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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 17, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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audience. nenenenenenenenenenene. see you soon. >> eric: have a goodnight. >> julie: president trump preparing to welcome world leaders to the u.s. next week for his very first appearance at the u.n. general assembly. i'm julie banderas and this is the fox report. it's a huge meeting for the u.s. commander-in-chief and there will be tough issues to tackle with the growing north korea threat likely topping the agenda. this as the leader of the rogue nation says his country is getting close to its goal of achieving million terry equilibrium with the united states. his comments coming just one day after north korea fired another missile over japan. it was in fact the country's longest ever test flight of a ballistic missile. the world now watching to see how the u.s. and its allies will react. kristin fisher has more from summerset new jersey. kristin what do we expect
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president trump to say about north korea when he addresses the u.n. general assembly on tuesday? >> reporter: well julie i'd expect him to say something very similar to what his national security advisor said yesterday in the briefing and that is that north korea isn't just a u.s. problem. it is a global problem and that just because we may be running out of diplomatic options it doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of military options still on the table. >> for those who have said and commenting about the lack of a military option there is a military option and it's not what we prefer to do so what we have to do is call on all nations. call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war >> julie: now we have already seen growing consensus within the u.n. security council that something has to be done about north korea after the latest missile launches and their largest nuclear test yet, the council came together to pass another round of severe
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sanctions. well yesterday the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said it will still take some time to feel the full effect of those sanctions, but aside from that, the u.n. security council has pretty much exhausted all of its options. there's not a whole lot the security council is going to be able to do from here when you cut 90% of the trade and 30% of the oil, so having said that i have no problem kicking it to general mattis because i think he has plenty of options. >> reporter: so we're seeing this increasing talk about military options from members of the trump administration. the big question heading into next week and next week's speech president trump's big speech at the u.n. general assembly is, you know, will president trump ramp up the rhetoric even more, past his promise of reigning down fire and fury which so far has done little to reign in north korea? julie? >> julie: i want you to clear up also switching gears here just a bit. a little bit of confusion after a new wall street journal report came out basically saying the
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trump administration may not pull out of a paris climate accord after all. how is the white house responding? >> reporter: well the white house is pushing back on that report tonight saying that there's really not a whole lot of change here. here is the exact statement from a white house official that read s "there has been no change in the u.s. position on the paris agreement as the president made abundantly clear the u.s. is withdrawing unless we re enter on terms more favorable to our country" so the article claims that the trump administration has just offered to reengage in talking about possibly reentering the paris climate accord and that those talks allegedly took plus at a meeting today but the white house is saying that that offer was always on the table, that the offer reengagement was always on the table but that the u.s. remains committed to pulling out and withdrawing from the accord unless it can cut a better deal for our country. julie? >> julie: kristin fisher thanks
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for clearing that up for us thank you very much. by the way tomorrow on fox news sunday, national security advisor had h.r. mcmaster gives a preview of president trump's visit to the united nations. check your local listings for details or catch it on the fox news channel at 2 p.m. and 10 o lock eastern time. right now, the streets are fairly quiet in st. louis and it's a different scene from last night. protesters stormed the streets angry over a judge's decision to acquit a white former police officer who was charged for shooting and killing a blackman in 2011. jason stockley thought anthony smith was reaching for a gun and the mayor of st. louis says officers are in place to keep everyone safe. >> we are of course concerned that this won't be a one day event and it could be multiple days. we hope it won't be. we have a lot of partners that are helping us that are working with us both at the state level and at the st. louis county and st. louis city level and so our goal here is to protect the
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rights of the protesters to protest orderly or peacefully and to protect our citizens here as well. >> julie: griff jenkins is live in st. louis with more. hi, griff. >> reporter: hi, julie. they're bracing for possibly more violence tonight. protesters gathering across town and as you know, with these things when it gets dark that's when the real trouble comes outlast night saw 11 officers injured and 32 arrests and most of the violence happened here in the west central end or part of st. louis. you'll see the boarded up buildings behind me after windows were smashed and police cruisers were stomped on. the governor was out here and used to live in this actual neighborhood before he became governor and he was walking the streets. we caught up with him for a short walk to find out how he's going to handle tonight and the message he has for would be agitators. take a listen.
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>> governor: your you're hitting the neighborhood here and you actually used to live in this neighborhood what are your thoughts today? >> governor: well look first of all you saw us talking with some of our law enforcement officers incredibly proud of them. earlier today i was out at one of our central patrol headquarters talking with our law enforcement officers. these guys are doing an incredible job out there. i am so proud of how they're doing operationally. we put the message out really clearly that if you're out to peacefully protest our law enforcement officers are out there to protect you but the minute this turned violent what you saw last night is they were pro actively engaged and when people decided to vandalize vehicles they were arrested. when they assaulted our law enforcement officers they were arrested. in the past, griff we've had leaders who wanted to give people a safe space to loot and to burn. now, in missouri if you loot only safe space you'll have is in a jail cell. we've been incredibly clear. if you're out there to peaceful ly protest we will protect you but if you'll riot
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we'll cuff you. you assault one of our law enforcement officers we are going to arrest you. violence and vandalism is not protest. it is a crime. >> reporter: the governor also had a message for officers and law enforcement who may face more rocks and bottles to nit and that he said was we've got your back. it's going to be very interesting. you too had a big concert here tonight and they cancelled it as well. ed sheeran, cancelled tomorrow night's concert in anticipation of poly more violence. >> julie: unfortunate. what is law enforcement doing differently compared to ferguson >> reporter: you know, compared to ferguson three years ago, the governor's preposition the missouri national guard he met with african american faith leaders in the community and tried to get out in front of it. governor jay nixon who was governor at the time during ferguson was criticized for his failure to sort of get in front of it so interestingly enough, this time, a murder or a killing i should say that happened before michael brown everyone
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was sort of on edge and so the governor wanted to get in front of this in a big way and so we'll see if that continues to help as the night falls tonight. julie? >> julie: griff jenkins keep an eye on it for us thank you very much. some other demonstrations taking place today that remained relatively peaceful with some minor exceptions. folks all across the country descending on the national mall for what organizers dubbed the mother of all rallies. nearly a thousand people in fact gathering to show support for president trump and defend what they call traditional american values that they say are under attack. it was a make america great question general it there and nearby at the other end of the mall supporters of the insane clown, fun fact i used to listen to them and i'm not kidding but some in face paint and costume marched in protest against the fbi's classification of the group as a gang and then to virginia where the controversy over confederate statues
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continues, participants of the heritage not hate rally coming together there today and urging the state capitol of richmond to keep a monument of general robert e. lee in place. counter protesters also showing up for that rally saying well less saying they have arrested seven people but no reports of any violence fortunate it. right now a massive manhunt continues in the united kingdom unthe wake of yesterday's terror attack on london's subway. this despite investigators making what they call a "very significant arrest in the case" and officials also raising the country's terror threat meanwhile to critical. meaning another attack could be imminent. >> there was no doubt this was a serious ied and it was good fortune that he did so little damage in fact although we are of course sympathetic toward the people who did get affected but i believe 26 people were impacted by the device so we will have to make sure we take all steps we can to ensure that the sort of materials that this
2:10 am
man was able to collect become more and more difficult to combine together. we will always learn from these sort of instances. >> julie: kitty logan has more from london. >> well this investigation is progressing very rapidly, although police say they don't yet know how many people might have been involved in attempting bomb that train on friday morning. an 18-year-old man was arrested early this morning, local time in the port of dover, the home secretary is describing this as a very significant arrest. less say they also retrieved a number of items during searches at the port. dover is where ferries sail to france and it's not yet clear if the suspect was trying to flee the country. police have also raided a property in southwest london and it's not yet known if this address is linked to the man arrested earlier. local residents were evacuated from their homes as a precaution police say they are making good progress in finding out who left this improvised . plosive device
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on a busy train at the peak of the morning rush hour and the train was monitored by security cameras which should give investigators valuable leads, and thankfully that bomb did not detonate fully. over 30 people were injured. isis has claimed responsibility but police say they're treating that claim with some skepticism while they continue to hunt for suspects and where the terror threat level raised and the suspect or suspects still at large police here are taking no chances with extra armed officer s on the streets of london. julie? >> julie: kitty logan thank you. right now, vladimir putin's russia is conducting war games that are dangerously close to the borders of nato member countries. so is the kremlin simply training its forces? or preparing to invade another nation in the future? also back here in the u.s. the fresh showdown looms after a federal judge takes action following attorney general jeff sessions making new announcements concerning sanctuary cities. ♪
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>> julie: a federal judge blocking the trump administration's effort to crack down on sanctuary cities by withholding funds for refusing to impose tighter immigration policies. this comes as california's legislature voted to approve a sanctuary state bill. ellison barber has more. >> reporter: good evening, julie a small victory for critics of this administration stands on sanctuary cities after a federal
2:16 am
judge ruled friday attorney general jeff sessions cannot withhold public safety grant money. chicago sued the department of justice claiming sessions over stepped his authority when he issued a new set of rules for a justice department grant that's meant to help local and state law enforcement. the new rules said if the city or state wants the money, they have to let federal immigration agents access detention facilities and give them 48 hours notice before releasing someone suspected of being in the country illegally. the ruling in chicago temporarily stops that and it applies to the entire country. chicago is not the only place pushing back. california lawmakers passed legislation this morning that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities. >> i think it shows that we're going to protect our immigrant communities. we're going to make sure that it's clear that they're safe that they can work with police and not fear deportation. >> reporter: the bill specifically prohibits state and
2:17 am
local police from using resources, money or people to " investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest" persons for immigration enforcement. unless the person has a felony record federal immigration agents won't have access to this >> it sends a very clear message to the trump administration that in california we value inclusive it, we value diversity. the only thing this bill provides a sanctuary for is dangerous criminals. >> reporter: after the ruling in chicago a spokesperson for the department of justice told fox news doj will in their words defend lawful and reasonable grant conditions that seek to protect communities. julie? >> julie: ellison barber thank you. new concerns after a series of deadly accidents during u.s. military training exercises , including at prestigious bases on both sides of the country at fort bragg in north carolina one soldier, killed and seven injured and then 15 marines hurt in california and now lawmakers are
2:18 am
demanding answers as some say congress may share part of the blame. also, russia conducting large scale war games that involve thousands of troops and it's making nato countries including the u.s. very nervous but the kremlin says trust us. >> 2017 is purely defensive in nature not directed at any third country and completely coinsides with the nation interest of
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>> julie: right now a senior nato o from all says he is concerned about russia's military exercises with the head of nato's military committee telling the associated press the operations could indicate a " serious preparation for big war"
2:22 am
thousands of troops are taking part in the exercises scheduled to end wednesday. nato is trying to get in contact with russia to avoid indiana tended consequences of potential incidents during the exercise and despite assurances from the kremlin the troops are only doing training nato says russia has not been transparent about what's really behind these exercises. meanwhile the senate armed services committee raising concerns that u.s. military training has become more dangerous than actual combat. 185 american military members have died in training exercises over just the last three years. that is four times more than the number who have died in war. in fact this week alone two servicemen died and at least 20 more got hurt in separate training accidents. what is going on? le a gabrielle joins us in studios these numbers are just shocking. julie they really are and a stark reminder of the sacrifice today as two of the 185 you
2:23 am
mentioned were remembered today during funeral services in their hometowns. electronics technician second class jacob drake of ohio and electronics technician third class kenneth smith of new jersey were two of the 10 sailor s killed when uis john mccain collided with an oil danger in august many of the many recent accidents that killed service members and then just this past week a rash of other non-combat accidents on tuesday staff sargent shawn devo y was killed in a helicopter training accident in fort hood and on wednesday 15 marines were injured when their assault vehicle caught on fire and this type of vehicle has been used since the 1970s and then another tragedy on thursday when a u.s. army special forces soldier , was killed during demolition training on fort bragg in north carolina and julie, seven other special forces students and instructors were wounded in that same accident.
2:24 am
>> julie: officials are actually saying these training accidents and deaths are our country's fault. >> you know julie they are. military leaders have been warning lawmakers for years in their testimony on capitol hill about the potential damage to military strength and operational readiness specifically because of budget cuts and the way those cuts are being implemented the budget control act of 2011 was passed. now they say the damage is also being caused by congress using workarounds to fund the military and those are called continuing resolutions. now, senate armed services committee chairman senator john mccain whose father is uss john s. mccain was named after has been outspoken about this. here is what he said earlier about the increase in non-combat deaths of service members. >> it is the accumulation of years of uncertain and timely and inadequate defense funding, which shrunk our operational forces, armed their readiness, started their modernization and as every single member of the joint chief of staff has
2:25 am
repeatedly testified before the committee on armed services, put the lives of our service members at greater risk. >> julie: well at least 42 u.s. service members were killed in non-combat accidents this summer including the two deadly warship collisions you heard about back in the pacific, two marine corps plane crashes and two army helicopter crashes and house armed services committee chairman also expressed that u.s. troops are not being given the resources they need and much of the gear that they have is just plain old. for example, julie, the average air force plane is about 27 years old and some of them are much older than that. >> julie: that's just clear wrecklessness to be putting our servicemen and women in these dangerous machines basically. you served in the united states navy as a fighter pilot. >> yeah. >> julie: i can't imagine what this does to morale. when i was in the service i got out in 2009 before the budget control act of 2011 obviously before these budget cuts were implemented and there was a
2:26 am
sense if we needed something to properly operate that we were going to get it. now what i am hearing from people, i want to mention that military members are some of the most resilient capable people i've ever met from the top to the bottom. they will all work with what they have to get their job done and there's no question about that but there is a sense that i'm getting from those i speak to in the military and i'm talking to the very top levels they're not getting what they need and this all comes down to not just budget cuts in place but it's also as you've heard senator mccain say and others say it's the way the military is being funded because they're using turn using resolutions year after year that prevents the military from being able to plan and advance the way they need to for their operational readiness, their training, their maintenance all those things they have to be able to plan in advance and congress the way they're passing the budget or funding them is just not allowing them to do it julie. >> julie: it's not right. something has to give. something has to change here. leah gabrielle thank you so much well, coming up on the fox report this saturday we return
2:27 am
live to st. louis, missouri where there have been protests in the wake of a verdict that found a white police officer not guilty of first degree murder in the 2011 shooting of a black man so what can people in that city expect tonight? also a place known for being the life of the party, is quiet right now. key west is literally a ghost town in the wake of hurricane irma but the road leading there is gradually reopening despite the devastation throughout the florida keys this as residents in another part of florida face a fresh warning about potential flooding. >> president trump: when americans are in need, america pulls together and we will not rest until everyone is safe, sound,
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if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, an this is a fox report at the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news and u2 canceling its concert in st. louis over fears there could be another night of violent protests. protests breaking out last night after a judge acquitted a white former police officer who was charged with murder. jason stockley shot and killed an anthony smith a 24 year old blackman in 2011. mike tobin is in st. louis. what's happening there right now >> at this location keener plaza this was one of the planned demonstrations nothing really happened here but the demonstrators have popped up about nine miles from this location in a part of town known as the delmar loop blocking off
2:32 am
the street in front of the vintage vinyl store and looks like they will march from that location. they popped up in different locations around town made their presence known thus far without major consequence. now they did cross the line during demonstrations last night windows were broken a police officer was injured, well 11 police officers were injured one rather badly when she was hit in the face by a brick and her jaw was broken. there was enough tension as you mentioned to ins extra el the u2 concert also the ed sheeran concert simply because so much manpower has to be invested in securing the city there was no staff available to secure these concerts. police are hoping it ends up with a series of marchs through the evening. a lot of anxiety they're hoping to get threw tonight without too much trouble. julie? >> julie: so you you have you seen any outside agitators there >> there is not a lot of information about outside agitators. the number of people who showed up yesterday would indicate some people traveled to this town to be part of the demonstration but
2:33 am
as far as groups like antifa, or by any means necessary, we've seen some people dressing the part of the black block agitators, we don't necessarily know that they are outside groups and the information we're getting is that the larger national groups are distracted by other things like events in berkeley so we haven't seen them yet. it doesn't mean they're not going to show up julie. >> julie: thank you very much mike. now, the news out of north korea as the country claims it will soon be on par with the u.s. and military mite. following the north firing another missile over japan this week, just days after the united nation slapped new sanctions on the rogue regime. senior foreign affairs correspondent has more from seou l, south korea. >> reporter: julie new images and strong words coming from north korea, the state news agency putting out video that they say is the intermediate range ballistic missile which was launched friday morning local time here. it flew some 2300 miles into the
2:34 am
pacific and that distance would put the u.s. island territory, of guam firmly in this missile's grasp. it was not pointed in that direction, lucky. said to be in attendance at the launch north korean leader kim jong-un and he said according to the agency, the north korea would proceed with "full speed" to a complete nuclear force and then, the u.s. would not dare to talk about a"military option." this all comes at a time when the u.s. is putting diplomatic and economic pressure on regional allies, folks at the u.n. to put pressure on north korea and again just friday, we heard from trump administration officials more about a possible military action. still, some here in seoul see some possible openings in the new round of rhetoric from kim jong-un. the fact he's talking about equilibrium with the u.s. rather than destroying the u.s. with the nuclear arsenal might be a
2:35 am
good sign also that he claims the country is mere completion of a nuclear arsenal might mean they're getting near to the negotiating table and according to one analyst talking is the only way to get out of this crisis. we got to talk and people don't like to think about this but what has to happen is a senior american official or a trusted confidant of president trump needs to get in the room with a senior north korean official or a confidant of kim jong-un until the talks start, this process that we're watching is just going to go on and on. of course the problem with this is that the united states has talked with north korea in the past and its got nowhere. experts now say they won't be willing to give up their nukes in any negotiation and all the while they will be testing missiles and nuclear devices. real problems ahead. julie? >> julie: thank you, greg. now officials going door-to-door to warn residents who live near a river north of florida's tampa bay river of potential for record high flooding in coming
2:36 am
days. the new concerns are for people along the river, local officials are saying at this point evacuations are voluntary but folks must remain vigilant if they see water levels rising meanwhile the flight of the victims of hurricanes irma and harvey was a main theme in president trump's weekly address today listen. >> president trump: from texas to louisiana to florida, alabama , south carolina, the virgin islands and puerto rico, we are coordinating closely with local authorities to help everyone impacted by these catastrophic storms. we will be there tomorrow and the day after as we work to respond, recover, and rebuild. when americans are united no force on earth can break us apart. >> julie: this comes from jacksonville to the keys are in cleanup mode in wake of hurricane irma. matt finn joins us live from marathon in the keys where residents were just allowed back home, many of them finding
2:37 am
complete devastation. >> reporter: julie marathon is in the central part of the keys and it was hit very hard by hurricane irma as you could see by the damage all around me. most people evacuated more than a week ago in anticipation of irma and then after the hurricane left, authorities did not let people back in here. there's no power no electricity, no air conditioning and like we saw in hollywood florida where those elderly people died in the nursing home authorities say people came back here, it could be deadly as well. well now this morning, people were finally let back into this town, so people could assess the damage to their properties. we spoke to one man and here is what he had to say. >> by far no. i've stayed for every other one, wilma, everything going back and i waited until friday, 5:00 and got my family out earlier in the week and i tried to stay and we had places to stay but you just get that gut feeling and i'd never fight that. >> reporter: tonight anybody who came back is still basing
2:38 am
miserable conditions. there's no air conditioning no power no running water and also no functioning hospital here, so it's still a very dangerous situation for anybody who chooses to come back to marathon julie? >> julie: matt you mentioned how dangerous it is there. your team actually got to witness a pretty emotional rescue. why don't you tell us about that >> we did. a gentleman we work with here lives down here, lost his boat. he said it is at the bottom of the sea right now but fortunately he's alive. he rescued an 87 year old neighbor take a look at this. >> a friend of mine had gotten word there was an old r lady that was living in a house that got flooded so i she asked me to come check on her and i did. i came over. i'm surprised she's not sick already which is good but fortunately she's smart enough to understand that her health is really all we have right now. >> it is tragic. it is just unbelievable.
2:39 am
it's surreal what has happened. >> you know the whole reason i came down is for the people. it wasn't the stuff. i mean stuff can be replaced. >> i'm so angry because i'm not frisky any more. basically what's going to happen with her is she will get checked out medically to make sure she's all right which she seems to be all right and she's going to bus sed up to florida city, homes ted. listen sweet heart. >> sorry. do you hear me? >> i'll wheel you inside now. bring you your things. we can just hold our heads up and move on and continue, but if we don't have our health and don't have each other then it just won't happen. i think i'm in egypt or something. >> it feels like it don't it? >> reporter: julie fortunately 87 year old gloria is doing okay tonight thanks to the help of her hero neighbor back to you.
2:40 am
>> julie: oh, my god what an amazing story. thanks for bringing that story that was very uplifting thank you, matt. well students in southern florida may find out this weekend that they are going to be eventually heading back-to-school. they will find out when exactly. miami public schools actually say they're going to make a decision saturday night or sunday morning about whether to go back-to-school on monday. that decision largely depends on whether dozens of schools will have power turned back on by then. teachers in fact in monroe county which is home to the florida keys are set to report to work on thursday. meanwhile some dogs and cats from florida who got separated from their owners during the hurricane are going to be getting new homes. the miami heat basketball team and fedex has helped load them on to a plane heading to california yesterday. that is where the golden state warriors will take care of them and eventually put them up for adoption. >> there's a lot of devastation but this is when you see people
2:41 am
at their best. fedex donating the plane, bringing supplies and relief for the direct relief cause but then allowing us to help and use the plane to send all these dogs and cats to the bay area. >> julie: oh, my goodness we're also told the heat, fedex and carnival cruises pledged $5 million to hurricane relief with promises to match up to $10 million. that's amazing to hear and now after hurricanes harvey and irma , another tropical storm has just formed in the atlantic her name is maria expected to strengthen into a hurricane and potentially take aim at caribbean islands just devastated by irma. meanwhile there's hurricane jose it continues to roar, and now threatens to bring heavy surf along the u.s. east coast. jose remains far from land but people from north carolina to new england are being told they should monitor the storm's progress as it may threaten the
2:42 am
northeast and new england next week. the controversial appointment at harvard now the school is taking back its invitation to chelsea manning. we're going to tell you why, plus officers trying to intercept illegal drugs at one of the busiest airports of the country. we're going to tell you how. >> we are working with all of our partners to combat this threat and we will find you. we will eventually get to you we will eventually get to you and bring you to liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. and i'm the founder of ugmonk.
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2:46 am
>> in the wake of growing backlash, harvard rescinded chelsea manning to serve as a visiting fellow. this, coming after cia director mike pompeo cancelled his participation in the school, withdrawing in a last second letter calling manning an american trader. adding ms. manning stands against everything the brave men and women i serve alongside stand for. the transgender woman who served as an analyst in the u.s. army was convicted in 2013 and other crimes for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. she was released from prison in may serving seven years of a 35 year sentence after former president barack obama granted a commutation. douglas elmendorf, dean of the harvard kennedy school released a statement writing we did not intend to honor her or endorse her words as we do not honor or endorse any fellow, however i now think that the designating chelsea manning as visiting fellow was a mistake for which i accept
2:47 am
responsibility. however, manning is still invited to spend a day at the kennedy school and speak in the forum. president donald trump's former white house press secretary sean spicer recently announced as a visiting fellow in the same release said he appreciated that harvard rectified its mistake. there is a need in this country to have a civil discourse and have the free expression of idea that's what makes our country so amazing but it is quite another to take someone whose been a trader to this country whose been convicted of treason and invite them. >> manning herself weighed in tweeting-- honors to be the first disinvited transwoman harvard physical low and they chill marginalized voices under cia pressure, hash tag, we've got this. pompeo made it clear his decision had nothing to do with manning's identity as a transgender person but everything to do with her identity as a trader. in boston, fox news. >> julie: still ahead u.s. customs and border protection agents working the
2:48 am
front lines ramping up efforts at one major airport to battle the opioid crisis in america. we'll take you behind the scenes coming up next and an unlikely hitchhiker grabs a ride down under. what started as a passion to make something original... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. which adds up to thousands of dollars back every year... ...and helps keep my passion growing... every direction.
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>> julie: drug enforcement ramp ing up efforts to intercept narcotics trafficking specifically opioids shipped into a major u.s. airport, jfk
2:52 am
international. jfk's mail facility processes about a million packages every day. fox news laura ingell got a behind the scenes effort look at customs and border protection. >> reporter: using drug sniffing dogs, x-rays and handheld laser detectors, u.s. customs and border protection officers officers are working the front lines at jfk's international mail facility where 60% of the nations mail arrived to stop illegal drugs from entering the country. rich odder bomb acting white house drug czar says the focus on opioids. the number one drug filling americans is fentanyl and it's coming through the mail in lots of small packages. >> reporter: the latest figures show more than 33,000 people died from drug overdoses in the u.s. involving opioids in 2015. cbp agents at jfk find drugs hidden in a variety of ways every day. we just found a package that contains gbl which is a date rape drug and you can tell from
2:53 am
the package that they include some things like sponges to make us think that it is the actual turtle wax car washing equipment >> reporter: fentanyl also arrives in concealed packages coming primarily from hong kong and china. screening is a challenge but now with updated technology the fight to stop fentanyl and other opioids from coming into the u.s. is improving. over 100,000 pounds of narcotics are seized each year at jfk international mail facility. once a substance like fentanyl is identified as hazardous it's brought here to the detention room where it's tested and sent to a lab. once confirmed, that's when the investigation begins. >> reporter: one of the biggest legal hurdles is the lack of tracking information from international senders which is still not required. while legislation demanding more data has been introduced, director bomb and the cbp continue to work with their peers overseas to find those trying to cheat the system.
2:54 am
>> we can't stand still. the sorting problem is so huge that we need better quality data earlier. >> the message is clearly that we are working with all of our partners to combat this threat and that we will find you. we will eventually get to you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: in new york, laura ingals, fox news. >> julie: we want to check back to st. louis now where protester s are gathering to demonstrate following controversial decision by a judge to acquit a former st. louis police officer in the death of a black man in 2011 as you can see the crowds there are building. will car is in the delmar loop neighborhood of the city. will how are things going? >> reporter: well julie this is really a popular college area. a lot of young kids come here on the weekend to spend their weekend. you can see they're doing it and they have several people who decided to come sit down, try to shutdown this street but these protesters this is an economic message. they're really trying to disrupt
2:55 am
commerce this weekend. they do not believe, please back up. please do not touch the camera. do not touch the camera. julie obviously there's a little hostility towards the media here so i'll toss it back to you. >> julie: yeah, that's the sort of thing that's very unfortunate to see because it started out as quiet. we'll be right back. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom?! righhht. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. (avo)it off with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may
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julie: the beers were flowing freely at germany's oktoberfest. the libations will cost a little bit more. $13 per glass. event runs through october 3. from beers to bears. a man in australia finds an unlikely hitchhiker. the driver stopped after he heard the animal cry. emergency crews took the wheel
2:58 am
off to get her out. >> i have never seen anything like that. it's incredible. she was crying a little bit. she was certainly in shock. julie: there are fewer than 100,000 koalas left in the wild. "watters world" starts right ♪ [national anthem] ♪
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
♪ >> the protests turn violent for a second straight night. the reaction to the acquittal awaits former police officer. >> if you're asking to peacefully protest and will protect you. if you riot well we will cost you. >> please back up. >> british police have made a second direct connection with friday's subway bomb in london. 21 held year old suspect was arrested in west london and is being held under the terrorism act. officials raising the country's terror threat to critical, meaning another attack. >> a big week ahead for


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