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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 10, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: live coverage for you. julian neely live in tampa. rick leventhal in daytona beach. jackie: trish regan -- chris jenkins. reporter: that's right. if you haven't gotten out of naples community simply can't save, get a high placed a high place, get covered because it's coming. governor scott reading just minutes ago life-threatening storm surge is now occurring in the keys and is expected later this morning in southwest florida here in naples, florida. certainly the winds are picking up a little bit. 25 to 30 as you may see behind the rain. of course we are expecting much harder hit. i want to simply point out that it found a few hours earlier. kelly wright the communications director in collier county for naples. he said the real concern here is going to be that storm surge.
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take a listen. >> we had gone through and made sure that all of our storm drains and everything we can get out of the way to sort of get this water that will come in out of fear as best we can. todd: we are in the beachfront, the ocean 50 to 100 yards around us because the heavy stuff has not set in. as soon as that starts occurring, we will be out of here at the very gorgeous drive here along the beach in and go wait in land. they probably are they now but i'll just tell them again, the storms in the winds start coming back about pottering and if you
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and after that you get the flooding on this hit grip, and they say that storm surge is the worst thing coming out of the hurricane. todd: there's not a lot to stop the water. it's not we haven't seen a single why they say at this point don't get on the even call 9-1-1. you pointed out the and
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never one like it some point today. if you're watching from this area, that is is definite. you need to be security and safe out there the meantime, tampa bracing for the worse after a jackie: too late for is right there in tampa. what is 1921 is the last time a hurricane directly been a long time. i you live up the street from
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where actually come as soon as started going north and reporter: they got to the point they were getting down each other's throats and of the commotion going if people haven't gotten everything they gas, water you seen, that came
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the time it hit here the massive stay safe just a couple people here. you look around town not >> .i. don't know. we are in a mandatory zone a ride along where we far as the
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curfew, with you live from miami. obviously now in tampa. how long did it take you. it's about five we see between everyone who is here with trying to find even read on twitter last night everyone trying to get live in the weather center. we to a three or four. i'm guessing these a report in a is just as dangerous absolutely
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there is down to the those are the when set to 80 miles an hour. already seven off from the center of this and the hurricane went so far moving further to the west again, the in and a lot
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of water in the east coast of flooding up there. the storm surge across the naples area, five to 10 with the getting ready to beat him not making a landfall until he that doesn't the hurricane force
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winds kind of a worst-case scenario. georgia. that and tropical storm. everybody's seen this storm by the time and monday evening before it is gone. because the coastal areas of georgia trades were referred possibly two tornadoes touching down. can you verify that intel you have a landfall, you end up with tornadoes and we'll center of this going to the western part of florida the fort lauderdale area yesterday and we'll take a
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look plus inches, from the the authority everything will be fine in could require infrastructure rebuild to thanks, rick. hurricane irma wages, camp david, tweeting federal and irma praying with the cabinet for those in as america continues by
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, but we are prepared. we trade to president trump we turn trade today on the in the last 30 years. she joins us now on will ask at the same question asked everybody yesterday but decided
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and we are going to keep the have your mother guys decided to stick through this as well you have any hesitation, my think
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finally he had his head on, rain coming down it looked like. we are seeing the condition slowly worsen there. todd: we have prepared people for this. we been on air so many hours now trying to prepare people for what is to come. folks comments about to come. jackie: looks like he is back. can you hear us? hey, rick. reporter: don't know what happened. i can tell you, yeah, yeah. i'm headed towards evacuation position in daytona beach in low-lying areas and it appears that was respected because most of the businesses who left the beach in the streets have been relatively quiet for the last 24 hours. of course the next 24 to 36 hours will be the real test for this area. i want to show you what they are
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doing to prepare for the storm with the daytona international speedway. across the state of florida for florida power & light which supplies a city to have for the state. it has 710 million customers florida power & light. 5 million customers and it says as many as 3.4 million could lose power. that is why it's staging all these utility trucks that go to clear the debris before it can be repaired. 20 different locations including those tracks at daytona international speedway. they told me why this is so important. >> in years past we were in the greater northeast area for super storm c&d. and now it's our turn. we been able to assemble this which continues to grow. >> earlier today we spent some time at the volusia county sheriff's office and the heavy
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armor for us including two and maps. the military armored vehicles that are used across the nation now, some controversy about that. but they also serve a purpose and high water rescues in dangerous situations where people can't get out of the neighborhoods that are swamped in rough conditions. you know, the paramedics will not go out with the wins 50 miles per hour, but they will go out in the heavy armored vehicles so the sheriff's office will go out with police officers and paramedics affairs need to be rescued in her case wind late tomorrow night. jackie: a lot of people say stay away because we cannot send or emergency personnel to get you. we gave you this mandatory evacuation. if you didn't get out, that's your own fault. todd: these individuals to support community during times of need or the individual he spoke to mention their first
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envy. this is an amazing community that really galvanized itself during times of tragedy. reporter: they have a program in place, todd, that kicks in whenever there's a tragedy in the u.s. there are 30 state inquiries in canada that came to help out. these other disasters you to see the power & light traveling across the country. jackie: dimension 20 staging sites. what are they doing to secure the staging sites? >> they try to put them in areas where they will be safe from high winds. for example, tampa will be in trouble so they will put the truck 100 miles inland, park them close together coming to structures and whenever wind barely are sticky and to protect those vehicles and then they leave them there. and then they bring the drivers away in buses. they are in hotels here on the beach and they were able to get
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back on buses in those vehicles, cook hot meals for them. they've got fuel and they will send them on their way. all the areas across the state, which will need it because they are talking about not just power lines down, but infrastructure potentially heavily damaged. this could be weeks of people a lot of power throughout the state of florida. jackie: along came to be without power. we appreciate it. hurricane force winds battling overnight sent to us by a storm chaser. trade to key west is seen flooding and damage. he joins us live next.
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jackie: it is now 23 after the hour. hurricane force winds and torrential as hurricane firm prepares to unleash the last -- unleash the wrath. todd: the accuweather, he's obviously been out in the storm for so long and he's very determined with the technology they have. what is the storm going to do and what the evacuations will be. it is a situation where you look back to previous storms before you had him in individuals, we demand the information we had on the storm's inability to predict them. and now come to think how many more lives we can save because of the technology he and individuals utilizing
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technology. jackie: i can imagine what they have to go through. if we can get them on the phone. i can't wait to find out when is enough enough and say we can't do it. here in the category five storm is enough. do we have them on the phone right now? read, are you there? todd: we lost him again. yesterday we were talking to read and he was seen and been doing this for a number of years. this one and really worried about and we do have significant protocols in place for when the storm becomes too tough to handle for us to be in to be in that company doing their jobs yet i found that to be fascinating. they know this stuff better than anybody and they said this will be one we will have to make a call in to protect ourselves. jackie: looks like we are having a hard time because obviously the conditions come as something see a lot whether that's phone service, trying to get a live
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shot up and running. when we had hurricane harvey friday and saturday morning a number of people found themselves fed up and from the beginning we may lose throughout the next couple of days. a lot officials say if you didn't keep the mandatory evacuation, you are going to be out of luck because you won't be able to reach us. even authorities. are you there? >> yes. tell us about the conditions right now. let's hear about it. >> the high wall right on duval street will accumulate. a big-time when guys start of the northeast. right about 7:00 a.m. is really intense. definitely over 100 miles per
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hour, all the power is out. it is definitely windy. >> if you can hear us, with the data you have, what are you most concerned about with regard to arm up? >> where most concerned with the storm surge because there's only a few points in elevation. we are getting between the gold side of the atlantic side. it will approach us on both sides. people are more concerned about the gold side of the wall of water coming down the shore. it is going to wobble at east to west. or it could head off to the northwest. jackie: how do you protect yourself and when you say enough is enough?
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>> we've got an armored vehicle, but because of the storm we had to put that on top of the bridge. we also deployed an unmanned probe on top of another bridge. we are going to go up. [inaudible] todd: reed, you are professional, trying to get information for other people. you see other people? >> there's nobody right now, which is a good team. they did heed the evacuation order. there were some homeless that were outside, so it looks like everybody should be safe. people should hunker down because the worst is coming in an hour and a half. jackie: thomas gives you chills to hear the wind behind him.
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reed, we appreciate all the work you are doing to bring us that information. we will let you go appeared a lot on your hands. we appreciate it. todd: the monster storm bearing down on florida after gaining strength overnight. jackie: tracking new as the coverage continues next. dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing. elusive. shrewd. cancer. is. smart. it pushes us. we push back. we even push each other.
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. >> hurricane irma strengthening overnight now it is just a matter of hours before landfall. >> one of the most of powerful storms in america in history. >> florida is not alone mandatory evacuation said georgette and the carolinas. >> good morning we have live team coverage and we will
2:31 am
begin in naples with many levels no time to get out. >> the wind is picking up with the official message is skier clear from key west with 100-mile per hour wind to the west coast the message is clear to hunker down for pro life threatening storm surge is headed for southwest florida if you have not gotten out then you need to use dave? not only are though winds coming we will get a storm surge expected between 10 and 12 feet in the one behind me will flood all the
2:32 am
way into naples they have this warning a little earlier about the storm surge. >> we had gone through to make sure all the storm drains and everything we could get out of the way to get this out as best we can. >> sova hurricane center warned that the most life-threatening part of a hurricane it is the storm surge because then there is nowhere to go and in this case saying of those 27 shelters they are almost all full at capacity so where you are on the west coast between here and the keys get to high ground and be
2:33 am
safe and get away from windows and it is time to hunker down. jackie: what you seeing in terms of the wind? that is just barely on the microphone. >> the wind is only 25 or 30 miles per hour but it is coming that is why the locals have said in some cases you get the lead for the storm surge but now it is just a matter of time and certainly we were hearing in the last segment that is coming your. todd: not a lot of people are hanging out in the polls that is a good thing. they are heeding the warning
2:34 am
live from naples. now people in tampa can obfuscated forced to ride out the storm. >> please give us the latest >> good morning just listening to your conversation we are getting some wind only because we are literally standing on the edge. of flights in and out have been problematic this is expected to last for a couple of days. the last flight leaving tampa by car or airline people had a difficult time to get out this into a one family had to deal with. >> every city in the country
2:35 am
at the airport this morning they said there was nothing. >> some people say just get me out of here too were ever i can go if you were leaving by car you had time in finding gas the right now is to talk to one of the neighbors to said if you have not laughed you probably are not going anywhere. your last request and a half an hour ago weather or not this is a mandatory curfews curfews, it is not we will keep you updated per right now there is no mandatory curfew. jackie: so what you do in the field and what type of precautions are you taking if you're standing there by the water? reporter: it is
2:36 am
not bad right now i would not be out here in the height of the storm. i have just been having conversations what do i need? how do i stay safe and to give you the information at home that you need. that is why we're out here to make sure that you keep your family safe so that is a top priority to make sure we keep ourselves safe. jackie: you have a hotel and food? reporter: we do have food and water that was difficult to find but we stocked up the truck we do have a hotel and chargers but i do want to mention we have been hearing local reports over the last six hours this portion of tap -- tampa bay is expected to be
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total power outage in and keep that in mind. todd: now let's go live to though weather center so where are we in terms of hurricane irma?. >> at the center getting very close to key west and will make that northward turn and it made it but you can see that little wobble but it's headed to the zero lower keys you can get a good sense of that. how there is all a hurricane force winds gust. when you concede this eye wall right now is about 35 miles away from the lower keys they are very close into the thick of the storm and then it will topple over the keys.
2:38 am
also pulling into the everglades that is kind of good because that area can withstand a but maples cannot. so very shortly in about an hour and a half we are about three hours from now 130-mile per hour wind gust with hurricane force wind with 101-mile per hour wind so think about that we have a period earlier watching wind that strong so the structures and the trees could handle that but then over time they will begin. 110 m.p.h. in naples on the backside there is still a storm surge. 102 miles per hour up near fort myers.
2:39 am
though warnings all the way up into southern georgia if it tracks to the west it could be problematic so this is a widespread the event not just floored of the parts of georgia and coastal flooding as well all the way up to the carolina coast line. >> explain the science how the i get small been larger in what is the danger?. >> against tight it cannot sustain itself so the outer eye wall takes over the inner eye wall collapses so banisters to shrink and strengthen. it is fairly large at this
2:40 am
point we have about 12 for 18 hours were we still could see it strengthened but then after that the windshear will impact the storm a little bit but that is 18 hours from now as there is quite a bit of time on the west coast of florida that other wind will break the bad news for far north florida but it is too late with south florida. todd: we will check back with you. jackie: thousands of the national guard soldiers descending upon florida. todd: from the joint staff commander of florida national guard is on the phone. so at this point what are you most concerned about?. >> thanks for having me again today.
2:41 am
making sure the soldiers at that location that we sent for support are safer go we're thankful the governor was proactive governor scott put this into a position to activate soldiers we have been talking about bringing on over 7,000 soldiers and standing by ready to support. jackie: the response national and local and federal has been incredible with president trump had etui to about the men and all federal and state people are ready here calms hurricane irma god bless everyone. >> that is a very accurate statement. in addition to reaping the florida guard has done we're in constant communication
2:42 am
with the up three position people with other national guards that active component staff that works with me to coordinate that federal response. just last night with the coast guard i was speaking how they would integrate into search and rescue and relief operation. todd: in light of the changing pattern over the course of its duration dave you allocate resources and personnel differently so far? what is the plan going forward over the next 24 hours?. >> with that repositioning yes, we received commissions from the state operations center and that shift to the west more those counties
2:43 am
were opening shelters so we had to close up and open those of the western counties so in that regard we moved to the west with the shelters. to preposition forces to get an idea where we can support them that has not been adjusted to much. jackie: what type of training goes into what is happening today?. >> as the national guard force and perspective we have a responsibility that lead to a federal government but we have the of mission so in florida the governor every year has say hurricane conference we are a part of going into hurricane season than we do a in turnover came exercise every year and this particular year was the
2:44 am
exact scenario we trained for back in june. we do this every year in and said the because the air florida this could happen at any time. todd: personal they are not robots they are brave men and women so how do they navigate their lives as they go through the rest of the same thing?. >> i appreciate you touching on that because we have been sure to make sure we take care of our soldiers. their citizen soldiers many families are in the path of the storm. because governor scott pro-active approach we could make sure the soldiers were boarding up their houses getting themselves ready
2:45 am
before most of the population was doing so and internally they live for they reside. todd: we have to let you go we're up against a hard break. we will be right back. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ upeace of mind.s we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. . >> we have done everything possible quite frankly for everybody to evacuate if they did not evacuate did god make a smart decision and there could be life-and-death consequences because of it. >>. jackie: in the police chiefs sitting there and not the emergency services for those who chose not to evacuate. todd: a restaurant owner we have been in touch with
2:49 am
since friday you said you are staying put was that decision correct?. >> first of all, good morning. i do not regret that yes we're getting high wind the part of it is not too far away team is 35 miles south. but we are in a very secure place there are 14 of us with a small retriever and a great dane. we are safe we are on generated power no water has entered but i will say outside i'm obviously talking to you from the inside there have been snapped trees and the water is up to the curb right now a little bit over so later we will have a better idea but we are safe and i do not
2:50 am
regretted it. jackie: at what point did you close them of business?. >> i closed early on tuesday or wednesday for pro most of my guys went up some of them are with me here who'd had nowhere to go. but most of my staff has family in georgia, tennessee and the carolinas. todd: described the structure you are in because yesterday you explain to have a facility that is category fire resistant. >> so if you take a city block 75% of the buildings are cinder block or concrete we are in the middle of
2:51 am
those buildings so we're surrounded on all sides the wind is beating us up from the north pretty much since he got here the building is doing its job we recently lost power a few hours ago. the generator has kicked on and it is fully functional. we have no water damage so far as of right now. but we are secure. todd: bid your structure is built a cinderblocks and concrete?. >> yes. jackie: how many people with you?. >> 14 + 2 dogs. jackie: you sound called and collected what about the rest of the people?. >> everybody is okay. cooler heads prevail so we
2:52 am
are all very smart about it we your watch each other's backs to give updates keeping in touch with family the hardest part is families they are not here with us so they can only go off what we tell them so personally we're doing the updates on facebook to inform them of. jackie: social media has been so important through hurricane harvey now hurricane irma people rely on those updates it is a great idea. >> of the 14 people of this building this is why we stayed. jackie: we wish the best for you over the last couple of days and stay in touch. todd: florida is not the only state now georgette and
2:53 am
the carolinas declaring a state of emergency as thousands hunker down. jackie: we're live in alabama mud they could be hit as early as tomorrow. what is happening? reporter: i am in albany georgia write-down these people are hunkering down bracing for irma you can see the wind is picking up and that is the main concern they are looking at local reports at 65-mile per hour wind gusting as high as 90 beginning tomorrow so the of major power outages and structural damage. would get these evacuation's over the last few days people coming up from
2:54 am
florida or coastal georgia to with scape but we spoke with some families yesterday that said there picking up again because they don't want to trade one problem for another one going as far in charlotte or her nashville or birmingham but the hotels are filling up and gas is running out but there is a shelter for those who need it. jackie: the live a from albany. todd: millions of americans are racing to get out of the path of hurricane irma. jackie: we are live on the ground in miami next. my 30-year marriage...
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chooarmy versus army.ion. nation versus nation. the battle has begun. evony: the king's return. download now. >> hurricane armor strengthening overnight to a category one storm directly on florida's west coast. mainly to see dangerous storm surge is. >> 79 with the latest beard reporter: yes, already seeing some look-alike flooding. that is just from the rain. it is getting deeper overnight.
2:59 am
67 inches right there. you can see the wind blowing in pretty much the last hour of the tropical storm winds. miami-dade and broward with blood tornadoes. we have seen them in broward county already. the threat of the fact the wind we may not be getting, but these conditions will last up to 24 hours and that is why they are telling people to not put your guard down, to stay indoors because the winds rolling around, seeing things fall with the conditions deteriorating overnight. >> is incredible to see those images back and forth. be careful out there. we appreciate it. we will check a little bit later. >> of course the storm has progressed. possibly areas along the west coast. thank you for joining us here
3:00 am
for this special edition of "fox and friends" on sunday morning. continuing coverage on hurricane irma continues right now on "fox and friends" weekend. >> it's the sheer size of it. this one is paid. 1200 miles wide. >> hurricane firm a category four storm. >> it doesn't mean we are not experiencing conditions like this. >> 6 million people at the storm. >> moving up the west coast. across the entire state. >> a life-threatening situation. do the right thing for your


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