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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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be smart. the governor says he still have time to evacuate. be smart. be safe. stay with the fox news channel. continuing coverage, hurricane irma. see you back on monday. jon scott, my friend, is next. >> jon: could evening, this is fox news continuing live coverage of hurricane irma. i am jon scott in new york. the forecast for florida is growing ever more grim over the recent hours with the largest evacuation in state history currently underway. we just got a new storm advisory for a storm that seems to present florida its worst-case scenario. for the latest, we go to adam klotz. he joins us from the fox weather center. >> hey, we've just gotten the latest update. it came in at 11. we have seen a couple of changes. this was just a category 4 storm. back up now to a category 5 storm. that means the winds are back up to 160 miles an hour. to be a cat 510, you need to be
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155 or greater. we passed that threshold. we are looking at the store but running up on some of these outer barrier islands to cuba that obviously has not we can do it. we gained a little bit of strength. we are expecting this to run across the coast in the overnight hours before eventually making a turn and heading towards the state of florida. we've seen some changes. previously, we were looking at this being a category 4 going over some warm water, perhaps jumping up to a category 5. our latest model says it stays account 4. still, a massive storm when you run along the ground. here we are, even the latest model is shifting this a little bit farther off to the west. we are looking at this being a western side of florida running up the gulf coast instead of the east coast. when will it be making landfall? sunday morning.
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i think conditions are going to start to deteriorate as early as tomorrow morning. you should start to notice that tomorrow, even though it won't make landfall until sunday morning. you see the storm throughout the entire day sunday and into early monday running up to the state of florida into georgia 40 monday afternoon. things will be all clear. notice -- if it stays a categorr some warm water in this is a very powerful system, the sum of those wins still around 150 miles an hour. when you get that much wind, you will start to see some pulling up of the storm surge, in our most recent model, there will be 5-10 feet above sea level and with florida being so level, you are talking about 8-9 feet of standing water above the ground in many cases. that will put a lot of florida underwater.
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a lot to be paying attention to here, jon. there is a watch for central florida but i wouldn't be surprised if in the next 24 hours if that turns into a warning as well. more and more to the north. >> adam, a lot of people have been told to evacuate. a lot of people might say hey, i've seen the images on tv, i'm not going to go until morning. here are suggesting especially for those in the south, if they want to go, they should go basically now? >> yeah, florida is so tough because there's basically two roads you can take. the more we look at this, south florida is going to be impacted. there's no way around that. storm surge is very strong winds. folks need to relate either have a safe place in mind already or they need to be hitting the road. >> jon: a storm surge of 5-10 feet, that will overwatch just about anything in the florida keys. >> so many places when we talk
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about these storms, 10 feet might not do it because this is very low-lying land. in florida, it's unique, 5-10 feet could go miles inland. it's not necessarily the folks you see right along the coast. it could go quite a ways inland and still be impacting people. >> jon: it was a whopping 13 feet above sea level because i was on some kind of a choral bluff when i lived there. very safe place to my place in miami. let's go to fox news correspondent steve harrigan. he joins us from miami shores, florida. how's it looking? >> the windsor picking up. no rain yet and across southern florida, 5.6 million people have been asked to evacuate their homes, making for some very treacherous conditions on the roadways. there's been widescale gas shortages and people abandoning their vehicles after they've ran out of gas. sometimes traffic moving at
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about 5 miles per hour. very difficult decision for a lot of families, whether to stay in their homes and face possible destruction and then later from the storm surge or to get on the road, perhaps difficulties finding gas or finding a hotel room. that's how it's been here. shelters across miami-dade county, more than 40 of them have opened up. a capacity of about 100,000 people. some of those shelters already at near capacity. people have seen the dangerous nature of this storm and the destruction, the fact it has caused so many deaths in the caribbean. making one island in inhabitable andnocking down major structures. especially shelters that accept pets, those are filling up rapidly. some unusual messages from officials saying first responders as is traditional will not go out when the winds are more than 45 miles per hour. even saying don't call 911 during the heat of the storm
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because no one will be able to rescue you. certainly some disquieting messages. also, the scope of this storm becoming clear from the airport shutdowns. miami international announced its last flight has departed. no flights scheduled saturday or sunday. same with ft. lauderdale international airport. shut down completely and now we just heard tampa and orlando airports are shutting down tomorrow. jon, back to you. >> jon: steve harrigan reporting live from miami shores. we will have information about pet evacuation and how that is handled in florida. let's head over to fox news correspondent rick leventhal. he's in daytona beach with us. rick. >> jon, very rare for daytona beach to take a direct hit. they've only had one since 1950 and that was donna in 1960. they won't take a direct hit from a irma but they will feel the effects in they do get other storms. matthew hit daytona beach and
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volusia county last year he ended some $65 million worth of damage. a lot to the oceanfront hotels. that's a big concern at this time around because irma could bring hurricane force winds, roughly 48 hours from now to this part of florida. they have been bracing for it and preparing for it to be demonic -- -- sandbag locations in south daytona beach, tremendous numbers, thousands of them. residents were encouraged to fill as many as they could come up to 25 each. they had to fill themselves and haul them up themselves but that they could have some peace of mind as they protected their homes. potential floodwaters here, officials told us they felt like they were getting ahead of this thing. >> we are always concerned but we are ready. we are as ready as we are going to be. we will be ready to respond afterwards and we will be out as
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the storms pass and after the wins come down to 35. >> there's an evacuation -- a mandatory evacuation for the beach side of volusia county and for low-lying areas and anyone in manufactured homes or mobile homes. people have been boarding up some of those low-lying homes and some of the beach areas. volusia county, the size of rhode island. 550,000 residents here. while the sheriff says he doesn't think people -- most people will heed the mandatory evacuation orders, he hopes that people will stay inside during the heart of this storm and that they will staff the beaches and streets when it hits. >> jon: >> we are still on the d of the storm come out of the. wind and rain will be a major factor to us. there will always be something to do something stupid. and now it puts my responders in danger because they have to go
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out and save that person. >> the sheriff told me they have those military vehicles, the m rats, they can drive up to 8 feet of water. if they need to make a high water rescue, they can do it but obviously their hope is that they won't have to. >> jon: rick leventhal entitlement in daytona beach. philip levine, mr. mayor, thank you for taking time on such a busy evening. what is your greatest fear tonight? >> our greatest fear has been storm surge. that's something for us that would be catastrophic. the number one concern going in is making sure our residents are listening and leave miami beach and evacuate. we seem seen tremendous cooper. i think it's the fact that we started early. before a mandatory evacuation. we took to social media and all
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types of media and our residents have responded. there are people still here. the majority, a big chunk has left. that got to the shelters throughout miami. now we have to deal with what the effects will be in the next 48 hours. >> jon: i imagine hurricane -- when the hurricane hit texas, it probably helped make your case that this is not something you want to try to endure sitting in your living room. >> you are 100% correct. when they see the amount of flooding and water damage, the one thing i can tell you, we understand flooding. we are a low-lying carrier island. raising our roads, that's just to deal with sealevel rise. when you put a hurricane on top of that, that's something totally different and of course, this is not just a hurricane. i've said it and i will say it again, this is a nuclear hurricane. this is something causing havoc throughout the region. >> jon: 5.6 million people have been told to evacuate in florida. do you have any indication how many of your citizens and
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miami beach? >> we don't know what the numbers are but driving around miami beach, all the way three tonight, our streets are empty. there's no one walking around. ocean drive is empty which usually has some laypeople. it really truly looks like a ghost town and i never thought i would say it but i'm happy to see that, it shows that the people are responding. >> jon: gratifying scene. now they are saying that this hurricane is heading a little bit west, but it appears to be heading more of the west coast of florida. miami beach might not be seeing the kind of damage it would have had there been a direct hit and that will cause people to save next time, oh, i don't need to evacuate. how do you handle that? >> i hope not but we know that even though it may not be a direct hit, it's a title should surge and that's also just as concerning. if it's shifting completely and
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will not take a major impact, my concern is looking at the western coast of florida and all those cities towns all the way up there who need to get prepared as fast as possible. >> jon: miami beach is an island. if people want to get off, they have to go over the bridges. how long will the bridges be open for those procrastinating? >> most of our bridges are fixed bridges. pretty much free. almost virtually fixed. the bridges aren't up. once they have the mandatory evacuation, we lock any bridges down so people can get over but in the last 48 hours, it's been a fluid and uncongested, not a lot of traffic. it's gone very, very well and miami beach. i think because we have educated the people he had communicated, you know, one thing i've come across -- there were people that would not leave. today, and 92-year-old woman. at a senior center. she would not leave. i tried to convince her and i said listen, here's my
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cell phone number. if something happens and you need my help -- she turned to me and said mayor, let me give you my cell phone number and you call me if i can help you. it shows you the spirit of miami beach. >> jon: well, we hope it goes well for your town and any residents who decide to stay. mayor philip levine, miami beach. up next, retired baseball star breaking kill joins us on the phone to tell us why he is refusing to evacuate his home in florida. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins. one-a-day men's. i enjoy the fresher things in life.o. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...
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>> jon: despite the dire warnings and mandatory evacuation orders from government officials, some florida residents are writing out hurricane irma, whatever she brings. one is retired major league start rick >> i know you grew up in florida. i imagine you've seen hurricanes before. but this looks like a hurricane like none other that's hit florida. are you still going to stick this one out? >> this is the scariest storm i've ever seen. but we're not in an evacuation zone. we're up in jupiter. so family-wise, when we start to make a decision of what we should do, it just became, you know, with all the facts, it became best bet to stay here. >> so how many people will be hunkering down with you? >> we've about five. plus the kids, so that would make it seven >> okay. and are you high enough that you don't think you'll be affected by storm surge, that kind of
8:18 pm
thing? >> yeah, we're far enough away from the ocean, and we have new construction, so we have hurricane windows and all that stuff. so i am confident that the house will make it, and we're not close enough to the surf that we have to worry about the storm surge >> at the same time, it's almost certain to be terrifying. you've, i'm sure, seen some terri terrifying events in your day, but this could get scary. >> it could definitely get scary. the thing that i relate was i'm old enough to remember andrew that hit homestead, and my family's in construction. so i remember going down there as a child and seeing where you would see a house, you could see the foundation where it was 100-year-old oak tree half a mile away >> for this one.
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>> i' ve al be gi is to ha a back up plan >> i feel like all native floridians are used to hurricanes. we have a garage full of water. we have basically a life survival kid that's ready. so we have to go out and get minimal stuff. usually i would evacuate, but my mom had dialysis today, so the scariest thing for us, when you start to look at everybody that was evacuating miami and everything else, and you look at 95 and the turnpike, and the amount of traffic and back-ups that they were having we're only 200 miles away from orlando which was going to be one of our back-up plans. but it was taking people 8 hours or more. so the scariest thing for me was to be stuck in that traffic without gas, and in south
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florida where gas is scarce, and you have all these different things. can you get back? and my mom will have dialysis again on tuesday. so could we get her back with all the amount of traffic and everybody trying to get back to florida after the storm. so that was our concerning things. so with all that being said, we felt like our best option was to stay home. rick ankiel we wish you well, seafronts like you've considered everything thor three, our best to your mom, and hope the dialysis center is open tuesday because it's going to be wild down there. storm chasers are gearing up for hurricane eric milt ir ma. >> key lairgo, that could be the epicenter when this thing comes ah shore. what are you expecting and planning to do it has just been
8:21 pm
upgraded to a category 5. it's still been up grated to a category 5 hurricane. we're actually at aisle ah more rawed ah. you can see the ties coming up. this is one of the channels through the island here. we have a concrete structure above the storm surge level. >> the storm chasers i'm with, they're veteran hurricane chasers. they're well-familiar with the geography of the florida keys out here. we want to get off to the
8:22 pm
florida keys. it's going to be deadly out here for most of the keys, regardless where the exact track takes. though we have tornado probes that we normally deployed in the path of tornados that will be deploying in the path of the eye wall of hurricane irma, maybe possibly in the marathon area to measure the wind speed and pressure call inside the eye wall of hurricane arm ah. >> the probe, how do you get it. >> the probe, how do you get r. >> the probe, how do you get m. >> the probe, how do you get a. >> the probe, how do you get it there? >> we could strap it to anything as well. we deployed it during hurricane harvey in rockport, texas. we measured wind in excess of 120 miles an hour. and we saw extreme pressure variability in the front eye wall of that system as these tornado-like reservoirs are spinning around. that's why in these strong hurricanes, the wind damage could be extreme in certain pockets because of those tornado like vortex that are spinning around. but the storm surge out here,
8:23 pm
most of this area will be under several feet of water with winds gusting to 180, 190, 200 on top of that. it is an absolute recipe for disaster for south florida >> we are two days past a full moon. that means higher than normal tides. the full moon bringing high tide. you get a storm surge on top of that and that will complicate a bad situation for florida. >> yeah, and on top of that storm surge, you have waves on top of that as well. some of the waves are measured in excess of 50 feet. further out with the system as that comes to shore, the waves aren't going to be that high closer in. but there is going to be wave action on top of that ask strong winds. you can see some lightning behind me as these outer bands are starting to spiral in. those thunderstorms i've seen frequent lightning out of the southeast from here in isl.a.more rawed ah. we expect the tropical storm force winds to begin tomorrow, and the hurricane force winds. then whenever the eye wall steps up, the wind gusts could approach 200 miles an hour.
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8:29 pm
they've got the storm shutters up. they're basically ready to go. they've got sand bags out as well. at the last minute they'll put these in front of the door. they'll withstand four feet of water until they go into the actual business. it's a cat 5 rated building, so they can withstand a category 5 wind conditions and such. as we've been told, that's exactly what is going to be coming through here at some point in the next 36 hours. we'll feel this for some time. the most concern is the length of the storm. this is going to be going on for some time here. i'll have to tell you we've met a lot of people in the last couple days that stayed here for hurricane andrew 25 years ago and stayed for other hurricanes. they said we're getting out. we're not going to waste our time and put ourselves in this jeopardy. but many of those same people have moved north. they've gone north to areas of florida they thought would be safe. but they're having to evacuate from the ft. myers area. lot of people from this area went to ft. myers and naples and
8:30 pm
they'll have to go further north which is clogging the northerly parts of florida. i'm still seeing cars going north. in fact, there is one going. i talk to you and say that and now none are coming by. but they're coming and more than we've seen in the last 24 hours. we haven't seen a lot of car activity. just in the last maybe hour or so. here come some now. you see cars going pretty fast heading off the islands because the roads are still open. the bridges are still open at this hour. authorities here told us they're going to keep those open until the winds get too dangerous and water gets too high. we've been told they're getting a lot of phone calls at night. the sheriff's department here in monroe county from people not from florida but calling about their relatives that are still here. they want their sheriff's department to go knock on the door and try to talk people into leaving. so far the sheriff's department has told me they're 0 for. every single person has said they're staying, not going. they haven't had anybody change their minds yet. they're hoping some will. what they do is give them a
8:31 pm
phone number and say, hey, we'll be here as best we can. but once these winds get to 50 miles an hour, they say they're not going to be going out for any calls. >> i'm sorry for your sake the pizza place closed. because if i was going to ride out a cat 5 hurricane in a cat 5 rated building, that's where i'd want to be. >> we have extra. >> good. all right. adam, thank you. peanut butter and jelly, we'll have to wait for two days. >> at least you've got your supplies. more on florida's preparations for hurricane airm right after this. what started as a passion to make something original... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back
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8:36 pm
adam? >> hey, there, john. watching south florida actually beginning to see some of these outer rain bands get closer and closer on the eastern side of the state. this initial band, big thunderstorms there, that is all associated with irma. now, irma still a ways away. right now we're tracking the eye wall running right up against the coast of cuba. some of those barrier islands run right next to them. this storm is going to start to run right along the island. eventually turning to the north and that's when it's going to head toward areas of southern florida. that will be happening here by tomorrow as we continue to track that one. it's a cat 5 storm. winds at 160. it runs its way along the coast. then it makes that turn and heads up towards florida as a cat 4 storm. still very powerful. only dropping downwind speed about 10 miles an hour. here's the motion of that storm. again, you're going to begin to see, we're not talking about landfall until sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. the weather is going to start to deteriorate.
8:37 pm
i showed you that initial band of rain. the weather will start to deteriorate. you'll notice the winds tomorrow morning. that will only increase all the way until we get to landfall which will be taking place on sunday morning around 8:00 a.m. that's what we're currently looking at. but you see this explode there. those are all very powerful winds. with those winds comes the storm surge. we're looking at storm surge forecasts from 5 to 10 feet in some of these areas where it's the highest. but everyone's looking at 3 to 6 feet. in such low-lying areas there in southern florida, the storm surge is going to be a huge issue for a lot of those folks. that's why we're looking at hurricane watches and warnings in place. currently in southern florida, right now the actual watches are a little farther to the north than central florida. but i'm expecting those to turn into warnings here in the next coming days, next couple of hours even. >> adam in the fox weather center, thank you. >> let's check in now with fox news correspondent brian who is in corbel gables. one of the superbs on the west side of miami, florida.
8:38 pm
sniefrment hi, john. look, the comparison that everybody has is hurricane andrew in terms of the strength. but this is, of course, going to be much worse. but to give you context, i'm at the university of miami. the university of miami has never evacuated its campus ever since it was founded in 1925. in fact, in 1926 a great miami hurricane completely wiped this campus off the face of the planet really in the first semester it started. so they evacuated and heeding the warning. if you look over here, this is the metro rail, the metro in miami-dade stopped at 11. remember, the largest evacuation in miami-dade history. 660,000 people. people are told to head to shelters as soon as they can. really, because the rains and the tropical winds and rains will start coming in, probably really bad by tomorrow afternoon. so the governor really wants people to get off the roads by midnight tonight if they can. if not, the latest possible
8:39 pm
time, obviously, by 3:00 p.m. around that time tomorrow. get to where you need to be fast. the shelters are filling up. buses are transferring people from other shelters that need to go that don't have room to shelters that do have room. some 43 in miami-dade county. plus, a big part of this storm will be the power lines. if you look at the power lines, 13500 people ready to come in as soon as this storm is over. but the problem with that, is that the storm is going up the state. so it could be days and weeks, frankly, before we get power. fpl says it could be weekes because whole systems could be completely down. so you're talking about people that needed to stock up on all those supplies three, four, five days and they'll need to stay in their homes for two, three weeks. i was here for hurricane wilma, and i stayed in my home for a week and a half then. fpl has learned a lot of lessons. but given the gravity of this storm and how big it is, 400
8:40 pm
miles wide, it is affecting everyone. that is why hurricane andrew, you know, in comparison perhaps, but hurricane andrew was just 30 miles of destructive winds. we're talking about 150 miles of hurricane winds. people seem to be taking the wa warning and are finding their last-minute preparations right now. also, big thing before i let you go. this road is u.s. 1. that is the dividing line for the evacuation zone. anything east of u.s. 1 is pretty much going to see three to six foot storm surge, at least. they've been ordered to evacu e evacuate. this school here, university of miami is on the border, but they decided it was time to evacuate. john? >> i was there with andrew. we were without power for ten days. i lived north of miami. the worst of the storm came into the south. a little erie to see u.s. 1 so
8:41 pm
quiet. it's friday night. miami should be hopping, but people have cleared out, haven't they? >> yeah, they really have. on u.s. one, it's notorious for just having terrible traffic. it's up-and-down and that's it. right? but people are heeding the warning. we were down in downtown miami. we saw a couple lights on condos. but look, when you went into the publics today, the big publix super market down here, they closed at 8:00 p.m., that's it. there is nothing else open come tomorrow morning other than the gas stations and shelters along the way. the governor is telling the gas stations and mandatory evacuations to stay open as long as possible to give people who want to leave, who need to leave, who finally make that decision at last moment enough time to get gas to get to where they need to be, a.k.a., a shelter. they need to get to a shelter. >> things are about to change in a big and serious way in south florida. thank you. >> want to head up to daytona
8:42 pm
beach where rick leventhal is standing by for us now. >> i was in miami as well during andrew. we lost power for three weeks. that could be a situation they'll deal with here in volusia county and other pars of florida. they better be ready for that. we went through a briefing earlier today with volusia county officials who preached patience. they're preaching patience because in past her daynes resources -- hurricanes, resources were able to get in preposition, hit the affected areas as quickly as possible. in some situation, you have a hurricane that, if projections prove true, it's going to cover the entire state of florida. start at the base and workit way up. who knowes how many cust rears are owe who knows how many customers are going to be without powers and how many lines and trees will come down. they can't deploy all the resources at one time. it's going to take time. that's what officials were telling us today. when we were driving to florida
8:43 pm
from texas, we passed a lot of vehicles on the highway carrying telephone poles and electric trucks. they were heading this way to preposition and be ready to move in when it was necessary to start making repairs after the storm moves out. but, again, they're going to have their hands full. so what authorities are telling us here in volusia county, be prepared to be patient and help your neighbors, because you may not get the help you need from the government as quickly as you'd like to get it. there is an evacuation order here in volusia county, daytona beach. anyone on the beach area, anyone in low-lying areas, anyone in manufactured or mobile homes has been encouraged to leave. if you haven't left yet, they're telling people to pack up your important stuff and move into a shelter. the 21 in this county that will be open tomorrow. they're a little further north. they're not going to get the worse of the weather. and they won't get really bad weather until midnight saturday and they're talking hurricane force winds hitting the daytona beach area sometime late sunday night >> yeah, people who don't live
8:44 pm
in florida think of beach front condominiums and the glamorous towers of miami and miami beach. but there are a lot of manufactured homes especially north and inland. and those people really have to be evacuating or looking out. >> right. they're not built to withstand the kind of winds that other homes are. and as you know, a lot of homes are in very low-lying areas and those homes are susceptible to flooding. they're you can talking a three to five foot storm surge, and 8 to 15 inches of rain. in ground that's already saturated, there is not a lot of places where the water can go. there will be flooding of homes and certainly of streets. it's going to create a lot of problems. the worst of the problems will come after the storm passes when people try to go back to their homes and make the repairs that are necessary, clean up, and not, perhaps realize that there are downed power lines or even trees that are ready to come toppling down.
8:45 pm
so many of these fatalities are stupid accidents. people walk outside and get hit by a falling tree or something like that. downed power lines, as you point out. >> the other point, people get generators to create their own power. in some cases they put them inside a garage or even inside their house. not realizing it's creating carbon monoxide fumes. here in volusia county there were five storm related deaths, one of them from carbon monoxide poisoning. they told us earlier today, there were 25 people hospitalized from carbon monoxide and could have died, and they don't want to see that happen again >> straight ahead, will hurricane irma dwarf the devastation left by hurricane andrew in florida 25 years ago? (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
8:46 pm
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>> hurricane irma slashing cuba right now. it's drawing disturbing comparisons to hurricane andrew that devastated large parts of south florida. caused $25 billion in damage. but it could end up pailing in comparison to irma. on joining us rick sanchez and a former miami aftering or who covered hurricane andrew in 1992. there are differences in the two storms. frankly, as you know irma is even bigger.
8:51 pm
>> this is a powerful storm expected to go from south florida to the north. take us back to 1992 and hurricane andrew? >> i'm going to take a little bit of a contrarian view. i think one of the things that i think we need to talk about is what happened then and what we're doing now. in many ways i love the fact that our government has put fema together in such a way it's become much more effective. as you and i both know, and i know you've covered south florida along with me back then. when andrew came along, fema didn't do squat. fema was extremely effective, and what we had to do back then was we had to coless our friends and neighbors and businesses to get us through that. you know what's funny? in many ways we lost some of that. i think we tend to be living in a country where we are
8:52 pm
constantly looking over our shoulder to wait for the government to bail us out of situations. so while i am not saying i'm against fema or against in any way what the government does in these cases, i do think that once in a while maybe a voice in the wilderness needs to say to us, sometimes you have to step up for yourself and take care of these things. we're kind of seeing that. >> building codes were also pretty lax when andrew hit, and that got corrected immediately. i was just tonight going through, reading the actual recommendations that came out of andrew. that's one of the things we learned. people were doing back then. and i do think you hit up a good point. it's really important for the government to come in and try to make the right recommendations so that we all do the right
8:53 pm
things they could smell the difference between the hype and the facts. >> the other thing i'm seeing is there are a lot of small businesses in south florida. i sit on the board of the big health clinics here in south florida. the doctors are out working through the storm and making sure this is being taken care of. so there are a lot of good things happening, john. good to have you on. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> millions of residents are facing extreme damage to their homes and property from hurricane irma. what options are available for folks who might lose their home and everything they own?
8:54 pm
>> chip, so many of us don't want to leave our homes. everything we've worked for is locked inside those four walls. what can you tell people they should do? >> you should take all your valuables that you can with you. i mean your emotional values too. things you can't replace. i often go to disaster areas afterwards. it's not just the stuff that you lose, it's the emotional aspect. people are depressed after they come back and find that everything is gone. all their memories are gone as well, too. it's a big factor. almost post trauma mattic stress, and people are depressed afterwards. for >> for those who haven't left yet, if they're planning to evacuate, should they run around the house and video everything
8:55 pm
in the rooms? >> it doesn't take that long to do so anymore. everybody's got a cell phone with them. it's one of the big changes that we've had. so if you have an extra five to ten minutes, because it doesn't take long to do so you absolutely should. the main thing is where are you going to go right now? that is the big question most people in florida have. if you're not in florida, you don't know what we're talking about. but i had a lot of friends go to tampa for hurricane charlie, and then they got whacked when they got to orlando. so exactly where you go in florida, other than getting away from the coast and the storm surge which is probably the most important thing. if you're watching this and you're on the west coast of florida, that track has changed. i know the east coast has been talking about it all week long and miami. but naples, ft. myers, sarasota, and up here in tampa, we're facing something we haven't faced in quite a while. >> yeah, well, we certainly hope the folks in florida are heeding
8:56 pm
your warnings and getting to safety. there is still time, but not a lot of it left. chip, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> as you look at the images of hurricane irma, the most important thing to watch is the upper right-hand corner of that hurricane. if it were a clock, it's everything from 12 to 3 o'clock. that's where the fiercest, strongest winds and the highest storm surge will be so as you look at the projected track of that hurricane everything from the eye wall just to the right is perhaps in real trouble. more of our special live coverage of hurricane firm after this. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat
8:57 pm
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