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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> leland: been a great hour, let's do it again and an hour. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts now, we'll see you again at 1:00. >> harris: fox news alert. united security council is inspected to meet at 3:00 p.m. eastern on the latest north korea provocation. it's at the request of the united states and japan and next hour, the national security advisor as well as u.n. ambassador nikki haley are expected to speak at the white house press briefing and we will carry that live. this after that rogue regime launched a second ballistic missile over japan one day after threatening to "sink it." this comes just days after the 15 member security council unanimously stepped up sanctions against the north for its september 3rd nuclear test. detonating what is believed to
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have been its most powerful weapon yet. we'll have more on all of these parking developments as they happen a little bit later in the hour. a terror attack in london that we've been following the. a manhunt is underway and police may be zeroing in on a suspect linked to the bomb that rocked a packed subway train during friday moaning rush. at least tony two people are hurt. sky news is reporting that suspect was identified through surveillance footage. pictures taken at the scene showed a white charred bucket inflames and what would appear to be wires coming out of the top of it. today's subway attack, the fifth attacking the u.k. this year. but a swift response in president trump. he tweeted another attack in london by loser terrorists. these are sick and demented people who were in the sights of scotland yard. must be proactive. the president further condemned the attack while sticking to reporters of the white house a
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short while ago. watch. >> it's a terrible thing. it keeps going and going and we have three very smart and very, very tough. we're not nearly tough enough. it's an absolutely terrible thing, and fact and going to use week to the prime minister right now. >> harris: we have our own journalists there, amy kellogg live with the latest. >> both scotland yard and british prime minister teresa may have called president trump street "unhelpful" in the meantime, the most import and develop into this hour, as you mentioned, according to our sister network, police have identified a suspect. we don't know at what point in the chase they are, but again, that is thanks to the cctv footage which is really the most important tool oftentimes for investigators after attacks such as these. the counterterrorism command
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saying expect an increased police presence, a visible and throughout today and much of the rest of the weekend. hundreds of detectives and the domestic intelligence agency are on the case are 22 people were injured. winter stand about eight of them have been released from the hospital already. their injuries not sent to be life running wounds. this all happened when an explosion went off in the tube station. happen to be when the train was on an aboveground portion of its root. that bond and not fully detonate according to police. ed appears and may have been this bucket, something in this builders bucket that went off. that must've been the homemade bomb. this according to most of the reports out there now with its wires and a timer. after emergency cabinet meeting today, premise or theresa may was asked about
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president trump's tweet on terrorists and the sites of scotland yard. she had this to say. >> i never think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. as i just said, the police and security forces are working to search for this person responsible for this cowardly attack. >> it could have been much worse had that bomb actually complete leak on off. this is the fifth terrace attacked so far this year in the united kingdom. police are saying also that they have arrested 68% more people this year than the same. mack last year. harassed my back to you. >> harris: amy, thank you very much. >> sandra: fox news alert on the state of the "dreamers." lawmakers getting close to finalizing an immigration deal this week. mr. trump is bowing no amnesty for the nearly 800,000 people brought here illegally as children and protected from
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deportation under the daca program. it's had to expire in march. this is "outnumbered," i'm serna smith pure here today, harris faulkner, fox news contributor and treaded just, lisa boothe, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, and today's #oneluckyguy, fox news clinical analyst and cohost of the five, juan williams is here and he comes to play. he is outnumbered. >> juan: absolutely. it's such a busy day in the news. it never stops. >> sandra: a lot going on, let's gray to it. president trump saying he is fairly close to finalizing a deal with democrats that would allow dreamers to stay in the united states, but the president tweeting this this morning. chain migration cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on immigration. chain migration would revolt dreamers it's just one of a number of issues lawmakers are going to have to look at as they work on
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a deal. president trump says whatever agreement is reached, there is one thing it surely will not include. >> we're not talking about an sd. we have not talked about amnest amnesty. there will be no amnesty. were not talking about that. >> sandra: making that very clear. house bigger paul ryan is working on coming up with his own solution that republicans can really get behind. he put behind an informal working group including himself and the majority leader as well as the committee chairs and more moderate republican members of the hispanic caucus. meantime, homeland security is reported leak considering delaying the october 5th deadline for dreamers to renew their status. juan, there's a lot to dig into there. can you bring us to where we are today? >> juan: talk about trigger words. amnesty for conservatives. >> sandra: the president is
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taken care of us not happening. >> juan: wall, that's another trigger word. build the wall, who's paying for it customers mexico, that's not in this deal. the president said down the road, we can build a wall, the let's do this first. for a lot of people as we've seen in terms of response from conservative media, there's a little bit of wow, wait a second, that was a core campaign promise. moving beyond that, we come to amnesty and that is a trigger word, but so critical because in both bills, the democrats numerous act that was pushed by chuck schumer in nancy pelosi at the dinner and a republican alternative, there is a position there where you can, if you're a dreamer, stay in the country illegally and then apply for citizenship. what is that but a pathway and amnesty? >> sandra: that ambiguity is leading a lot of speculation to be left out. >> lisa: as it should. we're not talking about 100,000 people.
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they're going to bring additional people with them. we're not looking up at 800,000 number. this has long been a contentious issue, not just for epub against, but for democrats as well. there's a reason why congress, both republican and democratic and administration have been grappling with things like the dream act for something like 16 years now. i'm not convinced this is going to get done even when democrats have both bodies of congress and president obama in the white house, they failed to get comprehensive immigration reform done. i think is going to be a lot of democrats that have issues with border security element, whatever that is. i thing that's a throwaway line and not really real. even with republicans, there is a deep divide of issues with immigration. we're going to see all of that rear its head when these conversations continue. >> sandra: teething a deal can be reached? >> kennedy: yes, at least on the dreamers themselves. not only to people in both parties want them to stay, and
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there's been this mutual agreement and the president has said and been very strong talking about the fact that you can't just deport people who don't have a home to be deported to. that's not where they're from and that is heartless and he was criticized for not being empathetic in the face of hurricane harvey, but here he's shown great empathy and that's why this is an issue that finally there some bipartisan support which is what he has so desperately wanted. that's we have to start with. this fracture congress and i say that, i don't mean democrats and republicans, both parties. you can't comprehensive anything, not health care, not tax reform and not immigration until used it with the dreamers and some border security. >> sandra: fair point because milk of the timing of all of this, there is a lot on the agenda for this president right now. >> harris: all he did with the debt ceiling and everything else, he kicked the can down the road for 90 days. there's a lot coming on.
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i wrote down amnesty rate when you said it because that is the word and i do question because the presidents bays has been so loyal to him. they have not walked away from any issues. i don't know how this issue does going forward, but i agree with kennedy, there's a deal is going to be made because the president to me is saying these words. to both parties. if you won't, i will. i'll do what it takes to get a deal done because we need to move forward and i do think this president cares about what's being done right now and his legacy, but that touchstone of being with harvey and irma victims, i think brings home the issue of this is for america and americans and he seems to be very bent on i'm going to get it done so get on board or get out of the way. >> sandra: meantime, ladies and want, by the way. "the washington post" is reporting during that dinner with president trump, house minority leader nancy pelosi, the only woman at the table of 11 was trying to make a point
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that the men in the room kept talking over her. two sources tell the paper she asked, do the women get to talk around here? there was reportedly silence and she was not interrupted again. kennedy, what you thing of this? >> kennedy: if you interrupt nancy pelosi, she will drink your tears forcibly. i see that with so much love. i don't necessarily appreciate it. i understand she's in a position of power and her icy fist has a grasp on power and she's not letting it go and part of that is because she's played the gender card for so long. i don't think that's necessarily true. maybe she's just annoying and people to want to hear which has to say. >> lisa: imagine she's in a position of power. i'm so sick and tired of women
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playing this card. maybe she should say something more interesting and people at the table would listen to her. hillary clinton did this as well. somehow she lost the election because of her gender. you didn't go to wisconsin and you were a horrible candidate. you can go to both sides the aisle and look at women who are important phases of leadership. you look at someone like elizabeth warren, she's also in leadership. >> sandra: one, what do you think? you be careful here. >> juan: lean in. she found a way to get her voice heard in the conversation. is that wrong question are no pure that's effective. this effective leadership. if you want to complain about it, the other side is, idling there's any question, often times, women get talked over. one had to leave a board because
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when it was said they're adding women to the board, there was going to be a lot more talking around here. guess what, this is un-american society. >> harris: my husband's outnumbered every day. i'm sure he's looking at nancy. >> sandra: the once a gritty counsel preparing for an emergency meeting now after north korea launches under their missile over japan. how world leaders should respond to growing threat went tougher sanctions don't seem to work. pleasantly discovered emails exposing what critics call examples of pay to play during hillary clinton's estate to bremen days. details of that straight ahead. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs.
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♪ ♪ list before the u.n. security council be holding an emergency meeting on north korea's latest missile test and just over an hour from now, the white house holding a press briefing where u.n. ambassador nikki haley and national security advisor h.r. mcmaster are expected to address the threat. this after north korea fired yet another missile over japan just days after the u.n. passed tougher sanctions against kim jong un's regime after it tested a nuclear bomb. it's a second missile test than
9:18 am
with three has fired over japan in recent weeks and friday's launch flying further before landing in the pacific ocean. yesterday, one of the missile test as president trump was asked about the report and his plan for it and here's what he had to say aboard air force one. >> believe me, the people of this country will be very, very safe. i think a lot of effort is going to be put into this. we're looking at what's going o on. >> kennedy: jim mattis calling the missile launch a reckless act that he wouldn't comment on a possible military response. juan, ed looks like we are running out of options. not because north korea is rattling, but they are begging for war. what we do now? >> juan: when you hear from secretary mattis is right. the role be a lot of collateral damage including our people cared we have about 30,000 troops right there on the border
9:19 am
anything about our allies in terms of south korea, they become more aggressive in terms of their military posture in the last few days, arming themselves with more of these missiles and then you have japan which is another key american ally and they are exposed. we won't even get to guam, the last missile traveled far enough that it could have reached guam. when you come to is china. how does china behave? today in the u.n., they have the united states and japan asking for this 3:00 p.m. meeting, but not china. china did vote with us on monday to increase sanctions in the pacific, an oil embargo that could hurt the economy. the initial instinct, at least for me, the hormone driven one here on the panel, is to punch back. i think we have to hold on a second. we don't want to start a war. we could beat them, but --
9:20 am
>> kennedy: it would be devastating. the loss of life alone. you look at the sanctions and you have to wonder when they're going to work and juan has a great point about china because china isn't being forceful because they're terrified there right next door, they have created this monster. how do we put pressure on them effectively? >> harris: i don't think we have exhausted all of our options. the list is rather long and every single enumeration should start with china. we saw the president talking about businesses with china, so he'll have to apply maximum pressure now on that. a couple things i like in this scenario. first of all, the president is surrounded by generals. the second is their seeming to show a lot of patience and that 3:00 p.m. meeting, i'm hoping will see our u.n. ambassador nikki haley and others in the room. there's adults in the room who will stand up and say these are our options and is go through
9:21 am
them carefully. has anyone asked north korea what they want? >> kennedy: there a rational. >> harris: the point is we don't know what they want. i hope the people in the room know what they want. >> kennedy: one of the answer is, and that's a great question because we don't have -- we have some of a back channel. the problem is, what is the answer to that question if they want more? >> lisa: that's scary because even secretary mattis has said it's a war we are going to win, we we don't want to because of the mass casualties that will see. >> harris: why would they want more? >> lisa: you're asking the wrong gal. where to look at what john bolton said regarding the sanctions and sing is not going to work.
9:22 am
>> harris: do they want attention, and to be given to them? >> lisa: no, but we should start shooting down their missiles. the missile defense agency sent a symposium that we could shoot down a north korea nuke, so why don't we put that in motion and knocked on some of these missiles and sent a message? >> sandra: we have to point out that this president has been adamant about saying in rig spots to all questions, not advertising the actions we are taking. all of these questions may be on the table. going back to your original point as far as how much you have in the toolbox still, rex tillerson, i couldn't find his exact words, but i do believe he said these sections of the floor, not the ceiling. >> kennedy: that's a good point.
9:23 am
if that's the starting point, harris makes the most important point here which is they will hurt their people. >> harris: there is a flowchart years ago on how much smaller north koreans were by decade. >> kennedy: because they're starved to death. they don't grow. if they can't make any textile exports and you cut off their banking, they're still going to do whatever they can. that's not necessarily from china. we are talking about like pakistan and iran which are funneling all these materials. >> lisa: i question that they fear us because they continue to launch these missiles and we've not done anything necessarily to knock them down or send a strong message. >> harris: i don't know if you can make crazy fear. i do know they threaten to put a nuke on the market. that's as bad as taking a shot
9:24 am
at somebody because you don't know of those other countries are going to do. they said we want to hit guam. what do they want? >> kennedy: trouble could be brewing for democrats over the immigration deal. party leaders are working on with the president, what they are not happy about. how that could work for the party and emails revealing what could be examples of pay to play as a clinton state department and how widespread was this and is ed feeding the trust issue that voters have? more on that coming out. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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antidepressants can increase these in children, teens and young adults. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects were nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix had no significant impact on weight in clinical trials. ask your healthcare professional about trintellix. ♪ >> harris: looks like democrats are risking backlash
9:29 am
among their own base. the issue, party leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are working with president trump on a deal for daca. that's the obama era program set to expire soon which attacks people from deportation nearly 800,000 of them, so-called dreamers who came here illegally as children . a democrat in michigan says she things her party members should be judged by what they do about daca and when it comes to close he and schumer working with the president, she says she does not trust the president. adding, he could change into her three hours. just last week, congressman of illinois was reportedly serious when he said during a meeting, the trust between the dreamers and the democratic congress is broken. political reporting people are angry schumer and close he didn't use their leverage. you've got everybody doing different moves within your party. >> juan: they want to put pressure on pelosi and schumer. on this point, even most trump voters think dreamers should be
9:30 am
able to stay. inside the democratic party, the dynamic at the moment is people like congress men gutierrez and others who have been involved with this issue say don't you go through us and talk about ways we bring to the table with us? at this point, the bandwagon rolls on and there's a lot of yelping and barking. >> harris: i don't know that. it does conjure a visual. >> kennedy: do you know why they haven't been consulted? because they are seen as being obstructionists and they want to make a deal. it's very different because they're moving from obstructionists to going some thing done and is interesting. i understand why there's an analogy among some republicans and conservatives as working with schumer and pelosi because they're not trustworthy. they would actively impeach the president if they had the
9:31 am
concentration of powers in either chamber. what they're most worried about is if this goes through, they're not going to get the credit, they won't get the votes, the president could get the credit if he puts pressure on congress to codify this and some sort of a long-term law and not just a suggestive memo. >> harris: you hit the nail on the head. congress is so woefully and apt on getting things done, you would think they would embrace this with both hands and both feet and give it a big old hook stomach don't act on mack hug. >> lisa: we will see something in the coming months, but it touches on something that is often not discussed particularly in the mainstream media and we've seen this come to a fruition whether it's something like abortion. you have tom perez basically putting a litmus test on democrats and the issue of abortion and then you have them
9:32 am
sing we're not going to do this. or bernie sanders for instance with single-payer and then you have democrat leadership walking in back and saying maybe we shouldn't go there. there are some pretty deep divisions within democrat party. >> sandra: there's not a lot to lose here. they've gone so far as resist, resist, resist, that's not working. >> juan: let's not lose focus on the dreamers, that's who this is about. it's not about the politicians. i think feelings got hurt, but the reality is president trump is taking it too. i think he wanted to be in on what is put on the table. i think trump is taking a risk with his base and schumer and
9:33 am
pelosi are taking a risk with people who don't trust donald trump. democrats are going to say no to a deal for the dreamers or abandon and suddenly rented trump. >> kennedy: what if the dreamers build the wall? >> juan: you are a dangerous candidate. it's a beautiful wall. >> sandra: a conservative watch group obtaining a new batch of hillary clinton's emails as part of a lawsuit. the group says the documents show fresh examples of pay to play as a clinton state department. the emails were from top aide huma abedin's account in september 2009. secretary clinton was asked for help arranging government appointments in singapore and hong kong. huma abedin responded saying happy to assist with any and all meetings. discuss you and your trip with
9:34 am
our assistant secretary of state for east asia and pacific affairs. in another email exchange from july 2009, and associate for clinton foundation owners looked for secure of funds for his film company. one, are you going to defend any of this question rick >> juan: know, i don't like it. the foundation is a problem for the clinton and the idea that there would be paid to play, i don't know what was put down at that point. to suggest that there was a response from clinton's aid to the foundation officials, i think it's unseemly. >> lisa: hillary clinton has been living in a glass house her entire career yet she's been throwing stones and other people and coding just this week on wednesday. >> kennedy: it she should throw stones of the glass
9:35 am
ceiling. >> juan: i told you she was dangerous. >> lisa: she criticized john jr. with the meeting with russia. you look at the fact that the crown pins of baran. he went through channels to charges and up a meeting with her. it's not in the book. >> kennedy: if you look under the definition of collusion, this is all it. when he talked about colluding, two parties working together, that's one thing because this is what collusion looks like. i'll tell you what didn't happe happen. trumps aid trucks from the clinton foundation, hillary clinton in her book is claiming that this is a world-class charity that is so highly rated, doing such
9:36 am
wonderful terrific work and that's why people wanted to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases, tens of millions from places where they kill people and women. oddly enough, they're not doing any of that anymore and that is a very strange coincidence. >> lisa: the business times did a study looking at arms sales from the state department on their hillary clinton and saw a signal we can increase between looking at a period of time with hillary clinton also looking at george w. bush. you can go and look through all these different examples or speeches for bill clinton. 11 out of the 13 speeches, including a criminal and backed bank and russia were under the tenure of hillary clinton. >> juan: i think the foundation does have a good rating and i don't see trumps folks -- >> harris: what you talking about? he served food yesterday. >> kennedy: how much did
9:37 am
hillary and bill donate? >> juan: i don't know. but you want to talk about foundations, go look at the trump foundation. >> sandra: moving on, a new study revealing some startling members showing just how negatively the mainstream media has been covering our president. what explains that? music a musical david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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♪ >> kennedy: welcome back, it's friday. between president trump and the press, not going away. the president tweeting fascinating to watch people writing books and major articles about me and yet they don't nothing about me and have zero access. this is a new study reveals a whopping 91% of coverage.
9:42 am
the image on your screen shows the breakdown by month. trumps very best month so far was april with 82 statements, his worst, made with 597 negative statements. in this analysis, they only include remarks to reporters and other nonpartisan contributors and avoid comments from people with an obvious political affiliation. juan, you have been in the media for many, many years, what you make of this coverage? >> juan: it's true on the service. by the way, it's been for the press. it's good to challenge people like that. you've had the failure of obamacare, you had north korean north koreans -- he's been tweeting that there's been a lot
9:43 am
of not happy moments and then there's negative coverage of trump. i think on one level, you say there is more evidence of the nefarious press. slow down. >> sandra: do you think they similarly challenge obama? >> juan: if you're asking about these, the response of the left would be they say they look at both sides, but in similar studies, obama got better treatment. if you are talking in terms of policy and what happened with the tea party in 2010. >> lisa: you just said president trump is not necessarily being treated
9:44 am
unfairly, but somehow president obama got a pass. >> juan: i did not say that. more positive coverage because people saw him -- >> lisa: steve bannon had said that the mainstream media's job, when you look at the numbers, even if you look at the summer, the media research center -- the first 100 days, and doesn't matter, what we found is the same thing that president trump is getting unprecedented negative media coverage. media research center and research over a 25 year span and found the only journalists who voted. i have experience of firsthand seeing how they're treated. >> juan: do you think
9:45 am
donald trump posts pictures of him body slamming cnn question rick i think so. >> kennedy: i want to bring harrison here and i want some love because they're some tension and this is friday, it's your day, it's friday. let's make some love. not that way. i think this justifies the presidents emotional reaction to the press because he is always saying, it sure feels like they're attacking me, but this is raw data. >> harris: i give him credit for being in that sense. he's in his own category of he's the president, he's going to work on things, he's going to react to things all in one fashion. the media have a job to do and they ought to send him a thank you note for this summer because i remember summers when no one watched television.
9:46 am
what the president has now handed the media is a little bit of laziness on their part. i'm going to keep making news and all you have to do is cover it. >> sandra: i'm reminded of the interview with hillary clinton where she said the media didn't treat her fairly. i'm trying to talk policy over here and he's over there and they gravitate towards him. she makes a very interesting point. >> juan: if you go back to the campaign, how much time -- he had a rally and not just a fox, cnn, everybody would cover it. >> kennedy: i think you're absolutely right. they gave so much free time, they gave all this unearned political coverage because they wanted him to get the nomination because they wanted him to lose. they saw him as the most
9:47 am
beatable candidate, therefore they did whatever they could to prop him up, annihilate the rest of the field so we could save hillary clinton because she was so capable and enriched with a billion and a half dollars and an army out there ready. >> harris: i think how may times can i get retweeted, how much can i put that shine on myself? there's a lot of self-involvement. >> sandra: >> kennedy: ivanka tk responding to her critics singly have unrealistic excitations of her and nothing will deter her father from his agenda. whether that's good, bad, or indifferent. we'll discuss it next. ♪
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9:52 am
the macon people voted for. it's not going to happen. to those critics, shy of turning my father into a liberal, i'd be a failure to them. she also made it clear that she's no yes-man on the comes to her role as a senior advisor to the president. to voice dissent publicly would mean i'm not part of the team. it does mean everyone in the white house has homogenous views, we don't. and i think that's good and healthy. but that doesn't mean republican undermining each other in this administration. ivanka and jared, there's been a lot in the media that ivanka and jared are pulling the strings and president trump is a puppeteer to reince priebus, but here she is saying that my father is going to do what he wants and i can't sway him from his viewpoints. >> kennedy: it that's what everyone who has been close to the president has said. he will do what he wants to do. he's impossible to control and it's a fool's errand to try and control him.
9:53 am
i think it appears that they want to have it both ways. they have this great life with rich liberal friends and they want to break the party down. on the other hand, they want to enjoy the fruits of their father's hard work ascending to the presidency which means sorry, a lot more blue-collar values. >> lisa: we've seen a lot of criticism of ivanka and jared being in the white house, but you can go back to bill clinton and you look at something like hillary and the president had charged his wife. is there some hypocrisy here? >> juan: in response, i think there are lots of people, especially here in new york who have known the charms and known
9:54 am
ivanka and know that her agenda and things like child care, things like doing more, they say why isn't that reflected with president trump? they thought jared and ivanka would bring this another don't see it. instead you get all the facts in the white house. steve bannon is gone, you had previous and spicer and people are saying, ivanka, if you are really there, when i you say something? that's what hillary clinton sai said. >> harris: outside of jared who he knew would be working on middle eastern peace and he has traveled to that part of the world. outside of him, i was never really clear on what her job is going to be. i don't know that it's that fair to hold or to any specific expectations. i do question sometimes when i
9:55 am
see her pop-up, sometimes it's like every day. >> sandra: she did take a senior advisor role in this white house. as a visual, we see her almost every day at the white house. she's playing a huge part there. for her to go to her exact words saying she wants be judged on the policy she's been tasked with rather than the overall administration, that's a difficult thing to ask people. >> kennedy: she also has said she doesn't like to get into the politics much which is challenging for a senior policy advisor and you can't have it both ways. you have to be all in in and ct that policy. >> harris: speaking of team, artist coming right right back. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals...
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10:00 am
you gave me the best at advice, don't let your mind to doubt your body. >> lease i gave you the best advice, take a nap. "happening now" starts right no now. >> leland: a fox news alert as we are waiting the daily white house briefing. sarah sanders with lots to address today, issues not only domestically but overseas as well. the press secretary joined by the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster in the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley, conceivably those people to address the issues as it relates to north korea. back alive to the white house as they come out. >> julie: a fox news alert, london on edge today in the wake of another terror attack, the suspect still on the run.


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