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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 8, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: we have a terrific crew working day and night on the story. many folks behind the camera, i will be joining them over the weekend, we will see what we get with hurricane irma, about to make land. >> julie: i will be here in studio all week as well. "happening now" starts right now. >> more on hurricane irma closing in on south florida after causing destruction in the caribbean. miami could take a direct hit from this massive category 4 killer with its stretching north through florida into georgia in the carolinas. hello, everyone, i am heather childress. >> jon: i am jon scott. you are running out of time. that is a warning from -- urging everyone to leave the evacuations a while they can. causing traffic jams and long lines for gas all over florida as many people are taking hurricane irma very seriously. >> do the right thing for your
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family and get in line for safety. the storm is wider than our entire state. it is expected to cause major and life-threatening impacts from coast to coast. >> jon: phil keating live in miami where last-minute preparations are still underway. but we begin with the senior meteorologist janice dean. >> we have the latest advisory from the national hurricane center right now taking a look at it. there is a visible satellite imagery. a monster category 4 storm. it is still a category 4 storm. in the cone of uncertainty has moved a little bit towards the left. but we are still dealing with an impact for the florida keys and south florida in the days ahead. in the next 24-48 hours. i still sustained winds. a lot of warm water moving over. the one thing that we might see within the 12-18 hours is a little bit more interaction with cuba. what that would mean is that the storm could potentially weaken
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as it comes potentially across cuba. it is a land mass if there is a lot of mountainous regions. it could weaken the storm. that would be hopeful for the u.s., but not a good story for cuba. here's the latest track as we go further out in time, still expecting category 4 making landfall on saturday into sunday. on top of the florida keys or south florida. still right front quadrant is where you will see the worst of the storm surge and the worst of the hurricane winds. in the worst of the rainfall on the right side of the storm. so the right side of where the center comes on shore is where we are going to take the brunt of the storm. then it will move up the whole spinal florida at this point. it dealing with their hurricane as we head into monday. and then moving towards tennessee, kentucky tuesday and wednesday as a remnant low. i want to make you aware that the track of the storm has pushed a little bit more towards the south and west.
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so we will have to watch this. it is splitting hairs at this point. we are still going to be dealing with a major hurricane across south florida. this is the scenario that we are looking at right now without push a little bit towards the west. so the worst of the storm surge, the worst of the winds will be coming on the right side of the storm. so the key is, marathon, key largo, taking the worst of this. if it moves a little bit towards the east, the center of the cone coming on short and south florida, there miami and fort lauderdale, you take the worst of this. 5-10-foot storm surge on the low lying area. that's the big concern. if it moves more to the east, an unlikely scenario, the worst comes into west palm beach. so tropical storm force models are in pretty good agreement over the next 12-24 hours. then we will see if the cone goes a little bit more towards the west. splitting hairs at this point. it is a key is a story. it is still the state of florida that we are watching for.
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looking at the hurricane making landfall saturday night into sunday. >> jon: keep an eye on it for us. thank you. speak to a massive story, south florida could feel hurricane irma's winds. you said in 24 hours, half a million people in that state to evacuate. many of them facing gas shortages and gridlock. phil keating live in miami beach with more from there. hello. >> the weather was left of blue skies and sunshine in south beach sand are very limited at this point. you get a sense as you go around town that people know the clock is ticking. and most people i would say of the total population of miami beach have heeded the mandatory evacuation warning and gotten out of town. the streets are empty ocean drive, a smattering of people. these are a few people on the beach that the lifeguards who rode up on and making sure that they do not go into the surf, as
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you can tell, the server is starting to strengthen. we are expecting the outer bands of hurricane irma to pound some rain on south florida later this evening, maybe even tropical winds late tonight into tomorrow morning. a dire situation. the governor every day this week urging people to get out. save your life, we can always rebuild your house, but do what is right. now we have mandatory evacuations and at least 15 counties going up the gulf coast of the state and on the east coast of the atlanta state as well. all coastal communities, even if it is under a hurricane watch right now. everybody understands that it is soon going to turn into a hurricane warning if it already is not. at the airport in miami, massively long lines of people last night trying to depart. the crowds were thick. at the last flight out of miami international airport is in less
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than four hours from now. 3:00 p.m. fort lauderdale, last flight in the 7:00 hour tonight. many people hitting the roads. gas buddy, the app says basically half of the gas stations are out of fuel. that is been a major issue for the fourth straight day. just to let you know how fortunate it is that so many people in south florida, unlike other hurricanes in the past, who do not leave, are leaving this time. they have been watching the forecast track for four days. her nonstop on local news. and we were able to gas up the cars for the first time since there was not a line of 100 cars wrapping around the block. so many people have left town. that gas station here in south beach is closing at 11. at 11:00. >> we are hunkering down for the hurricane. >> and 1980s building in solid
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cement. i am boarded up. i never fought for a minute about leaving. >> what about the water? >> it's okay. we are on the second floor. unless it is 20 feet rolling in the street, which, come on. >> yes, you still do fine, believe it or not the daily warnings from the governor, the mayor's, emergency operation, there are still people going to ride the storm out. once the winds get up to 40 miles per hour, first responders, cops, paramedics go into shelter mode and do not leave until the hurricane is gone. if it is a 5-10-foot surge on the beach. i'm underwater, and almost all of that lifeguard stand as well. >> wider than the state of florida. that would be enough for me to get out. thank you so much, phil. >> jon: ps. talking a little bit of politics now part of the house of passes
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a bill that will raise the debt ceiling and keep the government running until december. by the president's deal with democrats that pushed it through is raising questions about the long-term political impact. will president trump negotiate with democrats to get other legislative priorities past, like tax reform, infrastructures, or health care? and will it cost to his own party? paul ryan disagrees with the president's move, but understands why he did it. >> personally, i think that that the debt market the longer, the better, it is my strong opinion. but he was interested in making sure that this is a bipartisan moment while we respond to the hurricane spread he made it clear. that's what his motivation was. >> jon: glenn hall, u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal." let's talk about the politics of this. it is pretty interesting. and a lot of republicans are crying foul. you had one that teamed up with democratic leaders to get done a
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deal that he wants done. >> yes, that was a pragmatic choice that he made. more pragmatism than ideology, at this point which we have known about the president. he wanted to be clear. he is the kind of president and in an emergency is going to lead and deliver for the people that elected him. one way or the other. one thing that i would add as we saw from the tweets today, a frustration that congress and the g.o.p. leadership have not delivered legislation in the past. he was not taking any chances. >> jon: the republican leadership promised that they would get him a debt ceiling bill by the august recess. that did not happen. >> it did not happen. and they also promised to repeal and replace, which of the president about today. took them seven years, still not done. he is saying one way or the other we are going to get things done. the other point that he made and reports and comments to reporters was hey, you might see a new relationship in washington. the people would welcome that. >> jon: people would welcome
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getting things done, but do the people who voted for the president want him working with the democrats? >> i think it would depend on what they get done. some areas of tax reform that both parties can rely on. but mitch mcconnell does not think that there is enough alignment to go down the path. >> jon: you suggested that this is a ceo in the white house used his snapping his fingers and seeing buildings erected, that kind of thing. >> is an important thing for us to remember about president trump. he is ready to get things done and take action to make it happen. the frustrations with the others that he needs to accomplish and things are showing a bit. >> jon: there is an article in "politico," maybe you saw it. he likes chuck schumer and nancy pelosi right now more than he likes paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. >> he likes people who get the job done. he was able to get a quick action. it was a very quick action to provide funding for harvey and funding for irma. and to clear the debts in terms
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of debt ceiling and spending. but make no mistake, he also tweeted today about how the filibuster rule is hampering with republican efforts to get things done. he still wants to see the republicans pushing the agenda. >> jon: as he has cleared the decks for navy tax reform legislation, he did get harvey funding out of the way. the debt ceiling lifted. paul ryan says we should have it for longer terms. he is saying, let's be pragmatic in the short term and get some other stuff out of the hopper. >> i would say it is too soon to say that we are seeing a shift to bipartisanship in washington. but i think that you are seeing the president signaling to the party, we better get things done or we have to find another way. >> jon: he did say he would change the ways of washington. he is changing it not in ways that everybody likes. glenn hall, thank you. >> heather: police searching for a realtor and a mother of two who disappeared just before hurricane harvey hit the city.
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what they are saying about where crystal mcdowell could be. and hurricane irma leaving death and discrete direction as it tears through the caribbean. to the latest from the storms track as thousands of people in south florida get out of irma's way. >> don't even called 911, nobody is going to answer the phone. ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪
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>> heather: hurricane irma pushing towards florida, urging thousands to evacuate. already caused catastrophic damage in the caribbean, at least 23 deaths compared to the virgin islands taking a major hit with a hurricane flattening homes and businesses. these pictures showing the extent of the damage on the island of st. thomas and st. john's. and warning people in the path of the storm to take this one seriously. >> the nation has only seen three category 5 storms since 1851. you had camilla in '69 and andrew in '92.
8:16 am
andrew was a very, very small compact category 5 to what we are seeing here and irma. >> heather: joining me now, kelsey nowakowski, joining us on the phone. and you are in st. thomas, correct? >> correct. good morning, heather. i am by the port in st. thomas, but i weathered the storm on the north side of the island. >> heather: you are one of the folks who decided to tough it out. is there a reason that you decided to do that? were you not able to evacuate? >> even if i wanted to evacuate, there would have been no flights by the time that we realized it was going to really hit this hard. i have a cousin that is actually stranded here that tried to book a flight. and there were two (and two seats left, $6000, by the time she tried to buy one they were gone. >> heather: that is unbelievable. tell us what was happening as the storm was going through.
8:17 am
it was a cat 5 when it was rolling through st. thomas. >> the winds started gusting about in the morning, six hours before it really slammed us. and it was loud. it was seismic. i was in a concrete structure, we have a floor above us that was wood, and we could feel it racing. we thought that we lost our roof, and we were ready to dart to the bathroom and hunkered down. that was the safest place we could be. we were shaking when the i was over us, we heard a noise that it almost sounds like the noise that a move he makes when an alien ship is landing. it was everybody's ears were popping, the pressure of this thing, all of us have been through hurricanes before, but nothing has been like this. >> heather: you are in a concrete structure that was shaking? >> yes. >> heather: wow. when you were able to get outside, what did you see?
8:18 am
>> every power line down. we discovered we had new neighbors that we did not know. this island is so lush. you have to imagine that there are palm trees everywhere, greenery everywhere. and every tree was picked clean. it almost looks like a forest fire happened in terms of everything is just picked clean. you see the skeletons of trees right now. >> heather: that is so sad. i've been to st. thomas many times. i have some friends that i have been not able to get in touch with. i tried before your segment. we know communications are down. at the hospital in st. thomas was impacted. i rated -- read that they had to fly people in critical condition over to st. croix. >> yes, i've heard that some people have been flown to the hospital in san juan as well. but i heard that the top couple of floors flew out and to the roof is gone. >> heather: what about the airport they are getting to people who may be in need? >> the airport is very damaged
8:19 am
as well. but reports from some customs and border patrol people say that it should open on the 12th, that will be with makeshift towers, people will be boarding, not really able to go into the airport. they will be boarding flights that are able to land after they clear the airport. >> heather: i know that the u.s. military is there now. they are helping. so irma is now headed towards florida. what would you say to people there who decide to do what you did and are going to ride it out? >> i would not do that. if anybody in florida that is going to -- in the storm's path should leave. florida is too flat. it will take on way too much water. our whole waterfront turned into a river. luckily, a lot of us live in the hills, we did not have the bad flooding unless we lost the roof, but no way florida can brace it.
8:20 am
>> heather: you are very lucky, jose had it right behind irma, be careful. and our prayers are with you and your friends. >> thank you. >> jon: and jose has been updated to a category 4 hurricane. meantime, authorities in houston are searching for a missing realtor and mother of two. she disappeared before hurricane harvey hit that area. crystal mcdowell is her name. she was seen leaving her boyfriend's house on her way to pick up her children from her ex-husband. police say that they do not believe her disappearance is related to the storm. >> heather: as florida prepares for a major hurricane, residents in south mexico are picking up the pieces after a powerful magnitude 8.1 earthquake. we are talking about earthquakes as well. rocked that region last night. but florida residents boarding up their homes, putting their lives on hold as this massive storm gets closer and closer. we are live in key largo.
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>> heather: welcome back, a jury trial has been canceled for the suspect suspected of killing two young sisters beckoning '70s. the man accused of murdering sheila and catherine lien may plead guilty. the trial was set to start next week in maryland, accused of killing the lion sisters and burning their bodies in bedford county. the girls were only ten and 12 years old. >> jon: there is another natural disaster to report on as a powerful earthquake hits mexico. the 8.1 magnitude quake struck the border last night. 32 people known dead.
8:25 am
joining us with the latest. >> well, jon, that number is likely to arise as they get into the rural areas and numbers return. this is the most powerful earthquake to hit mexico in 100 years. 60 miles off of the pacific coast near the guatemalan border. a poor state where homestead collapse. if you stand one or two stories. that is not the case 6000 miles away in mexico city where building shook. and lights way, shortly before midnight, sirens from early warning system gave a 32nd warning before the quake hit. first responders are still assessing the damage. >> unfortunately, we have already received reports of loss of human life and material damage that we cannot get quantified. we will do that in the coming hours and days to learn what damage the earthquake has caused.
8:26 am
>> the usgs report some 20 aftershocks over 5.0 magnitude. mexico city is larger than new york and twice the size of l.a., but built on an old lakebed of silt and clay. the high water content in the soil amplifies a shaking. in 1985 8.0 collapsed many buildings. if the retrofit and the building codes are stringent in tokyo and l.a., but buildings closer to the epicenter, they do report severe damage. officials there have requested federal help. president activated the army and their new marines. saying that they could see a 10-foot waves, but nothing yet, over a four feed, but more fatalities and injuries as a rescue teams reach for these extremely rural areas. >> jon: scary stuff. thank you. >> heather: all is quiet in the keys in miami today as residents and tourists leave the vulnerable locations ahead of
8:27 am
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>> jon: mandatory evacuation orders in effect for the florida keys as hurricane irma closes in. many people are taking the threat seriously. rick scott warning more
8:31 am
evacuations may be ordered as far north as the panhandle. >> we can expect additional evacuations as a storm continues to get closer to the state and move up the state. if you are in the panhandle, you will also experience severe weather. please be prepared for this. i cannot stress this enough. do not ignore evacuation orders. we can rebuild your home, we cannot rebuild your life. >> heather: he keeps saying that. live for us in key largo, florida. from harvey tele irma. >> this will be very insane, harvey was all about water, this may be the case as well in key largo. the evacuations continue with this coming out of the city of key west. they are riding on a tweet, if you have not been evacuated, we encourage you to do so. facing a catastrophic hurricane. it is not safe to stay here in key largo. the northern part of the keys. we are in a marina, i am joined by mr. warren. the general manager of the
8:32 am
marina, the hotels in this area. tell me what is your worst fear, we are facing a big one. >> immediately it will be the wind coming in tomorrow. that is the biggest fear of what the wind can do. but you can tell that we have a high tide right now at 11:00. so add a surge to the top of that, it will go over the highway and take things on top of that. so we are only standing 5 feet above the water right now. the biggest fear is that the winds into the water, and what will happen afterwards. hopefully we'll will survive and everything will come out okay. of the buildings here a very solid, but we feel pretty confident that we should be okay as we go through. >> officials are saying that everybody here in the keys, particularly in key largo could be potentially underwater by the end of this should get out. >> absolutely. yes, absolutely. i have been here for 24 years, i've been through a few hurricanes already, and those were just cat 1.
8:33 am
this one is 4 or 5 again. and it will not be taken lightly. most people will be leaving by the end of the day today. >> quickly if you could come and show the viewers as well, you are saying that this is at high tide, what can we expect with an almost certain 10-foot plus a surge? >> this is mile marker 100. everybody knows at this area here, the glass bottom boats, some people are familiar with this, where many of the dive boats go out from here. we only get a 3-foot tide generally. we are now at high tide. so only 3 feet from this at low tide. so here at noon time, just six hours they are from the next high and low tide. so the fear here is how high the waters will go if we get a direct hit on shore. >> thank you. heather, just to point out earlier today we had the monroe county administrator and he was saying that look, if you
8:34 am
stay on your own choice, then do not call 911, because ultimately, nobody is coming for you in the immediate aftermath, particularly if as mr. warren says here, things are underwater. >> heather: you were with us this morning, one man said that he and his wife were staying in key west. hopefully they are watching and have changed our minds. thank you very much. >> good morning. i'm here today to announce that the program known as daca that was under the obama administration is being rescinded. >> jon: think way back to tuesday of this week, president trump's decision to end protection of the so-called dreamers made headlines. many suggest as a result of the decision, 800,000 illegal immigrants brought here by their parents as children could be deported. mr. trump tried to reassure dreamers yesterday with a tweet that to no action would be taken
8:35 am
in six months. it is a tweet that the mainstream media largely seemed to ignore. joining us now, hugo gurdon, "washington examiner" editorial adviser. and senior politics adviser, u.s. news and world report. why did the tweet that essentially promises protection for the so-called dreamers, why was it so it ignored? >> you know, there is a double standard that a lot of people have pointed to, whatever president trump does is bad, and people do not cross our minds back to what was wrong with the original thing he was reversing. the first thing to remember about this is that before daca was put in place five years ago, dreamers were not being deported on masse. which is one of the reasons why the country god 11 million or 12 million illegal immigrants. but the thing that is forgotten or on the left side of the ideological spectrum is that
8:36 am
daca wasn't itself a cervical, political ploy. put in place of june of 2012, by president obama. just as the presidential election was getting into high gear, it was designed to jen up hispanic voters for him. in the same way that he dangled empty immigration reform promises in front of the hispanic voters in 2010. he took this action even though for months, if not years before he had acknowledged and admitted that he did not have the authority to do it. >> jon: let's look down memory lane now what president obama used to say about this issue. here it is. >> sometimes when i talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish that i could bypass congress and change a lot myself. but that is not how democracy works. let's be clear, this is not amnesty. this is not immunity. this is not a path to citizenship.
8:37 am
it is not a permanent fix. this is a temporary stop-gap measure. while giving us a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people. >> jon: in 2011, he did not have the power to do it. by 2012, suddenly he had found the power to do it. and now that president trump has said, kick the ball back to congress and have them deal with it, the media are incensed, most of them. >> first of all, president obama did flip on that. he did of her political reasons. he did it in an election year. that is a fair critique of him. but now the focus is on president trump. and the focus on the tweet is, what does he mean by no action will be taken? by rescinding daca, he threw this to congress to say you have six months to figure this out. they have tried to do it before. they have been unsuccessful. the congress has not had a great record this year of getting anything through the house and
8:38 am
the senate. so why should any of these dreamers believe that they are going to take action? and if they don't, what happens? eventually, not only about deportation, but about work permits running out, health insurance, some of them will not be able to get driver's license. depending on the state. this is not only about deportation, this is about what allows them to economically thrive in this country. and i think that there are fair questions to ask. what does he mean by no action will be taken? will he rescind what he rescinded just a few days ago? he seems to send two different signals. i think it is a fair question to ask what the president means by that. >> jon: the point is that the media castigated the president for announcing that he was simply going to undo something that the previous president had done, probably in contravention of the constitution. there is not a whole lot of attention being paid to the promise that nothing is going to happen to those 800,000,
8:39 am
so-called dreamers. >> that's exactly right. he has not spelled everything out. it's perfectly legitimate to us, these questions. but there is a six month window. it is congress' responsibility. that does not say that president trump made a good political move. the reason he acted now was that various attorneys general in various states were suing to overturn daca. and he stepped in to say that this was not -- that daca was going to be ended. politically he might've been wiser to let the lawsuits go ahead, because daca is probably unconstitutional. and the attorneys general probably would have won. instead of letting the courts take the blame for ending daca, he has stepped in and the attorney general has stepped in to say it will be ended. this could cause problems for both the president and the republicans as they head towards the 2018 elections. >> jon: will there be more media coverage of his tweet
8:40 am
essentially promising no action? >> i think that their will. but it will depend on what congress does. now the ball is in their court. there is a separate issue of how seriously to take some of the president's tweets. sometimes he will say something in a statement, and then five, six hours, a day later he contradicts himself or members of his own administration in a tweet. that is something that the media halfs to wrestle with. how serious do we take the statements? will he be consistent down the road? it is our obligation to hold him to account on what he means by "no action taken." does that mean he will give a reprieve to some of the recipients if congress does not act? that requires follow-up and is a medias responsibility. >> jon: it might behoove the media to get congress to get something done. six months for ending a congress does not seem like a possibility. we will see. thank you both. >> heather: more than
8:41 am
143 million people have had their personal information stolen. and that's what's being called an explosion of identity theft at echo effects. what they want consumers to know. and to the president says that war with north korea is possible, the next guest believes that president trump talk talk can only make matters worse. >> i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it is something certainly that could happen. our military has never been stronger. we are in a position now, you know the orders producing the numbers just like i see the numbers. it has been tens of billions of dollars more in investing.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> military action would certainly be an option. it is a debt nothing is inevitable. it would be greater if something could be worked out. we would have to look at all of the details, all of the packs. we have had presidents for 25
8:45 am
years that have been talking, talking, talking part of the day after an agreement is reached, new work begins in north korea. so i would prefer not going the rounds of the military, but it is something that could certainly happen. >> heather: the presidents has a war with north korea is possible as the rogue nation makes one provocative nuclear move after another. congressman john garamendi, a member of the armed service committee, joining us now to talk about this. thank you for joining us today. >> it's good to be with you. speak to the president said that military force as possible. he said that it would be a very sad day if that has to happen. he is right. nothing that we have done so far has worked. so what do you say? >> well, i say, think about teddy roosevelt. speak softly, carry a big stick. that's where we are. we have the biggest stick. and north korea knows that.
8:46 am
that's one of the reasons that they say that they want their nuclear weapons is to hold the united states at bay so that the united states together with south korea would not invade and change the regime. we need to do is to ramp up the sanctions, even the secondary sanctions, which would be discussed about banking and things of that sort. ramp it up, keep the pressure, increase the pressure. and get to the negotiating table spread we have some really important things to offer in the negotiations. the facts on the ground in in e korean peninsula have been clear for almost 64 years. there are two countries there. there has been no peace treaty. we have an armistice, but there is no peace treaty between the two. both the north and the south to say that they want to reunify. but the fact is that the only way that they will reunify within the next couple of generations is with a war. >> heather: no one wants a war. but to go back to what you said in terms of negotiation. do you think that kim jong un is
8:47 am
actually open to negotiation himself? what does he want? >> well, it is clear what he wants. he wants his country, he wants his regime, third-generation now to stay in power. that's very, very clear. is there some way that that can be guaranteed? i believe there is. there have been attempts in the past. but for various reasons those have not come to fruition. they have not been able to be carried out. absolutely, we do not want north korea to have a nuclear weapon or an intercontinental missile. can that be negotiated either way? if we go at this and a strong position, that is with very serious sanctions in place. not what we have today, but more. and we are in a position to come to a peace treaty in which the continuation of the north is on the ground again. there's been a north korea and a
8:48 am
south korea for 64 years. will some day they rejoined? not in the next generations were the next two generations without a war. okay, recognize what is there. there is a north korea state, south korea state. in exchange for their reality, there are no nuclear weapons on the peninsula. >> heather: that something that china does not want to. we need their cooperation as well. >> absolutely. china does not want a unified korean peninsula. they know that the u.s. military is at the river, the last time the u.s. military got there appear to china entered the korea war. so it's pretty clear what the facts on the ground are. how do you make that a political reality? that's where the party negotiations come into play spread we have to head down that track with the very best position we have. a very strong military, everybody knows that. certainly kim jong un knows that. if there is a war, he is going to lose along with the lives of
8:49 am
perhaps many of thousands of people. that's where we don't want to go, but if we have to, that is there. >> heather: you were on the korean peninsula earlier this summer, full briefing from the u.s., the u.n., the south korean leaders, you know where you speak. and we just lost you. we appreciate him joining us. >> and sometimes they turn off the satellites which a little bit too early. >> heather: they were done. >> jon: the group dedicated to helping the veterans, coming together in atlanta right now to lift up those events, and also pay a special tribute. they also honored former president george bush paid will tell you about that and just a moment. amazon looking for another home. the city is now vying for a chance to host the online retailers second to u.s. headquarters. you always pay
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♪ >> jon: i was not in this chair yesterday, because i was in atlanta where the warrior partnership is putting on its annual symposium, and a special tribute including two former pows that survived in wei hilton during the vietnam war. i had an opportunity to moderate a fireside chats with two heroes, retired air force general and captain retired from the marine corps and the navy. other session honored a man who helped them survive five plus years in the horrors of the hand way hilton. former president george w. bush receiving an award in colonel's name yesterday for leadership in his service to veterans. i was happy to be there. and it is a great organization. of the warrior partnership
8:54 am
helping to integrate our new, well our service members as they come back into society. thereby the way is one of the nation's most recent medal of honor recipients on the right there. >> heather: that is so wonderful, jon. you do so much work for them, for the troops, i know you would never take credit for it. but you do. >> jon: they have done a lot more than i have. put it that way. >> heather: moving on, new information as a seattle-based amazon has plans to build second headquarters in another city. the online retail giant will employ 50,000 people, costing more than $5 billion, chicago, dallas, toronto, other cities are competing for amazon's business. live in los angeles with more on that. hello, hillary. >> hello, amazon is holding an olympic a game style bidding process to pick their next home town. the company announcing that it is building a second company headquarters in a different city.
8:55 am
it is asking mayors to step up and give them their best page. here's the criteria for the new hq 2. they want in international airport, goods in transition, but the biggest driver for amazon is the local economy, and amazon asks each city to put their best deal on the table in a business friendly environment, tax structure is key. also looking for more incentives to sweeten the deal. they want tax credits and exemption, workforce and relocation grants. amazon will consider any city who meets the criteria, but all about the bottom line. even with big subsidies, computers and america are looking for the multibillion dollar payday. estimates $31 billion in seattle's local economy, creating 53,000 new jobs, not including its own employees. this is being called a trophy deal of the decade. lots of cities want in. already tweeting to get amazon's
8:56 am
attention, including dallas where amazon owned whole foods is based. october 19th is the deadline, and they will make their final decision in 2018. >> heather: thank you. >> jon: next hour of "happening now," the coast guard preparing for another catastrophic hurricane. one commander will tell us what is being done to keep everyone safe in florida. and we expect a white house briefing at 1:00 p.m. eastern time about an hour from now as a category 4 storm makes its way through the caribbean headed for the u.s. mainland.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> heather: we will see you back here and an hour. another busy one. >> jon: florida, pay attention, hurricane irma is coming your way. it is going to be awful for that state. >> heather: get out while you can. >> jon: thank you for joining
9:00 am
us today, we will see you in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: hurricane irma, miami is in the cross hairs of this bracing for a direct hit. it is traveling fast towards the u.s. mainland after cutting a deadly path across the caribbean. i'm harris faulkner. sandra smith, the coanchor melissa francis. also from fbn, the anchor of the intelligence reports bringing intelligence. trish regan. it never gets old. and #oneluckyguy, guy benson is here. and he is "outnumbered," right on time for a whole lot of news. >> guy: a whole lot of news, we are keeping florida in our prayers and thoughts. a lot of breaking news this hour on that front. >> harris: let's get to it. irma prompting evacuation orders for half a million people in florida. some are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. as they try to get to higher ground. we cover the storm expected to make landfall


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