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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 10, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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shepard: it is 1:00 p.m. in south florida. fox news channel continuing coverage of hurricane or not. these are live pictures in miami. they just got in the 1:00 update from the national hurricane center and essentially no change. but pat has remained exactly as we've been speaking about it for the past i would say three hours, continuing northward motion. the storm still packed maximum sustained winds of 130 miles an hour. hurricane irma is still out at 1:00 eastern time a very powerful category four hurricane. it first made landfall just after 9:00 this morning. more than four hours ago in one
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of the smaller keys in the lower keys and man has since continued to move north. it has been doing north, northwest, but now the storm is headed to north at nine miles an hour, which leaves southwest florida in its target. the winds and rains have increased in miami beach. the storm surge is a real concern. southwest florida, naples is a particular concern for the national hurricane center and steve harrigan is live. >> they've warned western collier county could get extreme wind of 150 miles an hour. we are not quite there yet, but we are starting to feel it. we've had tropical storms under 74, but now it's starting to pick up. we are seeing small objects begin to fly around. branches, palm trees chemistry shines are shaking. i'm not seeing any debris, but
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we are still hours out. this is a civil emergency right now. stay inside your house. that's what we've been doing more than 20,000 people in shelters. they are in their watching this as it comes. naples could really get whacked here, both by the wind up 130 and then by the storm surge. when you follow the icon anywhere from 10 to 15 feet. parts of where i'm standing that could be underwater by tomorrow morning in a real stress to these trees if it keeps out. i'm a little surprised it's getting this strongest early. it is going to be after the storm passes through for rescue and recovery efforts. i 75 is going to be critical to
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that effort. they are staging much of this stuff in orlando right now. medical teams, fuel teams and first responders may be coming out of orlando. we could see some real heroism overnight and in the next 24 hours, shepard. shepard: the degrading of conditions. how long ago would you say that started? >> 15 minutes ago. this was just fine to stand here now. next i will put my goggles on because it's picked up right after that warning. officials here have been on top of things. their websites, sheriffs going door-to-door. they been doing everything they can. this county is really not built for these kinds of storms. all the government buildings in the naples area can only withstand a category three hurricane. you might have a situation for first responders and emergency situation or evacuating themselves. they'll have to help people get
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they might have to help themselves. shepard: steve harrigan y with us in naples. live now in the extreme whether centers. three or four days ago you would've thought miami now it looks like marco island and naples. reporter: the national weather center has done a good job with the cone of uncertainty because it did show the west side of florida. the center were showing potential south florida landfall. i would say 50, 60 miles from the center offshore from what we were pretty dean is pretty good when it comes to predict emmys hurricanes. they can be unpredictable. you and i have been covering hurricanes for a long time and it certainly has the potential to go where we first thought it was going to go. right now we are pretty certain we will continue to see northward parallel track along the west coast. the tropical storm extends
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220 miles from the center of the storm. hurricane force winds 80 miles. i'm not surprised steve harrigan is feeling tropical storm winds. a little bit of a wobble here. we will have to watch those advisories as they come in at 2:00 p.m. complete advisory from the national hurricane center. naples, 76 miles per hour. we are not getting a lot of reports from miami and marathon in key west not reporting at all anyway and that the time and maybe for the next week or so. we will have to see. hurricane warnings were 18 million people all up and down the florida coastline towards georgia. we have hurricane warning towards georgia and then we have for the first time in history a tropical storm warning for atlanta, georgia. that is historic for them. they remember hurricane opal they brought devastating floods and waves. this could be very similar for the folks in georgia.
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high winds 80 miles away from the center of the storm where we are feeling the hurricane force wind gusts 280 miles. tropical storm force winds. we are definitely going to feel a hurricane for much of the peninsula of florida and even into georgia, which is quite unheard of at this time. rick was talking about this earlier. we will continue to see the threat on the northeast quadrant side of the storm. that will be ongoing throughout the day today. we have a tornado storm as they could zoom in. my apologies around fort pearce area. this is our future radar. we might actually see multiple lan falls of this hurricane as it scrapes the coastline. there is tampa and this is 2:00 a.m. overnight on monday and we are expecting the worst part of the storm surge to go in to the tampa bay area tampa bay area. that is why folks are very concerned. and then towards tallahassee and this is 11:00 a.m. on monday and
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then we will see the effects moving into georgia, alabama, up towards the tennessee river valley and into kentucky. storm surge you've heard us talk about the very vulnerable area. more in the east coast of florida. some cases this could be in use case scenario -- worst-case scenario. it will inundate all of these low-lying sea level and the tampa bay area could see upwards of 10 feet and that is why they are so concerned and evacuations ongoing. radar estimated precipitation 10 to 12, a foot of rain fall in south florida. we can expect upwards of 15 inches of rain as the system of standing continues to move north. i know we've been focusing in on it is the storm surge and that is going to be potentially devastating for low-lying areas. some cases they haven't been a hurricane like this in a hundred years. folks have not ever seen something like this. we do have a process influencing
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this hurricane and that was while predict it. we will see this week and a little bit. that doesn't take the potential storm surge along the coast, but certainly you can see some of the drier air workingmen. i don't say we will -- think we will see the storm strengthened anymore, which is great news. potentially where it goes if it remains a little more offshore, shepard, i'm concerned about the northeast quadrant going into all of these areas. this is the latest track and we would get we would get a new track at 2:00 p.m. right now it is the worst-case scenario for all up and down the west coast of florida. back to you. shepard: janus, it will either come in land in the next few hours and if it stays over water, it's hard to imagine what the whole post will look like. >> absolutely. difference between 30 and 50 mouth of short is going to be the difference between a worst-case scenario and the not so bad scenario. at this point in time, we are
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expecting the center of the storm to remain a little bit offshore, but truly all of these areas cannot take the water. the pileup of water going into these low-lying zones that continue to be completely covered in water. shepard: from the hurricane center talking about that in south florida now. let's listen in. >> for that water to recede. is that correct? shepard: let's go to adam housley live in key largo. how is it looking? reporter: as we wait for those wins coming ewan i've been talking about several hours we believe what is happening because the wind is still coming this way. looking at the trees starting to swirl, which we hadn't seen in that direction the entire time. we've got to believe they are going the other direction. i did get a chance to go out and shoot some video as well. you had a guest on later out of
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tampa bay being drawn out by the storm. it has been out now for a couple of hours. we expect that to come back with a vengeance. hurricane irma will be pushed back in. it is very eerie to look out and maybe even a quarter-mile to see no water. it took everything away. now we are told by whether folks and they both tell us it's going to come back, almost like a synonymy. a synonymy draws water out, same idea. the storm through the water out and will push it back now and the bayside here in key largo. the question is, we do know the other side, islamorada, we were there yesterday.
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a cat five building sent us a photo under three or four feet of water over towards the ocean side, which renewed the water they are had, at about midnight. we are getting wins from that used, so it still has that switch. the wind gusts will come from here and get a different angle. that leads us to believe this thing is finally starting to get past at some point. remember, we had hurricane force winds here at 11:00 last night and we had wins consistently at 30 miles an hour or more yesterday morning. this continues to get battered by the storm. steve harrigan is a bit more west -- sorry, a bit more west than we are almost north. he's starting to get this yesterday in the stuff we've been dealing with the last few hours is coming his way. shepard: add-on, you are
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starting to notice the wind shifting. have you noticed any change in speed? reporter: yeah, it is weird. i don't know if it's because of the way the angle is. right now comes through pretty powerful. and then all of a sudden you'll be able to stand in your get one from a different angle. you're getting the same guys, but look at these things here. blowing this way. the entire three or four hours. now they are kind of swirling. in this direction, can we show shepherd this direction? these are now blowing south to north your d.c. the palm trees out in the distance. the wind coming from the south by the interstate. that is the interstate over there, maybe 100 yards from us, still kind of getting hit from east to west. a different looking wind and dust we seen in a number of
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hours. shepard: adam housley, keep in mind a lot of these pictures are very dramatic. none of the areas we've been taking you live were hit by the eye wall of the storm. it went over a lower key in the florida keys and has been over open water ever since. other areas not pleasant and certainly lots of damage being done. storm surge being done. we haven't gone to an area where the eye wall had actually hit. we believe the eye itself is still about 22-26 miles wide. so a swap that wide will eventually be hit. it will be interesting to see how things hold. 130 miles per hour the strongest point with a lot of force to take. it is possible that storm stays right up sure in skirts of the southwest florida coast. that would be a horrible situation for everyone because
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the storm would remain strong with the water that feeds the storm as it rises up the coast and it appears this is what the national hurricane center is leading towards now. if it continues north, this will become a marco island and naples storm. then going north, presumably to the east of fort myers and cape coral and then continuing up the peninsula to the east of tampa. that would mean naples -- i'm sorry fort myers and cape coral and i've been to sarasota tend, tampa and st. petersburg. all of that is that continues would be to the west of the eye of the storm. that would be really good for those major population centers once you get up there because as we have been saying forever, the east side of the storm has the strongest winds. the northeast quadrant is where the worst of it all is.
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so that is one possibility. the other is the storm stays right up sure and what the models have been suggesting that it would ride up the coast while in the water and just pummeling all of those same areas i just mentioned. when will we know which it's going to do? we will know it when it does it and not until. this due north track when we first saw it, about three hours ago the storm first started tracking due north instead of going north, northwest. when we look at it, our meteorology office said we think that is just a bobble. it is not that the storm is headed due north, at this point when they are taking this reading, it shows north. now it has three reporting hours in a row of the storm headed due north. if that is the case, marco island, naples, everglades city, irma is on the way. jenner hagler is on the farm
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with us, vice director of the national guard bureau. nice to speak with you. thank you. >> yes, thanks for having me. shepard: i hear a lot of people are deployment ready. >> absolutely. we've read it about 30,000 troops for harvey to reinforce florida. train to tell me what that would mean. >> that means we are metering in troops to the tune of up to 8000 based upon florida's request, maybe even 10,000 in all different kinds of specialties they need to reinforce their efforts throughout this day. shepard: specifically different guardsmen have different skill sets, but all across the relief and recovery effort. >> all across. we are supporting with anything that may be, specific things like transportation, engineers, military police, aviation search and rescue and command-and-control
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capabilities. shepard: houston would they be able to get in there and get to work? >> already you should see between five and 700 as weather permits. we have troops on the highway coming from south carolina and will continue to reinforce and build those numbers as florida directs. shepard: the logistics of these storms just seems like a monumental task giving you don't know exactly where the storm goes until he gets there. >> right, absolutely. that's why we plan, exercise, stretch those two failure and we plan. we are continuously working to get there as quickly as we can with the needs in the capability. shepard: are we still working out the lessons learned from andrew 25 years ago in charlie and wilma in the last decade? >> absolutely. cumulative lessons learned and we build on each of those experiences. i have to tell you if you've
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seen one hurricane, you have seen one hurricane. the important thing is all this damage will be local to somebody and we will be there to support the local authorities as they address those damages. shepard: brigadier general glenn hagler, domestic operations at the guard bureau, great to see you. thank you to the men and women of the guard. we appreciate you. >> .assert. shepard: thank you very much. some pictures coming in. a live look at some video ride along the shore. it is still really kicking up in southeast florida. listen. >> ewok overhear this way. the wind has just been relentless out of your in the area. look at the sailboats over there. easily pushed up against the shore, rocking back and forth at an angle. i want to put this one boat over here. you can see wave after wave, that is a very bad situation for whoever owns that vote, really
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whoever owns a lot of the votes out here in the water. that is the situation here as we continue to monitor this heavy, heavy rain and wind. shepard: watson island down in southwest florida. i was going to try to give you an idea kind of of where watson island is. if you're familiar with macarthur parkway, the macarthur parkway connects miami to miami beach. on the lower end, the eastern islands in north of dodge island. anyway, watson is right they are taking a pounding. what is next for the storm? it is north down. in 40 minutes we would do to bring a comprehensive update for the national hurricane center in miami. the 2:00 update may let us know, is this storm going to stay out over the gulf of mexico? and how in the southwest florida sure all the way up to tampa or
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is this storm actually going to go in a marco island in naples and become for the history books the second landfall of this storm? first the keys and then marco island naples. 2:00 eastern time. until then, our coverage continues. me on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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shepard: to power up for 1.2 million people across the state of florida and the florida keys just issued a warning in an abundance of caution they asked our resident said the keys, everyone using water in the keys, boil your water. they're not 100% confident the water supply is safe. a notification, phil keating is live in miami where the water had been rising for much of the day. how is it now, phil? well, he's wiping the water off of his goggles. can you hear me? how is it looking? >> just when you thought miami might be almost out of it, not the case. i knew coming down, major artery east to west in miami. all the way over to miami beach.
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and not only just here, but where we were earlier flooding in the water. a lot of it is because number one, hurricane irma, storm surge coming in with a counterclockwise wraparound wind band, but also 12:30 in the afternoon. just a long time. don't see it ever flooding like this. only a few more drivers up today. certainly not to be recommended. no law enforcement wants these people on the road. in fact, emergency operation managers basically advising everybody, stay in your house today. don't leave. there were no first responders to help you out. when the winds picked up, the streetlamp signs, street lights are all bouncing around. billboards flapping around. it is chaotic. i've only seen a smattering of people outside today for good reason. it is miserable.
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they've been doing this raining and windy for about 16% gain, 18 hours now and we still have at least a half an hour to go based on the satellite of the hurricane. we are still getting northeast to southwest wind and rain, meaning the storm as it latin to mowing past us up to the north. wfbn, our sister station, standing water on the roadways and dissent in oliver city leaders come the city proper and city of miami beach warned about the three to six feet of storm surge could be really bad with a high tide. it hasn't been six feet from where we've seen, but still certainly has been significant. i'm just going to toss it back to you. shepard: fair enough. the southeast coast of florida. let's go to the southwest coast.
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griff jenkins in naples. how are things shaping up there? >> schaap -- shep, shaping up off of everglades city. on its way, hours away come is still big enough. let me get out of the way and let our viewers look. a block off of the beach you can see the wind whipping and what is the boat channel, several boats that are blowing them up far too dangerous, but we wanted to give you a shot in the wind. as they talked all morning, the wind is now traveling south almost parallel to the beach, but the water is still going out a little bit. the storm surge has not even begun to think about coming back as it approaches. when it does, that is the real danger. you can see the wind gusting up,
10:28 am
getting sort of a great perspective of just how powerful these wins are. we are the last reported the national weather service radars say it with sustained winds of almost 50 miles an hour and gusts constantly at about 78 miles an hour. once that 150-mile an hour wind hits here and there shouldn't be too far off, it's going to change the dynamic or magically appeared the roads as we tried to show you in the last shot becoming almost impassable because so much of the trees and debris blowing down. but just that shot over there, across the parking lot, beyond that apartment complex you are looking literally all oceanfront property and we are just getting with here. it is quite strong. shepard: griff jenkins. our colleagues are also in naples. let's take a look. >> is being out by irma and they
10:29 am
are afraid of when it comes right back. showing some images has been about, areas normally covered with water. this was a couple of hours ago. they say was unprecedented for folks who come here a lot, folks who live here, and this is something they don't normally see. right now that is what they are hearing as it comes right back in here. look at the wind tunnel you can see. for those of us on the radio, i am on a parking garage on the back end of the building on fifth avenue. very similar. you are talking about a street like that. see just the wind rushing through in between those buildings. the buildings are staring just fine. a lot of debris, a lot of palm trees worried about when all that water comes that he might back out of the gulf of mexico and rush is into the street.
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shepard: we will go back for more that is the storm approaches. hurricane irma headed toward southwest florida. fort myers florida, marco is first. stay with us. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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shepard: vice president speaking at fema government will be brought to bear to support the efforts of governor scott and state and local officials across florida and we will continue to do that. important to remember this is and continues to be a very dangerous storm and we urge everyone within the sound of our voice to heed the warnings of local officials, whether that be to shelter in place were the
10:32 am
furthest northern parts of the state, still an opportunity according to local officials to move out of the way and evacuate to a safe shelter. but people need to take this storm with great seriousness. it is a storm of historic and at the proportion and the efforts of every level of our federal government are here to stand alongside the state and local officials. and the life-saving mission and very soon and the recovery mission and very soon and the rebuilding commission. president trump who we spoke to govern -- said two very simple messages. number one, we are with you. the prayers of the american people are with florida. secondly, as the president that come our mission here at the federal level in support of local efforts is very simple. forever hurricane irma goes, we
10:33 am
will be there first. we will be there with resources to save lives and to help to recover and rebuild these states in these communities. [inaudible] >> this is a very dangerous storm. this is a life-threatening storm and it's enormously important that every american in the path of this storm take the warnings of state and local officials to heart. we can rebuild cities. we can rebuild holdings. we cannot rebuild lives. saving lives is a priority of all of us from the president on down. we will stay focused on the life-saving mission. it all begins with americans in harms way, listening to state and local officials, whether that be to stay in place or if
10:34 am
it is time to evacuate to a safe shelter, to do that. but to heed those warnings, on those warnings, put your safety, your family's safety and the safety of those vulnerable citizens you know around you first then we will get through this. >> thank you. shepard: fema headquarters. maybe he's taking questions. let's listen. >> clearly the briefing we received a camp david this morning caused the president to have great concern for the impact of the storm moving to the west coast and the potential for heavy winds and storm surge to compromise cities and compromise lives. that is why we need to take this seriously. we have all seen the expert speak about that topmost part of the storm. that would be striking, a peer is potentially the west coast of
10:35 am
florida as hurricane irma moves north. people that are in harms way, in just a few hours at marco island, naples, senate bill and captiva inn in north. we know that every american knows that every resource by the federal government is brought to bear to support state and local efforts. from all that i have heard, while the president has hurt him and the american people can be proud of the efforts underway. we need to remain vigilant. people need to take the warning seriously and the people of florida need to know that our hearts and our prayers and all of our effort are with them and will be with them until the storm passes. >> thanks, everybody. shepard: the vice president live at fema headquarters in
10:36 am
washington. a bit of a rescue as it appears taking place here. it looks like the one car couldn't make it happen anymore in the day is there to help. this sort of thing going on in lots of places. the vice president mentioned it is appearing to be had in that direction. we will ask steve harrigan about that. >> the wind picking up in the hurricane force winds. the timing of this will be critical. we could see the worst of the wind and about two, 2.5 hours of time. 3:55 p.m. we could have the worst of the wind and the highest tide just at the wrong time. they've been aggressively trying to get people out of the city. they've done an excellent job with that. the sheriffs have been going door to door. right now, and emergency is in
10:37 am
place. people are being told to shelter in their homes. that's exactly what people are doing here. as far as structural damage from 150-mile an hour winds, we have not seen that yet. that is still to come. we are seeing small branches, but no roofs, no trees yet. they'll be in the next few hours. shepard: steve harrigan with us. we would get back as conditions to thierry ray. the local radar shows where the eye of the storm is now. if we drop the dinner just for sacking, viewers will be able to see that i is fast approaching. listen. >> sunbed rattling going on up high above us and we are hoping that the roof will fold with these gusty winds. as soon as we get more information, pass that along. shepard: he is talking about the
10:38 am
roof at wfbn seven where the wind is howling and water is coming up in their parking lot. we know would love so many of them. and certainly because we need their facilities, too. we couldn't think at hampden and all the team at wfbn, the manager and the whole team. we couldn't do it with do it without seven news in south florida. what a service they provide to the rest of south florida. so proud to have been on our affiliate team. tara is with his writing up a storm and coral springs. how are you doing, terror? >> we are doing well. we lost power. trade you this morning? >> 10:15 this morning. my brother's family is the first responder so we have them here because he's working in our family. three adults, two kids and to advance into dogs. shepard: are thanks to your
10:39 am
brother first off for his first responder service. how are the kids and pets doing? >> pets are doing fine. they haven't been out since last night. the kids of course are building fords, playing board games. the babies of course have no idea what's going on. we are trying to keep the kids busy. we are explaining to them it will be a day of checkers and chess. shepard: a little family bonding. one of the things growing up in hurricane land and having been through so many of them, the field that the kids get from the parents is really important. because if you are happy and smiling and such, they won't be too nervous and stressed out. it seems to be a pretty high priority for parents. >> exactly. i remember growing up with hurricane andrew, for us it was fun because it was lights out in our parents made very light of it and we didn't you worried.
10:40 am
trade to how bad has it been? you haven't been out, have you? i'm not asking you to do so. >> of course not. we keep seeing neighbors walk in the streets, which is scary to me. we have impact window so we can see throughout our whole entire house. we can see out. the neighbors trees, lots of winds have fallen. the patio enclosure for a pool has blown off, so we are watching it. we can see it through all of our windows. i would not recommend anyone walking. shepard: no way. riding out the storm and coral springs, florida. good luck to you in the family and pets in everybody. >> thank you. appreciated. shepard: we just got a director for monroe county, which is the florida keys. i am sad to read this. i'm quoting now. monroe county news. monroe county is closed until further notice. evacuated residents, do not
10:41 am
return until further notice. more information to come. you have to figure something like this was coming. the florida keys one way in, one layout. the overseas highway coming u.s. one. if you've never driven it in you ever get a shot, you definitely should. it's one of the most accuweather looking things in all of america and it's a wonderful drive into key west. the whole area is close now. i don't know. i don't have a way to know what is happening to the bridges and the overseas highway is and the iconic businesses they are in marine fisheries and all the wildlife that goes along with that part of south florida from the bayside to the oceanside. we don't have a way to know yet. but we know coup joke he took a direct hit from a category four hurricane. the vice president of the night stays put it, and historic in
10:42 am
epic hurricane. category four storms, directed in a small town like that. it is not going to be pretty. the hope is that people in monroe county from key to shining key will get themselves back up and running as they always have. they will need our help. if you want to give, it is an easy google. red cross is a good place to go. they have been giving suggestions, but we are following the storm with rapid urgency as we go from reporter to reporter and see a slight little slice of what is happening. the big picture, category for storm in bonita springs, fort myers, cape coral, senate bill island, captiva.
10:43 am
it is a sobering thing. tomorrow will be a new day and not a perfect one for so many. you are all in our thoughts and prayers. our coverage continues in ant moment. there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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customer: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care. kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. turning to fox news channel continuing coverage of hurricane irma and a localized at naples, florida. a .5 million customers are without -- i am in florida power & light the company, but 1.8 million customers are without power. schools are closed in miami-dade county through tuesday. schools are closed in broward county until further notice to county to the broward school system. monroe county south closed until further notice. residents evacuated, you cannot go home. not now, not until further notice. maria as it does, acting deputy
10:48 am
director of the hurricane center live in miami. this northward track i guess if that continues, southern southwest collier county, is this it? >> there's no way we will escape to this point. irma is closing in less than 50 miles away. it is effecting that area as we speak. shepard: the worst of it, marco island, everglades city and north into naples. >> yes, that is correct. naples is just to the north of that and it will continue to spread into the sarasota area in the tampa area into tomorrow. shepard: i wonder about four miles in cape coral and the rest of that on the coast. is there anything to indicate the northward movement would continue or stay offshore? >> at this point it looks like where they continue possibly with the slight westward drift. this is going to be just off shore or just unsure of the
10:49 am
whole area from naples after tampa. shepard: i assumed forward motion is about nine miles an hour. i'm guessing something like that continues. once it gets to saint pete, is it so dangerous? >> yes, it will be accelerating in forward speed and the winds will be a little less strong. we expect hurricane conditions in the tampa area. storm surge of type to eight feet and heavy rainfall. this is going to be a serious threat to the tampa area no matter whether it crosses land or short. shepard: my understanding is the greatest flooding concerns are dared in hillsboro county around saint pete and low-lying areas they are. >> yes, that is correct. similar to what we saw on the east coast of florida. the heavy rainfall makes flooding more likely. the heavy rainfall near the coast doesn't have anywhere to go when you had the storm surge
10:50 am
elevated. it collects more than it usually does, making the rainfall even worse. shepard: mark demaria. how are you guys holding up down there? >> it's a bit of a marathon. we are holding up. shepard: we appreciated so very much. mark demaria and all the votes of the national hurricane center, thank you again. landfall is coming again. landfall this morning after 9:00 in the lower keys and now there is another landfall on the way. where will it be? no one is certain of that, but it looks like marco island, everglades city and up into naples somewhere. will be the storm that his marco island? we will know soon enough moving north at nine miles an hour with maximum sustained winds of 100 dirty miles per hour. a massive category for storm bearing down on southwest
10:51 am
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shepard: a live look at key largo, florida where for 24 hours they been battered by the storm now headed north towards the collier county area in southwest florida. the state of georgia has issued a state of emergency for all 100 feet in nine counties in
10:55 am
each state. that is unheard of. the expanded state of emergency for all 159 counties in the state of georgia. in addition, word from the national hurricane center we are exactly five minutes away from the 2:00 p.m. update with brand-new coordinates and a brand-new track in a brand-new refreshed idea where they believe the storm is going to go, eventually head towards orlando where they have a tornado watch is the storm continues to press north. bill hemmer is standing live reporter: orlando, jacksonville, before that tallahassee will be in the target range as well. we are far enough north to know we would've been pretty much out of the heavy stuff until right about now for the rain is starting to kick in. a little bit of wind, but nothing like her colleagues have experienced so far in south florida. a tornado watch an hour ago as a
10:56 am
tornado warning. we will see how the weather changes throughout the night given the deteriorating situation we have seen here. two deaths to report related to irma already. pam bondi reporting to police officers finishing their ships overnight last night in separate cars head-on collision as they were heading home to family. the other head-on collision taking the lives of both officers and our thoughts and prayers go out to those families already now suffering a great deal throughout the state of florida. the governor has issued a curfew. they will start in five hours in orlando. everyone ordered off the streets. not that there were that many people. as you watch the storm move off the coast of florida coming to look at the map and figure out whether it should to the west a
10:57 am
little bit or whether it stays on the track where moves up the spine of florida. either way, in orlando so many sheltered from south florida have come here to take refuge. the right side of that storm, the strong winds and strong bands will be at the deal here around 7:00, 8:00 tonight and all night overnight. adam housley has been kicked in the teeth for 12 plus hours. he may have six or 10 more hours to go and that is part of what the rest of florida is about to get here as the storm moves further north. back to you in new york. shepard: bill hemmer, thank you very much. the northern coast of cuba for hours and hours and now some pictures of those. reporter: a friday night as a category five e. of waves crashing into the sea wall. another look at havana flooding there.
10:58 am
they evacuated about 10,000 people from havana. another city in the northern coast, downed power lines here. making their way through that area. this area had about three feet of storm surge hit. but they seem to be picking up and getting on with things. shepard: two sides to this storm. the ride is the worst, the left is not as bad. two on the left side of that and the mountains probably diminished the speed of the wind at least for a short time. downgraded to a category three for a while. now a category four. we really don't have a lot of reports in cuba or a number of other areas along the north coast and we are waiting for those. there were great concerns there might be humanitarian disaster of sorts they are. just a certainty about the safety of the shelters. in the past him in the united states has offered help to cuba after natural disasters of its
10:59 am
kind. in the past, the cuban government has paid those offers. though we will see how much help cuba needs. we will have plenty of need for help here in the united states in the days and weeks and months to come. florida power & light has issued a statement saying they believed by the time it is over with the three-point for a million floridians, 3.4 million will be without power, customers. many more people than not. the 2:00 update from the national hurricane center is coming in just a moment. i can tell you that we now have access to that. the forward speed has increased in the wind speed of the storm has decreased. hurricane irma 30 seconds ago is now a very strong category three storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. the central pressure was rising up to 936 millibars and also
11:00 am
important, forward speed of the storm has gotten faster. it was moving at nine miles an hour before forward progress. now it is moving north at 12 miles an hour. 12 miles an hour, irma on the move. >> 2:00 in southwest florida and now waits for hurricane irma to strike. shepard smith in new york. fox news channel continuing coverage of the storm. heading in the northwestern direction, but about four hours ago due north and it is traveling now. that means most likely southwest collier county, marco island will be impacted. let's go for the live update of the hurricane center in miami. >> mark demaria but the national hurricane center. the maximum winds are now 100 miles per hour, still


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