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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 11, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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at all the good that's going on still. it's living proof. good night. >> it's 2:00 on the west coast, 5:00 in the path of a remodel. while burma has lost strength, the threat is not over. parts of southeast georgia facing wondering my lower wind gusts today. in jacksonville, high tides bringing very dangerous flooding. across the sunshine state, more than 6 million customers have no power. in naples, look from the air. so many homes damaged. read getting a look at the heart at florida keys. governor rick scott says he flew over the area and he says there was devastation. and now we are hearing from some of the diehards who rode out the storm. >> it was windy, and the waves were coming in the living room
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of the downstairs. we went upstairs. >> resilience, resolve, rebuilding. after the storm. let's get to it. >> announcer: now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> shepard: after leaving behind destruction in the state of florida, irma is a tropical storm and moving over georgia where officials are already reporting extensive flooding and at least two people have died. in florida, forecasters that conditions are still life-threatening, and the governor says standing water is an issue all over the entire peninsula. forecasters say the storm surge brought record flooding to the jacksonville area. crews say they have rescued dozens of people from swamped homes. sheriff's office getting people to high water and out of high-risk areas. we will go live to jacksonville in a minute. people in southeast florida are starting to look at the damage.
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it made landfall in southwest florida as a category 3 storm and marco island yesterday, just south of naples. some people in bonita springs, right between, reported dirty waist high water flowing through some homes. >> a heck of a storm. we weathered it out. a lot of damage from a lot of cleanup. we will get through it. no doubt. >> shepard: officials say the florida keys are facing a potential "humanitarian crisis." rescue crews going door-to-door looking for people who need help. the storm made landfall in the united states and the lower florida keys as a category 4 storm. according to a reporter from our affiliate in miami, the keys "are a war zone." he said people are walking around trying to find family and friends. here's a look at the path of the storm. it has made its way north in
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georgia, had a generally northwest. northern alabama, according to forecasters. in the midsouth area, tennessee. national hurricane center reports the storm will continue to move slowly and slowly weaken as it moves through the region. still, tropical storm extending more than 400 miles. tornadoes possible near the georgia and south carolina coasts. we have team fox garbage. peter doocy is in jacksonville. let's get to steve harrigan life -- team fox coverage. >> it's pretty much of a mess. trees down, snapped in half, power lines down. driving is treacherous. no electricity. stop lights are out. a lot of people cutting each other off. when you go around and see shots from up above, trailer park home north of naples. you can see there is still
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extensive flooding. some homes have three to 4 feet of flooding. the good news is possible huge, deadly, catastrophic storm surge up to 16 feet didn't happen. the back end of the storm was weak. they've got their work cut out for them now. almost everyone in collier county has lost electric power. there is no cell phone service, so it's dark. you can't talk to people. you can't get around. you don't have air conditioning. you don't have tv, cell phones, wi-fi. you are alive but for the next couple weeks, you could be suffering here in naples. >> shepard: steve harrigan life. peter doocy in jacksonville. >> this is the main street bridge. it traverses the st. johns river which has been overflowing all day. you can see even though the water has receded, we are three hours after high tide, and
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several hundred feet beyond its banks. again, now there is dryland for us to stand, doesn't mean it's a pretty picture for some of the buildings along the river. i'm going to have tom come over here to have a look into the loading dock area at the wells fargo center which is an enormous jacksonville office building. it's completely flooded out. you get a sense of how deep the water is, looking at a dumpster in the far back of the loading dock. it's almost completely underneath. again, the water and started to recede. you can see there are some jacksonville pd here making sure nobody tries to drive over. we've seen a lot of cars in stock. even though the water is going down, intersections are a mess. this is deep, there are few cars out. there are a lot of pedestrians. it does seem like because the power is out, very few businesses are open.
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there's really nowhere for people to go unless they want to take a picture of the flooding. no one is really hanging around for very long. local officials say they have rescued about 100 people from neighborhoods who didn't get out before the water rose. we believe authorities are still going around saying if anybody else left a white sheet on their door. that's what they were instructed to do by emergency management officials, and order basically if you can't get out to high ground, where the water rises, leave a white sheet and somebody in a helicopter or boat will rescue you. already in triple digits. >> shepard: hang tight a second. i want to show people the jacksonville area, the rain bands. the south carolina coast, charleston area, they are still getting a little bit but it's almost over for them. outer banks of north carolina
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are next. peter, you were there when the water started to rise this afternoon. right at high tide. how quickly did it come up? >> eight to came very quickly, not necessarily in terms of the depth but the reach. the distance away from the river, it it continued to go further and further back. you can see behind me, this is several blocks that flooded in downtown jacksonville. very few of the businesses. very few places put out sandbags or took any kind of protective measure. there's going to be a lot of flooding damage. we have seen some water in some businesses, but we can't get it to many places to survey because we don't know what's in the water. >> shepard: peter doocy in
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jacksonville. let's go live to south florida. live look, a lot of stranded cars. >> get a few things you might need and head back home. stick with focus on broward county, want to check in with rebecca vargas. the effort to recover there. >> the cleanup continues here on a 1a along fort lauderdale beach, they are cleaning up the road, getting the sand off the road and back onto the beach, joining me is the mayor of the city of fort lauderdale. everybody is saying we really dodged a bullet especially in these parts of south florida. what do you think? >> i would agree with everyone's assessment. we are fortunate and blessed and it could've been worse. as you can see from what we are cleaning up, this is a minimal storm surge and a category 1 hurricane. i can't imagine what would have happened if irma had hit us head on. it would've been a completely
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different environment down here. there's a tremendous sense of optimism in fort lauderdale. we got through this okay. we got through it together. i do want to thank two groups. our city employees, remarkable efforts. before, during, after the storm, 2500 strong. the city employees were fantastic. and our neighbors, the cooperation, the patient's, the neighborly approach they had, it was amazing. i had more good stories about people helping others, assisting neighbors, helping the elderly, helping a single mother. all of our neighbors in fort lauderdale, thank you. to all of our employees, they you. it's a bright spot in this kind of gloomy weekend. >> shepard: the mayor telling local viewers about that. high water rescues underway right now in jacksonville that we've been watching through much of the afternoon. reporters have been showing those sorts of things. let's bring in darrell daniels from clay county, just south of jacksonville.
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sheriff, how are things? i know that you are right on the side of the river. >> yes, things are moving pretty fast here. we've got our black creek area that has a record flooding going on. 26.5 feet and expected to go up to at least 28, close to 30 feet in the near future. what i am seeing. i've been out all morning and just got back about 15 minutes ago. got a lot of power outages. probably 80% to 85% of the grid is out. trees down, wires down. record flooding all over the place, and when i have found to be amazing is sometimes people lose sense of the simple things, basic things like how to drive. we have established a curfew that's not supposed to expire until 8:00 p.m. but i notice people on the roadway.
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people riding around aimlessly. >> shepard: i want to go to a live report coming in now from orange park, which is in clay county. let's listen live from our jacksonville station. >> there's another guy who went out to help a family member that was stuck in the black creek. he is walking. so this is incredible video right here. things are really messy out here. take a look at the power lines that are -- if we can come back live, you can take a look at the power lines that are dangling out here in this area as well. very messy situation. these family members are dealing with a lot. we are taking another look at that guy as he is helping his family member. wow, i can only imagine what they are going through. i'm going to see if maybe we can try to talk to them as they are
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coming in. sir, what made you go out there? >> checking on my mother-in-law, making sure she's all right. >> are you okay, ma'am? what was going through your mind is you are stuck out there? >> i was scared, very scared. >> there you go. >> okay, i can get out. >> you are doing okay? were you stuck out there last night as the storm was coming? >> we weren't stuck until the water started coming in. >> how high was the water? >> [indistinct] ready to get my granddaughters out, they are still back there. >> i'm glad you are safe.
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>> a lot of people stranded during hurricane irma. as black creek is rising, we're going to stay out here and get as much video as we can, talk to as many people as we can. scary situation out here in black creek. we are live in black creek, fox 30. >> shepard: that is just south of jacksonville in clay county, where we are sticking with the sheriff a short time ago. in the jacksonville area, the worst of it has moved on. high tide right there in downtown jacksonville was at noon this afternoon. that's when the storm was heading in. next, to the florida keys. irma hit them hard. today we've been getting our first look of the damage they are. in the lower keys up through marathon come in the middle of the florida keys, there are lots of problems. that is coming up on this monday afternoon. and i'm still not ready.
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the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ >> sean: devastation, that's how florida was governor described some of the florida keys. this video from could joke he, irma made landfall yesterday morning after 9:00 a.m. this was florida city, south florida, south of miami, the area where hurricane andrew came ashore 25 years ago. police blocking vehicles the only highway in and out of the keys. they are not letting anyone back
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in until engineers can inspect the bridges. adam housley is in key largo. adam. >> we are told they have gone through most of the bridges and they believe they are structurally sound. there is minor damage, they still haven't reopened the highway going south because all the feeder road, the roads that feed into the two-lane highway, or four-lane, depending on where you are driving, the roads are covered with trees, debris, boats, in some cases furniture. power lines. until the roads are cleared, they don't want people to come back in. some locals have been out clearing the roads. if they can get certain neighborhoods cleared out and assessed and they will let certain people back in, that's how it will take place. there is no power for most of the keys if any at all. there is no cell service.
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>> shepard: adam housley live with us. want to go straight to charleston where the winds and waves have been lapping over the battery in downtown charleston. we will get back to that in a moment. adam housley and the keys. we've been talking about how long it might take for people to be able to get back in there, especially in the middle and lower keys. what's the word? >> take a look to my right. look at the debris. one of the guys who rode out the storm in a trailer from his trailers fine but he's going to have to move out of the way. they're going to have to come in and take backhoes and take out these boats. at one point, there were six houseboats. i can count two and a half. i don't know where they went. they disappeared. another couple, a boat over there bent in half. the good news is, no one died. there were two folks who tried to ride that out. they had lifejackets on and they crawled into the house up the street where water was 6 feet
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inside the first story. they had waves inside of her story. they ruled it out on the second story with the folks who owned the house. >> shepard: video coming in from charleston. this is downtown charleston. if you have been a tourist they're coming you go right through this area. this is a neighborhood nearby. the high water came in. this storm headed not towards south carolina but up and georgia. the outer bands of the storm have been able to hit the area. the mayor of charleston is on the phone. john teck lindberg. >> you want to get out and see if there's been any damage. what would you tell people? >> i think we are thankful particularly on this day, september 11, we think about this sacrifices that first responders made years ago on september 11th. here again today on a
2:20 pm
september 11th, police, fire, emergency responders are out there doing their work for our citizens. i would ask everyone to be thankful for them, the final work they do. beyond that, ask everyone to be calm and we are going to dry out and cleanup. everybody help your neighbor and cleanup. were going to be back to normal in short order. >> mayor john teck lindbergh, i appreciate your time. >> >> shepard: the last bands of the storm should be moving out shortly. let's go to jacksonville where locals are reporting from the beach, villanova beach in st. john's county. horrible damage. listen. >> 15-foot walls in this house fell right over. different perspective. we were up on the cliff looking
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down. crazy just walking along the beach. you can see the items shifted down. really getting a feel for everything that was in the house as it collapsed. we see couches, living room furniture, windows shattered, drapes hanging. the good news, though, i spoke to people and they tell me this was a rental property. nobody was inside this house when this happened. that's obviously the good news. when hurricane irma came in, the beaches eroded from hurricane matthew. hurricane irma really did the job and it created the 15-foot cliff. a lot of these houses, most of the foundation washed away in the ocean. we have several houses. there is at least six down this stretch, and we saw three more down south.
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the foundation just washed away in the ocean. balconies dangling. when hurricane matthew came in, a lot of these homes were damaged. these homes were already damaged. they weren't, a lot of them weren't fully rebuilt. this is just hit twice as hard in this area. a lot of people devastated by all of the damage from hurricane matthew. i spoke to this one guy that he told me hurricane irma was ten times more -- caused ten times more damage than hurricane matthew. that's astonishing because hurricane matthew did in lot of damage. as you can see, there's not really a lot of beach here. right now, the tide is going back out. when there is high tide, there's only going to be about 10 feet of beach in this area.
2:23 pm
we continue to walk along and you can see that while protecting that home, half of it has been ripped off over there. in lot of damage along the stretch, if we can zoom in, you can see a buoy washed ashore just right there. a lot of people coming out taking pictures of the devastation. we do see a lot of fire rescue, a lot of deputies patrolling the area, making sure there aren't any looters. i think they are trying to get a feel of the damage in this area because the bridges are still closed. i know they need to survey the bridges to make sure they are structurally sound, and then they need to come and surveyed the damage to make sure it's okay to let people over here. we saw a lot of downed power lines, a lot of debris still in the roadways on a-1a. reporting in st. john's county florida. >> shepard: villano beach is a
2:24 pm
town of about 2600 people. south of st. augustine or in that general, just north of st. augustine. basically the northern part of st. augustine, florida, south of jacksonville, that's a live report. we have a chopper over fort lauderdale. sort of getting the lay of the land this afternoon. these are live pictures. for those of you familiar with this area, you will see people are on the beach now. there's been a lot of beach erosion in the area. authorities have been down and said it's okay for people to mill about. there's no curfew in this area, at least not at the moment. authorities are working to assess the damage and figure out if anybody still needs any help. phil keating is in miami beach. >> things are counting down to the last hour.
2:25 pm
8:00 p.m. the curfew begins. it expires at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. the reason you see no cars here is because of the roadblocks to get into the beach. no one but residents come as you mentioned. no one but residents can get in. they have to show i.d. and they have to leave their cars on the other side of the bridge. they have been walking in all day going to their places, checking them out, finding out there is no electricity. they've been walking out to go to their cars. for most everybody else in south florida after a day, a day after a cat 1 hurricane, a whole lot of cleaning up. for this home owner, more than the rest. big trees, palm fronds on the ground. some trees have been blocking roadways. that's part of the reason there's been curfews all over the county. so many roads were impassable. about 50 to 60% of the traffic signals need to get powered up. driving after dark has been considered somewhat dangerous.
2:26 pm
take a look at this business trying to get back to business down the street here in miami beach. this supermarket, one of a very few places that actually tried to take the shutters out of the way it open up the doors to get some business going today. a line of 50 people stood there on the sidewalk in this super hot and humid 92 degrees sun. the reason, stores have been closed for two days, and that's what people do when the hurricane blows through. we saw heavy floods in the at least one neighborhood around town, still left over from the inundation of the storm surge from hurricane irma which brought in 4 space 4s at this point he says he wouldn't wish this flight on his enemy. >> i slept in the living room on the couch. the water had drained so i slept
2:27 pm
there. i didn't really sleep. you can't sleep. i don't know when i'm going to be able to get any sleep. >> florida power and light, the big utility here, had 17,000 workers and a lot of trucks. position like a strike force before hurricane irma came in and now they deployed last night, sorting to restore electricity to about 3 million customers that did not have power as of last night. slowly but yet rapidly, people are getting their power back. still about 900,000 in miami-dade county had no power. the looting is underway. in broward county yesterday, they didn't wait until after the storm and passed. young people tried to steal a bunch of shoes from a store. in miami beach, the police department told me earlier today on the ritzy venetian causeway,
2:28 pm
they arrested several looters. assuming opportunistically that a lot of those rich people evacuated and those homes were empty. that's a big problem already, and the police are looking out for it. that's why we have curfews in effect. >> shepard: quickly, what is the airport situation? >> still closed. miami international airport closed all day today, fort lauderdale-hollywood closed. there was one flight in, delta from west palm beach. miami international just just telling me an hour ago they do intend to have limited operations tomorrow. it's depending upon the airline. there was some damage to gates, security fences. as long as the airlines themselves can provide staffing and everything they need, they will allow people to book flights. >> shepard: thanks very much. live look from the chopper. we believe this is pembroke pines, florida. look at all the power trucks that were prepositioned to go
2:29 pm
out and try to work on people's electricity. we have seen dozens and dozens and dozens of them heading out for work. looks like, if you've ever been to big airport where the cabbies lineup, hundreds and hundreds of them waiting for people to land on their flights, that's exactly what we are seeing now. we've talked a lot about southwest florida, fox 4 with live pictures. this is charlotte county, north of fort myers and naples. there you go. these pictures coming out from punta gorda. this is charlotte county. let's listen. >> trying to make it easier to move or use for firewood. there's actually, i saw a fish over here. it's hard to see but you see the
2:30 pm
bubbles. this is flooding water. you can see the brick wall back there in the water itself is a bit further out. the water came up this way. you can see on the ground, take a look. there's a bunch of seashells washed up in the dirt and on the street. you know just how far the water came up. it wasn't the storm surge they expected but it did still come up. quickly receded and quickly got absorbed into the ground and dried up. it's not as bad but charlotte county did send out an alert within the past 10 minutes. if you go to their website which is i believe charlotte >> shepard: thanks to fox 4 and southwest border. power outages, 7 million in florida alone. some people could be in the dark for weeks. we will have live coverage of that next.
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>> shepard: this is gulfstream park in south florida. it's a race thing, casino plays, horse racing and gaming. right around hollywood, hallandale beach. we will show you some live pictures from punta gorda, florida. north of fort myers and cape coral. many of you are messaging us. it is punta gorda, punta gorda. you can pronounce it however you want, and punta gorda, they say punt-a gorda. we are told there are hundreds and hundreds of power company trucks ready to go. they are identifying areas one by one and sending out teams and groupings to go all over south florida and up the east
2:36 pm
coast. it's been an incredible logistics move. you can see one guy in a bucket truck in the center of the screen. he is taking pictures of all the trucks positioned all over the parking lot. gulfstream park is closed for now. incredible job the power companies from all over the southeastern united states. the governor said largely it was coming from everywhere. all over the country. our station in southwest florida has new pictures coming to us from the florida keys. live pictures coming in. these are actually from the chopper of w kmg, our network news service affiliate in central florida. >> people watching or listening, don't have power. a lot of listing on the radio, it's a neighborhood in the florida keys submerged in water. you can't see roads. you can't see front yards are
2:37 pm
back roads. there are fences, you don't see those. you see maybe the first floor window up and the roofs it's a stark reminder. we were afraid here in southwest florida. >> shepard: pictures from earlier in the day. those are live pictures from the florida keys. the high water has not receded and all of the keys and they don't know when it's going to. the governor has said his greatest concern is still in the florida keys all the areas have been accessed but they haven't been able to get a complete assessment of the structural integrity of the bridges and some roads along the overseas highway. it came ashore at cudjoe keys and the eye wall extended. they want to make sure everything is good to go.
2:38 pm
before they allow the power companies and people in. irma knocked out power for 6.7 million customers, almost two-thirds of the state. they say it could take weeks to get the power back. some places may need wholesale rebuild of the grid. that may mean the longest restoration and history. mike tobin is live in tampa. >> the neighborhood where i'm standing, the lights stayed on throughout the storm but that doesn't mean there weren't significant outages in the tampa area. 334,000 people lost power and still don't have power because of the storm. however, they are expecting power losses upwards of half a million. power outages most been the result of trees and other things hitting the power lines. they staged cruise outside harm's way which means outside
2:39 pm
the stage. they have to drive today, start work tomorrow. a spokesperson for tampa electric says it will be a matter of days, not weeks here in this area before the lights are on again. >> shepard: to what degree are things restored? >> i see a lot of people here in the area going about their normal lives. at a slow pace. they are emerging slowly but surely. there was some damage around here, mostly downed trees, and a lot of flooding. the steeple at the new salem baptist church, the historic church, came off during the course of the church. the pastor was there cleaning up today. he said with a hole in the roof you could see all the way to heaven if he exploring ways to rebuild. >> i'm grateful no one was hurt or hear at the time it happened. we thank god for that. >> leslie wilson said the treat looked solid. it came crashing down on her
2:40 pm
health. damage the roof, trashed her husband's car. she said she didn't like the car anyway. despite the projections of extensive damage here as a result of the storm in the tampa area, we had to hunt to find it. >> shepard: good to hear. irma made his second landfall in the u.s. on marco island on florida's southwest coast. people there are coming to survey the damage. on the phone with us is the sheriff of collier county which includes naples on marco island. nice to talk to you. how are you holding up? >> hello, we are doing well her here. as you've been talking about, we saw a direct hit here. everybody from everglades city to naples city proper. we sustained significant storm wins of 120 miles an hour to
2:41 pm
140-mile-an-hour gusts. we were able to get on the road last night about 24 hours ago. we started doing emergency responses at that time. we worked through the night, but it wasn't really until about daybreak this morning we put up a helicopter and did some visual assessments of the county. we found substantial flooding, damage to trees, some buildings. we really haven't even gotten to the damage assessment portion of our role at this point. >> shepard: when do you think you're going to be able to allow people back in? >> with have a lot of requests for that. we are telling people listen, we have no power. we have no swerve, we have no water. so if that's uncomfortable for you and you have a nice, comfortable space to stay, stay there for a couple days.
2:42 pm
as we are told, it's a minimum of a week before going to start to get some benefit here, maybe longer. i know people want to get back. they want to see their home. we are going to get people into their areas, even the evacuation areas, as quickly as we can. we put up drones today. we are putting them and posting them on our social media site, letting people see what their neighborhoods alike. but we are going to work very hard to get people back to their homes as quickly as we can. >> shepard: sheriff rambosk, all the best of the good folks down there. >> thank you. >> shepard: live look at south florida from the chopper. ralph rayburn is in the sky cam. getting a look at this neighborhood and some of the damage. we've seen partial roofs torn off and stuff like that. there is still flooding in some
2:43 pm
areas. certainly not the kind of damage you would expect had they been hit with the storm that was possible. remember, at one point, this was 185-mile-an-hour winds, killer category 5 storm when it scraped the northern coast of cuba. ten people died in cuba in the storm. they were able to evacuate the vast majority of people and get them into shelters. the cleanup they tell us will take months or longer. coverage continues in a moment with orlando in far from the ct but winds have been hammering the city. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the aftermath of irma. this is pembroke park lakes mobile home park. park lake estates. hallandale beach, not far from the spot where all the power trucks are. it's furtive and expansive mobile home park where one after
2:47 pm
another shows roof damage. water got up and there. it's a low-lying area, no doubt. not too far from the beach. it's just west of i-95 i'm pretty far west of the gulfstream park which is along the beach. you can see this is on a body of water. desoto lake, i think it's a man-made area that extends right up to the highway. up to interstate 95. ralph rayburn has been in the helicopter giving us a tour of some of the damage. again, in the main, it's like okay, this could've been been worse and it certainly could have but if that was your home on the right side of the screen or that one in the center, you have a lot of work to do any a lot of expense ahead. wind damage, normally home owners insurance covers that sort of thing. it's water damage that's more difficult. let's get to jacksonville.
2:48 pm
this is ocean way in dubois county. this is a live report, and the water is still up. >> they've been going around helping neighbors out because they can't get out or get into their homes. how are we doing? you have been going around, it's been a busy morning. >> we are trying to get everyone out, out of the water, to high ground. get them out, the handicapped people. >> how many people do you think you helped? >> about 30 people out of this back corner. >> it was really deep. >> yes, it was three or 4-foot right here where we are right now. this is the lower end. we helped out the neighborhood, get everyone out. >> were you expecting this? >> wasn't expecting this much at all. we do what we can and we make it all happen. >> good story to share.
2:49 pm
be careful. thanks, guys. my story right there. neighbors out there looking out for tether and helping each other. reporting in ocean way. >> shepard: that was from a short time ago north of jacksonville in ocean way which is where 95 meets 295. we have been watching the live pictures from hallandale beach in south florida. quite a sight to see, as you move from home to home. some will have a lot a lot of work ahead and some were spared. in orlando, it was more of a windstorm. bill hemmer has been there since yesterday. how do things look? >> we spoke 90 minutes ago, remember this mess of trees? i'm guessing some of these are 40, may be 50 years old. all of the cuts in the trees. when we spoke 90 minutes ago, these trees were halfway out on the avenue. we saw the crews come by and cut them back. they are making a lot of
2:50 pm
progress. one thing to look out for, these cable lines, electric lines. they are all over and they are down. it can be a tough thing. the orlando fire department went to a neighborhood 15 minutes from here and sent out pictures. you can show them right now. they went into the area at daybreak where there was a lot of water from the overnight rain. we got a minimum of 12 inches in a few hours. they made about 149 rescues in this one neighborhood. that was many hours ago. since then, the water has subsided. things are looking better and or low vista. orlando, as the sun starts to set. rescuing the pets too. they went in and got the dogs and brought them out one by one. as for staying put, which is what the word has been throughout the state of florida, there's a hotel down the street. they say they are still sold
2:51 pm
out. folks from miami and naples and tampa who came here to seek refuge. they have not moved. they have heeded that advice and they will hunker down for another evening in orlando. >> shepard: what do we know about curfews? >> 12 minutes away, the curfew ends in orlando and that will put a rap on 23 hours of trying to keep the city frozen. i tell you, very impressed by the attitude and level of patients throughout the entire city. it's been remarkable. orlando should be very proud. >> shepard: bill hemmer in central florida. thanks very much. live pictures from downtown jacksonville. there's a great deal of flooding there earlier today but that has improved. looking down in south florida, the same mobile home park i was talking about a minute ago in hallandale beach. just west of there. and a lot of stuff lying around at the time, you can see a sign down in what appears to be a corrugated metal roof or something like that.
2:52 pm
in the chopper, you'll be able to see minor damage to some roof. the kind of thing you would expect to see after a bad windstorm, which is what they received in south florida. they are walking along and jacksonville showing the flooding in downtown. a live look, let's listen in. >> i'm going to try to step out of the way. you may be able to see -- not terrible, good news. as for the rest of the street, there's a lot of debris. after the floodwaters receded, makes people realize this place is a mess. downtown right now. i want you to come over here. first of all, there's boards, debris everywhere up and down the street. jay asked so police car towed from newnan street. not sure if that squad car got
2:53 pm
stuck. i don't know where this is from. you can imagine the wind blowing this around. i don't know where it's from. it's so huge, so heavy. you can see another piece over here. we are at bay street. i can only assume it broke the sign in half because that sign is completely broken. knocked out this panel. lots of debris, trash left over from this here on east bay street. we will keep showing you damage downtown, as well as the floods as they continued to recede and keep bringing you updates. for now, we are live downtown. >> shepard: thanks very much. action news jackson, a big help to us. september 11th. 16 years later, remembering the
2:54 pm
heroes of 9/11.
2:55 pm
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>> shepard: the nation remembering the attacks of 9/11 16 years later. thousands gathering in lower manhattan where the twin towers once stood. family members reading the name of each and every victim. first responders draping a giant american flag at the pentagon where one of the four hijacked planes crashed. firefighters did this the day after the attack command became a tradition. vice president pence laying a wreath in shanksville pennsylvania where flight 93 went down in the field. they were heroes for stopping the hijackers from reaching washington. >> it's hard to remember that this has been 16 years. we witness the solemn and somber ritual of remembrance.
2:58 pm
[bell tolling] a morning of tears and tributes as officials and family members gathered at the world trade center site. there were four moments of silence. there were bells for shanksville and the pentagon. then there was the reading, the reading of the victims names. 2,753 by relatives as they remember their loved ones. some were deeply emotional and personal tributes. >> we know we are watching over us every day. we love you so much and we miss you so much. there's not a day that goes by that i don't wish you were with us. >> the world trade center health programs this 37,000 people have signed up for their services.
2:59 pm
first responders succumbing to diseases because of the toxins. >> shepard: live in lower manhattan. thanks so much. for a long time, there was a gaping wound in the southern end of new york city. it was a lot of work for different governments to get together to try to build and rebuild there. the freedom tower. stands proudly at the southern end of the island. it was a long time coming. beneath it are the memorial pools. next to the outcome of the 9/11 museum and memorial, a testament to all those heroes from that day. the heroes who worked so hard for so many months after. as eric reported, many are sick to this day. the heroes from flight 93, the first responders, both who got
3:00 pm
us through those dark days as a city and a nation. we salute them. the news continues on fox news channel. "special report" with bret baier is next on the network america trusts for news and information on cable. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. a tale of two tragedies tonight on this september 11th, 2017. we are experiencing at the tragedy of nature as hurricane irma devastates florida and we are remembering september 11, 2001, a tragedy that was man-made as terrorists attacked new york city and the pentagon and went down in a plane crashed in pennsylvania. we will have complete coverage of both stories plus an exclusive interview with the ca director mike pompeo on the terrorist threat today. we begin in florida where millions are without power. tens of thousands are in shelters, and some people who did not leave


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