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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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they are all rested and ready to come back into the fight, the coast guard in the united states military, national guard. we are preparing for environmental losses as we should, i can't speak to each and every company's preparation efforts as i stand here, we continue to monitor that and follow up with you. there will be steps taken from us sitting down in the nuclear power facility, some kind of shutdown posture at some point. we monitor those things. i was comfortable with the position of most of them. >> is there anything you're not comfortable with that is a overriding concern? >> we're worried about the fuel shortages and whatever worries the governor at this point. to be honest, i'm setting expectations appropriately. as we go through a storm, nobody is ever completely safe. i'm extremely comfortable with the government efforts. i went to make sure people
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understand they have a part to play as well. >> two questions. number 1, taking a step back and looking at big picture. wild fires out west. irma. harvey. the resources are not unlimited. at what point do you worry the resources are stretched too thin? >> general kelly says the federal government should walk and chew gum at the same time. he's right. we're focusing on efforts and national security measures around the world. i'm comfortable in our ability and capacity as leaders and institutions to handle the various things that come our way. i'm extremely comfortable with president trump's capacity to do so. he can juggle these issues of complexity on a regular basis. what i do worry about are the financial resources. congress stepped up in a
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bipartisan way. president trump deserves a lot for putting that together the last 48 hours. they wanted what the american people want to do, act and what is right instead of quibbling. in this particular case, we'll have to go back for additional resources as the storms hurt our state and our citizens. for now, we're asking for the appropriate money and resources and getting estimates. we're not doing it in a way to stop or slow down operations. >> do you know what a number would be on that? >> it's too early. as you know, the 7.5 billion that came for fema on the supplemental was a calculated estimate. there's a 6.8 figure around about that would be a regular scheduled replenishment for the fema disaster relief fund. those two are contemplated. the third or future request will
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be based on information as we find them. >> and there's still a question of what habit to daca recipients in the military. still no decision. can you explain why there's a delay in explaining to these folks what will happen and when they can expect an answer? >> i can tell you the president put it back on congress. asked for his priorities to met and their solution. in the inner window, i'm mott sure what the answer is on the military part of daca. i'll get back to you on that. >> given the flooding in texas and what may happen with irma, there's reports that you're reconsidering the flood -- reversing the flood claim regulations that the obama administration put in. can you say if you're reconsidering that, either putting back the regulations or draft regulations that would toughen back up the flood
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regulations given that we'll be facing those issues? >> i want necessarily accept the premise of the question but i will answer the spirit of it. it's not about tough. it's about smart. i did this from one of your publications. the answer is we shouldn't use federal money to rebuild in ways that don't anticipate future flood risk. we have to build back smarter and stronger against floodplain concerns when we use federal dollars. what will happen in the president's infrastructure executive order is the decision of an obama era order that had an overreaching scope in the construction permitting. at the time that we rescinded it, we did so in the hope of expediting infrastructure in the country. now what we have to do is replace with thoughtful, whether it's an executive order or both, building standards and practices for the expenditure of federal
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money that makes floodplain and risk mitigation -- in the interim, i should point out two things here. first, the obama era executive order had not turned into a regulation yet. so nothing in this storm would have changed, whether we acted or didn't act. if that makes sense. this was not immediately or poorly-thought through step. whether we put forth and executive order or not, we have the authority and other laws to put into these rebuilding practices in texas and florida, appropriate floodplain management practices. we want to make sure we codify that for the future. >> and the nation right now is seeing a lot of vulnerability. what is the threat level and what is the administration doing as to moving to this tragic anniversary of 9-11? >> well, i was personally
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motivated in service on that day. that's why i've come back to service again. the counter terrorism mission is the one i take most seriously. president trump, as will presidents before him and since 9-11, receive a comprehensive picture of the terrorist threat environment and what we're doing to counter it. on monday we'll get the timing to you and the read-out. he will do that. that's a practice that we started since 9-11, presidents bush and obama maintained that and president trump plans to do the same. we'll have more on his scheduled events for attending ceremonies and paying respect. for the most part, i'd encourage the administration who will fan out and give appropriate speeches to show some solemnity that day. it's a day of remembrance and respect. >> what is the threat level right now going into 9-11 and
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what we're seeing throughout the nation? >> no terrorist should view us as vulnerable right now. far from the truth. there's no actionable threat right now. we run the regular risk posture meetings and bring together the entire intelligence community when we do so. there's no current threat against the homeland, but we continue to track that. if we learn of such a thing, we communicate it for the law enforcement public when we know it. >> in addition to supplies of oil and gas, there's the issue of price. gasoline has jacked up about 7 cents a gallon. i remember in an earlier briefing, you said you would monitor to make sure there is not gauging. are you monitoring supply and demand? that's a pretty good excuse to raise prices and make sure it's databased. >> yeah, it's a determination, the difference between gouging and supply and demand price indicators. i'd ask you to remember one
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thing, the refineries, five or six in houston are still down. we have a refinery issue on one side and increased demand issue on the other side. that's not necessarily going to raise prices but a short term price spike in our experience. we'll try to differentiate that from gouging as we examine any potential allegations of that practice. for now, floridians are used to this and pretty well used to their attorney general prosecuting them in florida. so i'm not of the opinion that i have to issue many warnings from this podium again. in case anybody missed me last time, gouging won't be tolerated, period. okay? let me come back because sarah is here and has more to do. governor mcmasters from south, scott of florida, deal of georgia and abbott in texas, you're all in our minds. you're our clients, our customer base. you'll set the requirements and we'll meet the requirements and as americans we'll get through
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this. i started with inform, influence and inspire. i'm sure the country saw the people of texas what compassion is about. i'm pretty sure the floridians and southian southians will match up that challenge. i'll come back and speak to you as the situation dictates. thank you. >> thank you, tom. as you can see, the safety and security of the american people is the president's top priority. we'll continue to work with our partners to keep the public fully informed as the events unfold. the president and the first lady will be hosting cabinet members and their spouses at camp david. this will be a working weekend. this will take place saturday. the president will lead a discussion on the administration's priorities in addition to receiving briefings on hurricane harvey, recovery
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efforts and preparations for irma. secretary mattis will be among them there this weekend. on a lighter note, today is his birthday. i'd like to wish secretary mattis a happy birthday on behalf of all of us here. in a letter to his troops in the field in 2003, general mattis encouraged them to fight with a happy heart and strong spirit and to denim that it there's no better friend than a u.s. marine. it's safe to say he's lived his own life by that advice. with that, i'll take your questions. >> what is the agreement with the democrats the president reached? is this a one on or more bipartisan efforts from the white house? >> i think the goal is to have bipartisan efforts and certainly legislation where you've got republicans and democrats both working towards it. that was something that the president talked about during the campaign and certainly
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something that i think the american people expect and one of the reasons they voted for him. i certainly would expect to continue to see that. >> does the president care that republican leadership is annoyed with this deal he reached? >> i think the president's focus is what is doing what was best for the american people. that's why he's the president. the people wanted somebody to be a leader and somebody that would take action and get things done. that's exactly what the president did. i think the last thing we want to do is play partisan politics when we have people in places like texas and louisiana that need financial support through the federal government. president wanted to make sure that happened and that that got taken care of and that's what he did. john? >> what is the thinking behind the president working with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to eliminate going through this debt process? >> if you can take the partisan bickering out of the process, that's probably a good thing, this is a government that is always going to pay its debts
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around wants to make sure that our bills get paid. that we can support the needs of our country like we're doing right now in a time of disaster relief efforts. so that's certainly a priority moving forward. >> but there's some conservatives in congress who say taking away the battles over the debt ceiling means you can continue to add on debt with no checks and balances. >> if your have priorities wrong, the president is focused on balancing the budget, bringing the debt down overall and also making sure, again, the citizens of our country, particularly those in a desperate time of need like we're seeing right now in texas and louisiana are taken care of. major? >> about tomorrow. you said you thought it was important for the public to be informed. so will some part of the cabinet meeting be -- >> we'll be releasing some of
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the president's remarks from tomorrow and keep you guys posted on that process and how that will look. >> you talked about eliminating partisan bickering from the debt ceiling process. is that a republican problem? >> i'm sorry? >> is that a republican problem? 90 republicans voted against the emergency relief package in large measure because it was coupled -- >> a majority of republicans voted for it. the most important thing is that the deal got done. the president acted on it. he worked with democrats to get it done. he will continue to work with whoever is interested in moving the ball forward to help the american people. >> the republicans that are displeased with this, what is the white house message? get over it? sore losers? what? >> the biggest message is we're less focused on what makes congress happy and what makes america better and strong. this was a decision the of the made and he was willing to work
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with democrats to get it done. >> there's been estimates that 250,000 of muslims have left, fled in burma perpetrated by a military portion of the burmese government. can you update if the president is aware of it, concerns about it and also let us know if the president since taking office has any direct conversation with the burmese president and some members of congress are saying they would like to take a stronger role in denouncing the violence. >> he's aware of the situation. we're monitoring it. i'm not aware if they had specific conversations. >> is there a concern about this or -- >> we're monitoring the situation. i would refer you to the state department for specific details at this point. jeff? >> sarah, what are some ideas
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that the president would like to work with democrats next on? he's talked about tax reform obviously. is infrastructure also on the list here or when will we know if this sort of new approach to bipartisanship is something that is his new plan versus a one-off? >> look, the president is committed to moving legislation through. he wants congress to act. he's happy to have democrats be part of that. tax reform is a huge part of the agenda moving into the fall. infrastructure is something we would love to see. he had meetings on that yesterday. we're going to continue to work with anyone willing to sit down at the table and focus on those pieces of legislation. >> has he given up on healthcare repeal? >> no. we're going to continue pushing and looking for new ways to improve the healthcare system and certainly the ultimate goal would be to repeal obamacare and replace it with something that works. >> will you work with the democrats on that? >> if democrats are willing to
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work on an actual solution, sure. >> the president this morning talked about tax reform. he's focusing the country on tax reform after we get passed the hurricane. everyone in the administration says tax reform this year. 1%, however, leader mcconnell, saying tax reform could be next year. is the president willing to allow the focus on tax reform to move into 2018 and if not, what would he say to the leader to get on board with the administration to deliver tax reform this year? >> the ultimate goal is to get it done as soon as possible. the most important thing is that we're providing tax relief for middle class americans. so ideally, we get that done. if we can get it done tomorrow, everybody would be happy with that. obviously it's going to be a process. as soon as we can is our ultimate goal. we want it done right. that's important.
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>> leader mcconnell saying that -- it's like a back door excuse to go into next year. what does the president said about that? >> i can't speak for leader mcconnell. our priority is to get it done and quickly as we can. >> is mar-a-largo following evacuation routes in palm beach? >> i can't speak for the trump organization. i direct you to them. >> and do you know if mar-a-largo has come through a number of hurricanes without damage? would the president consider evacuees and -- >> that's something that you would have to talk to the trump organization. nothing that i can comment: >> the president talked a lot on the campaign and how -- what would the white house message be to republicans on debt ceiling and cutting better deals than under president obama? >> i don't know you can say it's
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a better deal that you're helping people that are in a recovery effort and that certainly was the priority of the president, making sure that we moved things forward and quickly so the people were taken care of. that was the priority in that process. >> robert mueller was meeting with the white house staff regarding the statement about donald trump jr.'s meeting in the trump tower. have more requests be made and who is -- >> i'm not aware of a specific reque request at this time. we've been clear that the white house will be transparent and cooperative through this process. >> on daca, the president tweeted yesterday the daca recipients have nothing to worry about over the next six months. there's no action. can you say that no daca recipients will be deported in the next six months?
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>> i would imagine unless there was some sort of criminal activity, that would change the situation. >> why can't you definitively say -- >> i was about to. let me finish. i was going to say, outside of circumstances where there may be criminal activity or something along those lines. the president is clear that's not something that would take place or change over the six-month period. >> what most daca recipients are worried their status is scheduled to lapse by 2020. can you speak to that? the president said they have nothing to worry about -- >> during this six-month time there's no changes being made to the program. after that, the goal is that congress makes a permanent fix and that congress does their job and that we have responsible immigration reform that takes place over the six months and those individuals won't be affected because they stepped up and did what they were asked to do by the american people.
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>> on the debt ceiling deal, when it comes to votes, is the president finding schumer and pelosi getting more votes than the republican leaders? >> the president is committed to working with republicans and democrats. we're going to continue to do that and get the best legislation we can for the american people. i hate to do this. it's friday. the president is departing. several people have to step out for that. we'll be around the rest of the afternoon if you guys have follow up questions. thanks, guys. >> all right. so we have seen a very lengthy briefing wrapping up with hurricane irma taking the headline. the hurricane is hitting cuba and headed to florida. a direct hit expected in south florida. we'll have an update on how that is holding together in moments. i'm harris faulkner. we have fox team coverage. phil keating is there and matt finn is in jacksonville.
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let's begin with rick reichmuth. >> new models coming in. still not complete sure where it's going to go. we do know that south florida is going to take a direct hit. it's hard to imagine that that doesn't happen. we'll see incredible storm surge. this is a storm surge forecast. a lot of surge up here into the everglades and biscayne bay. it's on both sides of the peninsula here. we expect to see a storm that causes widespread problems everywhere. a new advisory just came in. complete advisories at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern time. between that, we get some temporary advisories. so hurricane hunter aircraft are going through this constantly. they found stronger winds. it's back up to 155 miles an hour. it's a category five. we're splitting hairs here. it's not a big difference. pressures come down a little bit. >> so i want to ask you the significance of it building back again. you guys in your department have been talking about this
11:22 am
happening. >> so it's been going through an eye wall replacement cycle. when you have the big storms, the center eye gets so tightly wound and you get another one form on the outside of it. when it goes through that process, it weakens a little bit. the energy pulls out so the winds come down. what happens eventually often, the inner wall caves in on itself and that only becomes one primary outer wall. i'm sorry i'm giving you so much information. >> i asked. i want to know. the viewers want to know, too. >> the outer wall begins to contract again and strengthen. so the pressures come down a bit. it's been going through this cycle. that would indicate to me that that is happening and the outer why yeah will take over and has the potential to strengthen again. that's why this category four, category five, doesn't matter, this is a major hurricane and has been a long time. it means it has a ton of water attached to this.
11:23 am
so that water that has been pulling for days and days with the winds is associated with this. it's moving to the west instead of northwest. if it keeps that track, that potentially has some interaction here with cuba. very bad news for cuba but better news for florida. could weaken it a little bit. so both sides of this, we're threading a needle going into the florida straits. all of our models show the western move and the right-hand turn. take a look at this. usually this close in to a landfall of a storm, we're about 1 1/2 days away now, we would have a better idea. we still have this huge spread. some of the models pulling this out to georgia and into south carolina. most of them in to the peninsula. the point is, anybody in florida has to watch this. we can't let our guard off for georgia or even into south carolina. but we've been seeing these
11:24 am
oscillations back and forth. there's a system that will make it make the right-hand turn. the timing of the system cutting down across the plains, when this gets there it's 20 miles one direction or the other. we're not able to say unfortunately. >> that is something that we saw with harvey. how the bands didn't do much. we were hours out and still looking like spaghetti. >> so actually with harvey, all of our models were really tightly aligned. so we had a very good idea. in fact, the final landfall of harvey was about 10 miles away from where it had been forecast 72 hours before. >> okay. >> so the direction of the storm is really precise. this isn't that one. we like it when we have the real confidence of exactly where it's going. it allows you to prep that way. this isn't that one. what we do know is it's so big, the winds are so strong and so far away from the center of that, harris, everybody will get this. we probably will see hurricane force winds across the entire
11:25 am
peninsula. this is a wind forecast here. that white is major hurricane winds. all of south florida here by sunday midday in major hurricane force winds. hurricane force winds eventually move all the way up to central florida. you get the idea by monday, up into northern florida. >> and what i'm remembering, how it didn't stick together when it hit land. it meandered about. we'll come back. i know you'll get more updates. storm surge, it's a mayor concern. we continue our fox team coverage now with matt finn live in jacksonville, florida. matt, i know they're talking evacuations in your area, too. >> yeah, jacksonville is florida's largest city. just a few hours ago, harris, the sheriff here issued a mandatory evacuation order.
11:26 am
so the folks that live here are kicking it in high gear. we watched as families pack into their s.u.v.s behind us and took off. the skies gradually becoming darker, the wind stronger and more consistent. this morning we were there as people arrived to pick up free sand bags. then we drove along the beaches and the populated areas and gas stations starting to close down and businesses boarding up. we talked to people that will stay and people that say they're going to go. here's more of that. >> mandatory evacuation, you have to take it seriously. you can't put people in harm's way. i don't want to wait it out and be stuck on my roof waiting for a boat to fly by or a helicopter. >> we live in florida. you have to deal with this stuff. i'm a veteran. it's like, you know, i'm sweating but not really. >> so we spoke to the jacksonville county sheriff. he said if you're in florida and
11:27 am
you can make it out now, obviously do that today. the schools are closed, construction has come to a halt on all roads to make it easier to get out. if you wait now, the roads could become to a standstill tonight and tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. we want to go back to politics now. president trump has lashed out at republicans today after he cut a deal with democrats to pass harvey relief. the president tweeted this. "republicans must start tax reform, slash tax cut legislation. need it more than ever. hurry." dave brad is a member of the house freedom caucus. thanks for being with us. first of all, i want to get your take on that last tweet from the president with regard to politics. he's putting pressure on people in your party. >> yeah, no, absolutely i agree with him on that one, after the obamacare roll-out, we thought we would pass. free market health reform with
11:28 am
all sorts of hsas and shopping a cross state lines. didn't turn out. he's right. turn up the heat right now. what is in that plan right now and his executive can turn over the bullet points, too. we represent a million people each. we don't know right now, are s corps going to get a tax break is the forgotten man, from bernie all the way through trump, it's a forgotten man going to get the tax cut? it's good he's putting the heat on. we have to get it through. >> i want to tell the audience about something you said. you're in concert with the president on this issue. you said the swamp is in full control. what did you mean? >> if you look at the vote today, both parties are dolling out $4 trillion. that's why we have a huge debt. the deficit last year. the debt this year will be about $600 billion.
11:29 am
that's the hardest to hit. secretary mnuchin came over and had us vote on a clean debt ceiling increase with no reforms to long run fiscal spending and linked to it harvey relief. every republican would have voted for harvey relief. every republican would have voted to increase the debt creeling if you add one phrase, if you take care of future physical problems. that's it. you had 100 republicans voting against it. we need leadership on the fiscal piece. that's what the americans know. all the cranes and shiny objects and not on main street back here. that's what i mean. today's vote was one example. the tax reform, we have to keep the rates low. >> the president mentioned that. one more question in. i know you're working. is this how you get it done, dealing with democrats? what does that tell you about the president is willing to do to keep everybody doing their
11:30 am
jobs on your side of the aisle? >> yeah, i don't think so. on this one, not much changed objectively when you look at the outcomes at the end of the day. to see the difference between the parties, we give our ownselves a critique here and there. pelosi and schumer were on tv saying let's get rid of the debt ceiling altogether. if you're at home, take that. in let's get rid of the debt ceiling. if that's not a basis of comparison. at least we promise to do the right thing. we're trying hard. some of us are fighting the fight. we have the republican creed. it's called the republican platform. hold us accountable to those things, economic growth, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense. we've been kicking the can down the roadway too long. informed policy. now the result is north korea. the debt is $20 trillion in debt. on daca, we can do way better. daca is a function of our broken labor markets and education
11:31 am
system -- >> big question. we won't get the answer today. we'll work on it next time. i have to guess the american people are wondering, can you with by karaal leadership give the president what he wants or will he have to continue to court democrats? >> that's a yes. we have -- we're unified on that one. >> come back any time. good to see you. >> thank you, harris. >> this is where irma has been. 14 people are dead at least. 26 million people in the caribbean in the cross hairs. many without a place to sleep tonight. some islands, one shelter only. we're looking where it's going. long lines at a storm shelter in florida where governor scott has told the entire state to prep for evacuation. people in the keys have been warned of storm surges up to ten feet above ground. they set around 2 to 3 feet above ground. a lot of water for them. we'll talk with the police chief
11:32 am
of the florida keys next. >> it's very important to get out of here. we have 42 bridges that connects key west to the rest of the mainland. if one of those bridges go out, it will be a long time before we get services back down here. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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11:36 am
working with republicans and democrats and we'll continue to do that and get the best legislation we can for the american people. >> that was sarah sanders on the deal the president made with democrats. we carried the entire white house briefing live right here on fox. joining us more, bret baier who anchors "special report" week nights at 6:00 p.m. that's a tough question. are the democrats more reliable than the people in your own party for the president? >> the president has expressed himself on twitter and interviews and speeches saying he's frustrated with the gop leadership and establishment. he's ready to change the dynamic. we've had 1 1/2 days of absorbing what happened in the oval office with the gop and democratic leadership. he talked about this in his inauguration speech. that what matters is not what
11:37 am
party controls government but the government is controlled by the people. he's not dogmatic. he's not idealogical. he's about the w. he's about the win. sometimes day to day, it depends on which team you're going to turn to. the problem is that he may be hurting his republican majorities in the house and senate and come 2018 it could affect that dynamic. >> yeah. when you try to drain the swamp, those are not wearing seaweed and suits, you'll need them. steve bannon in an interview here that will air sunday night on another network, brett, has talked about the swamp inside the white house and how you clear that out and the conversations he had about it. representative brat was on just a few minutes ago talking about the swamp is in full control right now on capitol hill. what do you make of that?
11:38 am
the president has to navigate this but he needs people to count on in his party. >> true. you heard representative brat say how upset he was that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were talking about doing away with the debt ceiling altogether. the problem is, so is president trump. so if -- there's a disconnect between dealing with the size of government, if you want it to be a small government as conservatives republicans do, bringing down the debt and deficit, dealing with that, a big, bold tax reform program that simplifies the tax code. all of those things, you could have a lot of push-back from the democrats on some of those things. the border wall. they're not moving on that on infrastructure, you could see light of day with democrats. as you tip toe through the tulips legislatively, it gets tougher. >> or the swamp as it were.
11:39 am
bret baier, see you at 6:00 p.m. eastern. thank you. >> all right. >> over 500,000 people told to evacuate south florida. we've been talking about it. hurricane irma could make its way north. a mandatory evacuation order has been released for daytona beach. here's jeff flock. jeff? >> right in the middle of it, harris. >> i heard you take a big breath there. working hard. >> go ahead. we're helping as best we can. >> we have to get you a wireless mic. >> it's wireless but hand to handle when i'm trying to help this lady. you're from miami, right? >> yeah. >> you came here to be safe. >> to try to be safe. >> i'm going to suggest chicago. >> i wish. with all the airports closing, i wish. >> you're over by the beach now? >> yeah.
11:40 am
we have a beach house right on the beach. >> so you're sandbagging that? >> i'm trying to sandbag, yes. >> look at this, harris. all the folks out here. these are people that daytona has made sand available. that's the scene here. we're trying to help. hey need plenty of help. >> no doubt. >> i can't imagine that. let's go to florida state governor rick scott with the very latest on his update. >> if you live in an evacuation zone in these counties, have been order to evacuate, lee, hendry, palm beach, broward, miami-dade, collier county, you must evacuate by midnight tonight or find shelter to avoid life-threatening impacts. if you're in this area and plan to leave and have not done so by
11:41 am
midnight, don't get on the road. it will not be safe for you or the law enforcement needed to protect you. again, if you're in those counties, if you're planning to leave and do not leave by midnight tonight, you will have to ride out this dangerous storm at your own risk. school buses are aiding in evacuations. take advantage of this service. i'm a father and grandfather. i love my family. i can't imagine life without them. do not put yourself or your family in harm's way. if you have been order to evacuate and still home, please go to a shelter. i encourage everyone to check on your neighbors. if you know somebody in your neighborhood that is not evacuating and should, please contact them. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get to safety. this storm is wider than our entire state. think about that. it's wider than our entire
11:42 am
state. it's expected to cause major impacts from coast-to-coast. remember hurricane andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of our state. irma is more devastating on its current path. we're being very aggressive in the preparation for the storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect your family. possessions can be replaced. your life and family cannot. i think about my mom and how hard it would have been for her to be completely broke and have kids and have to evacuate. but you have to do it. you can't afford not to do it. think about your family. you have to keep your family safe. to private business owners, police be compassionate with your employees as they prepare for this storm and evacuate. i was a business owner when hurricane andrew devastated the state 25 years ago. the single most important thing
11:43 am
is your family. traffic. we still see traffic jams. they're getting cleared. evacuations are not convenient. they're meant to keep your safe. we want all evacuations to be safe. i have so many people driving to safe places. we have increased the number of troopers on roadways to help move traffic and keep people down the road. we need somebody lanes to get gas to shelters and families that need it in the southern part of the state. contra flow inhibits our ability to get emergency vehicles and people that need them. right now the ease congestion, we have activated the use of shoulders on i-75 from wildwood to the georgia line. drive safely and listen to law enforcement. they're working the keep you and your family safe. real time traffic information and evacuation routes are available.
11:44 am
you do not need to evacuate. if you don't need to get on the road, don't. again, if you're convinced you do not have a way to evacuate due to traffic, whatever it is, call the florida emergency information hotline at 800-342-3557. it's a dedicated hotline. we will do everything we can to help you get out. you cannot wait until the storm hits. fuel. we know there's problems with fuel at our gas stations. state law enforcement are providing escorts to gas trucks to get them through traffic to get to the stations faster. they have continued through the night, which will keep going as long as they can. for gas stations in evacuations zones, we need you to stay open as long as you can so people can get as much fuel and get out. we will arrange police escorts
11:45 am
so they can get out safely. we need gas stations in devacation zones to stay open as long as people to get people out. we know fuel is important and we're doing everything we can to get more fuel here. i worked with the white house, worked with the epa and fema and everybody, department of transportation to get more fuel in the state and get it out to the stations. three tankerships delivered to tampa bay yesterday for fuel. each 1.2 million gallons of fuel. as of 6:00 p.m., 8.4 million was shipped to port everglades and 8.5 million shipped to port tampa bay. law enforcements are escorting the trucks directly to gas stations in your community. we are aggressively working to move fuel to the florida panhandle in the north central part of the state.
11:46 am
if you're in an evacuation zone, leave now i port everglades will be closing for safety and gas will no longer be resupplied and southern florida after the storm hits -- until after the storm hits. if you're -- again, if you're concerned that you can't get out because of whatever reason, traffic, fuel, whatever, 342-3557. we'll do everything to get you out. you cannot wait. shelters. last night i districted all schools to be closed. k-12, state colleges, universities, all closed. all state offices were closed effective today through monday. this is to ensure we have all of the space we need for sheltering and staging. floridians have to have access to every place they can for a shelter. shelters are available. you should follow the directions to go to a shelter that fits your needs. volunteers. over 17,000 people have volunteered to help in this. i think -- first off, i thank
11:47 am
everybody for volunteering. we need more. i know we'll need more. i want to thank every one that opened their hearts to help and can't thank you enough. if you want to volunteer, go to national guard. all 7,000 members of the national guard that are available have been activated as of today. every member available has been activated in advance of the storm. they're working hard to make sure we all get to safety. utilities. there's prepositioned resources throughout the state and in neighboring states. we know how important power is. it's harder to preposition when you have the whole state being impacted by this storm. i want to thank the governors of other states that provided every resource we've asked for. a lot of governors have reached out to me and i've called others to ask for resources. everything we've asked for they
11:48 am
have done. the entire country is behind us and we have the best first responders in the country spread throughout the state and neighboring states ready to help. let's think about it. we're running out of time. the storm will hit. it's almost here. if you're in an evacuation zone, don't wait. >> while we've been watching the governor of florida give up update -- want to make sure we mention one thing we said. midnight deadline for south florida. if you have not left at that point, it will be too late. he's asking gas stations to stay open as long as they can as they feel safe to provide some of the gasoline that this governor has given delivery -- police escorts for the tankers. people say we can't leave because we can't fill up our cars. he's asked for them to stay open as long as they can. by midnight, everybody has to be off the roads. if you didn't make it out,
11:49 am
shelter in place. i want to pull away. we have an opportunity to talk with the police chief in key west or all of the florida keys, i should say. david lee is the police chief of key west. he joins us by phone. chief lee, you have one specific concern that you want to talk about today. that is the bridges. because you know you still have quite a few people on the roads, trying to get out. we do. we have two concerns. the most important concern, the immediate concern right now, is to get and to urge the remaining residents that we have here in key west to evacuate. the governor just said there's still time. there is still time to evacuate. we are urging everyone in key west to evacuate. this is not the storm to sit back and try to ride out. that's our primary concern right now, to get the rest of the residents in key west to
11:50 am
evacuate. if we do lose a bridge in the keys, staying behind will be a tremendous delay in getting supplies and goods in to the folks still here. >> in his earlier news briefing and we got this from tom bossert at the white house giving a press briefing, he's the homeland security to the president, in both instances we heard these words. could take up to 72 hours for the government to reach you if you're stranded, your jurisdiction. as you talk with people today, you've been through this sort of things before. how are your words and tone different? >> what we're telling them is if they choose to stay, they're here at their own risk. there's no hospital open at all in the florida keys nowhere. there's no way to airevac anybody out anymore. as soon as the winds reach 45
11:51 am
miles sustained winds here in key west, first responders will not go out. we cannot put our first responders in harms way, sacrifice them. so that's the urgency and that's what we're trying to express to the residents that are trying to -- that want to remain here and ride this out. there's no hospitals. they're going to put themselves here at their own risk. >> we have a graphic on the screen, 113 miles for people to get out of there. that will take you some time. we want people to get moving. they still have time. donald lee, thanks for joining us. more on hurricane irma. stay close. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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>> of course we're focused on irma. we can't forget about people in texas and parts of louisiana
11:55 am
still recovering from harvey. we know that $15 billion, a second chunk of money and relief passed the house today. just a short time ago. a couple hours ago. and then the senate. they wanted to get that money passed so many people could get back to their homes. some of those voting today, the lawmakers needed to get back up to florida and get their people out. the president must sign off on the ball. we anticipate that will happen. keeping houston in our sights, will carr joins us live from there. will? >> harris, when you walk through the streets in west houston, you understand the magnitude of this devastation from hurricane harvey, the homeowners coming out, pulling out their flood-soaked possessions. they're keeping a positive mentality. in fact, they're so open and generous throughout this community, they have been talking about the impact from hurricane irma in florida and their advice for people. take a look to one homeowner that lives down the street. >> i was very jokingly
11:56 am
approaching harvey. it came to bite me in the rear. i'd say be honest with your zest. thing can happen. bad things can happen. you have to be prepared. >> good advice from a homeowner that lives in a neighborhood that got walloped. up to 10 feet of flood water here. they set up down the block a makeshift country store where residents are walking up and donating food, money and water. each house has damage but also have signs for their neighborhood. glen strong. not just a sign but a testament to the belief and the strength of this community as they start to rebuild, harris. >> we still see water behind you in that area that has started to dry out. will carr, thank very much. we have had our first death from hurricane irma. it happened in davey, florida. a man was putting up shutters on
11:57 am
a house and apparently fell off the ladder. that is being recorded out of davey, florida. a lot still to come. we'll cover it as it moves in towards the united states. i'm harris faulkner. shepard smith on the other side of the break. so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy.
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>> it's noon only the west coast. 3:00 in south florida. the situation is getting more serious by the minute. >> it's nothing to worry a question of if florida will be impacted, it's a question of how bad will be impacted. >> unless irma dramatically changes course, it should impact severely the miami metropolitan area. six million people in its path. that would be just the beginning. ahead, the latest forecast. how many people are getting out of harm's way and those refusing to leave. we'll speak with the mayors of miami-dade county and ft. lauderdale to see how their people are preparing. and how teens across the country are racing to


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