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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 8, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> everyone can relate to it. we've all held a red solo cup. >> we are going to be talking to toby keith in the after show show. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. see you back here monday. >> bill: thank you, good morning everybody. hundreds of thousands on the move now headed for safer ground in florida. hurricane irma moving through the bahamas. on course to the sunshine state. florida's governor, rick scott, warning the people there, do not mess with the storm. it could be really horrible. good morning and a good friday here on the "america's newsroom "america's newsroom." >> irma already devastating the caribbean islands and putting -- killing at least 14 people and flattening homes and buildings in its path. >> bill: those living in south florida now scrambling to catch the last flights out of the area, no others packing the interstates and struggling to find gas to head north.
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they are saying irma could be the strongest storm ever to hit south florida. >> irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the united states. in either florida or some of the southeastern states. direct impacts of the storm have yet to be determined because it's a very powerful storm, but the nature of the curve and that forecast after 72 hours is going to be the key to the key to seeing who has the worst impacts. get out of storm surge areas. flooding "watters' world" come up on shore. that's the most devastating hazard associated with hurricanes appears to be live in miami beach, phil, it looks like you've already gotten some wins there. >> we do have some breezes which is pretty typical on the beach itself but all day long today as we move forward toward the weekend, the winds are supposed to strengthen. 650,000 residents of
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miami-dade county currently under a mandatory evacuation, that's the largest evacuation of people out of miami-dade county in history. if this storm is as bad as the forecast is predicting, five to 10 feet, that puts me underwater and at least half of this lifeguard stand under water. want to see how many people are taking advantage of the evacuation order? this is south beach. friday morning, this place would have tons of people looking all the way around, you can pan the entire beach pier this is on the empty speeches i've ever seen here in south beach. driving down here from my house 10 miles north today, no traffic on the road, virtually 20% of the normal drive time just to get here. i did actually fill up with gas, which was unbelievable because so many people have already left. south beach itself, super popular tourist place, ghost town. all around the town, people are really taking this seriously, unlike many people have ever
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seen in previous hurricanes were a lot of people will write it out. this one has people very, very concerned and frightened as well. the airports, last flight out of miami international airport today is 3:00. last night, we expect today, absolute crowded, crowded conditions there at the check-in counters, longline sticking around the mazes. fort lauderdale's last flight is this evening, seven: 45. out of tampa tonight, you can't catch a flight on southwest airlines. hospitals have evacuated not down in the florida keys. there are no longer accepting anybody. residents there, for days, have been urged to get out and get out now. a friend of mine down in key west, which normally has a lot of people breaking the storm having hurricane parties, not the case this time. they say it is a ghost town down there. as for gas lines, still warm. if you can find a gas station
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that has gas. i actually found one. the only reason i was able to get my tankful was because so many people in south beach have already hit the road. gas is only 46% of the gas stations are operating with free will. that's been a problem for about four days now. pompano beach, the hurricane chancellors to back shelters, a children's are currently open. people have not decided to wait until today or tomorrow. knowing that the shelters are going to fill out. the problem is or the challenge is if you go to a shelter with the dogs of the cats are the kids, you have got to bring everything you are going to need, your entire hurricane kit you got to take with you. that means cases of water, vetting, sheets, pillows, food, everything you will need. that's a big challenge for everybody. at least shelters are open and
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all schools are closed. people are really starting to get very concerned as we are now on friday and the forecast is showing south florida, is not a question of if it gets in, everyone knows it is going to get hit and the question is how bad. >> julie: truly incredible to see all the residents heating the warning, something you don't see in florida because so many people are accustomed to these hurricanes. phil keating, thank you. >> bill: from the west wing earlier today, president trump tweeting this about burma. "hurricane irma's of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we've ever seen. it is safe to get out of its way." our credible u.s. coast guard say that 15,000 miles last week with harvey. irma could be even tougher. we love our coast guard. >> julie: all five living former presidents banding together to help those affected by the last major storm, hurricane harvey. they did a psa that aired during the nfl game last night and
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announced the creation of a one america appeal, a fund-raiser that's going to donate all proceeds to harvey victims. >> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction. it also brought out the best in humanity. >> as former presidents, we want to help our fellow americans begin to recover. >> are doing just that. >> people are hurting down here, but as one texan put it, we've got more love in texas than water. >> we love you texas. >> president trump later tweeting, we will confront any challenge, no matter how strong the winds or high the water. i'm proud to stand with presidents for one america appeal. where are we and where is irma? i want to bring it down to our national hurricane specialist. thank you for your time. i know you're working around the clock. what does irma look like now? >> irma is still a very powerful
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category 4 hurricane and moving right now through the southeastern bahamas. you see the eye on the satellite imagery here. the message today that even though the maximum winds increased a little bit, that doesn't mean the threat has changed, especially for folks here in florida. irma is a very large store. 150 miles per hour, life-threatening hazards from winds and storm surge in the florida keys and up to the florida peninsula come through the weekend. >> bill: we just heard from fema a few moments ago talking about the curve. explain that to our audience and why that's so critical for the entire state. >> right now, most moving west to northwest by this bermuda i hear over the atlantic. that height is eventually going to we can. it will be able to turn northward. right now we are expecting that turn to occur as it passes cuba and brings it into the florida keys and over the florida peninsulas to go out early sunday into monday. the timing of that term is
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really important. if you go to allow -- i can go a little to the left and could go a little to the right. those category 4 wins and arm as i walk, but it's too soon to determine exactly where that's going to go. it could be a little wobble or motion that could happen right up to landfall. everybody in this hurricane warning area in south florida has to prepare, if they will see the category 4 winds intimate -- and irma, that's what we have a storm surge warning everywhere you see in south beach here on the southwest coast of florida and southeast florida florida keys. that means were expecting life-threatening flooding. >> bill: based on the live pictures we've seen, the evacuations have been good. that's good news. there, you're terrific. good luck to you and your entire team. they are working 24/7. we have a huge show coming up today. next hour, will talk to rick scott on his efforts. he was with us yesterday.
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right after the program today, we will head down to florida and cover this massive storm all weekend long. knowing that hurricanes over the years, you do not know what they do when they interact with the land. you can make all the predictions you want, but we will not know well into sunday or monday or tuesday next week. >> julie: it's not just when they interact with land, this one is unpredictable because they don't know the second wobble to the east or west. it could literally go around the florida peninsula and its direction has a huge impact on all the states. >> bill: a category 4 storm moving at that speed with that rate of wind speed would be something else. to stay with on that. >> julie: the reaction from president trump this morning after a much criticized oval office meeting. president trump had house speaker paul ryan over
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dinner last night, and fact the day after president trump advised his own party when he cut a deal with democratic leaders on raising the debt ceiling. martha maccallum last night, he understands why the president wanted to reach across the aisle. listen. >> we are getting hit with two hurricanes. we are still dealing with harvey, and we are now just getting it was irma. he wanted to make this a bipartisan moment. where we were fighting each other about hurricane aid, we just wanted to get it done, get it out of the way so that the aide is flowing to the state that need it right now. then we can focus things on tha that. >> julie: the head of the president's departure later today for camp david where he will host his entire cabinet, h. >> the president's reputation as a dealmaker getting a lot of attention in the wake of his decision. that doesn't mean he has turned his back on congressional republicans. quite contrary in fact if you
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listen to white house officials, who described his meeting last night as a dinner with speaker paul ryan and this way ineffectively said this is a working dinner. the white house officials who had a chance to sort of give us a readout of the dinner itself. president trump was speaking to ryan and had a productive working dinner to reveal the fall legislated agenda. the priorities discussed were tax reform, the fiscal year 2018 budget, funding for hurricanes harvey and irma, eight raising the debt ceiling and the continued resolution to keep the government funded. the president looks forward to looking forward on bipartisan solutions to improve the lives of all americans. the meeting of course comes with the friction between the president and the speaker all over the lack of progress over this legislated agenda on capitol hill. as we were told this morning, that doesn't mean that it can't or won't work together well. >> i'm always surprised at reading the how much everybody
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hates everybody and back fights and fights. paul came over and had a nice chat with the president. the president of the united states is going to work with the speaker of the house of representatives, but is also going to work with the folks in the senate with chuck schumer. >> including chuck schumer, the president also tweeting about the need to work in a bipartisan fashion on capitol hill, although he's expressing frustration with the wheels of slow progress here in washington, especially as it relates to the filibuster. for now, back to you. >> julie: kevin corke, thank you so much. >> bill: we are awaiting an update from the governor in florida, rick scott, moments from now. hurricane irma barreling towards florida. we will take that live when it gets underway. there is this from washington. they go i've got zero problem helping people with hurricanes. i've got a real problem legislating in a fashion that continues to put the military in a box. >> bill: the senate passing a
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bill to raise the debt ceiling to divide relief to harvey survivors. 17 no votes from republicans, the household of faith deactivate that more. we want another earthquake hitting south of our border, details are of the death and destruction in mexico next. whoooo.
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happening was irma and about the people in florida and rest of the southeast need to know could stand by for that. in the meantime, speaker paul ryan say he is not upset after the president cut a deal with democrats tying harvey released to a three month extension to the debt ceiling. this is a story that goes on. 17 republican said no. the bill now goes to the house and we can see how much opposition is there from conservatives. juan williams, ned ryun, gentlemen, good day to both of you. it's like thanksgiving, isn't it? everyone goes around and grabs what they like. do you have a problem with how this has developed? >> no, i really don't actually. what trump is, he asserted himself. although paul ryan and mitchell, proven so far this year accomplish this year as been to remove all doubt about their legislative confidence. trump asserting himself, what he really did with this bill was to
6:18 am
realign the legislative agenda turn out onto the end of the year. it will get the debt ceiling debate off of the table, you guys are going to focus on tax reform. that is the winning issue if you look at the state level pole and needs a lot of 2018 senate races, this is pulling in the high 60s to mid 70s. by him realigning on tax reform, the other thing he did it was really interesting, by putting it into december, he has said if you're going to try and get this done before the end of the year, let's face it, a lot of these guys are not going to want to vote on raising the debt ceiling in 2018. >> bill: juan, how do you see it and you agree? >> it so interesting to me. i'm fine with it. i'm a democrat. it's interesting to me that democrats are going to have tremendous leverage in december when you're going to have to deal with budget issues. this gives democrats more leverage and insisting on what their priorities are going into that. republicans, in response to
6:19 am
this, they came into the meeting with speaker rank saying no way of giving the democrats that much of an advantage. they wanted an 18 month window that would've pushed this back beyond the midterm elections next year. so that they would not be under that kind of pressure from the democrats. i'm wondering what i'm listening to, if there is a sense that the president really is just blaming speaker ryan and senate majority leader mcconnell. if he's just making them a pinata for his own failures. >> bill: there's more bipartisanship on this turkey. are you ready? the president tweeted this for all is a concern about dhaka, that was from yesterday. followed up by this comment from nancy pelosi hereafter. >> they called this morning and said thanks for calling and this is what we need, the people really need a reassurance from you, mr. president, that the
6:20 am
six-month period is not a period of roundup. i asked the president. >> bill: i want a drumstick, ned. what's going on? >> here is the fact, bill, going back to what juan said about priorities, i think every president comes into the in administration with his laundry list and then quickly understands reality and goes to the nonnegotiable. with the whole debt ceiling, he was tax reform, he wants health care, and he wants a wall. i hope this whole thing on daca, i wanted to do the right thing. they should never have been decided by executive -- put it in the constitution, put it back in legislation hands. what i hope it does as he ties before to his wallet and says if you really want wants before i get my wall. this is the art of politics. at some point you have to get that. >> bill: will watch and see how it goes. juan, i owe you time next time. thank you, juan.
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>> julie: we will hear from one of the house republicans opposed to president trump the deal on the debt ceiling, marsha blackburn, and why she thinks this is the wrong approach. >> bill: also a dire warning out of korea. why they believe north korea can fire an icbm tomorrow, that's next. >> our military has never been stronger. the best anywhere in the world, by far. hopefully, we are not going to have to use it on north korea. if we do use it on north korea, it will be a very sad day for north korea.
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>> bill: as it stands right now, 19 killed from hurricane irma, and on a collision course right now with florida.
6:25 am
on the microphone and a matter of moments, the governor rick scott will brief us what w. he spent out about every three hours every day this entire week. governor scott momentarily here life. >> it will be great if something else can be worked out. we would have to look at all of the details, all of the facts. i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen. >> julie: president trump on the possibility of military intervention for north korea. this as south korea says the north is testing at another missile test, possibly coming tomorrow. pyongyang marks the anniversary of the founding. senior foreign affairs lie from the south korean capital. hi, greg. >> that's right. you've got the south koreans caught in the middle on one side listening to president trump on the other side, watching kim jong un on. and watching a possible missile launch, maybe as early as
6:26 am
tomorrow with an icbm. this comes on saturday that the korean time could be a flatter trajectory launch that would put it deeper into the specific, more threatening to the united states. it could come early or could come later or maybe next month. that's the thing with kim jong un, you're never too sure what he's going to do. he likes to keep his neighbors guessing and on high alert. here in south korea, the military seems to be on a wartime footing on the south korean border is just wrapping up exercises and tracking all of this as we follow last weekend the nuclear test by north korea. we are told next week there are more involving the u.s. marines. finally, the protest sold here blasting kim jong un. the president's strong rhetoric unsettles some here while others like it, despite it unsettles the north. >> at the sound of this sort of
6:27 am
vulgar, sticking it to the north koreans come up that kind of like that because they know that the north koreans pay attention. they are trying to figure this out and if that's good. i think it's a good thing. >> the hitch, according to analysts however, is the president trump a year from now or two years from now is still threatening military action. the words might lose a little of their punch. back to you. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: it is our top story today. it might be our top story for the next week and moments from now, florida governor rick scott will be at the podium with the latest information on hurricane irma barreling towards florida after devastating parts of the caribbean, 19 ted there. we will have the latest from fema, as thousands evacuate the sunshine state.
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after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> bill: keeping a close eye here in new york and florida, now expecting an update from governor rick scott there with hurricanes irma getting ready to deliver her punch somewhere in the south coast. that's killing at least 19 people across several islands including saint maarten in the virgin islands and puerto rico. they said the hurricanes destroyed most of the homes and buildings in the island of barbuda. now threatening hundreds of thousands on the moves on planes, many by car. they are warning people to take the storm very serious. >> it remains a remarkably dangerous storm and the window to get yourself in the right spot for weathering the storm, either evacuating or weathering the storm, is closing rapidly.
6:32 am
whatever befalls up because of the storm, i can assure the american people that your federal government is working as diligently as we can to make certain we can respond to whatever needs arise. >> bill: let's get the latest on the ground. rick jenkins is an area where it could be ground zero, depending on how the storm moves. how's it going? >> that's right, don't be fold by the blue sky and the calm waters behind me. you see all the both of mort and tied up, but what they are expecting here is epic proportions. it is not only this category category 4 wind or the storm surge expecting as much as ten to 15, maybe more, feet of water rising. obviously, not only could be catastrophic for the residents but also the destruction to these boats here, earlier, monroe county administrator was
6:33 am
issuing a dire warning saying that if you haven't gotten out, you need to get out. not only because it's coming but because the aftermath is if you call 911, no one is coming. take a listen to what he said. >> is very dangerous, especially the storm surge and we will not come save you. we're not going to risk the safety of our first responders for anybody not leaving. if you stay down here and listening, you are on your own. don't even dial 911. >> bill, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when that storm hits here in this threat of being isolated down here without power, without electricity, is a very real concern. we did talk to a captain here who went through hurricane andrew's and said this what they expect? they said they don't know. we haven't had to deal something like this before.
6:34 am
>> bill: thank you, griff. griff jenkins, key largo. >> julie: meanwhile, florida and governor rick scott now calling for outside help. they say the state is in desperate need of volunteers to assist with storm relief. speak with had more than 1600 volunteers signed up within the last 14 hours. i want to thank everybody for signing up. this includes more than 1,000 state workers. this is great, but we still need more. we ultimately need 17,000 volunteer statewide. >> julie: joined me now, cara could be. thank you so much for talking with us. there been more than 500 members that have been deployed for hurricane harvey response. now as irma has its eyes set on florida, what is the plan they are? >> right now we have 10,000 core volunteers that are residents of florida and both the americorps director that are already floridian residents that were tapped to run those programs.
6:35 am
florida will not be forgotten. they will be in the foresight of getting this done. we've directed so many resources right now to texas that we are training an additional 2,000 americorps efforts to get help with the florida issues. 4 million gallons of water, 7.5 million meals prepared just standing outside the storm zone. we are coming, but like i said and like the last broadcast you just had come i get out and listen to the local authorities. >> julie: it looks like they are doing that in florida. often times you see a lot of people that live in these hurricane states and they become numb to them. they figure they will just ride it out. even in the keys, there still people on writing it out and not either on land or boats, not recommended. the president has appointed, as you know, two floridians to lead the senior americorps, that will be hugely helpful because they know the power of these hurricanes, their ultimate going to leave the program's long
6:36 am
term. how will that help floridians cover from irma? >> it is strongest in florida. we have 10,500 members in the area, but to keep in mind, they are going to be over there cleaning up their own homes and their own neighborhoods too. we will need more as governor rick scott said. we will need as many volunteers as we him. 17,000 to 20,000. help us out and get registered. we will also have updates on their need all the help we can get. >> julie: how is fema's response patted the pain of those who have run out of supplies in texas? and this is not going to be the case for florida, unfortunately. food, water, medical women, and infant care. i imagine all those mothers and those shelters that have nowhere to go and they have run out of baby formula and thinking of being in that scenario is simply heart wrenching. >> it really is terrible. what we have right now, we have a surge of american support, people coming from all walks of life, all creeds, and getting
6:37 am
together and putting 18-wheelers full of baby formula, blankets, and food. president trump enacted 30,000 national guard to respond to this which is almost on precedented. the response to that has been epic and the response to this florida will be even more. people are coming out of the woodwork. with people volunteering thousands% of normal traffic trying to get involved and see how they could help. right now, register there, we don't want supplies because we can't get them in. we want money and we have a list of charities on there that are beneficial to this. >> julie: what would you like the people of texas and florida no in regarding recovery and response? no matter how fast it is, it never seems like it's fast enough. many whose homes have been completely destroyed, will temporary housing be set up eventually for these people in houston? >> we partner and we grant money
6:38 am
from corporations from national community service to people like spg, red cross, places like that that will be going. our 18-25 youth program will go in there and rebuild these homes. we will do that in large numbers over a five to six years. we are still in new orleans after the flood and the hurricanes hit they are. we will not forget you. even when the cameras go away, we will -- you will see is all over the neighborhood. >> julie: thank you so much and we appreciate all you do on half of those in texas and florida. they will be greatly needing your assistance. thank you so much. >> bill: back in houston, texas, finally getting their first day of school on monday. hurricane harvey delayed the start by nearly two weeks. the district superintendent sing about two-thirds of the city schools will be opened next week, all the schools had some kind of damage from harvey, but nine were in such bad shape that students will have to relocate
6:39 am
to other buildings. 73's schools -- it's just an enormous damage in that town. it's so widespread. houston has the nation's seventh largest school district. they will be dealing with this for a while. good luck to everybody down there, and again we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> julie: i just can't imagine being a family with children and having to protect your kids from such a horrific scenario. she is pointing fingers again. just not herself. hillary clinton's new book, in fact, supposed to be a memoir about her failed campaign, but it reads more like a list of her enemies instead. how will democrats react to this book? >> bill: new developments from robert mueller's poke two probe into trump campaigns probe into russia. who he wants to speak to next. >> there is no basis right now to conclude there was collusion or not or whether there was obstruction of justice.
6:40 am
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>> bill: as expected, rick scott briefing reported on the rest of america on the latest on hurricane irma. >> it will be from lakeport, henry, palm beach, in those counties. this decision was made due to our sole focus on safety. as hurricane irma approaches. you can find more information on the evacuations at right now, the national hurricane center is reporting that hurricane irma remains a dangerous, life-threatening category 4 storm. the effects in effect for jupiter and around the port of the peninsula, the 40 keys. this storm surge is in effect to venice. the storm surges forecast the
6:44 am
expecting 3 to 10 feet in many areas, which is life-threatening. a hurricane warning has been in effect for jupiter around the four peninsula, the 40 keys, for debate. the hurricane watch is in effect for northern jupiter to annamarie islands. the rain forecast as of expected to be 8 to 12 inches with expected to be reaching up to 1. this is what we now know, the majority of florida will have hurricane impact was storm surge into life-threatening wins. you can expect this along the entire east coast in the entire west coast. the florida keys should be prepared to start exiting for the storm tomorrow morning. evacuations have offered school buses to evacuate statewide. multiple counties have expected these buses and i encourage any
6:45 am
counties with these buses to evacuate residents and request buses right now. we will quickly run out of good weather to evacuate. if you are told to evacuate, leave, get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly so you need to go. i'm a tad, and i'm a grandfather. i love my family. i can't imagine life without them. do not put yourself or your family's life at risk. if you've been ordered to evacuate and are still home, please go. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland to safety. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland to safety. the storm is wider than our entire state and is expected to cause major and life-threatening impacts from coast to coast. remember hurricane andrew's was one of the worst storms in the history of florida. irma is more devastating on its
6:46 am
current path. irma has already caused multiple fatalities in the caribbean. the storm two storm is powerful and deadly. we are being very aggressive in preparation for the storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be ready to protect their families. possessions can be replaced, your family cannot be replaced. i know it's hard to evacuate, i know it's going to be uncomfortable. i think about my mom how she will be completely broke with kids and having to evacuate. but you've got to do it. you have to keep your family safe. to private business owners, please be compassionate as people prepare for the storm and evacuate. if i were a business owner one hurricane andrews devastated the state 20 years ago, the safety of your employees and your family. waiting on evacuation orders,
6:47 am
listen to local officials. they will tell you if and when your area needs to be evacuated. we can expect additional evacuations as the storm continues to move up the state. if you are in the panhandle, you also expressed severe weather. please be prepared for this. i cannot stress this and enough. do not ignore evacuation orders. you can rebuild your home, you cannot rebuild your life. everyone should be prepared to evacuate soon. traffic, i know many of you are stuck in traffic. i'm sure it's very frustrating, but please be patient. evacuations are not convenient, but they are meant to absolutely keep you safe. i'm glad so many are driving to a safe place. in fact, we've increased the number of troopers on the roadways to help with traffic to keep people moving down the road. we have 1700 troopers working 12-hour shifts right now.
6:48 am
these dedicated officers are 100% focused on safety and are taking a day off. also, all administrative duties have been suspended, which means all sworn troopers are helping families evacuate and bring in supplies to areas in need. we've also increase the number of road rangers. around the state we have 13 traffic or hundreds of d.o.t. workers or monitoring traffic cameras 24/7. making sure traffic flow is continued and evacuations proceed with out instruct two obstruction. we are working around the clock, watching road cameras to help keep traffic flowing. all this is to help you get to safety is you evacuate. regarding flow, we still need southbound lanes to get gas and supplies out to shelters and families that need it and
6:49 am
southern parts of the state. contra flow also inhibits our ability to get these two people that need them. to ease congestion, we have active shoulders on i-75. please drive safely and listen to law enforcement. they are working to keep you and your family safe. real-time traffic information and evacuation routes are available at you do not need to evacuate how the state to be safe. if you do not need to be on the rope. do not travel. five soldiers in your county. you can visit fordisaster to find it where there are shelters in your area. in the event that hurricane irma forces a closure of any roads in
6:50 am
the aftermath of the storm. all tolls have been waived across road race traditions help families evacuate quickly and safely. visit florida's welcome centers and transition to emergency information centers to help direct evacuees with the most up-to-date information. visit florida's welcome center for all red cross certified and stand ready to assist as shelters and other areas needed. these are at all our borders in the state. if you are concerned that you do not have a way to evacuate due to traffic, please call the florida emergency information line, 1-800-342-3557. for whatever reason, if you cannot evacuate, call that number. it is a dedicated emergency hotline. we will do everything we can to help get you out. fuel, one of our top priorities remains fuel availability. i've learned yesterday by the
6:51 am
vice president that the government has waived additional rules and regulations to get more full to florida roads. we know their problems or supply at gas stations and are working around the clock to get fuel to you. law enforcement will provide gas trucks to get through traffic to get to the stations faster. these law-enforcement escorts escorts have continued throughout the night. and we will keep this going as long as possible. i'm sure you've seen them across the state. gas station is in the evacuation zones, we need you to stay open as long as you can. people need to get gas to get out. we are having police escorts for the family to get out safety. we need you to stay open as long as you can to get more people gas so they can evacuate. my staff is reaching out to gas stations in the keys to provide contact and help for officers and tankers. we are devoting every state resource. three tanker ships delivered
6:52 am
fuel yesterday each delivering 1.2 gallons of fuel. this they continue to escort fuel supply trucks to the port everglades directly to gas stations in your community. as of 6:00 p.m. last night, 8.4 million gallons of fuel should have been supported to the everglades and five millions of gallons of was shift into tampa bay. you will see lines and unfortunately you will see outages. i know this is frustrated and we will not stop working on this. if you aren't in an evacuation zone in south florida, you need to leave. it will be closing today for safety and gas will no longer be resupplied into much of south florida until after the storm. if you are concerned that you do not have a way to evacuate because the fuel is too tight, use the same number, or 1-800-342-3557. we will do everything we can to
6:53 am
get you out. but you have to call now. if you are in an evacuation zon zone. we cannot save you in the middle of the storm. if you know you are going to a shelter in your county, please take only the amount of gas you need. you don't need to fill up your whole tank if you're going to state in the county. the gas a buddy act is a great resource to find open stations with fuel. all ports to remain open today and are offering great fuel and supplies. national guard. 7,000 members, all members of the national guard are now activated. every member has been activated. on law enforcement, the florida official wildlife conservation commission is providing search and rescue teams for potential deployment and has more than 200 officers standing by in the first wave of response, based on potential storm impacts. my staff and i have been reaching out to law enforcement across the state to make sure they have the resources to keep
6:54 am
people safe. utility providers, we are actively repositioning resources throughout the state and neighboring states. we know how poignant it is to get power restored as quickly as we can. solar power light has evacuated emergency response plans and thousands of workers are preparing to respond to irma. they're one of the largest providers in the state. they're also working with out-of-state utility and other companies to secure the company's resources. we open more than 20 staging throughout the state to increase trucks. i'm having called to the utilities every day to try and make sure we have all the resources and they are prepared. shelters, last night, i directed the closure of all public schools. state colleges, state universities, and state offices and for their normal activities affected today through monday. to ensure we have every space available for sheltering and staging.
6:55 am
right now, floridians must have access to every shelter. over 17,000 people have volunteered and that is great but we have also could use more volunteers. i want to thank everyone who is open their hearts to those and the staff. we cannot thank you enough, but we can always use more. floridians can go do volunteerflorida.workvolunteerf oropportunities. thereisnoreason shelters are available and you can follow locations. you can visit to find shelters in your county. if you need a hotel, go to expedia is working on hotel occupancy in real-time. airbnb is active in disaster response programs. if you are evacuating in need a
6:56 am
place to stay, the florida restaurant lodging association has encouraged all hotels to weigh pet policies, offer shelter, and be compassionate with cancellations. we are running out of time. the storm is almost here. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now. this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. we cannot rebuild your home, we cannot -- we can rebuild your home, we cannot rebuild your life. protecting life is your absolute top priority. our number one priority is protecting everyone's life, everyone's life is important. no resources or expense will be spared to protect families. floridians are strong and resilient. in times like this, we band together and help each other. we will keep working around the clock doing everything we can to
6:57 am
help you prepare. and after the storm passes, we will be here to lift each other up and recover. we will get through this together. florida is an amazing melting pot of loving people and incredible state. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> i will be glad to answer any questions anybody has. >> regarding the shelter situation, have you add an
6:58 am
additional shelters? >> we are opening up more shelters and we are asking for more volunteers. we will continue to open shelters. we are working with all of our cash from the state level and at the county level, make sure we have -- we are going to be close to where you evacuate to shelter. we will do everything we can to get you shelter if there's not a shelter close to you. we are going to have enough shelters. that's one of the reasons i checked out all the schools. we will use those for shelters. all we can use as more volunteers. everybody is focused on the shelters. >> what is it you are asking volunteers to do specifically? >> in the beginning, it's going to be shelters. after it hits, it will be a lot of food and supply distribution. there'll be a lot of other things to do. there will be a lot of things to clean up. in the beginning, we have to shelter people and if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to
6:59 am
evacuate, go someplace else, hotel, friends, or get to a shelter. we will have shelters for you. >> the lake is the most vulnerable, especially -- in your discussions with the court, what if they said specifically about vulnerable areas and what will happen if there were to be a bridge in that region? >> i've been in constant contact with them. they believe that we will not have issues with it itself. what happened is as the winds have picked up, now's going to be a category 4, we can see some water coming over the top as the slush over the top, which will impact the areas that we evacuated. that's why i made the decision yesterday to evacuate those areas. just absolutely to make sure. right now, they believe that
7:00 am
they will be in three areas where we are doing some rehab that there will be some water that floats over the top. they don't believe that it's at risk. >> or the people in the south areas, the communities that have been evacuated, or way be forced to stay away from their homes longer out of concern that it may breach in the week after the storm? >> the way we are getting people back to their homes as quickly as we can. the most important thing to everybody his life and safety. the corp will constantly be with you and to make sure they did that. i got that this morning about their inspections. as the water rising in the lake, they'll be doing more and more inspections. at this point, they are expecting category 4, they are
7:01 am
also expecting ten to 12 inches of rain and possibly 20 inches of rain and they will believe they won't have anything other than waters flowing over the top. >> are there any right now? >> at the corp is going to have a briefing at 1100 and they will answer that. anybody else? evacuate, keep everybody safe, goodbye. >> bill: primary concern is human life and he made that clear throughout the entire press conference there. rick scott, the governor of florida there. 3 to 10-foot expected. the west coast could face hurricane force winds. picture that for a moment. and the final message, you need to leave if you are in the evacuation areas because you are running out of time. fox news senior meteorologist was watching and listening and
7:02 am
joined us now. janice. >> we are going to get a new advisor at the national hurricane center at 11:00 a.m. and that will bring us a lot of important information. they are giving us important data and where the storm is, how strong it is, and here's the visible satellite imagery as the sun comes out. we get a better idea of how big, how wide the storm is. hurricane force winds extending 70 miles in the storm and we heard the governor say the whole state of florida is going to be influenced by the storm system. category 4, new advisory coming out in less than an hour. we'll break to hear from fox news channel. i know a lot of folks on the twitter and facebook are saying, oh, well, storm is weakening. i want everyone to know that yes, 150-mile per hours went from 157 yesterday is about 7 miles short of a category 5. we are still dealing with a tremendous term that would potentially bring catastrophic potentially deadly storm surge,
7:03 am
flooding, and very strong winds, 150-mile per hour state wins. this is going to be a big event for florida. here's what we know now. making landfall saturday night into sunday. the south florida, the keys on alert. storm surge warning in effect. 5 to 10 feet above dry land, that will be a big deal for low-lying areas below sea level. that's why the keys are being evacuated. as we get into tuesday and wednesday, it will be a big flood event for part of mississippi and the valley. if it doesn't interact with land and it remains over warm waters, 89-90-degree temperatures, it potentially could strengthen before it makes land impact. where is this going to hit? i wish i could tell you the exact location, but i can't. here's the cone of uncertainty. here's one scenario. it makes the landfall write about here on the west side. of south florida.
7:04 am
we'll go into the keys. this would be a worse case scenario for miami and millions of people that work here because all of the storm surge, the strong winds, the heavy rainfall on the northeast side of the storm is going to pile up into miami and south florida. this is the other case scenario and that cone of uncertainty where the worst of the storm surge goes into fort lauderdale and west palm beach. i wish i could pinpoint the exact location of where the center of circulation is going to come on shore, but we can't. that's what we are dealing with. those are the scenarios. i can tell you that models are coming in with very good agreement that we will be dealing with a keys event, a south florida event. that exact location where it will make landfall, still you have to be determined, but the whole state of florida needs to be on alert for a major hurricane making landfall tomorrow night into sunday. >> bill: you think about a storm moving at 60 miles an
7:05 am
hour, that's actually fast. when you get a storm that fast moving at that rate of speed, that's why he talks about the storm surge. that could rip these islands apart and rip your home apart. >> julie: is the deadliest part of the hurricane is a storm surge when you have low-lying a. this is potentially catastrophic for sale four. >> bill: janine, talk to you in an hour. >> julie: as we wait for another news briefing to get underway in fort lauderdale, we also know southern florida will get hit hard. a lot of leaving their homes to find shelter. >> come out out of the house, stop being bashful. >> bill: janine, talk to you in stop acting like the storm is not going to do too much or turnaround. get up and pack your stuff and get out of the house and take graham. >> julie: joining us now is the mayor of fort lauderdale. your area is bracing for the worse. southern florida obviously is
7:06 am
going to get slammed. what are you telling your people tonight? >> exactly what you all were just talking about in the last two or 3 minutes. the biggest concern i have is the storm surge, the biggest concern that our emergency experts have is all about the storm surge. this is a very different hurricane then what we just saw in texas. texas was a huge rain factor, a huge water factor is tragic as it was, is just a different type of hurricane. we think this will be one that will bring a tremendous amount of water up through the ocean, out in front will be pushed by the wind and if it happens to come ashore during our high tide, the start of our seasonal high tide season. with the seasonal high tide combined with a storm surge combined with an eastern win, you guys have accurately describe what could happen. >> julie: the storm surge and high tide cometh catastrophic. the governor said this or to be 33 to 10 feet. do not put your life or your family at risk if you have been
7:07 am
ordered to evacuate and are still home, please go. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and that's getting them to safety. tonight, there are many who are still actually going to fly out. the fort lauderdale airport closes down at 7:45 p.m. many people in the miami-dade and fort lauderdale area know personally have waited till the very last minute to decide what to do because the hurricane's been so unpredictable. what are you telling people who are about to get in the car and drive north? where do they go? it doesn't seem anywhere in florida will be safe from the storm. >> i think they need to go to georgia and the carolinas. when they go to georgia they need to stay off the coast up there. savannah is probably in the potential zone, charleston's and the potential zone in south carolina. i think you have to go into atlanta, georgia, and that area. i just at my daughter, she put out this morning. she went north. we are telling people on the islands and especially the low-lying areas time to move on,
7:08 am
time to move out. we've dealt with hurricanes before, but this storm surge has the potential to be catastrophic. we need to be very careful where people remain and so we've encouraged everybody in the low-lying areas east of u.s. 1 to please move to higher lands and go to drier lands and please worry about their properties and possessions later. >> julie: jack seiler, thank you so much for talking to us. >> bill: we had crews throughout the state of florida. i will be joining our coverage in florida over the weekend. we will see what we get when she hits. keep it here on the fox news channel as we all hope for the very best for hurricane irma. 8 minutes past the hour and a we move from that storm to the other storm in washington now. this weekend, the president will head to camp david, full meeting there with the cabinet. also facing challenges from a possible north korean missile launch. we have backlash over a debt ceiling with democrats.
7:09 am
chris wallace has been watching all of this this week. good morning to you, chris. i would guess the primary concern is what happens to florida with irma, but certainly keeping an eye what the cabinet does on saturday. >> absolutely. of course, irma is going to be on our watch on fox news sunday and we will be all over talking to federal state and local officials. we will be sharing some of those crews with you that are going to be all over south florida. and the federal response is very important. as you say, that's not the only story, big as it is, life and death as it is, the real possibility that it's a big national holiday in pyongyang with another missile test by the north koreans, another icbm, long-range missile that could potentially hit the u.s. on an attack. a reason for concern still. the political storm still here in washington with the president
7:10 am
signing with democrats. his new friend chuck and nancy against the republican leaders in the congress and his own secretary of the treasury. that really still being talked about meeting on wednesday in the oval office. >> bill: with regard to that, there's a few tweets that came out earlier today. here's one of them. "republicans are, but i've been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years, did not happen. even worse, the filibuster rule never allow the republicans to pass even great legislation. will barely get 60 versus 51 votes. as a republican death wish." what is he trying to set up. >> beats me. i don't have a clue. i try to tell you, i'm not being flip about it, bill. people here in washington to understand it because he talks about the republican death wish. is he really saying he's going to make common cause now with chuck and nancy? chuck schumer and nancy pelosi.
7:11 am
does he think he's going to get a better deal on obamacare repeal and replace from chuck schumer? he said that's absolutely unacceptable. do you think he's going to get a better deal on the boardwalk with the democrats say is on acceptable? or a better deal on tax reform where the revenue neutral and no tax breaks for the wealthy mexico i don't understand it. i will tell you that there are an awful lot of top republicans, a lot of republicans much better connected than i am on the hill and one of the things they say and this is really to get to your points, you're presuming that this is a strategy here and when i advanced that to some top republicans in the senate, they said this guy has never had a strategy. it's always his immediate response. he wanted a deal, he wanted some good headlines. he's made that, but in terms of this being a larger strategy with the democrats, all the things that he's been calling for, the democrats are going to give him. most of them think it was just a
7:12 am
temporary deal. when he sits down, and the first time he gets credit five -- criticized by his friend chuck and nancy, he's going to reject them. >> bill: hour to hour it seems like. >> the hurricanes are unpredictable, so is donald trump. >> bill: chris, thank you. reminder to our viewers on monday, 16 years on from 9/11. thank you, see you on sunday, chris. >> stay safe in florida this weekend. >> bill: to all of our reporters and colleagues and friends down there, good luck. >> julie: we still have a big show ahead for you here, as hurricane irma turns toward florida. governor rick scott will be here as well as former bush secretary ari fleischer. >> bill: another big store we are watching with south korea on edge in north korea getting ready for another possible missile wants. days after testing a nuclear device. will it happen? and if so, what next? >> julie: reaction on capitol hill to
7:13 am
president trump's decision to cut a deal with democrats. >> i completely understand why he was doing what he was doing and why his motivation is. we've got hurricane relief, let's make it bipartisan, and let's clear that debt so we can focus on our shared agenda like tax reform. minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were.
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7:16 am
>> julie: fox news alert, voting right now on a massive $15 billion harvey bill after senate approved of
7:17 am
$15.25 billion relief package yesterday. many republicans left frustrated after president trump cut a deal with top democrats to pay or read legislation with a three month increase in the debt ceiling. one of the three republicans joined just now opposed to it, marsha blackburn. i understand you have placed your boats, haven't you? >> i was a "no" vote. we have a debt ceiling increase and cr, and we don't get those reforms that we need. i don't like the harvey and irma relates to all of these packages should stand alone. they should not be coupled or have a debt ceiling set on ther there. or acr put on them. i would have preferred to see these as stand-alone. house yesterday voted for and i voted for the initial hurricane relief package, which is what we should be doing. we put it out by itself on the
7:18 am
board and cultivate it. >> julie: congressman mark walker wrote in a letter, "while some of advocated for a clean debt limit increase, this was simply increase the barring of authority of the government while irresponsibly ignoring the urges of reform." why do you believe that president trump made this deal in the first place? >> i think he felt like he was clearing the debt so that he could move on to tax reform and health care and infrastructure. i appreciate why he did it and understand his frustration. i got the copy of the letter and you mentioned chairman walker that over to the speaker because we have a list of recent forms we want to see. some entitlement reforms, the balanced budget amendment. they need to get our fiscal house in order. we think it's immoral, the pasts
7:19 am
this debt along to our children and grandchildren. >> julie: the senate on these to put aside all of its work in order to debate and vote on this. is this not delaying the process of all that is on the agenda today for september? >> at first of all, we should have stayed here in august and got our work. secondly, we do have this, but we've known this debt ceiling was coming since may. some of us have been trying to push forward with getting this addressed. in a timely matter so it wouldn't be a last-minute action. that's where we are finding ourselves here in september and everything is being bundled together and being deemed we must pass this. we need to separate these issues and do our work in a timely matter. then let's get onto tax tax reform and health care reform and the things the american people want to see. >> julie: that's what the president would like to see too. he tweeted today that republicans must start the tax reform, tax legislation asap. don't wait until the end of
7:20 am
september, needed now more than ever. hurry! he is trying to tell everyone to hurry up. is that something that can be sped through, and will it get done by the october 1st deadlin deadline? >> actually come at chairman brady has been working on tax reform for month. this is something that has been in process for a period of time. we want to make certain that it is a dressed and passed for appearing to pass our budget and get the reconciliation numbers and then get tax reform across the finish line before the end of the year. >> julie: congressman blackburn, thank you very much for taking time. i know it's a busy day for all of you there. >> bill: we continue to follow the breaking news on the hurricane aid package for another story this hour, north korea could be on the verge of launching yet another missile as soon as tomorrow. adam kinzinger up next to talk about u.s. options if it happens.
7:21 am
first from yesterday, the president was asked about it. speaker each day new equipment is delivered. the best anywhere in the world by far. hopefully we are not going to have to use it. if we do use our north korea, it will be a very sad day for north korea.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
good morning and welcome back. i know you can't share a lot on that meeting or that hearing but characterize it as best. >> there's a lot of concern. we think tomorrow may be a day where they decide to have some new intercontinental ballistic missile because it's one of the thousand holidays in north korea where they put a unicorn into heaven or something. that's going to be tomorrow. basically what it comes down to, the north koreans have the technology together and what they need to perfect, which they
7:26 am
will at some point, is technology. what that means to us is that we have to boost up our ability to intercept icbms and missiles, which thanks to president reagan, we started developing in the 80s and we now have a decent ability to do it. we need to have an incredible military auction. if diplomacy doesn't work without a credible military option backing it up. i give a lot of credit to the administration for being clear that that is on the table. the hope is that diplomacy works. >> bill: also flew so you understand this very well. when he talked about reentry, is that the reason why they try to get higher and higher in altitude? >> yes. basically what they can do is shoot it way up into space and you can take that trajectory and actually flatten it and see what the range of that missile is. once it goes into space, obviously coming back through the atmosphere is a tough thing. how do you keep it from wobbling and losing control and burning up? even if they don't have the
7:27 am
technology to do that today, they seem to have the ability to come up with that. i think we are in a very near future of having a fully capable icbm. that's why having the defense system is so important. that's why the money that we do out here to build a defense is important. having a real credible military option in the dark while all the talking heads on tv saying there's no chance we will ever use this. the reality is, i had to have that as an option because that's what makes diplomacy actually work. >> bill: the president yesterday was asked about this and said this about a military possibility. >> military action would certainly be an option. it is an inevitable? nothing is inevitable. it would be great if something else could be worked out. we would have to look at all of the details, all of the facts, but we have presidents for 25 years now talking and talking and talking and the day after an agreement is reached, new work
7:28 am
begins in north korea, continuation on nuclear. >> bill: what does that say to you when you hear that? >> it says we have a president that understands as president obama told him when they were in his transition to the oval office that this is the challenge of our generation, this is the challenge of the presidency even beyond terroris terrorism. we cannot allow the north koreans to have its new weapon. look, president trump, some people take issue with his language, whatever. i think for the first time somebody is talking talk and saying we are willing to use our military to ensure the safety of us and our allies. we hope we don't have to but rest assured we will if we need to. that's what makes diplomacy way more likely to happen because i can see there's an alternative on the table that's unlikely for everybody. >> bill: we will see this we can. thank you for your time today. >> julie: tens of thousands of people in florida evacuating, the state at this hour, millions
7:29 am
more in the path of hurricane irma. governor rick scott morning everyone to get out, saying we can't save your houses but we can save you. governor scott joins us life and just moments from now. as well as former bush press secretary ari fleischer on how the government spent handling two natural disasters. >> we came all the way up from the bottom. it's been all right. it was all the way through peers >> key west to wear? >> key west too i don't know where. we will figure it out. reshen br. try biotène®.
7:30 am
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i enjoy the fresher things in life.o. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> julie: welcome back, forecasters predicting a nightmare scenario as hurricane irma tracks closer to florida. folks are up and down the coastline preparing for the absolute worst. this is right outside jacksonville. the people up there have no idea if it's going to miami or jacksonville. nobody's really clear of this thing.
7:33 am
>> julie, still a lot of uncertainty here despite all the warnings and despite all of our own meteorologist saying this will be hit very hard. this is david county, and at this hour, there is no evacuation for here. but the sheriff is expected to issue some type of evacuation in a short while. car at lining up all morning from 6:00 waiting for sandbags. you can assume that most people who are picking up sandbags are going to stay or help someone who is. we began the morning at jacksonville beach and the majority of people we have talked to say they are staying. they are sticking this one out. many floridians are notorious for ignoring any type of warnings when it comes to hurricanes. just around the corner here in macclenny, we signed nursing home boarded up which is probably a good after day after those of viral energy two images we saw with harvey and texas. we talk to a gentleman a while ago who stopped to get some bags for his home in business. >> the home i live in is a
7:34 am
concrete block. it is very good and heavy weather. you never know though. >> we have a captain here with us with the baker county sheriff's office. you are saying this is still a lot of uncertainty that this storm could be a 1 or 3 when it hits here or there still could be a lot of damage. >> we are waiting to see what the storm is going to do. irma is going to take a turn north and when it does, between all the energy built, it will know when it gets to us. our job is to prepare the citizens for baker county that we've done everything we can to keep them safe. >> so many people here have left their hurricanes before but some people say that this one might be a little worse than others. >> that's obviously the larger storm and what they are telling us. it's a very strong, powerful storm. we are praying continually for the folks down south and that
7:35 am
they braced for a very intense category 4 or 5 hurricane to hit. it will still be a very intense storm. we urge everyone to take the storm seriously and do what you need to to prepare to be safe for your family. >> do you have a governor urging people to get out if they can? what you think about people that are staying? >> everyone has to make their own decisions. we encourage, again, everyone to do whatever you can to seek shelter that is safe and that would span a category three hurricane. we will make decisions and sometimes you have mandatory or animal situations are elderly and we want to reach out to those people. if that's the case, reach out to us and we will help you in any way we can to find a safe route. >> we wish you well pure thank you very much for your julie, i will send it back to new york. >> julie: with this now, thank you for coming back again today and good morning to you. >> thank you for helping me get the message out. if you're in an evacuation zone, you gotta get out.
7:36 am
we care about your life, we want to give every family intact. everybody that's in an evacuation zone, make sure you get to shelter purity gotta get to a hotel. if you have a problem getting out, you can call us at the emergency hotline, 1-800-342-3557. we will get you out. but you can't wait. you can't do it in the middle of the storm. >> bill: you said last hour during a press conference that you are running out of time. you also talked about a 3 to 10-foot storm surge. can you picture or visualize that for our audience about the impact of that at sea level for the southern part of your stay? >> in the northern part of our state a year ago we went through this. think of a 3 or 10-foot wave of water flowing and very rapidly and then flowing out. this is going to engulf your entire house.
7:37 am
it's going to come in. when they come in, they come in really fast. remember, this is different than andrew. andrew was away bigger. we will have plenty of winds and rain, but this will have a storm surge. we didn't have a lot of storm surge with andrew. just think about how tall your houses. if you think about you have 7-foot or 10-foot ceilings in your first floor, that will cover the first floor of your house. it will engulf your whole house. i remember a year ago, in the northern part, and she was just -- in the came up and she got lucky because there was a high water vehicle down her block a couple houses and she got out. she went back to safer animals, and i get it, i understand. it's hard and it's inconvenient.
7:38 am
that's why we shut down all the schools yesterday or today. >> bill: that storm surge has wiped out a lot of the islands in the caribbean and have killed 19 along the way. when you're with us yesterday, he talked about getting volunteers for the shelters. yesterday the number was at 9,000. 9,000 needed volunteers. are you anywhere near close to getting what you are asking for? >> we need a total of 17,000 volunteers. we will probably need more. you helped get the message out and we now have 17,000 people that have volunteered you going to we will need people to help with our shelters and the contribution. to help with cleanup. because it's going to be a massive life-threatening store. >> bill: i heard your comment
7:39 am
that it is possible the east coast and the west coast of florida could feel her hurricae force winds. >> at the same time, the path right now would be right up. we've got a big -- i ordered the evacuations for the right south of the lake. the dike is fine, but we will have some water spill over because of the wind because the winds are picking up. i've got to get everybody to evacuate. the volunteers are so helpful. they are getting the message out and it so helpful. >> bill: governor, good luck. we will be in contact. rick scott, thank you for your time today. meanwhile, the house just approved moments ago that debt ceiling harvey ada paxton, there were 90 know both, all of those
7:40 am
no votes came from republicans and you had 17 in the senate. former white house press secretary, ari fleischer. i want to play a moment that played on this nfl football game last night. talk about bipartisanship. have a look at this. >> hurricane harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best in humanity. >> is former presidents, we want to help our fellow americans begin to recover. >> our friends in texas including presidents bush 41 and 43 are doing just that. >> is one texan put it, we got more love in texas than water. >> we love you texas. >> bill: what is the job is the commander-in-chief and a time like this? >> number one, i love it. it's so great to see an ad like that, that's the spirit of our country. if anything good comes out of harvey, is to remind us that's who we are. that's who we are going forward and that's what presidents have
7:41 am
to do going forward. the fact of the matter is, natural disasters have always occurred and are test for the local authorities. we have a pretty good track record. the federal government has a lot of resources. the first responders on the ground have the hardest job in the most important job and it starts vulnerable and evacuate the vulnerable. >> bill: that's what rick scott's been talking about, saving your life. that's been the message the entire time. when you see the harvey aid package with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi early in the way, what you think is going on? >> i'm all for what donald trump did. the fact of the matter is debates over default, government shutdowns, it is the worst things republicans have done over the last decade. it loses faith in the ability to get anything done.
7:42 am
that's been the republican way, along with barack obama's way, for the last ten years or so. donald trump comes along and says we're not going to go down that road again. we are going to postpone these fights and get something done this fall. good for him. let's hope that happens now, still has to happen if congress gets his work done. now they have time and space to do it. >> bill: there is so much on the plate right now, you don't know what the next left hand, right-handed term could be. >> no, but at least we have immediately upon september 30th. it's a three-month pond, it's on an 18 month pond, what i will do the three month period it beats these shutdowns that we've been dealing with for the last eight years. the reason they got to work with the democrats, 90 republicans voted against raising the debt ceiling. republicans are going to be against it. you have to work with democrats
7:43 am
to get it done. >> bill: thank you. ari fleischer live in connecticut. >> julie: hillary clinton's new book taking shots at several of her fellow democrats including friends and former vice president, joe biden, for a critique he made in late march. >> what happened was that this is the first campaign that i can recall where my party did not talk about what it stood for. that is how to maintain the middle-class. >> julie: clinton also pointing fingers at a whole lot of other people. this is an "what happened." we will60 tell you who else shes pointing fingers at. and right now the sleep number queen c2 mattress now only $699. ends sunday!
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7:46 am
>> julie: hillary clinton sharing dirt about the 2016 campaign and her new book called "what happened." clinton reflects on her stunning loss to donald trump last year and she's got plenty of blame to go around about burning sanders. she writes his attack caused
7:47 am
lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for trump's hillary campaig campaign. rachel campos-duffy and leslie marshall he are here. thank you for coming in. in this book she literally throws the book at everyone. she blames bernie sanders, james comey, "new york times," she even takes a swipe at job out of. matt lauer who she actually got mad at for asking about the emails, which was the most obvious question at the time, and she says this, i was ticked off. he knew exactly what he is doing here. the network was treating this like an episode if the apprentice in which trump stars and ratings soar. leslie, what's your take? >> first of all, i think it's the perfect storm. if we look at what happened. people obviously want to know what happened and that's why so many people have preordered it. this is why we are talking about it right now.
7:48 am
one of the things and she's talked about this publicly. i've seen her talk about this. she certainly knows she has enough blame and that it's the economy and she didn't focus on that. joe biden is right, by the way, her husband has said to her that she disregarded his warning that to not forget about the disenfranchised white working class, blue collar worker and she did. not going to states like wisconsin, that really hurt her. some of the other blame i do believe that the media was constantly negative about her, i do believe that every time trump opened his mouth, he got free press time across the board. whether it was good or bad. also, i do believe that james comey, the timing of that, it helped with the perception about the reality as the timing of that statement hurt her. i do feel that bernie sanders has divided the party and his division is still resonated at this moment.
7:49 am
>> julie: here's a video just show. bernie sanders, in the book she talks about her first instinct was that her campaign should hit back and explained that comey had badly overstepped his bounds and said that her campaign advisors act to talk her out of it, it was actually better to just go and try to move on but looking back she says it was a mistake. rachel, this is particularly interesting to me because at that time, who can forget? democrats hated comey. they blamed him solely for hillary's loss, and then after trump fired him, it was actually democrats who were up in arms. >> she blames comey it also the nerve to blame "the new york times" who was pretty favorable to her, especially to the way they treated donald trump. this is really hurting the democrat party. leslie talked about how she didn't talk about the economy on the campaign. because of this book and this book tour, democrats are talking about the economy now. all trumpist talking about our american jobs and american energy and making america great
7:50 am
again. forcing the democrats to relitigate this campaign. why? i tell you, there's one word, it's greedy. it's the same reasons that she lost the campaign to begin with. they were outrageous and did this to make more money and force her party to talk about all the greedy reasons why she lost the election, which are, quid pro quo at the state department, clinton foundation, and all of the emails and the meetings and hammers all to cover her tracks from all the corruption she had going on. i think the problem here for democrats is that hillary clinton and the resist movement, they hate donald trump more than they want to win the working class. >> julie: thank you, rachel campos-duffy and leslie marshall. >> bill: this is your personal information could be in the hands of hackers? a massive bridge, 143 million affected. what you need to know next.
7:51 am
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>> 6 minutes away, we are monster storm and would take you to florida as people there try to head to safety battling massive traffic jams, gas shortages, and short tempers. a powerful earthquake hit a south of the border and prompting a tsunami warning. why but the tales on the death and destruction there appeared a tire warning from south korea. will north korea really file another missile tomorrow and how will president trump respond? "happening now" at the top of the hour. >> bill: we will see you in 6 minutes. hackers say 1 of 3 major consumer credit reporting agencies and the breach might affect more than 140 million americans. catherine herridge joins us now with details on this.
7:55 am
how did it happen? >> this a data breach is one of the worst case scenarios because the data include such security numbers, credit history even it's basically a road map for identity thieves and is breached one into americans is affected. the ranking member of the senate intelligence community oversight to a cyber issued a statement that many heifer has become accustomed to a new data breach every few weeks, it raises serious questions about whether congress should not only create a uniform data breach notification standard but also whether congress needs to rethink policy. that's a reference to creating a different incentive for companies to collect these highly sensitive data that really amounts to one-stop shopping for counters bill. >> bill: how has homeland security responded? >> we went inside the national cybersecurity communication center this week. this is the cyber watch command
7:56 am
where we look at the overall threat landscape and how it affects the government and how they are preparing to protect the 2018 midterm elections from hackers around the world. >> this is not one of our highest priorities. this is on par with protecting the grid, protecting the integrity of our election process. it is fundamental to what we believe in and what we believe our responsibility is to defend and partnership with the state and local entities that run it. >> this is kind of the scenario that homeland security will be working with businesses to try and figure out why it happened and how to avoid it next time. >> bill: catherine herridge, thank you and washington. >> julie: powerful hurricane irma leaving past of destruction as it sets its sights on florida. i work in coverage continues with a live report for miami beach. >> we always were ancestry dna.
7:57 am
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>> bill: we have a terrific crew working day and night on the story. many folks behind the camera, i will be joining them over the weekend, we will see what we get with hurricane irma, about to make land. >> julie: i will be here in studio all week as well. "happening now" starts right now. >> more on hurricane irma closing in on south florida after causing destruction in the caribbean. miami could take a direct hit from this massive category 4 killer with its stretching north through florida into georgia in the carolinas. hello, everyone, i am heather childress. >> jon: i am jon scott. you are running out of time. that is a warning from -- urging everyone to leave the evacuations a while they can. causing traffic jams and long lines for gas all over florida as many people are taking hurricane irma very seriously. >> do the right thing f


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