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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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sacred ground. we need more pushback like that. >> thank you all. remember, if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that is it for this show. thank you to my panel and thank you for walking. i am paul gigot, i hope to see you here next week. we start with a fox news alert. the president getting ready to depart bedminster new jersey momentarily.he is heading for new york city ahead of his first united nations general assembly address with will occur on tuesday. his top advisers to the issuance of new warnings to north korea. after regime dictator, kim jong-un vowed to continue his weapons programs saying that his country is nearing its goal with what he calls, military equilibrium with the us. and you know the president certainly will address his threat at the united nations for. >> good afternoon. >> the president also tweeting
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that he and his south korean counterpart agreed to increase pressure on north korea. this comes as world leaders begin arriving in new york city for this week's un general assembly as we mentioned where north korea is sure to be high on the agenda after its latest ballistic missile test on friday. the second time has launched missile over our ally, japan. we have coverage now in seoul south korea. we begin with kristin fisher in somerset new jersey first. what did donald trump officials stated about north korea? >> everyone from the national security advisor to the secretary of state and the us ambassador to the un, they were all on sunday shows this morning and they all have the same message. there are no good military options in dealing with north korea but there still are options. even if no one wants to use them.
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>> if north korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed. and we all know that. and none of us want that. >> some really tough language from nikki haley. as for the president, he was not on the sunday shows but he was still very vocal on twitter this morning. he even came up with a new nickname for north korean leader kim jong-un and it is getting a lot of traction online. here it is. quote i spoke with the president of south korea last night and asked him how rocket man is doing. lines forming a north korea to rocket man, we'll see if that sticks. as for the lines he is likely referring to the un security council which decreases imports of oil about 30 percent. nikki haley has of the north korea is not economically
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strangled by those sanctions but now, even nikki haley concedes that there is not all that much more that the un security council can do unless china is going to do with it so far has refused to do in the past. and that is significantly, not entirely cut off trade. with north korea. >> we do not have the full address of what the president will say but we do have some talking points if you will. to see where he will talk about. right? >> yes. we have been hearing some talking points. nikki haley said this was written as a friend as you described it as a strong speech. when the plates america first. this morning kellyanne conway said this is not a president is going to be apologizing for america at the united nations. and then general mcmaster had this to say this morning. >> he thinks of the speech is a tremendous opportunity to read
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so many world leaders of the same time. it emphasizes really three themes. first is to protect the american people. the second is to promote american prosperity. the third is really to help promote accountability and sovereignty. >> also on the agenda, reforming the united nations. they state changes have been made. the un has become more friendly toward israel. it has become more action oriented peasant severe sanctions against north korea in recent weeks. but remember, it wasn't all that long though that the president, then candidate trump was on the united nations incompetent and now of course he has to speak for the general assembly on tuesday. >> certainly will be an interesting week. thank you kristin fisher. meanwhile president trump speaking on the telephone with south korean president moon today. south korean officials of the two leaders agreed on the need for harsher sanctions on north
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korea. even more than the united nations security council. economically and diplomatically.we are live monitoring all of this in south korea today. how are you greg? >> hello eric. that's right, tensions high on the korean peninsula good there's a lot of tension halfway around the world in new york through the un general assembly meetings that we have been talking about. we were speaking with the south korean presidential office today. they gave a few more details about the conversation between president trump and president moon. they agreed according to the office to strengthen collaborations in the face of provocations coming from north korea. remember, in addition to the various speeches in meetings, they will be a trilateral meeting involving president trump, president moon and japanese prime minister. here is a bit more about what the south korean office had to
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say about the conversation. >> the two leaders strongly condemn north korea as they went ahead with the mess of provocation again even after the international society so the unified firm stance. >> this comes in the wake of the north korean launch of the intermediate rent ballistic missile two days ago. kim jong-un said to be in attendance. an top officials have lost their own verbal barrage of attacks. that has taken a notice here in south korea as well. national security advisor general in a drawer mcmaster adding that north korea in his words, has run out of transport if diplomacy goes in the military option is the only one left. remember that the north korean delegation including we believe it's foreign minister, will be in the general assembly not too
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far from the -- when the president gives his address to the general assembling tuesday. it should be very interesting. finally, officials are also still watching the peninsular this week. watching north korea. kim jong-un has a habit of making trouble domestically, regionally when there are big diplomatic events happening elsewhere. he wants to stay in the public eye. back to you. >> that he does. thank you for reporting live on an early monday morning in seoul korea. thank you. >> now to the uk where the government lowered the terror threat level from critical to severe. after what police are calling the very significant arrest of a second suspect in friday's london subway bombing. kitty logan is live from our
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london bureau with the latest on this. >> the government feels that the attack is less likely now that these arrests have been made. the second suspect to be arrested is a 21-year-old man peered he was detained late last night in west london district of transport very close to heathrow airport. they are continuing to search their property where he was arrested and another house nearby. police are also conducting forensics work on a house in a suburb which was rated yesterday. that home belonged to an elderly couple who fostered refugee children and had an 18-year-old in their care. no arrests were made there but the 18-year-old who was arrested yesterday in that situation has been called very significant. his bank question but has not yet been charged or identified
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publicly. it is not yet clear if he was the person who placed the bomb on a crowded train early friday morning. that device of course failed to detonate but 30 people were injured. police also trying to determine if more than one person may have been involved but they are treating this with responsibility by isis with caution. employees are making progress with the investigation. authorities are urging people to bridge -- to be vigilant. >> thank you. >> back at home outrage continues over the judges ruling and the police involved shooting that sparked a second night of protest in st. louis last night. the judge according the white former officer jason stokley in a 2011 shooting of a black man, anthony lamar smith. stokley says he thought that smith was reaching for a gun. we've been covering all this in
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st. louis. protesters smashed windows last night and we have a governor is now in town. >> the government is here and expected to make an announcement in about a half-hour good at the moment there are new demonstrations popping up across town at police headquarters. demonstrators are said to be blocking the street beyond that it is said to be without incident. going out to a live picture here now at the site of the vandalism last night. this was spontaneous and interesting. this has just popped up.these are people who have made art of the boards that are now counting the windows that were vandalized last night. it was just about midnight last night demonstrations had gone out all night long. the opinion of some law enforcement people, some politicians and myself is that there are about 14 people to put themselves in the crowd and they got up in the morning hell bent on destruction. they're going to smash things are have a conflict with police before they went home.
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they were not going to give up until that happens. around 11 o'clock, the local university police formed a line with riot gear across the road. just the shelves and a little bit of body armor. that created a target and there was a standoff that lasted for about one hour. ultimately, the demonstrators again, about 14 started throwing rocks at the police that were in the line. then as the other police comedy county police and others supplementing the crime control field into the location, they retreated and ran down the street here smashing all of the windows. thus we see the boards that are up now. there were six arrests made by county police. two arrests made by city police. some of the arrests are felonies. felony destruction of property and so more destruction and demonstrations have started up today. we watch as evening to see how they develop. >> all right mike, anger and outrage and art. some people making something beautiful and positive out of this as you can see behind.
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thank you. >> as part of the caribbean start the long recovery from hurrican irma's devastation, new storm systems are making their way slowly across the atlantic. and some of the islands may need to brace for a second round. plus, did the president make a deal with democrats? and is his rage across the aisle on immigration reform part of a long-term strategy or just him shaking things up? and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors. like new nashville hot shrimp, drizzled with sweet amber honey, and new grilled mediterranean shrimp finished with a savory blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. feeling hungry yet? good, 'cause there's plenty more where these came from. like garlic shrimp scampi, and other classics you love. as much as you want, however you want them. but hurry, endless shrimp won't be here long.
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so for yet another round of storms brewing in the atlantic. tropical storm maria formed yesterday. maria is expected to become a major hurricane as early as this coming wednesday. right now maria appears to be going towards parts of the caribbean that were already so decimated by irma. it can be very bad news for the residents recovering there. meanwhile hurricane jose, he is still slowly turning between the bahamas and the carolinas. the us and north carolina to england being alerted to monitor jose. the tropical "storm watch" could be possible in the next couple of days or so. so far they tell us and let's hope so, jose is not expected to hit land.
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hopefully, jose will listen and that will happen. >> indeed. >> we are going forward with the understanding that we can work with the white house to come up with an agreement that includes daca and is citizenship for those detected under the dream act. >> everything there is a desire to come to conclusion here on both sides. and senator durbin mentioned border security as part of the understanding. >> president trump shaking things up reaching across the aisle to work with democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi on overhauling immigration, the bipartisan dealmaking getting some backlash. but a sentence is no deal has been made and the president has not given up on his promise of a border wall. >> the wall is a funny matter. we will have funding later this year. if you want to get legal status to the 700,000 or so people in
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the 20s and 30s now that came here illegally as children, that is a permanent irreversible change to american law. >> the chief washington reporter for the herald talking now with me. there has been a lot of confusion washington over all of this. deal or no deal? something is more of a shift in conversation about the funding of the border wall, daca and the debt ceiling for their all big-ticket items were details matter. what do you make of what is going on? >> i think it caught people on both sides of the aisle by surprise. and it took them a while to figure out exactly what had happened because it has been so long since bipartisanship has happened in washington. even before the trumpet ministration. so seeing him after attacking democrats so strongly sit down with chuck and nancy as he listed called them, and work on this deal seems really shocking to a lot of people. i think it is still too early to tell whether this is a
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permanent shift in the president's thinking. and after the obamacare repeal and replace efforts failed, it was purely a republican effort, maybe he is thinking now that he will work with democrats? but this could also be him, we know the president is a very visceral guy. he sometimes goes on his gut and what he wants to get done. he sees the feedback he is getting from working with senator schumer and congresswoman pelosi. he might like that. and he may try to ride this out for a while. you can always change his mind again next week. >> this is very true. let's talk more about donald trump overhaul policy per there is something that this could either hurt or help republicans in the midterm election. but how much of this is a concern? this time around with what has happened? >> i think we have to see. one thing we learned about the course of the election as well
1:20 pm
as president trump's presidency is that his core base is fairly elastic. they will stick with him even when he is not doing exactly what he promised. but mexico is not paying for the wall, but they do not seem to really mind that. it will, it remains to be seen. if they say wait a minute i want to strong immigration policy and now we see him give legal status or something they may push back. but it may still be that his basis as you know, we may not get everything we asked for but we still think that we are going to back him over all. he has the message that we want to send to washington. >> owes taking a look at what senator mitch mcconnell had said that you know there is nothing inherently wrong with having democrats support you from time to time. so one of the questions that we
1:21 pm
are trying to digest and make sense of, do you think that things are as harmonious as they appear to be to. >> i don't think so. i think this is sort of lightning in a bottle in a way that you have this very specific immigration issue. or you have people, young people that were brought here through no choice of their own, now they're here, they've been going to school, working, something has to be done. i think that's lazy bipartisan support for giving them some path to citizenship. what you do not the agreement on is everything else that is involved. give conservatives that want stronger border security, you have folks on the right that want to see more, the ability people to have access to citizenship, a path to citizenship versus you know the wall. that is where the fights will continue to be fought. i think on the specific issue, there is major support on both sides of the aisle for that. and we are seen that happen. once we get to tax reform and other things i think that
1:22 pm
people may retreat to their corners again. >> you know i was also looking at what nancy pelosi had to say, about the discussions you had -- that they had. she says this could conceivably turn into more. i know you says to sue but you think we can see more of this? as you mentioned, the president seemed to like the press that he has gotten knowing that they are working together. >> yes, sure. look, democrats don't have anything to lose here. remember that. they are the minority party. they cannot really do anything without republicans help. so if there's someplace that they think they can do something, especially have the midterms. they have to have something to brag about two borders when that time comes around. they're going to take this chance. even if some democrats do not like working with the president. i think overall they have a lot less to lose and potentially
1:23 pm
the president does it he goes so far to work with democrats if it starts to erode important his core base. >> all right we will see, kimberly atkins thank you for being with us today. good to have you. >> thank you. >> to that immigration is not the only issue with the president suddenly reaching across the aisle. as congress works on the next big legislative push, tax reform. the white house says they want that to be a bipartisan effort. we will have a report from washington on the latest progress. plus, what will the president of the united nations on tuesday when it comes to kim jong-un? north korea's increasing nuclear threats. coming up, gordon chang on what the president might say and what he should say. >> at that we have to make clear what's different about this approach is that we are out of time. as they said before we are kicking the can down the road.
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are doing militarily, diplomatically, economically. and with our allies and partners. to be effective as we can. what we recognize is not really much time. >> that enforces national security advisor, hr mcmaster. addressing the increasing nuclear threat posed by north korea. this comes as president trump makes his first address to the united nations this week on tuesday. at the annual general assembly gathering world leaders here in new york. there is a lot of speculation over how we will respond to the regimes provocative actions and what he will say and propose. more on this is going to gordon chang author of the nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world. as a north korea expert gordon, good to see you. >> thank you eric. >> what you expect he will stand tuesday? >> he has got to talk about north korea because if nothing else the north koreans will be in front row! so he has to say something.
1:29 pm
i think in order to have an effect he has to say something we have not heard which means he needs to be specific. senior officials have been saying that he will also talk about the accountability. but they have not told us what that really means. i think it will use the opportunity to talk about un security council members. not enforcing un sanctions. for instance, china which is both of the first seven of the nine us sanctions on north korea. they have not busted the september 11 sanctions but they are too new. >> what is the point if they're not paying attention to them? >> for instance, there was a big deal about not by north korean coal. but they were coal in april, may and june. >> they are lying. >> yes and i think now they're buying coal through third parties of their disguising the purchase of the north korean coal. >> what about blocking 30
1:30 pm
percent of the oil? do think china will really do that? >> the oil goes through a pipeline.the friendship pipeline. it is very hard to see what goes on. you know, if the oil were sent to north korean barrows we can see that in the trucks that cross the bridge but on a pipeline it is really hard to monitor. >> is called the friendship pipeline? >> yes. >> that tell you what you need to about china and north korea. he said the prime minister's will be sitting in the chamber of general assembly as the president speaks. this is just a couple of days after the president tweeted that kim jong-un's rocket man here how do you think you took that insult? does it get under his skin? does he get angry or does he say i get to watch it because i don't know what i'm dealing with here click. >> i like to think it is the latter but apart from helping elton john with his royalties, it is not something i think that is really going to get at kim jong-un. he probably likes the attention. what he needs to hear from
1:31 pm
president trump is a specific that that he will carry out. you know the president has got to make the north korean leader believe that he has a political will to actually impose -- not only north korea but it's friends china and russia. >> this is what hr mcmaster also said. dealing with what could potentially he is. >> this resume is so close now to threatening the united states and others with their nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency. on sanctions, on diplomacy and on preparing if necessary, a military option. >> patients, diplomacy, preparing if necessary a military option. is there really a military option? we talked about all of the people in seoul, it can be devastating and because can just be unimaginable. >> there is one military option people do not talk about. and that is, we need to stop ships on the way to iran to sell weapons. the chemical weapons and a lot
1:32 pm
of this goes by ship. on september 11 they did not give us the ability to board ships without permission of the ship owner. but i think at this point we do not need the authority eric because north koreans have given it to us themselves. at least three times last decade the aggregate of the korean war armistice. demmings there is no agreement not to use force. if there is no agreement it means we can board the ships for weapons searches and the security council itself has said that these weapons are against sanctions. >> so therefore it could be potentially internationally legal to board the ships. >> i think so. >> what if kim generally retaliates because of that? it would certainly be provocative. >> he certainly would but on the other hand we have already, we cannot let the trade go on. i do not think he will try to end his regime. because that is what happened if he retaliated against seoul because we boarded ships.
1:33 pm
in the past we have boarded ships or the spanish have boarded the ships for us. that occurred during the bush ministration. the kim regime did not retaliate then and i think this is not going to be enough to start world war iii. >> it seems that they got to the edge, they threaten guam and now they have a muscle that can reach guam and but they did not fire it at guam. >> kim jong-un now thinks he is the initiative. what concerns me is that because he has become so bold, when he is confident enough in his arsenal he could do something and really miscalculate. because we need to take the initiative away from him in some way. people say shoot down the missile or i think board ships. but we have got to stop the regime. because right now it is not afraid of the united states. it is not afraid of the international community. >> enable bucket perhaps a possibility. as always gordon, good to see you. >> thank you eric. >> president trump reaching across the aisle in an attempt to make a deal on tax reform.
1:34 pm
we have been hearing a lot about this. he held a bipartisan dinner last week with six senators to flesh out ideas with treasury secretary steve mnunchin. ellison barber has the latest from washington. >> tax reform is arguably the most important issue for the white house this year. it is at the top of the to do list. but far from an easy task in how republicans say they will release details of the plan the week of september 25. >> details about our business and individual rights that we propose going forward on tax reform, a dramatic simplification of how we tax. some families can keep more of what they earned in our businesses and we can compete anywhere in the world and win. especially at home.>> is small growth is talking about this. -- before tax reform, congress needs to settle on a budget resolution. >> that gives us the runway, the rules that allow us.
1:35 pm
when the budget is complete the ways and means committee will come forward and begin acting on tax reform. >> white house as they want tax reform to be bipartisan. senate minority dick durbin had this to say on "fox news sunday". >> there will be differences but does with the senate is all about. sitting down democrats and republicans and the republicans are the majority. and really working out an amendment process that comes to a conclusion where both sides have to compromise to some degree. that is where you get the best legislation. and that is where you get something the american people can trust. >> after the president invited a small bipartisan group to the white house to dinner to discuss this very topic. >> ellison barber in washington, thank you. >> florida now opening a criminal investigation into the horrible situation in the deaths of eight elderly people at a nursing home following hurrican irma. the nursing home claims it did reach out for help and they
1:36 pm
said they call the governor's personal cell phone. the governor is firing back saying that it is simply not, when bees attack in a place he would not attack. where this happened and how many folks had to go to the hospital.>> the bees were just chasing people around. there was y screaming. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today. >> there was a chaotic scene in
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california after a swarm of bees attacked a group of people outside of a grocery store. this happened in the suburb of los angeles. six people were taken to the hospital including a firefighter who responded. the rest of the fire crew did manage to contain the out-of-control hive. rental thankfully, everyone in the hospital is expected to be okay. a criminal investigation now underway in florida into the heat related deaths of eight residents at a nursing home. we heard about this after
1:41 pm
hurrican irma knocked out the power leaving the facility with no air conditioning. however, the nursing home was within walking distance of a hospital. and it was operating. we had a florida congresswoman on areas that wondering if anyone will be held criminally accountable. >> now there is a lot of finger-pointing eric of the nursing home, they say the state officials did not act, utility company, florida power and light did not act. even blaming governor rick scott. although there are differing accounts about who called what and what they reported needing help, the fact is, people died. >> let's bring in our legal panel on this. we have a former prosecutor incurred defense attorney and a former assistant federal prosecutor with us. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> this is obviously inexcusable and horrific event that took the lives of these elderly people.
1:42 pm
there is so much he said she said, who said what and when. pointing fingers about who asked for help. what kind of charges could the nursing home and their staff be facing? how do you go about process creating a case like this? >> is definite criminalized ability here. they can be charged with aggravated manslaughter. because anytime is a elderly or child die in florida this is negligence. >> it is just so horrific to think about the hospital being so close. >> the nursing home says they repeatedly asked for help and released a time on what they say shows attempt to get help after the storm knocked out the air conditioning after irma. now the lord department of health says that the home could have done much more to protect its residents. and they mentioned the working hospital. who do we believe? when you have both sides
1:43 pm
releasing timelines and statements like this? >> you hard it's hard to know who is responsible for what i think it is really hard to deny that if you call for help and you do not get help, it does not mean you don't do anything and you just give up. ultimately, you are the people responsible for the vulnerable population. people in the nursing home depended on the nurses, the staff and administrators to care for them. so if the police are not showing up in your call is not returned you do not sit on your hands. you do something about it. they could've just evacuated the building. but they did not do any of those things. it shows great degree of culpability on their hands no matter what they may have tried to do or thought about doing. >> as we learn more about the incident, we have learned our published reports at least that the nursing home started evacuating people only when they started finding the people were dead. and that people were in cardiac arrest. that is when the evacuation
1:44 pm
began. just that fact alone is so upsetting. i think everyone watching right now probably has either had an experience with the nursing home had a loved one that they have put in a nursing home, is not an easy decision and to know that this happened to those families. you know let's go back to you kisha hebbon, the florida governor announced new rules just this weekend requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have generators. that can handle keeping a comfortable temperature for at least 96 hours if there is a case like this. >> is a great start. but should nursing homes have that in place? in florida with what it is? absolutely, anytime you're dealing with disabled or elderly people or sick people and they require certain temperatures, insulators, oxygen machines, you should have generators. i do not understand why they did not have it. but the fact that these people suffered, it is not like that sudden death. they had to suffer through the extreme heat and step members sat there and allowed them,
1:45 pm
they could have taken him to the hospital. they could have had other measures in place. but i think the fact that the governor is not putting new procedures in place it will only help places to file civil lawsuits against the nursing home in the state of florida. >> ellis, let's talk about the potential lawsuits that are going to be of the things that these family members called for in their attorneys, we are talking about cameras inside of the rehabilitation, cell phone records, anything at all that is so important. not his family are saying that we need to not only gather but we need to do this right now to preserve everything, preserve evidence. eight people are dead. will have trouble doing that? cell phone towers were out, power was out. will that be an issue? >> probably not. it is any criminal investigation so they're trying to get rid of emails or text messages, now they are
1:46 pm
committing it for the crime of obstructing justice. i want to say that we have been piling on and they certainly deserve it. i think there is a collective value.when a people die you cannot just point one finger. and if it's true that the called with their cell phone to the governor on his televised address and not in response, the governor needs be held responsible, the power company needs to be held responsible. i think through these investigations we will learn a lot more and hopefully those folks will be as well. >> i want to get to the governor's tweet on the screen. because he sent a tweet about this. he said i am outraged about the deaths at the center in hollywood hills. it is important what you just said alex, 11 people have been piling on because it is a horrific event. we do not know all of the details. they are still yet to come. these families need to know that someone will be held accountable. the whole thing is so
1:47 pm
sickening. i will ask you but before that you go, who do you see in the end taking fault? >> i was at the nursing home staff because we were talking about a hurricane in a state of emergency, the governor cannot respond to every situation. i'm sure there were numerous incidents where people had emergencies. i think the staff will be likely liable in the situation. >> what do you think alex? >> the same. the nursing home, folks were there on the ground that had the last best chance to help these folks. >> of dragon involved is horrified that this took place so we will continue to keep our eyes on this and bring you the latest and get your perspective. thank you. >> the us embassy in cuba, have you heard about this? they suffer a sonic attack. more than 20 diplomats have suffered from nausea and headaches. concussions and also permanent hearing loss. the fbi is investigating possible sonic harassment. what we may do in response to
1:48 pm
that. plus, to mothers watching terror as their kid gets stuck on a ferris wheel. i felt helpless and it was the scariest moment. that is your baby up there. you cannot do anything to protect them. you are at the bottom just helpless. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
on camera at a fair in north carolina. [video] >> it is a little hard to see but you can tell a carnival worker falling from a first wheel, after climbing up to adjust the malfunctioning carriage. two young boys, stuck inside of that. holding onto each other as the carriage rocks back and forth. [inaudible] >> other workers were able to get the boys off of the right safely. shortly after that.a carnival worker suffered only minor
1:53 pm
injuries, terrifying! >> good thing there okay. >> top republicans are urging rex tillerson to shut the embassy in cuba. people are suffering from hearing loss, concussions and the ability to remember common words. they say it was a sonic acoustic attack. and they were attacked. hi brian. >> the us is not officially blamed cuba for these so-called acoustic attacks but today secretary of state rex tillerson indicated for the first time that the united states is considering closing the us embassy in cuba and in retaliation for the unexplained sonic attack that entered 21 american diplomats and their families on the island. >> very quickly on cuba, some senators have suggested closing down the embassy there.
1:54 pm
should that happen? >> we have under evaluation. it is a very serious issue with respect to the harm that some individuals have suffered. we brought some of the people home, is under review. >> rex tillerson's comments sundays at the five republican senators wrote urging the secretary to expel all cuban diplomats from the us. and if the cuban government fails to address the attacks, to close the us embassy in havana. both countries reopened embassies in washington and in havana for the first time in 50 years during the obama ministration.state department officials believe unexplained so-called sonic attacks left us diplomats and their families ill.some of permanent hearing loss with concussions. others with nausea and ear ringing. the us has all gone as far as blaming cuba to fail to protect american to bless and have benefited the cuban leader personally denied to the top american diplomat in havana to his country is behind this
1:55 pm
mysterious attack that injured 21 americans. the associated press describing castro as befuddled and concerned. even granting the fda authority to travel there to investigate. analysts have suggested a rogue group of cubans opposed to stronger ties to the us may be responsible for their country like russia. the attacks happened as recently as a month ago and it has left many experts baffled. >> no matter who did it, sounds like an attack on our country. certainly violation of international law and diplomatic protocol. brian, i hope they find out who did it. thank you. >> even i have it on your calendar but a major milestone for our democracy today. what our founding fathers agreed to 230 years ago that we still hold sacred and yet, still hotly debate. that is straight ahead. oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen?
1:56 pm
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2:00 pm
united states as the world's oldest representative democracy. so happy birthday to the constitution and all we hold dear. laura: indeed. that does it for us. we'll be back with more news at six. eric: see you in one hour. gutfeld is next. >> our very best wishes to your mom, 99 1 years old -- 91 years old, just fabulous stuff. >> i don't like lou dobbs. >> i knew we stayed too long. greg: you are wrong, man. lou dobbs is a beautiful man. yes, remember this? >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and


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