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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 14, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> i'm already digging in. >> the recipe on "fox & friends." thank you very much, julie. run to the radio. they'll be joining us. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: looks good. good morning, everybody. brand-new reaction coming in from president donald trump on a potential deal with democrats. that deal would shield so-called dreamers from deportation. he is en route to florida to get a firsthand look at the devastation left by hurricane irma. he will land in fort myers an hour from now. i'm bill hemmer. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. president trump hosting congressional leadings at the white house last night. he tweeted this. no deal was made last night on daca. massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent and subject to vote. >> bill: we begin with kevin
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court this hour. let's set the record straight based on what we think we know. strong reaction from conservatives already. how will he sell them a deal on a daca compromise? >> you're right about the strong reaction without question. i just got a text from a very good source, a highly-placed source on capitol hill who texted me these words, bait and switch. it is not what they sent the president to washington to do. they don't want to compromise on daca. you've seen reaction online. ann coulter tweeting who doesn't want the president impeached at this point? steve king suggests daca is amnesty and chuck grassley suggested a deal on daca would undercut what the judiciary committee was trying to do on a bipartisan effort. the white house said there is no deal but they'll work toward one and let me share one of the president is tweeting. this is something else he tweeted today. does anybody -- does anybody
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really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military, really? he goes on to add a couple other tweets like this one. they have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own, brought in by parents at young age plus big border security. he added this, too. the wall, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built. this is a hot button issue. something that a lot of people knew would get a great deal of attention. the president saying this about the plan they're working on. >> we're working on a plan. we'll see how it works out. we're going to get massive border security as part of that and i think something can happen. we'll see what happens. something will happen. >> okay. in case you missed that this is a key point just told to me. massive border security will be the lynch pin of any deal.
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the wall will, repeat will continue to be built and a deal on the wall perhaps could come soon, although i was given the word later the president also said today that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell agree with him on daca and a deal on daca. an interesting day indeed already, bill. >> bill: more to come on that. the trip if florida. how is it different from texas and louisiana from a week ago? >> not terribly different. i would simply say you talk about massive power component here. keep in mind days after the storm literally millions of folks in the region were without power so the president wants to assess the damage, reach out to those affected by the storm and most importantly according to white house officials say a big thank you and personally thank responders who have been there and who have been doing an incredible job trying to put the pieces back together down there, bill. >> bill: thank you for that. they need all the help they can get. kevin from the north lawn. >> shannon: the president and
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vice president are in route to florida now. they're going to fort myers and heading to naples. >> we're 1 1/2 hours away from the president landing at southwest florida international airport. he will receive a briefing about the damage, about the impact and the efforts to get people's lives back to normal. this is the third trip he has made to a hurricane-ravaged area in a little over two weeks. after the briefing in fort myers he will head to naples where he will get a tour of residences. meet with people impacted by the storm and hear about the desperate need for power. you have three million customers in the state without power and we know in the case, the sad case of the hollywood nursing home, that it can turn deadly particularly among the frail and elderly residents of this state. before leaving the white house the president was complimentary to the power crews saying
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they're doing an amazing job restoring power. they're working such long hours. the guy driving around sandwiches and cold drinks told us he put in a 16-hour day. the gas shortages continue. at the crack of dawn any gas station that said they had something in the tank had one of those lines form up around them stretching as long as a quarter mile. the number of deaths out here is now enhanced by people using generators poorly. six have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. one died from a chain saw accident. i'm standing at the south winds trailer park 1.7 miles away from where the president will land. there is standing water in the road and traps where roofs used to be. no electricity and no air conditioning. they get power from a generator. the people complain bitterly they have gotten no help, not even a pallet of water.
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>> shannon: it is heartbreaking to see people who have made it through the storm but hear the deaths about surviving and trying to recover. that's for the update. >> bill: more news now. the department of justice denying senate requests to interview two former f.b.i. officials on the firing of james comey citing the ongoing investigation by robert mueller and the white house calling out comey again on the leaked memos. sarah huckabee sanders from yesterday. >> the memos that comey leaked were created on an f.b.i. computer while he was the director. they clearly fol the protocol of an official f.b.i. document. leaking f.b.i. memos regardless of classification violates federal law. that's clean and clear that would be a violation. >> bill: south carolina
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congressman trey gowdy is my guest now. thank you for coming back here. she essentially says he broke the law. did he? >> if it's that clean and clear i'm sure she has referred it to the department of justice. after all, president trump handpicked jeff sessions to be his attorney general. if the evidence is as clear as the press secretary says it is i'm sure that matter is in session's office. >> bill: they said whether it's legal or not is not up to her to decide. down if she referred it or not? >> this is what i do know. alleging criminal violations is very serious and why i don't do it. press secretaries don't get to make that call nor do members of congress or reporters. that's an executive branch function after an investigation, a charging decision is made by a career prosecutor. if you have evidence of a crime, instead of sharing it with a gaggle of reporters, share it with the people who
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can actually did something about it would be my advice. >> bill: she says the more she learns, the more her boss is vindicated. do you see it that way? >> i think that there were reasons to replace james comey as the f.b.i. director. i think it took this administration a long time to settle on those reasons and some of the reasons they cited initially weren't all that good. i've had my differences with jim comey. he is gone now. we have a new f.b.i. director. president trump picked the person that he wanted. i'm very interested in talking to jim comey not about how he left the f.b.i. but other decisions he made while he was the f.b.i. director. >> bill: such as? >> if there is anything that's actionio matic in investigations. you don't make up your mind until you interview the last witness. it is beyond dispute he made up his mind not to charge secretary clinton before he interviewed her. there is no question about that. what my friends in the senate
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have uncovered he may well have made up his mind before he interviewed the last dozen witnesses. so how in the world my fellow citizens can have confidence in an investigation where you reach the conclusion before you even gathered all the facts and all the evidence is stunning. >> bill: just one more thing on that. there is a report that suggests he started writing his report two months prior to announcing his decision. so that would not have been july of 2016 but rather may of 2016. does that square with the information you have? >> the senate has information i don't have. i want to say that up front. i do have information on the house side. >> bill: you just referred to it as drawing conclusions before you get to the interviewee or the entire investigation itself. >> what i'm saying there is sufficient factual basis to bring him in and ask him when did you make up your mind you weren't going to charge
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secretary clinton. i've seen with my own eyes he made up his mind before he interviewed her. how far back, whether it was two weeks or two months is immaterial to me. he did it before he interviewed the last witness. >> bill: there is a report out there susan rice told house investigators, perhaps yourself as well, that the reason she asked for the unmasking of trump officials is because leaders from the uae, the united arab emirates were in u.s. between the election and inauguration period and she believed she needed to figure out why. the white house was not notified. were you there when she delivered that information? is that information accurate? >> i was there. i was one of the three members on our side that was questioning ambassador rice. i don't want to get into the details of her testimony because frankly it's not fair to highlight one part. she was there for 2 1/2 hours. to highlight one point and exclude the rest of them. i will tell you this,
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unmaskings are policy centric. it is not a question of whether or not it's a crime. it is definitely a crime to disseminate classified information. i was clear in asking her about that. she stayed longer than she was supposed to stay and bill, i've been really tough on susan rice in the past. i think it's important that when a witness does a good job you tell people she did a good job and when she doesn't do a good job you tell them that, too. she did a good job. >> bill: her answers were satisfactory to you then? >> shannon: -- >> i have no reason to contradict them. there is a whole body of documents i need to know whether or not what she said is corroborated or contradicted. i don't usually go on just what someone said when there are documents to look at. >> bill: the leaders in the
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u.s. -- and the reason why she did what she did, true or not? >> it's not inconsistent with her testimony. whether or not it's true or not, i can't tell you. but it's consistent with what she said. >> bill: thank you very much, sir, for coming back here. what's next? >> shannon: i have a jam-packed "america's newsroom" this morning. lindsey graham joins us on the new plan to repeal and replace obamacare. is it going anywhere? >> bill: new reaction coming in on the potential deal between democrats and president trump. did it happen? our panel weighs in on why his base is not pleased and we'll get reaction. kevin mccarthy is the effort of bipartisanship working or causing a greater divide? >> shannon: eight senior citizens now dead in a nursing home following hurricane irma. why a criminal investigation is now underway. >> nobody told us nothing. we don't know if she was dead or what. they should let the family know
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what happened to their family.
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>> bill: the white house this morning disputing the idea that a deal was reached on daca to protect younger illegal immigrants from deportation. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released a statement. while both sides agree the wall wouldn't be part of this agreement the president made clear he would pursue it and we made clear we would continue to
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oppose it. molly hemingway and adrienne el rod, ladies, good day to both of you. waking up in a whole new town this morning. molly, is this happening or have we been slightly not misled but perhaps not in the center lane as to what happened so far? >> on the one hand the freak-out is a bit much. the white house said they weren't going to require funding for a border wall as part of an amnesty deal for people who are in the country illegally. on the other hand it does sound like what chuck schumer and nancy pelosi said was true. it boggles the mind when you have two sides that desperately want something that you wouldn't use that as a negotiation point. yes, people really want to provide amnesty for people in the country illegally as they entered as children. the other side wants funding for a border wall. that seems a primary point to have a successful negotiation.
6:18 am
giving everything up and getting nothing in return is the kind of deal making that donald trump presents himself with. >> bill: jason chaffetz said he can build the wall as long as congress gives you the money. you can do what you want to do with that money if congress gives it to you as long as the funding is provided for. >> sure, perhaps that's the case. look, i think from a tactical standpoint this is very fascinating. it is extremely unusual when a president bucks his own party's leadership and works not even in a bipartisan manner but in a unilateral manner with democrats. as a democrat myself i'll take it. anything we can do to protect dreamers, give them a path to citizenship and protect daca recipients in this country works for me and i think chuck and nancy as we're calling them these days the leader pelosi and leader schumer were very
6:19 am
smart. they got out there and got their statement out first. they were trying to drive the message. >> bill: we're still trying to figure out if it was accurate. >> right. >> bill: with regard to the right here is steve king from iowa. if a.p. is correct -- no promise is credible. laura ingraham, build the wall, build the wall and in small letters or maybe not really, molly. >> the signature issue for trump was build the wall like george w. bush saying no new taxes. what has been done on this? today he tweets out that they are redoing some fences on the borders. that is not what he said in his campaign speeches and when he -- i think people are willing to see him work with democrats. willing to see that he does things differently. so long as he is achieving the goals he was elected to achieve.
6:20 am
this issue and even disparaging people who believe in the rule of law. >> bill: come back to the point with funding with chaffetz. he tweeted massive border security. if you get money, a check to do -- to put up a light or fly a drone or build a wall, you can do what you want so long as congress gives you the money. is that the way he will go about making this happen? >> he needs to communicate how it is going to happen. people are -- so many people are for border security. that is a different issue than a wall and it is something -- he made that point himself. there is a distinction between border security, immigration enforcement and the wall. when people thought he was speaking metaphorically he said he meant a physical wall. this is just about him being true to his word, what he communicated to his base and what they want him to accomplish. >> his numbers have been tanking. essentially since he took office.
6:21 am
the base, his base has stuck with him to the point we've been talking about this entire segment one of the big promises he made to his base was a wall. so if he takes that away and your numbers are taking does his base leave him? i don't know. it doesn't seem like a strategically sound move on his part if he tries to keep his base intact. >> bill: something to watch. thank you. 21 past the hour. shannon. >> shannon: another big story. senators unveiling a new plan to try to repeal and replace obamacare. senator lindsey graham is one man behind that plan. he joins us later this hour to give us details plus a criminal investigation now underway after eight senior citizens died in a nursing home that lost power during hurricane irma. >> we don't have control what goes on in that facility. when we were called to help we mobilized at least 50 to 100 of our employees that left the hospital, ran down the street and pull all these patients out of the facility and made sure they got to a safe place.
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>> bill: stepping up rhetoric again. the rj aoem's news agency threatening to use nuclear weapons to sink japan and reduce the u.s. to ashes and darkness after supporting the new u.n. sanctions. a japanese official calling the threat outrageous. the u.n. security council approved sanctions on monday after north korea's nuclear test earlier this month. >> shannon: growing questions after eight people died at a nursing home in florida during hurricane irma. the state is launching a criminal investigation. >> it is an emerging scandal of huge proportions with eight deaths already. the police will get to the bottom of this in their
6:26 am
investigations. >> shannon: we're live in hollywood, florida, with the latest. what can you tell us about what happened? >> hi, shannon. most often after a hurricane that's usually the most dangerous time. right now the temperatures in florida are in the 90s, feels like 100. many people are without power and air conditioning. here at the rehabilitation center in hollywood hills first responders responded to a call at 3:00 a.m. for distress. three people were found dead on the second floor. firefighters found those people in the hollywood police chief said the first responders noticed it was extremely hot and evacuated more than 150 others to hospitals. by the afternoon, five more had died. all eight of the victims range in age from 71 to 99. one woman could not find her 58-year-old sister in the chaos yesterday. >> we are all concerned. we need to find out what happened to her. we need to know. nobody can tell us nothing. it's not right.
6:27 am
we know that they don't have no power for the generator. it's hot. >> how upset does that make you? >> holding on. you have to hold on and just ask god to let everything be all right. >> now, a spokesman for the nursing home said the building did not lose power during irma but lost one transformer the powers the air conditioning unit for the building. they et up mobile cooling units and fans to cool the facility. the spokesman said they alerted authorities. the center immediately contacted florida power and light and continue to follow up with them for status updates on when repairs will be made. outreach was made to local emergency officials and first responders. now florida power and light has not responded to requests for comment. now this facility has had numerous health and safety issues over the years, including issues with their generators and now there is a criminal investigation open by the state.
6:28 am
>> shannon: how is the state responding to all this information? >> well, the hollywood police chief has looked at and sent first responders and police officers to all of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in hollywood, 42 of them. the state is recommending other communities do the exact same thing as a preventive measure. governor scott called it unfathomable. they'll aggressively demand answers and to make all of this even more tragic, this rehabilitation center is located right next to a hospital and less than a mile away from the hollywood police department. lots of finger pointing here as investigators are currently inside the rehabilitation center right now. >> shannon: brian is live for us in hollywood on this story. so many questions, bill, about how this happened. interesting to hear some of the explanations for folks affiliated with the home. we'll see how that all bears out. >> bill: the warnings were out there for day after day after
6:29 am
day. sad. secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with allies about the north korea matter overseas. what is his next move? >> shannon: the doj shutting down senate committee requests to interview f.b.i. officials about comey's clinton email investigation. >> bill: two have different obamacare alternatives unveiled this week. one on the left and one on the right. some argue the fight to repeal and replace is not over. a wide-ranging interview with senator graham next. >> under bernie care you complain to a faceless bureaucrat. under this approach 50 states have a chance to deliver healthcare.
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>> shannon: president donald trump denying reports of a deal with democrat leaders to preserve protections for so-called dreamers, the
6:33 am
president tweeted that any deal would have to include provisions for border security. reactions from capitol hill including chuck grassley saying the president is undercutting his committee's efforts to get to a bipartisan solution. for reaction senator lindsey graham, member of the senate judiciary committee. you're in favor of a lot of immigration overhauls, daca. i know you think these young people need to be protected. what do you think of the president going and making deals allegedly with democrat leadership and not you guys? >> here is what i would tell the president for strong border security i would be willing to let the dream act kids have legal status. they have no place to go other than america. so border security for daca kids, legal status makes plenty of sense. applaud the president wanting the try to fix this problem. he has been able to move the ball more than obama and bush but here is what i tell the president. we've got six months to deal with the dream act kids.
6:34 am
you have 17 days to repeal and replace obamacare. i have a new idea that would block grant all the money we spend on obamacare back to the 50 states by 2026 every patient in every state gets the same amount under obamacare, four states get 40% of the money, 20% of the population. focus on repealing and replacing obamacare. he came out for our idea yesterday but president trump needs to be as committed to repealing obamacare as president obama was in passing it. mitch mcconnell needs to be as committed to repealing obamacare as harry reid was to passing it. harry reid had us in on christmas eve for obamacare passage where i voted no. we have 17 days left. we can work weekends. we spent a lot of time off in aution and we should have been here. here are your choices. single payer healthcare or block grant? i'm the last thing standing with single payer healthcare.
6:35 am
i won't prop up obamacare. get the money and power out of washington president trump needs to get on the phone, help me round up votes. mitch mcconnell needs to bring this to the floor for a vote and helps me get a score. john cornyn needs to whip the conference to find out who is against the block grant. i'll fight like a tiger to the bitter end to repeal and replace obamacare. >> shannon: a lot to unpack there. a recess on the hill, another break. you're talking about working weekends and getting this thing done. >> bill: from the senate. >> shannon: the president said my -- they can pass the senate and make it to my desk. inaction is not an option and i hope that senators graham and cassidy have found a way to address the obamacare crisis. when you say 17 days. so people understand you only have until september 30th to use a vehicle that could get this done with 51 votes. after that something to pass would have to get to 60. you can't get to 51 to 52 republicans you can't get to 60.
6:36 am
>> we won't get to 60. democrats will never let us repeal and replace obamacare. no deal to replace obamacare with democratic votes. bernie care makes obamacare look conservative. the democrat party is marching toward socialism. where is the republican party? >> shannon: one of your gop colleagues said no way. he says what you are proposing a probably worse than just leaving it and doing nothing. he says it is going nowhere. >> matt bevens, the governor of kentucky, came out for the block grant approach. matt bevens, the governor of kentucky is a great conservative. he figured if i take the money that would have been spent on obamacare and give it to me in kentucky with flexibility i can get better outcomes for the citizens of kentucky than some bureaucrat in washington here is what i would say to senator paul. trust matt bevens to deliver state-run healthcare versus
6:37 am
washington-run healthcare. to mitch mcconnell. i know you're for this. mitch will be for this but you need to make time on the floor soon to have a debate worthy of a great party and a great country. if we fall short because democrats want to keep the money and power in washington, that's different than if republicans quit. i know there is a lot of fight left in the republican party. is there any fight left in republicans on capitol hill? i believe there is and i'm going to do everything i can to have a vote on repealing and replacing obamacare by getting the money and power out of washington once it goes to the states that's the end of single payer healthcare. we should have this debate. we should have this vote. we can do this. and to the republican leaders, you are all my friends but you need to lead. we need leadership. we don't need commentary. we need to have a game plan to get this done and i am confident that if we got on the floor of the united states senate talking about a block grant republicans would rally and come to our side and the
6:38 am
average american would pick state-controlled healthcare over bernie sanders washington-based healthcare. v.a. for all is what bernie is offering. >> shannon: you have 17 days. we'll keep up with you on that. i want to ask you about the former f.b.i. director james comey as well. >> 17 days. either lead or get out of the way is my message. comey. >> shannon: we'll show if up that's what you're doing. we'll track it, too. james comey. you have said you smell a rat about something because the committee has uncovered information shows that he was drafting what we believe was the exoneration of hillary clinton before he interviewed her, way before the july announcement. will you get him back to the hill? will he come voluntarily? >> he is coming one way or the other. he made up his mind to exonerate her before he even interviewed her which is a bit odd. he told the committee the main reason he got involved in july is because lynch met bill clinton on the tarmac and he
6:39 am
thought that compromised loretta lynch's impartiality and he took over the case. he also told some people that the real reason he jumped into the middle of the case in july is he thought the russians had an email between the dnc and the department of justice trying to rig the clinton investigation. the real reason was not the tarmac meeting. i can't make sense of this. i'm very suspicious of the timing. i'm very suspicious of the reason. did the ukraine actually help the clinton campaign? we know russia was involved in the election. was the ukraine involved if trying to hurt trump? there is so much to be determined here. comey needs to come back. what was his real reason for clearing hillary clinton? had he made up his mind before he even talked to her? >> shannon: we're out of time. i would ask you yes or no if he won't come will you subpoena him? >> i would, yes. >> bill: that will be must-see
6:40 am
tv. sean spicer hitting the late night circuit. his first tv interview since leaving the white house. he asked him about day one and the size of the inauguration day crowd. >> when you brought that crowd size thing out you opened this pandora's box. is that what got you off to a bad start with the press corp? >> bill: it wasn't the best start. >> when the president would tweet would you have an alert on your phone? >> yes. >> did he ever run a tweet by you before tweeting it? >> i don't -- maybe once or twice. >> bill: spicer defending the president's claim. also said melissa mccarthy's impersonation of him was funny. he said i wanted to see if the computer worked and if i could hook up the printer and everything changed with the president said go out there and do this.
6:41 am
>> shannon: i rode the train a lot from washington and new york. i got an earful. interesting life he is leading now. president trump and vice president mike pence on their way to florida now. we're live on the ground with details. the destruction on the ground is breathtaking.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> bill: this morning already president trump en route to florida as we speak denying they reach an agreement with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they're saying the president agreed to keep protections in place for dreamer and a wall will come later. earlier i talked with house majority leader kevin mccarthy about that and a lot more. >> kevin mccarthy, good morning and welcome back to "america's newsroom." are you okay with the president doing deals with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? >> the president needs to work
6:45 am
with everybody but i'm not going to decide what the deal was based upon what one person said to the press. i'll wait until i talk to the president. one thing you have to look at, it's the first time i've heard nancy agree to border security. we understand this border is not secure. this is something the president has been arguing for and for getting nancy pelosi is interested in securing the border. >> bill: does it make you nervous? >> no. i talk to the president all the time. it does not make me nervous especially if the senate will keep the 60 votes, which i disagree with. you'll have to talk to schumer. that's unfortunate. we need to get things through. we have more than 270 bills that have passed the house that are sitting over in the senate. we need to get something done here. >> bill: officially here is what the president tweeted earlier today. no deal was made last night on daca. massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent, would be
6:46 am
subject to vote. would the president get an immigration deal without a wall? >> we'll have to see. i know members want to see their border secured and that means having a wall and that also means technology can solve some of those problems in certain areas. this is something we've worked on for quite some time and it was a critical point of what he campaigned on. i know the president wants to have that. i'll sit and talk with the president today to get the real insides of what happened in that meeting. remember, we should not base our opinion because nancy pelosi walked out and said something happened. >> bill: when do you speak with the president? >> i'll give him a call today and talk to him about what happened last night. >> he is in florida this morning. i assume that's this afternoon. >> yeah. >> bill: karl rove points a finger at the freedom caucus in the house. the title is 30 republicans holding up tax reform. the key line is the last line
6:47 am
of the piece. these lawmakers are demonstrating once again the freedom they most prize is freedom from the responsibility of governing. do you agree with him? >> what i see here is -- all members can have whatever opinions they want when they sit in congress. that's their choice to vote what they ran on. for us to get tax reform, we first have to pass the budget. now the budget came out of committee unanimously with all republicans voting for it, democrats voting no. we can't start on tax reform until the budget is passed. unfortunately there are a number of members who are not voting for the budget saying they want to first see what is in tax. >> bill: they are getting in the way. >> i would just like to see -- i don't want to delay any further. i think the sooner individuals can keep more of what they earn the stronger this nation is going to become. so the sooner we pass the budget, the sooner we'll be able to get to tax and get started. i don't want to see this back
6:48 am
up against christmastime because then the democrats will have more power. remember, we'll have to deal with a continuing resolution with what we're doing with appropriations at the end of the year of government funding. and if you move taxes to the end of that time, then democrats will leverage from there. i would like to see this done now so if we can move the budget right now i wanted to do it before we left in august. but unfortunately we didn't have the votes to do it. >> bill: the calendar is working against you. here is the president on tax reform. >> i think the wealthy will be pretty much where they are. pretty much where they are. if we can do that, we'd like it. if they have to go higher, they'll go higher. >> bill: who is defined as wealthy? who is considered rich in america? >> you would have to ask the president what he considers wealthy in that determination. the one thing i found we have a corporate rate the highest in the world. we want to lower that. we have small businesses that create more jobs than any other
6:49 am
place around the world so you have to make sure you lower those rates as well. we have a crazy system that if companies are successful and they sell around the world, they can't even bring that money back home. we want to repatriate and bring that money back home to invest in american jobs and greater manufacturing. why do you have seven rates? >> bill: what sort of number would you give it? >> what i found best is don't have government take more of what you earn. you should be able to keep what you earn. >> bill: would you give everyone a cut then if you could? >> if i could give everybody a cut i would. the one thing i found is people invest their money more wisely than government. it is more efficient in the process. you know what happens when you invest? i created. i was not a wealthy individual. i saved and worked hard and created my first business when i was 20 years old. the one thing i learned i was the first to work, last to leave, last to be paid but i created more jobs for more people. i want to see more of that in america. more people able to own homes
6:50 am
and be able to pay for their kids' college. that means making everybody else wealthy and not taking that into government. let them keep it and invest it. >> bill: thank you for your time. kevin mccarthy, thank you for being here today. >> thank you. >> shannon: new developments in a deadly high school shooting. what we're learning about the student who heroicly gave his life to save others. >> these are tragic events. why do our children think they need to take weapons to deal with the issues they're facing?
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> bill: clarification on the questions about the treasury secretary steve mnuchin getting backlash to request an air
6:54 am
force jet for his honeymoon. he needed access to secure communications, that request later withdrawn after a new communications plan was put in place. the use of that jet would have cost about $25,000 an hour to operate. >> shannon: we're getting new details about the terrifying moments a student opened fire inside his washington state high school. that shooting killed one student and wounded three others. the suspect is in custody. we're live in our west coast newsroom with more details. >> good morning, shannon. some truly frightening moments at freeman high school. the scene was bloody and chaotic. sophomore caleb sharp came to school on the bus in the morning armed with two weapons in his duffel bag, a rifle and handgun. just after 10:00 a.m. he opened fire shooting one student in the head and killing him and injuring three other teenage girls. the whole thing lasted only about a minute before he was
6:55 am
taken down by a school custodian. >> i turned around and i saw him and he was just going. he was passive and just shooting. he shot one young man and then i crouched down to the floor and i'm pretty sure he shot the ceiling and then he shot the girl next to me and she fell down. as everyone i was running she was screaming help me, over and over. >> when sharp's first gun jammed a student approached him to try to intervene. he was shot in the head and killed. then a custodian stepped in and tackled sharp. both are being hailed as heroes this morning. the three other teenage girls were taken to the local hospital and all are expected to survive. investigators are trying to figure out a motive but told some -- some students told local reporters the shooter was obsessed with school shooting documentaries. authorities are also combing through social media accounts which allegedly show him and
6:56 am
his friends acting out violent scenes with guns. there are also reports at the beginning of the year the shooter had written notes to other students threatening that he would be doing something stupid. keep in mind rockford is a tiny town of only 470 people. so you can only imagine the fear that has gripped that community. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: we have the latest on the story out of washington state. >> bill: the images from the florida keys are devastating. drone video shows just how bad it is on the ground. we'll take you live to key west with phil keating's report in a moment. >> shannon: the president is on his way to florida right now. he will survey some of the damage left behind by hurricane irma. we'll take you there live when he arrives on the ground. >> the president has been very clear in what his position is. he wants to get a deal done. he wants to do that with daca but also to include massive border security and interior
6:57 am
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6:59 am
7:00 am
>> shannon: president trump arriving this hour in florida to survey the catastrophic damage from irma and to hear directly from floridians who are trying to recover from that devastating storm. i'm shannon bream. good morning. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning at home. the president getting a firsthand look today around the fort myers and naples area where most homes and businesses, many still without power. some communities still covered in water. and as bad as it is, other areas are in worse shape especially in the south. >> shannon: phil keating is live at a water distribution center in key west. good morning, phil. what do the people who didn't evacuate there, what do they need at this moment? probably everything. >> anything -- yeah, everything you can even think of. critical, of course, bottles and cases of water.
7:01 am
we move down the line these are all residents. some of the 8,000 people who did not evacuate key west and about 1,000 of them came by yesterday to get food and water. as far as the food goes, it's outstanding. three square meals a day including cereal, powdered milk and everybody extremely happy just to come on down here. the national guard from florida as always with the help of the navy doing what they do after every natural disaster, helping the people. another critical need down here in the lower keys and key west are medical supplies like blood, blood products, antibiotics and dialysis products. we went to the only hospital for 50 miles here. >> they were desperate for antibiotics. cuts and scrapes from debris and nails.
7:02 am
we have tetanus and things. this is good for about 200 patients for 72 hours. this keeps them good and we can resupply as needed. >> inside these white boxes is your square meals a day of food. one box gets you one day of replenishment and food to keep you happy. good news for the keys, specifically key west, the publix grocery store was closed on sunday but now reopening in 45 minutes. two dozen people are standing outside waiting for the doors to open to get even more than just what the national guard is providing. >> shannon: publix is a florida-based outlet and i know they want to do everything they can to get supplies to people. you drove to the lower keys. we heard one description of it as being as if a nuclear bomb went off. what did you see?
7:03 am
>> that was from the monroe county sheriff who we interviewed yesterday. we went into several neighborhoods and went directly where the eye of the storm slammed into florida making landfall. it was hit or miss. every structure had damage to some extent. some of them, a lot of trailers, completely ripped apart and trashed but a lot of the damage as well north of there up the keys in big pine key, the dirty side, the rough side of the storm if you will, flattened homes, trailers, boats thrown all over the place and wreckage everywhere. mile marker 74, 74 miles from key west is where the roadblock remains. no residents who evacuated can yet get back down this 74 miles to see what exactly happened to their home, how bad it was. and the sheriff told me it is simply because there is so much devastation, we don't need people coming down here getting hurt, needing help because all
7:04 am
of our first responders are just trying to clean up and rebuild, get power back. 90% of key west has no power, to get the utilities and sewage going and the water system up and running without problems. they don't need an extra drain on the system right now. i think it will be days for those residents to get back. >> shannon: the drone images don't give them a good picture of what they will be walking back into. thank you for your tireless reporting on this. >> bill: southern-most point, key west. new reaction from congresswoman nancy pelosi and chuck schumer after the white house disagrees with their claims. the democrats in a statement today said there was an agreement on many issues. president trump says there is no deal. sarah sanders addressing the exchange this morning on "fox & friends." >> the president has been clear about what his priorities all along. he went into last night specifically wanted to talk a lot about tax reform, which they did.
7:05 am
schumer and pelosi came in wanting to talk a lot about daca which they also did. the president has been very clear in what his position is. he wants to get a deal done. he wants to do that with daca but also to include massive border security and interior enforcement. >> bill: mike emanuel live on the hill deep in the bowels of the capitol. what's the reaction you're getting from key republicans and what's the story here, mike? >> well, bill, good morning. there was considerable conservative freak-out. iowa republican congressman steve king tweeted the president's twitter handle. if that's correct bump base is destroyed, disillusion oned beyond repair and no promise is credible. chuck grassley tweeting this morning. morning news says you made deal with schumer on daca, have your staff brief me. i know you undercut judiciary
7:06 am
committee effort for bipartisan agreement. before leaving the white house president trump talked about his border wall promise. >> the wall will come later. we're renovating large sections of wall, massive sections making it brand-new. a lot of renovation and building four different samples of the wall to see which one we are going to choose and the wall is going to be built. it will be funded a little bit later. >> we caught up with senator grassley outside the judiciary committee moments ago. he sounded calmer this morning. he understands the meeting last night between the president and top democratic leaders was about more than just daca but bottom line it rattled some conservatives on capitol hill. >> bill: what are prominent democrats telling you about this? >> the stunning thing they defended president trump this morning issuing a statement saying president trump's tweets are not inconsistent with the
7:07 am
agreement reached late last night. as we said last night there was no final deal but there was agreement on the following, the president would support enshrining dock yeah. there was another profile meeting on the daca issue with paul ryan and key democrats. >> i think he is very sympathetic to the people that came here through no fault of their own and are living productive lives in this country. >> ryan told reporters late yesterday there must be border security in order for there to be a deal on these young people. we'll see the speaker on camera later today, bill. >> bill: mike, thanks. mike emanuel live on the hill. more now with shannon on this. >> shannon: let's bring in chris stirewalt. good morning, chris. not surprising to a lot of folks this is the way it will play out. some seem surprised and angry thinking about some of the president's biggest backs
7:08 am
through the campaign. ann colter tweeted this. when he said we don't want to get rid of people living here serving in the military. she said at this point who doesn't want trump impeached? if we aren't getting a wall i would prefer president pence. >> she is something of a proper -- it is based on generating controversy, her business model. what trump has to understand as he goes forward is that that part of the republican party or conservativeism or there is bipartisan presence of this that feels strong antipathy and feels anger about this issue. it may be a pretty small minority but it is loud, angry and it is intense and when they feel they are being neglected. you can ask a litany of
7:09 am
republicans past and present how these folks can bring the pain and how donald trump exploited that before. now he will be on the receiving end of it for a little bit. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what a democrat out of vermont had to say about what they discussed this moderate group of house republicans and democrats with the president. >> he didn't make specific quid pro quos. it's clear he -- he made it clear he has a view on immigration, on the wall and security on wanting to go to a merit-based system. he did not make it quid pro quo. in fact, i advocated that we not make it quid pro quo. >> shannon: it seems with all the statements having come out and everybody agrees there was no tie of the wall to daca. a lot of people are asking why the president is not using that leverage. >> i would say this, because the president seems to have lit upon the most popular solution
7:10 am
that -- this is the place where trump seems to have landed on this part is a no-brainer. bipartisan, this is if mitch mcconnell and paul ryan could have designed the outcome you would get in dealing with these dreamers, neither they nor the overwhelming majority of americans or members of congress want to subject to deportation the so-called dreamers. that's a hard no. and then if you told them -- if you told ryan and mcconnell in addition you'll get more border security and you're going to get stronger enforcement mechanisms they would say it's a perfect deal. that's why trump would go to this place because it just makes the most sense and what is popular. but now again he has to deal with the fact that the same folks who antipathy he exploited to get the republican nomination will be very angry that he is delaying action on what is the down payment on his promises. >> shannon: just look at twitter. the rage is there on twitter.
7:11 am
>> never read the comments. >> shannon: that's rule number one, don't read the comments. great to see you, sir. >> bill: moments ago the vice president arrived in florida. the president will touchdown in a matter of moments in fort myers, florida. mike pence, we'll see him in a moment and he will be joined by the first lady and commander-in-chief and we'll take you there live once it happens. we'll talk to the head of the small business administration, linda mcmahon is live about why the president says irma and harvey disasters make tax reform even more important. >> shannon: north korea threatens a u.s. ally saying it no longer needs to exist. reaction to the rogue nation's tough talk. >> bill: the president taking shots at hillary clinton on twitter calling her new book on her election loss one big blame game. we'll take that on with our panel minutes away. >> i think it's pretty clear to all of america, i think it's sad that after hillary clinton ran one of the most negative
7:12 am
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tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. >> shannon: vice president mike pence arriving in fort miers, florida. president trump will arrive later this hour aboard air force one. both of them in florida to
7:16 am
survey hurricane irma damage. mr. trump will begin his tour in fort myers where homes and businesses were hit hard and later head to naples. he says in the wake of irma and hurricane harvey tax reform is needed more than ever before to help struggling businesses. linda mcmahon, great to have you today. let's talk first of all as we watch and wait the president's arrival in florida about the immediate aftermath of a hurricane like harvey, like irma. what can the small business administration do. we know the foundation of so much of the economy in this country is small business. >> i can tell you, shannon, it is a well-kept secret unfortunately that sba is normally one of the first groups on the ground with fema. fema's first in to take care of the health and safety, immediate rescue, getting people to safety, getting back in homes, that sort of think, sba often co-locate with fema in their disaster centers.
7:17 am
it's our job to provide loans to both homeowners and small businesses to get them back on their feet, get their homes back up, restore personal property and to provide them capital in the form of loans for their businesses and it's the only time that sba actually makes direct loans. typically sba guarantees loans from banks to small businesses but in the events of disaster sba is actually making loans to homeowners up to $200,000 for uninsured losses and up to $2 million for businesses to get back on track, which is plant, property, equipment and also loss of capital. >> shannon: a lot of these folks, especially in the lower keys, completely devastated there. we know in harvey people still digging out seeing what's left there. you know, for folks who maybe right now aren't thinking about the business they're trying to survive and get water and power and those kinds of things, once they're ready to reach out, what's the best way for them to
7:18 am
reach out to you about this? we're seeing the vice president arriving on the ground there. >> it is so important that our president and vice president are on the ground and gives such a vote of confidence to those victims of disaster to know that the president, the administration is behind them. that's why cabinet members, i'll go to florida next week or the week after to really have eyes on the actual disaster but in the meantime sba is already receiving calls from irma through the call center in buffalo. but if you go online it will take you right to the site where you'll know where to call, how to apply for loans, how to get help and how to know exactly what's available through sba and, you know, the only time that sba ever deals with home mortgages also is in a disaster situation. and probably about 80% of the loans that we have already approved are for homes and not
7:19 am
for small businesses. we've about 2,000 approvals now. 172 million dollars and we're working through our call centers, through people on the ground, in dallas, ft. worth, at our processing center and call centers in buffalo and sacramento. they are humming and busy and we're bringing more people on to handle the calls and do the loan processing reaching to the private sector for additional help with that. it's an all-out effort as the numbers are approaching katrina coming in. florida is light in calls because they're still digging out. >> shannon: the white house is fighting to push forward with bipartisan help, the president tweeting this. with irma and harvey devastation tax cuts and tax reform is needed more than ever before. go, congress, go. they say they're working on it. how critical is it?
7:20 am
we've seen the markets do so well since the president's election. so much is based on expectation and optimism about what is coming. there hasn't been a major legislative win. how does that happen with tax reform and how does it impact the economy? >> when i travel the country to all of the sba district offices and there are 68, one in every state and some states more than one, i visit small businesses, i have business round tables and i hear over and over again that what small businesses need, what they are looking for is tax reform. reduction in rates. you hear that more than anything. small businesses want to know what their tax is going to be so they can plan. they will reinvest that savings. they'll hire more people and grow their businesses. and so they're so anxious to get tax reform passed and that is the biggest message that they would like for me to take back. that and regulatory reform and healthcare reform. so those are the issues the president is focused on and now tax reform is the big push and
7:21 am
it will make such a difference in the growth of small businesses. >> shannon: we know the regulatory roll backs are bearing fruit. you mention that and something that often gets lost in the shuffle. linda mcmahon, sba administrator, thank you for your time. >> bill: 21 past the hour. new saber rattling from north korea. pyongyang threatening the u.s. and one of our key allies in the area. where will the latest threat lead next? >> shannon: a judge revokes bail for the man known as pharma bro after an alleged threat online. >> we'll talk to you when we come out. >> anything from you? >> we believe the court arrived at the wrong decision.
7:22 am
7:23 am
bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
7:24 am
>> shannon: a federal judge
7:25 am
revoking bail for martin scely calling him a danger to society. he was hauled before the court after offering $5,000 for a strand of hillary clinton's hair. the judge said that could be interpreted as a physical threat. his defense attorney arguing the offer was meant as political satire. >> we're obviously disappointed. we believe the court arrived at the wrong decision but she is the judge. >> shannon: he is known as the executive who hiked the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% and faces up to 20 years in jail for securities fraud. >> bill: strange case. >> shannon: interesting guy. >> bill: you put your life online 24/7. from capitol hill right now. more reaction on whether a deal or no deal on daca.
7:26 am
chuck schumer. >> the inclusion of or even debate about the border wall. now, on the equifax data breach, mr. president. this is one of the most -- they have exposed the most personal information of over half the united states citizens. names, addresses, social security numbers, drivers licenses and even credit history. clearly there were inadequate data security standards at equifax. >> bill: that's a big story, too. prior to that just a small comment on daca. we missed it a little bit. he clearly did not want to expand on the reporting that has happened so far today in this meeting last night at the white house. stay tuned. back to that in a moment as we get more details. now want to go overseas, north
7:27 am
korea issued new threats to the u.s. and japan. threatening to, quote, sink tokyo saying it no longer needs to exist. this after the u.n. slapped new sanctions on pyongyang. greg palkot live in seoul, south korea. what more are you hearing and seeing from north korea today, greg? >> absolutely more tough talk coming from north korea. the state media, kim jong-un regime not only threatening japan but saying they should use nuclear weapons to reduce the united states to ashes and darkness. again this is more fallout from the u.s.-backed u.n. sanctions following north korea's recent nuclear defense. defense officials are calling officials saying they're seeing mobile missile launchers being proved and could be preparations for another launch and at least it's a sign of caution, bill. >> bill: you have an alarming warning about north korea's intentions. what did you see and find out?
7:28 am
>> we got a chance to talk to one of the finest north korean analysts around, seoul-based. he told us that north korea is moving faster on nukes and missiles than anyone expected. as for u.s. efforts to rein in the regime. >> there is no way to stop them now. use of military force, but it will result as a second korean war which is going to be an absolute disaster. >> like our claims that sanctions and diplomacy will not work. north korea wants more nuclear-tipped icbms to target united states cities and then they might talk but only about a nuclear freeze in exchange for political concessions. while he claims, bill, that kim jong-un realizes if he uses a nuclear weapon it could be the end for him and the regime and he probably won't use it, he says there is a real
7:29 am
possibility of a mistake or bad luck. >> bill: thank you. on the ground in seoul, south korea. greg palkot. >> shannon: breaking news coming out of florida. another nursing home now being evacuated in hollywood, florida. all this as we're standing by for the arrival of air force one and the president visiting southwest florida. ron desantis joins us live. >> bill: hillary clinton on a book tour having her say about the election. wow, does she have a lot to say including the decision to fire f.b.i. director james comey on behalf of president trump. the new book getting a lot of reaction including this from the white house. >> that type of misunderstanding of who this president is and frankly a misunderstanding of what he has been doing is exactly one of the reasons that hillary clinton is not the president and is instead pushing a book with a lot of false narratives.
7:30 am
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>> bill: 10:32. fort myers president trump on the ground in a matter of minutes he lands in fort myers and heads to naples to inspect the storm damage there. he is meeting with first responders and a lot of people who live there trying to start putting their lives back together. that process begins now. meanwhile breaking news out of hollywood, florida. you are looking live now where another nursing home is being evacuated as we speak due to power loss. we've been reporting on the story that broke 24 hours ago, another nursing center in hollywood where eight people were found dead. a few died at the nursing home. a few others at a hospital after they were taken there to recover and did not. florida congressman ron desantis with me. good morning to you. what do you want the president to see today specifically in your state? >> i think i would like him to see that certain areas, i think did better than we anticipated.
7:34 am
we thought there could be a direct hit on miami, a direct hit on tampa bay. you didn't have that. but i think you'll see major devastation in the florida keys. they have difficulty with water, with sewage, with getting food and fuel there. and the situation is really dire down there. and then i think just the urgency of getting all the power back online. there have been some strides made but when you look at these nursing homes. if they don't have power, they can't have air conditioning and florida second week of september is still very hot. the summer isn't over in florida in september. >> bill: we don't know in the end what killed these people, whether it was a blown generator that failed to work or even carbon monoxide poisoning. they're looking at all of this. have you been given more information in the last two days? >> i have not been given more information. but i can tell you, bill, when we were down there doing some of the storm prep and i was visiting some counties, i was not down in hollywood. there were issues with dealing
7:35 am
with some of the senior citizen centers and one of my counties had to go and do an evacuation because one of the centers just wasn't prepared for it. so the seniors are a vulnerable population in florida and i think we'll get more information as the days go by. but i know that was a priority for a lot of the counties in my district. >> bill: it is so sad. shouldn't happen. three women, five men. down in monroe county, the far southern part of the state. that covers the keys. the local authorities are pushing back on the amount of damage there. they're saying it was not the complete loss that has been described publicly. they say actually once you get on the ground and clear away the limbs and the trees, a lot of the homes survived pretty well. have you heard that? >> i've heard mixed things. i think people in key west. they figured they got through that very well. you go to some keys like marathon, i know folks that have property down there and their stuff got beat up pretty
7:36 am
bad. i think about 90% of the homes have been damaged in places like marathon. but the extent of the damage does remain to be seen. i had my porch the ceiling came in. we can fix that. if it's not a total devastation where massive flooding or structural damage they'll be able to fix it much easier. part of the issue the keys is dealing with some of the residents can't get back out there to do their property and i just worry -- i understand there are safety reasons. i'm not necessarily they're making the wrong decision but they made the right decision to evacuate. if they can't get back on maybe next time they'll say this is such a pain in the butt i'll ride it out. that probably isn't the best outcome. >> bill: a lot of them were on the move every day for a week and you can imagine how difficult that is. when you think of this storm, the keys were whacked and so was marco island. a lot of people are suffering and the seniors in this nursing center is an awful story. but when you think that the
7:37 am
totality of the state of florida and southeastern u.s., this storm likely hit at the right time with the right tide and on the right track for the -- given the size of this storm and the strength -- for a minimal loss of life perhaps and also a minimal amount of damage throughout the state. point being this could have been a lot worse. >> there is no doubt. in florida we'll get all this stuff fixed and so my message to people is yes, it was a big storm, it did lose steam which is good. if you think about coming down to florida or had plans to come in october or do a conference, we'll be open for business. disney is open. there are things to do. this is not a situation like katrina where big cities were totally devastated. we'll be able to fix this. we'll move on and i think that message is important. what happens, bill, this interruption with people's businesses, so many businesses
7:38 am
in florida depend on tourism. if people think somehow that you shouldn't be coming down to florida, you know, in the near future, that really can hurt the economy. the message needs to be the stuff will be taken care of. keep your plans to come to florida. >> bill: have any idea what this is going to cost? >> we'll have to see. >> bill: how many billions? >> we had a lot of turnover in our private homeowners insurance market in florida. we have private providers now after state farm left last decade. my indications are they will be able to meet these claims and remain capitalized. that will be a very positive thing because we need to have a viable homeowners insurance market. on flood side you did see some flooding. i'm not sure how extensive that was in terms of how many homes. i don't think it is even approaching something like harvey. so in terms of the national flood insurance program there will be claims but i don't know
7:39 am
how many claims and i'm hoping that it is not anything approaching some of the disasters we've seen in katrina and harvey. >> bill: air force one arriving. the vice president, we know, arrived 30 minutes prior. now the president and first lady will be there in a moment. we expect the florida attorney general, pam bondi, to greet him, as well as senator marco rubio on the tarmac in fort myers. he will stop here first and then head to naples, florida as we watch his tour today. sir, when it comes to the price, just come back to the whole idea about paying for it. and what are the conversations among members of congress to offset this somehow, some way, somewhere at a time when you have harvey and you have irma and you have a national debt that ticked over $20 trillion. >> i think there are different aspects to it. the bill that congress did last week was truly and emergency
7:40 am
situation because you had money was going the dry up in 48 hours. that's the stuff that fema uses to deal with the suffering and deal with people who have been displaced. so that needed to be done. you didn't necessarily have time to budget for that. i think fema has enough money to take us through the next month and a half and then at that point, you know, it will be discussed, what are you doing? is it an emergency? how long term are you talking? a lot of those calculations need to be done. there are conversations i've heard from some of my colleagues about understanding that this is part of a lot of different priorities that the congress has. i get it and that's just the way the cookie crumb bells. >> bill: it's a big cookie. right? >> yeah. >> bill: a lot of crumbs. >> we were prepared for this, the governor did a good job, the president was supportive and our local folks who do emergency management for a living really perform well. so you talk about loss of life could have been a lot worse if the storm was worse.
7:41 am
it also could have been a lot worse if they were not as prepared as they were. they deserve a lot of credit. >> shannon: it's interesting today the first lady will be along as well. she has been by his side through a number of these visits and going to talk with the victims and has taken a lead role saying she wants to be a continuing voice for the folks who have been impacted by harvey and irma and beyond. i think that ainsley noted this morning on "fox & friends" she was wearing flats when she got on the plane. there will be no controversy over her shoes. as we await the president to disembark with the first lady and others to see the devastation firsthand. the areas of fort myers and naples and marco island got hit hard. what has happened in the keys is a dire situation. not a place the president can go and distract and draw resources from right now but as our phil keating reported earlier people are desperate to
7:42 am
get bottled water. it will be a long time before they have electricity. to have the storms as a one-two punch has taken the lead of the president's attention these days as he is working on so many other things on capitol hill. he has to be focused on what's happening in florida, texas, louisiana and keeping an eye on the rest of the hurricane season which doesn't wrap up until november. it has been a very active year. congressman, what does it mean to the folks on the ground to have a visit from the commander-in-chief? >> i think it's great. i think it helps morale and the president has been very forward thinking on this. he knew this storm was coming. the declarations came very quickly. he views florida as his second home so he is very concerned about our state in particular just because of his relationships here and i think he has been very strong in the leadership category with this storm. you have people there who are volunteering their time. some of them are working for different aid organizations and to have the president there to
7:43 am
give a pep talk and thank them for what they are doing is a great thing. i know even me going around my district people appreciated. i'm just a congressman. the president is a big deal. >> bill: we await the arrival of the president and the first lady. we'll see them with first responders and residents, those who rode out this storm in a moment here. also at this time we'll pause for a second and allow the fox stations across the country to join us live so just give us a half second here and we'll get rolling. it is 10:43 in florida. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. fox news coverage of the president's visit to florida in the wake of hurricane irma. fort myers, florida. air force one arriving moments ago. the first lady and president trump about to come down the steps and meet with first
7:44 am
responders and residents there in fort myers and then later in the naples area. this was a part of the storm where irma made landfall for a second time as a category 3 and they have dealt with a lot in florida, including at least a dozen deaths coming on the news yesterday about a senior center in hollywood, florida, where eight seniors died as a result of a lack of air conditioning. how that happened and why that happened with a lack of power in the middle of the storm, why they were there, were not evacuated is something that investigators are looking at now as a criminal matter. along with me my colleague shannon bream. shannon, as we get ready to see the first couple. this is the second time now in about 14 days where they've had to visit every day americans after a tragedy. >> shannon: we understand they will hear and see from bipartisan leaders across florida. the tragedies bring people together across party lines,
7:45 am
race, income, we've seen it over and over again the best of america as people come together after harvey and irma doing in what they can to help each other. the president saying he wants a message of unity as they try to reach out to the folks. get the aid passed through capitol hill and get them what they need on the ground. we had sba administrator linda mcmahon and other cabinet officials down on the ground in the hard-hit spots saying the full weight of the administration is there to help. >> bill: jacksonville, florida got hit with a tidal surge and loss of power and florida keys were whacked good. that's monroe county. some of the local officials there today are suggesting that things look real bad from the air but once you are on the ground and clear away the trees and debris, a lot of the homes that were thought to have a lot of damage do not. so if there is a silver lining, as this story continues today and emerge by the day, there
7:46 am
may be one there. however, if you look at some of the drone video and the aerial footage we have seen, shannon, there is widespread devastation in that bead of islands that runs off the southern tip of florida. >> shannon: and heard from folks who decided they would stay there to ride the storm out, they've described something that they said was the scariest experience of their lives and being there as homes were collapsing and ripping apart. it is a force that unless you've seen it up close may not understand until your life is in danger. folks have expressed regret over staying. but there are those who didn't want to leave their homes and property. didn't feel like they could evacuate in time. couldn't get the gas they needed. there were a number of factors that went into those decisions. those folks saying they would never stay again if presented the same situation. >> bill: this storm stayed a category 4 or 5 status for 11 or 12 days. she was a monster ripping through the caribbean.
7:47 am
you look at some of the island damage, they have been annihilated. the president and first lady come down the stairs of air force one and some of the images we've seen from these islands, there is 90% damage throughout the entire area. and the loss of life a minimum of 35 people killed. irma was such a big and strong storm for such a very long time. it gave people in florida enough warning to get out. >> shannon: after what they had seen in caribbean. i talked to a couple of friends who were in st. maarten on anniversary trip. they had planned to fly out. the airport was shut down before they could leave. the pictures and images and the stories they tell are gut wrenching about being moved to shelters where the shelter was ripped apart. finding their suitcase blocked the way from the hotel they were staying. what we saw on the caribbean
7:48 am
was so devastating it gave people a chance to see what has heading to florida. the president was greeted by senator marco rubio, the attorney general pam bondi as well as he touches down. >> bill: big job to be the consoler and chief to meet with everyday americans and relate to their struggle and what they're going through and to let the government know they're there for them. the tragedies leave a lot of people lost in their own lives and they need the guidance and direction on behalf of so many and a big reason why the visit today. >> shannon: in the immediate aftermath we've talked about so many people who need electricity, water, medical supplies. prescription drugs, things they may not have anticipated they would completely lose in these storms. the needs are great. we've heard guidance from the government saying first reach out to your insurer if you have one. work with them, file a claim and then go to the government for disaster assistance as well. there are so many different channels to get that assistance
7:49 am
beginning with fema being the first responders essentially, the government wing of being there making sure that they're preserving lives and meeting immediate needs and once the dust settles a little bit and catch their breath there are more avenues for them to get help through the governor. >> bill: you see rick scott with the baseball cap on. he was out early and often shall we say before the storm came ashore warning people to get out of irma's way. in the end they ordered evacuations for more than six million people in florida. not that all six million heeded the warnings. many folks made a decision to stay behind locally but there were millions that got on the move in the state of florida. after being down there for five days they went from miami to orlando, then chased from miami to tampa and orlando trying to stay one step ahead of irma. you weren't sure where this storm would make landfall, what
7:50 am
size she would be, and how much danger you or your family could possibly be in. in the end, so many counties across that state were hit by her. >> shannon: we mentioned the attorney general pam bondi was there and talked to you when you were covering the hurricane in florida about the issues of price gouging and take advantage of folks and she leveled a very warning for those, she will absolutely crack down on anyone and publicly shame those who would try to take advantage of what people are desperately living through right now saying she will crack down. there is law and order there in florida and folks are on notice. you try to gouge, you try to spike those prices, she is absolutely going to make sure you're held to the furthest extent of the lay by way of punishment. >> bill: we shall soon see in fort myers and also in naples. naples was hit hard but not as
7:51 am
hard as a little island called marco island south and east of naples. that was really -- it was a direct hit. marco island for several days was inaccessible. here the president on the ground with some initial statements. >> taking care of people. people that were brought here and people who have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition but importantly what we want, we have to have a wall. if the wall is going to be obstructed when we need the funds at a little later date will be determining how much we need, we're not doing anything. >> what do you say to steve king who says your promises can't be believed and what do you say to senator charles grassley who said you undercut what he is doing in the judiciary committee by talking to schumer and pelosi. >> we're doing it in conjunction with republicans. we have a good relationship with a lot of people. a lot of people want and expect it to happen.
7:52 am
we'll see if it happens. we'll only do it if we surveillance and everything that goes along with surveillance and ultimately we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall we're doing nothing. >> why did democrats say there was a deal at dinner? >> they didn't say we had a deal. they put out a statement we didn't say that at all. >> will you continue the daca program in six months? >> i think a deal will be made before six months. >> no relief for daca recipients unless you get the wall? >> at some point they cannot obstruct the wall. the wall to me is vital. if i don't get the wall, then we will -- >> what becomes first? >> we have to have an understanding whether it's in the budget or some other vehicle in a very short period of time the wall will be funded otherwise we aren't doing any deal. >> clarify what you said yesterday when you said the wealthiest americans will stay the same, maybe pay a little
7:53 am
more. some people interpreted that to say you may actually raise rates on them. >> the wealthy americans are not my priority. my priority are people in the middle class and that's where we're giving the big tax reduction to. also owe about the middle class and job and bringing jobs back to the country. bringing back the companies back. so that companies can get a reduction. right now we're paying the highest tax rate in the world. we want to bring that to around 15%. that would make us competitive with china and other countries. so my priority is bringing companies back, bringing money back into the country. there are trillions of dollars outside of our country that we could bring back but the taxes don't allow it to happen. just so you understand, my priority is jobs, very simple, it's jobs and it's the middle class, taking care of those. >> would you possibly raise rates on the wealthiest american? >> this is to benefit the
7:54 am
middle class and companies where they will be producing jobs. we want to produce jobs in this country. we want factories coming back. they are already coming back. we want factories coming back into our country. right now they are leaving our country. they've started, since i've been in as you know, you look at michigan, ohio, they are starting to come back. but to really bring them back we have to reduce our tax rate. so we're trying to bring it down to around 15%. >> if you reduce the individual rates it will bring taxes down. >> what is going to happen is the individual rate coming down will be substantial for the middle class. we want to take care of the middle class. we want to take care of jobs. the way we're going to get jobs is to make our companies more competitive and don't forget. a lot of these companies are public companies owned by the public and owned by pension funds and owned by vehicles such as that so they will get a big benefit. our priority is jobs and the
7:55 am
middle class. okay. let's go and see how we are doing. i think we're doing a good job in florida. thank you. >> bill: the topic of the day is the president's trip in florida in the aftermath of irma but the questions and answers are on different topics. tax reform and immigration deal struck late last night at the white house. we'll work for clarification on that as the tour continues in fort myers. >> shannon: there were differing accounts of what happened last night in that discussion with top democrats over at the white house having dinner with the president. there have been different read-outs of the meeting. different interpretations of what was or was not agreed to. >> bill: on the way down lindsey walters said there was no deal made and they know that, referring to the democratic leadership. as the first family now, the first couple, i should say, move throughout the state with the governor rick scott and senator marco rubio. we'll continue our coverage on the fox news channel. state tuned to the fox news channel and this fox station
7:56 am
for continuing coverage on story and we're online all the time at fox i'm bill hemmer in new york. here on cable our coverage continues as we look at a big black suv. >> shannon: we know the president is there today to visit with the victims of irma. but when the press travel with you or travels along you know if they can get a few questions into the president they won't miss that opportunity. as you said, veering off in discussions about tax reform and immigration and daca, not what we expected the hear from the president today. >> bill: oftentimes the images you want from these trips is to be in the shelter or to be with the locals and to grab young children and let them know i'm here to help you and so we'll see how this goes today in fort myers. >> shannon: we saw the images from him in texas. we'll stand by to see what we
7:57 am
get in florida. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any medicare supplement insurance plan,
7:58 am
>> shannon: we want to dip into live remarks by nancy pelosi, fresh off her dinner with the president last night and some different explanations or understandings of what they did or did not agree to. >> we could arrive at agreement that it would include what clarifies that congress has a role in doing this. which is part of the court case and the uncertainties in the court that clarifies in the law and that enables the president not to have to do this. but should he come up with his own health care proposal to have it be easier for him to do that. yes, sir, ? [indistinct question] no, it's in the daca bill.
7:59 am
even when we talk about copperheads of immigration and reform, when we are talking about people who are not fully documented and we want them to be on the path to citizenship, they get at the end of the line of people who stay here fully documented. so just in terms of timing, it's a long way down the road. that's a lot down the road in terms of legislation. we have votes, i'm sorry. 14 votes on the floor right now. [indistinct question] >> first all, i would not characterize anything the republicans are doing as tax reform. i would characterize it as triple down economics.
8:00 am
tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and at the expense of growth. now they're saying yesterday they're not going to give any tax breaks to the higher end. we'll see when we see it in writing. that was really news to me because it is basically in their dna to give tax cuts to the high end and have trickle-down economics. better jobs, better paychex, better future and when the middle class has more confidence, they consume into the economy for greater jobs. this is an important standard for us to have. growth -- i tell everybody -- >> house speaker nancy pelosi they're addressing the two issues just a couple of minutes ago


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