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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 8, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. go to priceline and get the hotel deals you won't find anywhere else. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. at least 22 people have died as hurricane irma rips through the caribbean. 6 million people in the miami area and south florida. millions more state wide are bracing for what's being described as the worst hurricane to threaten that region in decades. officials at the national hurricane center saying nothing like this storm has been seen by florida or anywhere else in the u.s. also tonight, the house approves president trump's financial deal with the democrats that include hurricane harvey relief. the president just signed that just last hour. and has the president given the military shootdown order for the next north korean missile test
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that could come any hour? we will have that story. we begin tonight with the massive evacuation under way. and other preparations in south florida. steve harrigan starts us off from miami's sure is. good evening, steve. >> good evening, bret. tough choice for people still here in south florida. get on the jam highway and risk running out of gas or stay put here in a home, a home that could be destroyed by the storm. irma's unwelcome debut in the united states expected overnight with the first fits of rain and wind aimed at the florida keys. the weekend track taking it due north along the flat spine of the state. >> the majority in florida will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds. >> most residents and tourists heeding the call to evacuate. others hunker down in shelters, grateful but anxious. >> it's scary. it wiped out other towns and
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stuff, you know? i mean, it's pretty rough. >> one concern among first responders? stubborn for liberty and staying put vulnerable homes , a meteorological monster unlike any in recent memory. >> i don't know anyone in florida who has experienced what's about to hit south florida. >> others deciding to leave, only to find limited transportation options. jammed airports and highways. stunned residents of the caribbean, hispaniola, and cuba witnessing irma's overnight march. power lines toppled, homes and businesses obliterated. a familiar narrative. this woman in barbuda preparing to bury her child after the storm surge dragged the boy awa away. >> it's a lot... >> with those images fresh in mind, u.s. officials are working with local partners to ensure
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lives, property, and infrastructure are reserved, preserved. >> the storm is taking lives already. it's going to take more if we are not prepared. >> congress doing its part, quickly finding them -- president trump quickly signing it into law. >> with gratitude for our first responders and prayers for those in the storm's path, america stands united. and i mean totally united. >> that united response could stretch from alabama to the carolinas. coastal georgia residents determined to stay put. >> i think people are panicking. you cannot buy generators, water, people -- gas lines are crazy. >> the wait and see a game almost over. the real drama of destruction about to begin. >> to put my family, i work in the fire department so i've got to be work on sunday anyways if i can make it to work. >> when the wind gets over
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40 miles per hour, first responders like him will not be allowed to go out. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan on miami's sure is. steve, thanks. let's find out where irma is heading. took a job at the 5:00 p.m. track. rick reichmuth is an fox weather center in new york. >> sometimes you follow trends. the trend has been to the west. storm still incredibly strong, one -- it's also moving directly to the west instead of west northwest. that matters because just west of that is a landmass in cuba. there is some indication, might have a little bit of interaction with the land. that would weaken it, may be, a little bit. it would be good news for us, bad news for the folks in cuba. hurricane warnings in effect all the way up through central florida now. also want to point out there is a storm surge watch all the way up towards tampa. the point of that is if the
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storm goes any further up the west, going to push a lot more storm surge on the western side of florida which we haven't talked about as much. folks across the west need to be watching this very closely. everyone's going to get in on the hurricane part of this. when you look at our models, the two most reliable models are in really good agreement here. we think the overall pattern is very much aligned here to read where exactly that happens if it goes a little bit to the west, still remains to be seen. take a look at this here. if we have a little bit of an interaction with cuba, may be it weekends. but right here in the florida straits, it's incredibly warm water, we have about 24 hours it's going to take for the storm to move right across there. that means we'll probably see a little bit of strengthening. that's why the official forecast brings it up to a cat 5 hurricane making landfall somewhere in the keys. if it goes further to the west, bad news here for the keys, certainly key west. it would probably push the worst of the storm surge around the parts of the everglades. there's not a lot of population in that area.
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also, the everglades can handle some of that surge. but the surge would come up into the naples area out towards fort myers, eventually towards tampa as well. that doesn't mean we aren't going to get a lot of storage, still, across the miami area. probably 5-10 feet here. get a look at this. that light -- that white? major hurricane force winds across sunday. sunday morning sometime in the time frame we will see landfall. >> bret: rick, looks like the eyes bigger. that's a big problem for a lot of those areas. i want to ask you about who was a because people are asking, what's happening after this? >> jose doesn't look like it will have any impact across the u.s., that's good news. the problem is it's cat 4 hurricane that's coming for the lesser antilles, the location that just got hit by >> and went at its peak. about four days ago. or two days ago.
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>> bret: rick, thank you. let's talk about the government response to irma. steve preston joins us from the -- thanks for being here. >> bret. >> bret: you've done a lot with storms in the past. can you characterize for people this particular store and as you are looking at it, you are talking to the experts? >> bret, this is an extremely dangerous storm. one of the things we do is compare it to other strong's. that gives confidence to people who lived through those storms and think they either fared well or different. what we like to do tonight is watch the track carefully with you and other forecasters but also preach to the people in potential harm's way to err on the side of caution. watching what the government is doing and move into the final thoughts and thinking about how they are going to take care of themselves making sure their loved ones are provided for. off the top of my head, the comparison here is the track starts to move.
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reminds me of hurricane charley in 2004. i was in florida for that hurricane and the response that ensued. the idea that it moved in that fashion moving up through naples and to florida, less populated areas in the wetland areas as you just heard. the problem is there are some highly populated areas in the north and fort myer and elsewhere. a big concern would be if this storm and swung around and hit tampa, a highly populated area of florida that's got a little of low-lying areas. we are concerned about these track forecasts. we've got government officials in each of these areas. we are at this point mobilized. we have volunteer organizations, faith-based organizations, federal government, the entire trump administration, state governments, volunteers from around the country at state levels but also just good-natured citizens mobilized bringing their forces to bear. but there is going to be a period of time where we are going to at the stop stage and
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wait for nature to take its course and hope that people have taken heed of their warnings and they have taken appropriate precautions as they are in for a potentially, at least 72 hours, with no power, no food, or no assistance. people are prepared to get out of harm's way and be out of danger in a shelter unless they are in monroe county. they should be able to find that safe shelter, we should be able to weather this together. >> bret: tom, what's your biggest concern tonight from a logistics standpoint. i know you are working closely with the florida governor as you did with the texas governor in n the harvey. there was some concern about fuel and people being able to get out. that window is closing to be able to get fuel into gas stations, right? >> that is correct. we did much as we could to bring as much fuel as we could in the peninsula. remember, it is a peninsula. for fuel shortages could process. what we will do here in terms of worries, worrying about three different things. we had three ongoing phases, if
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you will. the citizens of texas and louisiana are still in the early throes of that transition from respond to recovery. i want to make sure we do not lose our effort and focus to them while we move into that recovery effort. i think fema has received registration somewhere north of 650,000 people calling in for assistance from fema, so that's something we need to pay close attention to while we also engage in ongoing, as we speak, life-saving and life-sustaining operations in the u.s. virgin islands. we have u.s. military men and women down there removing and moving patients and moving them into definitive care hospitals elsewhere as we have to evacuate them. we are also moving people from st. martin into safe spaces upwards of thousands of u.s. citizens there. and thirdly, we are in the preparation phase for hurricane irma. what i want to make sure of is the federal government is
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appropriately postured and that we are taking the resources from one to the other without affecting the objective of each. that is my worry tonight. pretty confident here that we are doing at the right way. i'm extremely confident. and brock long, the fema administrator, he's doing a great job. elaine duke at homeland security. remember, brett, is the entire cabinet bringing to bear forces of their agencies to help the governor. that's where i'm worried tonight. that's what i'm focused on. >> bret: the president tsai not only the hurricane funding relief, but the continuing resolution. can you characterize how close it was the burn rate as harvey was chewing up that ability? >> the men and women at fema are pretty good at what they do. the accountants are pretty good. i think what congress did his act personally. i think it was important for the president to find that today. so he showed quite a bit of leadership there.
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in terms of the burn rate, you have a little bit of control here and there. but it came close enough. we were comfortable, but another day or trickle, we started to become a little nervous. congress did the right thing. i guess i would remind you and the congress, the american people that this is a smart investment to help fellow americans in need. it's not in the prudent thing to do. i also remind them there's going to be a bigger price tag, but we don't want to fill his numbers in a way that's irresponsible now. we'd rather wait until we have a better handle on what those estimates should be and the approach to the actual as opposed to gases. one side happens, we will get congress, i'm quite confident. >> bret: last thing, tom. you are widely praised for the harvey response position now with governor scott in florida. one of the things that you and i've talked about before it is the inspiring part. people who are still out there. what are you telling in these
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last few to get them to do it? >> well i'm glad you are saying that. you are doing a good job of broadcasting. i would say to go things. first i tough love, personal accountability is important here, take care of yourself. take care of your loved ones. if you are able, take care of those, even strangers, who are in need. the elderly who might have a hand. secondly, i don't think we get more than we can handle. and i'm quite confident here, but i like to inspire people of florida and the north and south carolina, in georgia, and the territories to follow the lead of the texans we saw demonstrate compassion. i think if they do that, love their neighbors, take care of themselves, the government will be there to take care of the difference and we will be just fine. >> bret: homeland security advisor to the president. tom, thank you for the time. up next, president trump watches the weather and thoughts about
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ms. political road map from camp david this weekend can. first, from our affiliates tonight. fox 4s workers prepared to remove a statue of robert e lee from the oak lawn area. the confederate generals great-grandson characterized the move as -- crews need extra time to do the work because of the statue's engineering before it can be taken down. fox 40 in sacramento as a fight begin use over the century state bill in california. the measure would restrict using state resources to enforce immigration laws. supporters say it would benefit the immigrant community. the president of california sheriff's association say the bill is a political stunt and a safety risk. one of the big stories here tonight, harvey and "the fox news specialists" del makes me 21. not the hurricanes, the people. harvey and irma schumer of spokane have been married for 75 years. they say they do not know how it
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worked out, but storms named after them are following each other. the relationship has been anything but stormy. he's 104, she is 93 in november. no word if they know a jose or katia. that's the look from outside the beltway. for sb 27, we will be right back for "special report," we will be right back. dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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3:19 pm
hurricane irma and his fall agenda will be the president's top priority as he host a weekend retreat at camp david to the consternation of members of his own party. it appears more deals with democrats may be in his future. >> we are a lot less focused on what makes congress happy and what makes americans better and stronger. >> the president reinforced his new approach in a tweet this morning, urging republicans to start the tax reform tax cut legislation asap. he was unapologetic about siding with democrats, tweeting: again, urging publicans to insert the filibuster rule. but a new concern for republicans, another deal the president cut wednesday with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, looking to abolishing the process to erase the debt
3:20 pm
ceiling. the republicans say that could do oil with an important tool to do away with government spending. >> if you can take some of the partisan bickering out of the process, that's probably some of the good thing. >> more coming up on the steve bannon interview on "60 minutes," complaining that the republican leadership is out to torpedo the president's agenda. >> they do not want donald trump's populace, economic agenda to be implement it. it's very obvious. speed >> also revealing the billy bush incident was a true test of who was with trump and who wasn't. >> bill bush, to me, was a litmus test. billy bush saturday show me who really had donald trump's back to play those better angels. >> among the people who fan and said who did not have his back? new jersey governor chris christie. that we can cost him a cabinet
3:21 pm
position. >> he doesn't get a cabinet position. i told him the plane leaves at 11:00 in the morning. if you are on the plane, you are on the plane. didn't make the plane. >> or developments tonight on the russia investigation. fox news has learned that the special counsel robert mueller is asked to speak to as many as six current and former white house officials about the initial statement that donald trump, jr., point out in regards to his meeting that he had in 2016 with the russian attorney. fox news has learned that mueller wants to talk with hope hicks, reince priebus, john began, as well as a couple of right house -- white house aides and cracking that statement on the way from hamburg back to washington, d.c. bret? >> bret: john roberts lime on the north lawn. john, thank you. almost 150 million americans, possibly you, may be affected by a massive cyber security breach at one of the nation's top credit monitoring companies.
3:22 pm
if you have a credit report, you are probably one of them. the high-tech heist highlights the vulnerabilities of the american consumer to robbers who use keyboards, not guns, to take other people's money. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge looks at what's being done to protect your financial identity. >> more than 143 million americans victims of one of the were cyber breaches in history. for them, is the worst-case scenario, because the stolen data includes credit history, drivers licenses. what experts described as a road map for identity thieves likely based in eastern europe, hiding on the dark web. >> 1 out of 2 americans will be victimized by identity theft as a result of this hack. it will take years to recoup the credit scores and get their identities back. >> according to a equifax internal investigation, the data was stolen between may and july. the fbi is looking into the breach. >> millions times per day. >> this week, fox news went
3:23 pm
inside homeland security server watch command were preventing breaches like equifax is part of the core mission. assistant secretary says the team includes all levels of government, including private industry. >> in an incident, this is where we would manage an incident and we do that collaboratively. the federal government, we cannot do it alone. >> the team is constantly posting networks to test their vulnerability. then advising hunt a patch or reduce the risk. in many cases, it comes down to a single employee, like this phishing scan. by clicking on the link, it reveals password and login information and put the entire network at risk. >> just because the user fell for the malicious email and fell for the attachment, we now not only have complete access but also the files within the system. >> many businesses that don't need to invent cyber security systems to reduce the damage, because of order networks. the networks say the companies are liking. >> technologies allow you to suppress an adversary when they are inside your infrastructure
3:24 pm
so they cannot leave your house with all your crown jewels. >> homeland security cyber team is already focused on the 2018 midterm elections, describing it as one of the highest priorities on par with protecting the power grid. bret? >> bret: good story. equifax is being called out by consumers and government officials for the force arbitration clause buried in the terms of use. the company told people to visit to see if they were part of the breach. a website, we told our viewers about too from the equifax release. the fine print reads, "you will be forfeiting your right to participate in any class action or to share in any class action awards." democratic ohio state or sharon brown released a statement calling the company "shameful," saying they should remove the hidden clause immediately. already sign up, you can opt out by submitting a written request
3:25 pm
to equifax. this pentagon has given an order to shoot down a north korean missile going toward the u.s. mainland, hawaii, guam, or u.s. allies like japan. it's denying deming not denying it either, it would be expected as a standing order. there is no denying the prospect of another launch. it has everyone on edge in that region, even possibly coming in just hours. tonight, senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot continues his reporting from seoul, south korea. >> the evil pyongyang marking the evening of the founding of the country -- to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile. >> north korea has a history of repeated nuclear missile test on its national anniversaries. we are going to continue our surveillance and the high alert. >> this is the uss ronald reagan aircraft area sales from yokosuka, japan. it's a scheduled exercise, a sign of u.s. firepower in the region.
3:26 pm
the u.s. military just installed antimissile thaad batteries in south korea. >> the united states threaten its allies, will you shoot it down? >> we will deal with it. >> the u.n. security council could vote on new sanctions against north korea following its recent nuclear test as early as monday. this week's strong appeal from a master nikki haley apparently getting under the skin of the regime of kim kim jong un. north korean defenders in seoul also reach out -- >> if north korea in operation to illuminate kim jong un will start. >> tough talk from president trump getting fans from south korea as well for its unsettling effect on the north. >> they like the sound of this sort of vulgar, you know,
3:27 pm
sticking it to the north koreans. they like that because they know that the north koreans pay attention to this. >> analyst renee warrens however there is a hitch to president trump's threat to military action against north korea. if you still making them a year or two from now, they could lose their punch. bret? >> bret: in seoul, greg greg palkot. how people in miami and south florida are preparing for the storm tonight. plus party recovery and more next. amins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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3:31 pm
all the keys are in trouble here and they are saying now is the time to get out if you are in the keys of florida. also tracking a little west toward the naples-fort myers area. we are watching every moment as the national hurricane center comes with new forecast. its clogged interstates as far as north as atlanta tonight and let's check in with the storm preparations far away from the expecting landfall. rick leventhal: 265 miles off the florida east coast in daytona tonight. >> they are expecting tropical force winds to begin some somewhere around midnight saturday. they are saying hurricane force winds could rock volusia county, which doesn't see a lot of hurricanes. but last year, hurricane mathew did some $67 million of damage, a lot of it to these oceanfront hotels which were inundated by the high winds and heavy rains which flooded many, many hotel rooms here. they are not sure how bad things
3:32 pm
will be from irma, but it could be worse. the past three days, weeks and a lot of preparation here including people boarding up their homes and building sandbags. there was one sandbag spot in south daytona beach where they were filling thousands of sandbags over the past three days, dumping truckload after truckload of sand and shipping it out as quickly as they could bring it in. people were allowed up to 25 bags each. we talked to officials where who's at people got what they needed, but this is probably just the beginning. >> we are always concerned. but we are ready. we are as ready as we are going to be and our city is ready to respond. we will be automatically after the storm path as soon as the whimsical below 35, we will be out clearing streets and having to allow. >> there is a mandatory evacuation order in effect for folks in low-lying areas. that's where we saw people boarding up homes, also boarding the businesses near the beach. volusia county, by the way, about the size of rhode island, but 5,050 residents.
3:33 pm
he things most of those resins are still here and probably will not heed the mandatory evacuation order. he just hopes those folks will stay off the streets. >> we are still on the "dirty end" of the storm. wind and rain's are going to be a major factor to us. of course, you always have somebody who does something stupid. and now, it puts my responders in danger, because they have to go out and save that person. >> the sheriff's office does have some high water vehicles, some military vehicles that they will send officers out in with medical personnel if necessary to affect those rescues. but bret, they are hoping that won't be necessary. >> bret: rick leventhal live in daytona beach. rick, thanks. another big problem for hurricane survivors in texas. people living near the nation's highest concentration of petrochemical plants near houston said the air is bad enough on normal days. it got worse as hurricane harvey rolled in. the nation's fourth largest city
3:34 pm
had the highest ozone pollution of the year in texas. the companies report five times more emissions than a year ago. during a span of eight days beginning just before harvey hi hit. at least 58 people are dead after a massive earthquake struck mexico's pacific coast or region late night local time. hundreds of buildings collapsed or were damaged. the 8.1 magnitude quake hit near the border with guatemala, the largest ever to hit that region. it shook building some 650 miles away in mexico city. you have asked us, what ever happened to... tonight, we tell you. a new "special report" series you wanted from years. all beds are on sale. and right now the sleep number queen c2 mattress now only $699. ends sunday!
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3:38 pm
been soliciting stories that wee been looking may be intensely here on "special report" that you haven't heard about lately or you want to know what happened to someone or something. we were going to launch this series next week. but today, news happened and changed our plans. the story started small. before becoming a full-fledged washington scandal -- george grant reached out on twitter wanting to know, whatever happened to lois lerner and the irs targeting of conservative groups? well, the targeting of conservative groups by the internal regular service began in early 2010. in the cincinnati irs office. from there, it grew to a full-fledged controversy, completely shocking admissions and at least a half-dozen investigations into the agency's conduct. we covered the story extensively here on "special report."
3:39 pm
tonight, we have the first in our series, a whatever happened to update with a breaking news twist today. fox news first reported the allegations that the internal revenue service was targeting conservative groups in february 2012. the story would get a lot of ink in papers across the country and a lot of airtime on cable news in the months after that. and the person at the center of it all? the director of the exempt organizations unit inside the irs, lois lerner. as the head of the scandal plagued department, learner admitted that the irs did indeed single out conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny. >> there is outrage and a sense of vindication tonight among conservative groups. >> bret: investigations opened up, and congressional hearings followed, something reported often into the fall of 2016.
3:40 pm
>> house republicans were poundg the irs again for special scrutiny. >> and agent chief tax collector says he's sorry. >> irs your account lois lerner is in the clear tonight. the justice department said lerner or anyone in the -- over the car targeting of conservative groups. josh costin admitted in some of his previous testimony was not accurate. >> bret: a president who makes news with one tweet, the irs scandal took a backseat to some of the headlines coming out of washington. until today. >> i have not done anything wrong. >> bret: the trump administration said this afternoon it will not charge former director lois lerner who retired from the agency in 2013 and collects a pension that some believe to be upwards of
3:41 pm
$100,000 annually. in a letter to members of congress, the justice department said that, "reopening the criminal investigation would not be appropriate." despite a call from republican leaders on the house ways and means committee to take another look into her actions. >> she impeded the investigatio investigation, repeatedly misled congress, finally she may have well had exposed confidential taxpayer information to the public. the evidence here is clear. there needs to be a countability. >> bret: in a statement, the chairman said today he was disappointed by the decision, calling it, "terrible." some accountability could come from a lawsuit brought against the irs in 2013. 2013 by dozens of conservative organizations. a washington, d.c., district court judge ruled in late august said the irs has to reveal the names of agency employees who targeted the groups. also gave the agency until mid-october to produce all irs
3:42 pm
records from may 2009 to march march 2015 relevant to the case. and further explained why the groups weren't put under scrutiny. >> to the extent people suffered accordingly, i apologize for that. >> bret: the future irs commissioner also is in questio question. many republicans in congress have wanted him out since 2015. >> we are going to drain the swamp in washington, d.c.! >> bret: president trump's election promises have only intensified those calls to remove the commissioner whose term is up this november. >> i'm very eager for the president to send him on his wa way. going very gold in tax reform. irs commissioner could be a partner with us and really doing this the right way. also think it will be helpful for this removal to occur and a good solid candidate. >> bret: as of late august, the white house remains vague on the issue of a new irs
3:43 pm
commissioner. >> when we announce that, we will let you know. >> bret: joyce, there is your update. we will have more "whatever happened to" next week or next up, a giant friday lightning round. i mean giant. president trump and the democrats, north korea, lois lerner. winners and losers. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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>> when you side with a man coming to side with him. the good and the bad. they aren't going to help you unless they are put on notice that they are held compatible . >> when i took this job at the request of our members, i knew it came with a lot of slings and arrows. that frustration is real for the president is a guy who is driven by results and driven by action. >> i haven't heard a lot from
3:47 pm
the white house on what we are going to do to get off the road to national bankruptcy? >> what the american people want us to do, build the security wall, repeal obamacare and not keep adding to the debt. >> on this boat, the yeas are 316, the nays are 90. >> of the past with the senate passed, the resolution for funding the government and the funding for hurricane harvey. the president signed it this afternoon. the president earlier in the day tweeted, "republicans, sorry. but i've been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years. didn't happen. even worse, the senate filibuster rule will never allow republicans to pass even great legislation. eight democrats controlled will rarely get 60 versus 51 votes. it's a republican death wish. republicans must start asap. do not wait until september, and lack of september, needed now more than ever. hurry exhalation point." with that let's bring our panel.
3:48 pm
charles hurt, tim farley, host and managing editor of morning brief potus on sirius xm radio, and jonah goldberg, senior editor at the national review. if it wasn't clear yesterday, trying to make it clear in his tweets, charlie, there's been a shift in the dynamic here. >> quite a shift it is. so many republicans on capitol hill were surprised by this, that they do not get the message from last year's election. this was coming down the pipe or, you know, donald trump got on the map first and foremost by beating republicans. and i think that was a big part of what sort of launched his inevitability towards winning the white house. for people to be surprised by that now, he's not a conservative, he's never -- conservative ideologue, he has gained strength off of the deep frustration among republican
3:49 pm
voters toward republican leadership. in fact, the fact they were unable to get it done not just when he campaigned it on but with so many of them campaigned on. it should've been no surprise. obviously, he's going to cut a deal with anyone he can cut a deal with. >> bret: here is steve bannon talking about the republican establishment. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that is a brutal fact we have to face. the republicans. the republican establishment wants to nullify the 2016 election. absolutely. >> i think mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, they do not want donald trump's populist economic agenda to be implemented. >> bret: tim, clearly there are points that the republicans in leadership have dropped the ball on the number of things, including repeal and replace. if the president wants to have smaller government, to have a big tax reform now, to have a
3:50 pm
border wall, doesn't have to work with those republicans? >> yes. this is a point. steve bannon is a bomb thrower. he fashions himself a street fighter. he says -- >> bret: doesn't that sound like the president? >> exactly. he'd like to repeal and replace the republican establishment. like the republican establishment, he's got nothing to replace them with. there are not going to be conservatives working with them because it seems pretty clear he's ready to spend money. the conservatives do not want to spend for the democrats will drop them like a hot potato at some point. steve bannon, i'm not sure what his constituency is. it's not a call to governance, it's a call to arms. frankly, the larger point here, i do not know who takes a win out of this week, we have a president and the democrats claiming a victory to go a couple of months to do something that they should have been working on a long time ago. the republicans cannot take a win. they are almost like the student who shows up every day and says "give me a a." i don't think there's a way they can claim a victory for themselves or america in any
3:51 pm
way, shape, or form. >> jonah? >> i agree, i agree partly what charlie crist is donald trump is not a conservative, did not run as a conservative. there is a tension between the republican party, what you call the establishment or not, most republicans in congress did better in the 26th election then donald trump did. when you heard steve bannon talking the way he's talking, if you are appearing on cnbc or fox business instead of 60 minutes, you would say, hey, he's just talking his book. he's talking up a narrative to promote clicks and made part in this utterly ridiculous claim that somehow the republican party should embrace a philosophy they don't actually agree with. the idea they are nullifying the presidential election is ridiculous. the idea that somehow we do not live in a parliamentary democracy where the president's party has to agree with them saying that they disagree with him with. too many people are trying to make it out as if the only true
3:52 pm
test of being a conservative is whether or not you agree with donald trump. that's ridiculous. >> bret: north korea could launch this missile. the next one within hours. i think there are a lot of different thoughts about that. i want to skip that, because the breaking news about lois lerner and the fact that the trump ministrations as we are not going to open up that case. >> this has to be a huge disappointment. i know it's a disappointment to a lot of conversion of it -- conservatives. i don't think it was winter is a great person. that's not a crime. at the same time, jeff sessions and those guys have considered accountability great ability. if they don't have evidence, they don't have evidence. >> she took the fifth and nobody else is going to go after who is going to turn her in. so why chase smoke and mirrors in the long and involved thing. the last thing they need now is appearing partisan effort. that's the right move. probably, not his lawyer, but i think politically certainly will
3:53 pm
not be a problem. >> bret: there is a frustration, people i hear about all these investigations, they end up going nowhere. >> it appears that the establishment is very entrenched and they have to do a better job of explaining why they are not pushing charges -- -- >> bret: this is not the establishment >> i assume this is a decision made by lower-level attorneys and doj. it does set up the point that tax reform is a very, very big issue. people hate the irs. they hate the tax code. this is a good opportunity. if this demonstration fails to win on tax reform, they are going to be in really big trouble. >> i want to say i love the irs. >> bret: super quick lightning round. super quick. winner and loser? >> the winner is the u.s. constitution. we now have a president who understand the limits of the presidency. the founders would also be thrilled by the tension between
3:54 pm
the president and congress as opposed to between parties. the loser of the week is the #resisttrumpmovement. theywerecallinghimaracist -- >> you cannot beat mother nature. mother nature is all encompassing. we've seen a lot of people who have been victims showing compassion, showing confidence. the administration has been doing a pretty good job every time you get it handled, mother nature comes back. the other thing, the losers paul ryan and that seemed like a pretty easy one. look at all the things he carried to water this week. nancy pelosi didn't lift a finger. smiling more than when she was the speaker. she got the goal of he got the shaft. >> the winners are chuck and nancy. they rolled donald trump quite easily. the loser is hollywood that had an absolutely craptacular somewhere. they are blooming it on rotten tomatoes, not the fact they make bad movies. >> bret: nice job. when we come back, notable
3:55 pm
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>> brett: finally tonight, congress returned this week and the members had a lot to say. this is this week's notable quotables. >> people are showing up in my drive way saying what can i do and some with supplies and manpower. >> the president's immediate priorities pass disaster relief and fund the government. >> it is scary to know what is around you will go up in flames like that. >> the program known as daca affected under the obama administration is reskinneded. >> and chuck and nancy would like to see something happen and so do i. >> and i asked the president to do something and boom, the tweet appeared. >> it is big hearts and small
3:59 pm
brains. >> total bs and shows that the democrats are not serious legislators. >> we haven't once. not once. have i resigned my office. >> and people can poothat. >> she said daddy, can i go with you. and i said yes, you can. >> and do not ignore evacuation remembereds and remember, we can rebuild your home but not your life. >> first time ever i am running from one. >> and we are positive. and staying ahead of this and hopefully we'll come out in good shape. >> one week as we get ready for the weekend. that's it for this report. fair, balanced and unafraid. i have covered 17 storms in my
4:00 pm
career. take it seriously and get out of the way and don't fool around. the story hosted by martha maccullum starts right now. >> martha: so often we see storms that ramp up and spinout. and we have in many ways become cynical about the hype. but tonight we have to go with what the experts are telling us. a hurricane catastrophe is unavoidable. irma is strong as hurricane andrew and much larger. and few people alive today have experienced a storm like this. you are about to hear a brand new update from the national hurricane center that is just moments away. first here is the fema administrators.


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