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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 9, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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julie: fox news alert, hurricane irma expected to make landfall in florida tomorrow mourning but the effects of the powerful category 3 storm already being felt as 7 million people across multiple states had been told to evacuate. hello, everyone, i'm arthel. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn, 125-miles-per-hour winds which of course will get much stronger and produce massive storm surge that we have been reporting about. potentially devastating consequences through much of coastal part of the state. governor rick scott warning of just that, saying the waters in some areas, he says, quote,
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cover your house, adding that irma is now on track to be the most catastrophic storm the state has ever seen. what can we expect senior meteorologist janice dean in the fox newswetter center with the latest. janice, tampa, tampa bay u right to the west side of the state is where the target path is. janice: unfortunately worst case sen or for the keys and southwest florida on the west side. the worst side of the storm is northeast quad during -- quadrant. this is newest advisory. i was thinking they might bump up the winds a little bit. it's been flying in and dropping drops on in here and getting all the information, we have seen the pressure drop and that means the storm is strengthening, we did have a landfall in cuba and disrupted the storm a little bit
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but now it's getting over 90-degree waters of the florida straits for the next 6 to 12 hours before it makes landfall. that's well-defined eye there. i expect within the next advisory at 8:00 p.m. tonight and we are going to start to see them every two hours as we get close to landfall that will bring us probably up a few wind speeds and we are just 5 miles shy of being category storm and we do predict that from the latest track. so this is brand new. hasn't changed much except that it shifted a little bit more towards the east. parallelling the coast. the worst side of the storm is right here, so they're going to get the worst to have storm surge, the worst of the core of the strongest winds, 140-miles-per-hour sustained winds and hurricane warnings up for 17 million people across the state of florida, so and then we parallel the coast here for the tampa bay area which again is the worst case scenario for them as well unfortunately with all
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of that water. low-lying areas, we keep talking about this at sea level with 15-foot storm surges inundate some of the areas, the little bays and put your house under water unfortunately and then we are going to see this move up georgia category 1 storm, hurricane, by tuesday or wednesday it's out. for the next 48 to 72 hours, this is going to put much of florida on edge. hurricane warnings in effect for 17 million folks in the sunshine state, hurricane watches in effect for parts to have panhandle up towards georgia and coastal georgia up towards south carolina, here is the future radar, this is what we are expecting, a landfall sometime tomorrow around key west area, 7:00 a.m. eastern time, a potential landfall around naples or fort myers in the dinner time hour. around 10:00 p.m. and then again, the worst, the core of those winds scraping along the coast, along with the storm surge we could see upwards a
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foot of rain and the tornado threats, so tornado watch in effect until midnight tonight, we've had a couple of tornado warned storms right now, no warnings just yet but we could see weak tornadoes with structural damage with this hurricane making landfall, forecast wind gusts, let's look at it. key west, 81 miles per hour, 6:00 a.m. on sunday u marathon close to 100 miles per hour. 80, 100 miles per hour marathon, up to fort myers, cedar key, this is 5:00 a.m. on monday, so monday tuesday, dealing with at least tropical storm forced winds. this is really potentially catastrophic for the state of florida specially since the west coast is the most vulnerable side of this state. back to you. eric: janice you mentioned tornadoes because of the strength of the storm, you think they'll be more than houston? >> you know what harvey brought close to 70 reports of tornadoes, it doesn't really
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matter the strength or size of storm, it has to do with the counterclockwise as i understand and as it moves over land we get the possibility of weak spin-offs of tornadoes, the problem is a lot of are rain rafts, we can't see them coming you have weather radios, you want to make sure they are on. the problem, eric, we tell people to go to the lowest portion of the home with tornado and with storm surge the highest level of the home, so it's just -- there are no words except prayers right now and hopefully people are listening to their local officials. eric: prayers and thoughts of nation for the people of florida. arthel. arthel: florida keys are now seeing the first effects of hurricane irma as the eye of the storm moves closer to the coastline, adam housely live in key largo florida with the latest, hey, adam. >> hey, arthel. the conditions are continue to go deteriorate over the last five hours, six hours, the winds now are consistently 30 to
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50 miles an hour, we are here in the ocean side of key largo, you see to my right, the two boat that is we showed you earlier, they are down one line left, the others are broken. they are against a cement dock. probably 12-foot skit. you can feel and there's been low-level flooding already and we are still long ways away from storm moving to the shore. the eye according to what janice talked about is going to be probably about 60 miles south and west of us, cross line 40 miles. doesn't matter, we are in the middle of red area. many people are bracing for what
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may have happened here. it's done. we also know that authority -- [inaudible] >> they said once the winds got sustained about 40 miles an hour, they were no longer going to go out. we are right at that point. we don't know when they are closing bridges. the roads are still open, guys, a few cars people trying to get out. the few that remain are hunk --ed down and trying to ride this thing out and right now it's ugly. the big concern really is not just the power of the storm but the fact that this started like four or five hours ago. it gradually gotten worst and we probably are going to to have 30, 40 hours straight and significant damage on some of the expect you would back to you, guys. arthel: more to come and it's
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already ugly. adam housely, thank you very much for the reporting and be safe. eric: hurricane irma's outer bands switching to metro area, home to 6 million people, phil keaton reporting live in miami beach, the winds and waves are picking up not as dramatic as south. >> we are getting one of the outer bands sweeping through miami beach as we speak, miami-dade county has been reporting from the emergency operation center throughout the day, 50-miles-per-hour wind, 49 an hour ago. at 4:00 o'clock we were certainly experiencing the most thriving wind and rain. it comes in events. here is an empty street. all miami beach has looked like this all day long. no businesses open. everything shuttered up.
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sandbags on the floor hoping to protect the exterior. you can see the palm trees trying to fly. there are 350 approaching, shelters opened in the state, the governor said that more are even opening on the west coast, on the gulf of mexico side of the state as well as janice was mentioning, the hurricane's eye wall seems to be forecast all the way up in key west, fort myers, sarasota and tampa bay area. winds this strong, i have to tell you in miami beach, miami-dade, the winds we have been seeing, they're too dangerous, too strong to then try to push shutters up or plywood on windows and doors if you haven't done already. so that's good advice for the tampa bay area right now. if you don't have shutters, plywood up yet because you thought the worst of it was
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going to be up the east coast as was projected all week, you really have limited time to get that done. the reason these curfews are in effect at 8:00 p.m. tonight at miami beach, 7:00 p.m. tonight for all of miami, broward county's curfew is going in effect at 4:00 o'clock, an emergency operators and officials, they want everybody who did not evacuate as urged who stayed behind to stay indoors. nobody on the streets, no vehicles, no people from here on out simply because it is dangerous and they don't want anybody getting hurt. they don't want to occupy first responders and once the winds get above 40 miles an hour, they seemingly are just about at the threshold, no more cops, no more paramedic and no more firefighters making rescues after the storm goes through. you see the storm has been churning. right now we are at low tide, the waves are a little bit more at bay right now but, again, we
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are in a bit of a lull here. as the dirty side of the storm project today rake much of the mainland, up in orlando, they are certainly getting very concerned, many of the storms and buildings and offices, construction sites have picked up their equipment, boarded up windows and doors and from the mayor on down to west coast residents, they are worried. >> last night to the west coast, so it's coming straight up. i'm not going to wait around like katrina. >> got you. have you dealt with very powerful hurricanes in the past? >> no, we are from california. it was earthquakes. >> something new for you, i guess. >> yeah, disaster waiting to happen and i'm not going to sit
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around for it. >> miami-dade county, broward county, fort lauderdale and palm beach county, already 25,000 households without electricity. duke energy which services much of central and northern florida also this afternoon projecting that a million floridans should expect to lose electricity and power at their homes at some point over the next two days and at that point it could be days, weeks or even longer for everybody to get their power back restored. back to you. eric: that's what people are talking about, lack of power, this will devastate a lot of the infrastructure. phil keaton, thank you. in a few minutes we will be talking to mayor levine. arthel: irma is expected to make its second landfall as category 4 hurricane near the city tomorrow evening. steve is live in naples and it's
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the calm before the hurricane irma storm. >> arthel, you're right. it is peaceful right now. naples, the city of 20,000, it's getting a light breeze on saturday afternoon. just a few drops of rain. at 5:00 p.m. here ordinarily on fifth avenue you see hustle and bust until the restaurants. instead every store is shut down, a lot of them too have been boarded up over the course of the day with plywood. the only people you really see out at this point are news crews waiting for what maybe an impending disaster and even when you talk to third-generation floridan who is are still here in naples, there's a real sense of worry. >> been here since 1958. it's going to be pretty bad. >> the area of mandatory evacuation continues to expand
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here in colyer county and lee as well. there are 20 shelters across -z the country. 18 of those are already filled up. you have a situation where at this last minute you have people, families going from shelter to shelter looking for a place to ride out the storm safely and sometimes just not finding it. naples could get hit really by a two fist by first the strong wind of a major hurricane but also perhaps more damaging could be the storm surge in some places here 16 feet, that would basically change the geography here. we could see entire first floors of structures, businesses and homes under water by monday morning. arthel, back to you. arthel: steve harrigan in naples, florida. thanks, steve. eric: federal agencies gearing up for back to back major hurricanes, in texas, well, now they are add it again, how are they preparing, coming up, we will talk to dhs acting
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eric: we just saw phil keaton. the city and the state bracing for the worst. more than 6 million people under evacuation orders, 50,000 in shelters, the storm has already knocked out power to at least 25,000 people and million more expect today lose power in the days to come. how are the preparations going? let's bring in miami beach mayor philip levine, he joins us in the phone, thank you very much, i know you're busy tonight. are you confident as the city is prepared as can be for what's to come? >> we are prepare as possibly can be of something that's catastrophic and powerful as hurricane irma. i said it before, we have been watching this thing from the caribbean, a nuclear hurricane and the damage done is unprecedented. we are looking at the track, we may not get direct hit but doesn't make difference. the hurricane is massive.
2:20 pm
the outer shell, the hurricane winds, the tropical storm winds it's something we have to deal with and that's why we put together a curfew on miami beach telling everyone they must be inside by 8:00 p.m. tonight and we are going to enforce that with the miami beach department. eric: that curfew starts 3 hours from now and making sure people are not out during storm surge? >> a combination, the safety of our residents and any visitors who happen to be here. number two, of course, we want safety for first responders, they don't have to go outside to rescue anyone and, of course, number three, we would not want to see any type of looting or any disorderly conduct on miami beach whatsoever. eric: do you think most people have heeded the warnings and some are in the hotel and some are having a party tonight, what do you say to them? >> my feeling to them if you're not in shelter, hunger down and be prepared. if you're going to have a party, you may want to have party at stairwell in your building or
2:21 pm
someone incredibly safe, yaw better not be outside becausing this something we are going to enforce to the best of our ability. eric: do you think it'll wash the water right over, the whole city from the atlantic ocean side right over to the mcarthur and biscayne, basically flow over the complete island? >> well, it's hard for us to predict at this point because this hurricane as you know is moving a different direction, the course is off to the west. that too can change. storm surge is a very serious issue, clearly in miami beach, we know something about flooding and water on land where we are planning for the worst, hoping for the best and we wouldn't like to see it but, of course, when you have seen hurricanes in the past in miami beach, the water, the surge can do significant damage and come
2:22 pm
right across. eric: i covered andrew. it was like a jet engine and i looked out the door and at one point and the car moved, like someone just pushed a car. you don't really understand unless you live through one of these, the enormous strength and danger that they -- they pose. >> no question about it. look at andrew, they had a path but the path was not the path it wanted to go, it ended going around southwest. that's why i say to people, don't necessarily predict and risk your life. it too can change. it's happened before. eric: talk about, when people think you're out there in the beach, you think of great city, night life on ocean drive, you have a lot of retirees as in the past, one and five or so over 65 year's old. what special accommodations for the older homes?
2:23 pm
>> mandatory evacuation was ordered, a couple of days before, i went on and went on tv, did a press conference and told residents an visitors, get out of miami beach, we went way ahead of mandatory evacuation order, we felt it was the right thing to do. we identified seniors and homeless population, our special needs people and we begin offering them transportation to specialize facilities. i personally went to receiving centers, literally met with seniors that didn't want to be. an old woman 92 year's old her name was ana, she said to me, alcalde, i'm not leaving, i couldn't convince her, if you have a problem, giver me a call, you know what she said, mr. mayor, here is my cell phone, you call me if you have a problem, that's an example of some of our seniors and how
2:24 pm
challenging it is. eric: government in action. ana, we will be thinking about you and mr. mayor thinking about you and your family. good luck and prayers and our thoughts as you know are with you. >> thank you. eric: of course, mayor philip levine of miami beach. arthel: preparing for worst as the outer bands of hurricane irma prepare to hit florida. president trump getting briefed on the latest preparations on the storm. how he's preparing for irma's landfall, all of that just ahead. (dog) mmm. this new beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! that's good chicken. hm!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin. wow. and spinach! that was my favorite bite so far. (avo) new beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. i expect a lifetime guarantee. and so should you. on struts, brakes, shocks.
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you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. arthel: hurricane irma turns west only some areas of port st. lucy under mandatory evacuation order, people are still taking extra precautions as tect it was storm are expecting to be severe, joining
2:29 pm
us now port st. lucy mayor. first i want to talk about nuclear power plant that's in your backyard. i understand it's being shut down does this alleviate concerns about the plant. >> we are lucky to have the best providers in the business. arthel: talk to us about what you're facing in your town. >> 185,000 people and making sure that they are all buttoned up in the storm and becoming historically powerful and then have to wait at the and track shifting back and forth but i'm proud to report that the
2:30 pm
citizens of port st. lucy have tone fantastic job and going through last-minute preps and getting rid of basketball goals on the street and making sure that there's debris -- arthel: let's go back to evacuation orderers, you have some areas under partial evacuation, some under mandatory evacuation, why are there different orderers. >> well, this morning our county st. lucy county, voluntary evacuation because but anyone out there but we still expect to have hurricane and tropical
2:31 pm
storm forced winds which are very dangerous and we can't let our guard downed and become vulnerable. arthel: absolutely not. you have residents listening and you may want to at the last minute make it to some shelters in the area, how long were the bridges to north and south hutchison island remain open? >> you can travel until you have sustained tropical storm forced winds, so based on the current advisory, you know, that could be accommodated through this evening, so if you feel you aren't safe, you can absolutely make it to a shelter and there are several open and they have capacity. >> until around you say this evening around time you were thinking, mayor. >> ma'am, i honestly always go with the national hurricane center and they have a product that's available, estimated arrival of winds and i refer all customers and citizens to that
2:32 pm
-- arthel: make sense. i understand that shelters are the last resort if the residents decide to go to shelter, they have to bring their own provisions; is that right? >> that's right. they should -- the american red cross recommends they bring a three-day supply. arthel: three-day supply, there are going to be affects after the storm hits in the area and all of florida, in terms power being restored after the storm, if you have an idea, i know that's nothing you can look forward to at the moment but you did mention how proud you are of the florida power and light company down there, you feel that there's going -- you will be without power for a long time afterwards. >> you know with the devastating national disaster it's hard for us to do but we all have to have patience and understanding even a category 2 or 3 storm like francis, we had thousands of residents without power for two
2:33 pm
weeks, three weeks, personally i was without power for 17 days, so in an event of this magnitude you just have to be patient and fpl with their customers, they are planning on 4 million pouter outages as a result of this storm. this is where it's difficult for us as customers, as citizens but we have to take a deep breath and understand what the providers are dealing with and just kind of stay safe and be ready. arthel: stay safe and be ready, mayor, finally for your residents there that can listen to you either on television or on the radio, if they can hear you, what advice do you have for them right now at 5:33 p.m. on a saturday night? >> it's time to honker down. i know that we have been preparing for a long time. but let's not get crazy, let's not poke our head out too soon. it is coming, we are going to have bad weather, bad
2:34 pm
conditions, be prepared, let's get through it and wait for the all clear. if you're using generator at home portable generator, please make sure it's properly ventilated, sadly tragically it seems every hurricane season somewhere in florida we lose someone because of carbon monoxide poisoning, please be sure it's properly ventilated. do not get out till the all clear is given and we will get through this. arthel: mayor greg oravec we wish you the best to your residents as well as your family. arthel: thank you arthel, thank you for your week. arthel: thank you very much, sir, take care. eric: the mayor of miami beach, levine, curfews will be in effect in hours. shelters are at capacity right up i-95. take a look at the map. north of daytona beach, volusia
2:35 pm
county, 265 miles north of miami, hurricane force winds are begin to go hit that too. authorities riding out as they make final shift preparations ahead of what's coming later on in the morning as soon as dawn breaks, rick is live, what's the mood there? >> they are still taking a lot of precautions, we are in the volusia equipment storage facility, they have mobile command post and big trailers and these are the mine resistant protected armored vehicles that so many local police departments have now added to their fleet, this is a s.w.a.t. vehicle, they can use this for violent offenders, for hostage type situations but they can use for high-water rescues and the volusia county sheriff's department plans to put officers in that vehicle along with some medics if necessary to go out
2:36 pm
and effect rescues during the worst of the storms. they have high-water vehicles, military type vehicles that they acquired in case they need to go into 3 to 4 feet of water to rescue people during the storm which is a possibility, of course, they could also have to rescue people after the storm. a couple of other updates for you, eric. the daytona international airport is closing at 6:00 p.m., no flights in and out for the rest of today or tomorrow until the storm passes through, the bridges between daytona beach and the mainland will all close u curfew will go into effect at 9:00 o'clock, tomorrow night when the worst of the winds are expected to arrive and all the schools will be closed on monday and tuesday, parents don't have to worry about that while they deal with the possibility of hurricane 4 winds here. here is some more of of what the sheriff told us a short time ago. >> everybody is focused on how the storm has shifted to the west, that does not mean that it
2:37 pm
is any less dangerous for us. we are asking you to heed the advice. the most important thing of counties trying to stress is we want to save lives. that's our ultimate goal. >> when the winds hit 50-miles-per-hour sustained, the sheriffs do not plan to go out on 911 calls unless the life is in danger, in that case, they will bring one of the vehicles out potentially to assist in a violent situation or someone's whose life is at danger. eric: saw in houston how important the high-water vehicles are that save people's lives. are they expecting the storm surge, what do they think they are going to get? >> they could get a 3 to 4-foot storm surge. they've gotten a lot of rain. today was pouring earlier today. 8 to 12-inches possible. up to 15 to 18-inches in some spot. lengthy sustained winds. here is more from the emergency management director.
2:38 pm
>> worst case scenario, 65 miles an hour for as long as 30 hours and that also includes the possibility of category 1 gusts and significant rainfall, so we are also concerned about the flooding. >> basically, eric, expect tropical force winds to begin tomorrow and last all the way to monday and hurricane force winds to begin sometime late tomorrow night. eric: all right, rick, we will be on it. you will be there. arthel: president trump vowing to federal government will be ready to help those affected by hurricane irma. dhs secretary elaine duke giving mr. trump a briefing on the latest preparations for the storm as the president posted entire cabinet at camp david for the weekend. it comes just after a day president trump signed a 15 billion-dollar relief bill for hurricane harvey recovery.
2:39 pm
kristin fisher is live at the white house with more. kristin. >> hey, arthel, president trump closely monitoring hurricane harvey -- excuse me hurricane irma from camp david along with his entire cabinet and his social media director dan, just posted this picture of that meeting with took place about two hours ago where he was briefed by the acting direct or of the department of homeland security, president trump is promising everyone in the storm's path that the federal government is ready, that it is prepared at the highest possible levels but also warned that, you know, the federal government can only do so much specially when dealing with what he described as storm of epic proportions. >> this is a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential. i ask everyone in the storm's path to be vigilant and to heed all recommendations from government officials and law
2:40 pm
enforcement. nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people. we are doing everything we can to help with disaster preparations and when the time comes, we will restore, recover and rebuild, together as americans. >> yesterday after arriving at camp david, president trump signed the bill for hurricane harvey relief, $15 billion in aid for texas and louisiana, it's all part of the deal that he cut with democrats that angered so many republicans on capitol hill, but it's also getting some desperately needed funds to the areas hit by harvey and it's getting those funds to them very fast, so that should provide at least a small amount of comfort to the folks now in hurricane irma's path and, you know, any major storm is a very personal thing for a president but this storm is specially personal for this president, you know, he's often called florida his second home and the winter white house, mar-a-lago right in the storm's path in palm beach.
2:41 pm
arthel. arthel: kristin fisher live at the white house, thanks, kristin. eric. eric: in our next hour live with fema's headquarters with acting homeland security secretary elaine duke, she will tell us about the latest federal preparations for what is to come, stay tune for that live one-on-one. arthel: meanwhile hurricane irma is quickly approaching florida landfall in roughly 15 hours from now and several hospitals across the state are preparing some evacuated ahead, dr. manny álvarez will tell us what this means. ar marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots.
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>> we continue to closely track hurricane irma now just about 15 hours or so from expected landfall in the keys. fema setting up make-shift hospitals and er's seeing a spike in patients. many of the folks have been injured when they have been trying to prep for the storm. some hospitals say they closed and others focusing on the
2:46 pm
homebound and critical patients. what can we expect? member of the fox news, medical aid team. dr. manny, strength and wind of this storm certainly poses unique medical challenges. >> absolutely. one of the areas that gets date corrupted corrupted in hurricane is medical facility from transporting patients, you know, this is why fema is setting up emergency tents, in many areas specially in the west side of the state you may not be able to get to the hospital. i talked to the folks today at tampa general this morning about their preparedness and tampa general sits on an island surrounded by water. one of the things they did a couple of years ago they talked to folks in new orleans about the experiences that hospitals had down there and one of the things they did is they raised their generators about 35 feet because they are going to be sort of landlocked in their little island.
2:47 pm
they have about 5 or 6 days of food supply. they are certainly moving some of the patients on the first floor up to higher floors. it also has to do with the water surge. naples community hospital and things like that, these are smaller hospitals. they have, you know, i'm sure they have prepared emergency plans, but if the surge is such large water where everything gets flooded, then you are going to have difficulty maintaining the operations of a hospital. eric: remember what happened in new orleans, the horrible evacuation and the doctors trying to get folks out during katrina. >> that's right. eric: they have taken extraordinary measures. the north carolina international guard, they actually flew patients from the keys to hospitals in alabama. they've been taking some major
2:48 pm
preparations. >> all around the keys where they have small medical centers, they had mandatory evacuations. most of the hospitals in florida i spoke for them today, they are staying open. of course, no elective surgery, asking everybody to not go to the hospitals if you don't have to. their medical staff is being sequestered, nursing staff which is always great, nurses are fantastic because they are the backbone of every hospital. eric: they are. >> they work double, triple shifts in these types of emergencies and they stay around. eric: their families -- >> absolutely. they really do a fantastic work. you have to give kudos to them. everything is going to get date corrupted. after the storm we will have a lot of new stories regarding all the medical implications of the hurricane. eric: i certainly hope people are safe and they have heeded the warnings. one little factoid which is really weird, one of the
2:49 pm
hospitals they asked pregnant women to come to the hospital, stay there, when the pressure plummets, you can pop? >> you can, you can break the water, you can break the amiatic sack. it could happen. these are stories but it is possible. eric: we hope that they are safe. again, kudos and thanks to all the dedicated nurses. >> absolutely. eric: who will be on duty. arthel. arthel: as irma approaches, recovery in texas and southwest louisiana after hurricane harvey, live report from houston is up next.
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
>> we are just getting word on press conference. we will bring it to you live. meanwhile irma closes in on florida, we are learning of environmental concerns that could lead to serious health problems in texas following hurricane harvey, will carl live in houston with more. >> hey, there, arthel, one of the many neighborhoods that was under 10 feet of water. you can see there's still a
2:54 pm
rescue boat out there. the water has receded and in place many possessions that homeowners have pulled out of their homes, their furniture, sheetrock, walling, anything that was soaked in the flood waters, more than 200,000 homes were damaged and after hurricane harvey including holly's house. holly, how are you and your family holding up? >> thank you for asking, we are doing so well. we are so strong with our neighborhood and just so many people praying for us and it's just given us great strength. >> one thing that we really thought was inspirational was last night on this lawn they actually had a block party, mariachi band, people were singing and laughing, it seemed like a normal friday night when everybody has debris in their yards, where is the community getting the strength to continue to move forward? >> i truly believe that through
2:55 pm
the power of prayer that so many people are praying for every single person in this neighborhood and i believe that that strength and piece is just -- god is in every detail of this and at the same time i believe that all of our friends and all of our neighbors, they are more family than they are neighbors, we know each other, kids, we spend the night with everybody and the houses and it's just -- they have so much fun and everything is really enjoying being around each other to lift each other up. >> holly, thank you so much for taking the time and along those lines, i want to show you the signs right here glen for the neighborhood strong. nobody know who is made the signs. there's a stack of them at the end of the block but now today there's at least one sign in every yard in this neighborhood. arthel. arthel: that's very nice neighbors helping neighbors, will carl, thank you very much. eric: right now we are waiting for live update from governor rick scott that will come at the top of the hour, moments from
2:56 pm
now at 6:00 p.m. eastern time update on the hurricane. this is state leaders putting thousands more on evacuation notice ahead of landfall which should come 14 hours or so from now. we will continue to have the latest path of the storm and we will be live from fema's hillary clintons, we will speak to acting dhs secretary elaine duke about what the feds expect will happen and how they are prepare ed in the aftermath for next week and weeks to come. stay nine fox news channel as we cover the unfolding situation of hurricane irma. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? s it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement.
2:57 pm
we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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3:00 pm
a fox news alert. millions of people for florida bracing for hurricane irma as it is expected to make landfall tomorrow morning around seven or 8:00 a.m. south florida is already starting to feel the effect of the category three storm. thousands of people are evacuating. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn. >> residence say irma is on track to be one of the catastrophic storms his state has ever seen. we expect an update from the
3:01 pm
governor any moment now. we will bring that to you live. first, janice has been covering the storm. janice, roughly 13 or 14 hours we will have landfall. then what do we expect. >> it will affect millions of folks across the sunshine state. that's why were talking about potentially catastrophic damage for millions of people along the west coast. it's more vulnerable than the east coast because we have a lot of low lying areas and storm surge will inundate these low-lying zones. let's get to it. we have a new advisory coming out. that will give us the coordinates and the strength of the storm and where we think it will be. we are going through some structural changes which means the storm is trying to strengthen again. it's got about 100 miles of warm water to travel before it
3:02 pm
makes its first official landfall across the key on sunday morning. this is what were watching, 125-mile. hour sustained winds. the pressure is dropping. that is a very strong hurricane regardless of its category. the wind gusts already 60 miles per hour. conditions are going downhill starting now. we also have tornado threat. tornado watch until midnight tonight for south florida. it looks like we have a storm for key west so this could be very dangerous. we could see rain wrapped tornadoes spread their typically weak tornadoes but they can cause structural damage. tomorrow is the storm breaks its way across the west coast of florida. here is the timeline. sunday morning around 7:00 a.m. around the key west area. that landfall is the lowest pressure.coming across land.
3:03 pm
that's typically what we call a landfall. a second landfall would be sunday evening around 5:00 p.m. in the naples or fort myers area. the worst of the storm is on the right hand side. we do believe it will be a category for storm. it will move through tampa and then the panhandle, georgia and alabama as well. here's the latest track. category three, category for over the next 12 hours. making landfall around 7:00 a.m. somewhere around the key. a second landfall around the naples area as a four or three. again, regardless of the category, when you have a 5 5 - 1015 feet storm surge, that will put homes underwater. that's why we've got evacuations underway. look at this. we were talking about potentially a hurricane in georgia on monday. a lot to talk about.
3:04 pm
it's a big story. i can't stress enough along these very vulnerable areas, millions of people could have their homes underwater. that's why this is so potentially catastrophic. this could be a deadly outcome if people aren't listening to their local officials. >> it's a vivid reminder for the reason for those reminders. thank you. >> the florida keys are already feeling the first effects of hurricane irma as the eye of the storm gets closer to the coastline. residents are dealing with high wind and strong surf along the beach. there live in key largo with the latest. adam i talked to about an hour ago. have the winds picked up since then? >> the winds are about the same. we've still got 30 mile-per-hour gus, a couple more gus in the 50s.
3:05 pm
you can start to feel those wins pickup. the consistency of these being 30 mile-per-hour so far was still so much time to go, the rain has picked up dramatically as well. to my right, the water is smashing over the docks. there's a number of docs you don't even see anymore. what's very eerie is when you hear that jet engine sound. it's right above you and that's basically the storm coming to shore. you can see some the damage being done. [inaudible] >> we lost his live report will get back for you later. eric: we talked with the miami beach mayor earlier and he said the curfew starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight to protect
3:06 pm
people for their own safety. as you can see it's mostly quiet. people are heeding the evacuation warnings. phil has been on the beach all day. has a gotten worse this past our? >> we had a lull in between bands, but this afternoon we had major wind and rain come through. i took away all of the lucky loose on the beach. everyone is gone now. the strength of the wind, a gust of 70 miles per hour. they say the strongest winds they've seen in the county all day is about 56 miles per hour.
3:07 pm
the surf means treacherous and dangerous. no one should be going in there for the next day or two and emergency and political leaders, despite the worst of the damage seems to be hugging the west coast, they are urging all floridians, do not give your self a false sense of safety. >> tropical storm wind which we are projecting with great certainty to be impacted, those are serious wins. it knocks down trees, don't be the guy that gets killed by the tree. every year we have the guy who standing around the tree falls on his head. don't be the guy that gets killed by the tree. >> some video taken down in key west a couple hours ago, take a look. as the winds got going, the sailboat fell over on its side. the worst is yet to come in. back to you.
3:08 pm
>> that's good advice from senator rubio. stay inside in a shelter or get up to a higher floor. >> hurricane irma is a big test for fema's ability to handle two major disasters at the same time. irma is hitting florida as the agency deals with the aftermath of hurricane harvey in texas and southwest louisiana but officials are confident they are ready. there there with acting homeland secretary. >> officials have been telling us this one is very different than what we saw in hurricane harvey. it will create its own set of unique challenges for the government and how they respond. secretary, thank you for being here. what is it that you are most concerned about right now? >> what we are most concerned about is the wind. we hope people have heated
3:09 pm
their official warning to evacuate, or to shelter in place, these wins are going to be tremendous. it is a catastrophic hurricane. we expected, as a category for , to go through for florida. >> i know electricity is a big concern. they told me it's not a question of how long until they are able to restore power, it's how long until they're able to rebuild. where do you see that happening. are some areas more at risk than others? >> that's what we are expecting. we were talking to the energy providers last night and they expect over 5 million customers to be without power. it's not going to be just restraining lines, it will be rebuilding. that will take time to get the supplies into the area and rebuild. >> i know the domino effect that you get when you lose power. that gas can last a few days.
3:10 pm
after that you can't get gas if you don't have electricity to pump it. that's quite the undertaking. how do you go about ensuring that those areas can get the electricity they need to continue functioning. >> we stand by to help the governor as governor scott requests in many of those areas. we have coast guard and helicopters standing by for search and rescue. we have reserved fuels on the military bases in florida, we have meals, water, those types of things. we have pre-staged things including fuel. it's just going to be a matter of when the storm lets us get to them. >> also an issue of how you are able to get the supplies and those crews actually down to those areas that need it most because the roads are going to be an issue as well. >> it's always one of the first things we have to look at in making it safe for the cruise to go down there. we have to make sure law enforcement and utility crews
3:11 pm
have a place to stay. >> with electricity expected to be out for much of the state for an extended period of time, how do you go about determining which areas are hit the hardest and which areas need help the most. >> we follow the direction of governor scott. the federal assistant is always in support of the state. they know their state best. they work with the regional commanders and search and rescue as well as their public works people. we just go and continue to respond to that. >> are you essentially in a wait and see position? >> there are forecasts and we can predict some things. the eastern part of the state, the way the winds go will have a lot of wind. we do have to wait. once it goes to the keys, will no more about how will go.
3:12 pm
>> over the next 24 hours, what are you going to be watching. >> we are going to be looking at the florida keys. we do believe there's people that have evacuated. that will be a safety issue. we stand by ready to support the state if needed for search and rescue and again as it goes through the state, being prepared. our first thing is always search and rescue. >> we really appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. >> as florida and the nation brace for the impact, they are waiting for a news conference any moment from florida governor rick scott. we will have the latest it will take that live.
3:13 pm
we see the command center in tallahassee where they are staying on top of the storm. the governor's comments will be here in a few moments as soon as he approaches that podium. meanwhile we heard alain duke talking about search and rescue. some folks as far away as cape cod are standing by. they've made the final preparations to try to keep folks safe. the votes have bank secured but the coast guard is prepared and ready as our fox news coverage continues let anytg keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. burning, pins-and-needles, of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine...
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3:17 pm
eric: as we await hurricane irma, the death toll in the caribbean has increased. at 2-year-old child was killed. nearly 90%, almost all of the homes and all of the buildings on the island were destroyed or severely damaged making much of the island uninhabitable. meanwhile in the u.s. virgin islands, at least four people were killed there. it severely damage the only hospital in the area. >> as the coast guard issues a series of restrictions ahead of hurricane irma's landfall, president trump is praising those for their grueling work
3:18 pm
during tropical storm harvey. he said our coast guard saved more than 15000 lives last month. we love our coast guard. admiral, i will let you know we are waiting to hear from florida governor rick scott. if that happens i'll break away from our conversation. >> i certainly understand that. thank you for the opportunity to explain what our coast guard is doing to be ready in response to hurricane irma. the coast guard is as ready as we can be right now to respond and provide that search and rescue operation here in florida after the storm strikes. the ne unique combination of the size of hurricane irma along with the track it's taking that threatens all of florida required us to have all our aircraft in florida fly out for safe shelter in
3:19 pm
alabama and georgia. because of that, bringing those aircraft back against the storm after it passes the keys to their bases in miami and clearwater is going to take us some time. returning to search and rescue operation will take us longer than we would like but it remains a top priority. you alluded to the fourth in my priority is restoring the fuel flow especially through fort lauderdale or port everglades and the other critical parts of florida on both the east east coast and on the west coast as the storm passes by. >> i also mention that the coast guard had issued more restrictions. can you tell us more about that. >> certainly. for the safety of the vessels and people, we have a progressive series of restrictions and closures as it increases and gets closer.
3:20 pm
were fortunate in key west, miami, fort lauderdale and so on as a series of these closures, after it closes we will reopen as quickly as we can. >> what are you tax within the next 24 hours. >> in the next 24 hours, we are working very hard to reposition our aircraft, especially the life-saving helicopters where they will be able to respond most quickly to get down to the florida keys and golf club coast of florida for life-saving rescue operation. >> understand. when ask you this. i can't imagine how taxing is it with back to back major storms, harvey, and irma on personnel and equipment. >> that's a great question. i would say the coast guard has done a really great job here. in the case of harvey, hurricane harvey,.
3:21 pm
>> admiral brown, i apologize, i'm going to interrupt and take us to florida governor rick scott. >> hurricane irma is battering south florida and the florida keys with dangerous winds and remains a catastrophic and life-threatening category three storm with winds of 125 miles per hour. it is getting intense as it approaches florida. will move across the keys early tomorrow morning and across our state on sunday. it will impact northwest florida on monday. the keys will see direct impact to the eye of the storm. there will be 18 - 15 inches of rain across the state and up to 25 inches in the keys. tornadoes are possible in south florida this evening in central florida tomorrow. hurricane conditions will be felt across the west coast beginning sunday morning. tropical storm conditions will be felt across the warning
3:22 pm
area. millions of floridians will begin seeing impacts with life-threatening wins tonight. this is a serious threat of significant, there's a serious threat of storm surge along the west coast of florida. there's 15 feet of impact above ground level. temple will see a surge of 5 - 8 feet. the big bend area will see a surge of 3 - 6 feet. this is clearly a life-threatening situation. remember, in southwest florida, the storm surge comes after the strongest wind. do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. local officials will let you know when it is safe. the storm surge will rush in and it could kill you. when it happens, the storm water rushes in and rushes out.
3:23 pm
with the storm's latest track, families in the panhandle need to be on hilar for severe weather including tropical storm and hurricane force winds. here in tallahassee it will likely that we will expense hurricane force winds and families must start preparing now. we saw what hurricane irma did and we can see serious some more severe threats. if you have been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. this is your last chance to make a good decision. evacuations are in place across the state. more than 6.5 million floridians have been ordered to evacuate. do not put yourself or your family's life at risk. now is the time to do the right thing for your family. school buses are heating evacuations. please take advantage of this service. if you need to leave and you are unable to do so for any reason, call (#18)342-3557 and we will do everything we can to get you out.
3:24 pm
protecting life is our top priority. no resource or expense will be spared to protect families. i urge everyone to check on their neighbors, family and friends. if you know someone who is not evacuating and should, please contact them and make sure they have a plan to get out now. we have been very aggressive in our preparation for the storm and now it is upon us. every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. possessions can be replaced. your life, your family cannot be replaced. shelters, we have been working around the clock with counties to ensure there are enough shelters. currently there are more than 385 shelters open across every county in the path of the storm and more are opening tonight. more than 70000 floridians have taken shelter and there's still room for more.
3:25 pm
if you have a building in emergency officials ask you to open it shelter, please comply. this is so important to families safety. everyone in florida needs to find a safe place to go. traffic. evacuation routes are moving and we have implemented emergency shoulder use on i four, and orlando. 1700 state troopers remain on the road to assist evacuations of traffic. they will remain on the roads until it is unsafe. check real-time traffic information and evacuation routes at we are aggressively working to keep gas stations open and filled along active evacuation routes. i waved the import tax for five days to bring more fuel to our state for storm response and recovery. this will make the efforts to
3:26 pm
bring in more fuel easier. we know it's important and we are doing everything we can to address this problem to ensure we have fuel immediately, for everybody, but immediately for first responders and rescue efforts. every single guardsman that can be called up has been deployed to prepare and respond to the storm. we have so many members of our law enforcement community that are putting their lives at risk to help floridians get to a safe place. they will not stop until it's the longer safe. we cannot thank them enough. utilities. more than 76000 people are without power. it will get worse. utility providers have actually pre-positioned resources throughout the state. we know how important power is. we will aggressively work to make sure he gets back on. regarding recovery, we have
3:27 pm
search and rescue stage ready once the storm passes for first responders. they are here and have assets to help in this process. it has continued to change rapidly but we have food and water positions. we will do all we can to get this out quickly. the department of transportation national guard wildlife is working as fast as we can't clear roads to get food and water to shelters and impacted area. we also have guardsmen from other states come in and help. disaster response takes time. we will go as fast as we can once the weather is safe. were also working with fema on temporary housing solutions for displaced residents. i've been talking to president trump much everyday and other members of the white house and the cabinet. they are absolutely committed to provide whatever resource they can to help us live through the storm in our
3:28 pm
recovery efforts. i want to be clear, we are under a state of emergency. those who perform vital services including healthcare staff, we need you to be there to help your community. you are answering the call now that we need nurses and we have nearly 2500 who already responded. those who responded to this need our heroes to our neighbors and we are so grateful to them. we can still use more. florida needs volunteer nurses to help in our special needs shelter. if you're a nurse, please e-mail help fl at fl you can still e-mail. so many people across the country and the world have called to offer their prayers and support. i want to thank the governors of the other state that have provided every resource we've asked for printing of the entire country is with us.
3:29 pm
we have our country's best first responders ready to help us in florida, we will get through this. this week floridians have demonstrated to the world that we know what it means to get prepared. neighbors are helping neighbors and strangers unite as floridians have come together to pull through this devastating storm. let's get together and pull through this. we will come back even stronger. you can follow my twitter account at fl got scott for this life-saving messages and updates in english and spanish. hurricane irma -- [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]. arthel: florida governor rick
3:30 pm
scott is giving the spanish version of his warning to the residence in florida. this is a life-threatening situation. you have been -- if you have been ordered to evacuate you need to eat leave now. this is your last chance to make a good decision. he is reminding everyone watching of the laundry list of boxes to check before irma makes landfall. everything from traffic to keeping the gas stations open and to making sure that neighbors check with neighbors and the governor is taking questions right now. we will dip back in >> we want everyone to survive this hurricane. were focused on getting everyone out of the evacuation ozone and into safe shelters. after it happens, be patient, wait until local officials tell you you can go back. here's what will happen. we will have down power lines and a lot of trees down.
3:31 pm
we will have roads that are impassable and flooding and all these issues. everyone is going to have to be patient. it will be hard to be patient. everyone will want to go back to your home to see what happens. we've got, at the state, local and federal level we will have everyone in here trying to get us back, try to get fuel back in power back on and the roads cleared. were trying to do everything. also in the beginning, we will want to make sure there will be recovery efforts. you don't want to be in the way of those. just got to be patient and wait and listen, although local officials will tell you when it's safe to go back to your neighborhood. we will let you know if the evacuation routes are come back. everyone has to be patient. this is a massive storm. recovery efforts and the restoration efforts will take time. i wish it could happen overnight but it won't. i'm still praying we don't lose lives.
3:32 pm
we have the risk now and we have the risk "after words". >> to what extent are you familiar with what we saw after katrina which is ocean water, salt water mixing with fresh water for agriculture and drinking and causing massive problems. it takes years to prepare >> that's going to be a clear issue that we will deal with, but right now my focus will be how we survived this hurricane , how do we get people back to their lives. we will have significant issues. we will have issues regard to our beaches and all sorts of issues we had to deal with >> the governor of ohio announced they're sending out national guard. [inaudible]
3:33 pm
>> what we will be doing, so right now where you go through and see what happens. we will be assessing the damage as quickly as possible and finding out exactly what we need. i met with members of the coast guard today. we will try to get down as quickly as we can because that's the first place will have significant damage and we have to assess if we lost bridges or if we have recovery efforts, can we even fly in with the airports down there. we will figure out what we need but i can tell you every time i've talked to president trump and the director, they will provide whatever resources, but they know you want to do it in a coordinated manner. we have a whole plan to deal with this. everything as you know, in a disaster, it all changes once
3:34 pm
you find out what happens >> you made a decision to close schools and universities and state offices and some institutions are going beyond next monday. are you giving any thought to extending that order beyond monday in terms of keeping schools closed >> we will decide as the weekend goes on. as we start seeing what happens and we see what the damages, will be making a decision >> can you give us an update on where things are with gas stations. are there any places where people are stalled because they don't have gas and problems to that degree >> we have worked to try to get fuel around the state, especially work to get fuel in the evacuation routes. i'm sure people have run out of gas around the state. you can go to fl and look at our evacuation
3:35 pm
routes. we have road rangers out there. >> i have not seen anywhere in the state that's completely out. i haven't looked at that statistic in a couple hours. i know as you have seen, many areas have significant shortages but i have not seen anywhere that's completely out. were working with retailers to make sure those parts of the state that are still moving, they're trying to get as much fuel as possible to those areas [inaudible] >> we are waiting for an update from the court but if you go back, the positive is we did everything we could to keep everyone safe. hopefully we will have less winds which will reduce the chance that we will have the water spillover, but all along
3:36 pm
they told us they don't believe the dike will be impacted >> what is the concern about safety [inaudible] [speaking in native tongue]. arthel: governor rick's scott is answering in spanish. some of the updates he mentioned, there are 385 shelters and more will be open tonight. 70000 floridians are in-state shelters. you've got 1700 state troopers on the road managing traffic for those trying to get to the shelters or out of town. they are back to english now. let's go back >> i read something that
3:37 pm
law-enforcement is using [inaudible] to get people off the street >> law enforcement has gone above and beyond around the state to do everything they can to keep people safe. you would have to reach out to them at the local community to see what each community has done. i can tell you have traveled the state for the past five days and i've met with law-enforcement and they are very committed, every life is important to them and i think they will continue as long as they can to do everything they can to get people to safety >> in these critical hours [inaudible] >> i think the biggest thing is if you are in an evacuation zone, you've got to get to a shelter. you've got to get some playsets higher ground and there's not many hours left. the winds are coming. there won't be a lot of time now to be able to drive very far save got to get to the shelter. you can go to florida
3:38 pm to find out where the shelters are or call your local team. the other thing is, if you call your family and friends to make sure they're getting out and tell them how important it is, it's disappointing sometimes when you watch on tv, you see somebody who's going to write about, and based on what you hear from what the national hurricane center is putting out, you think how can you write that out? if you go down to the keys and you think you're in have 15-foot storm surge in the keys that are not very hi, you're going to have 15 plus inches of rain, you will have 125 - 150 mile-per-hour wind, how will anyone survive that. anywhere were you think somebody might be in an area they should evacuate, call them and try to talk them into, tell them how important
3:39 pm
they are to you >> no one has traveled the state as much as you have. i want to ask what you've seen and experienced out there that's causing special concerned >> the thing that causes me the biggest concern is i don't think anyone realizes the extent of the storm surge. if you think about it, my hometown in naples, 15 feet above ground level. how do you survive that? and if you remember the story, last year this lady south of here, i think there were about 6 feet of storm surge and she stayed because her pets. got to 3 feet and she realized, it was an older house and she probably had 7-foot ceilings and she realized she wasn't going to survive. she was so lucky because she walked out of there house and there was a high water vehicle
3:40 pm
and it was leaving. if not she would have died. she talks about how fast the water moves in. there would have been no way to survive. how can anybody survive this stuff. i care about everyone in my state >> i know earlier in the week you talked about [inaudible] you have any indication [inaudible] >> there are hospitals that have been evacuated and
3:41 pm
there's nursing homes, field nursing, a variety of facilities. i did a call with a lot of them last night and there are some that still have issues. they're trying to find the right shelters so we've given him our numbers and we said tell us where your problems are and will do everything we can to help you. i remember last year with matthew they had a difficult time getting ambulances to evacuate. people are still struggling to get everything done, but i can tell you everybody's working to get it done. we are talking to everybody. you hope you don't.
3:42 pm
we've put a lot of effort calling around to seniors. doctor phillips is calling, we are talking to everybody. were making ourselves accessible and how to get a hold of us. i hope that doesn't happen. what concerns you a lot is that the storm moved west and for some people that surprised them. we've seen more shelters put up in the past 24 hours as this has moved west. the storm surge numbers, it's totally different than anybody anything that anybody's ever seen. they haven't seen anything like this. storm surge above the ground
3:43 pm
level, that's i don't know how you survived that >> a lot of the folks that came up here, [inaudible] >> i think you should follow the weather and see what's going to happen. look. you're not going to drive back the storm surge. you should be driving back to 125 mile-per-hour winds. the goal is to do everything we can to keep people safe. will do everything we can to inform people we will do everything we can to keep evacuations going. at the state, federal and local level, people are working together trying to get the information out and keep everybody safe.
3:44 pm
i've been in so many cities this week. they are working hard. you can see how hard people are working here. from the white house to fema, every federal agency i know is here trying to be helpful. >> are you going to remain here >> i'll decide. i will be here tonight and my goal, if i can get to the keys to assess the damage, i will try to get there when i can. i'm really concerned about how many people might still be in the keys and what might happen to them. >> thank you everybody. arthel: that is florida governor rick scott updating the reporters there on conditions on the ground, urging folks in the danger zone, if you are in an evacuation zone, get to a
3:45 pm
shelter or higher ground. 76000 people in florida without power. the governor said we need more nurses, specifically at the special needs shelter. some 2500 nurses have volunteered. they need more nurses. there are 38 -- 385 shelters open now and they will be opening more shelters. the governor observed that he has been so call and so thorough and so concerned and so caring. he is born in naples, that's his hometown. florida is his home state. he treats it as if he genuinely has concern for his neighbors. that is my observation
3:46 pm
we are urging people to get out. we have those diehards in key west and he describes a 15-foot storm surge. that's unimaginable. the deaths from super storm sandy were from the storm surge. it's just not survivable. certainly, that is the threat and the warning. from the fuel trucks to the power, to the coast guard and the national guard, the government is doing what it can do to try to protect life and property, especially since the path of the storm switched west. that means for meyer, captiva, sanibel and that's where we find bill hammer in tampa. a look at the latest there >> good evening to you. governor rick scott has been out there every three hours for a week straight with those warnings to mandatory
3:47 pm
evacuations. they've ordered 6 million to get on the move. i can tell you over the past 24 hours, a lot of people heated the order. we are on the river walk. it's not entirely empty, but it is pretty close to it. this town has not taken a direct hit from a hurricane in almost 100 years. 1921 was the last time. this is harbor island to my right. the general hospital in tampa is to my left. it is still open. it was rebuilt after the hurricane of 1921. there are doctors and nurses and patients who will ride out the storm in the hospital throughout the evening into tomorrow and monday and what comes after that, we don't know. in about 13 minutes i will start our coverage from tampa along with julie banderas in new york and will take you to
3:48 pm
the next couple of hours and let you know minute by minute and certainly hour by hour as to where the storm is moving. it is a great guessing game in florida. what will irma do once it crosses over the florida keys. doesn't hang to the west? does it take a right hand turn, is this charlie of 2004 or is it worse? that's what we are waiting to find out. we have a terrific lineup for you. people have been on the ground for days or they been talking too so many people from the mayor's office to the fire department, all those people who make sure the folks at home get through this okay. coverage begins in about 12 minutes at the top of the hour. back to you. eric: that is the question. what will happen. this is the tampa bay catastrophic plan. i'm showing you a study seven years ago that basically predicted this. officials have been warned about it, they have predicted there would be catastrophic
3:49 pm
damage. it will be 12 or 13 hours for now and had up the coast of florida. our thoughts and prayers are are with everyone in florida. our coverage continues in a moment. and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do...
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eric: two major back to back hurricanes putting the pressure on president trump. he reached across the aisle this week, going against the wishes of some republicans to sign the hurricane harvey relief bill. they raise the debt ceiling and keeps the government running until december. that raised questions about the long-term political impact of harvey and irma. >> we are still dealing with harvey in texas and louisiana. were just now getting hit with irma and he wanted to make this a bipartisan moment where we weren't fighting in washington about hurricane aid. he just wanted to get it done in out-of-the-way so aid is flowing to the state that need it right now so we can go focus on things like tax reform. eric: david is here. he angered some with the deal
3:54 pm
with democrats. others say they got things done. it's republican establishment like ryan >> i think speaker ryan tried to put the best possible face on this, but i think it's undeniable that he and senator mcconnell in the oval office got disrespected, got overtaken by events. it's symbolically important that president trump would side with the democrats rather than the republicans, but on the substance of this, it's not that big a deal. what this deal is is essentially a classic washington can kick for three months. they kick politics out of the relief and they postpone the big decisions until december. mr. ryan was offering a six-month extension to the debt limit. the president decided to take three months >> and what will happen in december >> the president is breaking
3:55 pm
the gridlock we've seen in washington >> he certainly broken it briefly. there could be gridlock again in december. things pile up in december. it will have to be another vote on the debt limit and the whole budget for next year. maybe another vote on more disaster relief >> i think this does give, the democrats now, what this has done, the big strategic advantage for the democrats as they have some leverage going into these december talks to make the deal anything, anything that happens will have to have democratic support. to get the dreamers relief bill, the wall, maybe a small fix for healthcare. eric: it does show th the president is willing to work with the democrats >> the president is now showing what he iran on which is that he's a great deal maker and he was still making ahead of ideology.
3:56 pm
that appears to be the new way he's going. working with the republicans on healthcare didn't really work for him so he's going to try something new >> that something new will continue? >> you never know with president trump. he seems to be pretty situationally aware and willing to change his playbook up depending on what he thanks will work for him. this work for him this week. if he thanks it will work again in december yes i will. >> were up against the clock. thank you so much >> that does it for our coverage for now. we will continue to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. hey, how's it going? um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized.
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fox news alert florida now feeling the effects of hurricane irma. it's whipping miami in the keys. it's a category three storm approaching mainland. hurricane warnings in effect for millions of people across the state. i'm julie bandanna and this is the fox report >> good evening to you and good evening to everyone watching across the country. i'm bill hammer live along the river walk where we have seen extraordinary measures of patients playing out in the faces of so many hundreds of people we've encounter


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