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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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be smart. be safe. stay with the fox news channel. continuing coverage, hurricane irma. see you back on monday. jon scott, my friend, is next.
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quite clear yet. at this stage, we expect that the hurricane remains near its current intensity which is category four, category five. because of the exact location of the turn is not yet known, we do not know which areas in florida will hit the category four or category three conditions. at they do not get that, they'll get category one or two. we do know which coast will get which. the storm surge, and that is where we had the storm surge warning on southeast, southwest and the florida keys for 5-10 feet of storm surge. the next 36, 48 hours. as hurricane approaches. this is an example and the damage it can do. southeastern florida, we are looking for 5-10. six have been 12 feet as possible
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on the southwest coast. our greatest concern will be for the florida keys as they are low-lying islands and 5-10 feet can inundate all if not most given that there will be large waves on top. we do not expect to have much change in winds, but we do have rainfall 8-15 feet. 20 inches and flooding in the in land area. very strong winds in a land. and on the coast and potentially deadly storm. at the national hurricane center center. >> he is in the florida keys tonight, where the wind and rain are already picking up in advance of the arrival of this normal make enormous hurricane. what does it look like down there and kim xp got the wind is a lot stronger than it was yesterday. starting to get a little bit dusty. you can deafly see the low clouds moving a lot faster than
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they were yesterday. the moisture is also a lot higher as well. >> it doesn't seem like anyone is here. to our emergency managers here. police officers. they'll be working hard to the storm, risking her life to keep people safe, but once those ones get over a certain threshold all emergency press mack personnel, and you do not get any well help. heed those warnings, because the fact is, if there's a 10-foot storm surge and you live at sea will have winds at hundred
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90 miles an hour. you cannot survive that. impossible. >> the island where you are was totally destroyed by the wake of the hurricane in 1925. i am fascinated to see boats behind you. why would people leave their boats in the water ahead of a hurricane like this? >> they do have them elevated like that a bit. without storm surge it will be the level at those boats. we are talking about earlier that will likely see a location, the water level will be high. going up and down this canal, depending on which way the wind direction is going. we are very close to the water as well, it is an open ocean and once at hurricane goes by, it will likely be a surge from the gulf of mexico side they'll be absolutely devastating. we do have an unmanned probe here, that i'm standing in front. the wind speed and direction and the pressure inside the eye of the hurricane, but we can deploy that, and we do not have to be there. if this thing is too strong, we have an exit strategy.
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will bell north. >> tucker: i will point will you make that decision? >> early tomorrow morning. we have several concrete bunker like structures that are lined up. hurricane chaser friend knows a geography very well. he will have this hurricane research vehicle here. which you'll be measuring wind speeds inside the eye as well. we will back out. >> tucker: you are in one of the worst places to ride out a hurricane. good luck, read. we see the recent shift in the path of hurricane irma westward. that means the gulf coast is on high alert. chief meteorologist, jeff legato. paul, looks like this is engulfing the entire state of florida. >> the problem is, tucker.
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the extent that we see about a hundred 10 miles an hour from east to west. the hurricane force winds running from tampa to daytona is about 120 miles. that is a problem. here's the itaconic advisory. winds still not 155. we are pretty much analyzing the storm and looking for any changes. we are hoping that the site will hold the coast of cuba. maybe we can in a little bit, and then there will be a big turn. hopefully this turn will be critical. we are concerned about is not only key west, but the southwest coast. naples, marco island. there could be a major surge, and then we are not done. this is going to write out the state as a cat 4. going towards tampa and finally up by lake city. a tropical storm. that is that.
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it deteriorates on sunday, we have one more day. we have one more day to prep, and that is really about it. take out the radar from cuba. well defined eye wall, hoping we get some land action here. that could weaken it temporaril temporarily. one of our models that we ran, the european model, precipitate a water shows the circulation very well, we play this, and this is really a worst-case scenario for us. storm coming at the keys. rolling up the coast. coming up through the spine of the state. we are going to see most of the state without power. and then, this storm surge, it could be anywhere from miami to southwest, look at the numbers. 12-15, 15-20. none of that is very good at all. >> tucker: is the west coast of florida up until 24 hours ago, as far as i know, is not expecting that. are people prepared for the
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possibility that it will land in the backyard? >> yeah, the worst-case scenario for tampa bay's for this storm to come up to the golf and do this. we are talking about a catastrophic storm surge and tampa bay. something that runs like this is awful for the southwest coast, but he gives us a wind and pushes the water out of the bay. we are watching very closely for any shift in the west, but right now, thankfully, we do not see it. >> tucker: i am rooting for you. thank you for that. meanwhile, on the east coast there is fear that the city could take a direct hit from the eye of hurricane irma. bryan, we are hearing about evacuation from the city. can you tell? >> you can tell. this is a city behind me. normally this would be busy with traffic. not so much traffic now. the only place. look to evacuate
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city. look behind you. you can see storm surge. this is the miami river. people don't normally talk about the miami river, but it is here. is that beautiful beaches, but this bay, it felt to make empties into it. when storm comes and it will come in from what you see those tall buildings in downtown miami. the water will rush in and coming there expecting a storm surge year of 3-6 feet. the boats that are tied along the miami river. yet people double nodding boats. that is a yacht. in other people that are using duct tape to make sure they're taking away their cushions as well to make sure water does not seep into their vessel. if you go to the right of here, you will realize just how high the water is too a people live. that is an apartment caplets right there. next to a power line, which also brings up the issue of power, fpl expecting 9 million people
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losing power, we look up into the air, all the way in the back of my dad is a crane. there are 20-25 cranes in downtown miami. they are designed to move in this weather. the weather there able to sustain its 145 miles an hour. we are expecting this storm to be upwards to 150 miles an hour. there is concern about those cranes in downtown miami, and people are talking and comparing it to hurricane andrew. a lot of people in this area are new to miami. they never experienced hurricane andrew. hurricane andrew was very small. this is very big in terms of the amount of people that will experiences. this will unlike anything anyone in this area has seen even if they did right through hurricane andrew, but people seem to be heeding the call to hunker down or to leave from what we can tell, tucker. >> tucker: bryan llenas in
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miami. i think it was in miami. i think he joins us tonight from miami. rick, do you remember andrew well? >> president bush came down. do remember. i helped to spearhead the relief effort and coverage of hurricane andrew, and what is interesting, i think you'll appreciate this. back then, fema did not do squat. they were not organized very well. the effort was essentially a guy like myself and others on television telling private business owners, get on down here and do everything we can to help these people out. they were in dire straits. this was on the worst arms in the history of united states in terms of property damage. in fact, it was number one in terms of property damage. we did was, we all got together
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people from all of the country. people in south florida. they moved 60,000 tons of relief effort. there is a lesson in that. it's not waiting for the government to come and save people. it's a correlated effort between private and public. sometimes i think. i don't know how you feel. maybe because the government has now stepped in and we depend on them to come in and take care of things and situations like this, maybe we have to come a little too dependent. >> tucker: people do the best in situations like this. it is heartening to see that. that storm 25 years ago, andrew, it basically suburban areas south of miami. between miami and the keys. one of the last time a big storm hit the city of miami? i don't remember that happening. >> earlier this week, when there
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was a suggestive track mostly by the american models indicating that this thing was heading towards miami. there was a real sense of trepidation. we are looking for a hundred 50-mile-an-hour storms, hitting or slamming into that part of miami with all the constructione would be in dire straits. but you know i? one of the great things about the story tonight, tonight, the best story tonight that we can tell so far on microphone, distinction change. the track is stayed on the westerly course that puts us about 60-70 miles from miami. that is about the same distance as the very first or worse or longest wins for this hurricane for what i am saying with basic math, at the storm stays of the track, it will go in the least populated parts of south florida in between naples. the best part of that is, it will be far away enough from the
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counties that what it will do is maybe examined those areas, field hurricanes. maybe 100 miles per hour? maybe now is the back it's really not the 150 miles an hour there were time early this week. >> tucker: those are survivable. we are praying for that. rick, thanks. rick sanchez in miami. to give you the latest on this massive storm after the break. jennifer will lawrence the actress says the hurricanes are supernatural powers for electing donald trump. after the break. my name is jeff sheldon,
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>> it is empty. you talk to locals here, the last couple days like we had, we will tell you that it is the first time that many of them have ever left. her can enter 25 years will come a lot of them stayed, but is not because of hurricane andrew or hurricane harvey. it's the video and pictures coming out of the crib and they're looking at. there is more similar to where they live, and a lot of folks look at the video last two days that they been seen, and they say, we are going to get out. especially if they do not have a cat five home which is a category 510 rated home to a stand hurricane.
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interestingly too, a very close community there are all keeping track of each other. the biggest issue that law enforcement's is having his family members that do not live here who are calling in to them trying to get law enforcement to go out to local homes and convince her family members to leave, which is not absent something they can do. interestingly, the biggest problem they're having his phone calls being inundated from outside of the area. a lot of family members are worried about those i try to stand by this thing out. by some estimates, the surge storms can be 9 feet. it depends on how that hurricane continues to move. if it does print more west or stays a line where we are the keys are going to get a pretty strong start. the last place we saw open on the keys was key largo, tower of pizza. they will ride this out because they are category five it rated. in a few locals are getting food. they will stay open until for another hour.
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they will close the storm shutters basically hunker down. we are already starting to see the bands, wind come through on the outside. by this time tomorrow night, will be in the middle of at least a tropical storm force consistent when speared one more note. law enforcement and authorities paired they are not going to go out once those winds are 45 miles an hour sustained. we are talking about winds that are up to 130, 140. gives you an idea perspective about when law enforcement will go out on calls on calls. >> tucker: you are on your own for the building codes have changed, and we are about to find out if they changed enough. adam housley or, thank you. two massive storms in a row is bad, but divine judgment upon the united states of america for its political sins connect that is the claim of jennifer lawrence, who suggested it is america's penance for not believing in a global warming. watch this. >> it has been proven through
11:21 pm
science that human activity, climate change is due to human activity and continued to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting. >> and you have voted. >> we did vote. it is really startling. you're watching these hurricanes now, and it is hard promoting this movie not to feel mother natures rage. wrath. >> tucker: joe writes about media for the "the hill." joe why is it that when people get richer and more famous, sometimes they get sillier and out of touch. have you ever knows i? >> when you mean richer, remember, jennifer lawrence made 40 $6 billion i don't want to seem insensitive towards her hurricane, but i have friends in key west, and let me tell you a horrible story. i do friend that lives on
11:22 pm
long beach island in new jersey, in their house got wiped out by sandy. they said screw it, we'll move to the key west, and now they just bought a house there. i hope everything works out. back to what jennifer lawrence. i am not a doctor. since everybody is playing one on tv these days, their plane psychiatrist. let me give you my prognosis on jennifer lawrence. absent suffering from derangement syndrome or an acute strain, a dts. this is a situation where apparently side effects are clues blaming a sitting president having a hurricane during hurricane season. it is funny. i was asked by npr after the election, they asked, how do you feel donald trump one without any celebrity backing whatsoever? i am thinking about it. i'm thing of like scott bail , nobody supported him, and hillary clinton was a toast of tinseltown. we look at the situation, and jennifer lawrence would be
11:23 pm
exhibit a spew on the press coverage come or the famous actresses in the world on the eve of the eve of a catastrophe, using the storm ane impending human suffering to make a really stupid political statement. you would think the press would jump on her. did they? >> no, you see no shack outside of any conservative blog on this, because again, you could pass this on a situation, and i think you have to have empathy for jennifer lawrence. obviously, when you can relate to somebody and feel sorry for them. look, we can all relate to. 3 million people at home find a private jet over london in the hurricanes that are of no threat to you and blaming a sitting president for bad karma come creating hurricanes and being able to talk about your job and promoting movies while getting paid seven figures. that is on that we can all relate to. >> tucker: being a celebrity is bad for your soul. i have noticed that. jennifer lawrence is not the only celebrity taking politics in a weird direction.
11:24 pm
the host of the "the late show" said president trump is using the most tired of insults on a nazi salute. watches. >> he even defended trump after he failed to call out violent white supremacists and charlottesville. after that, john kelly, i am the only guy who came out. i'm the only guy that said, he is talking about something taking it up up to a higher le. >> definitely taken it to a higher level. i said, his support is about up there. right around here. >> tucker: i thought we all can agree that that was out-of-bounds and he just got canned from cnn for making references to that regime, but it is okay, how? is >> i am not sure how. stephen colbert, he advocates to nazi salutes to people who used to serve in the military, and young people watching,
11:25 pm
steve bannon was a naval officer for seven years. he was on a mission to free american hostages from tehran. that is someone. that is disrespectful. i wonder what the jewish community thinks on their flat screens. i also want to know what is the cbs president, who is jewish, his highest-paid start doing that. this is late night comedy and 2017. unhinged hate, tucker. there's no line and more to go over, because there is no line. it is all anything goes. last week, the beginning of this week, stephen colbert mocked president trump's reaction to hurricane harvey. here's the bottom line. while trump was in texas twice, stephen colbert was on vacation for two weeks. he had the time and resources to go there and do something himself, but instead, he mocks people from afar. i think that is all you need to know about the person stephen colbert. that is what your punch line is. >> tucker: better stay away
11:26 pm
from the nazi stuff. any of it. >> it is a hardened role. he did not see any press reaction. only praise from stephen colbert for doing this last night. it is sickening. >> tucker: you have to praise them. those are the rules. thank you, jeff. nice to see it. after the break and we have the latest forecasts of the path of hurricane irma. will go live to miami where thousands of residents are planning to write out the storm. even as officials won them there could be at a direct hit where they are now. for that. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. hurricane are my just two days away from making landfall in the continental united states. update on the path of the storm or the expected path, we are joined by adam klotz. adam, what is the latest and best guess on this? >> we continue to get these updates every single time. we're shifting a little bit to the west, so we are looking perhaps now, running up the west coast of florida. here's what we are looking at currently. there's your eye wall. bully knocking on the door at this point getting very close to the northern coast of cuba. if it runs along this coast, he might weaken it a little bit. is it expected at 155 miles an hour before eventually turning making a sharp turn heading towards the north, and that is what we can start to see a better aim at south florida. here's your motion for right here. making this turn on your saturday. current models are projecting
11:31 pm
some very warm water between the two. enough to pick up enough fuel. we see this jump back to a category five storm before makes its way towards southern florida. the timing on that, currently we are looking around 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. it continues to slow down a little bit. part of the reason is because it is running right around the coast of cuba. anytime, you're looking at 8:00 a.m. and again for now, portions of western florida. that uncertainty shifting either direction. you're running through florida all the way to sunday into monday before becoming a tropical storm heading up into georgia. there will be 24 hours or so that this is moving across the entire state of florida. here is another model of this. pay attention. as soon as you make that little change. when that blows up into the white, that is when. tucker, where talk about these wins getting really powerful here before this makes landfall
11:32 pm
>> tucker: they'll be a tough week and for the state. one person who is totally unintimidated by moments like this. we are there still fearing a dt hit. steve, what is it like there? >> a little breeze behind me walking. trying to really decide. a lot of people coming down to the last minute. watching where it could make landfall and tried to determine whether to risk on the highway which has dangers of its own or to stay in their home here. as charlie gone people's attention here and is not the usual tough mentality about it. instead, a real sense of fear. when they seen it kill more than 20 people, obliterate buildings there's a sense of fear here about what a category four can do. of ripping off the roofs of houses, uprooting trees.
11:33 pm
also about the storm surge of 1. that would be one-story house could be underwater along with 10 inches of rain. a real sense of fear here. and the evacuation has been no bargain. admittedly officials have said, there is been a shortage of gasoline due to panic. getting on the road or staying put. really makes people nervous as they watch for the storm, where we'll head, and make their decisions, tucker. >> tucker: uic in the middle of these things. what will you do? >> we will see that signal appeared i've six, seven people with me. somebody will get hurt. signal appeared the the house goes, it goes. >> tucker: i will take you with your word. steve harrigan. thank you. we have more updates on irma as it inches closer to the mainland, and in southeast texas with the process of recovering from hurricane harvey.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. hurricane irma tracking west. latest forecast shows a could barrel up the middle of florida. leaving the tires state for potentially severe damage. rick leventhal is in daytona beach. he joins us tight. how are we looking there, rick? >> tucker i have been in daytona before, and i cannot recall our friday night does this quiet. this is the calm before the storm. there is a mandatory evacuation order that went into effect this afternoon. anybody and low-lying areas in volusia county was told to get out. not for everyone dead, but a lot of businesses here have shut down. the good news is anyone will stay on the beach. those bridges including the main street bridge, which is lit up tonight, that bridget will be close, every bridge between the
11:39 pm
mainland and the bridge will be closed, because of the potential for very high winds. they were expecting winds sometimes after midnight on saturday night, and in the hurricane force will get here on sunday night. the beach could be underwater. they're expecting a storm surge of 3-4 feet, and perhaps 8-15 inches of rain. tucker, a big concern is flooding, localized flooding. streets cannot handle that kind of rain. he'll be underwater. creeds will come down. power lines will come down. that is when the real trouble starts. people come back to their home and get stuff done. they have down power lines. if they are out of power for length of time, generators in their homes, and then carbon monoxide fumes. officials are very concerned about the potential storm, about what could follow that storm. >> tucker: that is always true in a very wise point thank you for reminding of thematic.
11:40 pm
after hurricanes like harvey or irma, rebuilding is a point, and that could be a strong racial angle, charles said recovery efforts should prioritize black and brown folks to deal with the compounded devastation of economic strength. also lament that officials are to focus on doing all property owners instead of assistance to houston's pores. because, thank you for coming on. part that i agree with, it is always worth seeing where the money goes and about the people. i've seen firsthand, and the people who benefit, it is all fair, glad you make those points. what i was bothered by the racial angle. the idea that aid to be given on the basis of race. a really divisive way to think about it. i wonder why you did? >> is a very interesting
11:41 pm
characterization. peculiar. not the argument i was to put forward. just that we should recognize that there are issues of differs as a class which is important here to when you consider that in houston, there is a very -- a vast segment of the houston population that rents and does not own property. the questions about well, where does that federal reese's money go? especially fema money, which is primarily for the recovery of property. 30% of the harris county rents. what will happen? 30% of the population lives under the poverty line. disproportionate amount of them are black and latino. there's also many caucasians that are living in poverty. you do not want to suggest that we should -- we should specially
11:42 pm
or uniquely single out demographics or favor certain demographics over others, but we should be -- we should realize and recognize there are very serious issues of race and class we will have to tackle while responding to these types of disasters. >> tucker: again, part of what he said is a fair question. i'm not sure what i think, but i don't think it is crazy to point out that disproportionate to owners and renters. that's a per topic. why include race at all? storms have nothing to do with race. watching the recovery effort, it is multiracial. it brings out the best in a lot of ways to people. it seems pointless to add the racial angle to this. >> i appreciate that point. not necessarily pointless. it is very responsible and pragmatic and practical to raise that point. it just so happens that when you're dealing with class,
11:43 pm
home owners versus renters or middle class and wealthy in a particular impact zone versus the poor. disproportionate amount of poor were those who are underserved. it just so happen to be black or latino. black or brown. it is not that we are singling out race. we are saying race should take priority over disaster prepared or disaster recovery. or the concerns of the home owners or renters or whatever. it should not take a priority, but it should be recognized as a factor. what happens. you're right, tucker. it is hard to people come together in times of struggle and disaster and help each other out. that is what we should be doing as americans, but unfortunately a lot of times whether it is harvey, katrina, whether it is rita or another disaster, that can be short-lived. we get into the recovery phase we see this particularly with katrina in new orleans, we saw
11:44 pm
that many populations or demographics are suddenly displaced. long-term, we find that a lot of that multiculturalism in the racial commonality erodes. >> tucker: i cover that firsthand, and i don't have time to unpack it, really quickly. where is black lives in matters? why are they not organizing. always jumping up and down saying we are all races, helping -- do not care about black lives. there was black lives in peril. i did not see any aid convoy led by black lives matter? >> i cannot speak on their behalf. i only say that there -- houston is a place that is 30% black, and i am sure that a lot of communities, a lot of dedicated hardworking community advocates
11:45 pm
and representatives. there are black elected officials for example, who were very plugged into the community. trying their hardest. organization like the houston area urban league which i personally have been working with. i can tell you that some of those people were involved with some of those social justice movements, and there were already there on the mound in the trenches. >> tucker: next time we get some when i come out awesome. thank you for joining us, charles. >> thank you. >> tucker: both sides of the state of florida are not up for massive damage. potentially from hurricane irma. you can see live pictures of evacuations now some of the mandatory. that is interstate 75 right there. how can people fleeing the state prepare? how can they pick up the pieces after they returned? a live report what we come back. plus, we will look at part of the massive cleanup from hurricane katrina from his view of what we ought to do.
11:46 pm
stay tuned.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. hurricane irma is staggering in its scope and scale. we have a view of this massive storm from space. it is sublime from some. people in miami do not have time to feel on. they have to prepare for the arrival of the storm. darrell is in miami right now and he joins us live. it looks deserted behind you right there. >> it is, tucker. you can see the street. i am in an area of downtown miami. a couple miles away called the brickle neighborhood, and it is a neighborhood of the condominium high-rises as you can see behind. as you noted, very empty. normally on a friday night, this
11:51 pm
place is popping. people walking up and down the streets going to restaurants. clearly, they know i hurricane this coming, and indeed, this is a evacuation zone b. what that means, they are expecting a serious storm surge in this area. let me explain what will happen here. according to forecasters, 200 miles or so in that direction is hurricane irma. she is heading in this direction. you can see the water right here. they are concerned about the evacuation getting people out, because of the storm surge but i want to show something with the water. i have measuring tape to illustrate the point about why this is so dangerous and important, storm surge. the tip of that water there, the bay here, it is 6 feet to this mark right here. this is an elevated wall in his step. if you remove this and remove the slope the goes down into this neighborhood in downtown miami, you only get 3 feet above sea level. the forecast for storm surge, even though the track has
11:52 pm
changed, the storm surge is still a factor, it is forecasted to be 5-10 feet high. i am 6'7". as you can imagine, the range of water in the flood that would happen down this neighborhood. there are very concerned about that. in fact, speaking to the hotel manager where we are staying, and he said in 2005, hurricane wilma brought 3 feet of water into the lobby, because of the storm surge, and rain that came with that storm. since then, they put in a series of pumps to help alleviate the water, but here's the thing. it does not work as well as it could, because even during the hard rain, they still get about a foot of flooding in this neighborhood. it is something they are concerned about. a lot of people did evacuate. some are staying, and those people in the high-rises, they are up high, so they are okay from the water, but they won't be able to go anywhere if that storm surge pushes and hard. tucker? >> tucker: the water tables are so high there.
11:53 pm
thank you so much that i, derrol. with almost all the state of florida. the u.s. is looking for the longest and most expensive cleanup at least since hurricane katrina, a former navy seal is the founder of blackwater. they were heavily involved after katrina. for security and rescue operations in the wake of that storm. chris joins us tonight thank you for joining us. what you think from katrina, what did you learn that can be applied to? here you can be described the level of force evacuation they are doing is much better prior planning that what we saw in louisiana. everyone was so far behind. i as a company, blackwater, we had no plans to be in the domestic commercial security business. we ended up sending a helicopter, which we got
11:54 pm
delivery of, flew down there, our watercraft became rescued a bunch of people and customers started calling. walmart, insurance companies, major distribution facilities, because the place was picked clean pure white mud at that time had 12 of his 13 stores picked clean, and they needed their warehouse predicted, so they can restock. their employee union in the aftermath and the constriction, were too unsafe that they would not send a people. that is why we got pulled into security. we sent 170 people for a year to cover the relocation camps, the cash distribution. it was terrible. florida is more on the ball. >> tucker: i am shocked. the u.s. cannot protect its own citizen, tells you a lot. thank you.
11:55 pm
hurricane irma's immense size makes hurricane andrew look mild. we continue to the very latest on their approach of this deadly storm. will be right back.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. each hour brings hurricane irma a few miles closer to the state of florida. it is believed at this hour, the storm will be a category five hurricane. the most powerful kind when you make landfall in the u.s. on sunday. current forecasts show the storm heading right up the middle of the state of florida. almost every city from key west in the south to pensacola in the north could have dramatic damage. will keep tracking every dim development. hoping all the while and this is one of our biggest. more coverage throughout the night. try viewers in florida,
12:00 am
godspeed. good night from washington. we will see you monday.


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