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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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introducing the all new volkswagen tiguan. ♪ higher and higher, baby the new king of the concrete jungle. julie: the outer bands of hurricane irma whipping florida. 70,000 people are already without power. i'm julie banderas along with bill hemmer who joins us live from tampa. bill: the winds are brisk, but nothing like they will be the next 12, 18, 20 hours from here. the last hurricane to make a direct hit on tampa was 100 years ago.
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many people have headed out of town and taken shelter north of here. but many of them will tough it out. adam housley standing by live in key largo. but we begin with meteorologist adam klotz to find out where irma is now and what she does next. adam: we are still waiting on that big northerly turn. eye of the storm is still running along the northern coast of cuba. we have this notion west-northwest. we are expecting that turn to be happening in the overnight hours. the winds, the rain, all of that beginning to pick up. these are our wind gusts.
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some of the florida keys with wind gusts in the 60s and 70s. this is all once we get that turn you will expect to see these winds begin to climb through the overnight hours. a tornado threat has also been in place. we have seen several tornado warning cells. especially on the east side of florida it's all that front fright quadrant where you see the tornadic activity. landfall early tomorrow and you are looking at a cat cat 4 when that happens. we continue to track this system as it moves up, slowly weakening as you get to the tampa area. but moving across the state of
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florida through all of sunday, eventually into monday. staying a hurricane in southern georgia before falling off into a tropical depression. there is the coast of cuba. pay attention to the time stamps in the corner. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, still the eyewall just beginning to run across the florida keys. heavier rain beginning to move onshore. it will continue to move its way up the coast. the evening and overnight hours speeding up a little bit. then monday at noon, beginning to cross that state line bringing strong winds, bringing storm surge. it's looking like a really big one, bill. bill: when you think of where we
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were 24 hours ago. we stare at that spinning radar and try to guess our best. we are in a different place than we were 24 hours ago, but not by a lot. what did cuba do to that storm do you think? adam: it slowed it down to a cat 3. we'll be going over warm watters so it will intensify. tampa and naples being a bigger concern than even 24 hours ago. julie: the biggest danger could come from storm surges.
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they are th the greatest skille. especially in the florida keys. adam housley is outside the bayview inn which we understand is a concrete building. a lot of our viewers are concerned about you. what are the conditions there? reporter: we moved over here as night fell because we have power battery issues and safety and security issues. we are on the bayside. still strong winds and trees down, but we don't have the battering yet on this side of the island of key largo as we saw on the other side and we are a mile away at most of. a number of times the last 15
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years, what you look for is a secure, safe location. let me show you have video of the hotel where we are at. when you come to a hurricane you want a hotel that's category rated with tomorrow windows on one side. storm windows. and also ones up a number of feet. we are 22, 24 feet above alevel where our rooms are. the idea is not to become part of the story, it's to tell the story. the sun went down here in key largo. a lot of people listened. they got out. there are still some here. most of who did stay had places to go. and the few that didn't found locations like this which is a
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category-rated hotel. >> we couldn't get out. our flights were canceled. we got stuck in fort lauderdale and it wasn't worth it. where can you go? you can't drive anywhere. so we are here. >> there were a number of people we met who said we have no place to go. and it's going through the whole state of florida. many people we met went to the west coast to naples and fort fires in and they had to -- fort myers and they had to fact wait a second time. just one hour ago with you you saw how bad it was there. i'm now feeling the same turn-up on this side. rain is picking up. you can see the rain start to move the palm trees more. as you heard from adam, we have a number of hours until that
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eyewall passes. it will be to our west a little bit which means we will be on the dirty side of the storm which means we'll get hit hard for the next 16-18 hours. julie: as it moves west, that storm surge will wrap around to the east side. but the keys are in a tough spot. we talked about storm surge reaching 5-10 feet. some of our viewers want to know how long that storm surge lasts when it does come on land. reporter: that's a good question. the difference between this and hurricane harvey that happened in texas. it's very flat. the water doesn'tn't permeate the ground, it rolls across it. when the storm surge comes it
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rolls across it. when water does come across the roadways into the keys it will roll right through other side. but then it will back back around the other side. i'm told when they had hurricanes like scene drew the water didn't stay very long. for the most of part the water washed away eventually, but the problem is it takes things with it. we saw three boats break free, and one smashed into a rock jetty. you could see the lights and the sailboats just teetering into the ocean. people tried to anchor them down. you can't pull all of them out. it's just not possible. and those anchors start to drag. the higher it goes, the more likely they will come on to
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land. julie: they are safer anchors instead of being tied to docks. but storm surge rather than flooding. the water recedes that quickly. adam housley in key largo. you stay safe as well. thank you so much. bill: you think about how many people of southeast florida came to tampa thinking they were going to get out of the way. that may or may not be the case. miami may be spared from irma. but the city far from safe. life threatening conditions for some. we do not know how those new high-rises will stands this storm. joe walledman is there to find out live in miami. reporter: we are in the heart of
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downtown miami. the street is awfully quite. it's a venerable ghost town. we land in miami wednesday. the talk all along has bent storm surge and wind. but this just started with the last 20 minutes or so. it was not bone dry, but we are getting outer bands periodically. this has been pretty steady for the last 20-25 minutes. i'm taking you on the walk to show you the power of storm surge. that is biscayne bay. water is starting to overflow the banks there. it's about a 3-foot bank. keep in mind, we don't have the hurricane even close to us yet.
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but this marking lot is starting to fill up with water. that is going to be a major problem. when we first landed it was all about the wind. wore starting to feel those winds. 50-mile-an-hour gusts for sure. but the other issue is storm surge. we are certainly going to get that. the major concern appears to be the rainfall. they are saying we could get 20-plus inches of rain. we are literally 12 hours plus away from hurricane irma even landing. so making landfall. so we'll see how it plays out. but things on the dirty side of the storm are getting ugly as we speak. julie: florida is starting to
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bill: florida keys starting to feel the effects of hurricane irma. the local coast guard getting ready for search and rescue operations. a commander for the florida coast guard could have the work cut out for you. what are you monitoring now and what do we need to understand? >> we are watching the storm closely as everyone knows. it changed dramatically the last few days. we are doing our pre-staging operations to basically head out
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and assess damage and help those in need. bill: have you gotten any calls for help yet? >> in sarasota 50 miles off the coast is going watched by the coast guard. that was somebody who went out in a boat and their boat had a failure and they are stuck out there without the ability to get back in. bill: are they going to be okay? >> that's our goal. and we'll take any effort we can without putting other people in harm's way to bring those people home. bill: can you tell me how many people are on that watercraft? >> i don't have that information in front of me, sir, i'm sorry. bill: do you know, was this a
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result of mechanical failure or a result of the incoming storm? >> it was a mechanical failure, sir. bill: captain, i appreciate your time tonight. before i let you go, we'll keep an eye on this off the coast of sarasota. boating is a way of life in florida. what happens when you see that monster lurk together south. >> the sanctity of your own life and safety is more important. i strongly recommend people stay off the water when we have a storm of this proportion. bill: great message. thank you for your time and good luck to your men and women. julie, back to you. julie: the president respond together looming threat from
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hurricane irma. tweeting, heed the advice of governor scott. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to get to a shelter. there are not many hours left. bill: hurricane irma moving towards florida prompting mass evacuations. congressman ron desantis grew up in the tampa area. we'll be right back as our coverage continues from tampa and new york city. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain
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julie: more than 6 million people ordered to evacuate across florida.
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that's one of the largest evacuations in the statements history. a quarter of the state's population has been ordered to evacuate. republican florida congressman ron desantis joins us now. you have referred to this storm asthma moth. as -- this storm. and the ramifications. >> andrew is like a postage stamp compared to this in terms of the size. this thing i think will be as strong as andrew after it goes over the warm waters in the florida strait. and the way it's currently tracking and moving up the coast, that's a vulnerable part of our state. they consistently move the track further west.
5:24 pm
i left washington early. we were thinking it's an east coast storm. you had people getting out of dodge and many people went to the west coast of florida. i thought about telling my wife and daughter to go stay with my parents who live in the tampa bay area. it's been a bit of a whiplash. but the current trajectory of the storm is going to do some damage. i think people need to heed the orders of their emergency managers. julie: it's the biggest killer along the coast. that appears to be the least significant factor. storm surge wind damage is the two greatest hazards. you need to take a look at these coastal areas. it's not just the west coast. people think they are in the
5:25 pm
clear because this has been clock westward. the way the hurricane works, the storm surge will be potentially deadly. are the shelters at this point at full capacity? is it too late for people to evacuate if they want to get out now? >> it just depends on which county you are and the circumstances. but listen to the governor. there are numbers if you don't know where to go, you can call the number and they will help you do that. you have got to do it soon. once this storm hits you won't be able to call 911 and have people go out in 120-mile-an-hour winds and save you. do it now. you are right about the storm surge. when you are talking about 10-15 feet in places like southwest florida. tampa bay is a bunch of water
5:26 pm
around the whole area. community after communities could be affected by that. when that stuff starts happening there is no where to run and nowhere to hide. julie: tracking the storm has been tough for meteorologists to tackle ever since it went through the caribbean. but those evacuees that heeded the warning, especially in the miami beach area, many of them headed west-northwest. so they went to tampa. now the people in tampa are being told they will be bearing the brunt of this. they vac situated to areas in a greater threat area. >> i think it's frustrating. you had people evacuate to tampa and had people flying from miami to atlanta. if you are in georgia you will probably get this later in the week. not as severe as south florida, but it will be a significant
5:27 pm
storm. you have got to look at the forecast and make your decision. but there is no doubt whether it's the forecast or these things naturally change. there are people running ragged trying to get away from it and end up doing the right thing but having to move again. julie: what about government assistance for people who return to their homes and finds nothing there. what's going to happen to them. >> that will depend on the circumstances. in florida a lot of these homes require a flood insurance. that's something the federal government is involved in. the claims will go through the federal flood insurance program. most of of those homes -- there will be significant wind damage. so the homeowners insurance will cover the wind damage. but you have got to have the flood for the storm surge. it will depend on the
5:28 pm
circumstances. we'll get in there, the locals will get in, fema is going to get in once this thing passes and make sure everyone is okay and start recover require process. it will be difficult but we'll get it right. julie: fema has pre-positioned people as well. fema is there, they are ready. emergency personnel cannot get to these people who save anyone who did not heed the warnings. i read if the winds exceed 45 miles an hour, nobody can come help you. >> it's hard for you to get out. a lot of these injuries, you have got to go over bridges. once the winds start to get 45-50 miles an hour. a lot of the bridges will be shut down. so if you are in that southern florida area, if you are in
5:29 pm
tampa, you have to make your plans and make your decision. all these local communities, the shelters, they will have arrangements for your pets. there have been reports of people leaving their pets behind. we have to take care of their pets. julie: thank you for talking to us as always. bill: he should know an awful lot about these storms. hurricane irma setting its sights on florida. you can see it on the map. officials warning everybody to get out of the way. former governor rick scott will join "fox news sunday," and chris wallace to talk about irma's impact.
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5:34 pm
irma on track to make landfall tomorrow morning at daybreak. forecasters warning dangerous storm surge up to 12 feet in areas is possible. 6 million have been ordered to evacuate. 75,000 ready to ride out the storm in government-sponsored shelters. more on that in a moment. adam klotz is live in the extreme weather center to tell us what the numbers tell us about irma. adam: continuing to track this system as we are waiting for that turn. this is the path. that line. riding all through the overnight hours, now into today, it began to look like it would make that turn. this is the path. now we are jogging back off to the west.
5:35 pm
either way we are beginning to see these outer band run into the keys. the wind are picking up as a result. we have seen a couple of tornadoes across portions of south florida as well. there is the time stamp. as this continues to ramp up some wind gusts close to 70 miles per hour. wind in the miami area up to 40 miles per hour. as the turns start lifting this way we'll see the wind gusts into the triple digits through the overnight hours. as it lift north that should continue through the overnight hours. we can consistently get some of that activity. currently a category 3 storm. but as it gets over water it
5:36 pm
will pick up more energy. that's when you will see it pick up to a category 4. at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning work it way up the west coast of florida. still a cat 1 hurricane as it lifts into georgia before it's all said and done. still spinning off the coast of cuba. turning through the overnight hours. there you will see this lifting up into fort myers. so it's going to be an all-day event and one of the initial big event as you were talking about this, bill. we'll see storm surge 5-10 feet in the florida keys, 5-10 feet and 15 feet where you are in tampa as well.
5:37 pm
bill: thank you, adam. julie: the rains from hurricane irma starting to fall over naples. the city is located on the west coast of florida, two hours north of miami. the people there isn't expect this to go that way. but now that it is, how's it going? reporter: many actually evacuating to naples, sending their families here from the east coast of florida. it's a scramble to find shelter at the last minute. the winds not strong yet. but the rain is steady. we could see 6-10 inches of rain in the naples area along with a possible storm surge of 5-15 feet.
5:38 pm
that's a lot of water and some long-time residents told us they are worried come monday morning the entire geography of this region could look different. >> i think it landscape is going to change. but we are resilient. we bounce back every time. we'll be fine. reporter: we have been seeing people scramble to find newly opened evacuation centers. at least 15,000 people in evacuation shelters. and the winds could get so bad in the naples area that even first responders might have to relocate. government buildings in the naples area are not equipped to handle more than a category 3. even first responders could be in trouble. bill: we heard the call for so
5:39 pm
many thousands whether it will national guard troops or volunteers or charity and non-profits. part of the vital recovery effort. they will need so much of that help. the salvation army is one of those organizations. kevin smith, you are with me this evening. i know you are from georgia. you have been in tampa for 20 years. whether it's harvey in texas last week, the earthquake in hate he is something you will never forget about. now you are working with the shelters in florida. do you have what you need based on the people who have been told to get out? >> we spent the last 72 hours work on logistics to get the food and water to the shelters.
5:40 pm
we are doing everything we can to get the resources there. right now we are in that position of hunkering down. but getting those supplies staged around the state of florida. as soon as the winds die down the resources can get to all the shelters. bill: we are reading 385 shelters are open. >> it's a logistical nightmare to get those resources where they are needed. we need time and patience as we get those resource. as soon as winds die down the salvation army will get resources where they are needed the most of. it takes a partnership to do that. bill: part of the reason i ask that question because two days ago the governor rick scott told me he's looking for 9,000 more volunteers. is the need that great? >> it is. we have never seen this type of evacuation. 6 million people leaving their homes to go somewhere else.
5:41 pm
they are trying to find a place that's safer than where they were. we have never seen those numbers. that effort to support those shelters and care for those people. it's mom outal. governor scott was right to make the request to get more people in. bill: i wonder about the level of patience by so many. >> people coming neighbor to neighbor is how we'll make it through this recovery. hurricanes are disasters but we can make it through by working together. that's what the salvation army will do. bill: you don't know what hurricanes do when they interact with land. we have no idea what the storm will do. but how the people react will determine how well your job goes. you hope you have that level of patience for some time, but you
5:42 pm
don't know how long that's going to hold out. >> that's right. we want people to know we are going to gets the resources mobilized as quick as we can to get there. but we need the heart of people to come together and be patient. it just takes a logistics effort to get the resources where they are needed. we need people to come together, maybe helping neighbor to get through this. bill: whether they are young or old. and some of them need more help than others. some people bring their pets. i think from a low gels i cal stands point, that's really a challenge. >> this one is even a more unique nature because it's coming up through the peninsula of florida it's going to be affecting all through florida. that's why it was difficult to
5:43 pm
stage step on the east coast, now we can release them to the south where they are need. bill: good luck to you. great work from the salvation army. let's hope you get the volunteers you need. back to new york,. julie: the eye of the hurricane, hurricane irma expected to hit florida in less than 12 hours. most of people of, not all, but most of scrambling to get out of those mandatory evacuation zones. >> if you are in track was zone you have got to get to a shelter. you have to get to higher grounds. there is not many hours left. winds are coming. there won't be a lot of time to drive very far. americans, 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need,
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julie: some people did decide to ignore the evacuation orders in south florida and that goes for our next guest in marco island. dave joins me on the phone. how are you? are you starting to see some wind and rain from where you are? >> i am seeing spotty rain. the wind picked up for a little while, now it called down again. nothing serious. marco island is about 20 miles south of naples. julie: did you expect this storm, did you make decision to stay put before you found out this storm would slam naples and
5:48 pm
the west coast of until? >> i made the decision some time ago. my wife and my mother-in-law and my dog left early this morning and they are safely secure up north. i decided to ride it out. julie: i want to know why. authorities say nobody is immune to catastrophic damages. this will be the first test of a hurricane on your home. but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's invincible. that's the message authorities are saying, don't think if you have a new home that it's invincible. why did you choose to stay behind? >> i chose to stay because i feel comfortable in the home. i feel it will hold up fine to the storm. and i'll be okay. i saw the results of my builder built a nome our same
5:49 pm
development prior to wilma, and i saw what happened to that house which was virtually nothing. when the konlds min yums we owned at that time were severely damaged. i feel confident in his construction methods. and i feel safe. july report difference with wilma and andrew and the other storms, size matters more than ever when sit comes to hurricane history. hurricane andrew in 1992. you could fit two of them in the size of irchla. of -- the size of irma. this thing is moving at 9 miles per hour which means you are talking 36 hours of 100-mile-per-hour and 100-plus winds. where are you located and are you concerned about the storm
5:50 pm
surge? that's the part that's the most of deadly effect of a hurricane such as the enormity of irma. >> of course i have got to be concerned about the storm surge. but the way the house is built, i could withstand -- the house could withstand a 20-foot storm surge. and all it would do is blow out the blowout walls on the first level. julie: we appreciate you coming on and god speed to you, sir. we'll be continuing to watch this hurricane as it approaches. that's next. doctor recommendedi switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally.
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julie: social media giving us first-hand looks at the devastation from hurricane irma. laura ingle has been scouring the internet. a lot of these islands don't have power. so we get our pictures from social media. reporter: so many people are turning to their instagram, facebook and twitter accounts when they can. here is a look at cuba which shows wild winds blasting residents and causing untold amounts of damage. irma was a category 5 when it hit cuba. the u.s. virgin islands were pummeled. we have reports of badly damaged properties and downed trees. winds tore the roof off the island's only hospital.
5:55 pm
then we grabbed this video after the air national guard's facebook page. this is a separate operation showing airlift and helicopter rescues as the guard worked to evacuate as many people as they could out of st. maarten. in miami this video found on an instagram account showing a construction krain next to high-rise buildings spinning around like a pinwheel. there are 20-25 construction cranes operating in the city. an app shows weather alerts, how to repair for irma and where the shelters are. so it continues to be an important part of the stories. bill: it's gaining strengths.
5:56 pm
hurricane irma counting down to landfall in the keys. we expect that to happen around daybreak. we'll track the storm's path live on the ground in florida. back live in tampa after this. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. now that we have your attention... capri sun has four updated drinks. now with only the good stuff. do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some new capri sun! trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t
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and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at bill: as we close out our broadcast in tampa and new york city, we want to take special note of the people we have met personally throughout the state since our arrival yesterday afternoon. they have been gracious and kind and patient beyond any understandable means. but so far the line is holding in florida and we hope the best for everyone as we go throughout what will be a long might ongoing covering. we'll be up tomorrow morning early and we'll figure out what she does when she does it at daybreak, julie. julie: the governor has praised
6:00 pm
the people volunteering to help the thousands in shelters tonight. bill: they need it. julie: we'll see you, bill. "justice with judge jeanine" starts right now. judge jeanine: a live look at florida's residents who haven't left yet. welcome to a special edition of "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. the outer expands have moved in and tens of thousands are already out of power. with the brunt of irma a few hours away from lashing the florida keys and moving up the western part of the state. we have live team covering of what could be a history-making storm. we get a live update on irma's track in


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