave because they haven't closed the schools yet. as soon as they do maybe she could catch a flight to new york although there aren't any flights. steve: depends on the track of the storm. janice if it took a right turn right now florida would be in better shape. janice: yeah but it's not going to unfortunately because of all of those computer models they are in very good agreement that now the keys and south florida are going to take a direct hit from this storm. i also want to mention we have jose in the atlantic. major hurricane and katia in the gulf of mexico not affecting the u.s. right now. hurricane warnings in the red shaded areas. all of those areas are going to start to see the conditions start to go down hill tomorrow morning and watches in the orange areas there. also storm surge warnings all around the south florida coast and the keys where we could get upwards of 10 feet of storm surge. especially on the right side of this storm. depending on where it makes landfall. so cat 4 right now. the storm is actually going through structural changes. it's trying to strengthen again. so we are only two miles shy of a cat 5. i'm not ruling
3:39 am
out the possibility that it gets there again. because there is a lot of very warm water ahead of it. in some cases 90-degree temperatures in front of the storm with not a lot of land interaction. as we go into saturday and sunday, we're thinking landfall saturday, sunday night or rather saturday night into sunday. and ace mentioned, these are the two reliable forecast models. both of them coming into very good agreement that the center of this storm is going to come on top of south florida and scrape up the whole coast of florida over the next couple of days. then, of course we will watch the carolinas and georgia and tennessee as the storm continues to move north and eastward. there is our gfs model moving right on top of south florida. that is worse case scenario right there. worst of the storm surge. worst of the winds. worst of the rains catastrophic. back to you. steve: all right. janice. looked for a while like the west coast was going to dodge a bullet because it was moving to the east but now it's right smack dab up the spine of the state.
3:40 am
ainsley: that's scary. all right. thank you, janice. now to a fox news alert. the department of justice taking care of -- president's travel ban the supreme court once again it comes after a federal appeals court rejected the administration's revised travel restrictions from six muslim majority countries. the court ruling refugees grandparents and other close relatives shouldable allowed into the united states. not just immediate family members. the supreme court will re-examine the ban next month. booze, burgers and fries, that's how hillary clinton copsd with her glaring election loss. in her book what happened, clinton writes i drank my share of chardonnay. she also says she splurged on fast food. clinton blames that loss on a laundry list of people including democratic challenger bernie sanders who says it's time to move on. >> but our job now is really not to go backwards. it is to go forwards. and i think it's a little bit silly to be keeping talking about 2016.
3:41 am
ing. ainsley: clinton wants book comes out next week. hot off the super bowl win. >> out of the gun with the empty back field. blasting around him and swallowed up. ainsley: brian, why don't you take this away. brian: overnight stunner, kansas city blast the patriots 42-27. pats jumped out to a quick lead. everyone singing their praises. the scores not the only thing people are talking about. chief's cornerback marcus peters again defying the national anthem this time taking a seat on the bench to protest that we have a national anthem. i guess the country is not good enough for him. ainsley: he is the only one? brian: this week. there is going to be at least five more who are going to be sitting, kneeling, doing something besides putting their hand over their heart. ainsley: you are guessing or already come out and said i it. brian: burgess owens coming up shortly a raider to give his perspective on that.
3:42 am
steve: he is the democrat accused of selling his senate office to live the high life. but will the mainstream media actually cover the trial of bob menendez? we'll talk to dr. allen dershowitz coming up. brian: steve, republicans shocked as president makes a deal with dems. the government establishment isn't looking at the whole picture. white house budget director mick mulvaney making his way to the couch ♪ not a yes, sir ♪ not a follower ♪ fit the box ♪ fit the mold ♪ in the foyer ♪ take a number ♪ i was lightning ♪ before the thunder ♪ thunder ♪r thunder ♪ needs a great how. ♪ aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else.
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a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. prinel brian 15 minutes to the top of the hour. president trump striking a deal with democrats this week avoiding a possible government shutdown. ainsley: this move shocking many members within his own party. so why did the president side with the democrats over the g.o.p.?
3:46 am
steve: here to weigh in now is the director of the office of management and budget mick mulvane j y. who joins sphrus the couch on the north lawn of the white house. brian: i thought you were in studio. >> they took my cell phone. steve: it is no secret the president of the united states is frustrated with congress. he would like them to work a lot faster so in working with the democrats, what was he doing? was he giving leadership, republican leadership essentially a hey, i can do this without you guys if you are not going to help me? is that what was going on? >> i think you can read a bunch of different things into it. at the very highest level the first thing he was thinking was, look, we have things to do. we have a hurricane still inn. texas. let's not forget about what happened in houston. we have hurricane getting ready to hit florida. right after we deal with that we want to deal with tax reform. it is has been and remains the president wants top domestic priority. he wanted to clear the decks so we could deal with those two emergencies and tax
3:47 am
reform. to the extent he was able to move those issues off to december i think that's a great idea. ainsley: i know you said the president has been disappointed in paul ryan and the g.o.p. leadership. last night when the two had dinner you were there a short time of that dinner, what was it like when they both came face to face for the first time after he sided with the democrats and not paul ryan? >> yeah. it's fine. that's what i am always surprised when i read in the media how much everybody hates everybody in this town and how everybody back bi-con bitsd and fights. paul came over and had a nice chat with the president. i was only there five or 10 minutes. listen, the president of the united states is going to work with the speaker of the house of representatives. is he also going to work with the folks in the senate. chuck schumer. keep in mind most of what we want to do as part of this administration is to going to require 60 votes in the senate. it requires the president to work with everyone. and he can do that. so, the dinner was fine the gentleman got along great. we look forward to push tax reform. brian: you make harder for democrats to walk abe when you say the president doesn't want to reach out.
3:48 am
now he has hard core proof that he did. you also have to be frustrated by the but fact is the president wants tax reform with a budget done. they are not even going to take up tax reuntil the he could of the month after taking off all of august. is that where the frustration ask? >> yeah. well, i think it's a combination of things, right? put yourself in the shoes of just an ordinary republican voter. a citizen. anybody who is concerned about the way the country is moving. we were told that we would have obamacare repeal and replace by now. we were told we would probably be finished with tax reform right now and probably talking about infrastructure. here we are in the early part of september and they haven't even repealed and replaced obamacare yet. that frustration is real. the president is a guy who is driven by results and driven by action threes not always the way washington works you are seeing that action reasonably percolate to the top. ainsley: we heard the president and paul ryan did not talk about obamacare and immigration and the wall. does that mean that that's
3:49 am
on the back burner now that the president is ready for congress to focus on other issues like tax reform? >> again. i wasn't there but it wouldn't surprise me if the priorities were what are we doing in houston? what are we getting ready to do in florida to help these folks and then when do we get tax reform? it wouldn't surprise me if that dominated the discussion last night. steve: i know when he, the president and the leaders agreed on the three month deal what they were doing is they were extending the debt limit by three months. funding the government and the hurricane relief as well. there has been some suggestion that maybe the president would like to actually get rid of the whole debt limit for good. how would that work? >> i talked about that a little bit last night. i don't think we understand how it would work. i think this is what is driving that discussion. in fact, we did talk about this. how do we depoliticize it? how do we make it so it's not this precipice, this cliff every couple of monthsor years? how do you make it to where it's more of an ordinary course of business and is not yet just another divergent sort of leverage point in the process of washington, d.c.? how do we deemphasize the
3:50 am
politics? by the way. let's look at it from this perspective. what did the president do in addition clearing the decks? by cutting this deal with the democrats earlier this week? he proved that he can govern. he proved that he can run the country and prioritize what's most important at the appropriate time times. this may impede my ability to effectively govern the country? is there a way to deal with that in a different way? still allows us to use the debt ceiling as that check on where we are as spending. takes it away tool to break it down the way government works. brian: both sides let do you your thing we would have a much better budget and might have tax reform because we know you live on these numbers. mick mulvaney, thanks so much. >> thanks y'all. steve: have a nice weekend at camp david. brian: coming up straight ahead. the nfl system gets started with another anthem protest. this former super bowl champion says these players should actually be patriotic. burgess owens agrees with jim brown on this. he joins us live
3:51 am
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brian: nfl season officially underway and so were the protests. look at this. kansas city chief over the patriots cornerback marcus peters decided to sit down during the national anthem. here to react author of liberalism, how to turn good men to noah whiners, wienies and wimps. ainsley: thank you for joining us? >> good morning. ainsley: what was your reaction to what marcus peters did. >> we have to understanding what our country has always been about. that is every generation their job and our job is to make sure the next
3:55 am
generation has hope. they feel great about our country, great about their opportunities to move forward. these young men who are now millionaires because of their country and the price paid are not only failing our kids but they are betraying our past. these kids are looking for examples of what it takes to succeed. these guys are making millions of dollars, collecting and instead of standing and being proud of the opportunity and taking the opportunity to actually do some business in that off season, they sit down and put our flag down. brian: you send like franco harris and jim brown. malcolm jenkins and will sit down this weekend. this is what they're saying. they did a poll and they found out this that 70% of football fans say they will not watch because of anthem protests. 17% will not watch because of the anthem protest, 10%. too many penalties, 9% just not interested in sports anymore. 64% say players should stop speaking out on political issues all together.
3:56 am
your reaction? >> i would say this i think black and white americans need to learn our history. white americans stop apologizing. this country is the greatest in the history of mankind because of what we have done together and what might americans have done to help black americans experience 8 years of a black president. millionaires sitting on the sideline and complaining. and that's why that book is labeled whiners, wienies and wimps. stand up. people like jim brown i respect him. i wish i could respect the leadership in the nfl. those guys have really taken a knee on our country by letting these guys run rampant the way they are with the anti-american sentiment. brian: maybe this won't happen this weekend, burgess. maybe we turn the corner on it i doubt it after what i saw last night. thank you. ainsley: god bless you all. thank you. brian: straight ahead, a fox news alert. ♪ -- on the ground to track the massive system. ainsley: michelle malkin and
3:57 am
allen dershowitz and jim jordan join us live on our show. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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♪ brian: hurricane irma new deadly path of destruction now a worse case scenario for the state of florida. >> a very strong category 4 storm, possibly one of the worst storms florida has ever seen. >> it's going to be catastrophic and you will not be -- left behind. >> every florida family must be prepared toe evacuate. don't think you can ride out this storm. >> we are with the people of florida and as you know the virgin islands. florida is as well prepared as can you from something like this. >> massive earthquake striking mexico overnight. >> mexico's strongest earthquake since 1985. there are reports at least five deaths, including two children. >> president trump's
4:01 am
decision to sveda democrats on the debt ceiling rippling across washington. >> we had a great meeting with nancy pelosi and schumer. it was very nice meeting. >> took party politics out of the equation and focused on what the american people expect of the white house. >> the president is a successful businessman who is not a politician. he is getting good deals for the american people. >> we're different parties. we have different thoughts. different feelings. different ideas. but, i think you are going to see a much stronger coming together. ♪ steve: it is 7:00 here in new york city and down in florida as well. we start with a fox news alert. hurricane irma's new deadly path of destruction now, according to some, a worse case scenario for the state of florida. ainsley: miami and the florida keys bracing now for a direct hit strongest hurricane in recorded history. death toll rose to at least 11. brian: meanwhile violent
4:02 am
fury i guess you can call it triggers life warnings. some areas could see up to 10 feet of water. steve: not just the wind but the storm surge. governor rick scott ordering schools and government offices to close their doors. authorities warning millions not to gamble with this storm. >> they keep betting against mother nature, the day is coming they are going to lose. >> don't even call 911 because nobody is going to answer the phone. ♪ brian: right now hurricane irma is on the move heading to the bahamas and cuba after whipping up on turks and caicos. that happened overnight. ainsley: irma is expected to arrive in the florida keys late on saturday night. griff jenkins or tomorrow night i should say. griff jenkins is kicking off our team coverage live in key largo with the latest. griff? >> good morning. well, we are starting to see a little bit of light here. but it's not going to stay this way for long as that storm approaches. as you heard just in the intro that monroe county
4:03 am
administrator roman gastesi was saying if you stay don't call 911 because no one is coming for you. they are expecting unprecedented devastation here. not only from wind but because of the storm surge and in fact i want to quickly go to a fishing boat captain of 20 years. matt mccallalski. you are deciding to getting out. you were bond and raised. >> it's time to get out. we tried to wait for a the last minute to see if it would wobble or hit us. it's looking like it's going to be close enough now so it's time to get out. >> just so our viewers understand the significance, you know, have you gone through hurricanes here. what do you anticipate is going to happen here? >> well, i mean, if it stays on the track it's going on, this is going to be complete devastation in this area. we are going to have a storm surge of somewhere around 12 feet i believe. my neighborhood is only 8 feet above sea level with this it's not going to be so much the wind that's scaring us out, it's the storm surge. >> where are you going to governmental i'm heading up to miami. i have a house in miami.
4:04 am
we rode andrew out in that house. we are going to go up there and hunker down. >> have you thought about andrew as this approaches and what memories does that conjure? >> if anybody out there has ever lived through hurricane andrew you will never forget it. it was life-changing event for everybody here. we always joke around where were you during andrew. it's always fresh in our brains. i have not forgotten. it was devastating event at the time. being without power and seeing the neighborhood destroyed. took place time to get out and time to hunker down. >> get safe. there you go guys taking from a lifelong resident they are getting out. less than 5% of residents in the keys remain. brian: is he going to miami. brian: tell him to go north? get him a compass? >> they say you need to go farther north because the track of this is probably going to hit there as well. >> oh, yeah. i know. i saw it i would rather be here for it -- i mean i would rather be up in miami for it if it does come our way. i definitely don't want to be here. ainsley: yeah. >> matt has lots of gas in
4:05 am
his truck as well as a generator. for the old timers and matt is one of them here. there is a real sense it's eerie and there is a real sense of concern as the worst is headed our way in about 24 hours. steve: you are right about that. brian: it's not responsible to stay in miami. no one is going to come for you. risk their lives. steve: a lot of people are going to be in miami. brian: that's crazy. steve: they can't evacuate miami. ainsley: better than income key largo. steve: janice, the track, if it took a right that would be good. right now it looks like it's heading right from where griff was. janice: people look at these tracks and say it could move to the west or east. there is always a chance of error with these computer models. i will tell you they have some into such good agreement. that's why people are waking up saying oh my gosh, i should have gone because we are coming into this dire situation. this potentially catastrophic scenario for the keys and south florida with 10-foot storm surge and
4:06 am
incredible rainfall and the winds. i mean, the core of winds at 155 miles per hour. 75-mile center of the storm. if you are 70 miles, you know, in the path of the identity theft storm, you are going to feel those category 4 winds. and by the way, a strong category 4 just shy of a category 5. i might make mention that there is a lot of warm water ahead of this storm. 90-degree temperatures. not out of the question to bring it back up to a 5. so don't let your guard down by seeing a four. it's not weakening. it is going to hit south florida. and the keys as possibly one of the worst hurricanes they have ever had in their history. and so that's why people have that sense of doom. and unfortunately, the worst case scenario is playing out right now. the worst of the winds and the rain and surgeon are goinsurge are going tocome tomo. steve: cover of the "new york post" summarizes it here comes irmageddon is the
4:07 am
headline. given what is going on down there it is a scary time for everyone in south florida. brian: we know a lot of these neighborhoods getting reflooded especially on the outskirts of houston. houston is beginning to dry out and not easy for them. but some can't even rebuild because there is still sometimes chest deep in water. but a lot of those resources and a lot of those fema people have to go to florida at least temporarily. it's crazy. ainsley: i said earlier in the show my sister is a school sister? charleston. she wrote me and said actually we found out schools are closed in charles stolen through tuesday. steve: be safe, everybody. say a prayer for the folks down south. meanwhile, paul ryan and donald trump and mitch mcconnell we know earlier in the week one of them surprised the other two when the president of the united states made his surprising and shocking to many republicans deal with the democrats, well, last night, would have been great to have been a fly on the wall because the speaker of the house sat down for dinner with the president. ainsley: that's right. brian: and he sat down, this is the first time they are actually meeting since the president surprised many
4:08 am
people in the oval office by listening to all plans and then saying i'm going to side with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. i'm going to get $15 billion over to the people in texas. and i'm going to raise the debt ceiling for three months because i want to clear the deck for the budget and for tax reform. karl rove was on the radio with me yesterday from austin. he said the thing that bothers him about the deal was the surprise element of it. the suddenness of it that they didn't brief republican leadership ahead of time. and that was one of the things that senator marco rubio said. ainsley: don't you think that's how the president is. he said i'm used to going with my instinct. he wants deals done. he goes with that gut feeling. is he tired of congress holding out. and waiting so long and i think the american people are frustrated. they keep taking recesses and breaks and don't get anything done. is he like enough with that i'm going to start talking with the democrats. we are going to get things done quicker. steve: donald trump is a businessman. when you have a problem, what do you do? you call in all the parties. the president called in all the parties.
4:09 am
and reportedly, you know, the republican plan was initially okay let's go for 18 months. let's kick the can down past the mid terms. apparently they went around on that. and then what about 12 months? what about six months? and then the finally the president just said i'm going to cut to the chase. let's just do a three month deal to clear the deck to do taxes and also as we heard yesterday to support the military. because this is a time of great dynamic tension. brian: funding was going to cut off and they are trying to bulk up to continue to wipe out isis and obviously put resources into. ainsley: are you all a list person? are you like all right i have got get my kid into school. got to buy supplies. got to do grocery stopping. i'm a list person. i check it all off. as soon as i can check it off i have a glass of wine and breathe at the end of the day. the president has a list. steve: on steve bannon's wall. it's empties the office. ainsley: he can't check it of. is he furious? people were questioning whether or not paul ryan was
4:10 am
mad at the president for going around and talking at the democrats and talked to mick mulvaney a minute ago. when they had dinner last night everyone wants to say they were angry. they weren't. they got along. paul ryan understands the president is a dealmaker, too. brian: i think also the country is tired of the division. even if you think -- if you are way right and think everything you say is right and you are way left. i think the average person is tired of not getting anything done and everybody standing on their side. there has got to be a sense in this country if you lose an election it doesn't mean you are out of business. whether it's two or four years. i think the minority does matter. and in this case it's the democrats. but the question is, will chuck schumer say the president came to our side, took a lot of heat because of it now the budget is coming up. now the wall has got to be funded. immigration reform has got to be looked at. tack can a has got to be addressed. what does the president want? why don't you take it a step further and start bringing people together? steve: we don't know exactly what the deal was. we saw that picture of president essentially embracing chuck schumer. we don't know exactly what
4:11 am
else was in that particular deal. per se. but we do know. brian: what do you mean? steve: we don't know. okay, i will give you three months what you want. but have you got to give me three months down the road. we don't know what that was. ainsley: keep the dreamers in the country if you give me the wall. apparently the president was exuberant in the oval office because he had done something really popular with people on both sides. forget about the republican establishment. speaking of the republican establishment, steve bannon sat down with charlie rose. going to be interviewed. you will see it all on 60 minutes. among the things the juicy tidbits, apparently mitch mcconnell told the president of the united states hey, stop saying that drain the swamp stuff. meanwhile, mr. bannon, who is as we have played in the sound bite yesterday going to be the president's wing man outside the white house, he said his job, taking on the establishment, which does not like this president. >> the republican
4:12 am
establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. >> the republican establishment. >> the republican establishment. >> wants to nullify the 2016 election. >> trying to nullify the 2016 election, absolutely. >> who? >> i think mitch mcconnell and to a degree paul ryan. they do not want donald trump's populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. it's very obvious. it's obvious as night follows day. >> you are attackingen many fronts people who you need to help to you get things done. >> they are not going to help you unless they are put on notice they are going to be held accountable if they do not support the president of the united states. right now there is no accountability. they have totally -- they do not support the president's program. it's an open secret on capitol hill. everybody in the city knows it. brian: speaker ryan must have gotten mitch mcconnell mad yesterday. he told martha you have got to drain the swamp. he said that in that interview. steve bannon on "60 minutes." i also think as much as steve bannon says i was against the daca move.
4:13 am
i understanding why the president did it i understand why he didn't just nullify. he gave it a six month delay to work something out because he is trying to get something done. ainsley: is he right. why wouldn't mitch mcconnell and paul ryan want to be on board with the republicans? are they scared they are fearful for their political agenda? for their political future? they don't want to side with the president? steve: look at the agenda. essentially healthcare died in the u.s. senate under the -- you know, on the watch of mitch mcconnell. have you got to ask. brian: because of senator john mccain. steve: i think there were more than that as well but he was the only one they needed. some other people didn't have to reveal their side. going forward, who is on the president's side and who is not in his own party? i think it's going to be very telling. brian: all right. but they do have a right to their own opinion. steve: absolutely. brian: straight ahead. what's the next move for republicans after the president crosses party lines to make a deal with the democrats? we are going to be joined by congressman jim jordan next. steve: scandal growing
4:14 am
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brian: one day after striking a deal with democratic leadership to raise the debt ceiling and give texas $15 billion to recover. county president move his agenda forward with the current g.o.p. leadership or does he have to move without them? joining us right now is a man i know the president respects house freedom caucus member jim jordan. congressman, the president was frustrated he acted that wait a minute is he not upset he did it he actually feels embolden because of it are you okay with the move? >> well, no, i don't think it's a great plan for taxpayers. any time nancy pelosi likes something it's probably not the best deal for the american taxpayers. let's be clear here, brian. he didn't have many choices. you know, i learned a long time ago lack of preparation typically leads to poor results. when you don't prepare and you have -- you are left with poor choices, poor options, the president had to do something. so the biggest problem was we didn't stay here in august. and put together a debt ceiling plan. one that actually addressed
4:19 am
the underlying 20 trillion-dollar debt burden than we faces a a country. brian, we took the longest august recess break in a nonelection year, the longest period -- the longest break we have taken in over a decade. that's why the house freedom calculation called for back in july we said stay in august. let's figure out the debt ceiling. let's put together a tax reform plan and figure out obamacare. instead we went home almost six weeks. longest break in over a decade in a nonelection year. brian: even though you passed a lot of bills stuff didn't get done. >> important stuff didn't get done. what do american people want us to do bailed border wall, cut their taxes and fix obamacare. addressing the debt without fixing the problem. we get the key things done that's what the american people care about. brian: steve bannon said the republican establishment doesn't want to see president trump's agenda or president trump be successful. bring us inside the beltway. is he right? >> i think there are a lot of folks in this town who
4:20 am
aren't on board with what the american people elected donald trump as president to do and a republican congress to do. we have got to overcome that and it starts by actually making some decisions, taking the time to prepare and put together good public policy and then go after the debate. then go have the debate with the american people. if we had an option out there, we think you should cap spending and take the debt ceiling and raise the debt ceiling but cut spending as g.d.p. going forward. don't let government ever grow and grow and grow. put together a plan and go sell that to the american people then have you something to offer the president versus just what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer offered him two days ago. brian: do you want leadership to change? are you okay with speaker ryan. >> i want us to do what we told the american people we were going to do. again, i have said this on your show, brian, i have said it on so many shows. we make the job way too complicated. what did the american people elect us to do? let's do that despite what the establishment wants us to do and the obstacles we face. do what the american people
4:21 am
elected to us do. that's what i want to focus on. we need to do it quickly and it starts next with tax reform. brian: jim jordan always looking to work. let him do it. when we come back allen dershowitz talks about what's at stake with this president and more. 2424.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
brian: we're back with a fox news alert now. mass he evacuations underway after mexico's biggest earthquake in 100 years. this happened years ago. major concern about the potential tsunamis hours after the 8. 8.2 magnitude tremors struck the southern coast. they said they felt this in austin. debris is raining down and sending terrified residents running for cover. 50 million people across the country felt the tremors.
4:25 am
brand new video shows lights swaying back and for the inside office building and at least five people are dead. that number expected to go up. ainsley, steve? ainsley: thank, brian. the corruption trial for democratic senator bob then then did he see is underway but you wouldn't know it by the mainstream media's coverage. steve: that's right. all three major networks made no mention of it last night. ainsley: one lawyer is calling the trial an attack on hispanic americans. joining us now to discuss this is harvard law school professor and the author of that book right there trumped up, how criminalization of political differences endangers democracy. dr. allen dershowitz. dr. dershowitz, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: we are talking about this trial and just to give folks a background. you have the senator for 12 years in new jersey. he has a friend down in florida he is doing favors for him. is he saying he is claiming it was a friendship. that's what friends do. but, the government is putting him -- is he in court now for corruption. correct? >> yes. but one thing we know for sure, this case will not end with a trial.
4:26 am
it will go to appeal because many of these cases result in initial convictions and are then reversed on appeal because the law regarding corruption and what you need to get in return for what you give is very unclear and in a state of flux. this case won't be over unless the jury renders an acquittal. if it renders a conviction this case is going all the way up probably to the united states supreme court. the republican national committee is putting pressure on menendez to resign if is he convicted. this is yet another example in my view of the criminalization of political differences. now, i don't know whether he is guilty or innocent. the jury will determine that but we know that republican national committee is trying to turn this into a political advantage because if he does resign, immediately, his replacement is named by the republican governor. but if he waits until after his appeal is over, then the replacement may be done by a
4:27 am
democratic governor who may be elected. so politics is deeply involved in this case. steve: all right. meanwhile the judge was very clear yesterday, dr. dershowitz. he said don't turn this into a tabloid trial because mr. menendez, the senator's co-defendant, his attorney said this trial is an attack on hispanic americans. and we have got a clip -- rather, we have got a verbatim of what he said. he said their idea was to pay it forward. help young hispanic americans improve their lives, lift up their community. this case isn't only an attack on those two men, it's an attack on that whole group. what do you make of that observation? >> well, i think it's a mistake to focus on ethnicity. i think the better tactic for the defendant would be to focus on the political implications of this. i think when you make a charge of it being ethnic discrimination, you really have to have a great deal to back it up. and i don't see the evidence to back that up. i do think that they would
4:28 am
have a much, much better case if they said, look, this is business as usual. senators get gifts all the time. senators help their friends. this is about friendship. it's not about quid pro quo that would be a much, much better defense. both for the trial and for appellate purposes. ainsley: it does come down to corruption. if this were a republican involved in a corruption trial. wouldn't the mainstream media be covering it? yesterday was day two of this trial and the mainstream media didn't even cover it last night on the newscast. >> the mainstream media should cover every trial involving a public figure. i have no doubt about that. and whether or not the mainstream media is favoring men then dead because is he democrat or republican i don't know. make sure not corrupt laws regarding corruption is clear. this phenomenon i write about in my book the criminalization of political
4:29 am
differences. whether you have a law like corruption which is so elastic you can stretch it to fit your political enemies. today it's used against a democrat. tomorrow it's used against a republican. the same kind of elasticity is being used against president trump. people are saying he obstructed justice. he was corrupt. he had corrupt intentions. we need laws that are crystal clear. particularly when they apply controversial political figures. otherwise, too much discretion is placed in the hand of prosecutors. to decide who to prosecute and who not to when conducts is committed that is fairly common among elected officials. it's tragic that it's so common but it is common. steve: common and scary at the same time. >> scary. steve: dr. dershowitz thank you for joining us from your place up in martha's vineyard. >> thank you. ainsley: lots of plaques on the wall. lots of awards. steve: that's right. coming up on from this friday the president assuring dreamers they face no legal jeopardy at this point as they wait for congress to fix the daca program within the next six months. should there be?
4:30 am
michelle malkin is going to join us live on that coming up next. ainsley: get out or prepare for the worse. that's the warning for 4 million in the path of hurricane irma as it gets closer to florida. we're live on the ground in florida coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
not a yes of if florida is going to be impacted. a question of how bad florida is going to be impacted and where the storm ends up over the next four to five days as it passes inland. i think it's very important to point out any time the center of circulation of that storm travels inside that forecast air cone. whether it's on the left-hand side or right-hand side, taps good forecast. and then you have to -- you
4:34 am
know, add in to that the maximum radius winds, how far out hurricane winds extend from that center of circulation. so that's why i'm saying anybody right now from alabama to basically north carolina needs to be monitoring and taking preparations. obviously there is a lot of evacuation activity taking place in florida other the last 24 to 48 hours. heed all local warnings. the goal is get out of a storm surge vulnerable area that is coastal waters coming on shore. that's the most devastating hazard associated with hurricanes. get out of that storm surge area and get into a facility that can withstand the winds. that doesn't mean you have to travel hundreds of miles to do so. but get out of storm surge area into a facility that can w. stand the winds. later today i know that other states are also considering evacuation movement. and the jurisdiction to ask for call for mandatory evacuations may be directed by the governor or your
4:35 am
local officials. make sure you understand who issues that warning and why you are being moved and take precautions. obviously governor scott has been leaning very, you know, very far forward. we have been in support of governor scott. we are helping him to address the fuel issues. yesterday the president proactively waved the jones act to be able to supply more fuel to help the governor get more fuel into his state. the president has been very quick to also issue disaster declarations in support of the response movements that are going forward. and we will continue to work with our partners. with me today is secretary price from hhs. obviously emergency management, as i have been sailing is a partnership. not only a partnership across the federal government. it's a partnership through all levels of government all the way down to the citizens that we saw proactively step forward in harvey. we're going to need that same whole community approach today with me is secretary price. i would like to turn it over
4:36 am
to him for a few words about health and medical issues. >> thanks, brock. any time in an emergency you want to make certain you have the best people coordinating and i can tell you that the american people couldn't be more proud of the folks at fema and the leadership that brock long and his team are giving. i want to share a few words about harvey and then turn to irma. in terms of harvey, we remain in the response and recovery efforts that continue. the life saving activities are transferring to life sustaining activities. still have about 16,000 people in shelter from a health standpoint there are four hospitals that remain closed. this comes down from a high of about 30 memorial memorial hospital hospitals that were closed at the peek. 1 dialysis units are closed there is capacity to accommodate all the patients in the southwest texa area. brian: fema is letting everybody know that they're trying to stay ahead of this
4:37 am
mammoth storm and what they are exactly doing and now howe do you need personal responsibility. have you had at least five full days to react, get your things in order and evacuate. and they are trying to let them know that this is not a time to take chances. ainsley: the problem is for folks in south florida right now. now we are being told it's going to hit land tomorrow night. so they have today, all day today, basically to drive and tomorrow, i guess, to drive. most of them can make it out of florida in that a time. i have heard traffic is at a stand still. steve: what they're making clear and what we heard brock long the fema administrator say that they're looking for people to evacuate if you are in an area where there could be a dangerous storm surge. they have already evacuated areas a, b, and c down in south florida and folks down there know what they're. the worry is that if you put 16 million people on the road, there is going to be a big logjam. so what they are saying is if you are in the flood prone areas along the coast on east and west, then you think about evacuating those
4:38 am
houses and either go to a shelter or think about a plan b. brian: let's bring in michelle malkin the host of michelle malkin investigators on crtv. michelle, this is a second major challenge within two weeks for this president. in a state that has a governor that he might be closer to than anybody else. that could help make everybody's life safer. don't you agree? >> yeah. and i think that the white house and the president have done a terrific job in handling these weather crises. i think what helps the most, of course, is not only preparedness, but resilience. and i think through all of these we have proven that this is radio aresilient country. country.brian especially texas and florida. steve: let's talk about politics. many washington insiders were shocked a couple days ago that the president of the united states reached across the aisle and said nancy and chuck, i have got to deal with you. reportedly paul ryan was
4:39 am
furious. mitch mcconnell didn't like it either. what do you, michelle malkin, make of the president working now with the democrats? >> well, i don't know who would be surprised. president trump when he was a candidate signaled that he would do these kind of deals. he is the master of the art of the deal. so there really shouldn't be this kind of consternation. as for the so-called g.o.p. leaders in washington, d.c., paul ryan and mitch mcconnell they rendered themselves irrelevant and obsolete a long time ago. i agree with jim jordan who you had on earlier who said. this. the president has no good choices. when i are sent to the swamp. you have to deal with crap weasels to your right and crap weasels to your right. in terms of the actual policy, of course i chafe with every conservative ideological bone in my body at the idea of tying hurricane relief to a debt increase. debt limit increase.
4:40 am
this is against, you know, every last limited government principle that i have had and that all of these republicans leaders are always claiming. this is what you get when you have as jim jordan said a republican leadership that decided to check out this summer and prove and confirm what so many of us who have been grassroots conservatives for a long time have seen. they betray their principles and their agenda when they get what they want which is get reelected. ultimately this is about the voters. if you don't like stupid, you can't fix it but can you vote it out. and it's way past time that these people do it with people that they're frustrated with. ainsley: michelle, right after they met, nancy pelosi came out and she said i told the president to assure the dreamers that in the next six months we are not going to have a ruined up. we are not trying to round you up and send you back to your parent's original country. the president tweeted out for all of those daca that are concerned about your status during the six month period, have you nothing to worry about.
4:41 am
no action. do you think he did that because that meeting went well with nancy pelosi? was he listening to her? >> i don't know. i wasn't in the meetings. i do know that of course somebody in the mainstream media had reported incorrectly and erroneously which way the phone call came. so i have to doubt a lot of the reporting that's coming out about that. let me say some things about nancy pelosi. it was just a couple weeks ago that this woman in the democratic leadership were condemning president trump and fecklessly essentially blaming him for what happened in charlottesville. these people have never stopped attacking republicans and cerves as essentially white supremacists. and here they are now chumming it up with president trump. i hear a lot of the anti-trump people on the right going after him for dealing with pelosi and schumer. but to me it's the hypocrisy of these obstructionist democrats who are now touting the deals that they are doing with president trump. let me say something else
4:42 am
about daca and the dreamers and so many of the open borders lobbyists and both parties whose number one priorities ensure this massive influx and this continuance and protection of 800,000 illegal aliens who have work permits. what is wrong with your priorities? oh, okay, great, you get another six months not to worry. worry every single day? i was down at the border earlier this summer with ranchers. where is the protection for rancher hostile dent have a wall who still don't have enough agents on the border to make sure that their land is not trampled on and their families are not threatened. brian: michelle, that's what you do, you tight wall to damascusca. get something for it he wants 1.8 billion to start it. at the very least if they are truly want to deal doo a deal, that will show that this is plowing the ground to do a deal. >> yeah. well, see, the problem is, i think this is what makes so many american people whether they are on the republican side or the democratic side
4:43 am
sick. why can't we have a clean hurricane relief bill? why can't we have a clean border funding bill? why do they always have to be tied? people simply asserted the right priorities they wouldn't have to do these compromises and capitulations. brian: i know. they have so much to get done. they are trying to make people vote i think they should vote naturally. michelle, thanks so much. >> you bet. ainsley: thanks, michelle. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. reports say speaker ryan is on the hot seat with some of his own party. how do voters in the speaker's district feel? todd piro is live at the diner that -- there is he behind the donuts. is he live in wisconsin next. ainsley: she fought stage 3 breast cancer and she won. but the battle isn't over for fbn's gerri willis. she joins us now how you can fight alongside her next ♪ my wish for you ♪ is that this life
4:44 am
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♪ brian: all right. welcome back, everybody. it was the fight of her life. fox's own gerri willis diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in april of 2016. but thankfully she got a clean bill of health this past may. ainsley: she is now sharing her story to offer hope to the nearly 700 american women that are diagnosed with this disease every day. 700 every day. and fox is sponsoring team gerri at the race for the cure this sunday. steve: before she gets out to the starting line breast cancer su survivor fox business anchor gerri willis joins us
4:48 am
now. ainsley: look how cute you are in your pink. >> it's so emotional. you go through this for a year. all kinds of treatment. you know what i went through. radiation, chemotherapy, two surgeries, on and on it goes. you come out the other end you are so thankful. steve: absolutely. >> for being here. brian: year and a half, right? it was a year and a half ago. >> that's right. brian: did you try to visualize yourself like this when you were going through your hard times? >> oh, sure. absolutely. try to will yourself forward, right? that's exactly what you do. i have to tell you when we go out sunday morning, i'm sure i will be crying the whole time. because of the emotion when you go out sunday morning in central park west and there are 10,000 mostly women and they are marching for the same thing, running for the same thing, the emotions are truly high. ainsley: what are the stages you go through in the fares you are probably fearful, right? what stages? there are a lot of people watching. 700 a day in america that are going through, this how do you get to where you are? >> can i tell that you my first stage was not fear it
4:49 am
was denial. it lasted for months. i could not el embrace the diagnosis. it was a big problem for me. it took me forever to get to that point. now i fear i put it aside so long. now i'm thinking about what am i doing to stay healthy and what can die to move forward you? have to stay positive. you have to see the glass half full. quhont to be polyanna here it makes a difference if you are positive about diagnosis. steve: you will be out there racing or at least fast walking on sunday. >> i will be walking. steve: for the folks who are watches, how can we help you? >> so you need to donate. okay. we have got it on your website. race.komen page jerry allows to you donate directly and give to fox team. so fox has been a huge supporter. they are bank rolling our team. they are giving us t-shirt, breakfast. you name it the registration fee and now the fox team is
4:50 am
number 10 in terms of total contributors. and as a individual, the gerri team we are number 6. brian: wow, congratulations. steve: congratulations. >> it's because of the people in this building. brian: and outside the people who watch. listening on the radio it's gerri with a gg-e-r-r-i. >> awesome. thank you so much. ainsley: thank you. glad you are sharing your story and you are okay. god bless you. >> i feel good. steve: good luck. >> thank you. brian: still ahead, country music star toby keith. newt gingrich is not a good enough singer as toby keith he will be on any way. judge gentleman a very good singer will be on with us. ainsley: todd piro is having breakfast with friends this morning. we will talk to him. todd: hillary clinton wouldn't come to wisconsin. "fox & friends" sure did. we are here talking politics. this crowd is really fired up. we are also eating cheese
4:51 am
curds. more "fox & friends" when we come back. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins.
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steve: as homer simpson would say hmmm donuts. ainsley: that's true. todd piro is at daddy maxwell's in women's bay, wisconsin where we saw him in the tease behind all the donuts. they looked delicious, todd. todd: they have to remove the donuts as producers know if i get too much sugar it's not good for anybody. these folks are amped as well. we will start with mark. mark is a big trump and a big paul ryan supporter. but, he says mr. ryan needs to learn how to play with the new guy in the sandbox. why do you say that? >> well, politicians don't like outsiders playing their game.
4:55 am
so at this point they are at a point where they don't know how to deal with them. and they don't like the idea that somebody who is a nonpolitician is involved in their profession. todd: had you a great analogy to a basketball team. why don't you tell the viewers that. >> in hig high high school if yu have a new guy move in town and make the bask. they like the pass the ball to each other but don't like to pass the ball to the new guy. todd: you say they need to pass the ball to president trump. >> that's right. todd: small business owner says guys we need to stop the fighting we need tax reform in order to grow. why do you say that? >> we are tied up with such rules and regulations these days. we have high taxes for small business. it's a struggle for small business across the country. and we just want to try to move forward. we want to try to prosper. we want to grow. we want more employees. we want to produce more products here right in the united states. and that's what it's about. and something has to get rolling here. todd: thank you for your time. we will go over to phyllis
4:56 am
now. fill lisa big trump voter and trump supporter. she is sick and tired of both parties. says they are controlled by the deep state. why do you say that? >> i believe that because of everything being so stagnant right now. not moving ahead. not joining together. i have never seen anything like this before. it's this -- i have been able to vote. my father was a great democrat. he came here from norway, you know, when he was 12 years old. he loved this country. he wouldn't even buy a car unless it was american-made. we couldn't buy clothes unless there was a sticker on there made in america. that was a true democrat at that time. todd: right. >> now, the party, both of themmia, tell the difference in some cases. between the two of them. it just seems like something else is in control. todd: phyllis, thank you four your time. one thing that almost everybody here can agree with go pac go? are we all packers fans here? [cheers] todd: with the exception of art who is a bears fan. boo. we will toss it back to you
4:57 am
guys. steve: there is always an art in the crowd. good for him. brian: packed show straight ahead. geraldo rivera is there newt gingrich is there and toby keith. we put the names underneath. first hurricane irma barreling towards irma. we will give you the latest. ght, ght, mouthbreathers. breathe right. i expect a lifetime guarantee. and so should you. on struts, brakes, shocks. does he turn everything to gold? not everything. at midas we're always a touch better. book an appointment at
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this is a free service. call today. a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> fox news alert, hurricane irma's new deadly path of destruction a worst-case scenario for the state of florida. >> miami, the florida keys bracing for direct hit from the strongest hurricane in recorded history. the massive storm's death toll rising in the caribbean at 11. >> is new video verma's fury as the category 4 hurricane hit the
5:01 am
island of turks and caicos overnight. >> is targeting the state of florida. 1 million people being told to evacuate. governor rick scott tolling hospitals to close their doors, authorities warning millions not to roll the dice. >> that is against mother nature in the days coming are going to lose. >> no one will answer the phone if you call 911. >> hurricane irma heading to the bahamas, then cuba. >> irma will arrive in the florida keys tomorrow night. life team coverage from florida live in miami, we start with griff jenkins in key largo and as we look at the european model it takes the storm right over where you are. >> that will be a huge problem because they are talking about the wind, unprecedented devastation and storm surge,
5:02 am
look at these boats, they are bored, trying to do their best but if you have storm surge of 10, 15, even 20 feet these boats are going into these houses. it could according to one resident put this island underwater. we talked to one of those residents as she was getting out of town. she said she was nearly killed in andrew and of the water comes as they predict they have nowhere to run. >> i almost died in andrew in 1992 which was when i first moved from buffalo, new york so i have been here 17 years in the keys and there is nowhere to run if the water comes up, that is an end. >> reporter: the bigger problem is if you did stay no one is coming for you. the administrator said don't dial 911. they could be stranded here for weeks or months if cut off from the mainland. only 5% of the keys remain to florida officials but that could be in for a very rough hall.
5:03 am
>> we were noticing how calm the waters, the calm before the storm. >> emergency preparedness people say once the winds get above 40 miles an hour we can't save you. >> not many basements in florida. where do you hide? you don't want to be on the second floor, go inland and they are calling for evacuations along flood prone areas where the storm surge will be very high. chilean pics of life team coverage in miami where people are having trouble finding gas where they need to hunker down or get out of dodge. >> this portion of miami, the gas shortage has been the big story for days, we spent countless hours looking at gas stations, we sat in line for an hour, you can see we are at
5:04 am
seventh, 57th avenue and there is gas at this chevron. depending on the side your gas tank is on they are diverging lanes of traffic, southpoint was chaotic with traffic lining up but as you can see we have three cars in line. if you're in the miami area and need gas head out here now because if you drive around you see bags over every gas pump so it is hard to find gas in this area. a lot of people spend yesterday and wednesday filling up their cars but if you needed now is a good time to get it. >> noah is tracking the path of this hurricane, janice, anything change? >> winds are down but the storm is trying to strengthen. it goes through period of time it is restructuring because it is trying to strengthen, i will replacement cycle.
5:05 am
it means it is trying to get bigger, wider. this is a big storm, hurricane force 700 miles from the center of the storm, this will cover the state of florida. one thing i can tell you is of the track moves more to the south it is going to be influenced by the landmass of cuba and the mountains. we could hope for that, that would be good, it would weaken but the national hurricane center has updated its forecast and is expecting the storm to strengthen again because a lot of warm water. if it doesn't interact with land and continues on the trajectory it will deal with warm water ahead of it, 90 °. worst-case scenario is the center of the storm coming on top of south florida and the keys because of the worst of the storm surge, wind and rain will happen, look at sea surface temperatures, if it does not interact with land it will strengthen, strengthening storm on landfall is worse for south
5:06 am
florida because the wind drops at the last minute, worst storm surge and worse wind in south florida. we will be 24 hours starting tomorrow on this storm. >> with your advice for people in the middle part of florida? >> this storm will take up all of the state of florida, 400 miles wide. every area will experience possible hurricane force wind. on the coast is where the storm surge is and potential catastrophic storm surge across south florida and the keys, 5 to 10 foot storm surge. if you can move inland away from the storm surge that is what fema people are telling us, you are better off. >> geraldo joins us from cleveland, coverage of the new york post, here comes irma, as janice mentioned, this looks like it could be a worst-case scenario.
5:07 am
>> my 98-year-old mom, the matriarch of the rivera clan, we evacuated her near sarasota, to craig's house on the east end of long island. we are all going to have a reunion on sunday. the point is as janice described the entire peninsula of florida will be involved in this storm. the worst-case scenario will be a very wicked sunday. one solid comfort i take from otherwise grim predictions is the functioning of fema, watching them through many hurricanes up close and personal, this was such a cry from michael brown, the administrator after hurricane katrina. he is doing a very masterful, professional job and that is a
5:08 am
reflection of donald trump's engagement and involvement in these disasters. he recognized certainly after harvey sat with these storms, harvey and irma and god knows what else is out there waiting, politics could be pushed aside and everyone could concentrate on these imminent disasters to mitigate the aftermath. it is going to be bad for florida. there is no arrogance in south beach. it will be wonder water, a lot of it. we will see what they can rebuild. i am sure they will be fine. the federal government has responded. >> politics, the president has to be in four five places but last week he sat on the couch, he fears all the things, if he told these to leave, gave them a
5:09 am
6 months window to come up with a deal for the 800,000 brought by their parents at a young age and he took it a step farther tweeting this, for all those daca concerned about your status you have nothing to worry about. what is your reaction? >> my reaction is i think in my own mind, my own heart, my old friend, the 45th president of the united states is watching "fox and friends," heard my heartfelt plea and people like me rooting for him 100%, tell him this is a bad thing to do it have to rethink my relationship if he went down that road to be heartless and cruel, his critics suggesting i couldn't be friends with many more but whatever it was i don't know if i had any influence but i am delighted the president of the united states has done the right thing for
5:10 am
these 800,000 comprehensively vetted young people all of whom have jobs come in the military or college. i think he did a wonderful wonderful thing. congress has to pass a law, legislates, not the presidency, he had enough pragmatic idealism is what i call it. enough compassion but also good sense of a businessman to say you haven't done anything wrong, your parents dragged you hear when you were babies, average age 6 years old, i am not going to punish you for the deeds of your parents or the former president of the united states who went beyond constitutional authority. >> was he just playing the poker game? send the dreamers back home? just to get the democrats, to alert the democrats, has a meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, keep the dreamers
5:11 am
here? >> don't know how much horsetrading he did. seems he wanted to clear the deck, the mess that created and all those people suffering from all the flood damage and he saw irma, the most powerful storm janice dean and other meteorologist suggested, the most powerful atlantic hurricane ever hitting land point blank on the florida peninsula, he said listen, too much going on, harvey, irma, north korea, the debt ceiling, i want to do tax reform, his so-called allies in the republican party are not doing him favors during healthcare and the freedom caucus stepped him in the back, rely on the democrats, the republicans, best thing about him dealing with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, i would love to have a live encounter on schumer and the president when they were face-to-face, down the
5:12 am
road, pennsylvania avenue, capitol hill, mitch mcconnell, you don't play ball with me i will deal with the devil. >> let's see if democrats say we will show you gave us something, we will give you something. they want to play ball they are trying to take advantage of friction and fracture. >> so skeptical. >> have a great weekend. still ahead on this friday, judge janine will join us and newt gingrich. toby keith are here live. more on our top stories, race against time to escape hurricane irma closing in on the florida coast, evacuations underway, get out before the storm, that story next. with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain?
5:13 am
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super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business >> back with a fox news alert looking at life pictures from the state of florida as residents are rushing to evacuate before irma comes
5:17 am
ashore. >> they are going north. hurricane irma's just all risen to 14 just hours from hitting, the storm hits miami and the keys and the balance of the state. 700 people told to get out or prepare for the worst. >> jeff flock is in, picking up coverage live, i see a lot of cars going by. >> reporter: 95, good news and bad news. the good news is 95 is moving all the way from miami to this point. this is the first real choke point we got on 95 which is tremendous news to me. we had a lot of problems with gas but this is the first choke point all the way from miami and it is a choke point, people are slowing down but they made good progress. i'm optimistic about people getting through. if you look to the other side of the road that is the southbound
5:18 am
lane. they have not done contra coil yet. presumably they will do that, shutdown the southbound traffic and make all these lanes six lanes in total, all of them going north. the reason they haven't done it is they want to make sure gas deliveries get through. you need gas down south in order to get north. so far so good, this is as good news given the situation that we could report. >> they are trying to leave florida. where are they going? this storm could go into georgia, south carolina, north carolina, tennessee, who knows? >> reporter: if they can get up far enough they go west, that is where i would go unless i had something to take me out to europe. the other problem, you have a lot more people leaving from the
5:19 am
center of the state, a lot of people in central florida say i don't want to deal with that hurricane, they live in the central part of the state, this hurricane is coming over them. we have more people on the road than we ever had before. >> i can think of another word to describe the hurricane, jeff flock on 95, thanks very much. >> we were wondering why they aren't opening the other side of the highway and they answered that question for us. tomorrow they will do that. >> the midtown tunnel traffic in and out in the median, 19 minutes after the hour, stonewalling, file from the hillary clinton email investigation, they say nobody cares. can the feds make that call? judge janine is here. ♪ patrick woke up with a sore back.
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get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> 15 people dead after mexico's biggest earthquake in 100 years, mass evacuations underway after concerned about potential tsunamis after that quake struck the southern coast. this new video shows lights swaying in an office building. the earthquake felt by 15 million people, hundreds of homes and businesses now destroyed. >> in other news, the fbi
5:24 am
rejecting an attorney's request for files on the hillary clinton email pro because there is, quote, not enough public interest. last night told tucker carlson he thinks it is an fbi cover-up. >> senator graham and senator grassley indicating james comey had decided to exonerate mrs. clinton. at this point the fbi is trying to cover its own rear end. these things look terrible for them, they deep-sixed this, whitewashed it and don't want the documents showing how badly they covered up. >> there are also rumors they might have it paid for that famous dossier, the judge is with us, this outrageous you. >> deciding whether to really
5:25 am
something or not, she is a public figure, the woman ran for president on a major party line, she hasn't gone away since then, she won't go away, every week she comes up with someone else to blame. the fbi uses this dishonest excuse there is no public interest in her and this case. we found it last week through grassley and lindsay that the fbi and state department both resisted foia request on the tarmac meeting between hillary and bill clinton. now the fbi saying we don't want to give you information relating to our investigation because they are going to be embarrassed. when you have the head of the fbi writing and exoneration in april the president at the same time saying there was no malicious intent and no grand jury, immunity deals handed out like lollipops and sitting in on
5:26 am
each other's meeting, this -- time for jeff sessions to impanel a grand jury and do the right thing. >> go back to the hill. >> james comey used to be the target of an active criminal investigation for public corruption. >> the department of state and the department of justice were reluctant to reveal those things, what about this? can a private open or are the same people keeping it secret? >> i love the question. i did my open, there are individuals in the state department and justice who were objecting to the release of this information. we found out just yesterday the justice department and fbi said we are going to release this because everyone realizes a deep state people who are continuing to lockdown under the obama administration, has got to stop. the only way it will stop is
5:27 am
tillerson to really state department emails, he is going to understand government, stand up and release this information and sessions should do the same. >> another corruption trial, bob menendez in the second day of his trial, has been under fire because he allegedly had a friend in florida, this i doctor, pay for play kind of thing. second day of the trial a big deal, big news story, abc, nbc, 0 coverage last night, democratic senator. >> the first senator in 40 years being charged with bribery and corruption. one of 12 sitting united states senators to be indicted. this is serious stuff, federal charges by the obama administration. the fact the mainstream media is
5:28 am
not covering it indicates they are about truth and justice, they are not criminals. debbie wasserman schultz -- >>'s attorneys say it is not bribery if you're trying to help a friend. >> friendship is not a defense to bribery and even the judge said it. this isn't a halfway trial, the fact that you are hispanic and you are being indicted. it has been brought up. the judge said no more. let's see how this goes. taking $1 million in donations and gifts was the number one medicare in 2012, he has been convicted 67 counts, this is public corruption. let's clean the swamp. >> the impact of the menendez trial would be indisputable, a republican governor filling the gap. we will be watching your show, it will be on at the time it is
5:29 am
hitting the fan down south. >> we will cover this storm. our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in florida and along the coast was we lost our home in a flood years ago and this is not nice. >> we can always rebuild houses but we can't rebuild lives. >> prayers to everybody down south in texas. coming up the death toll rising as hurricane irma races toward florida, million scrambling to evacuate from low-lying areas, we are tracking the storm. a hor can make anyone slow down and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one
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>> hurricane irma hit turks and caicos and florida hours away, hurricane irma's island rage in the form of tropical winds. >> in that environment there. in turks and caicos. >> historic monster storm on the move headed straight through the keys into miami. looking live in tampa. bumper-to-bumper traffic, 1 million people trying to get out. at least it is moving. >> that is interstate 75. >> not sure where you are in relation to this. you are at a gas station where people are having trouble buying gas. where are you?
5:34 am
>> we moved four blocks from where we have been in miami, near the airport, two blocks that waste gas station is closed, no gas. we came here four blocks from where we were. the price, $2.99. you drive around, season stations that are more expensive than others, that is the situation, driving around for days, the average price, $2.75, we stayed in the high 260s yesterday. a line of storms -- cars waiting to get in, running out of options, the price is becoming a problem. listen to pam bondi. >> you cannot inflate prices during a time of hurricane for essential commodities. we had 45 complaints against chevron. if you are watching you need to call us and tell us why your prices are inflated in south florida. >> reporter: this is a chevron, that is the situation they are
5:35 am
looking at. people say you got to get gas, they are dealing with. >> people pay the price to get their families out and safe. >> to have the pumps work, their won't be gas at all, that will be a different story. >> janice dean joins us now, 35 minutes ago there was an update on the track of the storm. >> the track has stayed the same, we can do little bit but i don't want people to let their guard down because the storm is trying to strength. it goes through i will replay listened -- reap -- i wall replacement cycle. is trying to restructure and get stronger. a lot of warm water ahead and the wind field is expanding, this storm is getting bigger, filling up the screen, it is
5:36 am
going to go across florida and affect every single corner of the state of florida in the weekend, 150 mile-per-hour sustained winds, strong category 4 storm with potential for went to get bumped up in the next 12 to 24 hours, hurricane warnings, storm surge warnings where we could be upwards of 5 to 10 foot storm surge on vulnerable areas below sea level, that is why the storm is so dangerous, track has not changed, the worst-case scenario possible for south florida and the keys as the worst of the storm surge, wind and rain will be coming on shore saturday night into sunday, that is why they are evacuating close to 1 million people. people need to move inland away from storm surge. >> there are two atomic power plants in the path of the storm. they are shutting them down. it takes 24 hours to shut everything down.
5:37 am
they are doing that because they are in the path of the storm. >> that is our top story. another story, politics. we were talking dc with paul ryan's dinner with the president. >> he did not have dinner -- >> the president and paul ryan had dinner at the white house. a place called daddy maxwell in wisconsin. >> you set it up perfectly, donald trump won pretty handily. speaker ryan's district, talking to people about do they agree with the speaker? andy is a trump voter and voted for speaker paul ryan until the last election when he did not end why do you say that? >> he is one of the good old
5:38 am
boys, swamp dwellers. he needs to show some leadership or move on. why doesn't he have the same health insurance everybody else has to pay for? he is subsidized by us for his health care and congress -- it is a little secret nobody knows. >> bill doesn't agree with you, bill is a trump supported. why are you a fan of the speaker? >> he is evolutionary -- the visionary, the tax reform program, put everything on a simple postcard, that will change the game. so much trepidation, multiple pages, we get down one page in 15 minutes, that will save a lot of anxiety and that is one of paul's ideas. >> debate will rage on regarding paul ryan.
5:39 am
before we go, jeanette, for allowing us to be in her diner. i also want to bring in janet. show us the shirts you made. >> "fox and friends". >> it is embroidered. we do a ton of these segments all over the country. folks in williams bay could not have been more hospitable to us. they have been amazing and packed this diner with enthusiasm and sugar. >> that was terrific. >> they look so good. coming up newt gingrich will join us live with observations about the president dealing with the democrats. and you know made in america, now a brand-new album might be
5:40 am
his best ever, country music legend toby keith joins us on the couch. ♪ when you have allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. i expect a lifetime guarantee. and so should you. on struts, brakes, shocks. does he turn everything to gold? not everything. at midas we're always a touch better. book an appointment at
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5:43 am
only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪ >> newt gingrich cut the deal the president did how would he feel as a republican speaker if he cut a deal with democratic leadership. joining us to talk about that is the speaker himself, newt gingrich. what you have cut that deal if you were donald trump? >> sure. two good questions. speaker ryan, what i have cut the deal if i was donald trump, yes, both are true.
5:44 am
trump saw a situation with everything you saw in houston and looking at what is coming in florida and his feeling is you got to get some movement in washington, we spent eight months, i will cut a deal with somebody, get something done this week, get the money to houston and got to get the debt ceiling taken care of and cut a 90 day deal. we will see what happens during that 90 days. it is not a gigantic earthquake, but an immediate tactical move by the president to get some momentum. >> our we finally getting the speaker and mitch mcconnell's attention? >> he already got ryan and mcconnell's attention, the problem is narrow majority in the senate. mcconnell carries 49 out of 52, people say that is a failure. people don't want to blame chuck schumer who had 48-0 against
5:45 am
trump on health care. ryan took two tries and got repeal of obamacare, i don't think they are not trying to cooperate, it is a very hard job, they are trying to do very big things, ryan and mcconnell understand the sole game is the tax-cut. if they tax -- steve mnuchin was describing, i don't think the average american is excited about tax reform but if they have more money in their pocket by christmas and see more economic growth, more job creation, this will have been successful, down to one gigantic bill. they are going to work and i doubt very much he will have schumer and pelosi helping pass tax cuts. >> you got to admit there were big smiles on the faces of chuck and nancy a couple days ago.
5:46 am
the weird part is i was watching television and there were a lot of democrats talking about what a good leader the president of the united states was in doing this deal, something they had not said before that moment. >> fascinating to watch because you notice when senator feinstein said the president was right, the daca was unconstitutional, democrats in california saying i want to see what the left does, if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer make that happen they will have a rebellion in a matter of weeks. this is a 1-time deal and a very smart deal, gets momentum, changes the tone, gets the money to houston and postpones a fight over the debt ceiling for 90 days and the president's attitude is who knows what will happen over 90 days? >> these leaders, how to deal
5:47 am
with the president, that sets a precedent for other democrats who aren't dug into party ideology, no longer fear of reprisal because their so-called leaders who said you have to resist this president went along at least once. there is a reason when there is an issue they can agree with the president on. >> if you're trying to get democratic votes on the big tax cut bill or tax reform bill it is nice to break the ice, harder now for schumer and pelosi to say you can't vote with trump as they stood next to him so you are right, makes it easier for people like heidi heitkamp who did fly on the airplane to north dakota, trump's second-best state that has a democratic senator and she has more pressure to vote yes. >> i don't know if the president of the united states was
5:48 am
listening to you but in the last minute a moment ago you were talking about the number of votes mcconnell has and schumer has and donald trump just said republicans, sorry, i have been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years, didn't happen. the senate filibuster rule will never allow republicans to pass even great legislation. eight democrats control will really get 60 versus 51, it is a republican death wish. what do you think of that? >> slightly strong but he is making a point. senator mcconnell is a traditionalist who wrote the long game talking about his love of the senate, the u.s. constitution, what the president is saying is if you stick with 60 votes as the key threshold, i will find a bunch of democrats so you have it one way, all republican policy decision,
5:49 am
break filibuster with 51. you force me to find democrats. it is a very legitimate conversation. >> always good to see you, thanks for joining us. understanding trump is still a bestseller. >> everything he writes is a bestseller. >> wouldn't make this up, his songs have become in terms for america. ♪ your name at the top of his list ♪ going to shake her fist ♪ >> he has a new album. country music star toby keith is next. >> then we will hear from bill hammer what is going to happen. >> everyone in the southeast is holding their breath hoping for
5:50 am
the best, irma is massive, the national hurricane center, we will let you know the latest on that. breaking news on a massive earthquake, what we are learning from mexico. in politics the aftershocks continue over the deal donald trump made with democrats, will north korea launch this weekend? the question we are watching as we watch these hurricanes, see you in 10 minutes, top of the hour friday morning. this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance.
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♪ at the top of his list ♪ shaking her fist ♪ >> known for his songs honoring america and our troops country
5:54 am
music legend toby keith has been entertaining audiences for a couple decades. >> screaming your name in columbia, south carolina. he has a new album being released. >> toby keith, great to see you back on our couch. you are synonymous -- >> toby keith sitting next to us. toby, i love your music and been to your concerts, opening up, you are just wonderful. >> what is a bus song? >> they start 15 years ago. this little song, willie nelson, i will never smoke weed with willy again, my crowd started singing it and this was one of those little songs for your ears and after 15 years we have 40 of
5:55 am
them and only record ten. others are politically incorrect, your mother wouldn't be -- we put them all in a pile and said what are we going to do with these? get out of my car, some stuff i wrote in iraq and afghanistan for the troops, call the marines, some of those things. >> we know you are so patriotic, we love your songs, what makes you so patriotic? >> my father instilled it in us when we were children. came back from the war in the 50s, lost his eye, he was on military disability, got a job working the oilfields. i remember him getting his check and only solicitors he would let in his house were veterans
5:56 am
organization. >> what was going on last night? the defense of back taking seats, heidi heitkamp one started taking a knee, sitting down for the national and. >> it is america, don't know what you can do about it but it breaks my heart. it is disrespectful to the flag, it is america and people can do what they want to do. >> you went to the inauguration, played for the president, we want to talk about that and more with toby keith after a brief timeout, watching "fox and friends," new album called bus songs. ♪ ♪ binders, done. ♪ and with the "25 cent event", office depot officemax takes care of mom! now, all this just 25 cents each!
5:57 am
♪ taking care of business
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5:59 am
♪ >> this is a song that everybody seems to know.
6:00 am
>> everyone can relate to it. we've all held a red solo cup. >> we are going to be talking to toby keith in the after show show. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. see you back here monday. >> bill: thank you, good morning everybody. hundreds of thousands on the move now headed for safer ground in florida. hurricane irma moving through the bahamas. on course to the sunshine state. florida's governor, rick scott, warning the people there, do not mess with the storm. it could be really horrible. good morning and a good friday here on the "america's newsroom "america's newsroom." >> irma already devastating the caribbean islands and putting -- killing at least 14 people and flattening homes and buildings in its path. >> bill: those living in south florida now scrambling to catch the last flights out of the area, no others packing the interstates and struggling to


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