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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at reporter: hurricane irma is a category 3 storm pack wind of 120 miles per hour. but expected to regain its strength before it bears down on the florida keys. 7 million people told to vac wait before this monster storm. i'm molly line. mike: i'm mike emanuel. we have live fox team coverage. but we begin with adam housley on the ground in key largo,
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florida. adam? reporter: over the course of the last few hours the situation is deteriorating on the bayside of key largo. we were on the oceanside or eastside of the keys. wind was bad and the rain was blowing sideways. we got out of there for nightfall to make sure we had some safety and security. when checked what it was like where we once were. i took this photo on my iphone. the storm surge has started in key largo. by my estimation 3 feet had come in already. the island is only a mile wide at the most of. the wind on the bayside. on the back side of the island you can tell from look at the
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trees behind me, the rain continues to come down. also you get that sound when a hurricane comes it sounds like it's a jet engine up in the sky. we are starting to hear that more significantly. whether that eye does cross here or a bit further south and west of us, it's still going to batter. it's the dirty side of the storm, they like to call it. we expect a storm surge. we are not sure how much on the bayside. by the wind and rain. some estimates say 20 inches of rain will fall here. but i can tell you the situation across the isle here is a bad
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situation. mike: i'm sure folks will ask us what is adam going to do in the hours ahead. what's your plan, he dam? reporter: we covered these many times before. this is my tenth hurricane. you get out early enough and find a safe location. you look for a certificate gory of home or hotel. we are in a cat 5 rated hotel. you get a higher floor, second floor generally. you are in an area already up. by our estimation it would take 25 feet of water to get near us. and we have a hotel with storm shutters on one side and no window on the other. we are basically in a bank.
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our camera crew is under an overhang and all rated. the building is nationite block so it's sturdy. when we are not on camera we get back undercover. we tell the story and show the story without being part of the story. a number of people we met normally would have stayed and got out because they didn't have a place to go to. mike: adam, stay safe, thank you very much. reporter: joining me with the latest from miami, brian llenas. >> i'm in downtown miami on
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biscayne boulevard. this is where bayside is. and biscayne bay is 200 feet that way. this easily flooded. you can see the wind whipping off the water. that's some of the flooding just from the rain. that's not storm surge. we have seen rapid gusts come in. we'll see 30-40-mile-an-hour winds. then all of a sudden a gust wind comes in that throws you off a little bit. it underscores the point that conditions can change so rapidly. authorities have been talking about, once the eye of the storm was forecasted to go west, a lot of floridians and i'm one of them, i group down here. when you see the eye move away
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you think the severity of the storm sconts be that bad. but this storm is. it's 400 miles wide. it doesn't make the hurricane gusts any less dangerous. we are talking about an area where we'll see this type of weather for 24 hours. we are just starting now. when you have that constant bombardment of wind and rain. 130-140-mile-an-hour winds. it can cause real damage. our photographer can zoom in on the metro mover. you can see one thing falling off because i don't see anymore. we are seeing some parts come off of that metro mover. parts of the palm trees are coming down it's part of the reason why this area was
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evacuated. the construction material, and of course the storm surge. we may not be getting the big storm surge here. but biscayne bay is right there. and so we are expecting some type of flooding. as you can see here, i'm out here reporting and all of a sudden the gusts will come and just move it around. the conditions here are deteriorating. you can still hear me, right? we have an app called my radar. it shows you, this is where we are at. what you see here is a little bit of rain, right? we are not even in the yellow part of the red part causing tornadoes in broward county and the entire south florida region
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is under a tornado watch. we have had tornadoes in fort lauderdale 30 miles from here. that's the danger with these squalls. that's what causes that rotation. and that rotation can cause tornadoes. and we have seen some of that. so it's a situation that by all means you do not let your guard down despited the fact the eye is going stover key west. this storm is so massive. you will be seeing these conditions until tomorrow night from what we understand. reporter: we'll be checking in with you in the hours to come. thank you. mike: adam klotz is tracking irma live in the weather center. adam: we have seen it ever since last night moving along the northern coast of cuba finally beginning to make that turn
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northward up towards the southern coast of florida. here is the track starting to move that direction. areas in miami, and stronger winds as a result. this radar loop, you see winds briefly jumping up close to 7 to miles an hour in the keys. when this one drops off, that's because wind has knocked it out. in fort myers winds are getting up to 40-50 miles an hour. the rainfall coming in before the keys likely early tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m. or so. then you will watch this run up the western coast of florida as a category 3 storm. what we noticed in the last several hours is this has been slow to move off the coast of cuba. we are getting into the tampa area late sunday, perhaps even
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into early monday morning. there you are monday morning as well running you up into georgia, not until late on monday and lingering for folks into tuesday. here is the moving this, and the big concern is we begin to pay attention. early tomorrow, all that wind we are talking about will create a huge storm surge. 5-10 feet for folks along the florida keys. you are talking about 10-15 feet of storm surge. then finally running up the coast a little bit farther we are going to take you to tampa where we are look at 5-10 feet. that's just the base level of the water. so folks who were typically close to water level it will be 10 feet higher, any waves we see rolling in. that will be on top of that.
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that's why storm surge should be so dangerous. mike: daytona beach and surrounding areas preparing for the worst. we'll have a live report from daytona beach coming up. president trump getting briefed on the latest preparations for the storm. that's next. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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top networks. and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity, the future of awesome. mike: president trump and vice president pence are keeping an eye on hurricane irma from camp david. president trump discussed the impact of irma on florida and the northeast. >> we pray for the families of those affected by hurricane irma and hurricane harvey. but we are as prepared as we can be. all of america grieves for those who already lost their lives. we have had many lives lost
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already from hurricane irma and it hasn't hit us yet it's a storm of tremendous destructive power. meade all instructions, get out of it way, and government officials, i know you are work so hard, and i appreciate your bravery. safety has to come first. get out of it way. my administration is monitoring the situation round the clock and we are in constant communications with all the governors with the state and local officials. we are doing everything possible to help save lives and support those in need. we have never seen anything like this. together we'll restore and rebuild. molly: many floridians were left scrambling last minute to find
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shelter and make unexpected preparations. steve hair gains in naples, florida. reporter: we are seeing light wind and light rain. that's expected to move to tropical storm force wind. naples, the city of 20,000 is pretty much a ghost town. all the stores and restaurants shut down. most of of them boarded up with plywood. the county under mandatory evacuation. people have been taking this very seriously here. they have seen the death and destruction. we have seen sheriffs going door to door to get people out in the last minute. because of the changing nature of this form where people thought he was heading. 15,000 people are in shelters.
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to one point of the 20 shelters open, 18 were at capacity. in some areas of this region they opened up stadiums and they were 4 to 5-hour waits. often it's multi generations, families, young, old, pets. a senior citizen home here in naples relocated to tallahassee. it was a 10-hour ride. when they got there, no bedding, just chairs. to be safe from this storm you almost have to get out of the state entirely. we could see a very different picture, a different geography of this state depending on how this storm shapes out. we could get 7-10 inches of rain. we could get catastrophic wind
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disruption. and the real damage could come in the naples area anywhere from 10-15 feet. that would subject morning the first floor or single-level houses. molly: you have a sparkling backdrop behind you. it's hard to imagine what we'll be seeing tomorrow morning. what sort of assets are staged. we know there are assets over the state line. how ready is naples for what comes tomorrow and the days after and weeks or months. reporter: we talked to some three or fourth generation floridians and it's hard to believe it can go from gentle rainfall to trees being uprooted
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and roofs being torn off buildings. we have seen confusion about the nature of where this storm is going to land. so we had people coming from the east coast trying to evacuate and they stepped into it. there has been a great effort by local authorities to open more shelters and get people to those shelters. the sheriffs have gone door to door with megaphones to get people out. the sheriffs and the first responders could be in danger themselves. government buildings in naples are not strong enough to survive more than a category 3 storm. we could see emergency responders being evacuated here tomorrow. molly: you were just standing in the floodwaters in harvey, now here you are waiting for irma. stay safe. mike: thousands of florida residents waiting out hurricane
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florida monday. there will be 18 inches of rain in the state and up to 25 inches in the keys. hurricane conditions will be felt across the west coast beginning sunday morning. tropical storm conditions will be felt across the morning area. -- the warning area. there will be life-threatening winds tonight. this is a serious threat of significant storm surge along the entire west coast of florida and it has increased 15 feet impact above grand level. tampa will see a surge of 5-8 feet. we also have an increase in flooding of rivers throughout the peninsula. this is clearly a life-threatening situation. remember, the storm surge comes
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after the strongest winds. do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. local officials will let you know when it is safe. the storm surge will rush in and it could kill you. when it happens the storm water just rushes in and rushes out. with the storm's latest track families in the panhandle need to be on alert. in tallahassee we'll experience hurricane-force winds and families need to prepare now. if you have been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. this is your last chance to make a good decision. evacuations are in place in areas across the state. 6.5 million floridians have been
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ordered to evacuate. now is the time to do the right thing for your family. molly: final preparations are being made in the tampa bay area. joining me on the phone is the clear water mayor. >> thank you for having me on. we had a busy day. instead of watching football we have been preparing for a hurricane. and not the miami hurricanes. molly: we were just listening to the government state an talked about the great concerns regarding high winds, storm surges, flooding. you are in the area expected to get the big monster storm. >> the governor has done a great job of crisscrossing the state to warn floridans.
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the latest track that it just saw on our local news is that we may have the eye of the storm come over pinellas county which includes clearwater and st. petersburg. it's amazing how this storm has locally inched west. as it does so, the storm surge will come into the tampa bay area and potentially cause major problems the governor was suggesting. molly: are members of the communities, the residents, heeding the calls from their local officials? are they following orders that have been put out? >> clearwater is a tourist-based communities. all of our hoteliers have worked with us to evacuate their guests.
9:30 pm
when the request to evacuate came out yesterday, a vast majority of them immediately followed the directions of our county officials. i visited with some of the shelters saturday morning. one of them had already filled up. we were in the process early last evening saturday night to open new shelters to make sure we don't turn anybody away. so yes our residents have prepared. we now closed access to all of our beach communities here in pinellas county. if somebody there is, they will be able to leave the beach but we are not allowing anybody else to cross over our bridges to get back on the beach until after the storm passes and we can assess the damage. molly: it seems we cover
9:31 pm
hurricanes so often and people are always weathering the storm. but it seems in this case people took the warnings to get out of dodge early. >> you hate to have to say this, but i think we saw what happened in texas and in houston. and i think people realized that a life is much more important than trying to be stubborn and staying in your home. molly: we appreciate a few moments your time tonight. we are thinking of you all and wishing you have the best luck in the coming showers and days. >> we appreciate the fact that tour news media is staying on top of this. we especially appreciate our first responders and the volunteers trying to help the people in need who have evacuated. >> thank you for sharing all the information you have. we appreciate it.
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mike: florida bracing for hurricane irma expected to hit the sunshine state in just hours. nearly 7 million floridians have been ordered to evacuate. those staying behind are urged to find shelter at airports as far north as daytona beach. rick, how is it looking there? rick: they are talking about hurricane-force winds not arriving until tomorrow night. the lights are still on here. but not a lot of people home.
9:37 pm
one establishment is serving some of the power crews who have come to daytona to stage here as soon as worst of the storm passes. you can seat store fronts along -- you can see for fronts are board up along main street. this is the pier that leads to joe's crab shack. primarily every business here in daytona beach. they are bracing for the storm. low-lying areas. it's unclear how many people heed that warning. but you can seat boardwalk on a saturday night, 12:35, there is virtually nobody out here. we see a few people coming out to check out the surf. but it's been encroaching on the road. not that bad yet.
9:38 pm
but one of the state troopers we met out here said he had to call a couple people out who were understood the pier playing in the water. one of the interesting things we saw was at daytona international speedway it's serving as a staging area by florida power and light which serves about half the power customers in the state of florida. they have five million power customers. they predict they could lose three million of those customers in this storm. so they staged hundreds of trucks at daytona international speedway, waiting for the storm to possible. the guys who operate those trucks are also spree cutters. they are being staged here in
9:39 pm
daytona beach and they will head out as soon as the storm passes monday or tuesday. tropical storm force winds sunday afternoon, then hurricane force winds potentially. mike: i know you covered many hurricanes over these on fox. does irma feel different to you? rick: i lived in miami when andrew hit. that was a horrific storm. it did $26 billion worth of damage. it was scary. and the results were devastating. this storm was bigger and badder, but we are not in the middle of it, mike, so it's hard to gauge wait felt like then to
9:40 pm
how sit feels now. here on daytona beach it am not that bad. we may get hurricane-force winds tomorrow night. we'll see damage from it and there will be effects from it. but the people in naples and the west coast i feel for them. if it's worse than andrew i feel for them, they are in for a difficult few weeks. molly: the tampa area has not taken a direct hit from a major hurricane in nearly a century. the new projected path puts the tampa area right in her cross-hairs. joining me from tampa is mike tobin. are the people will in the community getting ready to feel like they are prepared. reporter: it feels like most of of the people are prepared. even some of the people who
9:41 pm
elected to stay. we are 27 feet above sea level, but that should put us above the flood zone. you talk to people who live in condos on higher floors seem like they think they can ride out the storm. while it is calm like it is right now, this is an opportunity for people in those low-lying areas to make a break for it. go while you still have a chance before the storm kicks up. if you are defying the order you are breaking the law. no one is going to arrest you for breaking the law, but he says no one is going to show up and rescue you for making a bad decision and putting deputies in harm's way to rescue you.
9:42 pm
>> we are not going out there to get them in 100-mile-an-hour winds. you get to make the bad decisions in life, but you also bear the consequences of those bad decisions. reporter: at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon authorities expect tropical force winds to move into the tampa area and they will stay for nine hours according to local authorities. for nine hours those winds will batter away at structures, things like mobile homes will have a hard time enduring that kind of wind. that's why it's a mandatory evacuation with mobile homes. 2:00 monday the storm surge is expected to arrive on the back end of the hurricane. that will bring the waters up and they will stay up through 10:00, they will stay up through
9:43 pm
high tide which is expected at 6:30 local time. you will have a lot of water bringing the bay up over its banks. some 15 feet if you consider the waves added to it. that's why they are talking about the mandatory evacuation zones. so the people now, it's calm here, you have got a chance to get out. if you are doubting our decisions, make a break for it, find a friend, find high ground. molly: we heard the governor pleading with people to take their family's lives into consideration. i get that sense from you how dangerous you think this one can be. stay safe. mike: hurricane irma's path shift west putting tampa and
9:44 pm
naples in its path. but that doesn't mean the east coast is out of harm's way. joining me is the mayor of hollywood, florida. >> we are in the middle of a tropical storm conditions here. it started around i would say 7:00 p.m. the wind started picking up, the gusts getting stronger. the first rain band that came in through the southeast coast of the peninsula was real strong, lots of lightning, tornado warning. most of of the early evening. it was a tense early afternoon, now we are looking at a stable 44 miles per hour sustained winds. but look at our own forecast, we'll be peaking between 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow with steady 50-plus-mile-an-hour wind and gusting to category 1 wind gusts of 75 to 88 miles per
9:45 pm
hour, according to the detailed forecast. >> when you look at the size of this storm, it appears it will make a mess of much of florida. what are the concerns about your immediate area at this point? >> right now everybody is hunkered down. we are looking at the impact, trees down. right now our biggest issue is power outages. we have 2,000 people in the city withoucity -- without power. so the concern is how many days following this event will it take the until power and light company to restore power. mike: does irma feel different to you? >> i'll tell you, this one is so large, it's south and east of
9:46 pm
key west, yet we are still here in the metro broward county, fort lauderdale, miami area feeling the impact. the beads and the size of the store is aweing. mike: is your best advice to sit tight and ride it out? >> we are tonight. the whole county declared curfew at 3:00 p.m. the roads are completely deserted. everybody is following the orders from law enforcement and public safety personnel. everybody is board up or in a shelter. we have 35,000 people in shelters in broward county. everybody acted responsibly. it's been a few days we have been getting ready here. we are as battened down as we
9:47 pm
can be. we are taking it on the chin and we'll keep going with that again. we are at 44 miles per hour sustained. to the whole day from 1:00 and it won't start settling down until 24 hours from now. so it will be a constant beatdown for a solid day. mike: josh levy, the mayor of hollywood. molly: hurricane irma potentially gaining strength as it comes towards florida. governor rick scott urging people to evacuate. he will join "fox news sunday" with chris wallace tomorrow.
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molly: even though miami may not
9:52 pm
see a direct hit from the storm, the destruction could be just as damaging. joel, you are already in the water. how are things looking right now? >> at the moment trying to struggle to stay upright. i'm a 170-pound man. since we landed in miami wednesday they talked about two factors. one is the wind, and the other is storm surge. if you take a look over here, this street is starting to flood out. biscayne bay is to my right. we are noticing it's starting to overflow its banks. there was a 3-foot space there and they were predicting 12-20 feet of storm surge. they reduces those numbers, but that water is definitely coming
9:53 pm
over the banks of biscayne bay. the with it is coming east as you would expect, counter clockwise. a lot of the water, the rain water is bouncing off the building. the third component that has a lot of people worried is the amount of rain. that was not in the equation until recently. now they are saying up to 20 inches of rain. that will be catastrophic as well. coming out here we saw a palm tree split in half. right now we are getting a little bit of a lull with this wind. i worked in miami west palm beach and miami and i have never seen residents of florida actually heed the warning. people took off, got out of dodge it's the smartest thing they would ever do. the rising rain for miami,
9:54 pm
necessity think they are safe because the storm is going up the west side of florida. but they are being told over and over the storm is bigger than the state of texas. you don't mess with texas because it's so big. but irma is bigger than texas itself. we saw a couple people drive by. one individual who is having nun the wind, some of the wind being blocked. these gusts have got to be 50-60 mile range. keep in find irma is not coming for another 10 hours. molly, mike. molly: sometimes it's not the wind or storm surge, but floodwater can be dangerous. so there are a lot of things to consider. thank you for your reporting
9:55 pm
tonight. mike: thousands of members of the florida national guard reporting for duty as hurricane rrp churns towards the state. >> this storm has taken lives already, and it will take more unfortunately if we are not prepared. please take it seriously. hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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mike: as irma continues to move slowly towards the florida keys, tampa is bracing for their first hurricane in more than a century. what are your biggest concerns at this hour? >> our biggest concerns are the storm surge we are turning to get updates from the national shirk center. we have been monitoring that every six hours. we are take it very seriously. mike: did the plan change when you learned irma shifted and headed for tampa? >> we have been activated since monday. we have been tracking this storm. we have been monitoring this and prepositioned to be ready to pounce on it. mike: how are your shelters in
10:00 pm
tampa? are they full at this point? >> many of the shelters are full. the american red cross helped out greatly. we are continuing to get all those vulnerable areas and evacuation levels. we want to make sure people in evacuation level zone a are out of those areas and into sherlts or in family and friends' homes out of those areas. this is a fox news alert. the state of florida feeling the effects of hurricane irma as a category 3 storm aproachts the


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