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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 13, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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congressional leaders at the white house today as he works to negotiate tax cuts on both sides of th of the aisl. todd: he plans to go on 13-state tour. ellison barber in washington, d.c. this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to both of you. tax reform is very high on the president's to do list. last night as you said, he met with six senators to talk about it. the three republicans all members of the senate finance committee, the three democrats, senators joe donnelly, joe manchin and heidi heitkamp all moderates up for reflection next year in states easily won by then candidate trump. the president's top economic advisor gary conen, treasury secretary steve mnuchin traveled to capitol hill yesterday to meet with majority leader mitch mcconnell and members of the senate budget committee. later today president trump is expected to meet with moderates from the house and among other things discuss tax reform. most of the tax reform negotiations have
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been with a small handful of republicans. one of them member of the senate finance committee orrin hatch told reporters he wants everyone to. expects to share the plan with more lawmakers after they hold hearings. but that is not soon enough for some. >> i think we need some specifics. there is probably six questions that need to be answered. what's the corporate rate going to be? what's the path route for small businesses going to be. for the hard working american taxpayer what's their rate going to be. what's repatriatation rate going to be. all those questions have to be answered before we get tax reform. >> the president plans to travel to try it sell his tax plan to the american public. heather, todd? heather: as the president works to get bipartisan support on tax reform, will
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his strategy be enough to pass rereal reform by the end of the year. two questions there. here to debate founder of bold dot global carrie sheffield. >> good morning. heather: kerry, i will start with you, is this a good strategy to make a deal. >> this is what ronald reagan did. he needed bipartisan support to get it over the finish line. i think this is smart. democrats are going to be on defense in 2018. there are 25 seats up for senators who are democrats, including 10 who are in states that president trump handily won in 2016. democrats are vulnerable. they will need to make some deals here. we have seen mitch mcconnell didn't come through on healthcare. president trump will have to come in and step in and fill that void. that's exactly what we need. heather: the heart of the keel. he seems to know what he is doing. do you think this is a good idea? >> to get something done with this president is a good idea for him and his party. the republicans control everything in washington, d.c. from the white house to
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the senate. carrie makes a good point about this those 10 senate who are democrats are in vulnerable places. let's talk about the house. there are 25 republicans in the house where hillary clinton carried their district. donald trump needs to move his party. he can do this without almost every democrat. the only democrats he needs just so happens he had them over to the white house. he has a lot to do with his own party. even with hurricane relief, something that should be easy. there was a bunch of republicans from texas because of our expenses and our debt ceiling said no to even recovery for his own state. so he has a long way to go. heather: carey, speaking of a long way to go, is he going to take this on the road and significant push to try to sell this to the american people. do you think that will be successful? >> i think that's smart. again, that's exactly what he needs to do. that's the president at his best when is he talking directly to the people. that's how he won. i bypassed that whole establishment, the swamp if you will. people who were upset, you know. not everything the president said was kosher or even i agreed with at the same
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time, when you are talking about tax reform, that is something that effects everyone at every income bracket. the fact that he can go on retail level and talk to the heart of america and say this is what tax reform means for new a very tangible way. is that true populist economic reform. the way the democrats are going to spin this or they will say oh, this is tax cuts for the rich. you know what? no, this is tax cuts for everyone. those people who are more wealthy they create more jobs for everyone. heather: we will see how it plays out. chuck, thank you so much. carrie we appreciate you joining us as always. we didn't plan. this we all wore purple today:e: todd. todd: death toll has reached 12 in the state of florida. 25% of homes are destroyed and 90% are damaged. but across the state more than 5 million people still without power this morning. president trump plans to survey the damage firsthand tomorrow. >> the president's action during these times
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demonstrate why he is a true leader who can bring the country together and get things done for the american people. todd: but, first, the state department sending evacuation flights today for u.s. citizens still stranded in saint martin and the british virgin islands. we have live team coverage in florida. griff jenkins live on marco island. we gipp with peter doocy in jacksonville where they are expecting even more historic flooding. peter, good morning. >> todd, good morning. here in jacksonville, more than 106,000 people still without power in dark neighborhoods like this one where power lines still lie beneath giant trees that snapped when irma came to town. in jacksonville there are about 1400 at last check still in shelters. that's roughly half how many there were in shelters during the storm. but many schools are going to be closed for a long time here because schools are being used as shelters for the displaced. hundreds had to be rescued from high water here in jacksonville and nowed sheriff's office is urging people to get out before they need to be saved in
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dangerous, swift current running up their streets if it happens again. they tweeted. this we hope that 356 people who had their lives saved yesterday will take evacuation orders more seriously in the future. the mayor, lenny curry explained the reasoning like this. >> we're not trying to be difficult. not trying to make people's lives inconvenient. the governor was saying it best. evacuations are not about convenience. they are about safety. we want people to be safe. >> a critical job for authorities now becomes getting gas into affected areas. florida governor rick scott says as ports open and tanker ships with fuel start sailing in. the florida highway patrol will have 20 troopers assigned to getting gas in to places where the pumps dried up during the mass exit from florida a few days ago and now the slow return back for residents who evacuated. todd and heather. todd: peter doocy lye for us in jacksonville for us.
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thanks. heather: grim reality setting in for another picture-perfect community. todd: griff jenkins picks up our coverage on marco island with incredible new images of the damage. >> good morning todd and heather. shortly after 3:30 a.m. marco slammed into marco making landfall as a category 3 hurricane with 130 mile-per-hour winds. and it certainly left this island covered in about 2 feet of water. we spoke to one of the residents as we came here yesterday to get a first look. the residents all being let back in yesterday. we talked to daniel, who rode out andrew, rode out wilma and rode out irma and says he will never do it again. take a listen. >> we stayed. and i'll never do it again. i regret doing it my family, we were in danger. the roof failed. the sliding glass windows burst in. it was the most frightening
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experience. and i should have listened to the authorities. >> the storm surge, much like along naples' coast was not as expected as threatening and devastating although they got some 8 to 10 feet. remarkably, the police captain, dave baier of marco island reported no deaths and no serious injuries here. and today, this morning, i was stunned to see a tweet from marco island's police department that said 40% of the island's power has been restored. more tomorrow, meaning today. great job. and that is for sure. unfortunately, the situation a little south from us in the keys where irma made first landfall obviously not nearly as fortunate as the folks here. more than 90% of the homes there devastated. they are in much need of power, fuel, food, and all the necessities, guys. let they i think they have done remarkable job though. it could have been so much worse for those people.
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todd: look at the lack of loss of life. great point, heather. economic sanctions from the u.n. calling them evil and illegal. president trump sending a strong warning to the rogue regime. >> it was nice to get a 15-0 vote. those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. todd: sanctions ban north korea's textile exports and oil imports after it detonated. heather: supreme court will allow the white house to ban thousands of refugees from entering the u.s. now, the move comes after five justices backed up justice kennedy's decision to block a lower court's ruling that the policy is unconstitutional. justices will hear full arguments on travel restrictions next month. todd: thousands of religious leaders calling on house speaker paul ryan to find a solution to ending daca.
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church leaders from all 50 states supporting so-called dreamers saying many biblical figures, including jesus were immigrants. the letter reading quote as americans we are proud that our country has affirmed this biblical principle of valuing and protecting immigrants while also protecting national security. end quote. the president has given congress six months to find a solution to the obama era immigration policy. heather: there is a new addition to the trump family. eric and wife laura welcoming baby boy. rob: lara and i are excited to announce the birth of our son eric luke trump at 8:auto this morning. 9th grandchild for the president: >> was the state department contract officer trying to
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silence you? >> oh, absolutely. todd: the exclusive new details you will only see on fox news. >> anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. heather: hollywood, go figure, playing politics at a benefit meant for hurricane victims. was this really the right platform? todd: all right. and, wow, took an oath to protect and serve. buff that's not why these police officers are going viral, heather. why the internet is going wild over this pick -- these picpics when we come back.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." five years after the attacks in benghazi that killed four americans including ambassador christopher stevens, two security contractors are breaking their silence.
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todd: they say they were pressured to keep quiet by the clinton state department because they knew too much. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has this exclusive report. >> was the state department contract officer trying to see you lens you? >> oh, absolutely. >> the u.s. ambassador is dead and nobody is held accountable for it, and three guys to tried to defend them all died. >> people who made the poor choices that actually i would say were more responsible for the benghazi attacks than anyone else, they are still in the same positions making security choices for our embassies overseas now. >> jerry torres a former green beret is president and ceo of advanced enterprise solutions. along with brad owens a former intelligence officer they have more than 45 years of service. speaking exclusively to fox, they have firsthand knowledge of the security nightmare on the ground in benghazi, libya before the 2012 terrorist attack -- the
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guards were local hires through another company and not armed. the this classified cable first reported by fox news shows by mid august 2012 ambassador stevens and his team knew they were in trouble. warning the state department that radical islamic groups were everywhere. >> it was a disaster. they were sending these cables back to the contracting guys and the decisionmakers back here and they weren't responding. it's gross incompetence or negligence, one of the two. they came back to us and said can you guys come in and take over security. so we were ready. i mean, you know, unfortunately 12 days later the ambassador was killed. >> after the attack, emails show blue mountain was advised not to talk. torres and owns claim they got the same order. >> what did the state
2:17 am
department contract officer say? >> she said that i, and people from torres, should not speak to the media, should not speak to any of the officials with respect to the benghazi program. >> the state department declined our request to make him available and men alleged repercussions have continued against their company. >> since that conversation we bid on 20 security support contracts and lost 18. >> do you feel more comfortable coming forward now because there has been a change in administration? >> given that the politics has been taken out of the benghazi situation, now that there is no longer a candidate or anything related to it, we have an opportunity here to fix the problems that made it happen. >> in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. todd: obviously a lot of people talking about that. a lot of people talking about this as well. espn responding after an anchor on the four letter network calls president trump a white supremacist. check out this tweet. it says: donald trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white
2:18 am
supremacists and that came from 6:00 p.m. anchor and host jemele hill. heather: here is what espn had to stay in a statement regarding that the comments on twitter from jemele hill regarding the president do not represent the position of espn. we have addressed this with jemele and she recognizes her actions are inappropriate. but what actions have they taken against her for what she did? todd: it's a situation whereby if you look at espn's history as a yankee fan, i'm never going to defend curt schilling but you need to defend curt schilling in this instance because curt schilling made comments on the right. do you see him on espn anymore? no. there is also a business side to this. and clay travis. had a really interesting take. listen to this. >> i always like to point to michael jordan. a guy who became a billionaire because is he good at putting a ball in the basket and good at dunking the basketball. do you remember what he said? republicans buy sneakers, too. if espn were smart they
2:19 am
wouldn't be going to war with conservatives and republicans and donald trump voters. they would be acknowledging that that should be the backbone of their brand. instead, they are pushing him away saying that you're white supremacist, you're not welcome here. i don't know how people who voted for donald trump can feel comfortable at all watching espn when they know the values that network espouses and how unwelcome their own values are. heather: it definitely exemplifies the growing political divide within espn itself. and then that, of course, transfers on to its viewers. todd: they used to do sports over there at espn. >> heather: at some point they used to. todd: should anchors be playing politics or just stick to sports? heather: weigh in on facebook page right after the show and use the #keep talking and let us know what you think. todd: 19 minutes after the hour, stranded thousands of miles away from home, the hotel accused of leaving a group of tourists deserted
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in hillary'desertedin irma's di. heather: hillary's new book hits shelves sending twitter into an all-out frenzy. will president trump pick up a copy? >> carley shimkus and what the house has to say about that. good morning. ♪ oh, oh ♪ place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia gives you the world in your hand, so you can see more of it. ♪ expedia.
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heather: hillary clinton's new book is on store shelves right now. she made fans wait for hours at her book signing. todd: carley shimkus with fox news headline is here with the internet's answer to the question "what
2:24 am
happened." >> hillary clinton did kick off her book tour for that book. that happened yesterday right here in new york city. i have got to say her fans came out in full force. some of them even slept outside overnight and waited over 12 hours for the event to start. but then they were actually forced to wait a little longer because clinton wound up showing an hour late to her own event. yikes, not good. one person who is probably not going to read the book is president trump. take a listen to this from yesterday. >> whether or not he is going to read hillary clinton's book, i am not sure. but i would think that he is pretty well versed on what happened. and i think it's pretty clear to all of america. >> there you go. pretty good answer there, right? social media had a field day with this whole thing. and if you didn't vote for hillary clinton, you're probably going to like this tweet from lynn's e congrats
2:25 am
hillary clinton the first book to have both the question and the answer on the same cover. what happened #look in the mirror. what happened was you attacked the americans who believed in obama but got nothing from his hope and change. so the book is getting a lot of attention. todd: it's a title that elicits jokes, it elicits everything. let's see if it sells books. >> let's talk about hurricane irma for a moment. heather: american pride. >> after the hurricane battered the south we keep on seeing moments of patriotism pop up on social media. i have got to say this is probably one of my favorites. this is coming from the savanna chatham police department in georgia. this police officer saw a flag stuck in a piece of driftwood. look at that flag flying in his hands. i love how he did that this apparently, this particular flag means a lot to the locals down there. so this is getting a lot, a lot of feedback on facebook. some of them from the people who live there who are
2:26 am
really appreciative. carolyn said how wonderful our beloved flag always so welcoming. this is the facebook post i was talking about. thank you, guys, we locals have a soft spot for that particular flag. the ride out to the beach just wouldn't be the same without it. how about that? heather: raising money. there are some officers who are helping out. >> yes. leave it to police officers. this is the gainsville, these are a few gainsville, florida police officers. the police department posted these pictures of officers getting ready to help out in the hurricane. apparently people have naughty minds out there. these picture pictures were inundated with flirtatious posts. goodness out of all of this. the police department is going to make a calendar with proceeds dedicated to hurricane relief. i have got to say the guy on the very, very right hand side of the screen, i believe, is single. so, ladies, have had it. heather: the guy with the great hair is also single.
2:27 am
>> he does have great head of hair. almost rivals todd piro. todd: notice i stayed quiet during that segment. heather: president trump reaching across the aisle to push tax reform. but will it work? >> donald trump is not playing by the old, yellow dog-eared playbook that washington has grown fat and happy on. those days are over. if you are going to drain the swamp, then it's time to tame the swamp. heather: why laura ingraham says it's time for congress to get on board ♪ foot loose from this ball and chain ♪ i'm a hard ♪nd hard-working man ♪ ves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom.
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todd: the next step selling it to you, the american people, with a 13-state
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tour. ellison barber for us live in washington, d.c. with the very latest. ellison, good morning. >> heather and todd as you know tax reform very high on the president's to do list. and press secretar press secrets will be happy -- mick mulvaney said he hopes the final plan is not revenue neutral. >> we need as big of tax reduction tax reform as we can possibly get. if we look at this through that static model and say we will have to raise money over here to make up for taxes if we're going over there, we will never get the size of the tax deductions and tax reforms that we need. >> last night president trump met with six senators to talk about tax reform. three republicans, all members of the senate finance committee. the three democrats all moderates up for re-election next year in states then candidate trump won easily. told fox news heidi heitkamp despite attending a rally
2:32 am
last week is not yet supporting a specific tax plan. in a statement the ghoort coat senator said she was encouraged by last night's meeting she said, quote, it's encouraging that this meeting included republican and democratic senators. as i have long said, i wanted to work with those on both sides of the aisle on a comprehensive, permanent tax reform plan. i hope these bipartisan discussions continue. sources tell fox news president trump is planning to travel to 13 states over the next seven weeks to try and sell his tax reform plan to the american public. trump is reportedly going to speak with moderate members of the house today. tax reform is expected to be one of a few things they discuss. heather, todd? heather: just a few things on the agenda. thank you, ellison. todd: the question now can president trump seal the deal on tax reform? fox news contributor laura ingraham says while it's president trump's job to move the needle. it's on congress to get it done. >> donald trump is going to
2:33 am
be unpredictable. i think that's okay. i think what we have seen from the electorate is that they will turn on the republicans if they don't do this tax reform. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are at about 15 or 16% approval rating. donald trump has popped up in a couple of polls, 45, 50%. he likes to be popular. he wants to be popular and wants results. he is not going to make the mistake he made, i think, with the healthcare vote, basically offshoring it all to congress and saying okay, you guys are the experts. you voted on it seven times now bring us to the promise land. is he not going to do it this time. he has 90 days. think of all the things people accomplish in 90 days. if they can't get their act together in 90 days, then they all should move on to another line of business. heather: turning to the devastation in the wake of hurricane irma. the monster storm killing at least 12 people in florida alone across the state more than a million people could be without power for scenes
2:34 am
like this for weeks as nearly 100,000 remain in shelters. a quarter of all homes in the florida keys are destroyed. now, the president and first lady will survey the damage tomorrow and then later today the state department will put americans on evacuation flights out of saint martin and the british virgin islands also, of course, slammed by irma. now we turn to peter doocy, is he live for news jacksonville, florida, with the very latest on the recovery there good morning, peter. >> good morning, heather, the jacksonville mayor lenny curry says he wants update from the power company every 12 hours. he knows here in duval county alone there are still 106,000 customers without power in neighborhoods like this one where you can see the power lines are still lying on the street underneath enormous trees that irma knocked down. jacksonville is a place not most affected by the high wind, instead by the storm surge there are still many major roads blocked off by the st. john's river which
2:35 am
spilled its banks. this is a parted of irma's impact zone that has been a particular impact for the florida governor rick scott who tried to assist with rescues in the flood zone more than a day after the storm left town. >> we were shocked yesterday and when the flooding started happening here. so what i immediately did was i know the mayor was focused on this and the sheriff was focused on, this but i sent fish and wildlife officers. i sent over 06 officers right here as gas as we could to help with rescue. >> jacksonville's airport is open back up now. the thing that people are buzzing about more here in jacksonville is that on sunday the jacksonville jaguars will play their first home game of the season as scheduled at everbanks stadium which is right along the banks of the st. john's river at a stadium where the parking lot just a few days ago was under a couple feet of water. back to you. todd: wow. sports unite us. that's what have you got to love. thanks. gathering to raise more than
2:36 am
$44 million to help with hurricane recovery. heather: speaking of uniting or not. didn't take long for the hand in hand telethon to turn political. taking aim at president trump. jackie bans joins us live in the studio with those details. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, heather and todd are we really surprised about this. stevie wonder kicked off last night's star studded hand in hand telethon to raise money for hurricane victims. it didn't take long before celebrities lined up to criticize president trump's view on climate change. take a listen. >> anyone who believes that there's no such thing as global warming, must be blind or unintelligent. >> the celebrity jabs didn't stop there beyonce a houston native described the hurricane as a pile on moment for america, even applying that climate change was to blame for the recent natural disasters in the u.s., india, and mexico. >> during of the time where it's impossible to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this country,
2:37 am
just when you think it couldn't possibly get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives. the effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. >> while the multi-state benefit included music performances and speeches. they were called out by critics online who didn't like their politically charged narrative. one person tweeting if all of these celebrities all pitched in 1 million bucks each like trump did, they wouldn't need to ask our broke waltz. very good point. another saying celebrities using a fundraiser for hurricane relief to take shots at president trump is shameful and juvenile. other critics saying that the telethon could have raised more had it not alien nateed half the country because of politics. all great points there. todd and heather? heather: you don't have to put politics into everything. >> exactly. todd: i don't even know if they accurately portrayed what president trump's view is. >> they never really do.
2:38 am
heather: thanks, jackie. now we need to check in with janice dean to see what is coming up with the forecast. we have been talking about jose, behind irma, and then whatever else is behind that. todd: are we at no way jose? janice: not so fast. we'll have to watch jose. okay. slow down, let's take a look at irma, what's left of irma, not much when can which is great. could see showers across the mississippi river valley. florida looks good too in terms of showers and thunderstorms. could see a stray shower, thunderstorms in south florida. it's the heat, okay. millions of people without power. it's going to be stifling hot over the next five days. so there is miami. could see a stray shower or thunderstorm with 89, 90-degree temperatures. and the heat indices well above that it's going to be dangerous. hurricane jose, okay, lingering for the next couple of days, coming close to the east coast, computer models were kind of saying oh, it's going to make a right-hand curve.
2:39 am
it's getting too close for comfort. let's say. this we'll take a weekend off and keep an eye on this. and monday and tuesday we have to pay attention to jose. regardless we will have high waves, beach erosion, this thing is going to be hanging around. we don't need it to come too close to the u.s. todd: understood. janice: i have my fingers crossed. heather: we don't need it to come close at all. janice: i agree. heather: thank you, janice. todd: espn gives one much its anchors a slap on the wrist after she calls the president and his supporters white supremacists. host of the blaze says this is a total double standard. >> this is iphone x. it is the biggest leap forward since the original iphone. heather: and it is the iphone like have you never seen before. the features everyone is talking about on the, yes, thousand dollar device. ♪ so long since i want to feel this moment
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♪ heather: welcome back. a rescue ship owned by marriott sparking outrage this morning for rescuing only hotel guests from the island of saint thomas. one woman also stranded by hurricane irma who did not book her stay through marriott wasn't allowed to board the ship despite being extra room available. >> they had 600 and something seats. they filled them with 300 marriott guests. and there are 35 people over here waiting and we can't get on the large boat that will hold us. it was marriott's decision. heather: can you imagine? a spokesman for marriott says that the ship was unable to help because it was not authorized to do so. and in the meantime, the maryland city opening up their polls to illegal immigrants. the college park city council passing a measure allowing august noncitizens to vote in local elections.
2:44 am
supporters say it will make the city more inclusive. but critics claim it violates the constitution. todd? todd: heather, one espn host in hot water after she launched a twitter rant against president trump. jemele hill tweeting this donald trump is quote a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. after that disparaging rant, espn is not apparently going to punish hill. so is the famed sports network trying to push a more liberal agenda? here now to weigh is in s. blaze tv host lawrence jones. lawrence, good to see you as always. let's answer that question first. are they trying to push a liberal agenda? >> well, it's obvious that based on some of the commentary from some of the pundits, now they are pundits because they don't only talk about sports. it's about politics now. it's clear that they are trying to push some liberal agenda based on some of the analysis you are seeing from espn. todd: now i'm going to read the statement from espn. they say, quote: the comments on twit from her jemele hill regarding the
2:45 am
president do not represent the position of espn. we have addressed this with jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. but, lawrence -- >> -- yeah, but she didn't apologize. todd: she did not apologize. >> no. she didn't apologize. they say she recognizes what she did was wrong. but she didn't send out an apology. todd: and, if you recall, something different happened with curt schilling, right? >> exactly. and that's my whole point. there seems to be -- if it's gonna be about censoring speech, when they have the right to do as being their own network. but be fair across the board. if kurt was fired because he made some comments that were offensive to the lbgt or whatever you call it community, then she should be punished as well. todd: collin kaepernick has been in the news a lot over the past year tweeted we are with you at jemele hill. where do you think that puts him with trying to get back
2:46 am
on an nfl field this season. >> well, that's not going to help his case anyway. you know, he is not that good of a football player so that's not going to help him as well. this goes -- let's go back to the merits of this argument. my problem with people on the left when it comes to donald trump and this whole racism thing is that many of you guys were in photos with them. many of you guys mika, from hillary clinton, all photos going to his wedding, eating with him. and all of the sudden now that his policies have changed. now you guys are suggesting that it's racist. what changed? todd: white supremacist is a pretty strong accusations. one of the were things about this jemele hill knows sports. she is excellent at that part of the job but what are you going to do. >> she is. i love that about her. you know what? sometimes i think people should stay in their lane and do what they do best. when you start getting on the political spectrum and making things about personal politics, which many on the left do then you start to hurt your credibility. and i'm sorry, that's what she did with this argument
2:47 am
that she went on twitter with. todd: lawrence jones as always, thank you: he is good in his lane. is he real good. heather: let's check in with steve doocy on what is coming up on "fox & friends." steve: coming up on our program white house homeland security advisor tom bossert is going to be talking about what is going on down south. meanwhile south dakota senator john thune who was at the president's bipartisan dinner last night is going to drop by with breakfast with us. ben shapiro is gearing up for a speech at the university of california at berkeley. the students out there are freaking out. look at that right there. how does he feel about that? we have a busy three hours kicks off 12 and a half minutes right now kicks off right here on the channel you trust. "fox & friends first" back in two minutes ♪ ♪ go long, just kidding.
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♪ heather: astronauts blasting into the sky in kazakhstan on the wayed to the international space station. todd: two americans and run russian joining the crew on board the iss for the next five months to conduct hundreds of science experiments. this shocks me. took less than six hours to get there that's quicker than it takes to get from here to california sometimes. heather: or across new york city. todd: apple unveiling the highly anticipated iphone x in the company's biggest launch since it hit shelves more than a decade ago. heather: our kurt the cyberguy has been to every beginning sell iphone release and this one no exception. todd: here to talk to us about the coolest new features and apple devices being rolled out. curt, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. todd: what are the big differences? >> a thousand differences.
2:52 am
tell me the biggest one. heather good morning to you. what is the most profound leap forward since the beginning of iphone 10 years after it originated and changed the world, really. as you recall, we never had our nose down in our phone. we would have a really different flip phone kind of experience. well, the world is rocked again because apple has come out with a phone that is due out november the 3rd, october 27th will be the day that you can order it i bet you money these will sell out incredibly quickly because it really does have some features that take the smart phone to a whole new battleground. and that means edge-to-edge display has now made it to the iphone. we have seen that before in other phones. augmented reality. i was trying to explain to my mom you are going to love this it has augmented reality. what is that in the reality is you will be able to hold your phone up in front of certain things. you can be watching a game on fox sports and, boom, it
2:53 am
may put player stats on the screen while you see what's on your own tv. pretty wild and profound applications for it. including really apple has built a platform so that the future of -- well, the future of people like this. baby olivia could be a future app. programmer and really the dreams of what olivia wants to create in the world, apple has just built the road for something like that to happen with that augmented reality. i mean, imagine being at the grocery store and you can put your phone up to like the cereal aisle and show me the cereals that are 200-calories per bowl and you see them across the boxes of cereal. it's profound what they did. i'm always scratching the surface on this phone. heather: kurt, you have been to every single one of these unviolation by apple. this price though $1,000 you can buy a laptop computer for. that is it worth it? do you think it's worth it. >> heather, that's a good question that's what i was
2:54 am
thinking. isn't that the cost of a really good laptop in the fact of the matter is the phone now has become so essential to us. i find myself, maybe you do, too. using my phone far more often than i do my laptop. so, i think what apple is gauging here is the opportunity to have a phone like this that has this kind of increased power. two hour longer battery levee. super fast. connected to the world even more. and that people are going to be willing to spend for this phone. so,. todd: quickly, kurt, what else do we have? >> apple watch 3. the third generation of the apple watch came out of event. and the big news with this is it has cellular technology inside of it. it won't be tied to a phone in the future. and it really turns into a health monitor. it will notice if you have an irregular heart beat and warn you. it will also notice if you have a fib. that also irregular heart beat. or if you are at rest and
2:55 am
suddenly have increase heart rhythm it will say something is not right. that's pretty foe found in the direction of health. todd: it's the new frontier in these things. kurt the cyberguy, can you hold up the picture of olivia one more time? >> isn't she adorable? this is like the cutest baby in the world. congratulations to our producer desir ray. heather: desir ray who just returned from that turbulent leave. >> she is adorable. todd: olivia you are beautiful. we'll be right back.
2:56 am
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heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. a nun gets in the habit, get it, of cleaning up after hurricane irma. look. [chainsaw] heather: that is sister margaret ann busting out a chainsaw and chopping down a downed tree in miami. todd: in full gear. she is not messing around. next the bad. this could be the worst get away planned in history. police say these three suspects robbed a verizon store and then tried to hide, you guessed it, inside a police station. the accused crooks cannot realize where they were until it was too late. heather: oops. finally the ugly. a marriage proposal goes terribly wrong. >> oh my god. oh, no.
3:00 am
he dropped the engagement ring into a river after getting down on the knee. the couple has the go fund me page to replace it so far they have raised 260 bucks. todd: keep going go fund me. you have a lot more. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> more than half of the state of florida is still in the dark in an unprecedented power outage. >> today is a scene of absolute devastation, destruction, and broken hearts. >> we stayed and i will never do it again. >> the big focus for the white house is on tax reform. the president having six senators over for dinner. >> we need as big and as a dramatic tax deduction and tax reform as we possibly can get. >> five years after benghazi two security contractors are speaking out. >> was the state department contract officer trying to silence you? >> oh, absolutely. >> sports center anchor jemele hill tweeted out donald trump is a white supremacist. >> i don't know how people who voted for donald trump can feel comfortable at all


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