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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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wrong. he said he could hear the ring go through the crack and splash in the water. they did not find the ring. all the best to them. here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> president trump headed home to washington after visiting florida for an update on hurricane relief and recovery. millions of people there still living without power days after irma devastated parts of the state. we'll show you the progress crews are making and what they still need to do. plus, the president talking about cutting a possible deal with democrats to stop dreamers from getting deported. >> we're talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, people that have done a good job and not brought her of their own volition. >> but some republicans clearly upset with his latest moves and tough new talks from north korea. threatening to nuke the united states and sink japan into the
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sea. that's this hour on "shepard smith reporting." i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. president trump headed back to d.c. where he's facing criticism from members of his own party as he works with democrats on immigration issues. more on that ahead. first, the president visiting naples florida today to see the devastation from hurricane irma. naples not far from where irma made its second landfall. the president also met with survivors of the storm. >> i just want to tell you, we're there for you 100%. i'll be back here numerous times. this is a state that i know very well as you understand. these are special people and we love them. thank you. >> president trump says we're working hard to get power back on in florida. he noted that about one in four homes still in the dark across the state.
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utility officials have said it could take weeks to get everybody's power restored. in collier county where naples is located, almost 80% of homes and businesses still without power. witnesses say flood waters still cover entire communities. although president trump did not visit the florida keys today, he said his team is working very hard there. the storm made its first landfall in the keys and wiped out a lot of homes and businesses. many people there still living without electricity. air conditioning, cell phone, internet service, drinking water and working toilets. we'll go live to the keys in a moment. first, let's go live to mike tobin in naples with more on the president's visit. mike? >> trace, a quick hop aboard marine one from fort myers here to naples. about noon when the president's motorcade came racing out. they went not to the rich neighborhoods but one of the trailer parks that had been so ripped apart by the fury of the
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storm. this particular trailer park called the naples estate. the president handed out food that he purchased himself. he tried to re-assure the residents that were languishing in the heat that they had not been abandoned. >> this is something that florida has never seen before. >> the primary damage we see from fort myers all the way down to marco island is wind damage. a lot of sticks that are down, things that have hit the power lines, roofs that have been ripped apart. we still see some standing water. it's mostly in the trailer parks. one particular trailer park in east naples called south winds, residents say they have been abandoned. the only aid came from a local church and furniture store. they received food, water and diapers for the kids. trace? >> the recovery is underway down there. how is that going? >> the number 1 issue is still
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power. you can see behind me all of the power poles. presumably these will be downloaded one at a time to the different lines being repaired, this is something that the people want so desperately. 2.5 million people are still without power. that works out to 25%. florida power and light is working with crews to turn the power back on. power recovery is happening four times faster than hurricane wilma. little consolation to people that have to sleep in the heat. the other big issue, at the crack of dawn lines form and stretch for 1/4 mile. that happens until the tank is dry. they walk up the streets carrying gas cans usually to power generators. some people are misusing the generators. six people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because they didn't properly ventilate the generators. trace? >> mike tobin live in naples.
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thank you. hospital officials in hollywood, florida set to give an update after eight patients died in a nursing home there. florida shutting down the facility which is now a crime scene. investigators say the building did not completely lose power, but its air conditioning wasn't working. a woman whose mom had to evacuate said there's no excuse for the deaths. >> it's hot. you have elderly people on respirators and stuff and a hospital next door. like feet away from you. the person that was there in charge that could have said let's evacuate. how does he wake up. ? >> nursing home officials say they diligently prepared for irma and are reaching out to emergency officials and first responders when the a.c. stopped working. let's get to bryan llenas live in hollywood, florida with more. bryan? >> hi, trace. a spokesman for the rehabilitation center of
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hollywood hills says they lost power to a transformer that cut off the air conditioning so they used mobile cooling units. the center had a generator but why didn't they use to it powter a.c.? over the years, the center has had numerous health and safety violations including maintenance with generators, an issue with that. in a statement, the nursing home points the finger at the power company and local officials. they say "the center immediately contacted florida power and light and continued to follow up with them for status updates on when repairs would be made. outreach was made to local emergency officials and first responders. the florida power and light company says look, the county said the highest priority to restore power are hospitals and 911 centers. we knew that a nursing home is a priority. that particular nursing home had power. the state is pointing the finger at the nursing home saying you had the responsibility to call 911 if you thought anybody was
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in danger. now, all of this really started wednesday morning when three calls came in to first responders. they came here to the facility on the second floor. the police chief said it was extremely hot, so they saw the three people had died and evacuated 145 others. five of those others died later on from heat-related causes. all eight victims. we spoke to jacqueline ventura whose mother survived, 83 with dementia. >> my mom needs long-term care. i've been driving around to different facilities. the power lines are out. i can't even call them to see if they have a bed available. i need to see my mom. i feed her. when they were short staffed, i would feed her and feed her roommate. so i'm just desperate. >> trace, the state is working on put manage folks in new nursing homes as well as maybe
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veterans affairs hospitals. trace? >> bryan llenas live in hollywood. thanks, bryan. yeah, there is as we said breaking news out of hollywood floor. officials from the hospital giving an update after eight patients died. the facility lost some power after hurricane irma and investigators say the air conditioning wasn't working. nursing home officials reached out to first responders. officials from memorial healthcare system are now speaking. let's listen. >> we made the calls, we implemented our mass casualty protocols. we were able to get people over here and help evacuate the patients in the building. >> thank you, judy. we're going to turn it over to dr. katz that will speak about the emergency department that morning. >> good afternoon. i'm dr. randy katz.
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i arrived on scene here at the hospital approximately 7:00 a.m. shortly after this incident occurred. luckily for us, that was the change of shift. we had a number of providers leaving the hospital and a number of providers coming into the hospital at the same time. our staff as judy mentioned recognized there was an issue across the street, moebilized or mci. we wanted to get the patients to the healthcare and the services they need. we had a number of patients when i arrived in the street, on stretchers in route to the hospital. our emergency department staff did an unbelievable job at that point, 7:00 a.m., of getting together and making sure that these patients had all the things they needed to avoid a disaster. again, as judy said, my condolences to the families of these patients. the scene on site when i got there was chaotic.
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luckily our first responders did a phenomenal job, hollywood fire and rescue. started the mass casualty with our staff. we labelled patients as red patients, yellow patients and green patients and made sure the most critical got to our emergency department immediately and leveraged our resources to get other patients out to the other facility safely to be reunited with their families. >> i'm going to introduce you now to seth ross. one of the biggest challenges in events like this is to reunify the families with the patients. also to activate our emergency preparedness plans across a system of six hospitals here in south broward county. mr. ross will speak a little bit about that. >> as introduced, i'm seth ross, the ceo of memorial regional
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hospital. once notified by our cno with regard to the situation, i was fortunate enough to have the resources throughout the memorial healthcare system to go ahead and hit the button to have the disaster agreement alert calls, which is in essence mass casualty incident. we prepare for this, drill for this and have resources throughout six hospitals in the system prepared within minutes to accept patients there were approximately 141 patients at the facility. memorial healthcare system had 119 of these patients come to our facility. triaged here and transferred throughout the system to be cared for. 70 patients were discharged at this point, whether to other facilities or to their families' homes. we have 39 that are still
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admitted. we have approximately 24 who are still awaiting disposition. one of the most factors of what we accomplished is reunification of the families. patient centric care is important to reunify and to unit these families who had very little, if any, information at that time, and we did this without having a lot of the medical records or any of the information. we were not only able to reunite all 141 and give the information needed with regard to those patients, but we did that even with the patients' families out of state. i must tell you, i'm extremely proud of what we accomplished with the resources we had and the time frame it was done. our condolences go out to all the families. thank you. let me introduce -- i apologize.
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let me introduce vendetta craig, one of the patients' family members who experienced this. >> good afternoon. i'm vendetta craig. my mother is aetna jefferson. i received a call yesterday morning from first her nurse alerting he she couldn't enter the building. i was sleeping. i said i'll check on it later. i received a call from my friend in tampa. he said i don't want to alarm you, but i think you need to turn on cnn. the hospital that your mother is in, five people died. at that point, i turned the tv on and recognized the area immediately. i called the nurse. when i called her, i heard -- katherine, where is my mother?
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he said i'm looking for her. from that initial call and me putting on my clothes and coming to the hospital, these people were working hard. it took approximately seemed like a lifetime to me, maybe 20, 25 minutes before i saw my mother. they escorted me. it was like v.i.p. they offered me anything and everything to comfort me, to comfort the families. god is here. god is here with all of us. people are put in place at the right time to make sure my mother and all of those that survived this unnecessary tragedy had everything that they needed in place. my mother had her i.v. in, she was ice packed. her fever from 102 was down. i said her name. jefferson! she opened her eyes. she looked at my eyes. that was the best thing.
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the best thing that has ever came into my soul. that lady gave me life. seeing her eyes gave me life yesterday. to all the families who suffered the loss our hearts are still with you, our prayers. trust me, i have a prayer line from the east coast to the west coast. we're praying for everybody. it's going to take a long time to get it back together. but we have support. got is touching all these people and backing me to make sure that we come out of this okay. it will be awhile but we'll be okay. thank you all. >> how upset are you? >> how upset am i? before i left, they assured me that this is a hurricane shelter. your mother will have the best
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care. i'm here two, three, four times a week. they know me. everybody knows me. they know how concerned i am. so for me to have that confidence in the staff to trust their -- trust my mother's care in them, i'm extremely upset. i mean, words, you know -- there's no words. it's unnecessary. you can spit on the hospital from this facility. i don't know what happened inside. i wasn't there. i hope the truth comes out. it's just senseless. >> what do you think should happen to the people at the nursing home? what should happen to them? >> what should happen to them? whatever the law allows. and then some. we throw our elderly away. they're a cash crop. it's not necessary. that's my mother, somebody's
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mother, somebody's sister, somebody's father. they're not dollar signs. that's what i feel happens a lot when people see oh, she can't talk, she can't tell what i'm doing. my mother is unable to speak due to her condition, a lot of people are unable to speak. so they take advantage. for those that take advantage of the weak, they need to have some empathy, sympathy and be prosecuted if they don't do what is right. do the right thing. do the right thing. we all have parents. we all want -- we are all parents. we won't proper care for the lives that we put out there. we need to be taken care of, especially our elderly. we wouldn't be here. >> ma'am, why do you think that the staff inside the nursing home didn't evacuate them?
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you said it was minutes away. >> why? i don't know. why? you know, you try different hinges. before you know it, time is of the essence but it moves on and you don't realize, oh, my gosh. you're running this way and then somebody calls you. okay, you go see that call. you run this way, somebody calls you and you go take care of that call. me, while the first person you were trying to see is gone unattended. they're short-staffed. that's what happens in these facilities. they put to put too many clients under one person's -- two staff members for one. it's too much. they do show them love. they do show them care when they can. it becomes overwhelming. imagine this guy right here having to take care of all these
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people here in five hours, six hours. it's almost impossible. >> what do you want to say to the owner of this facility? >> shame on you. shame on you. >> [question inaudible] you said they had some hurricane plan. what if any information like that did they give you prior to you bringing your mother here? >> i inquired. i asked. i came thursday. they told me they were going to be on a lockdown after friday. they had generators, blankets, food. everything that they could possibly need. this is a place where other hospitals come, this is what they told me. this is the place where other hospitals come when situations like this, when there's a storm. so i had confidence. oh, this is a hurricane shelter?
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my mom is in the best place. not the west. she's in a good place. we don't want to see another hurricane katrina, things that happened there. that was my -- the whole week i was going through this emotional battle, what do i do with my mom. do i take her, do i leave her. if i take her, i need an ambulance. okay, god. you got me. take care of her. it didn't come out as best we hoped, but my mom is okay right now. >> you knew the staff well. this facility, they had several dead patients, critically ill patients and didn't call 911. they didn't ask for help. how do you square that with the staff? >> okay. i've not been here for years. let me correct you. my mother and i, because we're a
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team, we came in january. >> so you come often, visit often. >> all the time. your question? >> they didn't call 911 when they had dead bodies and critical patients. >> [question inaudible] >> no, it doesn't make sense. like many companies in situations like this, you modify your staff, you reduce your staff. you bring in the essential personnel or just the amount of people you need to get you through. maybe they didn't have the top people in there. i don't know. who is to say? there's the people who are there during the storm and then there's the people that are there after the storm. you know? it's 48, 72 hours of nonstop.
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you're up on your feet. maybe it was exhaustion that didn't allow them to call 911 as soon as we all would hope. fortunately somebody got the idea to walk over and say hey, let me check out these peeps across the street. things work. could have been a lot worse. could have been a lot worse. what is to happen to these people over here? if the owners are found at fault or whatever for all the families involved, let them to the fullest extend of the law, fullest extent. >> i want to open any questions you guys may have from a health perspective. >> that's vendetta craig. you heard her asked what would you say to the facility. she said shame on you. her mother survived. the parents of eight others did not survive this. people are wondering earlier, why is the hospital saying the
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response went almost perfectly when eight people died? the response of the hospital went very well. they showed up. they're across the street. the handling and the triage was done extraordinarily well. you heard a reporter ask, there was no 911 calls when they had dead bodies there. they want to know overnight why weren't they checked on. i was it a staffing shortage? was it a problem and they're going to investigate that. this is president trump coming back from florida. he was down there. you saw mike tobin telling at the top of the hour. he was in naples. he didn't go to the keys, but the president made it very clear that in fact the florida keys are being taken care of. we have ample resources down there. we know there's military ships that are working, dropping off
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good and services and other things in the florida keys. they're picking up those people that need to be evacuated. this goes all the way out to the u.s. virgin islands and into the florida keys. those that need to be evacuated have a way to get off of those islands. those that want to stay can stay and they have the food and the water and the facilities to do that. the president made it clear today when he was down there that this will continue much long hurricane harvey in houston. the effort, those the cameras have moved to florida, the effort in houston is still continuing. we know that. he's saying the effort in florida will also continue. the president will now get on board air force 2 -- not air force two. marine one and go back to the white house. new drone video showing just some of the devastation hurricane irma left behind in the keys. we just talked about that. this is in long key about 75
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miles south and west of miami. mobile homes as you can see turned on their sides. a lot of people saying they can't get back to their houses because police set up road blocks. the cops say it's too dangerous to let people in the area there. this is big pine key about 30 miles farther into the island. officials say jagged debris and a lack of air conditioning could create a similar situation to the one we just reported on at the nursing home where eight patients died. in this case, it could happen to anybody. let's get live to phil keating in key west. phil, is the electricity starting to come back on a bit? >> they're working very hard. there's an armada here. it's been a couple days since we've been in the keys. it's been 90% of key west without electricity both days. they're hoping to have it restored this weekend, at least by a good percentage. what you need down here in september, because it's searing scorching sun and heat, you need
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water, ice and food to eat especially when it's day four day of recovery. we've got the army national guard here, marines here and we've got navy sailors from the anchored offshore u.s.s. iwo jima and u.s.s. york. they've been here several hours handing out the essential supplies to all the residents. an estimated 8,000 key west residents that did not evacuate stayed here on the rock, hunkered down and road out the storm. the hurricane supplies four days in now starting to dwindle. this is a great effort and everybody is very happy about it. really busy today. probably 2,500 to 3,000 of the 8,000 estimated to be in key west drove their cars or rode their bicycles here.
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left here with at least a couple more days. publix just reopened today. grocery stores have been shut down for three days as well as pharmacies. i'm sorry. trace? >> yeah, phil. and good thing that publix is open and the food and water is getting the people. i'm guessing they need more than just food and water down there. >> yeah, very true. as far as the water goes, everyone is urged to boil their water before they consume it. only two windows to shower down he here. from 10:00 to 1:00 and 5:00 to 8:00. outside that, there's no water. there's been issues with the water pressure and due to damage from hurricane irma. also what is needed are medical supplies and direct relief is a nonprofit that brought in all kinds of prescription drugs, dialysis drugs, blood and blood
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products down to the lower keys medical center that serves up to 50 miles of the florida keys. they need it. they were running out of blood supplies because they lost a.c. for two hours. here how important it is. take a listen. >> they said they were desperate for antibiotics. there were cuts and scrapes from debris. nails. we have tetanus and things. this is good for about 200 patients for 72 hours. so this keeps them good. we can resupply as needed. >> trace, touring the popular tourist areas of key west this morning, duval street, totally in the dark. no power, no electricity. very few bars and restaurants open. i think only two bars if not just one bar. there's branches and the debris all over both sides of the road. you've never seen it before. people not there. nobody walking around. the southern most point of the
12:29 pm
u.s. where the monument is, still mud, sand and silt all over the place from the big five to eight foot storm surge. trace? >> phil keating in key west. good job. thank you. president trump said he did not cut another deal with democrats. but the top two democrats in congress claim he did agree to a plan to protect the dreamers that would not include his border wall. now one conservative that wrote a book praising the president is talking impeachment. the president insisting the wall will happen. we're live at the white house next. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines, a hero teenager tried to stop a classmate from shooting a school and he died doing it. that's the word from investigators in rockford, washington. local media identified the
12:32 pm
victim as sam strahan. one parent said he and the suspect were best friends. the gunman killed strahan and injured three others before a school janitor stopped him. former new york congressman anthony wiener begging a judge not to give him prison time. in a letter to the judge, wiener said he had an addiction. and a nasa space probe will slam into saturn on purpose. scientists say it will happen tomorrow morning. the new continues with trace after this. ♪
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treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> trace: president trump says he's fairly close to reaching a deal with congressional leaders to protect the dreamers, the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose parents brought them to the u.s. without documents as children. the president had dinner last night with the democratic house and senate leaders, nancy pelosi
12:35 pm
and chuck schumer. they said the deal would not include funding for the border wall. one of the president's key campaign promises. today president trump said no deal was made last night and the wall under construction in the form of new renovation with old existing fences and walls will continue to be built. the president told reporters this morning the wall will come later. >> we're building four different samples of the wall to see which one we're going to choose. the wild will be built and funded a little bit later. >> president trump facing backlash over all of this from some republicans. they accuse him of backing away from his tough campaign talk on immigration. ann coulter tweeted at this point, who doesn't want impeached? kevin corke is live at the white house. kevin, what is the white house
12:36 pm
saying today about this? >> i tell you what, an avalanche of criticism. white house officials say despite what you read and heard throughout the day on radio and tv, there's no deal made on daca with democrats. the white house is insistent that the wall will be built. we learn a bit about the president's thinking by taking a look at a pair of tweets that he sent out this morning. let me share this one, this will give you a sense of what he's thinking in terms of the dreamers. he writes this. does anybody really want to throw out good education and accomplished young people that have jobs? some serving in the military. really? he added this. they've been here through many years brought in by parents at a young age. plus, big border security. we're talking 800,000 adults. that's the question here. what to do about those people.
12:37 pm
so the president is saying in effect, we can do something and still have our wall. >> ultimately we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall we're doing nothing. the wall to me is vital. if i don't get the wall, we will be become the obstructionists. >> what comes first? >> we have to have an understanding whether it's in the budget or some other vehicle in a fairly short period of time the wall will be funded. otherwise, no deals. >> so make sure you pay attention there. the wall could come later as a separate issue, but he does promise the wall will still come one way or another. we'll be waiting and watching as it happens. trace? >> kevin corke live at the white house. thanks very much. meantime, the president -- we've got some sound. john roberts was on board with the president when he went to visit florida. we can put this back on the screen here.
12:38 pm
there's breaking news. talking to fox news john roberts earlier today, the president got a chance -- john roberts got a chance on board air force one. the president was responding to reports about susan rice. there's word that susan rice told lawmakers that he unmasked trump staffers to learn more about a meeting the crown prince of the uae was having in new york. john roberts with the president. let's listen. [inaudible] >> susan rice said she did unmask officials in your campaign. >> she's not supposed to be doing that. what she did was wrong. we've been saying that. that's the tip of the iceberg. what she did was wrong. not supposed to be doing that. you know, the unmasking and
12:39 pm
surveillance and -- i heard she admitted that yesterday. it's not right. >> let's go, folks. >> what did you think of the trip today? >> i think the governor has done a good job. the federal government is working with state and local has really done a terrific job. the keys are -- we've just gotten word on the keys it was wiped out. there was a hurricane five that hit it. we're getting supplies and medical and a lot of other things out to the keys. most of all, the electric is going back on. it's already on in certain locations like miami. it's going back on on a daily basis. we have masses amounts of electricians, massive amounts of electrical workers all over the state. they came from all over the country, canada.
12:40 pm
there's never been a mobilization of electrical workers like in the state of florida. i'll be going to the virgin islands. this next week is the united nations. i'll be going to the virgin islands and puerto rico next week or the following week. i spoke to both governors. we have it very well covered. the virgin islands was really hit. the virgin islands were hit. i'll be going there at the end of the week or the beginning of the following week. i'll also be going to puerto rico, the same thing. >> you mention united nations next week. will you be announcing any position about adding sanctions on iran -- >> you'll see what i'll be doing in october.
12:41 pm
i'll say this, the iran deal is one of the worst deal i was ever seen. certainly add a minimum, the spirit of the deal is just atrocious. the iran deal is not a fair deal to this country. it's a deal that should have never ever been made. you'll see what we're doing in a couple weeks. it's going to be in october. >> major as you think or -- >> you'll see. we're not going to stand for what they're doing to this country. they have violated so many different elements. they have also violated the spirit of that deal. you will see what we'll be doing in october. it will be evident. >> mr. president, what do you say to republican whose are looking at your outreach to democrats and saying what's going on here? >> many republicans really like it, as you know. i was with a great republican representative just now who you know very well. two of them. they are very, very happy with
12:42 pm
what i'm doing. i'm a republican through and through, but i'm also finding that sometimes to get things through, it's not working that way. you know, we got very poorly treated on the healthcare plan. now you see what is happening where people are going single payer. exactly what i said would happen. single payer would be a terrible we have to get things fast. if we can't get things fast, we have to go a different route. we have to get things fast. you covered my statement very accurately on the dinner last night. they cannot obstruct our wall. we definitely need a wall. i just spoke to the president of
12:43 pm
mexico. as you know, it's been impossible to reach him because he was in the mountains where they had the earthquake. there was no cell. we spoke yesterday. the phone, the connection never got put together because he had no access to cell. but we just had a good talk. just got finished with him. that whole earthquake is terrible. it's just terrible. we paid our respects. he like-wise will paid his respects. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know anything about it. >> do you think it's inappropriate? >> i have known him a long time. he's a very straight shooter. could be he is paying for it. i don't know anything about it. i just heard >> [question inaudible] >> total confidence. >> how about gary cohn? >> i have confidence in gary.
12:44 pm
>> you met yesterday with senator feinstein. you expressed frustration about the aftermath of charlottesville and they asked for more african americans in the senior ranks. were they discussed -- >> yeah, they were. a great meeting. tim scott has been a friend a long time. i was a supporter of him as a civilian. i was one of his earliest supporters when he ran. we had a great talk yesterday. especially in light of the advent of antifa, if you look what's going on there. you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also. essentially that's what i said. now because of what has happened since then with antifa, you look at really what has happened since charlottesville, people are saying and actually written, trump might have a point.
12:45 pm
i said you have some very bad people on the other side also, which is true. we had a great conversation. he also has legislation, which i like very much. the concept of which i support to get people going into certain areas and building and constructing and putting people to work. i told him yesterday, that's a concept i can support easily. >> [question inaudible] >> we did talk about that, yes. it's something i do and will continue to do and we did talk about it. >> did you make any promises -- >> i told him i would do it. he knows me -- let me tell you he knows i've already done it. i told him and i told him very strongly, i like that and i also like very much legislation having to do with jobs in certain areas. >> back on making deals.
12:46 pm
mark short said that throughout the obamacare process that you can't count on members of your own party to get the legislation across the goal line. is that true? >> i'll give you a great example. so we had a surprise from john mccain. we had the votes. john mccain came out of nowhere. we had a surprise. it was a very unpleasant surprise. now what are we looking at? we have people now talking about single payer. that's what we get. so the republicans have to stick together better. they had the votes and then john mccain changed his mind. pure and simple. if the republicans don't stick together, then i'm going to have to do more and more. by the way, the republican party agrees with me. the people out there definitely agree with me. if they're unable to stick together, i'm going to have to get a little help from the democrats and i've got that. i'll tell you, with the tax
12:47 pm
bill, i would be very surprised if i don't have at least a few democrats. i have states that i won by 30 points and more where they have people running. frankly, i think and i get the impression that they much like the ideas of this tax plan. we'll be submitting on the week of the 25th the details. most people know about the plan in terms of the details. we'll be opening up the week of the 25th. i think it's going to be something that is very successful and i do believe we'll have some democratic votes. >> on the tax plan, democrats have said if 1% gets a tax cut they won't be against it. can you confirm -- >> this is not a plan for the rich. it's a plan for the middle class and this is a plan for jobs and a plan to bring $4 trillion back into the united states that people have wanted to do for years, democrats and republicans. for years they have wanted to
12:48 pm
bring that money back into the united states. this is a plan to bring -- it could be more than $4 trillion. nobody know what's the number is. they've been saying for years it's 2.5 trillion. that was -- for four years i've been hearing that. obviously it's more. i think it's anywhere between four and $5 trillion. could be more. we'll be bringing that back into the united states. i'll have tremendous democrat support and republican support. >> will it be revenue neutral? >> it will be revenue neutral when you add growth. we'll have magnificent growth. if you look at gdp the last quarter, it was 3%. everybody was shocked to see that. i think we would have -- i'm not going to use numbers but we would have had substantially more than that for the next quarter in gdp. the problem is we just got hit with two massive hurricanes. that will have an impact and maybe more than a little bit of
12:49 pm
an impact. but we have gdp. if you raise -- if you go up one point in gdp, it takes care of many sins. if you go up two points, it takes care of everything. i think we're going to rock it in terms of gdp. don't forget, i've been saying a long time that gdp will be higher than you thought. when gdp, when it hit 3% this last quarter, people including people here, were very surprised. they thought it would be about 1.7 or 1.8. a lot of it has to do with regulations that i've cut where people can build and farm and do all the things they want to do. at the same time being environmentally friendly and regulation friendly. so i just want to say, including growth -- a very fair question and a good question. if you want to include growth because we're going to go like a rocket ship, we're going to more
12:50 pm
than make up the difference. >> [question inaudible] >> we've had bigger storms than this. if you go back into the 1930s and the 1940s and you take a look, we've had storms over the years that have been bigger than this. if you go back into the teens, you'll see storms that were as big or bigger. so we did have two horrific storm storms, epic storms. if you go to the 30s and 40s and the teens, you'll see some that were even bigger. >> are you thinking about the next chairman for the federal reserve? >> i do respect chairman yell len. i respect her. we haven't made that decision yet. the country is doing well. we got hurt by the two hurricanes. the stock market has hit a new high as you see. jobs are at a 17-year low. unemployment is at the highest
12:51 pm
number it's ever been. look at the up employment low and the unemployment in the country is just about at the highest points it's ever been. we're doing well. very importantly just to finish, companies are starting to move back into our country. expansion of auto firms and plants. expansion of different things. it's foxconn. your iphone. i made by you know who? foxconn is moneying into the country. apple will be building massive plants. there's a reason for that and it's trump. >> looks like the bomb was bigger than thought, the bock that north korea was exploded. looks like they're making preparations for another test. where are you now with north kor
12:52 pm
korea? >> we have a very good relationship with china and the president of china. believe me, the people of this country will be very, very sad. i think a lot of effort is going to be put into this. we're looking at what is going on. as we speak, we're looking at it right now. you'll be seeing what we'll be doing. >> [question inaudible] >> i was invited by the president, we'll probably all be going over as a group sometime in november. i will be doing japan, south korea, possibly vietnam with a conference. >> what about philippines? >> he invited us. we'll see. >> you think south korea, china and japan? >> right now definite. we've been invited by the philippines. they want us to go, vietnam. it will be a busy ten days. keep you guys busy.
12:53 pm
>> back in time for thanksgiving? >> i hope so. i don't know. thank you. thank you. good questions. >> trace: yeah, so a little hard to hear but fascinating nonetheless. that was an impromptu news conference the president gave aboard air force one on the way from visiting the hurricane damage back to the white house. i want to bring in kevin corke very quickly back in the white house. i was fascinated when he said look, here's the deal. if the republicans don't stick together, i'll have to get more democrats. that's laying down the gauntlet, so to speak. >> this is exactly what they've been talking about, trace. you can talk all you want about your principles. if you're not welling to move a little bit to make it happen, especially in benefit of the american people, he will end around you and get it down with others. that may or may not sit well with those that backed him, especially in the election, but the white house's position is make a deal if it helps the american people. very fascinating conversation. we'll have more tonight for you.
12:54 pm
now back to you. >> trace: but in the meantime, kevin, he's going to infuriate his base with this stuff. is this a fair assessment to say there's a lot of conservatives right now that are not very happy about this one bit? >> well, they're not happy, but i think they should probably pump the brakes a bit. we don't know what deal may or may not have been struck. as you watch the negotiations play out, trace, keep this in mind, especially for those of you that haven't been inside the swamp of the beltway of washington d.c. where you start doesn't necessarily have anything to do with where you'll end up. we'll see what the president can get down. more stakeholders means more conversations to come. >> just to give you a tip top, thanks, kevin. he had pelosi and schumer last night saying look, the president agreed that he was going to cut us a deal on daca. he was going to work a deal out on dreamers and the president said no, that's not what
12:55 pm
happened. he said, well, it's not going to include the wall. the wall has to be part of the deal. now he comes out on air force one around says that he's going to need some help from democrats. now the president, by the way, is speaking again. here he is. back at the white house. >> we're renovating large sections of walls. it will be brand new by the time we finish. we're building samples of four different walls in order to make the choice. after the choice is made, we'll either have it in budget or someplace is. if the democrats don't approve it, we won't do what they want. i think it will work out. >> you have a deal with democrats? >> we're working on daca but we want heavy security at the border, we want surveillance a lot of things at the border. ultimately we don't want them to obstruct the wall. just so you understand we're renovating massive sections
12:56 pm
right now and essentially they'll be brand new. >> and daca now and the wall later? >> daca now and the wall very soon. the wall will happen. thank you. >> [question inaudible] >> say what? >> [question inaudible] >> no. we're not talking about amnesty at all. we have not talked about amnesty. there will be no amnesty. we're not talking about that as part of the deal. thank you. >> trace: i just want to get some quick reaction from our panel now. i want to bring in a democratic strategist and brad blakeman.
12:57 pm
brad, you are one of the few that said he needs to reach across the aisle to get this stuff done. >> he does. if one party thinks they have the upper hand, it will be honored in the breach. compromise shouldn't be a dirty word. we have to do it in our personal lives. politics is not an excuse not to compromise. >> trace: i'm going to stay here. the conservative base a lot as you heard an coulter saying, is there anybody that does not want to impeach president trump. sean hannity said this is like read my lips, no new taxes, this is a jolt. >> there's not been an agreement. one thing for sure, theis open to hearing the democrats out. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. the president is not going to give something without getting something. i'd urge my republican friends to chill out and let the president play this thing out. at the end of the day, the house
12:58 pm
and the senate will have their say before a bill ever gets to the president. >> trace: yeah, and do you think this is good for the democrats? the democrats getting what they want out of the president or is there some skepticism thinking, you know, maybe he's playing us a little bit? >> i think for schumer and pelosi, they're very thrilled to have gotten further in one week on discussions with trump and the gop has gotten in eight months having to majority on a lot of legislation. so for them, they think this is one a step in the right direction. they've got ten him talking about daca, which wasn't the case a couple weeks ago. i think they're hoping to continue to move down that road without giving an inch on the wall situation. >> trace: it's interesting you say they're getting their input. the president is couching this saying look, we're not negotiating here, atima. what we're doing is getting perspective from the democrats on how to go forward. you think that is a fair
12:59 pm
assessment? >> i think it's him on a tight rope trying to navigate the fact that his base was a little disrupted by the fact that he was willing to have more discussions about daca and go back on his word and potentially maybe go back on this wall situation. this is very key to him. i think he tried to lead his base. his base balked. so it's him trying to save face as well as the white house. that's what i think is really happening. >> trace: bracelet, and the president says he's not going back on the wall but he is talking about alternatives. you think he's blink something. >> no. i think the president is playing chess. there's a lot he promised and a lot of deliverables for america. the president may give a little to get something. that's called negotiation. it's smart. >> trace: it's smart. break blakeman, atima, thank you very much. we heard from the president a
1:00 pm
board air force one and then again at the white house. a lot of fascinating stuff. we'll be back in a little over an hour to talk about that. meantime, i'm trace gallagher for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." wow, did the president have some shocking announcements there on air force one. he cemented his views on tax cuts. the details of which we're told we will get on the 25th. that's a week from monday. what he also laid out is the idea that it might not have to be revenue neutral per se. that is unless you include the dynamic growth that you'll get in the economy from a tax cut that could spurt with let's say another 1% growth. you go from 2% growth to 3% growth. you're talking trillions more in revenue for uncle sam over the course of ten years.


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