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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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another one. >> melissa: my screen is cracked, i've been holding out. that's my justification. >> jon: there you go. thank you for joining us, "america's news headquarters" starts now. >> a fox news alert, we are awaiting a white house press briefing which just got moved to a 2:00 p.m. eastern start time. a tragedy unfolds in florida. hello everybody, i'm sandra smith. a criminal investigation more than 100 of them were evacuated after authorities were called in hollywood, florida this morning. just north of miami. >> you know, it's a sad state of affairs. we all have elderly people and
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facilities and we know that we depend on those people and those facilities to care for our most vulnerable elderly population. it's really sad when something like this goes on. >> wsvn reporter lorena estrada has more. what are we learning? >> it was a total of 115 residents evacuated this morning after police were called to the nursing home, after receiving a call about at least one death. we later learned that three residents died at the nursing home, three others at the hospital. the nursing home is right here. a rehabilitation center at hollywood hills. it's right across from the hospital, memorial regional hospital. so when police were called to the scene and they realized what was taking place, more than 50 medical professionals rushed, evacuated the building. we're told at this hour that
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there are more than a dozen residents in the emergency room when we asked the medical director whether the death toll could rise. according to authorities, the illnesses were heat-related, dehydration and respiratory distress. what we know, it appears an a.c. was not working. as you know, florida was hit from hurricane irma and it appears the second floor was extremely hot. we know there's some windows. it is unclear in residents were able to open the windows. it appears there was no a.c. in parts of the facility. according to officials, there might have been a generator functioning, because we know that folks were able to cook. again, many unanswered questions as police investigate.
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moments ago we heard from the mayor of hollywood. listen to what he had to say. >> i want to express my condolences of those deceased today from what occurred here at this rehabilitation center at hollywood hills. our hearts go out to the loved ones of those deceased. 32,000 homes and customers as of this morning are still without power. we know that governor scott has reacted. he's demanding answers as to what exactly happened here. this investigation ongoing. it's only getting started really. the very latest from hollywood, back to you. >> thanks for that report. we will continue to update you on that story. meanwhile, we're awaiting the white house press briefing. it's set to begin any moment now. president trump trying to get support from democrats. he's meeting with a bipartisan
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group of lawmakers later this hour. later tonight, guess who is coming to dinner at the white house? minority leader nancy pelosi and charles schumer breaking bread with the president. john roberts is live on the north line. the president is hopeful and negotiating with democrats. i think we're all trying to visualize that dinner with those three present. >> yeah, would you like to serve wine there tonight? amazing. the president will be meeting about 45 minutes with a bipartisan group of moderate house members, about 13 of them, many of the so-called problem solvers caucus. they sent a letter to the president asking to speak about tax reform, infrastructure. you can add daca or the dreamers program to the list as well. why bipartisanship at the white house? as the legislative a fairs director put it, after the experience with obamacare, the white house has come to realize the president cannot count on members of his own party to get
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his legislative goals across the finish line. so they're now reaching out to democrat to get things done. this has sent shock waves through the republican party. as kellyanne conway said, the president came to office as a disrupter. listen here. >> we hope that that has bipartisan agreement because let's face it, that should be a nonpartisan issue. the idea that americans are working so hard and paying too much of the tax burden. we want middle class americans to benefit from this president's tax reform package. >> the house speaker, paul ryan said earlier today he does trust that the president will pursue a conservative tax reform plan. if he gets this bipartisan buy-in from democrats, it's likely the buy-in plan will be different than what conservatives have in mind. the president would like 15% and
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could get 22%. he may get middle income earners tax cuts but won't get the cuts for the high income earns. joe manchin said the president may need a lot of democratic support if he hopes to get his tax reform agenda through. listen here. >> i think a perfect scenario can you get 30 republicans and 30 democrats. we're not going to get the far fringes. it's not going to happen. >> a lot of questions we expect with sarah sanders on tax reform in the next few minutes. we expect to get a read-out of the meeting the president had with tim scott from south carolina who wanted to speak to the president about his reaction to what happened several weeks ago in charlottesville. a lot on the agenda ahead in the next hour. >> a lot going on. the press briefing set to begin any minute. thanks, john roberts. for more, martha mccallum.
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she's on every week day night at 7:00 p.m. good to see you. >> you too. >> a lot going on. i'll go back to the visualization, if you will, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and president trump getting together for dinner at the white house. a lot on the table. the discussion is expected to include the dream act, stabilizing the obamacare health insurance markets. i guess you could expect tax reform might be on the table as well. >> i mean, there's no doubt the president is extremely frustrated with his own party. his feelings about not passing healthcare are really potent. so i think when he came into office, he said i want to work with both sides. he used to be a democrat, right? now he's a republican. he's from new york. he and chuck schumer go way back even though he just called him head clown. i don't think that will come up at dinner tonight. he is -- i think it's so striking, this dinner tonight, you have paul ryan, mitch mcconnell watching this from the outside saying hmmm.
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that was us at that table. now, you know, they're -- there's a little bit of tough feelings going on here. the president said if i can get a new coalition down the middle, 30 and 30, that's -- that seems to be where he's headed. >> how do you think that is sitting with his base, to have him in this series of meeting with democrats? how do you -- >> it's fascinating. he did not get a lot of backlash for the debt ceiling deal. real conservatives, fiscal conservatives, are not happy with the way this is headed. mark meadows is not happy with the way it's headed. but you know, when you look at the base, they really -- there's not been a ton of backlash. you have reports today from democratic polsters saying for the most part, people feel like things are getting shaken up in washington. the jury is still out on whether or not that will bear fruit but at least the base is still going along with him for the ride. they're saying if the
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republicans don't do it, let's see what kind of deal you can strike with the democrats. they want to see change. >> we're going to talk hillary because the book "what happened" is out. she's on her book tour. she's giving these interviews and she's opening up as to why exactly she lost the election. i want to get to this one moment in a recent interview where she sat down talking about benghazi and how it turned into a political football game undermining her credibility. watch, this. >> take the benghazi tragedy. you know, i have one of the top republicans, kevin mccarthy, admitting, we're going to take that tragedy -- we lost people unfortunately going back to the reagan administration if you talk about recent times in diplomatic attacks. but boy, it was turned into a political football. it was aimed at undermining my credibility, my record, my accomplishments. >> i should point out, martha,
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that was a response to a question about her likability and the problem with her likability during the election. that's where she went with that. >> that answer is not going to help her out in that department. certainly not going to help her out with the families of those lost in benghazi or the people on the scene that wanted to get there sooner to help. i watch that. i can't imagine why her answer to that question isn't first and foremost, look, we lost lives that day. one of the darkest days of her time as secretary of state. that's all she needed to say on that. no, everything is, you know, part of what was a humiliating defeat for her and now there's a million excuses for it. i think democrats are not pleased with the fact that she's taking up all the oxygen in the room with this what happened sort of look backwards in the mirror. it really doesn't help them at all. it's a cathartic experience and
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i had some guests that said they're glad she's laying it out for democrats. we'll see. that's not going to win her popularity points with anybody. >> interesting to hear her say she was dumbfounded, her word, on how she described learning of her loss. we want to get to this moment in the same interview where hillary clinton says that she takes seriously the threat posed from the political right to the country. >> the idea among some that, you know, i really do take seriously the threat posed from the right to this country, to our economic of quality, to our civil rights. i take it really seriously. it's not just a political issue for me. and they are constantly trying to undermine me. >> i wonder how she feels about antifa bashing people in the head in berkeley. i think the answer that most people feel when they look at what's going on, there's fringe
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elements on the right and left that are unfortunately violent at times. that's a huge problem. i don't think most people in this country feel they belong to either one of those groups and they think those are marginalized groups. she needs to recognize it's happening on both sides unfortunately. >> you mentioned the point that democrats are probably not so sure this is helping them at this point. certainly when you see a lot of blame being thrown around in the book and the interviews. >> she ran twice and lost twice. she has a huge political legacy. she's secretary of state. first lady. wanted to be the first woman to be president of the united states. the fact of the matter is, when she talks about the slings and james comey and all that, there were plenty of slinging arrows headed toward trump as well. that was an ugly election on all sides. there were things that we all saw in that process that were really ugly on both sides. he won, she lost. no doubt she was dumbfounded. everybody was.
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it was a big shot. >> 7:00, "the story" with martha maccallum. here's sarah sanders. the white house briefing begins. >> tom bossert talk about the relief efforts of hurricane irma and harvey. life saving support is underway. you can go online to register for federal assistance. as i said yesterday, the president was pleased that members on all sides of the aisle came together last week under his leadership to deliver critical relief to those affected by the storms and he has continued that spirit of bipartisanship and unity this week. last night he hosted republican and democrat senators to discuss
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advancing the legislative priorities particularly with tax cuts and reform for the middle class. today in addition to report meetings with republicans and democrats, the president will host senator schumer and congresswoman pelosi for a bipartisan discussion on the upcoming legislative agenda with the focus on tax reform. historic tax reform is one of the most significant ways to jump start our economy, creating jobs and raising wages for all americans. the president and his team will continue to engage with all members of congress who are willing to work with us to deliver this critical relief for the american people. finally, on a slightly lighter note, i'd like to announce that frank from falls church, virginia whose letter i read last month will be here friday to mow the white house lawn. he will work with the grounds keeping crew and will help cut the grass in the rose garden. the president is committed to keeping the american dream alive
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for kids like frank and we're looking forward to having him here. i'll take your questions. john? >> can you give us a read-out of the meeting that the president had with senator scott this morning? >> sure, this is a very productive meeting that the president and the senator both wanted to have something to discuss potential solutions moving forward, to bring the country together, a focus on unity and talking and touching on the priorities for the legislative agenda moving into the fall. >> senator scott express his displeasure with the president's initial reaction to charlottesville? >> not at all. they talked about it in department. the focus was on solutions moving forward and that is what both people came to the meeting wanting to discuss, what we can do to bring people together, not talk about divisions within the country. >> second question. following the meeting with the president last night, joe manchin said in his world you'd
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get 30 democratic senators and 30 republicans on a tax reform bill. does the president believe he can get 30 democratic senators and still stick to his principles on tax reform? >> americans hope he can. i would set the sights higher and that you have every member of the senate come together to help pass massive tax cuts and bring tax reform to this country i. >> two questions, if i can. the president's dinner with schumer and pelosi. in the past, the president called chuck schumer a clown and now pelosi a loser. now he needs them. how does that work? what changed? >> it's less about him needing them but more about the president wanting to work with them and help move the country forward. as we said many times before, we have a very ambitious legislative agenda for this fall and the president wants to work with anybody that wants to move america forward. if they're willing to do that, sit down, be part of that
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conversation on both tax cuts and tax reform, responsible immigration reform, the president welcomes those conversations. >> and does he view schumer and pelosi for getting things don and being equal? >> the president is a republican. certainly i think idealogically that's a much cleaner matchup. but again, if these people and these individuals, whether democrats or republicans, want to come together to push the president's agenda and agenda that clearly the american people want to see or they wouldn't have elected donald trump, then we're certainly happy to have that conversation and move that ball forward. >> i know the president came out for graham cassidy today. a lot of people believe that may not come to pass. senator alexander has introduced a more incremental bill that would stabilize the insurance market. could the president support a bill like that or does it have to be more of a full scale repeal?
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secondly, what does the president make of democrats efforts on single payer? >> i think that the president as well as the majority of the country knows that the single payer system that the democrats are proposing is a horrible idea. i can't think of anything worse than having government be more involved in your healthcare instead of less involved. the president's focused on looking at ways where government gets out of the way, people have more control over their own healthcare and looking at ways to, again, fully repeal and replace would certainly be a priority, but we want to move the sam forward and make sure we're in a place that is susstainable and we have a healthcare system that works and people under that healthcare system have a say in. >> could he sign something that is not a full scale repeal? obviously i'm not just saying single payer, but something along the lines -- >> we would have to see the specific pieces before we weigh-in on a hypothetical bill. matthew? >> thank you. first questions.
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will the vice president be attending the dinner? >> the vice president has his own meeting tonight. we'll have more details on that. >> and i wanted to follow up on statements you made about james comey. you said some of his conduct likely could have been illegal. i was wondering what specifically you were referring to there. the one thing you pointed out is the memos given to the times. they didn't contain classified information and were handed over once he was a private citizen. >> the memos that comey leaked were created on an fbi computer while he was the director. he claims they were private property. they followed the protocol of an official fbi document. leaking fbi memos on a sensitive document is against the personnel disclosure that all members sign. that is clean and clear that that would be a violation. >> what do you want to see
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happen? >> that's not up to me to decide. i'm not an attorney. i think the facts of the case are very clear. >> following up on that a bit. so you're not saying that the justice department should look into this, but you believe that comey did -- that his act of leaking those memos was illegal? >> the department of justice has to look into any allegations of legality, whether or not something is illegal or not. that's not up to me to decide. what i've said and what i'm talking about are facts. james comey leaking of information, questionable statements under east, politicizing investigation, those are real reasons for why he was fired and the president's decision was 100% right, which we've said multiple times over and over. in fact, i think the more and more we learn, the more and more that's been vindicated. >> on another topic. do you have details on where the president will be going tomorrow and florida?
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any details on that trip? >> he will be in the naples and fort myers area. as soon as those final details about specific stops are locked in, we'll keep you posted. sarah? >> two questions. the first, after meeting with senator scott, has the president's mind changed about that initial statement? should he have been more forceful? will he sign this bipartisan resolution condemning the violence in charlottesville as well as hate groups like the kkk. >> the president condemned hatred, bigotry and racism of all forms. he continues to stick to that message. he's been very consistent in that fact. he and the senator talked about that and discussed that. agreed that that was the appropriate place to be in terms of whether or not he will sign the joint resolution, absolutely. he will look forward to seeing it. >> one other topic.
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his meeting with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, this is the kind of thing that conservatives warned about, that he would be cutting deals with chuck and nancy. why is he meeting with the two of them and strike an immigration deal with schumer and pelosi? >> it's pretty disingenuous to say he's only meeting with the democrats. the president is the leader of the republican party and was elected by republicans. he beat out 16 other candidates to take that mantel on. certainly one of the strongest voices. so the idea that the republican ideas are not represented in that room is ridiculous. bill? >> is immigration going to come up and would the president reaching a deal similar to the three-month extension working with the democrats? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it came up tomorrow. i'm not going to get ahead of
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the conversations. we'll keep you posted on what those look like. >> i want to ask about the i.g. audit. did the president know about that when he nominated daniel craig? >> we're not going to get into the back and forth of fema. right now it's the safety and security of those affected by the hurricane. we're not going to go down rabbit holes on personnel and our focuses on that right now. steve? >> this morning on cbs, senator manchin said last night at dinner, the president was adamant that the tax reform would not be a tax cut for the rich. do you know on what basis the president was able to make that promise? is he pledging to hold the top tax rate at 39.6%? how can he assure the rich won't get a tax cut? >> the president's priority when it comes to tax cuts and tax reform is on the middle class, helping create jobs and grow the
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middle class. he laid out those principles and that's his focus on this process. >> in january, the president gave an interview to "the washington post" saying he wanted to see a program that would allow for insurance for everybody and leverage medicare and medicare's ability to control drug prices. bernie sander's plan does that. why does the president not support it? >> the president doesn't support it and america doesn't support it or bernie sanders would be in the oval office. he pushed them forward. he didn't make it through the primary, didn't make it into the oval. that's a clear indication of what america wants to see and it's not a single payer system. >> i'd like to ask -- >> i'll come back. >> thank you. >> two quick questions on tax reform. there's some democrats who are confused. if the president was furious
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about creating a bipartisan tax plan, their thinking is that the president would also be meeting with ranking members and the minority members on ways and means in the finance committee in advance of the disclosure of the consensus outline coming out in september. can you describe the president's view about how to create a bipartisan tax plan and does he want to get ideas from democrats or does he just want democrats to buy in to the plan that brady and hatch will reveal? >> just by mere fact that he's been sitting down yesterday and today with multiple members of the democrat party shows that he wants to have that conversation with them. i don't think you can make that more clear than to have those ongoing conversations with multiple members of the democrat party. >> quick question on florida. how soon will the federal government be able to estimate any -- with any kind of precision what kind of
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additional aid might be necessary to address the construction in florida? >> we're still in the recovery efforts. until we get further into the process, it will be premature to put those estimates out there, particularly with precision. i would imagine that takes us a good bit more time and once we have the numbers, we'll let you know. >> thank you. i'd like to ask, the united states is spearheading a meeting at the u.n. on u.n. reform. can you give me some specifics on what the united states hopes to accomplish in that meet something. >> i'm not going to get ahead of the meetings that will take place. i can tell you friday general mcmaster and ambassador hailey will be here at the briefing to talk in more detail about the u.n. general assembly and events that take place next week. >> just to follow up to the
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president's meeting that he had with senator scott this morning. after his response to that white supremacist rally in charlottesville, the president said scott's morale authority was compromised. in terms of the conversation that they had, does the president understand what troubled senator scott in regards to his response? >> they had a very open and honest conversation and committed to continuing those conversations and making sure that today was just the first step of many of those meetings that will be an ongoing process and ongoing conversation that they have. >> and on tax reform. with the meeting that is taking place this evening with democratic leaders from congress, what has been the reaction you've seen from supporters that were on board the trump bandwagon from the start? this new tax that the president is taking and reaching out to democrats? >> this is something that the president talked about on the campaign trail of being a good deal maker and sitting down with members of both sides and be
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able to bring the deal and bring good legislation for the american people. this isn't new. people listened and heard the president and certainly supported him. that's why he's here today. john? >> thank you, sarah. two different questions. two subjects. first, your earlier remarks about the nature of repeal and replace legislation would seem to rule out the white house support for a flat-out repeal, which is favored by many republican house members. are you ruling out or discouraging a flat-out repeal measure first? >> we haven't ruled out anything that helps move this process forward. we're grateful for the efforts that are continues in congress and we hope that they do what they campaigned on and what they promised the american people they would do. that's not just repeal but also replace. both parts have very important.
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>> president appointed 42 new u.s. attorneys and it's been reported widely that only one of them was a woman. the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. the former democratic appointed u.s. attorney in alabama called this, and i quote "a slap in the face." what is the reaction to the white house on this wave of appointment of u.s. attorneys? >> i think the president has surrounded himself with a lot of strong women in various positions, including myself in a pretty high position and senior position in the administration including kellyanne conway. helps continuing to add woman every day. that's a very positive step forward concerning particularly in the communications side, it's the first time that that has happened. >> it was reported today that mike flynn jr. is the
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superintendent of a federal investigation into election meddling. is the president concerned that someone who served on his transition team is now the subject of a federal investigation? >> i haven't had a conversation with him about that. i refer you to outside counsel. >> comments that hillary clinton made. she said she wished president trump was the president for all americans. do you have any rea action to the president's role in the while house? >> that type of misunderstanding of who this president is and frankly a misunderstanding of what he's been doing is exactly one of the reasons that hillary clinton is not the president and is instead pushing a book with a lot of false narratives and a lot of i think false accusations and placing blame on a lot of people instead of accepting it herself. >> a little over a week ago, the u.s. and mexico had another round of negotiations on nafta.
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next round intended in ottawa. has the president been briefed on the second round? is he happy with the respects, if he was briefed? is he still considering cancelling the entire agreement? >> those negotiations are still ongoing and a final decision hasn't been made. they'll continue to push forward to make sure that the best deal possible for americans and american workers happens. >> two questions. number 1, when was the last time the president spoke with mexico? >> i'm not sure. i'm not aware of any conversation in quite a long time. >> and i also want to ask about tonight's dinner. why not also invite paul ryan and mitch mcconnell? >> you have the leader of the republican party sitting at the table. this is the president's opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with members of the senate. anybody that tries to distort it to something other than is misunderstanding what the purpose is. >> i don't want to get it wrong either. are you saying if mitch
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mcconnell or paul ryan were there that conversation would be distorted? >> i'm not saying that. if anybody thinks a republican viewpoint isn't being represented is completely misunderstanding that the president is the leader of the republican party. >> so is the president negotiating on behalf of the republican leadership on the hill? this meeting? >> the president's negotiated on behalf of the men people, what he was elected to do. the idea that you guys keep trying to distort this into a bad thing is i think exactly why this president was elected. they're sick and tired of business as usual. they wanted somebody that would break up the status quo, that would bring people from both sides of the table together to have conversations. this president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than obama did in eight years. >> sarah, i want to talk about the scott meeting. what other topics were on the table with the president beyond
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charlottesville? >> they talked about tax reform. they talked about moving to a -- looking at different ways to bring the country together and about continuing ongoing conversations, making sure they stayed in constant contact with one another and having an open and regular conversation. >> were there conversations about hbcus? the meeting? >> they were not discussed today. >> sources say there was a conversation from a request from black republicans to have a high-ranking black republican within this administration that knows issues and understands how to -- how washington up and down pennsylvania avenue works. was that a conversation? this meeting? >> there's conversations about adding additional personnel that can tap into the african american community. that did come up, yes. >> so where did that go? what does -- >> a commitment to work with senator scott to do exactly that
11:34 am
and for the two of them to continue to have those conversations for his viewpoints to continue to be expressed directly to the president. >> certain issues or certain people related to that topic about bringing new -- >> specific people didn't come up. blake? >> let me ask to bring you back to taxes and a couple questions there. the president campaigned on the corporate tax rate of 15%. steve mnuchin said i don't know if we can achieve that. you said the president is prepared to push for the lowest rate he could get. mick mulvaney said the president was adamant about a 15% rate. is the official administration that a 15% rate needs to happen or that all of this is subject to negotiation? >> the 15% has been the goal. it's always been the goal. we're going to continue to push for that. that hasn't changed. >> secondly, working with -- at least talking to pelosi and schumer, one of the things they
11:35 am
want is not one penny of their campaign to the wealthiest americans. that is a marker that they have drawn in the sand. is the president open to have tax cuts not as deep as the president saw for the wealthiest americans? >> the president's focus has never been on the wealthiest americans. it's been on tax reform as a whole. that continues to be his priority and will be in tonight's discussion. >> sarah, thank you. two questions if i may. one is since you raised the issue, mrs. clinton's book having a false narrative, can you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually correct? >> the biggest one is anyplace within the become where she lays blame for the loss on any one but herself. >> follow up on a separate topic. the president issued a strong statement on myanmar and the persecution of the muslim
11:36 am
population. i'm wondering if the president feels that sung chi should be more fort right what is taking place in her country? >> we're going continue working with our allies and partners to be part of the process and whatever way we can moving forward. >> yes. you mentioned a couple times today emphasizing the diversity in the west wing. you talked about the president denouncing hate in charlottesville. i want to read a comment from a sports caster from espn yesterday who said donald trump is a white supremist largely surrounding himself with white supremists. he's unfit and unqualified to be president. do you have a reaction to that and is the president aware -- >> i'm not sure if he's a rare.
11:37 am
that is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make and is a fireable foe fence by espn. >> why do you think the influential african american figures are saying things like that -- >> i'm not going to speak for that individual. i know the president has met again with people like senator scott whether are hidely respected leaders in the african american community. he's committed to working with them to bring the country to work together. that's where we need to be focused, not on outrageous statements like that one. >> you said before the president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than president obama did in eight years. are you basing that on meetings that he's held with democrats here at the white house? >> i'm basing that on the fact that he's willing to sit down with members of the opposite party. something that president obama rarely did and certainly didn't listen to members of the opposite party. i can't think of a single time where he made a deal with
11:38 am
members -- anybody beyond the democratic party and again, the president is committed to doing that. he hasn't just done it once but continuing to do that as we move into one of the most ambitious legislative agendas that we've had in a long time and we're committed to working with democrats. he's stated that publicly and in these meetings that he's going to continue to have. >> you're saying -- >> thank you. does the president believe it a mistake to not investing more time in the schumer and pelosi relationships? >> i don't think so. right now we're at a critical time where we have tax reform, responsible immigration reform. he's committed to working again with the republicans and democrats to push those through. hopes that they'll come on board to do that. thanks so much, guys. the president will be having an event here in a moment. >> all right. that's sarah sanders wrapping up the white house press briefing where she received questions about tonight, the meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi,
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dinner at the white house tonight. the president's push for a bipartisan tax plan also came up and the latest in the repeals of obamacare. senator sanders single payer healthcare proposal and throwing shade on hillary clinton's book. that also got thrown in there. let's go to chris plant, syndicated radio talk show host. chris, on that dinner tonight with chuck and nancy, she said the president wants to work with anybody that wants to move america forward. that was the white house response. >> well, seems reasonable, doesn't it? there's two parties. the president is in the white house. the other two parties are at the end of pennsylvania avenue. the republican leadership and mitch mcconnell are not helping much with the republican agenda. the president is going to need at least 60 votes in the senate to get any major tax reform through. therefore, he has to have
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democratic votes. sarah huckabee sanders was correct in that president trump, he can't win for losing here. if he doesn't work with the democrats, then the press and the democrats go after him for not working with the democrats. when he does work with the democrats, that i try to break president trump's base away from the president. he's working with the other party. imagine that. it is almost an alien count september after eight years of president obama. i'm glad he is. maybe it will light a fire under the republicans and he's going to need some democrat votes and welcome to washington, this is how government is supposed to work. we've just forgotten because it's been so long. >> yeah. leslie, they couldn't be pleased with the fact that he's sitting down with the leader of the democratic party. they didn't say why isn't mitch mcconnell going to be there? her response is he just wants to have an open and honest conversation with democratic leadership. >> that's because donald trump does what is best for donald trump. donald trump may say he was a republican, but i think just like bernie sanders who ran as
11:41 am
an independent, not really a republican or a democrat, he's a deal maker. he's going to make a deal with whatever he can get what he wants done. he wants tax reform done and wants it done a specific way. as you heard from speaker ryan, he hopes the president will be more conservative and the democrats want more tax cuts, not for the upper 2% but for the middle and lower income families, which won't fly for republicans. the president needs the democrats here. that's why he's wining and dining them. and president obama did extend and olive branch to the republicans and they didn't want to come. >> chris, quick response. i want to move to healthcare. >> i'm sorry. president obama was the most partisan president of my lifetime. any invitation was designed to bring people in to humiliate them as he did with paul ryan at the speech on economics early in his term. i was utterly hostile to the republicans throughout his term.
11:42 am
>> let's go to healthcare. a quick update on irma. the president said he will travel down to florida specifically the naples fort myers area. they have more information upon that. moving to healthcare. leslie, i'll go to you first. she said i can't think of anything worse than having government more involved in your healthcare. she said america doesn't support single payer or bernie sanders would be sitting in the oval office. leslie? >> i actually don't disagree with her on this. although i do think the government has done a fairly good job with medicare. many seniors would agree with me on that. with regard to single payer. if you remember, there's many democrats and certainly bernie supporters that were angry and rolled their eyes at hillary clinton who a couple of years ago said this isn't going to fly. even though we can have a lot of press reports and i'm a democrat and i want to have reformationo
11:43 am
healthcare. for this to work, you're talking about a fleet overhaul. 15 democrats standing with bernie sanders who might reason in 2020 does not pass legislation makeup for the democrats. democrats have been saying this for years. >> chris, obviously tax reform, tax cuts will be on the table for that discussion tonight with the leaders of the democratic party. on that, sarah sanders said in the briefing, the president's focus has never been on the wealthiest of americans. it's been on tax cuts to the middle class. you hope that is the conversation happening tonight. >> well, also, sort of tortured use of language on whether it's tax cuts for the rich and the top 2% of the top 1% or whatever the class warfare talking point of the day is. listen, tax cuts across the board are across the board. they're not focused on tax cuts for the rich. they're focused on tax cuts is
11:44 am
because our tax system is out of date and get the 3% economic growth which we did in the second quarter and create jobs and wealth in this country, which is we're good at. the democrats for some reason are hell bent on impeding that. >> i thought it was interesting, a lot of her responses when it came to hillary clinton and her explanation for the 2016 loss. sarah sanders was asked about hillary clinton saying, why can't this president be a president for all americans. her response, the type of -- this type of misunderstanding of who the president is exactly one of the reasons that hillary clinton is not the president. >> deplorable. is she going to be a president of the deplorable and the racists and all the people that she demonized on the campaign trail. please. >> thanks, guys. all right. a big win for the trump administration. the supreme court lifting restrictions on the president's travel ban on refugees. justices agreeing to block a
11:45 am
lower court ruling that would have eased the refugee ban and allow up to 24,000 refugees from six muslim majority countries to enter the country before the end of october. here's judge andrew napolitano with his thoughts on the high court decision. >> the supreme court of the united states cut a hole in president trump's travel ban and said you can keep people out of the country, out of the u.s. and these six countries unless they have bona fide relationships here. the court said what is a bona fide relationship? >> we have jonna here with us. can this be considered a victory for the trump administration? >> absolutely. for now and probably even a bigger win later if the supreme court actually gets to hear arguments on this travel ban. the question -- the primary question is, how do we define
11:46 am
what a bona fide relationship is? we can define it by saying what it's not. by having an affiliation with a resettlement program is not going to cut it. a valid family relationship, a valid school relationship and valid work relationship will. >> it's a win for now. what mr. happen down the road? >> if we read the lealese, we can take from this ruling that they're going to let president trump win and get his way with this travel ban if it gets heard. the problem was, it was all a temporary travel ban. it may run out by the time the supreme court gets to hear this argument. what we may see happening, it may have to be extended or the date it went into effect might not be in june, could be yesterday. that was the day the last day of the ban was lifted. >> so at issue is what is the bona fide relationship? the judge was just talking about that. that is the central question. >> that is the central question.
11:47 am
if nothing else, the supreme court should define that. if the supreme court hears it and the administration wins, that will go a long way in the future the next time donald trump wants to do something, no other lower court can poke holes in it. >> interesting. >> in my opinion. the supreme court can define what he can and cannot do and nobody can touch it. we hope nobody can touch it. >> thanks for that update. thanks, jonna. a tearful confession in texas after a woman that went missing before hurricane harvey was found along with her flooded-out car. now her ex-husband confessing to her murder. trace gallagher is live with more. trace? >> hi, sandra. this is 37-year-old crystal mcdowell. she was last seen on video leaving her boyfriend's house and getting into her black mercedes. mcdowell was on her way to pick up her two kids at her ex-husband's house. the kids were never picked up.
11:48 am
the next day hurricane harvey roared into houston and a few days later, mcdowell was black mercedes was found in the flooded parking lot of a motel 6 about seven miles from where she lived. she's nowhere to be found. three days later, her body was discovered in a wooded area west of houston. the local sheriff says he never thought hurricane harvey was the reason mcdowell went missing. at first, there were as many as nine persons of interest in her death, including the husband, stephen mcdowell. when police brought the ex-husband in for questioning, he reportedly broke down in tears and confessed to strangling crystal mcdowell in his home while his children were present. it's inclear in the kids witnessed the crime. here's what the sheriff said when he asked about a possible motive. watch. >> it was not discussed with myself. so i can't -- may have been something nor detailed in the interviews. i'm not aware of any.
11:49 am
>> crystal mcdowell's boyfriend thinks the ex-husband was jealous that she had begun dating again just a few months after the divorce. the boyfriend also thinks the ex-husband knew that hurricane harvey was coming and he was hoping they could use the storm to cover his tracks. stephen mcdowell has been charged with first degree murder. sandra? >> trace gallagher, tragic and strange story. >> yep. >> a chainsaw wielding nun. there she is. this may be one of the best things that you'll hear about and see all day. there she is! we'll be talking to sister margaret ann live from florida next. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on!
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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>> a miami nun trying to help
11:53 am
florida rise up from the damage left by irma. sister margaret ann putting on gloves and a chainsaw to help clear debris from the archbishop coleman carroll high school where she's the principal. that original video posted earlier in the week by the miami-dade police. sister margaret was back at it again today. we're pleased to welcome her on the show. sister margaret ann, wonderful to see you. a great thing your doing. >> well, i was just happy that i had the opportunity to help out. there's a lot of need. the road was notice passable. i just wanted to help out and make it safer for people to travel and get in and out to the store and where they needed to go. >> it is wonderful. it's really as one viewer of
11:54 am
that video put because there are hundreds of thousands of viewers and responses flowing in like this. "prayers are great but prayer accompanied by action is powerful." sister margaret ann, we're watching this video and say stay safe. the chainsaws can be heavy and powerful and dangerous. >> i don't want to get hurt or have anybody else get hurt. we did our best to help out. my community tells us and we learned, if you have a chance to help out, you should. we saw the chainsaw. i pulled it out and did what i could to clear the road. people were driving by, taking pictures. as i did it, i was praying for other people. people lost their homes and
11:55 am
everything. they had it bad. the focus is not on me and the lord and the guard that he can bring out of a tragedy, especially when we put other people first. >> god bless you for what you're doing. we are in awe of the inspiration and you're inspiring others. your school is so proud of you. the school wrote this on facebook. we're so blessed to have her and the caramelite sisters at the school and the proud example that they show for our students and others. that video was taken by an off duty police officer. that's how you were discovered doing this. are you hearing from your students? >> oh, yes. we had about 100 students and family and alumni tonight.
11:56 am
everybody is excited. so many people came to help. we live the fact that we should be helping others and hope our students learn and families and others. today was proof of that with so many people here to help us. my community back in california is really praying for all of us as we continue to go through the recovery. they're not here to do the things to help out, but there's eight of us and we're doing what we can to help. that's what we want to do. >> that's what it's about. sister margaret ann, the miami-dade police department is so proud of you and happy for what you're doing and saying, "as we recover from hurricane irma, these acts of kindness remind us that we're all one community in miami-dade county" and they thank you for what you're doing. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. god bless you. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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>> love the responses after we interviewed sister margaret ann. some people say it's the best thing they heard and say all day. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in hollywood, florida where six nursing home patients are now confirmed dead after the building lost power in irma. cops say they opened a criminal investigation. down in the florida keys, mile after mile after mile of absolute obliteration. >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> shepard: and today, a warning that it could take months to get back to normal. and the president trying to make moves on tax cuts, healthcare and immigration. the president this afternoon


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