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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 11, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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important memorial from ground zero. heather: also a day that brought americans across the country together as we continue to be brought together dealing with hurricane harvey and hurricane irma as well. stay with us all morning long. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye-bye. ♪ >> hurricane irma battering florida bringing more wind, rain, and damage. todd: storm down downgraded to category 1 storm, but the danger is not over yet. >> we're still out here on the gulf, i will tell you the back side of this -- this is the back side of this storm. >> it is whipping off of it there now. whoa. this is pretty intense. >> wherever hurricane irma goes we will be there first. >> i want everybody to survive this storm. as you know we can't send out first responders to save you. everybody needs to be cautious. >> president trump vowing to head to florida in the wake of hurricane irma. >> we will go to florida very soon.
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i mean, the bat news i -- bad ns this is some big monster. i think we are very well coordinated. ♪ >> hurricane irma packing a powerful punch, still punishing florida at this hour as it climbs up the coast. brian: monster storm's violent fury unleashing a devastating strike, forcing the sunshine state to go dark. that's the way it is right now with the sundown, leaving millions, by the way, without power at this hour. up to 4 million. steve: steve irma's lengthy assault with winds over 100 miles per hour. turned streets into raging rivers and ripping off roofs. a lot of them. ainsley: you go, they caught that on camera. massive storm blamed for at least five deaths, including two police officers down in florida as hurricane irma surges north. its path of destruction now
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sparking rapidly rising life threatening water levels. storm surges that could climb up to 15 feet. >> 10 to 15 feet of storm surge, i don't know how anybody survives that pray. i don't see prayer as a last resort it should literally be a first resort. >> literally pushing up against the window to prevent it from possibly breaking. in. brian: as multiday siege rages on. live team coverage from across florida to miami fourth in of tampa. steve: most of the state waiting for the sun to come up so we can see the damage. naples, florida, people got hammered and some under water. 90% of the people there waking up without electricity. griff jenkins has battery power and he joins us live with the breaking details unfolding at this hour from naples. griff? >>?well, i said he had battery
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power but apparently there is a problem with the satellite. try to get back to him in a minute. brian: there is the possibility is he giving us silent treatment we won't find out until after the show. go ahead. ainsley: bryan llenas is in the miami area u we will check in with him now. good morning. >> good morning. coral way is one of the many suburbs in miami outside of don't dealing with pitch blackout conditions. take a look. once we take off this light what it's like out here. do you see that? that is what people are dealing with right now. this is also what people are dealing with. downed trees. you look over here. this is also, on my left over here, guy we have got downed power lights and power lines that go all the way over there blocking traffic. this is why there is a 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. curfew overnight because frankly it's dangerous. here it is a car right now. watch out. this is what is happening. people are now leaving shelters and finally getting -- trying to get home and they are driving in these kinds of conditions.
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before this. we saw a bus. that was meant to go pick up utility workers. remember. 43% of floridians right now are without power. 17,000 yittle workers from outside this area that need to get to start working on these things. one bus got stuck in this very intersection right now. so it's a problem that's all over the place. before that, obviously this storm in miami, although the eye was 130 miles away. we felt it really hard, 190 mile-per-hour gusts in some places. we had panels flying off of buildings. the tallest building in miami while we were reporting last night. giant 6-foot glass panels flying off of the building and onto the ground a very dangerous situation. there was also flooding in brinbrickle and downtown. why also have unfortunately looters. videos of looters in a foot locker unbelievably taking advantage of this situation. but the miami police
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department has been making patrols in this neighborhood and in all neighborhoods to make sure that the 600,000 plus miami-dade citizens here who evacuated because of the storm aren't taken advantage of while their homes are vacant. there have been tons of patrols. miami police department sending out a tweet with the photos of some of the looters that they caught and arrested. some 28 already. and they are warning others that they are coming after you and we're looking for you if you plan on taking advantage of the storm victims. but, again, people are dying to get home. we understand that but there are rescue crews. i'm sorry, the recovery crews here in terms of debris and clean up crews have yet to do their work because it's been pitch black and it's only been only a few hours since those winds have come down and so that's the situation here in neighborhoods all throughout south florida that look at another vehicle trying to get past. it's just not safe, guys. back to you. brian: what was the bus stuck on? were they just concerned because it was a downed
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power line? what was the bus stuck on? >> so, look, the bus was trying to get to fort lauderdale to pick up utility workers. and he was stuck on this. i mean, this traffic light, which fell. and the reason why it's on the ground because it got intangled in that. can you see from my flashlight. the bus trying to figure out a way out of this neighborhood. got intangled on that, and so you could imagine, look, even the buss that are actually trying to restore power are the ones that are also getting stuck. so, that's what we're dealing would w. here, guys. ainsley: you don't know what lines to pick up. you don't want to get electrocuted. brian: you can't see anything u. steve: you can't. ainsley: what about those looters were any of them arrested? >> we had at least 28 looters. in terms of the foot locker i'm unsure if any from that video were actually arrested. ainsley: got it faces on camera. police officers will know who they are. ridiculous. steve: matt fin picks up live team coverage on n.
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saint pete's beach on the west side of the great state of florida. matt? >> if i were to step outside of this courtyard you would be able to seat violent whipping rains that are still happening right now and very strong, soaking rain. there are still a lot of downed lines around here. 10s of thousands without power. the sun is not up, so we are not able to see or survey the damage. the hotel owner here sent me pictures overnight of a lot of his fellow business owners who have seen some damage at hotels and businesses in this area. and as the sun comes up and high tide approaches, which we are inching closer to that, we are expecting a storm surge combined with the high tide so, we could expect to see water rise 2 to 4 feet. but not near that 6 to 9 inches that was potentially could have happened, which would have been catastrophic in this area. you know, we always report on bad news.
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but fortunately right now at this hour, no catastrophic damage in this area. no terrible flooding here at saint pete. overnight, tens of thousands of people in this area lost power and unfortunately some utility companies had to stop their recovery efforts because they say it was just too dangerous for their guys to be out here. police also telling us that once the winds hit 40 miles per hour here, which that happened yesterday, it was just too dangerous for them to send out their officers and their rescuers. and it seems like we are definitely seeing winds over 40 miles per hour right now. unfortunately anybody who is dialing 911 or seeking help might not receive it as the sun comes up in this area, i'm sure we will be able to show you guys much more in the 7:00 hour here from saint pete beach. back to you in new york. steve: all right. thank you very much, matt. brian: 8 minutes now after the top of the hour. ainsley: jillian mele started our coverage last week down in miami beach and now she is in tampa. jillian, how are things looking there? they were expecting a lot of flooding? do you see any of that?
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jillian: we are not seeing a tonel of flooding. right here we have a little bit of localized street flooding on the corner. it's not significant. i would agree with what matt finn is saying but we have been seeing a little bit of it we have been driving throughout the morning on bayshore boulevard. we were on davis island earlier this morning. we have not seen any homes damaged by flooding. i'm not saying that's the case everywhere. i'm telling you what we have seen so far this morning. what we are seeing a lot of is a lot of down trees throughout the area. you are seeing a lot of debris and downed palm trees. you drive up a street and all of a sudden you have to stop and turn around because this is the situation. i think a lot of people are going to wake up in tampa feeling a bit relieved. we did not have the center of that what was left anyway of the eye of that storm did not hit here in tampa last night. a lot of people are feeling good about that. but, 12eu8, the sun is not up here yet. people are going to be coming out as the morning goes on to try to look at the damage either at their home or on their street. and the thing is we actually have seen some police officers driving up and down
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this street. every time a new one drives by they stop and they ask us if we are okay. so police are out. they are trying to make sure that everybody is safe. it's still not safe to come outside your home just yet. guys? steve: that's right. jillian, also, and also because some homes are unprotected. some folks are out of town. they have to make sure nobody tries to go in and take something. brian: when you drive across those bridges, the water almost looks at the bridge library. any time there is a storm people must get nervous. steve: just a few feet above sea level and janice dean that was the worry as the coast, the west coast the storm went up the coast would the storm surge overwhelm them. janice: right. we're still dealing with storm surge in jacksonville. they set a storm surge record over 4 feet. so, the east coast of florida is feeling this as well. i just want to point out normally i wouldn't want to tell you about this, we have another tropical system. it's a hurricane. we don't know where it will go. next one we will watc watch this
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is jose. it meanders but some of the tropical models are showing perhaps an east coast impact. landfalls around 9:10 cudjoe key. major hurricane. some of the wind gusts in naples 142 miles per hour. i mean devastation there in the naples area and marco island 130 mile-per-hour success spand -- other rather gusts. tornado threat will be ongoing today because of the right-hand side of this storm. we have seen many tornado worn storms for florida. we had a tornado warn storm for jacksonville. it is going to be going through georgia and carolinas. widespread effects even though this storm is weakening. still a category 1. moving across north florida. the effects will be felt well past the center of this storm. tropical storm force winds extending 220 miles from the center of the storm. and hurricane force winds likely 80 miles from the center. you can so we are still
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going to be dealing with this into tuesday and remnant low and sits and spins across the tennessee river valley. there is the radar right now. you can see the core of the strongest winds right here. then we also have the offshore flow. so tampa you are still going to get the potential for heavy rain and that storm surge moving. in it won't be the incredible storm surge amounts that we were predicting yesterday. but, still, very vulnerable coast line and the potential for, you know, water levels to rise. future radar shows this storm system moving north and westward into atlanta, georgia for the first time in history, atlanta georgia is under a tropical storm warning. that's incredible. we could see the potential for hurricane force winds moving into parts of georgia and the carolinas. there are your rainfall totals. obviously this is not a harvey story like we saw in houston. but still incredible rainfall totals of over a foot of rain. the potential for upwards of 4 to 6 inches. so flash flooding is going to be a concern throughout the day, georgia and carolinas watching the threat for tornadoes and storm surge threat as well.
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not only for the west coast but the east coast. this storm is so large, guys. we're going to be watching it throughout the day today as it continues to weaken but still widespread impacts all along the southeast coast line back to you. steve: pretty much everybody who is awake right now eastern third of the united states. janice: i read 35% of the state of florida has no power. ainsley: how long does that normally take for them to turn about t. back on a week? steve: depends on the extent of the damage. janice: keys inundated with rainfall could take months. steve: janice, thank you very much. ainsley: a lot of viewers from the state of georgia waking up a lot of rain today. anything worse that we need, janice? lots of rain? she will keep us posted. steve: regarding florida power and light which has so many subscribers and customers out of electricity this morning. we are going to have somebody who is either their public information officer or vice president with us in about 20 minutes so they can give us the low down. brian: meanwhile 13 minutes
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after the hour. why went to griff jenkins earlier and the shot froze in naples, florida. griff, are you able to hear us now? >> i didn't hear you, brian. i would never give you the silent treatment. if i could add on ainsley is asking about how long it's going to take. the ceo of florida power and light said a few days ago when we were in miami in anticipation of this event said this is likely going to be the most difficult power restoration in the country. florida power and light is the third largest utility. and here in naples, collier county emergency management telling us 90% of this area has no power. the streets are impassable. power lines, palm trees, pools of standing water. there are rising floodwaters although the storm surge seems to be only a foot or two based on our limited ability to assess it, but it is very much a serious issue, a catastrophically dangerous situation to wake up now and get into. the curfew here in naples has just lifted. it was 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. as people are waking up.
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the authorities, guys, are telling people to stay sheltered in your place. and if you were evacuated, absolutely do not try and get on these roads and get back to your property to assess it, because it's a dangerous situation right now. brian: all right. thanks so much, griff. we'll see. and a lot of those people in naples, they pretty much were hit first and relatively surprised. if you told people on thursday naples is going to get slammed they will say no, it's really on the east side and ends up by the weekend ends up being naples. ainsley: several of our reporters that were down there in south florida over the weekend were watching coverage and they were comparing it to hurricane harvey that they had all just been through. they said thankfully this is not as nearly as bad. it was quick-moving. harvey just sat there forever and pelted them. brian: came back a couple of times u. steve: hurricane force winds were much stronger. this was one of the strongest hurricanes of all time. harvey went out and stopped over texas. ainsley: harvey was more about water. steve: all about the water. the rain became the flood
3:16 am
became the surge. brian: go ahead, steve. steve: meanwhile in palm beach county on the east coast deputy danny cunningham saved an american flag battered by the hurricane. claim egg he couldn't just bear to watch it get blown apart. he got out of heir car and did the best he could. ainsley: that is great. brian: we saw a lot of the water retreat. when the water retreated. it exposed a lot of sea animals, one of which was a manatee, stranded by hurricane irma after the water got sucked to sea. the rescuers quickly sprung into action, despite the rain and winds. they threw tarps on it, dragging it to deeper water. i guess the manatee lives. ainsley: isn't that great? another manatee there, too, that they thought wasn't living because they said it wasn't breathing. steve: it need water. ainsley: they drug them both back over to the water and they both swam away. steve: crazy situation in the bay because of super low pressure the water just disappeared and it exposed those critters.
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brian: you know i love love stories. this is another great love story in camouflage. ainsley: there were two national guard members and they were supposed to get married. she was going to wear the big poofy white dress. she had everything situated. she had a cake and all of that they were deployed. their bosses said, listen, you are with the international guard you need to get out there and help the people of florida. they said okay, what should we do snerp sitting there talking with a bunch of their friends. i will put out these chairs. someone else said i will have some orange flowers. so they gave her the orange flowers. she didn't wear the dress and they ended up getting hitched. they got married right then and there on the spot. brian: michael davis and lauren dunham now married. their families must be disappointed they planned, they were registered. had the church and set. next thing you know they get deployed. their term their mantra is as many is service before self including their own marriage. they will don't know how their family will react to their marriage in florida.
3:18 am
ainsley: i had think they will get over it surrounded by bunch of friends and family. sorry dad this will be a cool story for our kids. steve: i bet they have another marriage. they booked u all the stuff. although in that one everyone was dressed the same. ainsley: best guard in the guard happens to be a notary. brian: notary can marry you. ainsley: yes. i knew hand who would do that. charge 75 bucks come over in my living room and marry you. steve: maybe justice of the peace. ainsley: i read article said notary. steve: suddenly those people who do my taxes. ainsley: maybe it's different in every state. steve: residents in tampa still under a mandatory curfew as emergency crews get ready to hit the ground this morning. ainsley: what's the damage assessment as of now? let's ask tampa mayor bob buck horn he joins us live right now. good morning to you, mayor. thanks for joining us. >> you bet, thanks.
3:19 am
ainsley: so what's the latest there in tampa? >> we have all of our crews out there assessing the damage. police officers and fire rescue person nefl have been on the streets since about 2:00. all of those reports are coming to this office behind me. so we're trying to get a feel for what it looks like. we know that there is a lot of limbs down. there is a lot of power outages and telephone poles that are down. there is not much standing water, thankfully. but, yet, the surge is still ready to come. we have not hit high tide. we have people prepositioned to notify us. but so far it's looking much better than we anticipated. brian: mr. mayor in new york city they have these monitors where can you see almost every block from a command center. somehow tampa situated in terms of cameras. what are you able to see from where you are? >> we can see an awful lot. as a matter of fact, we installed those the last time i was with you was during the republican national convention. there are big parts of the city that we can see. but, once you get internal to the neighborhoods, where the power is out, we have no
3:20 am
camera ability. if it's clear, i'm going to get up in a helicopter to assess the damage. we will be running drones over the city to check neighborhoods that have been impacted. but so far i really do think that the gods were smiling on us and we missed a really serious storm that could have devastated this city. steve: sure. now you have to worry about that storm surge. bob, before you go, how much of your town is out of juice? >> we don't know yet. we do know there are large sections based on eyeballs being laid on those neighborhoods as the police officers move through them. i couldn't give you a percentage. i would have a better feel around daylight. there is a curfew in place. and we want people to stay put for a while until we're able to get in and clear the streets. make sure there is no live wires out there. we want people home as soon as possible. but we also want to be safe. steve: well, you have got a very busy day. thank you very much for spending a couple minutes with us. the mayor of the great city of tampa bob buck horn. good luck, bob. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight
3:21 am
ahead. the trump administration ready to respond and help florida recover from this monster storm like they did texas. secretary of the interior ryan zinke joins us with a preview of those efforts. a lot will be on his shoulders. back in a moment. ♪ mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens?
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ainsley: the white house kicking in to high gear to see the state through this latest hurricane disaster. steve: joining us with more is u.s. secretary of the interior and retired navy seal commander ryan zinke. mr. secretary, thank you very much for joining us. i'm sure this was one of the big topics on the table at camp david when the president convened his cabinet there over the weekend. >> well, that was a big topic. and leave no neighborhood behind. we have devastation starting with the territories.
3:25 am
virgin islands got especially hit. and listening earlier about the power. likely a rebuild. we're not sure that we can repair the power grid in the virgin islands. of course today we will look at the assessment of the keys as it goes up. fortunately, it looks like tampa and the you were part of florida was not hit as hard as we thought. but, certainly, the president's focus is leave no neighborhood behind. and let's not forget about the forest fires out west. still a lot of communities under threat. very few fires are contained to the point where we have to keep our eye off the ball. brian: rushing $221 million to the u.s. virgin islands because a lot of them they were saying over the weekend they feel kind of ignored. that's going to change once you get them that money as well as puerto rico. but, i also noticed that you're in shanksville. you are on shanksville on 9/11. before you became congressman and secretary, you were in the military. i am just curious, mr. secretary, where were you on 9/11 and what are
3:26 am
your thoughts today 16 years later? >> well, i was actually a seal instructor on 9/11. and i saw when the plane hit, like many americans, that america is going to change and we have changed. and that you are right, today, the vice president is in shanksville. we're visiting the flight 93 national monument. and i can tell you they are heroes. this is an example of america sticking together. you know, and likely the actions of the passengers and crew of flight 93 prevented, you know, probably a strike on the capitol. we had a joint session with congress at the time. they are heroes. and this monument, if you have not seen it, you know, drive out and take a look at it it's magnificently designed and magnificently done. an example of public private partnerships. national system working together to commemorate american heroes.
3:27 am
ainsley: mr. secretary, you and the vice president will be there today. what can we expect? what are you going to be doing there? >> well, today is really a memorial for the 40 passengers. we're going to talk to the families here. we were here yesterday dedicating, shovels, ground breaking for that portion of the monument. really reflecting on how great this country is. the sacrifices we have made and also talking about the change that 9/11 brought to all americans. brian: do you worry 100 years from from now someone is going to take that memorial down like they are trying remake our memorials today? >> i'm one that believes, you know that we should learn from his industry. and i think our monuments are a part of our country's history. we can learn from it. since we don't put up statues of jesus, everyone is going to fall morally short. i think reflecting on our
3:28 am
history both good and bad is a powerful statement and part of our d.n.a. i'm an advocate, again, of learning from our monuments. understanding the period they were made but also we live in a great country and monuments are not republican, democrat, independent. monuments are a tribute to all of us. steve: and the observances there in shanksville start just a couple of hours from right now. mr. secretary, thank you very much for joining us on this september the 11th, 16 years later. ainsley: thank you. thanks for being there with those families. >> thank you very much. ainsley: hurricane irma still pummeling florida's gulf coast this morning. that's where jeff flock is this morning. wow, lots of wind. >> yeah. it keeps coming. you know, this is still cat 1. and the storm surge keeps coming, too. we're not done with this thing yet. just a minute, we will take you down to the edge of the gulf. the storm surge coming in still on the barrier islands. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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steve: a fox news alert. latest on hurricane irma. the monster storm climbing up florida's coast after blasting through the keys this time yesterday. brian: we haven't seen much of the keys as the sun comes up. damage assessments beginning in some areas. police warn residents to stay inside until they get the all-clear. ainsley: jeff flock picks up our live team coverage. he is in madeira beach. what's the latest there? >> you can see we are still getting pretty heavy conditions here. the scariest thing about this we are on the weak side of this storm, it's the back side of the storm. >> it's already passed us here. that means that now it's coming right off the gulf. we just found this sign here. look at this sign is down here. i don't know what it says. look at that. strong current. danger. no joke. this is the storm surge now.
3:33 am
coming. in we weren't getting surge yesterday. not only were we not getting surge, we were getting a sucking effect of the water out of the bays and out of this path that maybe you can't see because it's dark. but all the water got sucked out of it well, now, as you can see, that's what they call storm surge. it is now surging back in because we're getting the wind right from the gulf, right from the west as the back side of this storm comes through and it counter rotates. it's a counterclockwise rotates. now we're getting it right in the face off the gulf. that's pushing this water and i don't know, bob, can you walk over here with me? it's pushing the water through this pass and in to the bays. so, listen, we're not done with this yet. it's not going to be as catastrophic as it was in the keys by any means or even in naples. but, i will tell you, we're not done with this storm
3:34 am
yet. it's still whaling pretty good as you can see. steve: it is, indeed. it's still a category 1. jeff, do they have any estimate now what the storm surge might be because they had said it might be 5 or 10 feet. which would be a big problem. >> >> it would be a problem. i don't think we are going to get that intensity because, again, we are on the back side of the storm. but, at the same time, you know, as you can see, i don't know, bob, oh, whoa, that's sand there. i don't know if he can get up here. can you get up on top of it, bob, if you can show them the other-oh, there you are. sorry. here you go. i have got your hand. okay. he is up on his knees. sorry. but, look, here is the surge coming into the rocks here. now, typically, yesterday, you could see sand out there now you can see water. this is where typically would be. but we are just now starting to get the surge in here. so where it goes from here, i don't know. as i said, i don't think,
3:35 am
steve, it will be as intense as -- if we had gotten a direct hit from this. since this is the back side. but it's still. ainsley: jeff, what about high tide? >> that's this morning. that's the other factor. yeah. i'm glad you brought that up. because that is the other factor. we're expecting high tide here between 6:00 and 9:00, depending on where exactly you are along the coast. in the tampa bay area. just so you know, for those who don't know what that dire are a beach is. this is a barrier island that is off saint pete which is of course, east of tampa. tampa is actually a little bit writer/directorred. it's these barrier islands that is going to take the bulk of the crap there. brian: how did you get there? is there a bridge? >> yeah, well, there are bridges. you probably can't see it because it's behind me. but there is a bridge that goes from madeira beach across to treasure island that may know the geography
3:36 am
down here. there are bridges to all of this. even though the bridges they cut them off to regular folks. fools like us they let us in. so, yeah, the bridges are open. steve: the bridges are open. and so is jeff flock describing what is going on down there in madeira beach in the tampa/saint pete area. brian: jeff, it's okay to put your hood on now. steve: he kept trying but it kept blowing off. ainsley: so nice we all have friends and family that live in that area, they all have questions, janice, about how is this going to effect their houses. one of my best friends lives right there in that area outside of clearwater. janice: that's why if you live in florida and there is a lot of very low lying areas especially along the west coast, you have to know your surroundings, right? you have to know where you are on the sea level. if you have a storm surge or what the flooding is like. are you near to a floodplain? are you near a river? that's why it's really important if you move somewhere you have to know your surroundings, if you
3:37 am
hit by a hurricane, know your evacuation route. i want to show you tampa what jeff was talking about is the back sides of this storm. you can see that outer band now burning into tampa. we had -- this is on shore flow. yesterday we had offshore flow and we were seeing those pictures of the bay being pushed out which was fascinating but now the bay is coming back with these on shore -- these on shore winds. also, we are getting the push of surge across portions of north florida now and the carolinas and georgia where it's very vulnerable. so this is a widespread storm that's going to effect a lot of folk he is. also want to make mention not only the surge, which is going to be the biggest story really out of this storm. the keys were completely under water yesterday. parts of south florida especially the southwest side. we will continue to see damage reports from there. but the tornado threat is going to be ongoing as well. we saw many tornado reports yesterday all up and down the east coast of florida. and this is the path of the
3:38 am
storm. we will get another update from the hurricane center at 8:00. you can see it is weakening. it is over land. the reason why we won't get the incredible storm surge totals we were predicting yesterday is because the storm has moved more inland. if it was more offshore and in that warm water, we would potentially be seeing higher storm surge totals. not to say that it's not going to be a big event. it will be. thankfully as this storm has moved northward it has lessened. now the storm is weakening, which is great news. not out of the woods. we have folks in florida, close to 5 million people without power. and the tropical force winds are going to extend into georgia, alabama, even the tennessee river valley over the next couple of days with the potential for flooding. so there is the radar. and you can see again the back side of that storm moving into central florida including tampa. we have the most powerful winds here in north florida, just heading into jacksonville. and the center of florida is looking good right now. but, again, you will see the back side of those outer
3:39 am
bands moving. in hurricane warnings still in effect for parts of north and central florida. up towards georgia. and they have discontinued them thankfully for south florida. as the storm moves north and westward, we have the tropical storm force winds. for the first time in this historic to see tropical storm warning for atlanta, georgia. in terms of winds, hurricane force winds still potentially could be felt as far as south as fort myers and then hurricane force gusts right here -- my bad. tropical storm force winds felt as far as south as fort myers but we could see hurricane force gusts certainly for north and central florida into georgia and then moving in to georgia and alabama, the potential for tropical storm force gusts on monday and then as we get into tuesday, thankfully, things will diminish. power outage index, i mean, close to 5 million. over 5 million people in florida don't have power. but that's going to extend into the southeast as well. so even though the storm is diminishing and weakening, the effects are still going to be so widespread for the
3:40 am
next 24 to 48 hours. back to you, steve and brian, and ainsley. steve: don't forget how air travel has been disrupted. janice: most definitely. steve: airports closed in florida, fort lauderdale, jacksonville, miami, orlando, sanford, which is near orlando, sarasota, tampa, and west palm beach. ainsley: so awful them basically. janice: of course if you have got delays or cancellations in florida that's going to impact the rest of the country as well. brian: i don't know who would think they would be getting into a plane after what we have been witnessing the last few days. 40e7fully 5eur89s won't charge people while when they change flights. janice: that's why we need to be on top of it, too. brian: watching this water go out, especially in hillsborough in the tampa area, what's going on there? we are expecting water coming up, the surge. we have seen it go the other way. janice: these are fascinating and twitter was overtaken by these images. our own jillian mele posted these yesterday in the tampa bay area. what this was was the offshore winds, pushing. the winds were so strong as
3:41 am
the storm was moving northward, so the offshore winds were -- was pushing this water out into the bay. this is a phenomenon that actually happens in the great lakes. it does happen. it's not completely out of the ordinary. but because we had such strong winds, it was pushing it. and i don't like the word sucking. that is not appropriate when it comes to meteorological terms. i know a lot of people were like it's the low pressure that was sucking out the winds. that is not the case it is just an easy explanation of the offshore winds pushing that water out in to the gulf of mexico. now that you have got on shore winds, it is pushing it back. that's the most dangerous. steve: it's a reverse surge will. janice: absolutely. brian: not a suck a surge. janice: i apologize that's not meteorologically correct. brian: more sports oriented especially when you think about the giants last night. steve: thank you, janice. ainsley: used to be all water now nothing there. steve: pushed out to sea.
3:42 am
yanice, thank you. brian: irma's wrath is far from over as it heads north. steve: america's mayor as he was dubbed 16 years ago today, rudy giuliani counselor to the president, kellyanne conway and governor rick scott of florida will all join us live coming up. ainsley: he ran to the twin towers with 60 pounds of gear on his back to help save lives on 9/11. we are keeping firefighter steven silers with his brothers who is live from ground zero. that's next. ♪
3:43 am
3:44 am
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kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. brian: all right. as you remember 9/11 this morning, you also may recall shortly after flight 77, pentagon american flag draped over the hole that was left behind. ainsley: ever since the stars and stripes are again
3:46 am
unfurled in that very spot for us to remember the 184 people who were killed there. and the hundreds of men and women who have lost their lives fighting a war that has been raging ever since. steve: that's right. at 9:37 this morning there will be a moment of silence to remember the moment flight 77 hit the pentagon 16 years ago. the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs will join president trump and the first lady at the remembrance. now let's watch. brian: amazing how quick they fix that, too. that's fen am inial but that's where it hit. ainsley: we remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. on september 11th firefighter steven siler headed into manhattan. he was determined to help all of those in the twin
3:47 am
towers. even running through the brooklyn battery panel with 60 pounds of gear strapped to his back. brian: he successfully raced to the burning buildings where he sacrificed his life while saving others. steven's heroic actions that day inspired his family to create a foundation in his honor. steve: co-host of "fox & friends weekend" and u.s. army vet pete hegseth joins us now from ground zero along with the ceo of the tunnel of towers foundation and steven's oldest brother frank. pete? pete: good morning, guys. we just saw the unfurling of the flag at the pentagon. we remember those brave heroes of flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania and of course here at ground zero just over my shoulder is the freedom tower which stands today and we remember those two towers that fell 16 years ago over 3,000 -- almost 3,000 lives total lost and lives changed for every single american across this country either personally, through a loved one or the way that it shaped a generation of people who went and fought
3:48 am
wars as a result of those radical islamic terrorist attacks on 9/11. i'm joined this morning by frank siler. and frank is the ceo as you mentioned of tunnel to towers foundation named for an amazing story of your brother, steven, who on that fateful day, which we all remember, it changed all of our lives but yours in particular, his specifically. tell us about steven and tell us what he did on that day, september 11th, 2001. >> well, steven was on his way home to play golf with myself and my two older brothers and he heard on his radio scanner that the towers were hit. he went back to his firehouse and he got his gear. we are standing right outside of the brooklyn battery tunnel here. he drove his truck to the brooklyn battery tunnel. it was closed for security reasons. he strapped his gear on the back and ran through the nearly two miles. ran up west street right up to the south tower which was, you know, inflames. ran up those stairs and gave up his life to save others.
3:49 am
we knew we had to do something to honor him and we started a foundation in his name. pete: what is it about a man like steven that, you know, the north tower was the first one hit. south tower hit second. the south tower fell first yet, it's engulfed in flames and he while others are running down makes the choice to run up. what is it about someone like him that gives him the courage to do something like that? >> well, it didn't surprise us. steven was very special. but, you know, all our first responders have that kind of heart and that kind of guts. just like our men and women in uniform that serve our country. he has made us so proud and inspired his oldest siblings to do good in his memory. we are doing that today. we are heading up to syracuse right from here. we are giving away a house to u.s. army specialist matthew labor who joined because of 9/11. it's a smart home. give him back some of his independence. he lost both of his legs and part of -- both his hands. we are doing something so good on a day that was so bad 16 years ago. we want to defeat evil with
3:50 am
goodness. pete: that's a great perspective. there is a ceremony. we will be reading the nearly 3,000 names. moments of silence for when the towers from struck and pentagon was hit and plane went down in shanksville. as you mentioned, what i love about tub to towers is you are following through with those who then responded, you know, we said george bush stood on that rubble pile and said, you know, they will hear all of us soon. >> that's right. >> at love us went over there and many gave so much. you are literally going to give a home to a guy who otherwise wouldn't be able to live at home. >> most of these young men and women would have never survived the battlefield years ago because their injuries are so horrific. to be able to do that in honor of my brother and all those who perished, what could be a better thing to do. you no he, and then today we want to make sure that our prayers and thoughts are with those who are in florida and texas, too. our foundation does a lot of hurricane relief and we're going to start today. i want to make this very positive today for us and our family. $100,000 our foundation is putting towards hurricane
3:51 am
relief tunnel to and we would love people to join us in making sure that we don't forget our brothers and sisters. pete: tunnels 2 towers foundation. never forget on this 9/11, 16. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis.
3:52 am
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steve: a fox news alert. hurricane irma continues to impact florida on the west coast where the high tide is over the next hour and a half. jeff flock right now is live in madeira beach where, jeff, the worry is the storm surge. >> and it's coming in. it's coming in as we speak, steve. and i think, you know, it's not coming in at a good time. it's coming in at high tide. look at the waves are kind of crashing here. you kind of forget this is the gulf. this is the gulf.
3:55 am
steve: he is standing out in a hurricane and it looks as if some of the rain actually impacted his microphone. jeff, have lost your signal. the audio portion. brian: if it pops back. actually sitting there on the rocks. in fact, he can hear us now. hey, jeff, you were saying you forget this is the gulf. >> exactly. this looks more like an ocean to me at the moment. [audio faded] steve: we tried. he has been in the rain for the last 48 hours. brian: your sun is beginning to come up. you are beginning to have a real perspective on what is happening. every time we go out to a reporter it's going to be news worthy because it's going to be revealing what the damage was. ainsley: originally that storm didn't look like it was heading for tampa. it looked like it was going on the east side of florida. all of my friends who live in that area were not evacuating. they were going to higher ground and elevated area. steve: i had friends on the east coast go to the west
3:56 am
coast. they got the brunt of it on that side. i knew people in palm beach county a couple we know went to kentucky. ainsley: friends went to nashville. best friend who lives there going to elevated higher ground. then i called her at 4:00 in the morning on saturday and i said have you got to get out. she took all of her boxes, all of her pictures. she was in tears. she put them in a hotel room and then she got in a car with her three kids and they headed to south carolina. steve: the point of my story was she went to kentucky. the storm is going to kentucky and tennessee. so, it is a big storm. ainsley: it's huge. steve: big storm and not done yet. brian: atlanta today. 60 mile-per-hour winds in atlanta. ainsley: janice, says expecting a lot of rain in those areas. america's mayor rudy giuliani, mike huckabee and counselor to the president kellyanne conway are going to join us live. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup.
3:57 am
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♪ heather: hurricane irma battering florida, bringing more rain, wind and damage. ainsley: massive storm blamed for at least five deaths, including two police officers. >> the storm now down graded to a category 1 storm. the danger is not over yet. >> look at this sign that's down here. huh. look at that strong current. danger. no joke. but i tell you, we are not done with this storm yet. it's still whaling pretty good. >> wherever hurricane irma goes, we will be there first. >> i want everybody to survived this storm. we can't send out first responders to save you, so everybody needs to be cautious. >> president trump vowing to head to florida in the wake of hurricane irma. >> we will go to florida very soon. i mean, the bad news is that this is some big monster. but i think we are very well coordinated. steve: this is a fox news alert. hurricane irma, the
4:01 am
strongest atlantic basin hurricane in history came ashore yesterday as a category 4. still packing a powerful punch at this hour as it climbs up florida's west coast. ainsley: the monster storm leaving millions of people without power at this hour. brian: half the state u irma's lengthy assault packing winds over 100 miles per hour. ripping off roofs turning streets into raging rivers and leaving homes under water. ♪ ♪ steve: the massive storm blamed for at least 25 lives across the caribbean and five in florida, including two police officers as hurricane irma surges north. its path of destruction now sparking rapidly rising life threatening water levels. storm surges that could climb another 5 to 10 feet. >> the surge is still ready to come. we have not hit hide tied. >> there is a lot of unknowns. that's what you worry about.
4:02 am
pray. i don't see prayer as a last resort it should always be a first resort. ainsley: as irma's new at this day siege raises on. people got hammered by the storm and 90% waking up without power there. griff generagriff jenkins joins us live. >> good morning guys. finally light coming up here. we're getting a look at what this was here in naples. that is a catastrophic wind event power lines, palm trees and pools of standing water. rising flooding. not necessarily storm surge but certainly rising floodwaters are making the area treacherous as people wake up without power. give you a very quick look. can you see this shopping center. that sign knocked down, just debris everywhere. you look this way. and as we slowly turn around, these roads, which have palm trees over there some -- the car going by.
4:03 am
going slowly. this is actually pretty good. it looks like the police, which have a station just a block up the street may have kind of cleared it some. it's really quite an event. the challenge now certainly that power 90% of the residents in this area without power. and, of course, statewide with more than 50% of floridians without power. but the experience itself was quite terrifying. we spoke to a young man, a college senior named jack lew ganbrewel. he tried to do everything he could during those harrowing mommy's. take a listen. >> there was a solid probably like 15 minutes where it was beating on the window where me and my dad were just standing there. the only reason we stopped is because it got to the point where we felt it beating so hard okay we are going to leave the room close the door and hope nothing happens. >> this story is still unfolding. things are raw here. people are going to get out and try to find things. we jest encountered a man
4:04 am
trying to go to his business walking on the road. we talked to him. we will bring that to you in the next hour. but, people are waking up to a lot of shock and a lot of devastation. untold how much it's going to be. try to get around and get a better look. good news is, if there had to be some it, seems the storm surge was perhaps in the range of a couple of feet as opposed to the 10 to feet feet feared. ainsley: thank goodness. brian: griff, is it your sense that most of the people evacuated? >> you know, brian, i think most did, but there is certainly maybe a 5% to 10% of folks that did not. even as those winds were blowing hard and the storm surge set in on us yesterday morning. i saw a handful of people on the beach which was right at the tip of the spear for it certainly a lot of people did not that maybe should have. they are warning people do not get in your cars. if you are evacuated by all means don't try and go back to your area this morning. as the officials try and fix
4:05 am
things. steve: absolutely. millions were -- thank you very much, griff. millions were in mandatory or voluntary evacuation areas. i read, i think in the miami herald this morning that 170,000 people spent the night overnight in a shelter. the big question is, for instance, in miami where the curfew is from 7:00 to 7:00, will people at 7:00, it's now 7:05 down in miami, will they give them the okay to go ahead, go see what your house is like but you have to come back. ainsley: people picking up up the phones and calling neighbors and say what does my house look like. coral way bryan llenas is in that neighborhood in southern miami. brian? >> to that point, the people we have already seen coming out cars like, this people have been coming out from shelters to survey the damage. take a look. this is what streets are looking like, it's impassable. this is what is happening in all the suburbs along miami-dade, broward, pawch beach county. 58% of this state without
4:06 am
power. 58% of its residents without power this morning. just astounding and really miami may not have been as hard hit or close to the eye. but we got hit hard despite the fact that the eye did not go through here. again, we had power lines down. water 3 feet high in brickell avenue. cranes two collapsed in miami another in fort lauderdale. we also had panels flying off of buildings. post storm. and on top of all of that we have seen police patrols in neighborhoods to try to stop looters. looters caught on video trying to get into a foot locker. number 28 according to miami police department 28 looters have been arrested so far this morning. remember, right to your point, some hundreds of thousands, millions of people were evacuated and just trying to find a way to come back into town. but the problem is that they are coming in with the light and realizing that there are downed trees. actually behind guys see that tree over there that
4:07 am
entire road is blocked. so, neighborhoods are now coming really hard mine fields to get through right now. and that's the situation here in florida, guys. to one last point, i just wanted to just extend a thank you. we have a smudge on our camera because we have been thought hurricane coverage for 2 or 3 days now. my photographer guy hernandez came all the way from houston coverage for a couple weeks and came straight down here to florida to me to join me a hand to him. and rode out her first hurricane outside in the hurricane. extremely brave of her as well. all of the people at fox, hundreds of people behind the scenes that made it happen. brian: brian, do you know what you do? take a picture, post it on your twitter so everyone can see how are talking about. steve: there you go. all right. bryan llenas. brian is down in south florida on the east side. now let's go up to the other side of the state where matt finn is located saint pete beach. what's going on there?
4:08 am
>> we're still dealing with tropical force winds and pounding rain here. we are in high tide. the water behind me inching closer but as you can see we have not witnessed and we are probably not going to see any catastrophic storm surge here, which is excellent news for people in this area. this was a part of the mandatory evacuation zone. we have been here now for about 24 hours and very little humans in sight. people abided by the evacuation. in fact, one of the fire chiefs here saying that people evacuated so well they were able to do a second sweep in this area. so this place is practically a ghost town. janice was mentioning those on shore winds and we are definitely feeling them right now. the water inching closer to the land but it looks like we are just not going to see any terrible flooding. sun is coming up here, so we are not able to totally survey the damage in this area, but the manager of the hotel that we're staying at sent us some pictures and said there is a howard johnson inn nearby that lost some if not all of its roof.
4:09 am
tens of thousands of people in this area without power right now. one of the utility companies in the tampa bay area said they had to halt their services to restore power overnight because it was too dangerous for those guys to be out. same thing with fire and police. they say once the winds hit 40 miles per hour which we hit that yesterday, they can't send their officers into the streets to rescue people because it's just too dangerous. one of the hardest and most difficult thing for him is to tell his guys you can't go out and do the job you are trained to do because it's just too dangerous. for people who did not heed the evacuation warnings, the mayor and fire and police warning to you stay inside, even though the sun is coming up, don't step outside right now. this is some of the strongest winds we have seen since we have been here. janice was mentioning on shore winds. that's what we are seeing right though here in saint pete. back to you in new york. steve: all right. matt, thank you very much. let's go to the other side of the state right now, our affiliate wfos. a reporter is doing a live shot right now. i think we're going to listen in for just a moment. in jacksonville.
4:10 am
>> downtown jacksonville that we sees a of right now. now, one of the things we do know is because of the storm surge, it is truly at a record high and it's something that has beat hurricane dora which was in 1964. it's kind of baffling to think about that literally part of the rainwater from the st. john's river is now flooding downtown jacksonville. just to let you know. i know you are not here so you can't smell. we think there must be an issue because we can definitely smell sewage at this point. so we are probably going to leave this area really soon because we don't know what's in this water but there is debris and all sorts of different items that we have seen just walking over here to bring you this live coverage. we have seen branches, everything from signs also smells like there is waste in this area. reporting in downtown jacksonville. steve: all right.
4:11 am
great. thank you for that live report japan miss dean is tracking the hurricane. jacksonville is northeast quadrant that's the one with all the rain. janice: storm surge is happening on shore winds coming west coast of florida. but we also have storm surge warnings extending up towards the coast of georgia and south carolina. this is going to be ongoing situation for the duration 6 to 12 hours. jacksonville has as we heard the reporter say a record storm surge water rise of 4 feet st. john's river there is going to be a lot of threats here not only hurricane force winds not only tornado threat. jacksonville under tornado watch right now. we have potential of tornado warn storms as we go through the day today not only north florida but in to georgia
4:12 am
and the carolinas. we're going to watch the vulnerable beach areas across georgia and south carolina for the potential of thighs on shore winds bringing up the storm surge. not done yet. category 1 storm still hurricane, 75 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it is over land it is weakening. but we are still going to see the potential for the storm surge for the heavy rainfall upwards of 4 to 6 inches. and the potential of tornadoes. and this storm is going into georgia for the first time in history, atlanta, georgia has a tropical storm warning. we will be dealing with this well into the midweek. back to you. brian: i saw the mayor of atlanta saying yesterday look we are kind of surprised we're going to get 60 mile-per-hour winds and rain. janice: peoplevel evacuated. brian: dense area. place where there is always traffic. hopefully they are doing that smartly. 12 minutes after the hour. ainsley: so jillian started our coverage. you probably saw at the end of last week down in south florida. now she has moved up to the
4:13 am
tampa area on bayshore boulevard. tell us about where you are and what's happening there. jillian: we're in tampa on bayshore boulevard. take a look back here at the bay. it's getting pretty rough out here. i will tell from you eyeballing it, we have seen the water rise about a foot and a half the last few hours. we did go through high tide earlier this morning. all we have been talking about is the storm surge. you heard janice mention the storm surge over and over again this morning as well. if this area is going to flood. it's going to be because of this right here keeping an eye on it i want to show you video that we shot yesterday take a look at that it's from the bay and i posted it on twitter it went crazy viral because people could not believe what they were looking at. the bay was dry. i mean, and not just a small portion of it a lot of it i called janice yesterday and i said please explain to me what is going on. because penal were walking around saying i have never seen anything like this here before. and janice said because of the way the direction of the winds from irma it was pushing everything out of
4:14 am
the bay. and that water obviously now back in here. so the concern at this point is going to be flooding. we have seen a little bit, a little bit of localized flooding this morning. just on street corners, things like that. nothing too major. we will keep an eye on this. because as people wake up this morning, they could still be seeing some flooding. even though it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's not going to. guys we'll keep you posted on that. the winds have been off and on. raining and still windy here in tampa. i will send it back to you. brian: jillian, i'm watching it go up now in your conversation thought waves are getting high going through the barrier there. >> yes. they are. go ahead and go off me there and just show that we are just starting to see in the last maybe 20 minutes some waves crashing up here and yesterday i talked to a resident who was out walking his dog. and he said, i have seen waves come um here a couple feet high. that's not unexpected. that's not unusual in this area. the problem is with the storm surge, you just don't know how much you are going to get right now. steve: that's the big
4:15 am
question. all right, jillian, thank you very much. jeff flock is live in madeira beach which is not far from where she has been standing. jeff, we have had problems with your microphone. we are hoping this goes okay. >> yeah. out old fashioned way we have cable here. the cable always works. that will cure the problem. none of this wireless stuff. i was listening to what jillian had to say about, you know, the water out and now back. i'm going to give you a perspective of that, that's why i'm walking up here to the top. now we got sun up, a little bit. and you can see, that's the gulf. this is the paths, this is one of the means by which the water comes past the barrier islands into the bays of tampa bay and the rest. now that water that was washing out, is now in the process of washing back. and it's kind of washing machine effect. you can see some of it crashing against the rocks here. the others you can see the current moving back. in the question is, you know, how much water gets pushed back in? back in to the storm? hopefully not too much.
4:16 am
but, it still remains to be seen. we are now at about the kind of levels that you would typically see on a typical day. the question is does though water get pushed enough to cause flooding? even if it does, hopefully, not as much as we would have expected. so, probably still first responders out, i wanted to let you know by the way. these guys never came off. the guys in madeira beach. they continue to patrol all night. steve: is that a ghost town, jeff? >> oh, yeah. yeah. bobby, can you come this way? if you hang your -- sorry, we have cable now. this is like the old days. if bob is able to hang his head out the side. do you see anything there? not a doggone thing. that place over there has a big generator. beach place has a generator. that's the only power that you see. occasionally somebody will have a generator and you will see that beyond that total ghost town. that's off to the left, bob.
4:17 am
that's treasure island over there. this bridge joins out two. that also ghost town. you know, when you are on a barrier island here, you are in tampa, you might say oh i will stick it out. if you are on a barrier island you are saying you know what? we will come back on a nicer day. brian: even any a hurricane the place is beautiful. ainsley: i know the surge continues. i was expecting to see all of those roads, all of those docks completely under water. i was expecting to see a lot of what we saw in harvey. >> guys, in this parking garage, by the way, this is where we spent the night in this parking garage over here. still with me, bob? i have got to be with bob now because we're connected. in this parking garage, you can't see them from here but they brought rafts. they brought canoes. they brought, you know, ski dos, whatever the heck it is because they expected to be in this road going up and down the road by not walking. steve: well, they were prepared.
4:18 am
>> we're prepared. steve: you just never know. jeff flock and bob the cameraman thank you very much for a live report. >> bob lee. brian: 18 minutes after the hour. latest fema headquarters in washington, d.c. as acting secretary for the department of homeland security, a woman with a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders for maybe the third straight week elaine duke, especially with you today. miss secretary, your thoughts right now being that the sun is just coming up, what are your reports telling you about the amount of damage? >> well, first, before we talk about the hurricane, i would like to remind everyone that this is 9/11. the 16th anniversary of the killing of about 3,000 americans. and what we're seeing in florida is what we saw that day 16 years ago, we're seeing federal, state, and local first responders and communities coming together with the compassion and community of our great country.
4:19 am
steve: i know the president signed, along with rick scott, nine counties in florida have been declared disaster areas. what happens if you're in one of the other 60-some odd counties? are you still available for federal relief? >> yes. other counties can be added. once the president signs a federal disaster, then we can add additional counties as the storm dictates. we'll know more as the sunrises what type of individual assistance or public assistance is needed. ainsley: what does that mean when he sign as federal disaster? does that mean every family gets money or are you just give money to the counties? >> it means that the governor has asked for assistance, and that we will be giving assistance for public rebuilding and individuals as documented strength. so what we would do is we send out inspectors to look at people's homes, to look
4:20 am
at public buildings and see what damage is there. brian: miss secretary, do you have to diversity national guard people from texas to florida what have you seen so far? >> no. we are simultaneously responding to both. in harvey the waters have receded and we are supporting governor abbott in terms mostly of housing and rebuilding their infrastructure. in florida, our response we do have flying weather, so we'll be able to start search and rescue and start assessing the damages. additionally we will be supporting the local utilities on bringing the electric back up. steve: well, have you got a very busy week or two ahead of you. elaine duke from the department of homeland security, a department that did not exist 16 years ago. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. brian: 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. rudy giuliani led new york city out of the dark days after 9/11. he joins us with the memory
4:21 am
was that dark day 16 years ago today. i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ today this comes after a series of missile tests from the rogue nation, a draft includes a ban on all oil and natural gas exports to north korea and freezing all of kim jong un's foreign financial assets. and in just a few hours, president trump will honor the victims of the september 11th terrorist attacks. for the first time as commander-in-chief. he and the first later marking the 16th anniversary at the white house with a moment of silence before a
4:25 am
commemorative ceremony at the national 9/11 pension memorial. 9/11 pentagon memorial. steve: meanwhile it was 16 years ago today that rudy giuliani led this city on the darkest day in the -- that's interesting, in new york's history. he joins us right now on the phone. mr. mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? steve: where have you been lately? >> i had a knee operation and i'm still doing physical therapy and recovering. i will probably be back next week in full mode. brian: mr. mayor, 16 years later, i know the people that were with you then, every year you have a get together with all those that were working for you and for the city. >> yep. brian: i know that's important to you. as the years go by. how has it changed? >> well, it hasn't really. i mean, the reality is we're not particularly surprised. i certainly am not. i don't think most of the people are that are with me
4:26 am
that this has lasted so long, the fact that this war has gone on as long as it has because this enemy is a different kind of enemy. they are very determined, very patients. they see this as eternal mission that they have. president bush pointed that out the first time he spoke to congress about this that this would be a long, long effort against them but i think governing weed haven't had an attack like that since then you pointed out we didn't have a department of homeland security before on september 11. we now do a lot of our police departments didn't have the intelligence apparatus that they have today i happen to know there are many attacks that we
4:27 am
have avoided maybe not quite of that scale but different attacks. brian: ray kelly said 13. >> yeah -- i don't know the exact number but that doesn't sound unusual to me. that sounds about right. he would know that better than i would but the reality is that's new york, i think is he talking about it's a larger number for the rest of the country. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you. it's been a tough news cycle because we all went through hurricane harvey watched that and covered it all those poor families in texas. you see florida, everyone evacuating there. we woke up this morning or a few days ago we were planning this show to be about 9/11 and we're mixing 9/11 with what's happening in florida. >> sure, you have, to absolutely. >> when we look at images of 9/11, we don't want to forget those people. we do have to talk about the hurricane today. we look at those images and it makes me so sad. what sticks out in your mind. is there a good story of resilience that sticks out in your mind that you could share with us during these
4:28 am
dark times for everyone in our country? >> sure. it's the cop destruction workers who a -- constructionwoe we had the correct number and a lot of our firefighters were tired and a lot of our police officers were tired and rescue workers and construction workers, about 1,000 of them came down to help out i asked the guy in front why did you come? you have got to be careful, you don't have the right equipment. he said we are very strong. we can lift things. you just tell us what to do. that typifies, i think what you saw in harvey and what you are seeing now in florida and what you saw then. of course, would like to say it's the spirit of new yorkers and spirit we like to say texas and florida. in reality, that's the spirit of america. that when we get attacked, we all stick together. we may fight with each other at other times but we all stick together. and i think you see that in texas. you see that in texas. you see that in florida. i also think that september 11th contributed in a way an improvement in
4:29 am
our emergency services in general the same training and the same work that you have to do to get ready for terrorist attack of that magnitude is the kind of training you have to do for a natural disaster. steve: rudy, we have been looking at some of these images from back in 2011. a couple of big signs that say we will never forget. you know, here in new york city, brian and i were on the couch 16 years ago today. we obviously on this show every year remember that. there are a lot of people who for them the memory has faded. and for a lot of young americans, they know, yeah, there was a couple of planes flew into buildings. they don't quite get the gravity of what happened that day. >> right. well, you know, it's really important that they do in large part because it's not like pearl harbor or some of the other terrible things assassination of john kennedy. the things that happen where people remember where they were when they found out about it.
4:30 am
something that's still going on. this is part of our history. pearl harbor is part of our history. that war is over. the enemies are our friends and the world is different now than it was then. the motivations that caused that attack. brian: right. >> are still a danger to us. now, we may not have been attacked on the scale of september 11th but we have been attacked since september 11th. there have been numerous attacks in europe and numerous attacks in asia. so, it's an ongoing issue for us. ongoing problem of massive proportions. brian: especially, look here, you know what, we remember orlando and we know san bernardino, we get it look at what's happened in london and brestle. look what keeps happening in france. look what's happened in spain. do you think our allies are slow to go around to this? >> wellia, say for sure at the time.
4:31 am
whewhen i travel there shortly afterwards to view ground zero, they were very aware of it, they were very alert to it over time. have think become less so? it would be hard to believe the attacks they are getting that they wouldn't. i know their intelligence services are very good and a lot of the help that we get and some of those attacks that we have warded off have come because of much better international cooperation and information that we get so i think the governments are aware. brian: actually i think it's the opposite. the population gets it it's the government that acts politically correct. best at luck at getting that knee better. >> okay. thank you. ainsley: thank you. brian: 29 minutes before the top of the hour. mike huckabee stayed in florida as hurricane irma rolled through. as is he doing this morning in the former governor of arkansas joins us live. get between you and life's beautiful moments.
4:32 am
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♪ brian: florida is not out of the woods by a long shot, especially over in jacksonville, florida, where you are now seeing the scene here. flash flood warnings through downtown jacksonville. as janice told us last hour, these are historic. ainsley: historic storm surge in jacksonville. there is a reporter there with wfox, the local fox affiliate. let's listen to what she is saying. >> debris items. now, we will continue to assess the situation down here. i have been posting photos on our twitter page and also on instagram and you will continue to be able to seat conditions. and i know a lot of people are worried about flooding. and we will update you on where the flooding that we see where the flooding is at in downtown jacksonville. as for now, we will send it back to you guys in the studio. brian: and she ♪ talking to us but she is talking to her studio. steve: she is indeed. brian: she did say last half hour she smelled sewage which is a concern for
4:36 am
sanitation. steve: can you see from images from jacksonville right now there is a lot of rain going on. janice dean joins us now. janice, jacksonville while it's on the east coast, northeastern quadrant where all this rain is coming. janice: both coasts feeling the wrath of irma. this is the last 48 hours. you see landfall across the keys and second landfall across saint marco island and up towards the jacksonville area. there is tampa. so you have got the counterclockwise winds bringing in the storm surge to tampa and the jacksonville area on both coasts. we have got a flash flood emergency happening in the jacksonville area where they have a record storm surge from the atlantic side. so this storm is huge, 220 miles from the center of the storm is storm force winds. 80 miles from the center of this storm, hurricane force winds. so you can see the jacksonville area. we had that. >> reporter: ing incredible
4:37 am
flooding in the jacksonville area. so, even though this storm is weakening, the threat is still there for not only storm surge on both coasts but we have a tornado threat as well. we have had reports of tornado damage all up and down the coast. we had a tornado watch in effect for jacksonville as well. not only a flood emergency but a tornado watch and then that will stretch into georgia and the carolinas. i also want to stress the potential for storm surge in to georgia and the carolinas. so this is going to be a big deal for the first time in history a tropical storm warning in atlanta, georgia. they are going to potentially feel the heavy rain and the winds possibly hurricane force winds stretching all the way up to georgia and even alabama. back to you. ainsley: when are the folks in south carolina going to start seeing all this rain? janice: can you see this right now. as we go into the afternoon, the storm lifting knot ward but see the yellows and the oranges and reds. that's heavy rainfall on order of maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain an hour. and the potential for not
4:38 am
only tropical storm force winds but we could see hurricane force gusts as well. this is going to impact not only florida, the southeast and even the tennessee river valley. ainsley: they closed schools in charleston until wednesday morning. will they be able to go back to school on wednesday do you think? janice: i do. but i will leave it to the officials. brian: janice will not have the final verdict on the schools? janice: thank goodness. steve: a lot of rain out in the panhandle of florida. that's where the former governor of arkansas and former republican presidential candidate and a fox news contributor mike huckabee makes his home. you are at home. why didn't you leave? >> well, it did not appear that irma was going to come to us directly. now, the whole storm started shifting and everybody got a little nervous. everybody gout very prepared. what we're going to see is a tropical storm. but most of the people in florida are getting the brunt of this. we are in the far northwest part of the panhandle. so it's going to be a tropical storm. we are expecting squalls,
4:39 am
winds up to 50, 55 miles per hour today. but, i will tell you that, you know, we are 440 miles from tampa. to think about how big a storm this is, we are still going to be in the effect of it, nothing like the people who are to the east of us. so, it's just been an extraordinary storm that has upended so many people's lives and the long-term recovery is going to be difficult for many. brian: right. we will continue to cover that i do want to get your reflections of 9/11. i do believe you were governor of arkansas at the time. >> i was. brian: it's been 16 years since. do you believe, governor, we are winning this fight against islamic extremists? where are we at today? >> i think it's been a lot harder and taken a lot longer. i don't know that i can say we are winning because wherever we -- it's like whack-a-mole, wherever you knock one down there is another one that comes back up, if not two or three. it's an ideological war. i think we have to at least do what we are now starting
4:40 am
to do under this president. president trump and that's at least admit that the war is an ideological one. and that these are fanatics and that you have to call them what they are, which is, you know, islamists. and that doesn't mean that all the people of islam are a part of it, but it means that the people who would fly airplanes into buildings, were, in fact, radical religious people who thought that their mission in life was to kill the innocent. and that's what made this so different. this was not a war against combatants. i think with both irma and 9/11. the one thing we see in common, whether it's a natural disaster or as in the case of 9/11 an unnatural disaster, the american people are incredibly resilient. and when something big happens, americans do big things. and i'm just reminded that this is still a country where people help their neighbors, their friends, their families. and it's not just about ourselves. and my goodness, i wish that we could on every day put
4:41 am
aside some of the pettedy things and little political things and rise up to do really big things to make our world safer and better. steve: thank you for joining us today. we know you have a busy day and storm heading your way. brian: your storm last week was on "the view." that was a verbal storm, right? >> yes. yeah, it was fun. but i enjoyed it. hey. it was a pleasurable moment. ainsley: you handled yourself beautifully. brian: as did your daughter. ainsley: yes, she did. brian: thank you. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile on this september 11th, president trump says he will visit florida very soon. we will talk with kellyanne conway about that at the top of the hour. ainsley: and as we remember the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, our next guest delivered justice for the victims' families. robb o'neil the man who killed usama bin laden is live with pete there at ground zero next.
4:42 am
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dead and buried at sea. >> is dead. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden.
4:46 am
we can say to those families who have lost loved ones that al qaeda terror justice has been done. ♪ >> just got goose bumps again. nearly 10 years after the tragedy of september 11th, the terrorists responsible usama bin laden killed in a raid by the u.s. navy seals. ainsley: pete hegseth is live with mr. rob o'neill who brought usama bin laden to justice a pete? pete: such an honor to be here. i got the same chills watching that package. we all shared in the moment that was 9/11. it affected so many lives uniquely, including those, especially those 3,000 that were lost. some got to play an even more special role and especially rob o'neill who joins us this morning. the man who pulled the trigger on that day in abottabad ending the life of the terrorist responsible for the towers that fell
4:47 am
behind us. rob, you spent a lot of years in service before that particular operation. tell us where you were in 9/11 happened. >> on september 11th, 2001, i was in germany at a unit we had over there. i was with seal team 2. it was a normal day. 2:00 something in the afternoon. typing up emails. getting work done. we had the television on in the operations center. and then it went to breaking news. they had a plane had hit the world trade center. we saw the initial. that's a big building, that's a big hole. something major happened. we were standing around talking about it we saw the second plane hit, and it wasn't 15 seconds before somebody said usama bin laden. al qaeda. this is the world just changed. pete: at that moment you said the world just changed. did have you -- did you know about a lot about bin laden, his ideology. >> we were very familiar with al qaeda and we dealt with him a little bit before places like kosovo and bosnia, things like that. nothing on that scale. we knew he was wanted. we knew he had issued a
4:48 am
fatwa against the united states. it wasn't serious until that happened. we knew what happened in 1993 in the world trade center. they did come back. that's the way it went down. we knew everything changed for the entire world. pete: our lives changed when you went through that door and put a bullet in the head of usama bin laden on behalf of a grateful nation that was seeking that retribution for what occurred. what was going through your head at that moment? >> before the mission we knew we weren't going to come back for that one. we did it for the people that died here in lower manhattan and people that died in pennsylvania and at the pentagon. when we went upstairs to get him i had a feeling he was right around the corner there was one guy in front of me it wasn't bravery on my part. it's this guy is going to blow himself up. this is for new york. this is why the nypd, the port authority police. i'm tired of thinking about him. let's get it over with and see what happens. turned the corner, there he was. he was a threat within my rules of engagement. on two feet i shot him once in the head and he fell to the ground. it helps with the healing process.
4:49 am
it feet the effects of 9/11. it was an honor to be part of the greatest team ever assembled. pete: myself included, i agree. looking at the freedom tower on this day 16 years later. what does it mean to you. >> incredible to be here. biggest problem with people is they keep forgetting the never forget. here in new york especially right here they never forget. to be here an honor to shake hands with the policemen and first responders incredible feeling and always is i never forget and i know a lot of people here won't. pete: can i say i speak for many as a citizen of the greatest country the world has ever seen, thank you very much. >> thank you, pete. pete: for everything that you have done, what you continued to do, what men like have you done on foreign battle fields to bring justice to those who committed that cowardly act here 16 years ago means everything. so we remember everybody this day we are grateful to spend the time with you roble o'neil. >> thank you for having me. pete: what an amazing guy on a day we will never forget. steve: a true hero. ainsley: will will will thank you. steve: pete, rob?
4:50 am
steve: nearly 6 million people down in the state of florida don't have electricity this morning. they are not watching this tv show. they are waiting for the lights to go on. it could be weeks before they get them. ainsley: talk to the florida power and light company to find out all the information he has for you if you have evacuated and your house is affected. ♪ ♪ david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪
4:51 am
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♪ brian: 25 minutes ago when rudy giuliani told all of us the war against al qaeda extremist not over. sadly we have more proof. a fox news alert. two u.s. troops, soldiers are hurt in a homicide attack in afghanistan. where al qaeda trained to take out the towers, take down that flight. and hit, of course, the pentagon. the bomber was driving -- drove into an armored convoy outside bag gram air base a
4:54 am
u.s. air defense tells fox news the u.s. soldier suffered minor injuries including broken bones. of course we are sending more troops over there because we are trying to put the taliban back on its heels. steve: emergency crews ready to hit the ground running as hurricane irma leaves more than 6 million homes and businesses without power in florida and officials warn it's not going to be quick to fix it. ainsley: here with update is vice president and chief communications officer of florida power and light company mr. rob gold. rob, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. ainsley: a little bit of a delay that i wasn't aware of i'm sorry, rob. so, what part of florida does your company cover and how many of those folks are without power? when can they expect it to come back? >> yeah, this has been a massive storm.
4:55 am
come down north of the keys and then up toward tampa bay. we are definitely a service provider for more than half of the state of florida with 90% of our customers within 20 miles of the coast line. so this morning we have about 3.6 million customers without their lights although if there is any solace at this point, we have been able to restore almost a million customers. and that is due to automation. we have arguably the strongest grid in america, having invested $3 billion over the past 10 years. and so a lot of that is automation. even that has not been a match necessarily for the fury of irma. steve: rob, i know that after a natural disaster like this, oftentimes power utilities have other states at the ready, ready to come into the area. tell us about the help you are about to get from people all over the country.
4:56 am
>> well, it's not even about to get. we've got them. we've got the largest army of restoration workers. 17,000 strong that has been prepositioned in the state of florida. we have been moving them almost like a military movement. we followed the storm moving them from north to south and positioning them as quickly as possible to get them ready and closest to the action. what we have right now is a situation where the winds are subsiding in the south. we will get out in ernest, begin the assessment and then begin restoring. now, what we're also seeing though is because of the expansiveness of our service territory, we are seeing significant wind, as you have been reporting up in the jacksonville, st. augustine, daytona area. so we're going to have to continue to converge on the areas of damage. and then work this as we go forward. it's very much with military precision. steve: okay. well, have you got a big job ahead of you with 3.6 million people who still need their electricity back and you will do it as quick
4:57 am
as you can rob, thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thank you so much. it's 7:56 on the east coast. what's coming up. brian: president trump says he will visit florida. we will ask kellyanne conway what he could be doing next. ♪ amazing honky tonk?? i can't believe you got us tickets. i did. i didn't pay for anything. you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah, tears of joy. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money.
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5:00 am
>> hurricane irma battering florida. bringing mohr wind and damage. >> amassing for five deaths, at least two employers. >> down to a category one storm but the danger is not over yet. >> we just found a sign here. look at that. strong currents. danger. no joke. but i tell you, we're not done with this storm yet. it's still pretty good. >> wherever hurricane irma goes, we'll be there first. >> everybody needs to be cautious.
5:01 am
>> president trump vowing to head to florida in the week of hurricane irma. >> the bad news is that this is a big monster. but i think we're very well coordinated. brian: and so far, you would volunteering with the president. straight to a fox news alert. hurricane irma still packing a powerful punch at this hour. it is now downgraded to a tropical storm as it climbs up the west coast of florida. ainsley: that just happened there. there's flash floods emergency in jacksonville, florida. and the center of it is in the northwest coast of florida, which is the panhandle. steve: not too far from where jillian is right now in tampa. jillian. >> good morning, guys. you saw on my last hit, it was pouring rain and windy, and it has calmed down at this point. so we've seen a lot of those bands coming through. right now, it's pretty quiet.
5:02 am
we're still along bayshore boulevard. this is the scene you're seeing all over the place. you can see a tree just completely uprooted, and i'm going to carefully cross the street here for just a second. we have someone holding up traffic for us. don't worry. you see trees all down bayshore. so that's a lot of the debris you see out here. some people are surprised if the area hasn't flooded out yet. you can see how rough this waves are right now. you can see them splashing up against the wall there. so that's what it's looking like right now and actually, governor scott sent the r sent out a tweet. it says wait for direction from local officials before returning to evacuated areas. storm impacts can continue well after the storm passes. good idea. police really don't want people out here. they've actually stopped people throughout the morning. they've stopped us a bunch of times. every time a police officer drove by, they stopped and said, hey, are you guys okay? hey, do you need anything?
5:03 am
see? this is one of the gust of winds that comes through. we could still have flooding out here, i know people want to come out and see the damage. it's safer if you could just stay inside. guys. steve: all right. jillian, thank you very much. so in the last five minutes, hurricane irma has been downgraded. it is at 70 miles per hour right now with gusts up to 90 miles an hour. meanwhile, let's go to the north lawn of the white house. kellyanne conway, counselor of the president of the united states is joining us live. kellyanne, i know you're a long way from florida right now, but the white house is worried what's going on down there and the president has already declared i think nine different counties in florida disaster areas. >> yes. and good morning to you. it's a very somber day, i think, with hurricane irma still on its path and all of us remembering 9/11, of course. but the president has been in constant contact with the local, federal, and state
5:04 am
officials. i think you've seen an administration-wide coordination. bill nelson commented between federal, state, and local. and it's between bipartisan and nonpartisan. i know we've all talked about this previously, but it bears repeating that now is when a lot of the tough work begins for people. if you don't have power, then you seem to turn to other means of generating power, and that's when there's carbon monoxide poisoning. this on the ground closest to people in need and also still in jeopardy should really listen to the local officials. don't allow your curiosity and grief get in the way of your safety. ainsley: the president told some reporters that he was going to go visit florida very
5:05 am
soon. any plans on when he and melania might go down there? >> the president is committed to all of those affected, certainly those struggling to survive it and trying to rebuild from hurricane harvey and now irma. as you know, he visited texas twice and louisiana, so he's committed to go to florida. the president made it clear he will go to florida and other affected areas if and when people on the ground say it's good. the governor saying it's good to go and that he's not interfering with the rescue efforts and the recovery efforts. so that's incredibly important. and as governor scott said on a different network this weekend, i believe he's been in constant contact with the president and other cabinet officials. i also want people to really look at what the entire administration is doing. and obviously, we've had duke and fema brock long on your network. but all of the different resources the government provides with lind linda mcmahon's administration what alex acosta is doing, human
5:06 am
services. there's just an administration-wide effort to help people in times of need. and i think with social media, we're seeing the ability to connect folks with opportunity and to meet their needs faster. and really, the forecasting and technological advances have saved lives too. of course, any loss of life is a tragedy. but sparing life here because of technology is a very somber and encouraging way that the governor and states have told people please evacuate. please get out, and most people listened, it seemed. brian: right. so there's a lot of firsts when you become president, kellyanne conway. and it must be extraordinary for the president of the united states to be a new yorker on 9/11 16 years later he is president. have you had a chance over the last few days to talk about what today will mean? because at 8:46 he and the
5:07 am
first lady will lead a moment of silence in remembrance. he was once one of us here in new york and now he's leading us in washington. did you have a chance to go over that? >> the president and i discussed 9/1 9/11 at different junctures many times. it was a moment of tragedy. those here at the pocket across the river also in pennsylvania where flight 93 went down where we lost life there where the vice president and mrs. pence will be today. and certainly at the towers where close to 3,000 americans and people from all over the world were killed. there's a certain gravity that comes with this job, a certain gravity that tends to any 9/11 remembrance. and as you know, the president and the first lady will be at the pentagon.
5:08 am
it was really confusion as we all know who lived in new york -- i remember. i was an annual we had. i was in the building speaking to the high school interns of congress and became the head of the cia shortly thereafter and my new husband was on the last shuttle from dc to laguardia. so many people have so many stories from that day. we will always remember we will never forget those who lost their lives today and their families. we should also remember all the acts of heroism and camaraderie that sprung up because the post 9/11 camaraderie seems to be wanting these days. so maybe here and there, whether it's hurricane recovery reflecting on 9/11, thinking of all of these nonpartisan issues starving for bipartisan moments. today's a good day for that, if i may. steve: kellyanne, i know we were all united after september 11th. i think america has pulled together to help these folks impacted by harvey and now
5:09 am
what's going on down in florida. i know that they have passed -- the congress has passed something like $15 billion of money help for the folks in both those states. do you imagine that number is going to go higher with another bite of the apple and more cash? >> well, the president addressed it last night as he and the first lady, returned to camp david, he was asked by the press core and his remark is right now we're not talking about money. we're talking about lives. we're worried about people, in other words. and obviously, there would be untold billions of dollars in property damage, and we don't know -- we just can't look around the corner right now and know what that means. but the president made very clear that he and his administration and this congress, and we hope that includes people from all political persuasions and across many different industries aacross this country that the nongovernment officials and private sector are stepping up also. the volunteers and donations from americans is incredibly helpful, and we certainly encourage folks to continue to
5:10 am
do that as they see fit, as they feel comfortable. but this president made clear just yesterday arriving from camp david from the white house that right now we're talking about lives and those who are suffering and the survivors and that we will be there for them. brian: kellyanne, i notice at camp david all the secretaries were there. can you bring us inside or around that table? did the secretaries have to give a presentation almost to the president of where they're at and what they want to accomplish? was that part of the reason to be there? >> it was very conversational. but there were a lot of briefings too on the impact of the hurricane. we know hurricane josé is also very much in the sights. we've got many people who have given briefings on that as well. our homeland security adviser, fema, obviously, department of homeland security. so everybody is keeping a watchful eye on that. but also, this is a very active cabinet, a handpicked cabinet. even some of the biggest critics have talked about the seriousness and the life experience and a very brilliant men and women who
5:11 am
serve in this cabinet, how committed they are. so it's a very active cabinet. they travel regularly, and they're all working on their different portfolios. so they had a opportunity to brief the president and the vice president. also, i think this is just a moment, given the hurricanes, back-to-back hurricanes of what that means administration-wise. everybody has a role in this. energy, epa, transportation, it really goes right down the line. so to look at all of those different moving parts, i think that's also why you saw the president, the vice president with cabinet officials when they visited texas and louisiana, and i'm sure you can expect that on any up coming trip to florida. so people can understand it's not just coming from the white house. it's administration-wide. and the role of the federal government how intrusive and invasive and expansive it can be. people like the fact that the government is there in times like this. that the government can -- congress can pass very few
5:12 am
exceptions, major funding for this in need that the response and coordination effort among your federal, state, and local officials. people say -- many people say that's precisely one of the very core and essential functions they want the government to perform. steve: absolutely and this is when the federal government coordinates with the local municipalities and states to try to help as many people as possible. kellyanne conway, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. steve: and while she was chatting, we're starting to see some of the images out of the ground zero area from about 40 minutes from right now, they will begin with the first of 16 moments of silence. brian: jay johnson was clearly in that shot. ainsley: so was the lady running for mayor against bill de blasio. brian: what areas in florida will need the most help to recover from irma? governor rick scott joins us this morning with only the assessment that he can give
5:13 am
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5:17 am
john's river in downtown jacksonville at a record five feet. and it is expected to go up another one or two feet. police are warning everyone in that area to stay off the roads. steve: so what areas in florida will need the most help when irma stops being such a disrupter down there? let's talk to the governor of the great state of florida rick scott. he joins us on the phone. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning. i hope everyone continues to pray for our state. heading down to the keys now with the coast guard to assess the damage there. with the storm, as you heard, the storm, we're getting flooding in the jacksonville area, so we're spending down in the southern part of our state. we have a lot of concerns about that. we've got a lot of power out. we're working, we're going down the keys to try to make sure the roads are passable. making those bridges are safe. we are doing everything we can
5:18 am
to get food and water throughout the state. i spoke with the president three times yesterday. i spoke with the director of fema yesterday and a number of times today. everybody is working to get power back on and fuel back in the state and ports open. so we're working hard to get our state back to normal. we have to save a lot of lives and make sure everyone knows it's still dangerous. we have power lines down across the state, we have roads that are impassable right now, so everybody has to be patient as we work through this. brian: as i understand it, governor, one of the biggest surprises is jacksonville. the fact that they're saying that this is already record storm surge. do you have to wait it out? or is there something the army core of engineers can do? >> well, we've got search-and-rescue teams. we've got individuals to help us. we've got search-and-rescue teams going over there now.
5:19 am
the problem what's happening in jacksonville is you have josé out there that's continuing to push water to the coast, you have the storm surge as the storm came up, and then there was a high tide. so all of that together is causing -- and then we've got lots of rivers there. so we're really concerned to save every life there. ainsley: governor, for the folks watching that did evacuate, when can they come back to florida? >> it's going to take some time. we've got to make the power lines back up, you cannot be around down power lines. just don't be around it. if there's any flooding, we have to let that water go down. we have to make sure these roads are passable so it's safe for people. i don't want to lose any life after the storm. we worked hard to get people to evacuate. we want everybody to survive this storm. steve: so, in other words, governor, what you're saying is somebody wants to go back to their house, they should first check with the local
5:20 am
authorities, your police, your sheriff's department to make sure it's safe; right? >> we've got slot ha sheriff's departments, local emergency teams, they will let you know when it's safe to go back. this is when people make the mistake. they go down around power lines. they go where, you know, it's unsafe. we have so much damage right now around the state. we're drawing every resource we can. locally, at the state, and the federal government. president trump has promised me all the federal resources i need. brian: gotcha, governor. look forward for your update after you check out the keys and then back up north towards jacksonville. ainsley: thanks. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, in moments, we will take you step by step through one of the darkest days in history. steve: september 11th, 2011. we pay tribute to the victims. coming up next. >> very tragic alert for you right now. an incredible plane crash into the world trade center here at
5:21 am
the lower tip of manhattan. >> it's believed a 737 has crashed at this point. at least three floors taken out. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. brian: hard to believe it was 16 years ago at this day when, in fact, in about 25 minutes planes hit the building. we began immediately speculating what this could mean. was it pilot error? were we indeed under attack? indeed, it was the ladder. ainsley: yeah, i was covering local news. you were on the curvy couch. steve: we were. ainsley: you were here 16 years ago covering this live. steve: we were. as we cover florida this monday morning, it's good to
5:25 am
look back. 16 years ago today when three americans lost their lives in new york and dc and shanksville, pennsylvania. once a year, we take a look because so many people forget what that day was like. and there are some images that we only show once a year in this report. so here it is. as it happened on september the 11th, 2001, this hour. ♪ [plane crash]
5:26 am
>> we have a very tragic alert for you right now. an incredible plane crash into the world trade center here at the lower tip of manhattan. >> it's believed a 737 crashed into this. speculation at this point but at least three floors taken out. crashed into the side of the building. joining us right now, one of the producers. owen on the scene. where are you? >> yeah, i'm on the roof of my building, which is about five blocks south of the world trade center. i'm looking at the world trade center right now there's a massive, gaping hole right now on the second tower, and it's about 15 stories from the roof. it's just unbelievable to look at. you can just see it right now. you can see emergency vehicles carrying south to the west side highway. there are tons of people in the streets.
5:27 am
there are papers, things fluttering out. what it was that crashed, all i can see is that this massive, gaping hole with tons of black smoke falling out of the building. >> all we can do is stair and gasp at these pictures at this point. you are looking at the north building of the twin towers of the world trade center in manhattan. these are coming to you live now. debris raining down from 110 floors up. as you can see, this is a clear, blue sky in manhattan. if this was an accident, it would be a needle in a haystack kind of accident. >> there was another one. we just saw another one. we just saw another one
5:28 am
apparently go another plane just flew into the second tower. this raises -- this has to be deliberate, folks. we just saw on live television as a second plane flew into the second tower of the world trade center. now, given what has been going on around the world, some of the key suspects come to mind, osama bin laden. who knows what. eric sean is with us. eric, i know you have a lot of sources at the fbi and other agencies like that. what can you tell us? >> of course, i apologize for being out of breath because i was walking down 5th avenue, which is close to our studios, and i heard a jet perhaps a 737 or a small airbus flying low, unusually low over 5th avenue making a right. i'm not going to say -- i don't know. i don't have any reports on what type of plane hit the
5:29 am
world trade center but people looked up, and it made a right toward the building. >> it is a tragedy. it is abhorrent. it is disgusting. but i'm wondering. are these pilots terrorists themselves? are there terrorists in the cockpit who are holding guns to a pilot's head? did they -- >> i can't imagine -- >> you can speculate completely about how this happens because, obviously, it takes a lot of training and expertise to fly a complicated, sophisticated aircraft, whether it's a boeing 737 or a smaller airbus. these are not little cessnas and little pipers, so there is -- you have to wonder and raise what possibility there is with the type of scenario that was going on in the cockpit.
5:30 am
>> the white house, make that sarasota, he is traveling with the president. wendell, what's the reaction from the president? >> john, the president is here promoting a reading initiative on the second day of a two-day trip to florida. just finished reading a book to the children. he was asked about the incident, he said he was aware of it and that he would have something to say about it later. >> let's bring in david lee miller, our correspondent. he has an eyewitness with him. david lee, what can you tell us? >> good morning. a few blocks from the world trade center right now as you would expect, all the roadways are cut off. the only way to get near the buildings is on foot right now. the scene is absolutely a horrific one. you have people streaming out
5:31 am
of the area. you have people literally in tears and shock. people that were just working in nearby buildings that cannot believe what has happened. still, many of them remember the terrorist attack years ago on the world trade center and many of them, is this is just an ugly reminder. although, the details are not certain. as i was walking down in lower manhattan making my way to world trade centers, i stopped to talk to sylvia fuentes, she used to work in the trade center, and i'm going to hand her the telephone right now. and she's going to describe for us what she saw this morning. >> i heard a loud rumbling and as i walked out onto the street, i looked up into the air, and there was an airplane actually going into the world trade center and flames were coming out and smoke was just billowing in the air and tons of people were running down fulton street running each other over, and i made my way back to my office, and when i got upstairs, i looked out my
5:32 am
window to see what was going on, and the second world trade center just went into flames. from one minute to the next. >> sylvia, thanks for that eyewitness report. when we saw that second plane slam into the second tower intentionally, quite clearly, you've got to believe this is a terrorist attack. >> harvey kushner is on live with us. he's a frequent guest of ours. is it too early to speculate? >> one could think that this could be the most horrifically planned incident in the act of terror against the united states. think about it. you look outside of fox studios, look how clear it is. i mean, how could you miss the trade towers? not just one but two planes? >> well, and it brings to mind, you know, everybody hates those metal detectors at airports and everybody makes passing them almost a joke these days.
5:33 am
but clearly, it seems that is something is going to change if you can make this kind of statement and kill as many people as are likely to be dead in this kind of scenario. >> you know, john, we're talking about terrorism. no matter -- how this turns out, this is going to be a day that's going to live and cause changes if it turns out terrorism in terms of security has never seen before. >> president bush is about to speak. he's in florida. at what was supposed to be a joyous event at a elementary school. let's listen. >> in today, we had a national tragedy. two airplanes have crashed into the world trade center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. i have spoken to the vice president, to the governor of new york, to the director of the fbi, and i've ordered that
5:34 am
the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families and to conduct a full scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act. terrorism against our nation will not stand. and now if you join me in a moment of silence. [silence] may god bless the victims, their families, and america. thank you very much. >> we are going to be looking at a enormous death toll. 50,000 people worked in this two buildings. john fund from the wall street journal is on with us. were you in the area when the planes hit?
5:35 am
>> i was across the street in my office building. >> what did you see? what did you hear? >> i heard an incredible sonic boom and looked up, and there was already a lot of smoke and flames pouring out of the building. and 15 minutes later, of course, a second sonic boom which would have been the second tower and the second plane. >> what about injuries? >> about 15 minutes ago, bodies started dropping from the top floors of the tower closest to the highway. about at least five or six, and it was absolutely terrible. obviously, they had two choices. to be burned in flames or to leap and end it all. it was quite tragic. >> let me bring into the conversation david asmand, my colleague. david, what can you tell us? >> i just want to give you late, breaking information. perhaps one of the things that is of greatest fear is that there is yet another terrorist attack since those two plane
5:36 am
crashes happened within 20 minutes of each other, all of manhattan has been sealed off. this is probably unprecedented and, of course, all of this is unprecedented in this occasion. but manhattan has been sealed off. the hudson river bridges and the tunnels have been sealed. clearly, there's an attempt right now to thwart any further act of terrorism, act of violence against the people of manhattan. so manhattan is in a lock down. >> we are hearing right now another explosion has taken place at the pentagon. we have the heart of the financial district of america being attacked.
5:37 am
now we understand that there is an explosion -- there are has been an explosion in the pentagon. the heart of the military command center of the united states of america, john. it can't get much worse than this, let's hope. >> you've got to believe that it has happened again. another large airliner, traps hijacked, perhaps part of some widespread plan apparently slamming into at least the area around the pentagon. >> they have not struck at america. they have struck at some individual places in america. but this country will go on. >> i want to go to our washington managing editor rick who has the outlook from the nation's capital. this raises all kinds of questions from america's response, and i guess that response is not going to be immediate, is it? >> well, whether it's immediate or not, the one thing i think we are seeing, john is the series of
5:38 am
evacuations from various buildings around washington, and i think it's important to say that we don't know and have no reason to believe that the white houses, for example, was facing any immediate threat, the same is true on capitol hill where they'll be evacuating the building soon. nothing has happened at either places. this is, of course, john, this is one of the places that we can say that things will not be the same in the united states of america. this is the kind of terrorist attack that is the nightmare that experts and others have warned about. but some of us may have thought really could not happen on such a scale. this is quite remarkable. >> as we watch these pictures, the world trade center, 110 stories literally starting to fall.
5:39 am
>> the whole tower. holy crap. they knocked the whole, freaking thing down. >> i hope i live. i hope i live. it's coming down on me. here it comes. i'm getting behind a car. i had to go find people who need help because i don't think i'm one of them. you okay, sir? okay. >> you were inside the building? >> i was inside. >> doing what? >> the whole building collapsed on me. >> how did you guys get out? >> just found a way out. >> walked towards the light? >> walked towards the light. >> walked towards the light. >> david lee, what can you tell us? >> john, the scene is hoar i can of. one of the two towers literally collapsed. i was making my way to the foot of the world trade center, suddenly, while
5:40 am
talking to an officer asking me about my press credentials. i heard a really loud laughter of explosion. we looked up and the building literally began to collapse before us. there was debris falling i would say at least three-quarters the height of the building. people in the entire perimeter began literally, including myself, that's why i'm out of breath. to run for our lives. >> those steel gerters, as strong as they are, had a lot of weight to support. and i'm not a structural engineer, but i'm guessing now that they gave way. >> may god help us those who were there, the victims, and the families of all the souls that were lost today. >> can you tell us what you saw? what you heard? are you all right?
5:41 am
>> look at this guy. unbelievable. unbelievable. this pour woman. wow. >> the united 93, do you still hear the center? united 93, do you still hear cleveland? united 93. united 93, do you hear cleveland? >> 80 miles southwest of pittsburgh united 93 crashed. >> a size of a crater. the angle of the attack, it had to be straight in. >> there wasn't very many houses over there where it went down. i don't know. it's really -- the whole thing is just unbelievable. >> this is clearly a national catastrophe. there will be some response from the white house. let's go to wendell who was
5:42 am
traveling with the president in sarasota, florida and find out what the latest is there. wendell. >> john, the president left sarasota, florida air force one just a short while ago. convened a meeting of his national security advisers, including the vice president, the heads of the cia, the national security agency, and the fbi, and also new york governor after the two attacks on the twin towers in new york, he was briefed by his national security adviser rice who phoned him after the first attack. mr. but she was actually reading to some children when the second attack occurred. chief of staff andy interrupted him, told him about the attack, it was clear at that point we were dealing with terrorists. >> i want to bring into the conversation general al, the former secretary of state. general hague, at a time like this, how does america respond prudently with the proper amount of caution, and with
5:43 am
whatever force needs to be applied? >> well, first, we have to know the full limits of this tragedy, and it's unprecedented, of course. but we have to stay above all united and calm and ready to take resolute action, which sometimes we have failed to do in the recent past. when the perpetrators are uncovered, and we have many, many indicators of precisely who they are, this was too broadly based a terrorist act to be just a few crazies. this is a terrorist movement, and we know where they're located today. and obviously, as a nation, we're going to have to take action against them. >> there it goes. there it goes. there it goes. oh. >> when it comes down -- >> we do need to put it down now. i think we need to put it down now. >> here we go.
5:44 am
[sirens] >> america offer a prayer. steve: that was 16 years ago this hour. it's easy to forget how it all happened. but we will never forget what happened. brian: and we've had two presidents since then. president obama for eight years. this will be the first time we see our president, a new yorker by birth who lived through this, as we all did in midtown, manhattan.
5:45 am
and he'll come out and offer his moment of silence with the first lady. ainsley: he and the first lady, yes, will also be at the national 9/11 pentagon memorial where they will remember all of the victims leading that moment of silence. you're looking live at the white house right now. brian: and at some point later today, we'll get all the names of those who lost their lives. 2,996. steve: and the president and the first lady should come out in the next few seconds to mark 8:46. 16 years ago when american airlines flight 11 hit the north tower. this will be the first of six moments of silence after we observe the moment of silence, we will take you to ground zero where the traditional reading of the names.
5:46 am
[silence] [bell rings] [silence]
5:47 am
[silence] [bagpipes] [bagpipes] [bagpipes]
5:48 am
[bagpipes] [bagpipes] bagpipes). [bagpipes] [bagpipes] >> gordon m jr. >> romero. >> marie. >> andrew anthony abate. >> vicinity paul. >> lawrence christopher abel.
5:49 am
>> abraham. >> william f. >> richard anthony. >> brenard acumen. >> paul. >> christian adams. >> donald adams. >> patrick adams. >> shannon lewis adams. >> steven george adams. >> cristy aadamo. >> terrence edward adderly jr. >> sophia b. >> lee admer. >> daniel thomas. >> emmanuel. >> kumar. >> joseph agnelo.
5:50 am
>> david scott agnis. >> robert aguilar jr. >> brian g. >> jeremiah joseph ahern. >> terrence andre' aitken. >> trudyal guerreo. >> andrew. >> margaret. >> gary mavero. >> john leslie albert. >> peter craig alderman. >> and my uncle, charles william. >> my brother-in-law terry jr. may you rest in peace. your sister faith still misses you to this date. you've been a god in light and
5:51 am
a hero always to this date. thank you very much. >> jacquelyn aldridge frederick. >> david d alger. >> ernis. >> edward al. >> eric allen. >> joseph ryan allen. >> richard dennis allen. >> richard l allen. >> christopher e alingham. >> janet murray alonzo. >> on it alvarez. >> victoria alvarez. >> caesar alvier. >> james mamado. >> joseph. >> paul wambros.
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>> christopher charles amroso. >> craig scott amunson. >> kelly anya jr. >> joseph p. >> kermit charles anderson. >> avet conscious anderson. >> john jack andriocio. >> michael andrews. >> gene andrukiy,. >> sue. >> what n works g. >> joseph john angleni jr. mary lynn edwards angel. >> laura angeleta. >> marie antigwa. >> and my father kevin james murphy. i love you very much, dad. and i know you're looking down
5:53 am
on me with a big, big smile on your face today. i love you. >> and my uncle and my hero, new york city firefighter and united states marine matthew david garvey. we love and miss you, uncle matt. >> petepeter paul apollo. frank thomas. >> patrick michael. >> david gregory aroche. >> michael george. >> lewis arena. >> adam paraes. >> michael j armstrong. >> jack charles aron. >> joshua todd aaron. >> richard avery. >> am i are a joy aronson. >> jaffet jessie ariea.
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>> carl francis avaro. >> michael a. >> michael edward asher. >> janice marie ashley. >> thomas j ashton. >> manual asitimbay. >> garrell thomas. >> lewis f jr. >> cindy ayala. >> john jbacca. >> jane ellen baysler. >> robert jbelweter. >> garnet ace bailey. >> tatiana.
5:55 am
>> michael s bashk. >> michael andrew bane. >> and my brother, joseph michael. emily, his friends will never forget. i come here every year for 16 years to make sure i hear his name. so that i can honor him and make sure that he will never be forgotten. >> and my grandfather howard. >> gerard. >> paul vicinity bar allocate bearo. >> victor daniel barbosa. >> christine babbuda.
5:56 am
>> karleen anne barko. >> david michael barkway. >> michael barns. >> malissa rose barns. >> sheila patricia barns. >> evan j. >> renee. >> arte. >> diane g barry. >> maurice vicinity barry. >> scott d bart. >> carl wbartels. >> guy barsby. >> alicia christine burton. >> kenneth william besniki. >> steven joseph bate. >> paul james.
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>> ivan lewis batusta. >> marlin batista. >> mark lawrence betis. >> jasper baxter. >> lorraine g bay. >> michelle biel. >> todd mbemer. >> paul frederick batini. >> james s. >> allen anthony. >> lawrence beck. >> lynette beckel. >> michael earnest bekman. >> kevin joseph smith. >> and my brother, kevin patrick york. we will always remember your endearing devotions of family. your unyielding support for
5:58 am
your network of friends. your compassion for others that led to your generosity. your animated debates fueled by new knowledge. your humor that helped lighten any mood and finally, your affection for america and your passion for history. continue to guide us with your energetic spirit. may god bless you. >> and my oldest son who was in a second tower. i miss you every day. we all miss you. and thank you for your prayers to help us giv get by. thank you. >> maria abare. >> max jbilky. >> nina patrice bell. >> steven elliott. >> paul m. >> bernice rbendeto.
5:59 am
>> eric l bennett. >> oliver bennett. >> margaret l benson. >> dominic jferardy. >> james patrick burger. >> steven howard burger. >> john pbergon. >> daniel david bergstene. >> michael j. >> david w bernard. >> david m. >> david shelby barry. >> joseph john berry. >> william reed. >> timothy d bettorly. >> carolyn mayor buge. >> edward frank baya. >> paul michael bear.
6:00 am
>> we will never forget the day america changed forever. hijacked planes slammed into the twin towers. the pentagon at a field near shanksville, pennsylvania. we're moments away for the bells willing to a second plane struck the south tower of the world trade center as we listen to family members with the names of those who are lost one by one. good morning, i'm shannon bream live in "america's newsroom." >> i'm jon scott. there is little question this day changed every one of us. the numbers are ri


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