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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 9, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> >> just as we picked back up with a 130 miles an hour we have a bed riding along the
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coast and now back out into open waters that is what you need to fuel these things so back up to a category four storm at this hour. from here until early tomorrow morning. wind gusts up to the '60s this one has already ben was knocked out that will happen as this system gets closer and closer. this will be on the move. going of the west side of florida but the initial area is a steed hurricane force winds and but we think the best will cover the entire state has some point but the
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east side will deal with power outages it is a landfall w morning it will be a category three but then especially if it reacts with the post that will slow this down moving over the tampa area and then moving up into you georgia. finally winding down the longer becoming a hurricane. and talking about a big system. here you are at 7:00 a.m. with as outer band.
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and running up along naples or four buyers continuing to run up closer to the tampa area. so beginning to see some changes but we finally have that landfall in eyesight with it five or six hours. >> and estimated 70,000 floridians are huddled in shelters in the key is where she is expected to make her way up the west coast. the national weather service reported the first gassed a sure sign that the full force of hurricane ermine is not far behind. >> hurrican irma is now a
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category for again?. >> yes. but if it is of her 12 hours we have had some significant rain gassed it has gotten more violent as the day is long. here in key largo you can see the rain coming down heavily. but the bayside it was a little bit calmer. so the entire key is like this. so all sorts of problems
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coming from this. so the i will cross closer to key west which at 1.this is where was supposed to cross. it does not matter we will still get battered over the next 12 through 18 hours. all lots of people did get out. a lot of people that stayed for storms even after a 25 years ago they change their mind with the pitchers of the caribbean that the power and the fury of the storm broke. >> please safeguard your production we applaud you for the efforts.
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but talking about something people take for granted this should not be messed with. it is a dangerous storm. >> absolutely. we don't want to become a part of the story. but most people that stated if -- they understand by looked over here to my right. it is definitely moving north it has been battering and since 10:00 this morning but over here even the last 45 minutes there is a significant change it would be horribly brutal with the lack of a way to explain it.
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>> there will be a storm surge somewhere in that area >> that already started a couple hours ago. we wetback to check where we were and thought he is only a mile wide at the most of the oceanside is over the top of the docks of billions down the road and about 3 feet we do expect a storm surge over here but we don't know how much. is so difficult to forecast the won simple thing it is a massive and violent hurricane. >> what will you be doing over the next few hours?.
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>> the first thing is to find a place to stay that has been rated category five safe windows only to have shutters we live in a vault of a room. of the second floor and as the eye gets closer we will shoot out of the window. >> take care of the weld check in with developments but in the meantime people are tweeting to say make sure that use day say. >> that is our first priority. >> day shift of the hurricane irma path which
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means tamposi be i instead of miami so now we will check-in with tampa right now with the latest. >> the latest is so remarkable the contrast between what he sees in the keys and what we have here. it is so called we have not seen any rain that all. but now there is no rain folly that the momentum of the skies are clear not even a breeze and all the lights are working but the people had heeded the call to evacuate the do have some stragglers the bars will close an hour they have a choice of the go home. we went to one of these
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shelters earlier it is terribly sad. one woman was frazzled she had taken her belongings, trying to find a shelter and then running out of gas and it has to sit in ride this out you don't know if you will have a house but the shelters were filling up and authorities are glad for that they keep stressing to people who defied those evacuation zones that is essentially all of those people that are below 15 feet of sea level it is called the we are rapidly arriving to the point where people cannot get out and the rescuers can not get them. they are anticipating massive power outages half a million people to lose power we will be a matter to restore power but building
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after moves through it will build around 2:00 tomorrow it will last nine hours then this sort surge -- then the storm surge. >> hurricane irma will make the way up the west coast but the eastern side is not out of danger. it will affect the entire state coast to coast 6.5 million people have evacuated and the others are prepared to ride it out. >> i have seen a loss of life that is taken lives already please take it seriously.
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. >> following the emergency manager for the city of miami regarding hurricane irma so what have you taken for precautions that is now a category four storm?. >> we have spent preparing
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for days the police department right now augmenting their normal patrol doing what they normally do with that extra of personnel over the last three days we have cleaned up as much as we could we got the message out and to take the brunt of the of hurricane. and start doing those assessments with the search and rescue operations. >> so everybody issued a warning about people
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evacuating but this is a storm that affects the entire state. the matter where they go to run for cover they could be impacted so what do they say?. >> you bring up a great point the ability to evacuate at this point where it you go? they are chased by the hurricane so now we have to shelter in place and hunker down to ride this out and as soon as the hurricane goes through all of the first responders can come out to provide whatever services are needed. >> so what danger does this storm posed because they could be in harm's way or
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could not stand a the wind force of a category for? because naples is built for a category three. we face those same hazards and dangers some will be affected but that storm surge in some areas will show that critical infrastructure all of these departments affected have already moved their assets into areas that are safe like miami beach their fleet and personnel is in our station so they can respond as soon as the hurricane has gone through. we offer a and assistance to each other. >> that is good with the interagency is relating with
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each other. stakes for joining us this evening. >> the forces of nature do not discriminate all of the of mercy of the killer storm. >> rushing to the aid of the most vulnerable when their lives are in danger.
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. >> as hurricane irma inches closer to landfall floridians are bearing down for those that our particular the former cold but the next guest is working to help those who cannot protect themselves. we have a supervisor of the powered county soil and water conservation district they give for joining us during this difficult time.
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you are helping people with disabilities and lower income communities? if you will continue after word so what challenges do they face to evacuate?. >> actually those that cannot afford to leave florida. actually we are assisting those that need evacuation with resources such as water pre-hurricane and post hurricane so basically to make sure there is a station in that they have those resources that they need. >> 185,000 people without
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power. >> i am one of those folks. >> you don't have power either but i assure the people are so grateful for your sacrifice what about price gouging? there are so the complaints already with the attorney general's office is that impacting your aid effort?. >> not necessarily. but the folks who cannot afford it basically we tell them not to report that
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basically. >> there are so many concerns and flooding and power outages tornadoes are a big risk. brown word county and first was right in the center now the i will beyond the gulf coast but clearly your area is experiencing a heavy impact is a ready with all of those issues?. >> i am very proud that people know where the resources are coming from to know who to call. it has been mine agency more as a grass-roots effort but we can get through to the of
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their agencies and they can tell them where to go to. we want to be sure that people know where to go. >> thank you so much for what you are doing and best of luck thanks for joining this tonight. >> hurricane irma take eastern to the of florida westcoast staring down the of beryl of the first hurricane of the century but it will span the entire state in the east coast is still in for quite a storm. valley ever see your correspondent joining us now from the thai beach where right now does not appear to be a threat those of though blast will face? even if
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they definitely dodged a bullet but they know they will be dealing with tropical storm force winds around 3:00 tomorrow through late sunday night they put boards of the windows and have shut things down to be mostly vacant except for those utility workers they have staged their trucks that the daytona speedway. florida power and light there could be millions of people without power the next couple of days and those could last weeks there is a lot of power utility workers clearing trees and daytona international that handles half of the customers of the state have 5 million customers telling
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us 3.4 million of those will lose power so roughly 70%. millions of people who could be in the dark after this barrels through. >> in years past we regenerator northeast area four superstorm sandy now it is our turn we are pleased we could assemble the work force that continues to grow. >> as soon as though winds die down to the point so for what they think would be an extensive damage over the state. >> more than 185,000 without power in florida as hurricane irma is on the path toward the united states. >> we will be tracking this all night long and will be back with much more.
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. >> as we've mentioned the national weather service said the hurricane force winds gusting in the florida keys not expected to hit and tell later sunday morning but 85,000 homes and businesses are already without power and now we will go to key largo where the full impact is still hours away but obviously it is significant already. >> yes. we are feeling those significant winds they are coming in the past for nearly 12 hours the power is pretty much out with a significant portion but nobody is on the road one of the viewers asked about though windham what we have been checking in between
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consistently but then we get a test that comes through and when it hits you the way that it does then you hear a whistle between the of buildings as well. and then there is another forecast coming up after this. but right now there are still people here. those that understand the significance of this hurricane. many people who have never evacuated before but did this time. butted is a good thing that they did. these trees are really bending over the water still has not come up on this side
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but the storm surge starts on the other side of the oceanside and this is the bayside. so coming up if it is a straight course over 40 miles from where i am standing directly. >> so the storm surge will not be fully impacting and tell monday's so there are two phases you get one then slammed by the other?. >> yes. we will get the storm surge before that because we're already getting that on the other side of the island and it is only 1 mile already they are under 3 feet of water moving towards the interstate which is the block and a half of the point i know that interstate very well so the difference between here and houston
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there is no way for it to go down were to permeates it will continue to rush across hurricane andrew was only a couple feet on this side but the riverside was near six what so with the rain could be as much as 20 inches as well as battering the keys over 12 hours. >> thank you so much. stay safe. >> now with the fox news extreme weather center, what is the latest of a category for?. >> it is picking up because we're getting away from cuba. it ran right along the coast late last night so justin those last several hours
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getting back over some water to pick up the energy and as it continues to work its way closer we start to see some of these our behans with the wind gust, those will continue to pick up as b.c. this currently moving very quickly going closer and closer to the florida keys and once it begins to make landfall it will go back down to a the category three. but as it pushes its way will state -- see the storm surge climb throughout southern florida and eventually category three moving into tampa tomorrow night to that as many will see the storm surge of the backside. all because of the circulation when the wind is
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blowing then it is the south end of the storm. it will hit georgia late monday's we still have a full 24 hours began climbing up the coast. initially you did see the land fall around 10:00 so dealing with this tomorrow it will be a long day for them. >> and those are low-lying areas naples and tampa are almost sea level. >> bills could go miles. >> so dangerous. the wind from hurricane irma is spending palm trees is in miami but that projected track spare is a direct hit so explain how you were doing down there. >> 38 through 50-mile an hour wind so we have paid
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down tree in bayside downtown miami in this is what we're seeing throw south florida and may not be like key west for the west coast but if you look over here you will start to see flooding. this is localized flooding. it is not a surge this is downtown miami. this is what officials are trying to tell people. yes you were scared from the worst of the storm but you will experience tropical storm window and hurricane best because of the size of the storm and as that continues to make its way north and west, the i will get closer to naples in no
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way are we out of the woods at all. with those squalls do not go outside or go by the beach or anything like that. expects to be without power a few days or a few weeks at least. >> we can see the wind is picking up during esp update from miami but that power is still on the best advice is to not walk into the water because the power lines can fall down with a possibility to be electrocuted. >> the eye of hurricane irma is a few hours away from the florida keys civic the national weather service
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>> aid directed by irma is for naples florida said the city's communications managers we have to rescue is your city prepared?. >> good morning. i will tell you we are prepared. we have been working and working and working on this about two weeks ago we had our staff to do a mock the event certainly not of this magnitude but ironically we had done that so we are most definitely prepared. naples has many thousands of people with the employee's salary here to get through this and once we are through the storm to get back together again. >> what is the concern of the storm surge or what
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could come as a result of that storm? now back at category for your not a high elevation you are close to sea level what impact would that have?. >> that would have a huge impact to the city as well as the county. adds that time we made sure the storm drains and everything we can do do get out of here as best we can. >> those living in miami went to naples to live the storm now finding themselves in the storm's path so what is your best advice?.
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>> the best thing i would say is they need to find a place inside obviously your right many people came from fort lauderdale or miami area and we expected some people would come over but obviously we have the impact of so many people we did not expect that part that we have 27 shelters open. i don't know to the moment off the top of my head but the majority are filled that is unprecedented. also 2.0 it is very unusual that we had hurricane donna 1960 on this date, september 10th to come through naples and unfortunately it wiped it
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out pro the city did rebuild bigger and better so we are prepared for the worst but hoping for the vast -- the best. >> we are hoping that history will not repeat itself on this september tend to do not want to see that happening. thank you for joining us we pray for your safety called those living in harm's way. >> thank you. >> millions of floridians have been ordered to evacuate but some are writing it out by choice or necessity. a pediatrician from miami has chosen to stick it out
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and also stayed through hurricane will the and joins us now. so if you can just say are you stating to take care of patients? you are likely to use -- to lose power so what is that like working without power?. >> it is not easy trying to examine patients but you can make do but i do remember with hurricane wilma we have no power for a week and that was not so bad because
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people in the area had no power three-year four weeks we did the best we could with candles and windows we could use all of our spaces but without refrigeration we cannot have the immunizations or injections but really that was the most important thing. >> is your office located in miami?. >> my office is in in coral gables mandatory evacuation zone. >> your wife and two and children ahead are two 1/2 and four are still staying with you?. >> we did the powerhouse.
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because it is in the evacuation zone that the family is going to stayed together we have places that we could stay and friends with in the evacuation zone so everybody is safe. >> dr. kramer we commend you on your good work staying behind with all those medical issues and best of luck to you and your patience -- patient. >> thank you. >> a lot of people are watching and calling the code of certainty we are
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standing by with details so this storm will move the way that it wants to move but we do know we will hit florida. >> that has given us a lot of information. it was moving to the west in this happened in the last several hours now it will run to the florida keys and running up throughout the day this is just the last several hours to get the cochlear radar images so this motion you were getting negative out kirby and running into portions of southern florida continuing to move about 6 miles an
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hour eventually making landfall in the florida keys early tomorrow morning so pay attention hear we are very early in the morning here is your eye wall of moving across the keys 7:00 a.m. with the heaviest behan's of rain ready to rock the florida coast. going to naples for fort myers yes it is heavy rain before that but don't think it will be called before this is the eye wall so burning up the coast maybe entirely but hovering the coastal area into georgia by monday that is the track we are highlighting it will bring a lot of water. this will be one of the biggest concerns near
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10 feet near the keys but this will be between naples or fort myers then of course, the area we are paying close attention to is another fiber than feet. it is the next 24 hours. >> hurricane irma is making its move slowly to the mainly ended we will be back to give you details of hurricane irma. stay with us. my name is jeff sheldon,
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