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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it's not just your gym, you jerk! >> road rage over here. >>i had one about the hurricane. blake shelton and usher. google it. you'll love it. >>hannity's up next. >>thank you to our friends the the five. president trump is telling congress, "do your job." get to work on passing what the american people voted for and will benefit from." tonight on this program we will offer up solutions and explain why it's needed now more than ever. we will continue to hold washington more accountable. and that is tonight's important opening monologue. president trump is pushing for sweeping tax cuts and major tax reform. why? to unleash the american economy and provide relief to the american people. because millions of americans
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desperately need the health and growth of the from economy. the president sat down at the white house earlier today. >>we are four principles for tax reform. make the tax code simple and fair. cut taxes substantially. it'll be the largest tax decrease for our country for the middle class. another bipartisan project that is urgently needed is infrastructure and infrastructure investment. it's time to build new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, highways and roadways. all across our great land. we don't want to forget daca. we want to see if we can do something with regard to immigration, to the 800,000
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people that are now -- young people. they're not children anymore. they were children but they're now young people. we want to see if we can do something in a bipartisan fashion. there will be nothing that can stop us. >>now notice, but for daca, he was echoing everything he promised in the campaign. he wrote on twitter, "the approval process will soon begin. move fast, congress." and he added, "it's needed more than every before." the time for tax reform is right now. we did not do this since 1986. tonight he kind with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the president is reaching across the aisle to try and get things done. let's face it.
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republican leadership in congress have failed miserably. they've broken promises. they have now left the president with no other options if he's going to keep his promises to the american people. they're incompetent and ineffective. and i don't blame him. he's done waiting and forging ahead. let's look at some of these statistics on how massive and burdensome this tax system in this country has now become. according to republican members. back in 1913 when the income tax was introduced, it was only 400 pages long. the tax foundation has an estimate that americans spent 8.9 billion hours in tax preparation last year. that translates to over $400
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billion in lost productivity. the president understands this has to change. unlike the vast majority of politicians in the swamp and sewer and the so-called policy wonks in dc, the president actually runs a business. he wants bold tax cuts and reforms. he wants an emphasis on benefiting the middle class. he wants seven brackets to go to three brackets to make it easy. he wants that 15% corporate tax rate because that makes american businesses more competitive on the global stage. and allowing multi-national corporations to repatriate trillions of dollars and invest in american workers and build factories right here. and of course he's alleges pushing energy independence.
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why? because there are literally millions of high-paying jobs available. the administration wants to make these tax cuts retroactive. cruz is also offering up his own plan. here he is explaining to today what you need and why you need tax reform. >>our economy since world world war ii has grown. ronald reagan was elected on a promise of tax cuts, tax reforms. we saw historic tax reform in '81 and '86. and by the fourth year of his presidency, we went from stag
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economic growth to 7.2% a year. massive booming growth, lifting millions out of poverty, increasing significantly median incomes. >>senator cruz is right. in the reagan years, he went from 70 to 28%. doubled the revenues that they had in eight years. 20 million new jobs created. here are the highlights cruz is proposing. it makes sense. a low flat tax rate, tax returns that can be filed on a postcard. immediate expensing for businesses. a low corporate tax rate. getting rid of the alternate minimum tax. they want to get the government off your back.
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and as we've been seeing, president trump is working nonstop. he wants to get his agenda items passed taking his message on the road and speaking directly to the american people. now it's time for congress. they have no urgency. get your job done. i'm talking about senator mitch mcconnell. it's now or never. and by the way, no more excuses as to why you can't keep your promises. you promised to repeal or replace obamacare and you can't get it done. he said the president has excessive expectations and doesn't understand the parliamentary procedures and difficulties of legislation he's done this before. take a look.
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>>he's never been in this line of work before. and i think excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >>that's so pathetic. that's the swamp. now senator mcconnell is saying tax reform may have to wait until the next year. it's unacceptable. why did we elect you? if you don't get the urgency to work for the american people and don't pass tax reform by the end of this year, you need to resign, go home, play golf, and get out of the way and let's get people in those positions that can serve the american people. i'm tired of the complacency and business as usual. it's not been working. congress is now failing the american people. 50 million americans in poverty, 50 million on food stamps. 90-plus million out of the labor
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force. lowest homeownership. that's why mitch mcconnell has an 18% approval rating in his own home state of kentucky. instead of whining and complaining, you people in washington and congress, time to roll up your sleeves, get in a room. i'll send you pizza and beer. and turn off the air conditioner, like our founders. and don't leave the room until you build consensus to help people. it's not like these ideas are new. just like obamacare. you've been promising. the american people, you've been doing this for years. you said you're going to do this. you said you'll cut taxes, pass reform, repeal and replace. where is your sense of urgency? where is your accountability. the president can't do everything on his own.
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you need to hold up your end of the bargain. you need to accomplish something for once. senator, are my expectations out of whack? >> you're exactly right. we need to get the job done. we've got a mandate, an overwhelming victory from the voters in november. they've given us a republican president, republican heads in every agencies. we don't have any more excuses. we need to get the job done. the big four we promised is repeal obamacare. we've got to get that done. major tax cuts, tax reform. got to get that done. regulatory reform, getting washington off the backs of small businesses and job creators. if we do those four, this could be the most productive congress in decades. and if we don't do any of them, it will be a heartbreaking missed opportunity.
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>>listen, i see that your plan and the president's plan are almost identical. you add energy independence to that. you're right about justices. you build 300 miles of the wall, show you're getting that job done. republicans can have the best year they ever dreamed of in 2018. but it's not happening. do you agree that the republicans, especially in the senate, have pushed the president into the arms of the democrats now and he's got to look for alternates? >> well, i think the president is frustrated and the american people are frustrated because we're not getting the job done. obamacare, we came one vote short. it made your head explode. on obamacare, we're going to get the job done. i believe failure is not an option. i've told senators, we need to keep at it until we honor that promise. and critically, we lower premiums and give more choices
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and options. on tax reform, we've got to do it. what the president just said that you aired earlier, simple and fair. put it on a postcard. get rid of those 9 billion hours we waste. make it simple, fair, and focus on jobs. let small businesses create more jobs, raise wages. if we get the economy booming, we cut taxes, repeal obamacare, we'll have a terrific election in 2018. >>here's your plan. now, it's what i've been saying. it's what the president has been saying. it's simple. give the middle class a tax cut, corporate tax cuts repatriotuation, file on a postcard. you've got millions of americans now working. you guys will have more money in washington than you ever dreamed
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of. newt gingrich said he thinks it's a 50% shot we get that done. those aren't great odds. >>let me emphasize a couple of points. the president wants a big, big tax cut. there's some republicans in congress that are talking about making tax reform revenue neutral. that means they're not cutting taxes. we don't need revenue neutral. we need a big tax cut on you, families who are struggling, small businesses. and i laid out today how we do it. we do that under the budget rules by having a 30-year budget window, which means we can have is big tax cut that isn't revenue neutral that lasts for 30 years and unleashes booming growth. let me make a second point, which is something i called for today, total and immediate ex expenses of capital
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expenditures. if you're a farmer, it lets you buy a new tracker. if you're a truck driver, it lets you buy a new truck. we care about jobs here in the america, manufacturing jobs, union jobs, blue-collar jobs. immediate expensing unleashes incredible growth. that's a very important part that we're pushing forward. >>you mentioned that you still think the window's open on healthcare. one of the proposals, the devil is in the details. something that could work is that maybe the alternate, maybe get it done by the 30th. >>i think lindsay graham's
7:15 pm
proposals could be a part of the solution. and let different states have different approaches. let ohio have one approach, and let texas have a different approach . that's why we've got 50 states. >>i want to say one last thing. i'm really -- i can't tell you the type of feedback i'm getting from my audience in radio and tv. they are livid. on healthcare, you keep saying on the economy, keep your promises. the freedom caucus is working day and not with you to keep their promises. if these guys don't wake up, you're the only few people i trust in washington now. it's really despicable. >>the role i'm trying to play is do everything i can to help and encourage the president to go in a positive direction and to bring republicans together,
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talking to conservatives and moderates and leadership. if we do our job, just keep our word, the economy booms, we see more jobs. and that's a win-win for everyone. >>why does it have to be so hard? i do appreciate you keeping your promises. it means a lot to us. thank you. and when we come back, hillary clinton still blaming on the blame game book door. and much more, straight ahead. e. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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>>welcome back to hannity. former deputy assistant to the president had an interesting message for dc republicans in a recent l.a. times interview. take a look at the title of the piece. he says the gop did not win last november, donald trump did. he's here to explain. dr. sebastian gorka, i would argue the president is on with the promises he made. >>absolutely.
7:21 pm
look, the president won the election. the rank outside, the man who was anti-establishment as far as the right and the left is concerned, he won the agenda to make america great again, not make the republican party great again. and the sad thing is, and this is the wakeup call, the gop doesn't understand. it isn't the republican party that one last november the 8th. it is a new york real estate billionaire who won because they haven't served the nation's interest for more than a decade. >>pelosi and schumer hate him, too. and come 2020, it will be nothing he did that they're going to like and they will support the democrat. knowing the president as well as i do, i suspect, knowing donald trump, that he's basically
7:22 pm
sending a loud message. "get your act together or i'm going to find another way." i still think there's time and hope, but probably the time is getting short now. >>you're absolutely right. this is the man who closes the deal. he sent a clear message. the viewers need to understand, the opposite is true. he will keep to his agenda. that's the message he have sent me. he said, "i'm staying on the agenda, and i would like you to help you." i said, "i'm going to help you." he's not going to give up. but if he has to work with somebody else to get things done, he's going to do that, sean, because he is results-oriented. it doesn't matter if you've got an r or a d behind your name. he wants to make america great
7:23 pm
again. >>is it true that lack of vision and urgency has pushed donald trump into the arms of the democrats? >> i think it misrepresents what he wishes to do. he hasn't pushed. this was his cause. they didn't invite themselves to the oval office. the president of the united states invited them. and some people said he was firing a shot across the gop. wrong. he fired a torpedo into the gop to say, "guys, wake up. i'm serious about what i want to do." >>i think his more important issue is serving the american people. he's got to fulfill his promises, whether they do or not. great insight. always good to see you. >>hillary clinton is up to 42
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>>this is a fox news alert. democratic leader striking a deal. schumer and pelosi had dinner at the white house. the discussion focused on daca. early today, the white house and president trump remains committed to building a barrier long the us/mexican border. he has given congress six months to come up with a legislative fix. now back to hannity for all of your headlines. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news
7:29 pm
channel. have a great night. >>welcome back to hannity. hillary clinton continues to blame everyone and anything for a loss in 2016 except herself. clinton refused to take any responsibility for losing. watch this. >>when it comes to the self-inflictd wounds, did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about? >> well, i will say no, matt. i don't think that will surprise you. >>and there's more. she won't take responsibility for her loss. she is more than happy to blame the left wing, destroy trump establishment media. >>i don't think the press did their job in this election. the other guy is running a reality tv show, which is hard
7:30 pm
to turn away from. and whatever he says we think is goofy but, hey, it's good tv. and she's over there like, "here's how we're going to raise taxes on the wealthy. and here's what i can do." and she's going to win anyway. >>talk about denial. here can reaction, . >> sexism, racism misogyny, obama, biden, sanders, twitter, netflix, tv executives, anti-american forces, low-information voters, people wanting change, people that assumed she would win, of course the republican party, infowars,
7:31 pm
voter ids, citizens united, trump officials. why isn't trump on the list, because he beat her soundly? >> i have no idea why you read that list. >>just for your entertainment purposes. >>i was entertained. but let's take the occasion for a historic moment, and that is there's something that hillary clinton and president trump agree on, which clinton has said publicly. and that is the poor, reckless judgment of comey. and i don't know if he deserves to the fired. that sounds like a poor decision by the president. but i do think he should have been disciplined because of his
7:32 pm
recklessness. so let's start out on what we agree with. >>all right. this is what i love about you. i didn't ask you any of those questions. >>i made you speechless. it's a historic moment. >>i didn't ask you any of those questions. and the facts that comey exonerated clinton before he did the investigation is pretty amazing. >>maybe you'll answer my question. >>i'm ready to answer it. he blames comey. as you point out, he exonerated her. instead of blaming comey, she should be credited him. and let's just debunk this myth right now. obviously, no friend of republicans here, said, "i even question this so-called comey defense because his poll showed that trump was winning by four
7:33 pm
points in florida. i would advise hillary clinton to take a self-reflective moment." >>of all people that hillary clinton will not be taking advice from, is you. we do agree. and, sean, i believe you agree that when the deputy attorney general criticized comey for poor judgment, for violating the rules, and that he deserved to be disciplined, i can show you data that on the day that comey wrote his letter, hillary clinton was ahead in papa -- pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. >>the emails she deleted were under subpoena.
7:34 pm
that would be obstruction. hillary clinton also has problems, $145 million dollars kicked back to the foundation, destroying blackberries with hammers. you can laugh all you want. i would be in jail and cayley would be in jail. if you were right, mr. justice hannity, of course. but there's a lot of disagreements between your accusation. let me go back to answering your question. hillary clinton has said, "i take responsibility for my mistakes, and i made mistakes. but on october 28th, she's winning by a substantial margin. it is a simple fact that the data cannot be disputed." >>they're crimes.
7:35 pm
you're going to rely on comey to exonerate her. >>but we are at least saying that the facts, the data shows on october 28th. by october 30th, she's plummeted. and thing happened. the reckless judgment of comey. that's the singular event. but she has taken responsibility for her mistakes. >>i just want to debunk one -- >>it's a crime, though. go ahead. >>you're right. and i want to debunk one of the many things that clinton has blamed. she blamed the media. until about five weeks ago, i was a member of the mainstream media every single night. and i can count on one hand the number of times it was devoted to her emails.
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>>welcome back to hannity. now for months espn has faced criticism. and now one of its hosts under fire after she called president trump a white supremacist. jemele hill tweeted, "donald trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists." the comments on twitter from jemele hill do not represent the position of espn. now, we have addressed this with jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. no word if she will face any disciplinary action. earlier today, sarah sanders responded. >>certainly, i think it's a
7:41 pm
fireable offense by espn. >>hill defended a colin kaepernick tweet. here now with reaction fox news contributor tomi lahren. and danielle mclaughlin. here's the most amazing thing, and i can't take it anymore. i don't like that conservatives, that the president -- this is a lie. and this is a narrative that happens every two years and every four years. republicans, conservatives, the president are racists, misogynis misogynis misogynists. the left does this every single election cycle. >>i'll say it right now, knock it off.
7:42 pm
i don't think it's fair for anyone to be characterizing the president that way. he gave folks a little bit of red meat with his comment, which he did in fairness walk back. i will say that the idea is kind of ridiculous. i don't think that's the place of the white house. but i will say that this is not a helpful comment. >>tomi, you understand this. conservatives say one thing that is viewed over the line, and fire them, boycott them. tomi. >>well, it's happened at espn before. i think we remember what happened to curt schilling. his repercussions were far more strict than the talking to they gave the other host at espn. maybe espn really values
7:43 pm
diversity but not so much diversity of opinion. >>isn't there something wrong if you're so willing to lie about other people? i'm leaning on your psychology background and your doctorate here. >>yeah, there's definitely something wrong with somebody going around name calling instead of acting professional. she has the right to say it. but here's the thing. it's as if espn doesn't realize that the trump voter is their audience. if you look at the nfl player, the pga, the lpga even, those are your espn viewers. if they were going to do anything, they may want to think of replacing her just because she is bashing their own audience. this is why the left continues to lose, and this is why conservatives tend to build their numbers. >>i think we conservatives are far more tolerant of freedom of
7:44 pm
speech, expression, and thought. i don't do boycotts and don't call for firings. >>well, there's always a hypocri hypocrisy, and we're used to it. here's the good news. you watch the decay of the leftist media over the last eight to ten years as they continue to spout their bigotry and be so intolerant. it's left a good place for conservative media. i really believe this is no exception to that. >>all right, it's a wonderful lif life,. >>i know i've been a target of all this, and fire hannity and boycott hannity. i've seen horrible things about
7:45 pm
you, myself, on social media and by these groups that are funded seemly from soros type of people. >>i'm not someone in a calls for boycott or firings either. i will say this, the trump voter is a sports watcher and folks that enjoy watching espn, love watching the commentary. and i wouldn't call for a boycott or firing, but i would say to espn, your numbers are not going to lie, because we're going to start turning off the tv. that's how we're going to voice our opinion and use our freedom of expression. you might be losing a big chunk of your audience and we won't feel bad when you do. >>and, danielle, last point to you. collin kaepernick and all these players, ratings were down for last year and last year was
7:46 pm
nodd not a good year for the nfl. >>i'm defending you right now. i don't think that if you hear something that you don't like, you should call for the firing of that person. that's one of the foundational values of this country. on kaepernick, he has the free-speech right to protest, take a knee, which i think is a very reverential thing. people can like it or not like it. employers have a right to hire him or not. i will defend his right to take that knee, until my last breath. >>it looks like the conservatives are the ones open-minded. when we come back, daily caller has a huge explosive report.
7:47 pm
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>>welcome back to hannity. an investigative reporter with the daily caller, there's an explosive report out today about
7:51 pm
debbie schultz. exclusive it guy was banned after trying to hide the secret server. goes onto explain in the article, alleged routed data from numerous house democrats to a secret server. fox news has not been able to independently verify this. circa news, sara carter. if that's true, to me that means one thing, there's a chance other countries could have been fed this information, that the security concerns we had may be real. >>absolutely. he was downloading huge quantities of documents to a secret server. they were claiming all along there were no security breaches.
7:52 pm
clearly, there were. it also suggests this is a guy planning to implicate -- his wife in pakistan is now -- turn herself in to american authorities. she wouldn't do that if an immunity deal was in the works. did russians actually hack our system? does it mean that this guy sold our information to the russians? i don't know. so, sean, they're clearly looking at whether a democratic insider is the one who gave the information to the russians. >>and add to that, sara carter, that actually took debbie
7:53 pm
schultz's computer. i've got to believe debbie washington schultz. she's in trouble. >>not only did they leave her laptop sitting there in the small room, but he left a letter for the us attorney. he left copies of his identification. he was very detailed in this story of how this happened. these are huge national security implications. they moved data, apparently, if this story is true, from protected servers of the members of the house, to an off-site server that was connected to the house democratic caucus.
7:54 pm
that could have been established right there. they could have put it within the server, created a backdoor where they could infiltrate that system wherever they wanted. he created a dropbox account where he put everything into this account. all of his trips to pakistan for months at a time and having armored escort in pakistan has to raise the suspicion that possibly he and his wife are connected to pakistani intelligence. >>we're going to stay on this story. i promise you, we're ahead of the curve. when we come back, our friends get the final word tonight. you do not want to miss it. hillary, i hope you're watching. you know who likes to be
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>> sean: tonight, the conservative rock star group diamond and silk gets the final word. >> hey, sean.
7:59 pm
here is tonight's final word. well, we know hillary clinton is on a book tour but we call it a desperation tour. maybe she's trying to reinvent yourself. oh, hillary, hillary, hillary. she is out playing the blame game bashing everyone in her sight, saying woe is me. you did it to me. it's not my fault. the buck stops with her. you know what? she will go down as the most clueless politician in history because she didn't know her base. she didn't know how to stay on base and she is way off base. democrats say she will say anything to get a vote. you know what we are finding out? she will say anything to sell a book. that's our final word. >> sean: our friends diamond and silk. that's all the time we have left. set your dvr.
8:00 pm
never miss an episode of "hannity." we are different, fair, balanced and we are thankful you are here. thanks for being with us. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hillary clinton's epic cross-country blame tour continues tonight. in a series of interviews promoting her book, "what happened," clinton insists that what happened is everyonen else screwed up or was out to get her. she said as much this morning on "the today show." w watch. >> when it comes to the self-inflicted wounds, when you look at the list of them, and you go through them in the book, did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about? >> well, i will say no. i don't think that will surprise you. >> tucker: so how did she lose? when hillary clinton is telling it, the list of guilty parties is long. not surprisingly it does not include


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