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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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elyou find your perfect match. and with esurance, coverage counselor® can help you find great coverage that's a perfect match too. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. >>jon: continuing live coverage of hurricane irma as you go to the fact whether center with adam klotz with the latest. adam? >> continue to watch this thing kick closer to the u.s. the actual storm, eye of the storm a ways away, but these are the outer bands, and this is our first initial line of thunderstorms we are seeing worked ever closer and closer to the florida coast. now just off the coast of miami. this is what is initial, but will only pick up in the coming days, and this is where the storm sits. there is our eye of the storm. you see it weakening a bit as it's running right along the coast of cuba. it is projected to hit this path right along the northern coastline of cuba before turning
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and heading back to the north and this is a powerful one. still a category five. still you're looking at winds of hundred 60 miles per hour. still moving to the west and 13 miles per hour for the time being. that category five is going to run and turn into a category four. it is going to make its turn to the north stay in a category four, and for the moment, we're looking at the time frame sunday morning. 8:00, but as a storm sits out here back on saturday, will start to see some of those initial winds and rains more and more in the south florida. deteriorating as far as tomorrow goes come in tomorrow morning even, but we're not landfall until sunday morning, and you're looking more and more so distracting up the coast of florida before working its way into georgia on monday. an all day event taking you all the way into monday. where we are concerned, the big one is going to be when. we start seeing these brighter colors, that's when they
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intensify. really exploding that appeared very strong winds. when you get the strong winds, you will get a big storm surge. areas 5-10 feet is the type of surge we are seen. especially on the western side, because right now models are showing more and more that this is going to be making landfall on the west side of florida. >>jon: we should point out, the models can be wrong. this could one wobble 15, 20, 5. >> it's in the code of uncertainty, and the entire status. it is still entirely possible we could run this on either side of the coast, john. adam, thank you. we had to daytona beach with rick leventhal. rick? >> mandatory evacuation on its way for the beach side and low-lying anodes anyone and mobile phones as a 5:00 this afternoon. across volusia county. a lot of people may have left
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already, but the sheriff believes that many people did not leave and those folks could be facing some very difficult conditions over the next few days. not expected to get really bad here until sometime after midnight on saturday, and then potential hurricane force winds up to category two or higher late sunday night. roughly 48 hours from now. this beach town, daytona beach and the whole county of volusia could be in some severe hurricane force conditions. the beach itself is going to be shut off from the mainland sometime sunday morning when he gets too high, there, derek includes every bridge trained daytona beach in the mainland. they let the stay on the mainland before. they do seem prepared. they have been getting ready throughout the day. we have been traveling through the area. he saw them boarding off their homes in the low-lying areas. people boarding up businesses as well. a lot of sandbagging operations. the county set up several
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locations. there was another one down in south dakota breach, where folks were filling up 25 bags each and putting them in the back of their cars and trying to secure their homes. most of these people are doing it for themselves, but we had some guys were filling bags for family members, and then wound up feeling a bunch of bags for elderly people who cannot do for themselves, this is what they told us. >> i got off work, i got the same base for my grandfather. see and if he needs help. try to help the community. speak out the hurricane risk for daytona beach is significantly lower. lease for a direct hit. they've only had one since 1950, and those 50/50 seven years ago with hurricane donna. they don't get a lot of direct hits, but storms and including hurricane andrew last october. a lot of that damage was to hotels along the beach, and that is why they are evacuating hotels and sitting anyone who is
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still here home by tomorrow morning. a lot of people are outta here. a lot of these hotels are trying to make some major repairs, and businesses suffered as well. in fact, we spoke to a lot of business owners rosie and frank, they run rosie's bakery. they opened up a year ago, and had to deal with hurricane matthew and now they are dealing with hurricane irma, but they seem to be taking it in stride's. >> it is a little stressful and hectic, sure. >> everything will be good. >> we had our first rodeo. >> there were five deaths from matthew in volusia county last year, jon. they are concerned up here. a couple of hundred miles, few hundred miles from where the storm makes sure, but they know they will have issues across the state of florida including the daytona beach area. >>jon: right now the lights are on behind rick , but that is not likely to be the case 48 hours or so from no
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now. rick leventhal, thank you. five and half million people in florida have been told to evacuate. not everyone is doing so. we are going to go to hollywood, florida, now, but denny villalobos is attic condominium building despite being innate evacuation zone. are you with family or friends are you prepared? >> hello, how are you? >> jon: how are you? >> we have done a lot to prepare. we purchased a battery powered generator. it has a solar power attachment that we can recharge the generator and do ten hours of sunlight. so if that power is knocked out for weeks, we have plenty of electricity to be charged with sunlight. we have plenty of canned foods, bottled water. all the medication that we need for an entire month. my car is parked on the high part of the parking garage. we have charcoal, grill, and a
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cooler that can keep eyes frozen for days at a time. if you have no way out, we can survive for 3-4 weeks. >> jon: and in a structure like a condominium, it will be sound? >> my condominium was built after hurricane andrew, which at the rules, regulations come at that did, change so now we have impact windows and they can withstand winds up to 185 miles per hour. >> jon: they have really improved the codes since then. i have mentioned. you can -- they have to take a two by four and fire it with an air cannon. at the glass it has to be able to withstand that impact before it gets approved for installation and some of these florida buildings now.
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do you have children with you? these things are horrifying when they actually come on top of you. do you have children with you? are they prepared? >> correct. i am here with my wife and my son. and i invite into my apartment, my mother, my aunt, and my brother. we are comfortable and waiting and well prepared for the hurricane the hurricane. >> jon: it sounds like you are prepared. mother nature can throw a few curve balls at you. it does not sound -- it sounds like you will be set as u.k. beat with a strong building and supplies. what about radios and communication? >> we have a generator so it will keep our phone playlist charge. if you have any problems we can communicate with anybody, police, friends. we can call them at any time. >> jon: as long as a cell stay out. people forget that they can be damaged and these hurricanes.
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if you do not have a landline, and a lot of people do not these days, without cell towers that are working, you could be on your own but again, it sounds like you're ready for that. have you been through one of these before? >> i have lived through a couple of hurricanes growing up. i have now since moved to florida in 2004. i went through katrina. 2005 within three major hurricanes. i have lived through 15 hurricane scares, where absolutely nothing happened. wasted thousands of dollars on equipment and travel income hotels. you will see that. it does this hurricane doesn't directly hit south florida, a lot of houses may get destroyed but nothing will happen to me or my family or property ten stories up in a post hurricane andrew building. >> jon: it sounds like you had thought it all out and reach a
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decision. we wish you well. denny villalobos with his family. thank you for talking to us tonight. despite what his decision has been, the words that the governor of florida, rick scott, has said. you have to get out. now, it may be too late for those who have decided to stay. danger headed toward his way. back with more with the track of hurricane irma. keep it here on fox. ♪ (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. it's about moving forward, not back.t. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now.
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to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jon: 14 minutes past 9:00 on the east coast where they are racing for hurricane irma. still underway. adam housley is in key largo in the northern part of the key, where it seems it will become very dangerous. adam, we can already hear the wind. what are you seeing there? >> yes, jon. we are told by our team and the weather center. it is a band that has broken off from the hurricane and swirling back around. you can see it on some of the radar to we're getting a good idea about when it's coming our way. about the first time we seen anything like this in a couple of days that we have been here. we saw a little bit of wind
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earlier i called over and they said this is some of the bands that are breaking up and coming from irma. it is coming now from the north. coming from the north, blowing straight down. where we are standing. you can hear on the roof alread already. nothing like the power we expect to see, but it is definitely something we've seen for the first time. when you see some of these wins, the street signs start to quiver a bit. the rain comes down pretty hard all of a sudden. this is what we expect to see consistently from the night into tomorrow, and of course, as this storm moves ashore. when you drive around this area of the island, it is empty. there are some people out and about, but for the most part, people have gone inside and are still here at all. you see the storm shutters. these things are everywhere. most people have the metal ones. others put up plywood. yet those around. you have san bates down along the ground as well for the storm surge expected on the island.
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these sandbags are hopefully going to be keeping some people dry. we have seen the pictures and videos coming from the caribbean so far up the last few days, and that storm looks extremely powerful. if you're not here at a cat five location, category five certified building, you should get out. coming down with the wind, look at the cars coming. an increase of line of cars. the most cards we have seen in two days, really, heading north. we have been for a couple of days, and has been pretty quiet. not many cars at all on the highway. some coming in here and there. police officers, sheriff's. you can see some of the cars are heading and waiting for the last minute. right now the bridges are still open, the road still open. this continues much longer and as the storm comes in, when they get those disdained wins at 50 miles an hour and the water starts to laugh on the roadway, we are told those roads that are down low in bridges will be
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completely shut down. >> jon: last minute stragglers, they seem to be getting out at least u.s. 1 is open. adam housley, thank you. we want to check with florida congressman. from lake mary florida, it's sounds like florida's worst nightmare. starts at the southern tip and up the entire state, really. just about everybody in florida, congressman, is going to be feeling the effects of the storm. >> that is right, jon. when people try to plan an evacuation. the most recent advisories has pushed it a little further west than we anticipated. when you look at it right now, palm beach is no longer in the zone of uncertainty. even miami that is ground zero. we were fearing a direct hit there. you're looking at potentially going up the west coast of florida. 10-12 feet of surge.
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even into tampa. their forecast is saying 100 miles per hour sustained winds up to 125 miles an hour. i grew up in the tampa bay area. very vulnerable to those storm surges. that could do tremendous amount of damage. clearly, it will do a lot of damage. where it turns and how much further west it goes, i think is the big question over the next 24 hours. >> jon: you could be looking at damage up and down the length of the state. when hurricane andrew motocross, it came in from the east and went to the west, and if you wanted to go find air conditioning, all you had to do was go a couple of counties north and south. this one could rip up the entire state from stem to sturm. the goat we look at the size, speed irma looks like andrew look like a coin.
9:19 pm
and when andrew hit homestead in florida city, you could've gone 30 minutes north and been fine during that period that will not be the case here. even areas on the east coast of florida which does not look like are going to necessarily be hit by the eye of the storm, you will have serious storm surge. you will have serious wind conditions, and yes, when it is going up to full speed. even if it is more to the west now then the center, which what it was looking like 24 hours ago, you are talking about it writing up highway i-75 into georgia going into atlanta. that is going to make things difficult. the president has done a good job for florida. our governor is doing a tremendous job. i think their prepositioned, but when you hit one spot and try to get electricity going and things like that, that is a challenge. it is doable. you have power going out up and down the state. it will be a herculean effort once the things goes through. if you want yet a huge district
9:20 pm
going all the up to jacksonville from palm beach. mostly along the east coast obviously. your residents are not going to be feeling, it looks like and we caution, these things can change and take surprising wobbles, but it looks like for district is going to be spared the worst hit from hurricane irma. the folks on the western side of florida, well, they will be in some serious hurt. speak up my district goes from the coast, it does stretch out into central florida, northwest of orlando. lake county florida, emergency center there come a are working hard. they got everything on all cylinders. this is a county that is more in the center part of the state. if the storm is taking that i-75 track north, guess what? they will be east of it and that northeast quadrant, which is the most dangerous part of the storm. they are preparing. for matthew, they did not have
9:21 pm
to prepare much. now it is a different ball game. there will be a lot of counties and areas in florida, especially in the midsection of the state, that will be on their game. they will be tested. i think they are ready, do not get me wrong. expect to cover a lot more. then matthew or her >> jon: a lot of seniors have moved there. what do you tell your constituents and people across the state about taking care of the older folks? >> it has been an issue today. i met with some emergency officers i think john's county and they had an issue with one of the local nursing homes. they were going to have to evacuate their senior citizens and bring them to safety. that is going to be more of an issue in florida than it is in other states. that is a reality, and it is very important that we are
9:22 pm
taking care of our senior citizens and people with special needs. there are shelters specifically designed for that, and that is been a priority of the governor and a lot of local emergency managers for good reason. >> jon: you cannot do anything about the arrival of the storm, but handling the aftermath is the big test. congressman ron desantis from florida. thank you. up ahead, the big efforts underway to get animals out of the florida danger zone. ♪ where are we?
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9:27 pm
society. what is the challenge that you face? >> for every person that is evacuating come up there are probably more animals. all the animal lovers out there, all the people that own horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, iguanas, snakes -- there is a myriad of people who love animals, who they do not want to have endangered either. people need to have up plan whether they are sheltering them, evacuating, they need to know how to keep them safe and part of that plan is to make sure they know that the animals they love are safe also all. if you are not all shelters except animals. that is the unfortunate truth. >> that is true, but there are pet relief shelters all over in florida. i have been working one here in tallahassee, but they are opening up all over the state. people need to be able to find them and they can go online and look at the state of emergency
9:28 pm
management page. they can find those pet friendly shelters. go to family friends. go to hotels and motels. get out of the danger area but the key we try to tell people is to take your animals with you. do not leave them behind. if it is not safe for you to be there, is deftly not safe for them. i worked hurricane andrew 25 years ago, and ended up living down near homestead for almost six weeks collecting all the animals that people left behind. people left animals in their mobile home houses, thinking it would be okay, and they went to the shelters, and there was no mobile home shelter left, and they spent months searching for those pets. take your pet with you if you are evacuating. if you stay in place, make sure you had the food, water, medication, the crate. make sure you have everything you need to keep you animal safe
9:29 pm
for the time. that you are collecting for your own self. like there are a member of the family. >> jon: entire neighborhoods were obliterated. although the homes are better now, do you have to have a crate if you're taking your pet with you to a shelter? >> some of the shelters do have crates, but they are right now at a premium. shelters are running out. if you have a crate take it with you. if you don't, take it with you. we will figure it out. if you do have, please, please bring it. there are no more crates at any of the stores and the whole state of florida. the key is, if you have to put the animal in the back of a car and go, do it. if you have a specialty pets, bring them also. and somebody will find a place to put them. the key is to keep your animal
9:30 pm
with you. if you leave it behind, it could die, he could get lost. the chance that you ever find it again could be very, very slim. you need to prepare. >> jon: we saw heartbreaking photos out of hurricane harvey. laura from the humane society. we are back to the weather center with a look at irma track, right after this. ♪ will ♪
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♪ >> jon: 34 minutes past midnight here on the east coast. continuing coverage on hurricane irma as we had to fox news meteorologists adam klotz. what are you seeing right now, adam? >> these outer bands really starting to work closer and closer to florida, and it's looking like an impressive one with thunderstorms moving towards the miami area into the
9:35 pm
florida keys. we will see waves and waves of these, and this is the very beginning. expect us to deteriorate throughout the entire weekend. we are still waiting until sunday morning for landfall, but we are already starting to see these outer bands move that direction. the storm itself continues to spin and there is the i wall. expecting this to keep really high at 160 miles per hour. it will run through the coast of the overnight hours before making a very sharp turn and heading directly north. we just got the latest, our latest model, the gs f. that is from the dash it is an american model, and has a turning into the center of florida. i'll show you that in a moment. this is the national weather service official track is a category four storm turning, arriving at 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. yet all day saturday, where it went this thing gets closer and closer, conditions are going to deteriorate. here is the gsf model.
9:36 pm
this is our latest model data coming in. you see it making that turn and by sunday morning, right there it is. 8:00 a.m. really beginning to run right into florida. more central florida, and even though it would not be a direct hit for the miami area, the right side of these terms, the hardest hitting. you see miami running up the east coast there, really getting the brunt of the wind and the rains. and the storm surge with all that. it will lifting into portions really north georgia by late monday and even tropical force winds getting that far before falling down. even that could be 40, 50-mile-an-hour winds. how strong with those be in the initial landfall? these are wind gusts being projected we are expecting getting a gust up to 140 miles per hour. that would do huge damage. not consistent, but that's a really big numbers. >> jon: it is going to be a scary couple of days in florida.
9:37 pm
adam, thank you. i want to head out to miami, florida, where fox's bryan llenas is waiting for it to hit. bryan? >> we are here at the internet continental hotel with a sign to all those in miami. stay safe, and stay calm as well. that is what it says up there on that sign. this is downtown miami, and we have the bayside over here. that is chops on this side, and we have lightning that has been happening with the gusts of wind. they are expecting anywhere from 5-10 feet of storm surge depending on where it goes, and that will likely leave this area flooded. this is a mandatory evacuation area here in downtown. everybody always repairs, hurricane andrew, south of the city. if irma hits here, a little bit squarely, we will never go through anything what we will
9:38 pm
potentially go through. over here, the taller buildings here. there is a light or two, you see a couple of lights from the condos. once you start getting up 15, 20 floors, the winds gusts become even more. it is not advice but hopefully they will leave by tomorrow afternoon. the governor wants people out before the tropical storm winds begin. when you take a look over here, miami is constantly under construction, and a 20-25 cranes in the downtown area. the city says that the designed arms are designed so that they move in the wind. they can sustain, from what we understand, 145 miles per hour, but there is concern about gusts and whether or not they can withstand that. we shall see. there are 20-25 of those as well. everything about today was, get ready. the publix supermarkets here in south florida stayed open until 8:00 p.m. everybody is grabbing last-minute things.
9:39 pm
the grant gas stations are open as people still getting gas, sharing with the gas buddy app, which is one of the biggest trending apps today. to find the cheapest and any gas at all. they're also asking people when it comes to gas, do not fill up your entire car with gas and then go to a shelter. leave some of that gas for other people, who may need it in that sense. we have to wait and see it, obviously, with how long the storm will last. people are hunkering down. not just for four hours like hurricane andrew. people need to be prepared for weeks at a time, and that is because of the power situation. we are talking about potentially three, four weeks without power. the florida power & light says that of 13,500 people ready to go, bake they cannot work unless the winds are below tropical storm power. that means under mount hour winds before they can start working. good news is, it ever since
9:40 pm
hurricane wilma and hurricane katrina back in 2005, where we got slammed here back-to-back, and people were left without power for a long time, there has been a lot of changes including these big high-rises. now they need at least one elevator working with the generator. a problem, a lot of the generators on the first floors submerged in water, and fpl has put a lot of power lines in the ground, and they have also made a lot of precautions when it comes to stopping them. adding flood monitors. we'll see how it goes. when they do the trim cutting around the tall power lines, because it is with the trees that fall under power lines, and that is how you get a downline. hopefully everybody has really packed to hunker down to be more than four or five days. people have heeded the evacuation words for the most part. the largest in miami, dane county. go before 3:00, 4:00.
9:41 pm
to get to shelters at this point if you can even get to him. jon? >> jon: the construction cranes can really be terrifying when super storm sandy hit new york city, there was one that came untethered and had folks scared. 150-mile-an-hour winds, four stories up, you can easily see that in miami. let's hope those cranes live up to their billing in terms of what they can take. bryan llenas, thank you. we will head back to daytona beach. rick leventhal is there where it appears to be getting worse. rick? >> the winds are gusting here, jon, but we are at least four hours for the tropical storm. 48 hours from the hurricane force winds. the city of daytona beach is incredibly quiet. there was a mandatory evacuation issued around 5:00 p.m. friday for anyone in the low-lying area, anyone on the beach.
9:42 pm
and mobile homes, to vacate those. it is virtually empty here. the people who are left are being told to get out of the hotels on the beach by tomorrow morning, 11:00 a.m. all of the bridges between the beach and the mainland are set to close sometime sunday morning whenever the winds top 40 miles an hour. all these bridges will shut down. anyone who is still on the beach will have to stay on the beach until the storm passes through. the main bridge behind us, the international speedway bridge down the road from us that leads to the daytona international speedway which was supposed to host an event, as is every other major event including any city business. folks are being told to don't you put your trash out, because we are not taking it out. not until the storm is over. people are preparing for the storm in other ways. closing up windows filling up sandbags. that has been going on here.
9:43 pm
they will keep those sandbagging operations tomorrow, we are told. people can continue to secure the homes, because i they do expect hurricane force winds here. that could mean significant funding, and it could also mean a lot of power outages, and that could cause a lot of problems down the road as we talked about, jon. we also talked about power companies and other staging equipment, preparing for the repairs that will be needed as soon as the storm passes through. we did not mention the coast guard. they move a lot of from clearwater, florida, so that those aircraft and rescue teams will be ready to go as soon as the storm made its way through the state of florida. they move from clearwater to louisiana. they have c-130s and helicopters. rescue teams that are getting ready to come back here to ever florida they are needed, jon, soon as they are needed. >> jon: rick leventhal joining us from daytona beach.
9:44 pm
rick, thank you. next up, hundreds of thousands of people hit the highways as soon as evacuation orders came down. what to do and what not to do when you're driving in a situation like that, next. ♪ etter. he's also a championship-winning football coach. look at that formation. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for andre, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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♪ >> jon: continuing coverage of hurricane irma. we are joined by mike, evacuation is very stressful, and i've never seen personally one like this. 5.5 million people are on the move from florida. not entirely trying to get out of the state, but they might wish they had. an track of this hurricane. if you're jumping into your car and throwing in the kids, the wife and a dog and everything else, we know should you bring? >> hopefully people are getting out sooner than tomorrow. if you're waiting for the very last moment, there is a variety things if you can do to prepare yourself. make sure you have food. make sure you have wanted. these are the simple things, but people run out of those quickly without taking them into consideration. if you do have a battery pack at your house, make sure able power your computer, cell phone, and a big vehicle.
9:49 pm
you can use this and dire straight situations to help you get out of harm's way. >> jon: that will jump a car battery? >> a heavy diesel truck. >> jon: wow. >> you are on the road, and we have seen traffic jams. a lot of gas stations have already closed or run out of gas, how do you make the most or squeeze the mileage out of gas? >> that term, hyper while ing. getting the most out of a key. do you run your air conditioning can make no. pull the windows down just to hear soon get a little more mileage out of that vehicle. when you can put it in part, put it into park. also if you're departing tomorrow when the rain hits come to think about hydroplaning as well. 6 inches of water, your car can be unstable. if you see a flood in front of you, if you cannot walk through it, do not go through. go for high ground at all times. >> jon: what about damage from
9:50 pm
these hurricanes on the coast that are blowing salt water storm surge onto your car? that come play havoc with your engine. >> the key is to go as far inland as you can. get to the highest point as possible. as you're driving along the freeway, maintaining the speed limit or going below the speed limit. there'll be no rush, because you will be stuck in traffic. when it applies to salt, thing about salvage vehicles. harvey just went to 300,000 vehicles that will be lost. this could be up to 500,000. that is $5 million in lost automobiles insurance claims. >> jon: unfortunately again, the gasoline situation we are seen, people will run out i can i get to the gas station. they have to park it by the side of the road. what you do in that case? >> we are always telling people in an emergency situation like this, get that spare gas can get active fuel in the vehicle. keep it there and it emergency
9:51 pm
situation as you are leaving town, so if you run into that, prepare yourself and you can top it off with extra fuel. >> jon: the governor is telling people, officials are saying, if you're going to the evacuation center and its right in your county, do not fill up your tank. leave the gas for somebody else. >> absolutely. that's the best thing to do. having to ration gas right now. i do not know what the governor said in regards to cross flow of the traffic so everybody heads north on the southbound lane, but if they do, gas won't help. >> jon: to try to get the takers and from the north at this point and they have not done that yet. they may do that, but we will see. this is obviously a scary storm. any last minute advice? >> the big key is to use your brain. think about what you will do before you get into the vehicle. pack the vehicle with the right things. valuables, credit cards, any documents that are important in your house. if you're going to do it, be very cautious when you get on the road and ride a save as you possibly can. >> jon: this might be the night to do it.
9:52 pm
the traffic seems to have thinned a bit. you maybe have one last shot. >> one shot to get out of town. >> jon: thank you so much. i'm next, will have the west palm beach and write out the storm to protect his family. right back with that. music was for over 75 years. going ! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today.
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use and save. ♪ i'm living that yacht life, life, life ♪ ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested ♪ >> jon: joining us now as
9:56 pm
hurricane irma approaches, a resident is making sure his family is safe, but repairing for the hurricane thoroughly since moving there in 2008. jason, you decide to stay there, right? >> correct. >> jon: why not get out? >> it is complicated. honestly, one option i had to get out of the state a couple of days ago included georgia, which is not a safe place either. with family and parents and other relatives in town, rescue dogs, it is difficult. gas has been short all week, and to the state. it did not seem like it would be the best plan. >> jon: how close you to the coast? >> we are 8 miles from the coas coast. >> jon: you are not expected to see any storm surge where you are? >> definitely not. no flood zone here. that was a contributing factor, obviously.
9:57 pm
at this point, we are not planning on going to a shelter or anything. we are hunkering down here at home and we will see how it goes. >> jon: and how do you feel about the strength of your house? >> the house feels good. i was at my mom's and brothers today, and that is all boarded up and they have a backup plan in a safe spot should anything happen. we are all feeling relatively good about it as good as you can, anyway. >> jon: is a relatively new construction? do you feel the building codes took care of you? >> here, we have a newer home. i think we'll be fine. my brother's home is a little bit older but he is at a high point. survived several storms and he has a completely boarded up, so i think you'll be okay there. there are some other things, you never know what will happen. should something happen there is a safe spot we can go with a solid wall and no windows in the
9:58 pm
room. just in case. >> jon: have you been through one of these things before? >> the strongest thing i have seen here since 2008 was a tropical storm, and it was significant enough to get my attention after talking with everybody and hearing the stories about power outages for so long, it led me to the fact that you have to be at least a little prepared. again, with parents and other family here, or who may not be quite as prepared, i prepared extra just in case. >> jon: we're looking video from saint maarten in the caribbean after hurricane irma rolled through. we have been through a few major hurricanes, and this is the closest thing i've ever seen to a war zone when you emerge after the eye of those stones go through.
9:59 pm
surviving the storm is scary enough, we have come out and figure out how to get some power and some communication going to get some gas, because none of the gas stations can operate, because they do not have any power either. how many people do you have with you? >> and my home, i have my wife and two dogs. my mom is 6 miles away. my brother about 10 miles. we got other friends that will keep an eye on everybody, and hopefully fare a little bit better as the storm dies out a little bit. deftly the recovery is going to be a challenge regardless of how much it lessons. it will be a significant storm. we are ready to jump in and help at shelters or wherever else we can. >> jon: in west palm, it appears you are going to be not directly hit by the eye of that
10:00 pm
storm. it will go up the west coast of florida, we think. again, things can change. jason. stay safe. stay tuned to fox news continuing coverage of hurricane irma throughout the week. ♪ >> sean: many thanks to our friends on "the five." this is a fox news alert. our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends in the state of florida.ha why?ws they are in the direct path of a massive hurricane, hurricane irma. it could be a devastatingre category 5 storm by the time it hits the state on sunday morning. officials have asked 5.6 million people to evacuate. the state's governor, rick rict is asking residents to get out before it's too late. on the ground, our own steve harrigan. i see the is it from the storm or wind blowing. suffering apart?su >> this is the start of things, the wind has picked up each


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