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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 10, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. . >> forces of nature are threatening to ruth ravage again after hurricane harvey is hurricane irma one of the most violent storms in history. >> the size of this is incredible. >> 400 miles wide. >> hurricane irma category four storm again and is on track foray a direct strike on the west coast after her
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deadly march through the caribbean still hours away from land. >> a state of the emergency has been declared in all 67 counties more than 180,000 homes and businesses are without power and more than 6 million people are at their mercy. hurricane irma packing 130-mile per hour winds but forecasters are warning it is climbing. >> going up the coast line as hurricane irma zeroes in but the florida keys have been feeling the power of the storm for some time now now from key largo with the latest. >> it continues in the year getting battered here. the first evacuation orders
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were for the keys we got here wednesday morning people were already getting out. they continued to move out with those pictures of the caribbean they said they are getting a level that is the same type of typography so this is but a ghost town for a couple of days. there are people that stayed the wind is really picking up. once the stars to fly we move. with this is the best it has really picked up but the sustained winds are between 35 and 50 miles per hour but the best is picking up. we're on the bayside or the west side so i can only
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imagine they are getting the battering less than a mile where we are the leader in the little bit protected area protected by the of large hotels so imagine on the other side where the wind hits straightaway. as i look around the area is battered continually since ted:00 this morning. >> it continues to get battered they say they thought it was going to go way but now it is category four there is cause for concern for the wind that will come back around. >> yes. that is a good point that the storm would go up the east coast but what that means peas and south florida
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will now get the dirty side which is much more difficult i have been on both sides very clearly defined one is we don't want to get. is just the sheer size of that. even back in 2004 that was a big hurricane that came ashore we can go down the list but this is so big, 400 miles wide the eye patches about 40 miles to the west so you will get the significant battering throughout the keys so we have been arguing and
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pleading with people we and our stand that emergency personnel understand this and everybody else to live as your to ride this out to not ride this out in a motor home. >> or any type of mobile home they will be devastated for sure especially when the anchor's give way. >> yes. i will walk over here for one second. you hold the lights were just left on for safety concerns and nobody is inside but you don't know or not. you hoped nobody tries to ride this out on the boat he
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thinks somebody may have. >> stay safe. >> watching adam all day long adazzle be mentioned negative shift in the path of hurricane irma st. petersburg will see the brunt of this storm some people say tampa so now what that means is that a gulf coast cities are bracing for the worst now we are live in tampa with the very latest so this could be very troubling for the people living in st. petersburg and those further to the south like sarasota or siesta key everything is in jeopardy. >> particularly the low lying areas but it is remarkable as you he your
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adam's life shot just how different it is from key largo where we can see them battered florida where now it is projected to take fell hardest hit is pretty called only the of bars are closing at 3:00 in the morning. the lights are still on nbc powered trucks ready to go into action happened laypeople all loan if you mentioned some of those locations ultimately will talk about a storm surge with though with the event than the storm surge a year of the people and those low-lying areas are at risk. 15 feet to below sea level
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are areas that could end up underwater but their problem with that according to the county share of is that most people are respecting the order but a significant number who are not. elected to ride that out in their homes. but the problem with that to get them you have to put their deputies a risk. there will be a point where nobody can't come save them. to make a break for it go to a shelter or a friend's house but there will come a point where nobody will come get them asking people to leave their homes in state bond after the we in the event and the storm surge to
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come back into those areas to do the assessment to make sure it is safe to return. >> i have somebody that we did that said they hope it turns right or left before it hits tampa i would just run for safety as you are right now. and so this is no time to be betting that this will go left or right i do respect him but that is a concern that i have and authorities have about they want to be sure they are using caution. >> with this storm is very large in diameter we're
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looking at forecast that as a hurricane level wind with the east coast to the west coast is moving up the west coast there will be damage across the entire state and to make a huge difference and we have seen a little bit of a wobble from side to side so out away from cuba this is exactly what we were expecting. as we watch this track this season getting a little rougher in the florida straits are running over some water remember a was a
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category three moving along cuba bit now up at 89 degrees temperature that is the heat to keep that fuel strong but what will slow that down making contact with way and again early tomorrow morning. this is the european model put into motion for you it does not have it this stamp of horsey petersburg there really has not slowed down looking at the heaviest rain and wind moving through naples and fort myers or tampa to marinate through the overnight hours tracking off to new georgia. it is still a very active situation with widespread went power outages.
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>> added say heavy statement as people will respond correctly. >> millions of floridians are asked to evacuate but many have chosen to ride out the storm including our next guest we have a residence from vero beach that is on the east coast are you under a mandatory evacuation?. >> no. we are just above the flood zone so we're 6 miles from the atlantic. >> power outages why you choose tuesday?. >> we were planning to go to
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atlanta it was either a batter go up north where we have family and as the storm began to shift on wednesday we would leave and by then resawed negative shifting and we made a decision to be prepared i felt very comfortable with the decision tuesday. >> the tickets to the point they make the decision within the ec the gas of the highway and the traffic and people were just stranded. do you have food to last a while?. >> we could not find water
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all week and tall thursday there is no bottled water in the town but now we have plenty. >> we heard about price gouging had used the that?. >> we have seen some of that it was expected but a lot of people have chosen tuesday. but even those families at least in this community but did this terrible out there we did that one time in 2004 from year to gainesville it took 60 hours so to avoid that was a good choice.
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>> do you have power?. >> yes. a lot of stormy news today with tornado warnings and there was 110 minutes south of us in real watching closely but we are trusting god to get us through. >> but there were people from your area who decided to evacuate to a safer place such as the gulf coast. >> now they have to turn around people went to tea at the now they are headed back. is crazy. >> we're hoping for your safety.
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>> hurricane irma inching closer to florida not long after sunrise will be landfall and is expected to be catastrophic. >> how that measures up to past hurricanes along with those latest conditions. >> the size of this hurricane is incredible i went period trooper pro -- andrew.
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. >> we are back where it hurricane irma up in tel now hurricane andrew is the most destructive 25 years ago during the of the greatest damage in homestead white being the city off the map now we have a offical who was there when andrew struck so if you look at this storm, a category four, 400 miles wide, but hurricane irma what is your recollection as you recall what happened with andrew?. >> first of all, is a pleasure to be on your show. it is interesting.
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this hurricane irma is much more devastating man and girl. andrew was much smaller but it did not affect the scope of the cities and municipalities of hurricane irma are affecting. so what that means it is difficult to get access into the affected areas where there is flooding and wind damage to the east and west. >> what are your concerns of your family members?. >> i have family members on marco island and they have gone to naples the number one with marco island is flooding it is just south of naples is in the nine or 10
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for a storm surge which will be devastating on the oceanside and the bayside. >> so they went to naples we spoke with a communications director and they are prepared for whatever will take place when that category four storm hits the air sometime tomorrow afternoon. but keep in mind this storm surge could be big impact in naples which the communications director agreed to they have to prepare for that as well. >> no question. naples is not as susceptible as marco island but it will certainly be impacted. keep in - - keep in mind they have not see this type of storm in over 50 years so it is concerning but
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hopefully the of pre-positioning of the assets will allow people to get in there as soon as possible. >> as a former fema official what do they have to do to get in there quickly after the storm surge is over to get their lives back to normal?. >> assuming the storm stays on the west, and they will have to come in from the east. they will have to do helicopter search and rescue did major assistant and then pulled debris and get up the power grid and then the power will soon follow but if that does not happen in the next two or three weeks at the absolute latest hopefully within fivers seven days there will be a lot of uneasiness.
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>> it will be a massive undertaking the president already has his team prepared looking at all of that all assets not just the the the military including coast guard. we are praying for your family and all people in the state of florida with this monster storm coming. >> best of hope to you and your family. >> followed -- florida power and light expects millions to lose power as it moves through the state. >> those that did in the shelter and evacuated we will have more when our special coverage continues
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mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. . >> the incredible power of
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hurricane irma we saw a the caribbean slowly advancing toward the of florida keys. buffeting the island chain is expected to make landfall sunday morning before making its way up the west coast. >> 6.5 million floridians under evacuation governor rick scott did not mince words earlier. >> you have been ordered to evacuate you need to leave now. this is your last chance to make a good decision. >> now we will check in with the fox news extreme weather center. >> the storm is between 60 and 70 miles from key west but that tight rotation is beginning to a possible the keys and all southern
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florida as it moves more toward the north we will see this initial strong surge and the outer been banned and talent makes land fall of the next several hours. currently category 4 will be here tomorrow around seven or eight in the morning that will fall to a category three but still major at that point running of the coast getting through the tip of the area you will be looking at severe weather but the actual eye wall area of st. petersburg is into the evening area eventually monday making it out of the state into georgia. there are several concerns how this is a widespread the
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event. thunderstorms and heavy rain and flooding across the entire state. everything that you look at is a cystine the hurricane force wind but everything in the orange is that wind gusts that hurricane level covering the whole stage at some point so absolutely everyone did in florida will have an opportunity to see the wind as 70 miles per hour everybody will get the rain and the entire coastline is under storm surge watches and warnings so the bulk of that at 15 feet so even though you
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are in the area without the exact eye wall it will be a storm felled by the entire stake over the next 36 hours. >> live from the fox extreme weather center. >> we were talking about the storm surge that is already hitting the city of miami. i do have a tweet to said we're visiting in miami on vacation crazy wind, the trees down and power out already they hope they can ride that out. >> it looks like we're getting a pretty powerful squall but i just want to tell you these gusts that policies you back this is
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why it is a dangerous. look at this. from where we're standing up there this is where it is coming from on the roof. the wind is pushing them that is why it is dangerous to be out here with this with that sharp it object can go through a window that you can see the flooding this is just from the rain not even the storm surge with this gave boulevard but it is about to get worse. i cannot stress enough we will get a better shot over
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here from the of metro's. >> that is a precarious situation and i am glad people are taking heed to stay off the streets you have to be do your job facing the safety guidelines but how bad can add that gatt with the wind damage alone?. >> obviously they expected the fluoridate - - the flooding when the first forecast came out. we will not get bad bet that we do expect it to get worse we expect the water to rise in downtown. >> we see that the power is still on one gentleman said the power has gone out he went for vacation.
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can you imagine to be in the middle of hurricane irma?. >> it has happened to a lot of people and they got stuck in the airport be the better not. some had to move to a shelter and they did not even get their baggage. appeared taking shelter in hotels without clothes. that is what has happened to a lot of tourists. so 160,000 people have already lost power with trees and power lines. the flooding has increased it has gone up by four or 5 inches since we has been here from localized arrayed. this is what we will start to see 24 hours when we can expect things to get worse. >> you are from florida.
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have you ever see that this bad?. >> yes. 2005 hurricane wilma i was in boca raton one that was the worst i have never experienced the same year we were hit by a katrina hurricane wilma hit us twice she was category 3. but i seek the sustained power of this over time going into monday will have had the effect of the situation bin to that is what we don't encounter now.
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so i have to tell you this is just the outer bands but it is not like what we will see of the west coast. it is just getting started. >> it is a cause of concern for many. especially with greasy stuff flying off of monorails so be careful. >> as brian was just saying being scared a direct hit fox news senior correspondent is on the eastern side at daytona beach. >> we're on atlantic avenue.
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it is late but not usually this empty completely devoid of cars most of those are police officers and utility workers from the power companies to react once the power goes out. not what they expected we were told they could get between three and 6 inches or eight and 12 inches during the storm itself causing severe flooding. but they're not getting the kinds of things for this part of florida but that power line situation will be dire they are fully prepared for that. in mandatory evacuation in
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order with those low-lying areas open across the lucia county so people were getting into those shelters to avoid this storm that we're told they could get tropical storm force went through monday afternoon and a hurricane force against starting late tomorrow night >> you are making a big mistake this is huge setting covers the entire state and accepting that as a reality. >> they think they are and it was learned from previous storms but that is what
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authorities have become much better at and why florida power and light with those utility trucks and using those locations with those repositioning of those assets so those utility workers to come and cut the trees down they are here and ready to roll. >> live from daytona proposed a safe. >> historically a strong hurricane even though hours from landfall feeling the effects. >> more than 80,000 homes without power as people prepared to ride out the storm.
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. >> to killer storms strike the coast line back-to-back with record-breaking force. is the tiny of nature unpredictable behavior or do we see a trend in weather patterns? our next guest from the university of miami joins us by phone. how unprecedented are these two storms?. >> between 12 for 15 years ago. it was a category four storm in 2004. but over the last 12 years we did not have a strong as a hurricane season as this
12:46 am
year. >> mother nature making up for lost time but there are peaks and valleys. >> correct. we have a certain period of time with though less strong storm so now this seems to be strung her that the last couple of years. >> rv devastated texas with the floods and damages will take hughes did years to recover. >> it will be making landfall bin hurricane irma is a much bigger and stronger storm with the wind so it would cover a much
12:47 am
broader area is experiencing different damage than houston. and some is not as much so the east part will also have a severe part like the of breaks it is much more complex. >> so talk about the severe flooding from harvey they said was due to heavy relentless rain but hurricane irma also has the rain began the storm surge. knu elaborate?. >> it has not produced a huge amount of rain but houston was due to this storm stalled in in that area for several days which
12:48 am
is fairly unusual with a large population and area. so it is parked right over houston so that accumulation of the rainfall was the problem of. bin even denied the that cumulative but at this same time year that coastal region looking at the cumulative effects of both the storm surge. >> faq for joining hands.
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>> floridians huddled in emergency shelters. >> what about those that refuse to heed to those warnings? so that conversation with one fearless person next. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet?
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. >> writing now a the hurricane joining as by phone how is it going?. >> pretty good with us not from the east it isn't so bad here yet. so the predictions or the forecast the course coming from naples and then say petersburg to tampa but perhaps i should ask you when was your condo build? 1998 with storm shutters. i feel comfortable that that
12:54 am
is when everybody gets in trouble with the storm surge. >> and above the sea level a couple hours down south with an elevation above sea level so that a storm surge just caused massive flooding for miles. that would have an impact because you have to figure out why do i do now? do you have preparations?. >> you have to make preparations i did to go higher rather than stay low but if the storm goes a little northwest but stays
12:55 am
close to the coast that will be pushed up by people have never seen before. and tampa bay is the largest in the state. >> why didn't you follow the governor's advice to leave?. >> i actually stayed because my parents decided tuesday. that is the truth to the matter. >> we're hoping the best for you with your parents and other relatives because we know how devastating this could be knowing that you
12:56 am
are safe and sound hopefully it will pass by. >> stay with us for the latest on hurricane irma more coverage right after the break. >> this is crazy. my name is jeff sheldon,
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so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. >> one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs in u.s. history is approaching. it is today hit within hours. >> if you have been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. this is your last chance to make a good decision. >> hello, everyone. i am trying for her. kelly: and i am kelly wright. we have been warned about hurricane ermine appeared so far living up to all the dreaded expectations, leaving behind a trail of death and unprecedented destruction.


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