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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 16, 2017 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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crew that worked with eric and knew his son, all of our thoughts and all of our prayers are with the entire bolling family. family. >> hours after a night of anger and violence on the streets of st. louis, safety concerns force the irish super band u2 to cancel a major concert there. it's now the morning after. we're live with the city's mayor. elizabeth: plus, president trump preparing this weekend for a major speech before leaders at the united nations on tuesday. after a week of making headlines on immigration, our top radio panel takes the pulse of the heartland. leland: a big part of the speech to focus on north korea, there's brand new provocative words from north korea's leader kim jong-un, shocking, there are directed at the united states and we'll tell you what
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he's claiming now. and good saturday to you from washington, from america's news headquarters. great to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth prann. leland: there's calm in st. louis after protests overnight. a white former police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man. demonstrators turned into rioters as they clashed with police and smashed windows including at the home of the city's mayor. griff jenkins is in front of that home with the city's mayor, hi, griff. >> hey, leland and elizabeth. we're here with mayor lyda krewson and the protests became peaceful and then turned violent. and how are you doing?
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we know you had some broken windows. >> i'm fine, we have broken windows and those can be replaced. no one was hurt last night. no citizens were hurt. we did have 11, i think it is, the exact number of police officers that were injured last night. and several of them were treated at the hospital. so, we thank them for their service, of course, and we're just really happy that none of our citizens were hurt. >> are you concerned, madam mayor, about tonight, about tonight and that it may continue. we're seeing some planned protests today and the band u2 canceled their concert. are you worried about what happens tonight and bond? >> i think that worried is not exactly the word. we are, of course, concerned that this won't be a one-day event and it could be multiple days. we hope it won't be. we had a lot of partners that are helping us, that are working with us both at the state level and st. louis
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county and st. louis city level and so our goal here is to protect the rights of the protesters to protest orderly, or peacefully, and to protect our citizens here as well. >> you have been, perhaps, an advocate for the peaceful protesting and yet, they ended up on your doorstep smashing your windows. were you surprised they decided to take it out on you? >> i wouldn't say that i've been an advocate, but what i do understand is it that peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our democracy, but i also understand that there's a lot of anger out there and a lot of folks are very worked up, and so, even though i had nothing to do with the decision, of course, but i represent the city and so mai'm not entirely surprised by this and i hope we'll move forward in an orderly way. >> your governor eric greitens proactive may have learned
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lessons from ferguson years ago, moved in. and did you have a conversation and if so, what was that conversation like? >> i've spoken with i am had last night and not this morning, but we're scheduled to spe speak shortly. >> we appreciate it very much. straight from the mayor as they work on her broken windows, a total of 11 officers injured and 32 arrests. protests continue as early as right now 10:30 at the park and into tonight and of course, that u2 concert, a big deal here, now canceled. leland: a lot of people coming from all over the country for that concert. while you have the mayor, very quickly, i'm wondering if she feels the more aggressive police presence and the more aggressive police approach, especially when the violence started, kept things from spiraling out of control or is she in the camp with some of the civic leaders who say oh, no, no, it was the police officers in their riot gear that caused some of the
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violence? >> just a follow-up question from leland, do you feel that the police presence there, sort of aggressive, once things were thrown at them and they were asked to dispersed and they took a hard stance, do you think that made a difference from keeping last night from getting out of control or do you feel the police may have been a little aggressive? >> i think the police did a fine job last night. they have to make the decision in the field. they are the ones that are here, they're on the front line of this and they have to make those decisions, and so, i think they made good decisions last night. there was a tremendous restraint shown all day yesterday from 9:00 all through the night till 1:00 in the morning, and there was also restraint shown by most of the protesters, not all, of course, but, no, i think the police did a great job and we had to rely on the people there and in that situation to make the best decision. >> thank you, there you go, leland, back to you.
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leland: all right. certainly a different view from leadership in the city than we've seen in some of the past riots around the country. griff, thank you, stay safe on the ground. our best to the mayor. elizabeth. elizabeth: we're keeping a close eye on a number of rallies today in and around the nation's capital. here in d.c. supporters of president trump have gathered for what they call the mother of all rallies kicking off soon right around the national mall. a live look now in richmond, virginia. three harmed members of the new confederate states of america gathered around the statue of robert e. lee this morning, but those demonstrators have since left the area. counter-protesters are still around that particular monument. they want to preserve richmond's confederate monuments. this is a live picture you're looking at right now. they say their rally is about heritage and not hate. and fans of the insane clown posse you may have heard of otherwise known as the juggalows are marching in washington d.c., and protesting them being
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labeled as a criminal gang. it was an anti-discrimination rally and we're monitoring all the rallies and if anything develops, we'll bring it to you live. leland: new rhetoric from north korea. president trump heads to the united nations for his first speech to the world body. he is preparing at his gulf club in bedminster, new jersey. kristin fisher travelling with the president, as she often does, joins us from there. we've seen the president go to these retreats for a weekend of golf and also for a weekend of work. it would appear this is much more a weekend of work? >> yeah, leland, president trump is going to be spending a lot of time preparing for his first u.n. general assembly. next week he's going to be meeting with leaders of japan about north korea, the leaders of britain about terror to name a few. he's also going to be delivering that big speech on tuesday and yet, we got a preview of what we can expect to hear in that speech, three goals in particular from his national
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security advisor and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley. >> first to promote peace, second to promote prosperity and third, to uphold sovereignty and accountable. a peaceful world depends on the contributions of all nations. >> i think he hugs the right people and comes out with the u.s. being very strong in the end. >> it's not too tough to figure out who or what president trump is going to be slapping in that speech. slapping terrorists all over the world and especially the ones that carried out the latest terror attack. and slapping north korean leader kim jong-un who launched three missiles and tested the largest nuclear weapon ever in the weeks after president trump threatened pyongyang with fire and fury. yesterday, president trump toured and marked the 70th anniversary of the air force and told the airmen in attendance that the u.s. is more committed
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than ever before to eradicating u.s. terrorism and more confident than ever that we have options to deal with north korea. listen. >> after seeing your capabilities and commitment here today, i am more confident than ever that our options, in addressing this threat, are both effective and overwhelming. >> and that really echoes what the national security advisor said yesterday, that we have military options, the u.s. has military options in dealing with north korea, we just don't like them because it would likely mean such a tremendous loss of life, leland. leland: we've heard there are lots of options, none are good. a little more on the north korea threat later in the air, kristin, thank you. liz has more. elizabeth: for more and president trump's agenda,
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welcome, daniel. >> so nice to be here. elizabeth: to prioritize where we should start, i want to start with the discord we're seeing between the republicans, especially after the conversations that president trump had with the democrats this week and i want to ask you, sort of, what's going on behind the scenes right now? especially when we talk about immigration and we talk about daca and we talk about the border wall. we've gotten mixed reports. the democrats saying the border wall is not in conversation and then we're hearing from republicans, it certainly was in discussion and angry that they had these conversations. i'm sort of curious what went on. >> we know that there are negotiations going on. where they stand exactly, that's where-- that's where the difference is, when they got out of that meeting, of course, the president had chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, top democrats in washington for dinner. after the dinner, they claimed there was some sort of deal where daca was going to many about law and that there would be no border wall. president trump said there isn't
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going to be a border wall. >> i think a larger sense, president trump has tried to work with republicans since coming into office. he tried to approve major health care. he tried immigration and tax reform. we're seeing some progress, perhaps, but nothing at all has been achieved. so, i think where he's stepping back and trying to say let's see what else is out there and let's s she-- see what i can make of it and what i can get done. so far nothing has been gotten done there seems to be optimism among democrats that something is getting done. elizabeth: is there strategy on the president's part. if you're not going to work with me and you're republican i'll go across the aisle and do the budget differently than we thought and moving forward legislatively differently? is that the goal here and could happen? >> that could be part of it and could be a message to republicans, hey, if you guys don't send me any bills, there's a lot of people who are anxious
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to work with me and i'll get something done and might not be something that you agree with. this is a president that wants to sign legislation and achievements. he doesn't have anything to sign or achievements, so this is a president looking to get something done. elizabeth: are there things getting done behind the scenes that we're not privy to? the reason i ask we look at the docket and there's simply so much. depending who you talk to, they say that tax reform needs to be done first and others say you can't talk about tax reform until you get the budget done at the end of the month. but we're not hearing a lot of progress on that. >> am i wrong? >> no, you're not. there's focus on the hurricanes, i hesitate to say this because it's not the president's doing. they're good for the president, he has risen above the moment. on the other hand, look, on the administrative level there are things getting done at cabinet levels. congress had to contend with various aid packages which they're doing and which they have done which delayed the legislative agenda, so, i think
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there is-- there are things getting done, things have not gotten done at this moment and obviously, this month, the last couple of weeks, a big month and there's a lot that needs to get done. elizabeth: i wish we had more time. we'll have you back, there's a lot to get through. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> with everybody, with republicans, we're working with democrats, and paul ryan, i spoke to, everyone is on boardment we're not talking amnesty, we're talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, people that have done a good job. leland: all right. thats with a the president reaching across the aisle, but it's not sitting well with all of his base. let's bring in our talk radio panel to weigh in from the heartland, mike, from wisconsin and former congressman and radio show host, joe walsh. we've put up the triple box here. either of you guys happy about
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this? yes or no? . well, we don't have a triple box. we'll poll you. mike, are you happy with this? yes or no? >> i'm not unhappy with this. leland: you're not. hold on. and then we'll get to joe. joe, happy/not happy? >> not happy. leland: not happy. we'll start with joe. how do you-- it sort of seems like the twilight zone a little bit. a progressive host who is not unhappy. and you're a-- not happy. is it surprise or-- >> it's not surprise at all. this is why trump got elected. his base, most of his supporters, if he goes back on this issue, in central issue, no amnesty, i'm going to build the wall. if he goes back on that or fudges on that or wiggles on that, he's going to be in a whole heck of a lot of trouble. there's a lot of anger and
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nervousness out there among his voters that he might do that. leland: meek, in a sense, is this victory for the progressive left, that repeal and replace failed, the dems got their way when it came to a budget deal and no government shutdown, to fund the government for the next three months and now, if you listen to joe, it appears the president may not have caved on the wall, but this issue of amnesty is up for negotiation? >> well, you know, i had the opportunity-- we had u.s. senator ron johnson in studio with us yesterday and if you ask ron, repeal and block grants, and i don't think i mischaracterize his words when i say that, he still thinks that repeal is a responsibility. senator johnson told that it's not a literal wall. we had a good time and gave him a hard time. many supporters thought the wall was a literal wall and i've been
9:16 am
at enough rallies where they nt chaed build that wall. et cetera-- it's hard for them and many ron johnson, it's hard-- and remodel of fencing going on. leland: that's what the white house is talking about, it's begun because we're remodel the fencing. and we're talking about funding for the wall and forgive me, i thought that mexico was going to pay for the wall. those were the chants at the rally. >> it's funny, he said two things, we're going to build the wall and mexico is going to pay for it. i'll be honest, almost all of his supporters believed, yes, we're talking about an actual wall. donald trump wouldn't have gotten elected if he said i'm going to build a virtual wall or fix some fences. he talked about building a real wall. now, when he said mexico's going to pay for it, i don't think most of his supporters believed that. but they believed in an actual wall and he better build that
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damn wall and i'll tell you what, leland, if he doesn't build the wall he's not going to get reelected. leland: kick it over to you, mike. do democrats feel like they have the president on the ropes? we've heard that his base has at least serious questions at this point and possibly some serious reasons to be angry. what's the next point the democrats want to take the president to task on? >> i'm not clear what his tax plan will be. i think it's mostly tax cuts for the rich. i would say the quote, unquote, resistance and i count myself amongst the resistance-- >> mike, he already said he doesn't want tax cuts for the rich. he said it's not about the rich, it's about the-- >> he says lots of things, leland. leland: you don't take him at his word now? >> no, i never did, never did. leland: and joe? >> i think when it comes to tax reform, he better cut taxes for
9:18 am
everybody and i think so that's what he'll do. leland: all right. well, gentlemen, we appreciate it. i think we'll have a lot to talk about in the coming months, proving that left and right is no longer linear in america. we'll listen for you on the airwaves. >> thank you. leland: we'll talk to two republicans, senator toben and marsha blackburn, about the tax reform and what these two guys were talking about and chris wallace sits down with hr mcmaster on fox news sunday tomorrow. check your local listings for time and channel. and there's been a hot of coverage about the daca deal. howard kirtz will talk about that and the media firestorm and tweets sent by an espn host. there's been a lot of fallout from that including a new memo from the head of espn. that's tomorrow 11 a.m. eastern
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here on fox news channel. british authorities make what they call is significant arrest in the subway bombing, who it is. and plus the u.s. led coalition is striking one of the few towns under control of isis. we'll tell you where. elizabeth: in florida and the caribbe caribbean, we're checking out the plan to restore devastated services in the region. >> we're going to do everything to get the keys and this entire state back.
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>> iraqi troops have launched an attack on isis, hoping to secure iraq's border with syria, but it's at the border of anbar province. the coalition forces are backing the mission with air support. isis has suffered a series of setbacks in iraq in july and iraqi forces retook control of mosul after a campaign of nearly nine months. and british police say they've arrested a 18-year-old man in can ex-- connection with the attack in
9:24 am
london. and our own kitty logan joins us from london with the latest. hi. >> hi, elizabeth. this investigation seems to be moving pretty fast as the hunt for suspects in yesterday's attempted bombs goes on. currently they are conducting raids in surrey, southwest of london. neighbors have been evacuated there as a precaution. police are wary of explosive devices when they search those properties and there's a no-fly zone in place. so far no one has been arrested. but there was an arrest made at the port of dover. a 18-year-old man was detained. the home security describing as a significant arrest. it's not clear if the suspect was trying to flee the country, but this man has not yet been charged. police are hunting for suspects and possible accomplices who left this improvised explosive device in the peak morning rush
9:25 am
hour. thankfully, this device didn't detonate fully. 29 people were injured, many with burns, but no one was killed. isis has climbed responsibility, but it's interesting to note police say they are treating that claim with some suspicion. they're analyzing the security video along there. and the government has since raised the threat level from severe to critical which means an attack is very likely. elizabeth: so much pressure ahead of the monday morning commute. kitty logan reporting. thank you so much. leland: coming up, new threats from north korea leader kim jong-un. missile tests and nuclear tests and now how the u.s. is responding. steve bussy formerly with the fog with that. and picking up the pieces after hurricane irma. phil keating is in key west. >> i'd love to buy you a drink
9:26 am
at the famous sloppy joe bar where ernest hemmingway used to hang out. it's closed. all on duval street except one bar. very eerie. the return of the evacuees coming up after the break.
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hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> kim jong-un vows, he will complete his country's nuclear program and he made this defiant claim following north korea's longest test flight ever. it was a ballistic missile test on thursday. he says his goal of achieving equilibrium and military force with the united states is something he's striving for. let's bring in greg palkot live from seoul with the latest. hi. >> hi, elizabeth. strong words and new imagery coming from north korea. now, the state media there purporting to show in the latest
9:31 am
scenes, the launch of the intermediate range missile. it flew 2300 miles into the pacific ocean that would put the u.s. territory of guam in range. and luckily it was not said to be in attendance. kim jong-un, with those hefty quotes. a few more, he said, i'm quoting here, that north korea will proceed at full speed straight to achieve nuclear arsenal, so his words, the u.s. would not be able to talk about a military option. all of this comes at a time when the u.s. is working very hard with allies in the region, at the u.n. and elsewhere to put maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on north korea and just friday we heard of possible military action against north korea, that was raised by trump administration officials. still, some here today in seoul see intriguing signs and the
9:32 am
latest flash of rhetoric for kim jong-un. for example, he's now only talking about equilibrium rather than destroying the united states with that nuclear arsenal and he says he's close to completing that arsenal which might mean he's close to coming to the negotiating table and analyst says we have to talk. >> we have to talk and what happens is a senior american official or a trusted confidante needs to get in a room with a senior official of kim jong-un. until the talks start, this process we're watching is just going to go on and on. >> of course the problems are -- and there are several -- north korea has never been easy to talk with. i'm told if they sit down the a the negotiating table, this time they won't want to give up the nukes ap all the while they'll
9:33 am
test the devices and missiles, chances for dangerous possibilities. boy, i'll say. and thank you so much. leland: with more on the scary possibilities, we'll bring in steve bussey formerly with the pentagon and special forces. let's talk about tactics. kim jong-un talks about equilibrium. in a way if this is the best insurance policy somebody could could ever have is a tin pot dictator. >> the idea of him having equilibrium or parity with the united states is ludicrous, that's totally for his domestic consumption. i hope even he understands that's not going to happen, but could it cause us pause? yeah, you're darned right. leland: he's already start today cause us pause. you would think, at least in the past when there was a threat to the united states or to our allies, think iraq, think libya,
9:34 am
first strike possibilities were implemented. there's no talk of a first strike right now. >> we don't know that that discussion is not happening. i think with president trump and secretary mattis, that those are had. hopefully we don't to be honest with you, but we need to be ready to defend ourselves and to take offensive action. leland: we keep hearing about, from the administration, that, you know, we keep kicking the can down the road and we're now at the end of the road. conceivably the end of the road is north korea getting an icbm and marrying that to a thermonuclear weapon. the last test, we have graphics to show this, was significantly stronger than we originally thought. not only stronger, but far bigger, almost ten times the size of hiroshima. how good is our intelligence in north korea to really understand if the blast that we see on the right is something they can put
9:35 am
on the top of the missiles that we've seen flying? >> it's not adequate. it's good, it's probably as good as it's going to get in the world. is it perfect? absolutely not. do we need it to be as close to perfect as possible? yes. and it's not there yet. leland: it's not there yet. the other issues you have here, you've got south korea and japan, both u.s. allies, who seem a take a very different tact right now. you've got a pretty leftist, dovish president of south korea, and a very hawkish president of japan. at some point are they on a collision course as well? >> they're part of this equation, definitely. they're much closer. north korea could hit either of them with conventional munitions let alone an icbm. they're part of the equation and they're going to follow their interests. we need to keep in mind, he could hit america, too, particularly hawaii. leland: certainly in hawaii and the military base in guam we
9:36 am
know he's threatened before. specifically south korea, even with conventional weapons you're talking of hundreds of thousands of south korean casualties. we've got about 28,000 troops in south korea. obviously, a much bigger force in japan. but still, we haven't seen any mobilization yet. we haven't seen pushing troops up to the dmz. we haven't seen the reintroduction of u.s. tactical nuclear weapons into south korea, the b-1 that's that fly over aren't nuclear capable. what's the continuing tipping point for you, when you look at the discussions between the president and secretary mattis are more than discussions and are u.s. military news. >> when people start moving and flowing. the planning has gone a lot further than the public thinks. the public generally tends to think the military waits until they hear a bang and then they start planning. this stuff has been locked in, adjusted for every new action
9:37 am
and nuance that north korea makes. but, no, you're right, they have not started actually moving the equipment or the troops. when the president makes that decision, they'll start moving. i couldn't give you a tipping point that would key that. leland: last sunday after the test we had that nfc meeting and secretary mattis came out and it was made very clear that the president wanted to be briefed, not only on the diplomatic and economic options, but also on the military options and he made it clear, there are a number of options, as we pointed out, none that great, but they exist. steve, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. leland: good to see you. >> an update on the aftermath of hurricane irma now. the residents from florida's middle keys can know go back home. the state is working to clean up the big storm. millions of people are still living without power and our own phil keating is in live in key west with the latest.
9:38 am
hi, phil. >> hi, elizabeth. saturday on duval street no tourists and many have plywood up, and the sloppy joe bar. and they're cleaning up for the day when they reopen. like at that look at duval street, never on a friday would you see it this way. a ghost town, desolate, boarded up. no one walking around. debris still over this island, stacked up by now on the sidewalks, but it still has to be scooped up, put into a truck and hauled out of here and for all of those residents who can now get down to marathon today and for the residents who evacuated who have yet to get back to key west. they can get back starting at 7 a.m. and warned, they don't possibly have much to come home to. there's a lot of infrastructure that's just messed up still. crews have been working hard all
9:39 am
week long, but some neighborhoods are totally wrecked. a lot of houses totally destroyed, according to fema 25% of all homes in all the keys destroyed. about 65% suffered damage. granted, a lot of the buildings and homes are okay. they are livable. but when they're returning residents, owners get home, there's going to be a whole lot of clean yum work to do and assist a whole lot of damage. as for power, power has been a big struggle in the keys all week long. especially the lower keys where the eye of hurricane irma and her 130 mile per hour winds came in with a five to eight foot storm surge. that's where many power line poles went down and that will likely be the very last place that will have electricity. everybody who is returning must be forewarned, you've got to be prepared to camp. that's per the sheriff. stock your car with water and foods and everything you need to get by for multiple days because the grocery stores just opened for the first time on a limited
9:40 am
basis two days ago. the first bank here in key west is opening today to distribute cash. everybody to haurng hunkered down here, 8,000 people, basically through the end of their hurricane supply kit. running out of ice, running out of water and food and be prepared for that stuff. there's a concern for sheriff not to let people to return before the utility crews and the debris had been removed because they don't want all of their first responders to get away from rebuilding and have to start doing rescues again. it's a tenuous situation down here, tens of thousands are dying to get back home to see what is left. leland, elizabeth. elizabeth: i can't imagine, phil. thanks for staying down there and bringing us the story. a long road ahead for those folks. thank you very much. for further analysis on florida's recovery, keep it on fox news. in the next hour we'll speak
9:41 am
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>> lawmakers struggling to reach a deal on health care reform, nothing new. this week a group of senators proposed a new bill. former presidential candidate bernie sanders is proposing a single payer system that would move the current system further to the left as you know. and from "the washington post," the author of the the daily newsletter, too, so very much abreast of the health care situation, that would be an understatement. this week we saw the duelling proposals could not be more
9:46 am
different and really maybe not optimistic for either side. i don't know if either side can get support for the two proposals. when you look the a the proposals, the sanders bill is pretty far to the left. proposing a pricey, far reaching single payer system, more than a european system. elizabeth: it's all tax increases. when you ask people do they support a single payer system a small majority say yes, but when say there's a tax increase. elizabeth: and explain they'd be getting bare bones coverage. there are nuances, he has support, only around 15 senators if i'm not mistaken. >> it's more than in the past been 16 senators come out in support of it, but when you look the a the reality of the situation, neither democrat leaders in the house or support have endorsed it and pelosi said
9:47 am
it's not a litmus test for the democratic party. so sanders is going to talk about it and congress is not going to pass it and trump isn't going to do anything with it. and senator cassidy, that bill is more extreme than the health care bills that the house and senate passed over the summer. this bill would retain virtually all of the aca spending and do a huge revamp of it, turn more than $1 trillion over to the states for the states themselves to figure out how to regular state insurance and structure benefits and contains a lot of proposals that are controversial even amongst some republicans, allowing sicker people to be potentially charged higher premiums. elizabeth: i'm curious because we heard from senator cassidy who was fairly optimistic and saying although there's not a formal whip, there are at least 49 senators vocally saying that they support him and someone like senator rand paul that high
9:48 am
school obamacare light. you'll see the same division that we saw months ago. >> i think the thought is now, this is the sort of last gasp effort to try to rally senators around a bill. we only have about a week and a half that they can still use this budget reconciliation vehicle before it expires. it's telling that we haven't heard support from majority leader mitch mcconnell and this would bill would allow for big cuts to medicaid, especially to states who already expanded the program. that might not play well over rob portman of ohio and whose states did expand medicaid and there would be cuts under this bill. so i'm skeptical that it would gain steam. elizabeth: you wonder if folks at home say why don't you move on focus on the tax reform and the budget. and other related victories. paige, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: leland.
9:49 am
leland: it's been a wild ride for cleveland baseball fans and like all good things, they come to an end. we're going to talk about the last three weeks and why the indian fans are now cheering for more in the post-season. and we cannot confirm if the grass is greener at the white house, but it's definitely shorter thanks to this ambitious 11-year-old. ♪
9:50 am
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>> the cleveland indians broke an 82-year-old major league record with a 22-game win streak over the span of three weeks, but friday night at progressive field, the kansas city royals prevailed marking cleveland's first loss since august 23rd, but it's not all nor naught. indian hold the biggest championship drought losing to the chicago cubs in the 2016 world series, but we'll see what happens in the post-season for the indians. could they come back to the world series? we'll keep an eye on it. elizabeth: here is a story that
9:54 am
you probably -- it's pretty adorable. young frank giaccio built his bra brand, and wrote a letter to president trump to mow the white house lawn. he did that, he got his wish and a surprise. if you saw this, the president approaches him, but frank is focused and is a very focused young man and continues to mow the lawn until encouragement to stop. and the president got his attention and listen to their conversation. >> this is frank, he's going to be very famous. he's going to be a navy seal some day, he's going to do great things for our country. >> i knew he was very impressed and i thought he wanted to be going with me, so i kept mowing, but he gave me a couple of comments and it was pretty cool when he came up.
9:55 am
elizabeth: it was pretty cool. they tweeted later that they gave frank an a-plus for his work and i saw him on fox and friends this morning and a cute boy and he had two and a half customers and one was not necessarily a full-time gig. leland: i think that frank is from falls church, virginia and you think next spring he's going to have a lot more customers, you mowed the lawn at the white house, you're pretty good. the question is does he start a snow shovelling business. we'll check with frank. john roberts at the white house thought he did this pro bono and he sort of earned media out of this, well worth the lawn mower job. all right, frank, good luck. speaking of president trump, well, now he's talking about tax reform for next week and while the president has not revealed his plan yet, he says his focus is on average americans, not the 1%. >> wealthy americans are not my priority. my priority are people in the
9:56 am
middle class. leland: after the break, north dakota senator john hogan and tennessee representative mo marsha blackburn on if the president can deliver.
9:57 am
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you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. ♪ ♪ leland: well, you can look outside, it is a beautiful september saturday in the nation's capital. welcome to "america's news
10:00 am
headquarters," i'm leland vittert. elizabeth: and i'm elizabeth prann. thanks for joining us. president trump preparing for his first crease to the -- address to the united nations. leland: plus, on the ground in st. louis after a night of protests turned into a night of violence. elizabeth: and looking for answers after eight seniors die in a florida nursing home following hurricane irma. we're going to speak with one florida congressman about what is being done to insure it never happens again. well, president trump is spending his weekend in new jersey as he prepares for his first address to the united nations on tuesday. kristin fisher is live in new jersey with the very latest. hi, kristin. >> reporter: ah, liz. yeah, so much for president trump to think about heading into his first big u.n. general assembly, but yesterday the sheriff first thing he -- the very first thing he talked about was the london terror attack.
10:01 am
even though there was some friction between president trump and theresa may after he criticized the scotland yard on twitter, yesterday he praised her and used the phrase that his predecessor would not, radical islamic terrorism. >> i spoke with a wonderful woman, british prime minister theresa may, this morning and relayed america's deepest sympathy as well as our absolute commitment to eradicating the terrorists from our planet. radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: now, the british prime minister, theresa may, is just one of the world leaders that president trump is going to be meeting with at the u.n. general assembly next week in new york city. he arrived here in new jersey yesterday afternoon and is expected to spend much of the weekend preparing for those meetings and his big address on tuesday. no doubt north korea will be dominating the agenda after its
10:02 am
recent nuclear test and missile launches. remember, the u.n. responded already by slapping some more severe sanctions on pyongyang. yesterday the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said that it'll take some time for the full effect of those sanctions to be felt, but aside from that there's not much more that the u.n. security council can do. >> there's not a whole lot the security council's going to be able to do from here when you cut 90% of the trade and 30% of the oil. so having said that, i have no problem kicking it to general mattis, because i think he has plenty of options. >> for those who have said and commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. now, it's not what we would prefer to do, so what we have to do is call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war. >> reporter: and, you know, at that briefing yesterday the national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster, was asked, you know, this has been talk about before,
10:03 am
so what's different now? his answer? what's different now is that we're out of time, that we're out of road to keep kicking the can down. and he knows that there are military options but not a lot of good ones, so those kinds of options are the things that the trump administration are going to be continuing debating this weekend, and it will likely be -- actually, it certainly will be a focus of their discussions at the u.n. general assembly next week. liz? elizabeth: kristin fisher, thank you so much. the president's top priorities is tax reform among a number of other issues. let's bring in tennessee representative marsha blackburn. thank you for joining us, congresswoman, we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> elizabeth: the goal is for the house and senate, obviously, to get a resolution before mid october, but people are talking about getting tax reform done before the budget is done. i mean, is that putting the cart before the horse? what is going to come first just so our, you know, people at home know.
10:04 am
>> the preference is to get the budget done first -- elizabeth: right. >> -- so that we can set the reconciliation number and then move forward with tax reform. the good thing is, and this is where the cart kind of gets before the horse, is that you have people discussing what they really want to see in this bill. and that's the positive. i think we are going to have that resolved by the time we get the budget across the line and get that reconciliation number, and it will be a very quick finish. elizabeth: when it comes to the budge, i want to ask you a couple questions about tax reform, what is going to be a sticking point, and do you think we should be hearing more now, should the conversations be taking place right now? >> conversations on the budget have been taking place, and we continue to try to push it across the line so that we can have a budget that takes away from the bureaucracy, the ability to decide where funds go. this is something that congress should do. this week we passed our
10:05 am
appropriations bills in the house and finished that appropriations work for the first time in 12 years. that's what you should do. you set the limits for the bureaucracy and kind of put the rails of the road up. and that's a big part of this process. and it gets us away from this continuing resolution -- elizabeth: right. >> -- which gives the bureaucracy that power. elizabeth: we talk about a number of critical issues when it comes to tax reform and, obviously, it's dependent on what we see coming out of the budget, but what do you think is going to be the most critical? is it going to be the corporate tax, the business writeoffs? what do you think is going to be the biggest sticking point? >> yeah. you know, elizabeth, there are two things everyone wants to see. first, flatter, fairer, simpler so that it is a flatter rate. lower those marginal rates, give everybody the opportunity to go in and reset their withholding. and this is how you put the focus on hard working taxpayers and those middle class earners. flatten out those rates.
10:06 am
make certain that you also look at relief for not only individuals, but for small businesses, for main street. and that's another big component, fairer in this process so that your business rate, a 15-20% rate whatever it ends up being, applies to all of your partnerships and your llcs. let them benefit from that lower rate just like big companies do. and that is fairer for the entire process. your small businesses are where jobs creation is. that is one of our president's goals, and we want to see him achieve that. and then, of course, simpler. simplify this form so that an ez1040 is really an ez-1040. we have a form that's a postcard size, 14 lines. that is what taxpayers tell us they want. we feel like we've got support for that in the house.
10:07 am
we're encouraging our colleagues in the senate to do likewise, and let's get this job done before the end of the year. elizabeth: okay. you talked about the house and senate. i do have one more question for you because there's a lot of focus on the big six and one of them, obviously, is white house economic adviser gary cohn, but i want to ask you is there fluidity in the vision those leaders are seeing and also treasury secretary mnuchin? are they all on the same page? >> i think the president, the vice president and then the advisers are working with the house and the senate to get everybody on the same page. and, yes, being able to have those good discussions -- and i will also say being able to have some bipartisan discussions and that robust political debate, two-party debate that has served our nation well. we want tax reform to be something that lasts. we want to bring certainty to the marketplace for individuals and for businesses, and we want
10:08 am
to stop this business of it changing every couple of years. let's nail it down, let's let people know what is going to happen, let's give them some certainty, and let's do the president's -- join him in putting the focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and getting the economy growing again. we would all love to see a 3% growth rate -- elizabeth: yeah, we would. >> -- for our economy. elizabeth: congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, thank you. leland: as we just heard from the congresswoman, there is a wide divide on tax reform and on the president's policies. coming up, senator hoeven of north dakota who recently traveled with president trump on his latest trip to sell his tax reform policies. we're trying to get senator hoeven's technical situation worked out from north dakota. sometimes it takes a few minutes. we're going to have him a little bit later in the show. and we're going to keep the debate going on tax reform
10:09 am
tomorrow with republican congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania and trent franks of arizona, two men who view this issue differently as well. plus, the debate over dreamers is heating up. chris wallace sits down with senator blunt and senator durbin tomorrow on fox news sunday. and howard kurtz will tackle the coverage of president trump's daca deal and take a look at the media firestorm surrounding a series of tweets sent by an espn host, that's tomorrow 11 a.m. eastern here on the fox news channel, liz and i back with you at 1 p.m. eastern. and now to some striking visuals in the nation's capital today in the so-called jugelows along with fans of president trump rubbing shoulders on the national mall. it is an odd but peaceful gathering. they're protesting a 2011 decision by the fbi that labeled them as a criminal gang.
10:10 am
just a couple of hundred feet away, people have also gathered in support of the president. we have some crews out on the national mall there if anything interesting happens. so far people are just sort of milling around. also a few hours south three members of the new confederate states of america -- and you heard that right, exactly three -- held a rally to preserve confederate monuments. they left the area about two hours ago but so far the counterprotesters have stuck around. noteworthy, the police banned all weapons during this protest except for guns because virginia is an open-carry state. no rocks, no bottle, no sticks, but you were allowed to carry your guns in richmond. so far as you can tell, not much news there to be made. elizabeth? elizabeth: turning now to the fallout in st. louis that you've probably been following after a night of violent protests that followed a judge's acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of a black man in
10:11 am
2011. our own will carr is on the ground with the very latest. hi, will. >> reporter: hello, liz. keep in mind that a lot of this is the result from the tension in ferguson back in 2014. you have to remember that former officer jason stockley killed lamar smith back in 2011, but it wasn't until new evidence came to light that he was tried this year. there was a video in which you could hear him say that he planned to kill smith just minutes before he pulled the trigger. >> i can tell you with absolute certainty that there was no plan to murder anthony smith during a high-speed vehicle pursuit. it's just not the case. >> reporter: and the judge agreed saying that he did not believe that stockley planted a gun as prosecutors actually tried to make the case for, saying in his 30 years on the bench he'd never seen an urban heroin dealer who did not have a weapon. the acquittal head to protests
10:12 am
throughout the streets of downtown st. louis. as we were walking around, we saw protesters swarm the old courthouse that had park ranger this is, they had to go inside to stave off a confrontation. a couple of blocks later we saw a number of protesters jump on top of a police suv, smashing the windshield. that led to police swarming the area. there were a number of arrests. and as the sun went down, there were peaceful protests throughout the streets, marches. but then the trouble started when they got to the mayor's house. they ended up smashing several window, they threw paint onto her walls and then they made it to this area of the central west in st. louis, and we saw them pick up a chair and toss it through the window of this business. several other businesses had their windows smashed, and you should see this. i know that law enforcement will certainly check out these surveillance cameras to see if they can identify the people who were responsible for this vandalism. and, liz, important to point out
10:13 am
that there was a major difference between what we saw in ferguson, what we saw in baltimore and the law enforcement that we saw here. they were certainly happy to let the protesters go throughout the streets here in st. louis as long as they were doing it peacefully, but when violence broke out, they had zero tolerance. liz? elizabeth: all right. will carr with the very latest, we appreciate it. leland: all right. more strong words from kim jong un about what he wants to do with his nuclear weapons. coming up, a congressman just back from the korean peninsula. his reaction to those new provocative claims. plus, it ain't over. hurricane jose strengthen ping in the atlantic and yet another tropical storm behind it. the latest on that forecast as down in the florida keys they are still trying to restore basic services after irma. phil keating live on the ground in key west as there is another storm potentially headed to the caribbean. phil?
10:14 am
♪ >> reporter: hey, leland. returning residents who have been evacuated for nine or ten days finally can get down to marathon, by tomorrow to key west. this is duvall street, sloppy joe's bar. everything remains pretty much boarded up, and it's a big clean-up day. no tourism. back -- more after this. ♪ ♪
10:15 am
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elizabeth: as americans recover from hurricanes harvey and irma, forecasters are keeping an eye on hurricane jose. no coastal watches or warnings have been issued quite yet for the category one storm, but the northward track could mean potential landfall on tuesday or wednesday of next week. meanwhile, tropical storm lee has just formed in the atlantic, and that storm's expected to strengthen slightly throughout the day tomorrow, so a very active atlantic there. leland: yeah, hurricanes. [inaudible] they are certainly keeping an eye on those storms in florida, especially the keys where hurricane irma flattened a number of towns. a week later many places don't even have power. phil keating live on duval street in key west where, phil, it is normally a party there. today, anything but. >> reporter: there would be a
10:19 am
full-on party happening with cruise ship tourists and other tourists all up and down duval street, but this is yet another morning in key west where nobody took a shower. water is still limited, you can only take a shower or use your faucet a couple of times a day. everything is still generator-powered in a lot of places, plywood boarded up, hurricane shutters still on the wall and we've got some national guard troops driving by, making sure the streets are still safe. sloppy joe's bar still closed, however, everyone's hoping as the power comes back things can start reopening, but that's not the case. take a look at duval street last night, friday night, 7:15, this would be shoulder to shoulder, wall to wall touristses, everybody having a good old vacation time. not happening now for two straight weekends down here. now, let's take a look at some of the records we saw earlier in the week, marathon, big pine key
10:20 am
all of which had tons of damage from those 130 mile-an-hour winds and 3-5 foot storm surge. the big news for the keys' residents who have been evacuated up on the mainland for ten days is that everybody living all the way down to marathon, to the seven-mile bridge, as of today they can come home and assess what their situation is at home. you've got to keep in mind power and -- electricity, phone service, cell phone service has been very spotty. it's starting to come on though. the crews have been working diligently and ferociously all week long. as of seven a.m. tomorrow morning, all of the key west residents have returned and the lower keys residents who evacuated, they can all now return home as of tomorrow. but again, there are a lot of things that you need to know. and grant lives in key west, he stayed here for the entire hurricane. all of these residents that are dying to come home, you've been here for the past six days basically camping out. tell -- what would be your
10:21 am
advice, what can they expect? >> just you've got limited power. we've got, we've got a lot of help with the military bringing in water and supplies. wherever they're at they should stay at, you know? we don't need any more pressure on this area to impact what the people that stayed and they're helping clean up. >> reporter: it's basically nothing's happening all day long, and you've got to be home at eight. >> got to go get ice every day, but we're prepared, trust me, the people who stayed -- >> reporter: what can these people expect? camping. >> camping, and if they've got kids, no way. the parking's limited, debris everywhere. give it another, i'd say, another week. >> reporter: thank, grant. so that is the status down here in the lower keys, key west still very livable, the lower keys in between key west and marathon where the worst of the hurricane hit, that's going to be rough and they'll likely be the last place to even get power back. as for the florida mainland, of course, the storm went all the
10:22 am
way up the state. according to utility companies, the east coast of florida, everybody should be electricity by tomorrow night. and on the west coast, not until next friday. so still a lot of road to recovery here. leland: wow. you really hope especially in places like key west they're able to recover before the big tourism season begins. so much of the economy depends on that. phil keating on duval street, thank you. coming up, we're going to speak with congressman francis rooney whose district includes hard-hit areas just north of where phil is like naples and fort myers. he was on the show last weekend and then flew down there with a number of relief supplies for folks there right after the storm. he's here to tell us exactly what he saw and encountered among his constituents. liz? elizabeth: coming up, protests over daca's possible end. earlier in the week president trump met with democrats to find out a way to move forward on immigration. coming up, we're going to speak with congressman john garamendi on whether or not we are close
10:23 am
to seeing a deal on daca. while president trump reaches across the aisle on daca, one judge just made it tougher for the president to crack down on sanctuary cities. >> the president support it is daca program -- supports the daca program and supporting making a deal on that but, again, that has to include that massive border security. ♪ ♪
10:24 am
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10:27 am
♪ ♪ leland: well, the president this week saying his taxing cuts will focus on the middle class, not the wealthy. but among congressional republicans, there are some wide divides about how much they will bend conservative principles for their president. we bring in senator john hoeven who traveled with the presidenten on his latest trip -- president on his latest trip to push tax cuts. senator, appreciate you being here. thank you. >> you bet, leland. leland: as you talked to the president, give us a sense of how committed he is to major tax reform versus simply getting
10:28 am
something done as it relates to taxes because there is a big difference. >> well, for example, when i was visiting with him last week, we had a lot of time together, he talks about tax cuts. so he wants tax reform as well, but he really wants to simplify the tax code and make it pro-growth. leland: do you feel as though he has specifics yet, or are these general themes? because it would be hard to have anybody disagree with what you just said, tax reform and tax cuts, the devil's in the details. does he have specifics or these broad themes? >> he's really laid out principles, as you know. simplify the tax code, reduce the rates, make sure we bring back that foreign investment call repatriation. that's pro-growth, that's job-creating. eliminate the estate tax, focus on workers in the middle class in terms of making sure they have, keep more of their earnings in their pocket.
10:29 am
so those are the things he's laid out as principle, but he has gary cohn and steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary and his chief economic adviser, working with the senate and the house on the specifics, to go to your question. leland: what are the red lines for you personally when it comes to tax cuts? because if it's a deal with the democrats, massive tax cuts for the wealthy like what we saw from kennedy, like what we saw from reagan that spurred huge economic growth won't happen. but he may be able to get a deal with democrats for it. are republicans willing to hold him to real tax cuts that make a difference for massive investment here at home? >> well, that's it, by reducing the tax rates and simplifying the cold, addressing the business tax rate -- which involves a lot of things because you've got your c corporate, your individual rates, those are the details you have to put together. by lowerings thing the --
10:30 am
lowering the rates -- leland: everybody agrees with that. but we hear the president say i'm going to focus on tax cuts for the middle class, i'm not going to focus on tax cuts for the wealthy. the wealthy may not even get a tax cut. we know in economics, and republicans talk about this over and over and over again, the way you get that big economic growth you talk about is tax cuts to the wealthy; the people who invest, business owners who begin to buy new real estate, companies that begin to put massive manufacturing facilities in. these all require tax cuts on wealthy americans. are republicans in congress, yourself specifically, willing to push for that even though it may either take longer or may not be popular necessarily with democrats or even the president? >> i think the focus will be on tax cuts for the middle class, but i think it's about reducing the tax burden for everybody and making it pro-growth. so that's the challenge is, that, you know, we're working to
10:31 am
make sure we do that. obviously, we're reaching out to democrats. but at the end of the day, they've got to join with us in something that really reduces and simplifies the tax code across the board, and then everyone benefits, leland, particularly workers in middle class because that growing economy creates a demand for labor, that drives wages higher. and then with the lower taxes, the working people really benefit from his concept of pro-growth tax reform and tax cuts. leland: well, as of late the question whether it's republicans joining with democrats and the president or whether it's democrats joining with republicans in congress and their president, which way do you feel like the president is going to go on this one? >> well, as you know, we're working through budget reconciliation so we can do it with 51 votes. so we're determined to pass it. we want to do it by year end. republicans are taking a leadership role to do it working with the president. of course we want democrats to join with us. we're glad they're in the dialogue. the test will come when it's time to vote on the tax relief
10:32 am
package. leland: as you say, it is a very big test. in the past those deadlines have shifted drastically, so we'll see as the clock ticks down to december. thank you, senator, we appreciate it, sir. >> thanks, leland. good to be with you. leland: you too, sir. elizabeth: a federal judge in chicago on friday ruled against the trump administration's crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities. the decision blocks attorney general jeff sessions from denying public safety grants for cities refusing to impose tough immigration policies. ellison basher joins us -- barber joins us with states that are fighting. >> this is a small victory on sanctuary cities. as you said, federal judge ruled friday that attorney general jeff sessions cannot withhold public safety grant money. chicago i sued the department of justice claiming sessions overstepped his authority when he issued a new set of rules for a justice department grant that's meant to help local and state law enforcement.
10:33 am
the new rule said if a city or state wants the money, they have to let federal immigration authorities access detention facilities and give them 48 hours' notice before releasing someone suspected of being in the country illegally. the ruling in chicago stops that, at least temporarily, and it applies to the entire country. but chicago is not the only place pushing back against the trump administration's immigration policies. california lawmakers passed legislation around two a.m. this morning that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities. the bill specifically prohibits state and local police from using resources, money or people to, quote, investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest persons for immigration enforcement. with this law unless a person has a felony record, federal immigration agents won't have access to them. >> i think it shows that we're going to protect our immigrant
10:34 am
communities. we're going to make sure that it's clear that they're safe, that they can work with police and not fear deportation. >> the only thing this bill provides a sanctuary for is dangerous criminals. >> reporter: after the ruling in chicago, a spokesperson for the department of justice told fox news doj will defend, quote, lawful and reasonable grant conditions that seek to protect communities. liz? elizabeth: ellison barber with the latest, thank you so much. appreciate it. leland? leland: this latest move comes as both democrats and republicans try to figure out what a propeck spif deal between -- prospective deal between democrats and the president on dreamers actually means. joining us now, democratic congressman john garamendi, and from california where nearly a quarter of the daca recipients live. congressman, we know you just got back from south korea, so we're going to get to that in a minute. first thing's first, this new bill in california. even if you agree wit, are you
10:35 am
okay with states essentially usurping the law making in washington for their own internal political purposes? >> well, that's not exactly what is happening. what is happening is really following the u.s. supreme court decision that said that state and local police do not enforce and cannot enforce the federal laws with regard to immigration. that is a federal responsibility. that came out of a supreme court case in arizona. what this bill apparently does -- and the language, as you said, came out very, very late last night or early this morning -- and it seems to be that those who have been arrested for criminal;s that is, felony violations, they can be held. but that the state police and local police and sheriffs cannot -- and this is consistent with the supreme court -- cannot hold people for violation of or presumed violation of federal
10:36 am
immigration laws unless there's a felony warrant out or a felony arrest. that's a different situation. i think it follows the supreme court decision out of arizona. leland: all right. we'll have -- i'm sure that will be litigated coming up by the supreme court if this doj has anything to do with it. >> probably. leland: you obviously were traveling, but this deal with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer or the framework of a deal over daca, how surprised were you when you all of a sudden reed that something that the -- read that something that the president promised to end he might be willing to deal on in this way? >> very surprised but also very, very pleased. daca is a problem across the nation, more than 200,000 here nor california of young children that came to the united states -- leland: i -- >> how do we keep them, how do we deal with it? what are our chances of getting legislation? i think they're very, very good.
10:37 am
the republicans as well as the democrats realize this is an issue the mix wants solved. we -- the public wanteds solved. we need to codify, basically, the daca -- leland: put this in political perspective though. >> sure. leland: as congressional democrats, you guys went sort of in january and february from feeling like, boy, we're really on the ropes here as the republicans have the white house, congress, both houses of congress. now all of a sudden you've got the president who made the deal you wanted when it came to the debt ceiling, you've got a president who's now willing to make a deal and infuriate much of his base over daca and whether or not we're going to build the wall now or delay it. what's next on the democrats' wish list to get from the president? >> well, long, long ago a very seasoned and ancient politico told me, be careful. the wheel turns. sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're on the bottom. right now, yes, it appears as though the democrats appear to
10:38 am
be able to work with trump in a very, very important issue, daca, the debt limit and others. good. good for the nation, good for solving problems. will we be able to continue to do that? you just, on the tax reform, the devil's in the details. and certainly, that will be the case if the wall comes back. we're not interested in spending billions -- leland: you have to be -- >> border security, let's do it. leland: all right. well, as you point out, the devil's in the details. a lot of folks would argue that border security comes from a wall. debate for a different time. i want to get to south korea, you just came back from it. over the past couple of months, as we've reported on from the pentagon, big problems with the u.s. military in terms of readiness. half the airplanes can't fly, the ones that fly a number of crashes that resulted in more deaths from training accidents so far this year than from combat. when you talk to american troops on the ground in south korea, how confident are they that they
10:39 am
cannily up to that motto of fight tonight -- that they can live up to that motto of fight tonight if necessary? >> absolutely no doubt, no doubt whatsoever that the american military on the korean peninsula and in the pacific area is ready to fight. kim jong un and anybody else ought to be very, very -- leland: but, congressman, for americans out there who are watching navy ships run into other cargo vessels, watching planes crash all the time, seeing american marines in massive fires because their boats are so old, they're oftentimes older than the marines who are in them, how do they have confidence? if this was a corporation, the ceo would be fired. if this was an airline that had this many crashes, the faa very might well shut them down, and yet our military seems to have these huge or issues. >> well, if you happen to be equifax and you've been responsible for an extraordinary data breach, you leave town with
10:40 am
several tens of millions of dollars. the reality is that the captains and the admiral in charge of the seventh fleet, they were relieved of their responsibilities. so there has been within the navy with regard to those two destroyers, there has been accountability. there will be more. clearly, that's a problem. the readiness is clearly a problem on those ships. but not with the overall military. yes, there's always stress and strains everywhere. there are accidents. they do occur. you're dealing with equipment both old and new. all of that equipment is designed for war and, therefore, has certain dangers associated with it. you're dealing with ammunition. they do explode. that's what ammunition does. and so these munitions, they're dangerous, and accidents do occur. leland: okay. >> but have no doubt whatsoever, no doubt that the u.s. military on the korean peninsula is prepared to fight and, also, the south korean army which often we
10:41 am
just overlook. so for north korea, don't try anything. we have to deal with this diplomatically. we need to not only speak softly, we need to tweet softly, and we do have a very big, very awesome stick. leland: well, and one wonders of many, as you point out, the awesome stick is going to be deployed, possibly nuclear weapons back to the korean peninsula. congressman, thank you, and we'll have you back. know there's some hearings coming up about just this issue. take care, sir. >> thank you. leland: all right. liz? elizabeth: coming up, authorities investigating the deaths of eight people at a nursing home in south florida. we're going to speak with florida congressman francis rooney about what's being done to insure the safety of others. plus, man's best friend flies the friendly skies. the efforts to help relocate animals displaced by hurricane irma. >> what's going on, and my heart goes out to the animals, you know, that were left behind
10:42 am
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now you're even smarter. this is truecar. elizabeth: after eight people died in a nursing home near miami, the state is taking extra precautions to protect vulnerable elderly residents. congressman francis rooney's district saw some of the worst damage. i first want to get an update from you. obviously, there's finger-pointing right now. in fact, a representative from the nursing home said, listen, i tried to get in touch with the governor, so people are sort of starting to panic because of the sheer sadness of the situation, obviously, the optics. what is your take on it now that we're, the cloud is sort of lifting? >> now we're moving into the cleanup, the making sure that the sewer system continues to work which takes a lot of gas until power gets back on, getting power. fp and l has assured everyone that most everyone will have power by the end of the week.
10:47 am
power's coming on every hour, more people are getting it. and once you get power, you can stabilize the sewer system and the water system and the air-conditioning of people's houses. elizabeth: when we look at, for example, the nursing home situation, is there anything that could have been done differently by the state? do you feel like all emergency crews came together, that there was leadership from the top coming from the governor? is there anything that you would have done a little differently? >> i don't know what we could have done differently. we started working with fema when the storm headed west. we, fema deployed supplies, water and things, all through the areas that were bound to be affected is they'd be ready to use them when the storm passed. maybe in hindsight we could have had more fuel tanks ready for gasoline, expecting the huge load of generators. but i haven't heard of any instance of poor cooperation. in fact, just the opposite. i've heard a lot of people and seen a lot of stories of our communities coming together and the good side of humanity coming
10:48 am
out. elizabeth: you were one of the first people on the storm, really just hours after the storm had touched down in your district which is in south florida, the naples area and into parts of fort myers. what did you see when you were just landing? well, the first disheartening thing i saw was we were landing in rsw, we flew over lehigh acres which is one of the more impoverished, disadvantaged areas of lee county, and there was a lot of flooding. a lot of houses were where you could see the house, but there was water around it. and lehigh acres has had a tough go, lehigh acres, bonita are the hardest hit. elizabeth: there's still millions of people without power, still a really long road ahead. do folks know what they're up against? we're talking months, years of recovery simply because of the sheer amount of destruction. >> there's a lot of destruction, and it's not just where we are, you know? the keys were flattened, and it's important for everybody to realize the magnitude of the challenge. fp and l has, like, four and a
10:49 am
half million customers, and they've got power to almost all but a million now. they've had over 20,000 people working to do it. we had a little problem with the neighborhood health clinic in naples, it serves 9,000 disadvantaged, they call them the working poor. and the people that run it are good friends of ours, and the lady called my wife and she called me just as the president was landing and said they've got this crisis because fp and l thinks they have power, and they don't. i called the ceo, and they had power within hours, and they saved millions of dollars in medicines. elizabeth: you're probably getting folks at home feeling disheartened, perhaps they don't have flood insurance, and they have a long road ahead. what are you telling them? >> we're all in this together, we'll make our community stronger. we will solve this. and we'll be better for it, but we can't rush everything. we have to work through the power, work through the bugs are going to be the next problem, you know? mosquitoes. elizabeth: i know, it was really warm this weekend, so people were dealing with no power, high temperatures, a lot of humidity.
10:50 am
sir, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. leland: and, of course, people aren't the only victims after hurricane irma. a huge number of pets were displaced when the hurricane hit florida, but miami's hometown basketball team is doing what it can to help with a puppy airlift -- there's the puppies. miami heat staffers and players lent a loading more than is 00 dogs -- more than 103 dogs and cats on planes to be put up for adoption. elizabeth: and one of hollywood's greatest character actors is kid. harry dean stanton died of natural causes in los angeles on friday. his career spanned more than 60 years and 100 parts in classics such as coolhand luke, pretty in pink and alien. he fought in world war ii before heading to hollywood. he continued acting right up to
10:51 am
this year, appearing in the twin peaks reboot and the upcoming film, "lucky." harry dean stanton was 91.
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leland: it is the most wonderful time of the year for beer drinkers, october fest kicks off today in munich, germany. the lager will flow through october 3rd and will draw six million revelers. well, folks will notice a price hike this year. a mug will set you back about $13, which is up 25 cents from last year. not a lot of happy hour, i guess. [laughter] elizabeth: i don't know, they all seem pretty happy to me. leland: happy, but $13? in the u.s. you can grab a bucket of buds for $6. elizabeth: maybe not if you're at a baseball game, but i will say, i was about three weeks too late when i visited munich, but the aftermath was still there. [laughter] leland: the aftermath. did you have the outfit though? that's the important part. elizabeth: no, i didn't.
10:56 am
that's something we didn't pick up, no. i missed that -- leland: then you could have had your own october fest with the outfit. elizabeth: that's true. i guess we don't need october -- leland: beers at the prann house later. tomorrow a lot more on the debate within the republican party about tax reform. are they okay to sort of go by way of president trump and perhaps sort of have middle class tax cuts or do they stick to the conservative principles and massive, across the board tax cuts? two congressmen tomorrow, two different views. to our friends in new york, next. g new cars.
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