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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 13, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> love the responses after we interviewed sister margaret ann. some people say it's the best thing they heard and say all day. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in hollywood, florida where six nursing home patients are now confirmed dead after the building lost power in irma. cops say they opened a criminal investigation. down in the florida keys, mile after mile after mile of absolute obliteration. >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> shepard: and today, a warning that it could take months to get back to normal. and the president trying to make moves on tax cuts, healthcare and immigration. the president this afternoon meeting with moderates to try to
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make deals. guess who is coming to dinner at the white house? let's get to it. first from the fox news deck this wednesday afternoon, president trump is meeting right now with a bipartisan group of house lawmakers. his recent push to get democrats on board as he tries to get his agenda off the ground. in that meeting, some members of bipartisan problem solver caucus and the co chair of the blue dog democrats. there's more democrats than republicans. eight to five, according to the white house. last night, the president had dinner with senators from both parties. tonight he's set to have dinner with the senate minority leader, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. last week he cut a deal with them instead of fellow republicans on funding the government, raising the debt ceiling and paying for hurricane relief. at least the first down payment.
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in the past, the president has called senator schumer a clown and congress woman pelosi a loser. when asked about those remarks, the white house press cemetery has said nothing has changed. >> it's less about him needing them but more about the president wanting to work with them and wanting to help move this country forward. as we said many times before, we have a very ambitious legislative agenda for this fall. the president wants to work with anybody that wants to move america forward. >> shepard: more on the meeting in just a moment. another big topic in the briefing, taxes. the president called out congress telling lawmakers to move fast on a tax cut and as he put it reform bill. house speaker paul ryan today said republicans hope to pass a tax plan by the end of the year. today the white house said despite the president's recent outreach to democrats, there is no question about whether party president trump represents. our chief white house
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correspondent john roberts is live on the north line. hi, john. >> the white house learned a powerful lesson during the october -- obamacare debacle. he said the. learned on obamacare that he can't count on members of his own party to get his legislative items through. he really wants tax reform. this was the signature issue of his campaign so he's pulling out all the stops, reaching a cross the aisle to talk with democrats and republicans on how to get this done. last night he met with senator joe manchin and heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly of indiana along with some republicans. today he has 13 moderate members of the house over there, over here to the white house. they're talking about a meriad number of number of things like tax reform and daca. tonight he's meeting with chuck schumer. not long ago he called him crying chuck and nancy pelosi.
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the president the president is trying to do is line up enough democratic support so he can get to 60 votes on tax reform and not have to do it through what is called the reconciliation process. the president would likely have to shape his priorities for tax reform differently if he wants to get a lot of democratic support. after the meeting last night, the west virginia senator joe manchin said he thought the president might get as much as 30 -- support from 30 democrats and 30 republicans to make up 60. but i asked the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders today if he got that level of democratic support wouldn't he really have to compromise his principles on tax reform? here's what she said. >> does the president believe he can get 30 democratic senators and still stick to his principles on tax reform? >> i think america hopes he can. for the sake of most americans, i would set the sights higher and that you have every member of the senate come together to
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help pass massive tax cuts and bring tax reform to this country. >> so sarah huckabee sanders suggesting there that he can make get all the senators on board. that's happy talk, shep. there's no way that that could happen. but sarah sanders insisting that the president is doing more for bipartisanship than his predecessors did. listen here. >> the president is the leader of the republican party. and was elected by republicans. he beat out 16 other candidates to take that mantel on and certainly i think one of the strongest voices. so the idea that the republican party ideas are not represented in that room is just ridiculous. this president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than obama did in eight years. >> saying the president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than president obama did in eight years.
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president obama did come to some days. >> shepard: we're 30 seconds to hearing from the president after he met with democrats on the house side. a bipartisan meeting really. >> it was, yeah. as you mentioned, many of those members are members of what is called the problem solving caucus. they reached out requesting a meeting on tax reform and as well on infrastructure. there's a lot of democrats that think that the president's ideas on infrastructure are good. he also wants to move to that, which is why he wants to get tax reform out of the way. the president likely included the deferred action for childhood arrivals in that program as well. he wants congress to get something done. >> thanks very much. the president -- this is a tape play-back from moments ago from president trump. >> this bipartisan group of
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democrats and republican lawmakers are at the white house. we're more and more trying to work things out together. that's a positive thing and good for the republicans and good for the democrats. this group knows that very well. whether we can do the incredible things that we're doing and working in a bipartisan faction obviously would be a positive. i think something that we all feel good about. i want to thank tom reed. he's been a friend of mine for a long time. he was there right at the beginning when it wasn't very fashionable. i really appreciate it. and josh gottheimer for helping to organize this important gathering. it's really -- the whole concept of what we're trying to do is very important. i inspired by the example of our own citizens, we should come together to make government work for the people. that's why i was elected. that's why i ran.
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to provide jobs and opportunities to millions of struggling families. this includes tax reform that is pro jobs, pro growth, pro family and pro american. very simple. all pro american. we have four principles for tax code. make the tax code simple and fair. cut taxes substantially. the largest tax decrease in the mystery of our country for the middle class. encourage companies to hire and grow in america and by doing that, we'll have to reduce the taxes for companies. right now we're 35%. really much higher when you add state taxes in. china is at 15%. then we wonder why are we not competing well against china. so they're at 15%. we're at 35 plus. that doesn't work. bring back trillions of dollars -- we have trillions of dollars overseas that we'll bring back and bring them back
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quickly. so this is money that josh and tom and everybody in this room can tell you, everybody has agreed to bring it back for years but never gets done. we're putting it down as part of our tax proposal. another bipartisan project that is urgently needed is infrastructure. infrastructure investment. for decades now, washington has allowed our infrastructure to fall into a state of total decay and disrepair. it's time to build new roads, new bridges, airports, tunnels, highways and railways across our great land. when we set aside our differences and it's amazing sometimes how little our differences are, we put our country and we put the citizens of our country first. that's what this is all about. so we want to have a great new tax cut and tax reform simplification and massive cuts and we want to get our country
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working again and competing again worldwide. there will be nothing that can stop us. on top of that, we'll be discussing probably a little bit of health care. i know some information has come to light. we'll be discussing that. ultimately while we have some democrats -- i think i can speak for the republicans but we want to do something very powerfully with respect to obamacare. it has not worked. the rates are going through the roof. the numbers that you look at, no matter where you go, where you look, healthcare is failing in our country. we're going to get it changed and going to get it changed fast. infrastructure we'll be talking about and probably talking about daca. we don't want to forget daca. it's also been 1 1/2 weeks. people don't talk about it as much. we want to see if we can do something with regard to immigration, with regard to the 800,000 people that are now young people, they're not
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children anymore. they were children. now they're young people. we want to see if we can do something in a bipartisan fashion so that we can solve the daca problem and other immigration problems. we'll be discussing that today. tonight i'm having dinner with senator schumer and nancy pelosi. we'll continue some discussions. we have a lot of things in the fire. i think right now first and foremost that we can compete again, especially in light of the fact that we had two massive hurricanes, the likes of which i guess our country has never seen. i don't think we have ever seen. one was the biggest ever in water and the other was the biggest ever in wind. you put them together, we have devastation in texas and in florida. we've done oh and other parts of our country, by the way. i think we've gotten very high marks for the way we've handled them thus far and continue to
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handle them well. they were big and powerful. very unfortunate. because of that, more than ever we now need great tax reform and great tax cuts. so we're here as a group bipartisan to try to see what we can come up with. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> why has leader pelosi and senator schumer -- >> i'm a conservative. i'm not skeptical. i think that if we can do things in a bipartisan matter, that will be great. might not work out, in which case we'll try to do it without. but if we can do in a bipartisan manner -- look at some of the greatest legislation ever passed, it was done on a bipartisan manner. so that's what we're going to give a shot. right, tom? we'll see what we can do. if it works out, great. if it doesn't work out, great.
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hopefully we can do it anyway as republicans. thank you very much. we're looking at a 15% rate. we want a 15% rate because that would bring us low, not by any means the lowest, but bring to us a level where china and other countries are. we'll be able to compete with anybody. nobody will be able to touch us. we would like to see 15%. okay? thank you very much, everybody. by the way, lower for individuals. much lower than that for individuals. the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan. we're looking for the middle class and looking for jobs. jobs meaning companies. we're looking at the middle class and we're looking at jobs. >> higher taxes -- >> the wealthy will probably be where they are.
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if we can do that, we'd like it. if they have to go higher, they'll go higher. we're looking at the middle class and jobs. thanks very much. thank you, everybody. >> shepard: and that end the president's briefing this afternoon to john roberts at the white house, a few things there, john. no tax cuts for the rich is. that the plan here? >> that's the big headline out of there, two big headlines. the president has been saying the last few weeks that he wants this to be a middle class tax cut, but saying this morning that -- or this afternoon just a moment ago that the high income earners likely won't get any kind of tax cut from this and also saying, talking about wall street, if they have to go higher, they'll go higher, this would fallow along something that steve bannon was proposing and he wanted the highest income workers, people making above $5 million a year to pay something in the neighborhood of 40 to 42%
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income tax. those are two new things there, shep. also a new tactic by the president to tie tax reform to hurricane relief. in order to stimulate jobs in the areas hardest hit, we need to reform taxes. >> shepard: also the matter of the corporate income taxes. he's back to talking 15%. a couple weeks ago republicans seemed to suggest might be off the table. >> the white house has been all over the place on this in the last 24 hours. sarah huckabee sanders suggesting the president will get the best deal he can. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying maybe we can't get to 15%. the omb director saying i talked to the president 15 minutes ago. he's insisting 15%. republicans in the house are talking 20%. talk among democrats of 22%. what you're seeing here, shep, is an attempt by the president, talking about no tax cut for the rich and maybe people that make
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millions on wall street have to pay more. that is a bone to democrats to say you give me the cut in the corporate incomes tack rate, you give me the cut in the investment income tax rate, middle class tax cuts, we can cut a deal. that's something that a lot of democrats can sign on to, shep. >> shepard: very interesting. fascinating to watch the next few days. the white house is making its strongest accusation about the former fbi director james comey. president trump fired him earlier this year. the white house said comey may have violated fbi procedures by leaking memos that he created on fbi computers. back to john. details on this. do you have them? >> this is the third day in a row that this question has come up at the daily briefing with sarah huckabee sanders. the first time she said he gave false information. when asked about it today, because she said maybe this is a matter for the department of justice to look into saying
12:17 pm
she's not suggesting that the department of justice knew that but anybody that is involved in criminal activity should probably be looked at by the doj. she came prepared today and laid out a litany of why she thinks what james comey did might have been illegal. listen here. >> the memos that comey leaked were created on an fbi computer while he was the director. he claims they were private property. they clearly followed the protocol of an official fbi document, leaking fbi documents on a sensitive case violates federal laws including privacy act and nondisclosure agreement that all fbi personnel must sign. that's a clear violation. >> so what do you want to see happen? >> that's not up to me to decide. i'm not an attorney. the facts of the case are clear. >> she was really prepared to hit what was delivered to her as high-hanging curveball out of
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the ballpark. they said they were private memos that he released after being fbi director. she went back over the litany of information about exactly when, where and how all of that happened. by the way, the president headed to naples, fort myers to get a look at the hurricane devastation from irma there in florida. i'm going to take the day away from the white house to ride the tv pool seat. we'll talk about that with you friday. >> shepard: thanks, john. appreciate it. john roberts at the white house. the other thing the president mentioned there at the end of his discussion and briefing was daca. deferred action on childhood arrivals, this is about kids that they came over to the united states as kids, some cases very young kids with their parents. they lived here, gone to school here, pay taxes here and in some cases they're in the military here. the president wants action on daca, he says. now it sounds like there may be movement on that matter. we'll go to mike emanuel with
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breaking details in just a moment.
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>> shepard: the top two lawmakers in the house of representatives also crossing the political aisle to speak with the president. speaker paul ryan and minority leader nancy pelosi are set to meet in a couple hours to talk about the dreamers. last week president trump said he was ending the program that protects some 800,000 immigrants whose parents brought them to the united states illegally or without documents as children. he gave congress six months to save the program. the program is called daca. deferred action on childhood arrivals. mike emanuel has details on it live on capitol hill. the president says he wants a fix, not a mass deportation.
12:23 pm
>> no question. paul ryan previewed this meeting saying any deal on these young people brought to the country would need to include more boarder security. >> we're not going to negotiate to the media. let me be really clear. daca is a symptom of a bigger problem. which is we do not have control of our borders. while we do with daca, which is the president has asked us to deal with us, we have to deal with the problem in the first place. securing borders, enforcing laws so we don't have another daca program ten years down the road. >> nancy pelosi said the time may be right for a big deal on immigration. >> the senate passed comprehensive immigration reform. we passed the dream act. we couldn't pass each other's house. now is the time to get it done. >> both ryan and pelosi said a
12:24 pm
president eager to cut deals on debt and government spending. they're feeling the pressure to figure out this issue as well. >> shepard: we're seeing two different healthcare proposals. >> that's right. one from republicans which would take federal healthcare dollars and send them to the states. they're selling it as an opportunity to keep a campaign promise and get rid of the current law. >> this is far better than obamacare that is leaving behind the forgotten men and women. >> if you want a single payer healthcare system, this is your worth nightmare. bernie. this ends your dream of a single payer healthcare system. >> there's a proposal for bernie sanders which is a medicare for all-type plan. >> we're here to tell those families and people all across this country that under medicare for all, the average american family will be much better off
12:25 pm
financially than under the current system because you will no longer be riding checks to private insurance companies. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. continuing coverage of breaking news out of freeman high school in washington state. a fire official has just held a news conference and says a gunman killed one and shot three others today. this happened in rockford, washington, a few miles south and east of spokane. investigators say they have the suspect in custody. no further danger at the school to anyone. initial reports indicate the person that died was a student at the school. again, at least three other people injured. some reports have the number higher. a fire official says three others were shot. a spokes woman from one hospital says paramedics brought in three children and they're all now in
12:26 pm
stable condition. the school is closed for the rest of the day. investigators processed the crime seen and talked to witnesses. so far they have not given us any information about the shooter or a motive. we know the scene is said to be clear and that all danger is said to have passed. new accusations about president trump's former national security adviser. two house democrats say michael flynn may have broken the law by not revealing another overseas trip and more foreign contacts. the lawmakers say they're sharing info with a special counsel running that russia investigation. we're live in d.c. with details.
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12:29 pm
painting them over. a news camera was recording a plane when it hit a car in utah. there was a huge boom when it happened outside sat lake city. investigators say the pilot walked away from the crash and nobody got seriously hurt. cops say the plane went down after take offer. and in houston a funeral for a police officer that died during hurricane harvey. the police officer chief said he was trapped in flood waters as he was driving to the station. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
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>> shepard: the former national security adviser michael flynn promoted a plan to build nuclear power plants in the middle east involving russian companies while working for president trump. that's according to the reporting of the "wall street
12:32 pm
journal" newspaper. the "wall street journal" reports while house documents now show michael flynn stopped working on the deal in december of 2016. sources tell the journal the former army general continued with the project after he joined the trump administration in january. no comment from the white house or flynn's lawyer. this comes as two democrats say they have new evidence that flynn potentially committed a crime. house oversight committee members say flynn may have left out information about foreign contracts in an overseas trip to work on the nuclear plant when he reapplied for security clearances last year. general flynn stepped down in february after word got out that he misled vice president pence. the house democrats say they're sending their new information to
12:33 pm
special counsel robert mueller. he's looking to moscow's meddling in in the 2016 election and coordination of collusion with president trump's team. the white house has insisted there was no collusion. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> the letter from democrats to flynn's business partners asked for more information about the trip. the leader reads -- >> the congressman as you mentioned says flynn could face jail time for lying on the form and that is technically true but as a practical matter, it's rare. most of these are dealt with in
12:34 pm
an administrative way. flynn's case is all the more unusual because he's already out of government, shep. >> shepard: catherine, what is the word from the white house on this if anything? >> the flynn issue came up in the briefing last hour. it was a question about his son and whether he is also under fbi's investigate. >> is mike flynn jr. the subject of an investigation? is the president concerned that someone that served on his team is the superintendent of a federal investigation? >> i would refer you to outside counsel on the matter. >> as you mentioned at the top of the segment, we're working to confirm the reporting of the "wall street journal" that flynn continued to engage on the project while in the white house. staffers told the paper that his actions were abnormal and outside normal channels. fox news has previously reported
12:35 pm
that the nuclear plant project. but what is new today, the allegation that flynn continued to work inside the white house after the inauguration even though he had said on the disclosure forms that the deal and his work with was complete. >> shepard: thanks, katherine. let's turn to aaron zitner from the "wall street journal." your take on this. >> yeah, we learned two important things today as catherine said. first, house democrats that have been in contact with executives of companies that were part of the planning proposing -- pushing this proposal to build the nuclear pants. democrats have been talking to company executives and learned that general flynn travels over seas in 2015 and met a number of foreign officials and did not disclose this in 2016 when his security clearance was renewed. that was out this morning.
12:36 pm
minutes ago, the "wall street journal" reported that once he was in the white house, mr. flynn continued to press on the nuclear plant building project in a way that raised some concerns among nfc staff. he apparently arranged at least one meeting with some of these companies and the government. he did not attend the meeting when he was cautioned it would be inappropriate. >> shepard: what does this mean to the administration, if anything? >> the bigger picture here is robert mueller. there's a number of people that had inside views of the trump campaign and the workings of the trump white house. who mr. mueller would like to interview. mr. flynn was a senior official, senior adviser to the trump campaign. mr. mueller is looking to potential contacts between the trump campaign and the russians.
12:37 pm
mr. flynn traveled to russia, sat next to mr. vladimir putin at a celebration. another trip that wasn't disclosed until after the fact. the "wall street journal" reported a man named peter smith, a republican operative, was trying to find e-mails from hillary clinton's server, potentially hacked by russian hackers and that in the course of trying to get other computer savvy people to help him find these clinton e-mails, he was citing connections with general flynn. saying he was allied with general flynn. this is all of interest to mr. mueller, we're sure. and the more that comes out about facts like this that are potentially criminal on mr. flynn's part, the greatest chance there is that mr. mueller can turn him into a cooperating witness. >> shepard: aaron zitner, thanks. >> absolutely, shep. >> shepard: hillary clinton slamming james comey in his
12:38 pm
first live television interview since she lost the election. secretary clinton told ""the today show"" that she did not make enough mistakes on her own to lose and she criticized james comey. >> i thought what is he doing? the investigation was closed. he went way beyond his role in doing what he did. >> shepard: though she questioned comey's action, secretary clinton said that president trump fired him for the wrong reasons. ahead, we'll go back to the keys where we'll hear from a man who says he is still waiting to find out if his friends survived hurricane irma. an incredible disaster still unfolding. that is next. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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>> shepard: more people are confirmed dead in florida as people still face deadly conditions. sweltering heat. a shortage of necessities and poisonous fumes from generators. 3.5 million homes and businesses still in the dark. investigators say six patients from a nursing home are dead today apparently because of the intense heat. though the florida governor, rick scott, says he's demanding answers and authorities have opened a criminal investigation. cops evacuated 115 people from that nursing home today. the building had lost power during the storm and didn't have air conditioning course to officials there. police say the criminal investigation begins now. >> our investigation has revealed that it's extremely hot on the second floor of the facility. we depend on those people to care for our most vulnerable elderly population. it's sad when something like
12:43 pm
this goes on. >> one woman said her sister was living in the nursing home for ten years. she told reporters that she had no idea what happened to her sister who cannot walk or talk. >> we're concerned. we need to find out what happened to her. we need to know. nobody is telling us nothing. >> shepard: we're learning the nursing home had a history of safety violations over recent years, including repeated problems with its generator. according to an inspection last may, administrators had fixed all the issues. we reached out to the nursing home for comment. haven't heard back. separately in florida, investigators say at least five the people died and a dozen hurt after they breathed in carbon monoxide fumes from generators in different incidents. police are telling people to keep their generators outdoors
12:44 pm
always. flooding threatening to shut down i-75 now and this could be serious. these are pictures from there. i-75 is one of the main highways into florida. transportation officials say the santa fe river, which runs under that highway in alachua is rapidly rising. this could force them to shut down a 36-mile stretch of i-75. that would mean adding about 300 miles to some people's trips back into the state. search and rescue teams making their way to the florida keys today. people still don't have access to drinking water or electricity. in many cases, plumbing or
12:45 pm
anything else. an aircraft carrier is off of key west to help with rescues. and crews are still working to repair highway 1, the overseas highway there runs through the keys. local officials lifted the road block on the upper keys to allow some people in to inspect homes. fill keating is in cudjoe key with more. >> about 15 hours of sustained winds of 130 miles per hour ripped through this neighborhood on cudjoe key. here's one of the trailers that shredded and ripped apart. not much love here. if you look around the neighborhood, it's hit and miss. i'd say 90% of the homes have some degree of damage. some totalled, some minor. if you lived on stilts and had shutters, it appears you fared
12:46 pm
well. one street over, alexis showed us his neighborhood. he rode the storm out there as the eye wall slammed in to him. take a listen. >> it was insane. the wind was like probably 150 or more. after the center of the hurricane passed, it was a disaster. >> now, what was noticeable on the drive down from the seven mile bridge in, 90% of the leaves are gone. it's erie. when you get close to key west, you see an armada of utility trucks fixing power lines. there's five navy ships offshore in key west. there's big navy helicopters all flying around ferrying in supplies to the humanitarian
12:47 pm
crisis in the florida keys, shep. >> shepard: where are you in cudjoe key? where you are, that's closed and will continue the be closed? >> that's correct. we're at mile marker 22, mile marker zero with key west. the road blocks are mile marker 74 down, down from basically mile marker 70 to 15. the sheriff described it as devastation. we didn't get off to every pocket of neighborhood off of u.s. 1. there was a lot of devastation and debris on the roads. all of the residents that have been evacuated for a week and live below mile marker 74, islamorada, they're angry and getting intense with deputies. they're lining up there before sunrise thinking maybe they can get home today.
12:48 pm
i mean, after all, florida city opened up the day before. that's just not going to happen according to the sheriff. it's going to be days before they get in here and he explains this as to why. >> we have total devastation from about the 70 mile marker to probably south of the 15 mile marker. looks like a nuclear bomb went off. we can't let people come in. trailers flipped over, boats on the side of the road. boats sunk everywhere. the front of buildings not even there. >> you can see search and rescue cleared the area. the sheriff expects more bodies to be found, but he doesn't expect the death toll in the keys to be extraordinary. shep? >> shepard: thanks, phil. so cudjoe key where fill is, that's where the storm first came ashore and went over water
12:49 pm
and hit marco island. that's where irma made the second landfall. we'll go live there coming up. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ but he's got work to do. with a sore back. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill.
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>> shepard: much of marco island, florida is still without power three days after irma made its second landfall there. local reporters describing parts of the island as a disaster zone and in some areas destroyed, decks collapsed and docks crushed. officials are asking people to stay inside so crews can get to cleaning up. the coast guard helping with recovery. mike tobin is watching it all live. hi, mike. >> hi, then. this is going on all over suit florida right now. a tree on a power line.
12:53 pm
step 1, get the tree off the line. you can see the line across the road. as soon as you get the tree out of the way, the guys from lee county power will restore service. a lot of people anxious to get the power going again. the city of marco island said there were 40% restored power and 75% by the end of the day they hope. you have old people sleeping in the heat without air conditioning and a lot of people anxious to get the lights back on. >> shepard: how are people doing with supplies there? >> the gas situation really seems to be the primary issue with supplies. the phenomenon of the long lines forming at the gas stations is supported by phone apps. people find out which stations have fuel and they race there, form the lines that stretch 1/4 mile or longer. that tank runs dry and they race to the next location. i have talked with some people that say they don't have enough gas to wait in line. so they walk to the grocery
12:54 pm
store, get what they can and head back home, shep. >> mike tobin, live in marco island. thank you. we'll be back with a look at when the united states took on its first national debt. that happened on this day in history. and from flying high to mopping floors, he's talking about life behind bars. and it's golden!
12:55 pm
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>> shepard: it's been so long. there's breaking news from planet blago. we have a direct line now. the ex-governor of illinois says he does not hate the people that have done this to me. rod blagojevich, aka our blago, still denies he did anything wrong. he gave a jail interview to chicago magazine. his hair has changed colors.
12:58 pm
in dye in prison. it's his first interview since a judge put him away for trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. something that blago called bleepin' golden. >> i have this thing and it's [bleep] golden. i'm not giving it up for [bleep] nothing. i busted my [bleep] [bleep] and gave your [bleep] free ride on a bus. what do i get to that? 13% of you all think i'm doing a good job. [bleep] all of you. >> shepard: [bleep] you too. they call him gov in the prison. they saw he mops the floors and makes $8.40 an hour. he told chicago magazine, "i feel like i was a very good governor and feel like i'm doing a good job on those floors." blago did a good job flying when
12:59 pm
he appeared on celebrity appearance with now president -- i should say with our president donald trump. he was quite a thing. blago is five years in his 14-year term. blago complained about getting a longer prison sentence than al capone. that, he said is not bleepin' golden at all. on a this day in 1789, the united states government took out its first loan. the treasury secretary alexander hamilton negotiated a deal with the only two banks in the country at the time. the u.s. was in debt to the french and the dutch from the revolutionary war. its new continental currency really didn't have much value. the government paid back the loan less than a year later after the united states first went into debt 228 years ago
1:00 pm
today. alexander hamilton. should news break out, someone will break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. keep it local. >> the rich won't be gaining at all with this plan. we're looking for the middle class and we're looking for jobs. jobs meaning companies. we're looking for the middle class and looking at jobs. >> will the wealthy get higher taxes? >> the wealthy will pretty much be where they are. if we can do that, we would like it. if that i have to go higher, they'll go higher. we're looking at the middle class and looking at jobs. >> neil: all right. we telegraphed it. today the president of the united states all but confirming it. for you rich folks out there, you can stick it in your, well, gray poupon


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